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File 132522521048.jpg - (59.14KB , 320x230 , 3rudolf.jpg )
4610 No. 4610 edit
Well then, shall we begin Bakura?

This duel shall consist of closed rooms designed by the both of us using the other as the victim. The nature of the room is that of a typical guest room in the mansion, including bedroom furnishing, a bathroom, a single door with a chain lock, and a single window.

Answer quickly, as this duel must be settled by tonight.

As with Ozaki's there must be a corpse of the opponent in the room.

You may shoot first, Meta-Bakura
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>> No. 4611 edit
File 132444803168.jpg - (37.44KB , 225x336 , 5428.jpg )
Bakura was killed with a weapon. a weapon is defined as a foreign object to cause harm to the body
>> No. 4612 edit
File 132107623668.png - (74.07KB , 321x480 , rud_akuwaraia1.png )
There was indeed some item utilized that caused your death.

Right back at'cha
Rudolf was killed with a weapon (by your definition)
>> No. 4613 edit
File 132522553396.jpg - (19.20KB , 250x368 , bakura9.jpg )
A weapon was used in Rudolfs death
Bakura was killed with a blade of some sort
>> No. 4614 edit
File 131916592289.png - (73.57KB , 321x480 , rud_akuwaraia2.png )
'Twas not a blade that led to your death

The weapon was physically forced into Rudolf, thereby killing him (either an injected poison or death by some sort of stab or slash)
>> No. 4616 edit
neither poison nor stabbing and or slashing was used
A chemical was injected into the body
>> No. 4617 edit
File 132107719739.png - (72.69KB , 321x480 , rud_defa2.png )
A chemical was not injected into the body

Some sort of poison was ingested or inhaled
>> No. 4618 edit
Ya I thought you meant poison injected...
Blunt trauma killed Rudolf
>> No. 4619 edit
File 132522617449.jpg - (10.55KB , 180x117 , 187118_100002132668899_8006346_n.jpg )
blunt trauma was caused to the body, but was not the cause of death

blunt force trauma was used if not then piercing caused by some sort of ballistic weapon
>> No. 4620 edit
File 131250745572.png - (72.96KB , 321x480 , rud_komarua1.png )
Neither blunt trauma nor any sort of ballistic weapon were used to murder you

The cause of death is directly linked to the blunt trauma, like how bleeding out is an after-effect of being stabbed but the stab itself can be said to have not been the cause of death.
>> No. 4621 edit
File 132522653583.jpg - (51.49KB , 581x837 , Bakura_in_Kingdom_Hearts_by_Bakura_King_of_Egypt.jpg )
the blunt trauma was an after affect caused by the true method of murder

suffocation was the cause of death
>> No. 4622 edit
File 132522666991.png - (92.54KB , 432x480 , rud_waraib2g.png )
Suffocation was not the cause of death

Because it would be called "blunt damage" rather than "blunt trauma" if it was something as simple as falling over after dying instantly, I deduce that Rudolf did not die instantly!
>> No. 4623 edit
File 132444718373.jpg - (25.31KB , 225x307 , 24984.jpg )
Death was instant but the force generated caused the blunt trauma do to the surroundings

A chemical was inhaled through the air such a poisonous fume
>> No. 4624 edit
File 132108829983.png - (72.82KB , 321x480 , rud_majimea2.png )
No poisonous fumes were utilized by the culprit.

The "blunt trauma" is simply internal damage, perhaps rupturing... inb4 exploding cells caused by too much water...
>> No. 4626 edit
File 132522787287.jpg - (583.39KB , 800x1000 , 83609.jpg )
The blunt trauma happened after death, but was not caused by cells exploding do to water intake

death was do to cardiac arrest
>> No. 4627 edit
File 132107719739.png - (72.69KB , 321x480 , rud_defa2.png )
Cardiac arrest was not the cause of death.

The blunt trauma was caused by the victim simply "falling over" (and perhaps hitting something like the floor or some out-jutting furniture)
>> No. 4628 edit
File 132522845039.jpg - (21.92KB , 250x191 , Bakura-ep79-121-yaminos.jpg )
correct the blunt trauma was caused by the body hitting the edge of a night stand

brain death was cause of death
>> No. 4629 edit
File 13230385928.png - (91.99KB , 432x480 , rud_akuwaraib1g.png )
Brain death was the cause of death

A gun?
>> No. 4631 edit
File 132522895329.jpg - (22.42KB , 272x400 , image-bakura22.jpg )
a gun was used to cause death

brain death was caused by some sort of blockage
>> No. 4632 edit
File 130854234845.jpg - (23.27KB , 263x350 , 148392m.jpg )
It wasn't a stroke

The bullet entered into the room by "breaking" through a wall, ceiling, floor, or ground.
>> No. 4633 edit
File 132445077272.jpg - (13.63KB , 480x360 , BakuraVSYugi.jpg )
The bullet did not enter the room by "breaking" through a wall, ceiling, floor, or ground

an aneurysm was the cause of death
>> No. 4634 edit
File 132444847596.jpg - (82.06KB , 800x600 , 79290.jpg )
'Twas not an aneurysm either

The bullet entered the room by "breaking" through a door, window, or other sort of "entrance"
>> No. 4635 edit
the gun was already in the room when discharged

some sort of wave was used such as a shock wave or concussion wave
>> No. 4636 edit
File 130854589635.png - (100.52KB , 226x334 , sample_b7e3d9b4373bf320a3b2bf3d15e6a4a40b5da6a3.png )
It wasn't a shock wave or a concussion wave

So then it was a trap and the culprit did not need to enter the room...
>> No. 4638 edit
File 132445006767.png - (134.90KB , 456x700 , chibi_yami_bakura_by_foxy_jen-d32mx0n.png )
A trap was used

the death was instant
>> No. 4639 edit
File 130854955541.jpg - (44.33KB , 312x600 , 98801db412fada7aa41fb8b5f85a2d01.jpg )
The death wasn't instant

The culprit did not have to be in the room when the victim died, so there is nothing important to write about how a culprit would get in or out!
>> No. 4640 edit
File 132444747124.jpg - (43.49KB , 300x391 , YGO-057_Self-impalement.jpg )
a trap did make it so that the culprit could kill without being present

the culprit could kill without being present in the room
>> No. 4641 edit
File 130863245489.jpg - (5.40KB , 96x251 , tmw96_12923.jpg )

The trap obviously utilizes a gun of some sort, perhaps its attached to a motion or pressure sensor so it fires whenever the victim is in the line of fire?
>> No. 4642 edit
File 132523093789.jpg - (33.20KB , 410x308 , ygotas_39a.jpg )
pressure does activate the trap

the culprit was not in the room during the time of death. This includes the rafters, closet, and bathroom
>> No. 4643 edit
File 130854788314.jpg - (9.42KB , 180x240 , 79291.jpg )
The culprit was inside the room during the time of death.
>> No. 4644 edit
File 132523122659.jpg - (83.52KB , 600x290 , Destiny_Board___DEATH_by_Cursed__Soul.jpg )
>> No. 4646 edit
File 132523173115.jpg - (120.95KB , 701x290 , disney death.jpg )
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