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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 132703281033.jpg - (772.30KB , 825x1200 , 651848.jpg )
5344 No. 5344 edit
I welcome you to a simple mystery.
I have opened this game in challenge to anyone who feels up for the task of solving it.
There is only one murder you need to solve. Should be simple right?

This game follows Knox’s Decalogue.
I shall not allow ‘blueshotgunning’; I do not suspect it should be needed.
Without trust there can be no game; Red is the absolute truth. Blue is used for your theories.

You can use Green to do some investigating if you want. Although there is no limit for the blue and green, just remember that you can only make a single blue or a single green for each post, not both. However Questions and or asking for clarification are excluded in this rule.

Without further ado, let us start. I will also add this: Jessica is the detective.
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>> No. 5396 edit
File 132712989265.png - (434.64KB , 816x816 , reisen_here\'s_an_idea.png )
Look for the teacup that Natsuhi took from Shannon earlier. If it isn't in the room, ask the servants whether any of them retrieved it.
>> No. 5397 edit
File 132713066024.png - (119.62KB , 359x466 , enj_defa1.png )
This looks pretty hard on closer inspection. I guess I'm just stating the obvious here but if the room is closed strangulation is unlikely. It would have to be some remote method.

With just the chain I think this room becomes really hard. Maybe the room can be entered or exited by at least someone even when the chain is set? If the chain is set from the outside then it doesn't matter. Can you repeat that the chain was set from the inside?
>> No. 5398 edit
File 13083791693.png - (65.07KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa2.png )
The empty tea cup is on the bedside table. By just looking at it nothing appears odd.

Nobody can enter or exit the room when the two windows and the door are locked.

The chain can only be set from the inside

>> No. 5399 edit
File 132713152719.png - (121.54KB , 359x465 , enj_defa2.png )

Alright. But I didn't mean when the door is locked but when it's open and unlocked and the chain is set. Can anyone enter/exit through the door then?
>> No. 5401 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
Ah, I see. The answer is no.
For the purposes of this game When the chain is set it is impossible to enter/exit the room through the door.
>> No. 5402 edit
File 132713466779.png - (123.33KB , 359x466 , enj_fumana2.png )

Hmm. But if they left through the window, Natsuhi would need to close it for them.

Sure is hard for the death to be strangulation. Can you repeat that Natsuhi died before they broke in? Not that I doubt that.....
>> No. 5403 edit
File 130854776888.png - (65.07KB , 347x480 , ozaki_waraia1.png )
When the group broke down the door Natsuhi was already dead.
>> No. 5406 edit
File 132621370456.png - (210.35KB , 609x428 , naoCautios.png )
Nanjo, you know my mother was feeling ill earlier right? Do you know what was wrong with her?

Also may I request an approximate time-line for Jessica's actions today.
>> No. 5419 edit
File 132623104060.jpg - (171.55KB , 850x1172 , reisen_we\'ll_see_about_that.jpg )
Hm, I think I'm getting a vague idea.

Demand to know what Krauss and Nanjo were hiding about Kinzo earlier, since Kinzo is the only one on the island without an alibi.
>> No. 5434 edit
File 130862896113.png - (65.31KB , 347x480 , ozaki_waraia2.png )
Nanjo tells you that because of high amounts of stress Natsuhi has been getting headaches. He adds that since she hasn't been able to talk to Kinzo lately, she doesn't have an outlet for the stress, or at least something to calm her down efficiently enough.

As for Jessica's movements I'll just give you a simple version.
-Kitchen scene : Morning (8am-9am)
-Garden scene : Morning (9am-10am)
-Battler Arrives : Afternoon (12am-1pm)
-Nanjo/Krauss chat : Afternoon (1pm-2pm)
-Shannon/Natsuhi chat: Afternoon (2pm-3pm)
-Jessica waited in the parlor until Dinner.
--Dinner started at 6pm and the phone call happened at around 7:30pm.
They got to the room in about 5 minutes and then you know the rest.

