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Gameboard Guidelines


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5087 No. 5087 edit
1) Rules for players and their teams:
a. Each player can choose 2 teams. It isn't required to have a second team. It's forbbiden to have same characters in both teams
b. Only players who have FPS until ___ can join the championship.
c. If enrolled's number is azygous, two scenarios are going to happen:
cc. The tow last players will fight for the last vacancy, if will not happen a prior withdrawal. Both players are going to follow the "Rules for battle" (see article 2).
ccc. Other person will have to enroll before deadline, Outra pessoa deverá se inscrever antes do término das inscrições, forming, then, an even number of members.

2) Rules for combat:
a. The raffle of "who fight against who" will be settle by this site: http://www.random.org/lists/
b. Championship Sistem is going to be a classic sistem. (see this image: http://s4.hubimg.com/u/2650195_f520.jpg ). The one who win, will reach the second phase. The one who lost will be automatically eliminated.
c. Combat Sistem is going to be 1 round and 3 life bars.
e. Victories by W.O. are acceptable.
f. Combats will happen on <insert here if fights will happen on Hamachi or other place>
g. <insert here a rule saying that fights will happen simultaneously or fights will happen by key's order>

3) Rules for "fighting terms" and infractions:
a. Fighting Terms is going to serve for notify other players about some condition, if they want to play if you. An example is low FPS when someone uses Meta Declaration. This disturb the combat. That's why we need those terms.
b. It's unlimited the number of Fighting Terms for each player that wants to use it.
c. If a term is violated, the combat is going to restart.But, if you want to PROVE it, the player will have to take a screenshot and show to others players.

Name: [/seacat/'s nickname and hamachi nickname,respectively]
1o Team: [Attacker&Reverse]
2o Team: [Attacker&Reverse]
Mode: [Do you use Normal or Princess Mode?]
Fighting Terms: [Ex.: Don't use Meta Declaration, or combat is going to be very laggy]

DEADLINE: __/__/__ (two days before championship day)
CHAMPIONSHIP DAY&HOUR: __/__/__ to __:__ (obviously in a weekend)
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>> No. 5088 edit
File 132630728275.png - (479.10KB , 745x1133 , sha_a21 laughing 1.png )
There are some details that I couldn't do by myself. So, shall we decide it together?
>> No. 5094 edit
File 130854234845.jpg - (23.27KB , 263x350 , 148392m.jpg )
We should hold separate tourneys for princess and normal mode... that might make me sound pretentious but I honestly feel like it's unfair to the normal mode player.

I can play either but my princess mode is obviously better...
>> No. 5095 edit
File 132599405297.png - (133.92KB , 406x480 , bea_waraib1.png )

I might wanna play.

On to what Rufolf said, that's true.

I'm new to the game, but Princess mode really is easier.
>> No. 5117 edit
File 132637113771.png - (81.36KB , 790x590 , Chapionship Table - 2Key - OMK.png )
As well as I said to Lion, I'll say to both of you:

I don't see a utility for two divisions. I opt to play w/ joypad because I suck at keyboard.
Princess mode it's useful for those who play w/ keyboard. Normal mode it's useful for those who play w/ joypad. I fought against guys that used Princess Mode and I won. So, I don't see any special reason for do two divisions.

However, if more seacats insist in make a division for Normal and a division for Princess, we can make a 2Key Championship Sistem. (Picture Related)
>> No. 5118 edit
File 131998378259.png - (459.05KB , 606x1126 , sha_c11 proud 1.png )
Also, we can make a rule that allow a player participate in both Normal and Princess category.
However, if s/he became champion in both Modes, s/he have to give his/her title champion in one of those modes for the other finalist.

What do you think, everyone?
>> No. 5119 edit
File 131892667097.png - (187.34KB , 496x480 , bea_defa2.png )

That's a great idea.
>> No. 5120 edit
princess mode is for princesses, should have a different tournamet etc
>> No. 5121 edit
File 132638686244.png - (524.38KB , 851x1134 , sha_a13 surprized 2.png )
Tecnically this 2Key System fuses two championships only in the end, when Normal Champion and Princess Champion were decided. Then, it makes both fight.
>> No. 5124 edit
If we are going to have the two torunaments face off for the finals, we should do a "Losers Bracket" for 3rd and 4th place (like have the people who post in their respective finals face off)
>> No. 5125 edit
File 132639594129.png - (479.46KB , 745x1133 , sha_a21 surprized 2.png )
Good idea. I didn't think on this!
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