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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 132717625077.jpg - (54.83KB , 500x699 , portrait1b.jpg )
5423 No. 5423 edit
Second topic of my game between me and Poirot-san.

First Topic Here:

Gohda's Inventory:
x1 Master Key
x1 Kitchen's Key
x1 Devil's Token

Current Gohda's location: Lobby, Guest House.

As far as Poirot-san knows:
Who is surely dead (confirmed by other Pieces or Gohda):
Ushiromiya Krauss
Ushiromiya Natsuhi
Terumasa Nanjo

Who is missing (those who Gohda or other Pieces didn't saw anymore):
Ushiromiya Lion
Ushiromiya Jessica
Ushiromiya Eva
Ushiromiya Rudolf
Ushiromiya Kyrie
Servant Sayo
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>> No. 5424 edit
Gohda arrives with Rosa in Lobby. You see Hideyoshi, George, Battler, Genji and Yoshiya there.

2 Winchesters are in table, meaning that nobody was capable to find the others 2 Winchesters inside the forest.

It is now 7:35. With only 8 people (counting with yourself), what Gohda will do against The Witch in Gold, Beatrice?
>> No. 5425 edit
File 132009243515.png - (88.56KB , 310x380 , 56614075.png )
"Wait. There is something wrong here. I need to think."

Chesterton summons his stinks cigar and start to think furiously.

"First, how Rosa could win a fight against the traitors? She doesn't show any wounds. She should be pretty tired and hurt... except if her plan as a successful."

"This is why she offered herself to guide us at Kuwadorian! She wants us to fail! She is a wolf in sheep's clothing!"

"Second. Kumasawa. She doesn't answered my questions. She just told us her story, a story doesn't fits to any questions asked before. She avoided me completely!"

Then, he smiled.

"HAH... HAHAHAHA!", he laughs loudly, "Napoleon, bring a drink to me! Let Flambeau do your job! Miss Virgilia, Mister Eriko, do you want some drinks?"

"I know what to do. But where is my weapons? Did they stolen me?"

That stink smoke covers all the Meta-Room.
>> No. 5426 edit
File 132025076590.png - (91.67KB , 310x380 , 19154851.png )
"*cof**cof* Oh, for ROSA..."

Eriko opens some windows. "No, thanks, I don't drink."

"Me neither."

"As I can see, you got something in my Gameboard, right? Wanna share with us or do you wanna make your next move with Gohda?"
>> No. 5427 edit
File 131992520499.png - (88.90KB , 310x380 , 82833866.png )
"First, I need to know my WEAPONS."
>> No. 5428 edit
File 131992379466.png - (87.80KB , 310x380 , 32993533.png )
"Oh, sure. When Battler, Genji and Kumasawa saw everyone (Rosa, Gohda, George, Hideyoshi and Yoshiya) fainted in front of Chapel, they didn't find Gohda's knife and Rosa's gun with them."
>> No. 5429 edit
File 131993595016.png - (367.27KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 laughing 1.png )
"Fine!", Chesterton says with a different smile, when smoke.

Virgilia already saw that smile before... that wasn't good thing.


Gohda annunciates he'll go to the kitchen, search for more knifes, pepper, salt, sauce. Then, he goes to the kitchen.
>> No. 5430 edit
File 132718084684.png - (375.76KB , 638x1080 , ros_c12 bothered 1.png )
"I'll go with you, Gohda-san" Rosa says, following, but before she leaves with you. "Genji-san, please, go call Kumasawa. We need everyone here."

"As you wish, Rosa-sama."

You and Rosa go to the Kitchen. You open the door and you try to find all those items. You sucessufly find it.

"What are you going to do with salt, pepper and sauce?" Rosa asks, a little confused.

[Note: She is with a different clothe beucase you and the others were left in the rain last night. Some of them are with different clothes.]
>> No. 5431 edit
File 131998090310.png - (363.09KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 smiling 1.png )
"The same thing I always do with that, Rosa-sama. To cook."

Gohda looks for the favorite candy of Berune, too.
>> No. 5432 edit
File 132718161142.png - (372.87KB , 638x1077 , ros_c32 worrying 1.png )
"I see......" Rosa says, realizing that her help isn't need at the moment. However, they were alone in Main Building. She can't let Gohda alone. "I'll stay watchful in front of kitchen while you are cooking."

She catch a cleaver and goes to Kitchen's door.
>> No. 5433 edit
File 132000896045.png - (366.68KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 leave it to me-- 1.png )
"Oh, I will not cook food. I will cook the assassins, when I find him."