Nanjo confesses that Kinzo has started to lose his mind. The only people he will allow inside the study are himself and Genji.
>> No. 5435 edit
Oh, and Jessica can interrogate the people who were in the dining room when the phone rang, not just the ones who went to Natsuhi's room.
>> No. 5436 edit
File 132621070883.jpg - (42.09KB , 362x560 , NaoPray.jpg )
Genji, what exactly did my Mom say when she called you? How did she sound? Did you hear anything else besides her voice?
>> No. 5437 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
Genji says all he heard was a female choking, and then the sound of something hitting the ground. He says since Natsuhi was the only female not in the room at the time he deduced it was her.
>> No. 5438 edit
File 13179444284.png - (153.54KB , 606x480 , wdk_akuwaraib1.png )
The culprit is Shkanon. However, they had an accomplice. Kinzo. Whether or not he was an intentional accomplice is irrelevant, as he is the one who constructed this closed room!

Shkanon left at some point during dinner! That's when they went to murder Natsuhi! However, at the time she was busy in her room...with Kinzo! They were having some "fun", roleplaying and such to their hearts' content! The old man had lost his mind long ago, and forced Natsuhi to undergo various acts of BDSM, hence the phone call for help. It was all an act!

At some point during this silly play, Shkanon showed up with intent to murder! She easily killed the half-dressed Natsuhi, then escaped before Kinzo could do anything about it. Perhaps he was distracted for a certain amount of time, Devil's Proof! But once he noticed Natsuhi was dead, he set the chain to the room and hid under the bed or some other place! Once the room was broken into, he escaped while no one was looking!

>> No. 5439 edit
File 130837229998.png - (64.25KB , 347x480 , ozaki_akuwaraia1.png )
Interesting (and slightly disturbing) theory.
However, The second before the door was broken down, the only person who was in the room was Natsuhi, who was dead.

Do you think your theory can still work despite this Kinjo?
>> No. 5440 edit
File 130869852468.png - (160.61KB , 434x480 , wdk_nayamua1.png )
Deny it. Kinzo set the chain. And by Kinzo, I mean Natsuhi, as they are one and the same!
>> No. 5441 edit
File 130855225166.png - (65.23KB , 347x480 , ozaki_ikaria1.png )
Kinzo and Natsuhi are seperate people.

However I cannot deny that Natsuhi set the chain ,you are correct.
Natsuhi was the last person to set the chain.
>> No. 5442 edit
I have a different idea.

The culprit murdered Natsuhi while she was inside the room with the chain set. S/he knocked on the door, and strangled Natsuhi when she answered. The culprit then locked the door. Genji is an accomplice and faked the phone call.
>> No. 5443 edit
File 131959014367.png - (197.07KB , 357x434 , ozakitwe.png )
Very interesting, very interesting indeed... however
Natsuhi's body was found in the middle of the room, a little bit from the bed. If the culprit killed her like that then how could the body get to where it is now?

Additionally, how exactly could Genji fake the phone call?
For this game; A phone can only ring if another phone calls it.
>> No. 5444 edit
Kinzo made the phone call.
>> No. 5445 edit
During the struggle, Natsuhi ran away from the door, hoping the culprit would drop his/her weapon. However, the culprit's cord/rope/etc. was long enough that he/she could continue strangling Natsuhi. She eventually died. The culprit was able to retrieve his weapon by simply pulling one side of it.

Genji recieved a call from someone other than Natsuhi. However he was ordered by someone to report that Natsuhi was struggling in order to conceal the time of death. This call can be from anyone, Kinzo, Eva, hell even Erika.

>> No. 5446 edit
File 132719792535.png - (121.18KB , 359x466 , enj_komarua3.png )

Maybe he didn't fake it?

What if the culprit recorded Natsuhi's voice. Then called with it. Or an accomplice or culprit called from another phone. Or it was a normal phone call but Genji pretended it was from Natsuhi? The real caller might have just been saying normal stuff.

Maybe Natsuhi was killed at the window and closed it to get the culprit out then died. Or stumbled away from the door? Maybe the phone cord strangled her. Still it's hard for her to walk around while dying.....
>> No. 5447 edit
File 131916917453.jpg - (17.22KB , 134x192 , 268527.jpg )
Kinzo made the call. Genji pretended it was from Natsuhi.
After all, the phone was on it's cradle when they broke into the room. If Natsuhi really had made the call then it should have been lying on the ground.

