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Gameboard Guidelines


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File 132461896376.png - (112.54KB , 400x400 , dontcheckemplease.png )
4485 No. 4485 edit
This is a sort of CYOA "mystery" gameboard.
The goal is not to solve the "mystery" but to unveil clues so as to make it a mystery, and to uncover the story, the setting, etc.

The Rules:
The story will be posted a few paragraphs at a time. Nothing is planned at current; you will choose setting and characters. After the setting and characters are chosen, you will obtain 25 Minor Mind Control devices and 10 Total Mind Control devices. At key plot points, you will be given the choice to use one of these Mind Control devices to control the character specified at the key plot point (called an Intersection). A Minor device may control a character's upper thoughts and the character's body functions normally. It only controls the character for two minutes. A Total device controls everything about the character, even violating his/her basic principles, and functions for five minutes. It is up to the collective to decide what to do with these devices.

First, we choose the Basic Setting. There are four choices for the Basic Setting time and four for the Basic Setting place.
-2011 (Modern Day)
-Undiscovered new island along Hawaiian hotspot chain
-Unnamed minor forest in Great Basin
-Big Ben
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>> No. 4499 edit
I'm not to sure on this but I guess I'll vote for the setting at least.
-2011 in Hangzhou
>> No. 4500 edit
How about near future 2012 in Hangzhou (I'm interested in what changes you might make to such a major place in communist China).
>> No. 4501 edit
Deadline for Basic Setting votes is 6:30 PM PST.
>> No. 4502 edit
1993 Big Ben
>> No. 4503 edit
2012 Big Ben
>> No. 4504 edit
2112 undiscovered new island along the Hawaiian hotspot chain.
>> No. 4505 edit
2012 big ben just to break the 5 way tie
>> No. 4506 edit
Big Ben; 2012
>> No. 4507 edit
Just so you guys knows, 2012 Big Ben was already winning.
>> No. 4508 edit
omg why you guys all pick big ben!? That's hardly any room at all to have an adventure!
>> No. 4509 edit
2012 Big Ben
>> No. 4511 edit
2012 Mexico city
>> No. 4512 edit
The Basic Setting is Big Ben 2012.

Now it is time to decide the qualities of the three Potential Detectives.

Potential Detective One:
Personality Trait One
Personality Trait Two
Striking Feature
-Pink hair
-Makes stupid predictions about future
-Unable to control toes

Potential Detective Two:
Personality Trait One
Personality Trait Two
Striking Feature
-Purple skin
-Wears sunglasses indoors

Potential Detective Three:
Personality Trait One
Personality Trait Two
Striking Feature
(Androgynous has built in Striking Feature [Gonadal dysgenesis])
-Tree climber
>> No. 4513 edit
From now on, to avoid the thread getting too long, you should elect a spokesperson and discuss the proper action amongst yourselves, probably in streamchat.
>> No. 4514 edit
Male, eager, ecstatic, makes predictions about future.

Female, liar, passionate, bespectacled.

Female, talkative, loving, peeper.
>> No. 5322 edit
The Potential Detective trio is now set in stone.
I will design profiles for eighteen candidates for supporting characters, out of which seven will be chosen.
I will have them out by Saturday. Keep reminding me about it if you want to see this gameboard come to fruition!
>> No. 5323 edit
File 132694626080.png - (281.34KB , 800x800 , Nate Billbrode.png )
I guess I'll post the designs as I finish them.
The Potential Detective designs will not be revealed until the game starts.

Yes, the characters are all self-inserts in one way or another. They're mostly based off parts of people I know and parts of me, though I did throw a few animu cliches in thr.
>> No. 5324 edit
File 132694634340.png - (218.77KB , 800x800 , Kara Sue.png )
The art gets progressively worse as I keep drawing.
>> No. 5325 edit
File 132694722869.png - (272.45KB , 800x800 , Cordon Trafalgar.png )
>> No. 5326 edit
File 132694806417.png - (255.01KB , 800x800 , Andrea Crescendo.png )
>> No. 5386 edit
File 132711680362.png - (314.82KB , 800x800 , Mack Titts.png )
>> No. 5387 edit
File 132711684733.png - (281.36KB , 800x800 , Dirk Greenfield.png )
The amount of character options has been projected to be reduced to 11. I can't handle any more than that.
>> No. 5388 edit
File 132711698660.png - (298.34KB , 800x800 , Wren Johnson.png )
Depending on your choices, the story may turn out to be a Mystery, Fantasy, or Romance. Choices include choices made during the actual game and choices made now.

>what a non-mystery on /gameboard/ sacrilege
You can't blame me. It's made by your choices, and I'm giving it a 40% chance to be Mystery; 30% chance for the other (I'm going to be rolling dice to see if choosing choices oriented towards a certain genre increases the genre points; the die-roll for the Mystery genre is easier.)
>> No. 5391 edit
File 132711969430.png - (248.02KB , 800x800 , Finch Johnson.png )
>trying to represent every minority ever
>> No. 5708 edit
File 132753624245.png - (268.41KB , 800x800 , Samantha Schlemel.png )
Relax, anon, you'll get your mehico.
>> No. 5709 edit
File 13275363501.png - (287.88KB , 800x800 , Tiro Mizzi.png )
urgghhhh I think I'll stop after the next character, this is too much work.
>> No. 5718 edit
File 132753963031.png - (233.87KB , 800x800 , Lux Valderburg.png )
Okay, now you guys vote on which characters or w/e.

Yes, I know there's an uneven spread in gender. Didn't plan it out.
>> No. 5720 edit
You wish you had those.
>> No. 5721 edit
Shush, pebble
>> No. 5722 edit
You drew it flat! Not my fault!

My vote's on the Walking Red Bean.
>> No. 5723 edit
ohgod culprit confirmed for walking red bean
>> No. 5731 edit
that evil bean
>> No. 5732 edit
mehico is a secret ne
>> No. 5733 edit
lux, andrea, mack, wren, nate, cordon, finch
>> No. 5734 edit
File 131309568425.png - (15.61KB , 217x157 , kanonheh_ib4f.png )
cordon, andrea, dirk, mack and mehico
>> No. 5802 edit
File 132668923149.png - (5.39KB , 40x60 , tinykinjo.png )
Cordon, Makk, Dirk, Samantha, Andrea, Lux, Tiro
>> No. 5803 edit
>> No. 5804 edit
Whatever characters you think would work best.
>> No. 5805 edit
Tiro , Lux ,Dirk, Makk,Andrea and Nate.
>> No. 5806 edit
[ ] Wren
[ ] Nate
[ ] Samantha
>> No. 5807 edit
whoops meant
[ ]Wren
[ ]Tiro
[ ]Samantha
>> No. 5808 edit

Old black lady.
>> No. 5809 edit
It's Samantha, ne.
>> No. 5810 edit
File 132773646883.jpg - (384.01KB , 1280x720 , 3detktevwtext.jpg )
here is your mehico
>> No. 5811 edit
File 13277365187.jpg - (335.64KB , 1280x720 , 3detktev.jpg )
Without text.
>> No. 5812 edit
>those stats
All of my votes
>> No. 5813 edit
File 132773910858.png - (151.72KB , 421x558 , makksmile.png )
>mak556: as for the potential detectives
>mak556: the rule is, they are all in the story, but depending on your choices one will turn out to be the true detective (or none)
>> No. 5814 edit
mehico mehico mehico mehico mehico mehico
>> No. 5921 edit
It begins tomorrow.
I'm currently mapping out Illuminati Big Ben (tentative name, and no, the Illuminati is not involved).
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