Gohda still looks for Berune's Favorite Candy.
>> No. 5476 edit
File 132724919922.png - (686.06KB , 931x1186 , gap_a15 evil laugh 5.png )
Rosa laughs. With that smile in her face, she thinks maybe they can get out of that island in tomorrow morning. Gohda tries to find Berune's favorite candy, but he fails. Maybe she got all of them when she left Rokkenjima for vacation.

Meanwhile, in Kuwadorian, Beatrice is drinking some tea. The sun shines in her beatiful house and flowers blooms like newborn babies.

"So, so, Rice!" Gaap says with enthusiasm. "Who will be the next two victims! Tell me!"

"Hum... I don't know... "

"Eeeee? It's obvious that is Rosa and Gohda! Duh!"

"The current Game Master will not allow us to kill the detective."

"Then I kill Rosa and bring Gohda here."

"It's too early for bring Gohda to my home. Let's wait a little more."

Suddenly, 2 maids appear. It was Beelzebub and Asmodeus.

"Beatrice-sama, Gaap-sama, we received good news!" Beelzebub says.

"Yeah! Two cute boys are alone in cousin's room! Awww! They are... They are...... Can I kill them, Beatrice-sama? Can I? Can I?" Asmodeus says. Her eyes are shining, waiting for Beatrice's answer.

"Hum.... Let me see..........

NO! *ahaha.wav*"


"I presume you both are talking about George and Battler, right?"

""Exactly, Beatrice-sama!""

"Then... Gaap, go and kill them. You wanted so much to know the victims of 2o Twillight... Now you are going to kill them! Kyahahahaha!!"

"That is great! No... That is more than great! It's paafekuto! Ahahahaha!" Gaap opens a black hole above her and jumps into it.

In cousin's room (Guest House), George and Battler wanted a little time for themselves. They both went to their room and set the chain and locked the window. They are alone in second floor, since Genji called Kumasawa to stay with everyone in the Lobby.

"Are still thinking on Sayo, nee, George-aniki?"

"Yes. I could save her! I really could! But..."

"You said it before... Said that Sayo said you both will met each other again."

"Just in heaven, right? She might be dead right now!"

"Shut up! Don't say that!" Battler gets angry. If Sayo was dead, Jessica was dead too. And Lion.... "No...! Lion can't be dead! They are alive, George-aniki! I am sure! Sayo, Jessica, Lion... Even dad, Kyrie-san and Eva-oba-san... They are alive! I know it! They are just lost in the forest, trying to get back home."

"Do you really believe in this?"

"If he doesn't beleive it, then he'll lost his faith in everything!"

""Who is there!?""

A black hole is opened in the door. From there, Gaap, the devil, show up.

"Helloooo~! I am Gaap, devil of holes, nice to meet you! *cackle**cackle*"

"What the heck??" Battler says. He tries to reach the telephone, but a black hole appears and the telephone disappear.

"Oops! Sorry! Iihihihi!

Now that none will disturb us, I'll kill both of you for Rice's Ceremony!"

"... Rice?" George says.

"It's Beatrice's nickname, duuuuhh!"

"Shut up, you monster! Give it back everyone!" Battler yells at her.

"Ahahha! Never! I'll never give back them!"

"Grrrraaaaahhhhh!!!" Battler runs in Gaap's direction in an attempt to give a punch in her face.

"Ahahaha! Really?" She opens a hole in front of her.


"Don't worry, I'm gonna give him back to you!" Another hole opens, but this time on the ceiling. Battler falls from there, hiting the ground.


"Battler, watch out, this girl--"

Suddenly, while George turn his head around for talk to Battler, a big and black hole opens in front of George.



When George turned around, he only saw a pink high heel in front of his face.

Blood... Blood all over the floor... George's face was completly destroyed. A fatal hit.

"UUUAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Battler screams... Screams for everyone hear.

"Ahahaha.... Kyahahaha... GYAHAHAHAHAHAA!!" Gaap laughs. "It's impossible for everyone hear you! My black holes are absorbing aaaalll your scream! Give up, Battler!"

"You... You.... I HATE YOU!" Battler tries one more time to punch her.

But then....

"...... Grh..... Agh....... Wha.... What....."

"What a poor cute guy!" Asmodeus says, nailing her stake in his back. "Thanks for using one of your holes to teleport me, Gaap-sama! I wanted so much to kill this red hair guy! So cute! So cuuuuuute!"

"You're welcome, Asu."

"It's Asmo! It's Asmo! Asmo, from Asmodeus! Not Asu, from Asune!"

"Okay, okay... Now, as the 2o Twillight says: 'Tear apart those who are close'. I need to make Battler disappear."

"Awwwnnn.... But... But..."

"You can stay with him while nobody discover his body. I will set up a black hole for you come back to Kuwadorian when you hear everyone approaching. Right?"