However we are not done yet~

The culprit did not killed Natsuhi through the gap that is made when the door is open but only the chain is locking it.

Natsuhi never touched the windows.
The phone cord was not used to kill Natsuhi.

>> No. 5448 edit
File 130854234845.jpg - (23.27KB , 263x350 , 148392m.jpg )
Hopefully Shannon isn't MIA

Have Jessica recall everything about her mother's appearance when she saw her last, if nothing interesting shows up, track down Shannon and ask her to recall Natsuhi's appearance (anything out of the ordinary)
>> No. 5449 edit
File 131872485897.jpg - (626.03KB , 1101x1306 , 227053.jpg )
When Jessica last saw Natsuhi it was through the crack in the door. Her hair was slightly ruffled and was most likely trying to sleep. She was wearing her nightgown which covered most of her body. Her eyes had bags under them.

Other then that everything seemed normal about her.
>> No. 5450 edit
File 132721753035.jpg - (478.58KB , 960x1280 , reisen_i_can_see_the_endgame.jpg )
Ah, thought so. Then this closed room was constructed by coincidence.

During dinner, Natsuhi went to Kinzo's study to talk to him, but he fell into a fit of madness and ended up almost strangling her before she escaped. She fled to her room and locked and chained the door. However, she had been poisoned by Genji earlier in the day, and she expired inside the closed room before she understood what was wrong. Meanwhile, Kinzo regained his senses and tried to call someone in the dining room to check on Natsuhi. Genji realized that Natsuhi wasn't present, concluded that the poison had taken effect, and took advantage of the situation to create an alibi for himself. Just as he planned, Nanjo put the strangulation marks together with the fact that Natsuhi had asphyxiated and mistakenly concluded that strangulation was the cause of death.
>> No. 5451 edit
File 130854912222.jpg - (26.42KB , 146x159 , 967511cbed2c57ee661b3acd9a89c03ef32fce61.jpg )
Recall the nature of the nightgown, was the neck visible, also, what does "half clothed" mean when referring to the state of Natsuhi's corpse?
>> No. 5452 edit
File 131795466316.png - (64.91KB , 347x480 , ozaki_itaia1.png )
Natsuhi was never poisoned.
Kinzo never touched Natsuhi for this game.

Yes the nightgown covered her neck.
"half clothed" would be that the top half of her clothing was ripped. Nanjo ripped the clothing once he entered the room as standard CPR procedures.
>> No. 5453 edit
File 130854788314.jpg - (9.42KB , 180x240 , 79291.jpg )
Can you go further in depth with the "marks on the neck"? Are they bruises, and if so, what shape/how thick, etc?
>> No. 5454 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
The marks on Natsuhi's neck don't look too deep. They look almost in the shape of a band. Nanjo says that it was probably just enough to cut of the air supply.
>> No. 5455 edit
to add on the the description of the marks it would be like a thick large rubber band
>> No. 5456 edit
File 130854955541.jpg - (44.33KB , 312x600 , 98801db412fada7aa41fb8b5f85a2d01.jpg )
Shannon has opportunity to commit murder! She "washed all of the clothes in the house," so she has obviously been into Natsuhi's room once or twice. She could easily have set a trap in the room!
>> No. 5457 edit
File 13083791693.png - (65.07KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa2.png )
Shannon never placed a trap inside Natsuhi's room.
>> No. 5458 edit
File 130854931832.jpg - (59.14KB , 320x230 , 3rudolf.jpg )
That red's riddled with holes!
Shannon was able to get Natsuhi to open the door so she could commit murder, using the guise of bringing her clean laundry!
>> No. 5459 edit
File 130837229998.png - (64.25KB , 347x480 , ozaki_akuwaraia1.png )
Shannon already delivered the laundry a few minutes before Jessica walked in on her while she was talking on the phone.
>> No. 5460 edit
File 130854630339.jpg - (10.53KB , 126x136 , rudolf 5.jpg )
Then there is no need for Natsuhi's call to Shannon to request tea! She could have asked Shannon a few minutes ago for the tea, ergo, Shannon was not on the phone with Natsuhi when Jessica walked into the room
>> No. 5461 edit
File 13083791693.png - (65.07KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa2.png )
>Then there is no need for Natsuhi's call to Shannon to request tea!
Exactly, because she didn't.

