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File 130859289341.jpg - (224.48KB , 493x1142 , rudolf.jpg )
4451 No. 4451 edit
Meta-Bakura I'm sure you've seen the glove I threw.

This duel shall consist of closed rooms designed by the both of us using the other as the victim. The nature of the room is that of a typical guest room in the mansion, including bedroom furnishing, a bathroom, a single door with a chain lock, and a single window.

Answer quickly, as this duel must be settled by tonight.

As with Ozaki's there must be a corpse of the opponent in the room.

You may shoot first, Meta-Bakura
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>> No. 4453 edit
File 132444718373.jpg - (25.31KB , 225x307 , 24984.jpg )
"picks up glove
Bakura died from blood loss do to an open wound.
>> No. 4454 edit
File 130854234845.jpg - (23.27KB , 263x350 , 148392m.jpg )
Bakura did not die from blood loss

Rudolf died from poison
>> No. 4456 edit
File 132444747124.jpg - (43.49KB , 300x391 , YGO-057_Self-impalement.jpg )
a poison was used but was not the cause of death for Rudolf
a weapon was used to kill Bakura
>> No. 4457 edit
File 130854912222.jpg - (26.42KB , 146x159 , 967511cbed2c57ee661b3acd9a89c03ef32fce61.jpg )
The murderer did not utilize any weapon

Something killed Rudolf after he was incapacitated by a poison, perhaps he suffocated because his lungs were paralyzed
>> No. 4460 edit
File 132444803168.jpg - (37.44KB , 225x336 , 5428.jpg )
The poison had no paralyzing effects
bakura's death was caused by suffocation and no chemicals were used to cause this
>> No. 4461 edit
File 130854589635.png - (100.52KB , 226x334 , sample_b7e3d9b4373bf320a3b2bf3d15e6a4a40b5da6a3.png )
Bakura did not die from suffocation

The poison caused cardiac arrest
>> No. 4462 edit
File 132444836067.jpg - (9.21KB , 193x261 , images.jpg )
the poison did not cause cardiac arrest
a chemical was used to kill bakura
>> No. 4464 edit
File 132444847596.jpg - (82.06KB , 800x600 , 79290.jpg )
No sort of chemical was used to kill Bakura

Rudolf died from some external injury, be it blood loss from it or perhaps instant kill from the trauma of it
>> No. 4465 edit
File 132444867579.jpg - (19.66KB , 320x240 , Yami Bakura laughs.jpg )
no external injury caused Rudolf's death
Bakura died of cardiac arrest from an external source
>> No. 4466 edit
File 130854630339.jpg - (10.53KB , 126x136 , rudolf 5.jpg )
Cardiac arrest was not the cause of death.

Rudolf died from brain death caused by the poison. Perhaps it was something blocking the oxygen acceptors in the blood (like carbon monoxide)
>> No. 4468 edit
File 132444909172.png - (55.15KB , 184x240 , Yami-bakura-ref.png )
brain death was not the cause of death
back at you
brain death was the cause of bakura's death
>> No. 4469 edit
File 130854897178.jpg - (6.06KB , 113x100 , rudolf 6.jpg )
It was not necessarily brain death that caused the death.

Rudolf died from a very powerful allergic reaction to something
>> No. 4470 edit
File 132444972479.jpg - (11.86KB , 266x200 , 1067079791_akuracutie.jpg )
Rudolfs death was caused by an allergic reaction
Bakuras death was caused blood in the brain such as a hematoma or and aneurysm
>> No. 4471 edit
File 130854931832.jpg - (59.14KB , 320x230 , 3rudolf.jpg )
Bakura died instantly, so, therefore, did not die from a hematoma or an aneurysm.

The allergic reaction was to some sort of food (like peanuts), perhaps something Rudolf was tricked or forced into consuming
>> No. 4472 edit
File 132445006767.png - (134.90KB , 456x700 , chibi_yami_bakura_by_foxy_jen-d32mx0n.png )
The poison was not ingested
Bakuras death was caused by a caved in skull
>> No. 4473 edit
File 132445023243.jpg - (490.20KB , 640x533 , 52066.jpg )
Closed enough, it was trauma to the head. But how was it inflicted?

Rudolf died from asphyxiation caused by histamine-produced swelling. Perhaps the poison was inhaled
>> No. 4474 edit
File 132445038271.jpg - (14.77KB , 100x100 , 46111.jpg )
poison was not inhaled
Blunt force trauma form a body part such as a foot or fist
>> No. 4475 edit
File 132055091681.jpg - (105.04KB , 320x462 , 1rudolf.jpg )
There was a strike from a body part, but that was not the head injury.

The poison was injected somehow, either by a syringe or perhaps a bee sting.
>> No. 4476 edit
File 132445063150.png - (93.86KB , 500x600 , de01da55e895dd813519618faa904bdd5974a34e.png )
Rudolf died from anaphylactic shock from a bee sting in his arm
>> No. 4477 edit
File 132445077272.jpg - (13.63KB , 480x360 , BakuraVSYugi.jpg )
bakura died from trama of hiting the floor caused by the force generated from the hit
>> No. 4478 edit
File 132445091018.png - (80.62KB , 320x480 , rud_nakua6.png )
Gah.... correct. A kick to the torso knocked you off your feet and you died from hitting your head.

A tie it is...
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