You are correct in that logic.
>Shannon was not on the phone with Natsuhi when Jessica walked into the room
She was on the phone with someone.I'll save you the trouble of interrogating.
Shannon was on the phone with Genji.
>> No. 5462 edit
File 130854589635.png - (100.52KB , 226x334 , sample_b7e3d9b4373bf320a3b2bf3d15e6a4a40b5da6a3.png )
This red doesn't deny a trap killing Natsuhi.
>> No. 5463 edit
File 131915853937.jpg - (49.23KB , 530x404 , ozakirapeface.jpg )
Knox’s 8th: It is forbidden for the case to be resolved without clues that are not presented .
Is there something you have in mind?
>> No. 5464 edit
File 132722352275.png - (284.57KB , 526x678 , uss22.png )
Constrictor snake, I think that falls well within the realms of "exotic foods." A truly good chef would kill the food himself to ensure the freshest meat. If not, devil's proof.
>> No. 5465 edit
File 131930745749.jpg - (73.87KB , 708x720 , 3923432.jpg )
I see. You are almost there, however not just yet.
Nothing alive was used to kill Natsuhi.

Honestly this may require some extra knowledge to solve(ie violate Knox), but you're close enough so lets see if you can get it.
>> No. 5466 edit
File 132722567969.png - (4.76KB , 226x221 , Umineko___Rudolf_Ushiromiya_by_ElderKain.png )
Natsuhi was strangled by the turtle-neck nightgown. If it was somehow made out of pure cotton (Shannon could have sabotaged it this way), then if it came in contact with any liquids it would shrink. Doing something to the tea such as making it taste bad, etc could cause Natsuhi to spill the tea accidentally, thereby causing it to hit the nightgown's neck, shrinking it and choking her!
>> No. 5467 edit
File 131805116132.jpg - (42.51KB , 140x180 , shiki_toshio.jpg )
The nightgown itself did not shrink.
>> No. 5468 edit
File 130855191029.jpg - (224.48KB , 493x1142 , rudolf.jpg )
Her scarf, her necklace, her tie, HER NECKWEAR
>> No. 5469 edit
None of those were used to killed Natsuhi
>> No. 5472 edit
File 132722778551.jpg - (14.28KB , 187x185 , rudolf heh.jpg )
Genji is the culprit. He may or may not have been aided by Shannon. The method of murder is a trap involving the fur of the deer that Gohda was mentioned to have earlier been cooking. A thin strip of it could be sabotaged into the neck portion of Natsuhi's nightgown which would constrict and cause her to be suffocated.
>> No. 5473 edit
File 131933576491.jpg - (170.62KB , 608x776 , ozaki epic wind back.jpg )
It's close enough. Like it said, the last part required knowledge not normally known and couldn't really be deduced. If the police would have come they would have figured it out pretty quickly. Or if you specifically checked the area of interest.

How much do you know about raw hide? Basically you soak the hide and mix it with lime and after a while it becomes real soft and was used to make drums and rattles by Natives. When it drys it slowly shrinks. Genji took the trimmings of hide from Gohda and soaked it with lime. He then put a strip of it inside the collar of Natsuhi's nightgown and threaded the ends together. Later on in the day Natsuhi called Genji to request some tea, Genji made sure to spike the Puer tea with muscle relaxants so he only had to call Shannon and she would deliver it unaware of the crime. Natsuhi drank it and when to sleep while wearing the trapped clothing: thus left to slowly suffocate her to death. Kinzo was an accomplice, he was basically reduced to a child with his mental problems so he did what Genji said, thus the call during dinner.

This is the answer.

It defiantly wasn't simple, and the last part wasn't so easy either. I had fun though. Good game to all the players.
>> No. 5474 edit
File 130841902997.png - (89.42KB , 291x478 , kan_waraia123.png )
Oh my, good one Rudolf.
>> No. 5475 edit
File 132724501310.jpg - (274.78KB , 972x1188 , reisen_well_played.jpg )
Nicely done, Ozaki.
>> No. 5520 edit
File 132703397451.png - (121.74KB , 359x467 , enj_waraia2.png )

That is a nice trick. You got me. Good job Rudolf!
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