"Reaaally? Thanks, Gaap-sama! You are the best!" Asmodeus smiles and Gaap opnes another hole. Asmodeus kick Battler's corpses into the hole and then she jumps into it.

"Now, now... I need to clean this mess and return the telephone to this room." Gaap says.

Some time later, in the Lobby, Hideyoshi finishes to make some coffee.

"Yoshiya-kun, Genji-san, please, go call Battler-kun and George." Hideyoshi says.

""As you wish, Hideyoshi-sama.""

Both go to second floor and knocks Cousin's room door.

"Battler-sama, George-sama..." Yoshiya says. Noticing that there was no answer, he tries to open the door, but the chain is set. "Battler-sama, George-sama..."

He looks around and...


"What is the matter, Yoshiya?"

"Genji-san, go to the shed and take the gardening scissors!! George-sama is..."

"And what about Battler-sama!?"

"I don't know! I can't see more through the room! I... I'll look for Battler-sama in the other rooms!"

Yoshiya go to the room in front of Cousin's room and opens the door. Again, the chain was set. He tries to look around and... Another corpse... Battler's corpse.

"He is here! Go and get the gardening scissors!!"

"I'll do better than this..." Genji goes to the third room and opens the door and goes to the telephone. "Gohda-san... Rosa-san... Please, answer!"

"Humm... Your food is smelling good, Gohda-san! It's almost ready, right?" Rosa laughs again.

Suddenly, Kitchen's telephone starts to ring. "Oh, it must be Hideyoshi, asking if our food is ready! *giggle* ...... Hello? Hideyoshi? Our breakfast is al--"

Rosa's smile disappeared in that minute. She let the telephone fall on the ground.

"No... Not again!" Rosa says, scary. "Gohda-san, we must go! Fast!"

Rosa runs away from the Kitchen.
>> No. 5477 edit
File 132000226350.png - (366.53KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 2.png )
Gohda keeps the food in a "Marmitex"¹. It will keeps the food fresh for many, many hours.

Then, he follows Rosa until the Crime Scene.

*insert Gohda's drama here*

"Well, I need Kinzo's Study Key. Yoshiya-san, could come with me?"
>> No. 5478 edit
1: Marmitex is a recipient made of aluminum, who keeps food fresh. It's something who doesn't exist in civilized countries.
>> No. 5479 edit
File 130827995575.png - (407.27KB , 638x1080 , ros_c22 surprized 1.png )
You and Rosa arrives at Guest House.

"We are here!" Rosa says, going up the stairs.

"Thanks God, Rosa-san!!" Hideyoshi says, worried about his son. "Break the chain, Yoshiya, break the chain!"

"I'm trying!"


And then, Hideyoshi's open the door. "GEOOOOORGEEEEE!! NOOO! NOO!"

George's face is destroyed. Hideyoshi fall in his knees and hugs his dead son. "First, Eva... And now... You... Why? Whhhyyy!!??"


The other guest room's chain is break. Rosa and Yoshiya go inside. Battler was dead, too. A stake nailed in his back was the proof.

"Aaah!" Rosa screams. "Battler-kun...."

Then, Yoshiya hears what you said to him.

"I am sorry, Gohda-san, but Lion-sama is the only one who has that key and only one exists."
>> No. 5480 edit
File 132725119174.png - (395.75KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 troll 1 copy.png )
"So let's try to destroy the Study's Door. If necessary, bring axes. I think the final clue to solve this mystery it's find the Epitaphy's solution."

Gohda approaches to Battler's Body, searching for wounds and tips about his death and tries to find the scorpion charm on him.
>> No. 5481 edit
File 132725163358.png - (440.87KB , 752x1080 , ros_c11 serious 1.png )
"Or we can just use the boiler's ladder and breaks one of Lion-sama's window. /ange" Genji suggested.

"It's a better idea, Genji-san." Yoshiya agrees.

When you try to approach Battler's body, Rosa stops you. "Do not touch Battler's body, Gohda-san!"

She looks at you with serious eyes. "Your digital can contaminate everything!"
"As I said in the beggining: Gohda can only inspect the bodies with everyone agree on it. And as we can see, Rosa doesn't agree." Eriko smiles. "Problem?
>> No. 5482 edit
File 132725196472.png - (91.26KB , 310x380 , Chestertroll.png )
"No problem, that's only will keeping you from say 'you cannot use the Devil Token because you have a Scorpion Charm'."

"And if he died and you doesn't want to me look his body, it's because he died with a scorpion charm. So, the culprit didn't kill Battler, but an accomplice. Can you deny it?"


"Fine, let's go to the study, Rosa-sama."
>> No. 5483 edit
File 132725294547.png - (288.41KB , 607x342 , mlib_1b.png )
"You can wait until midnight and then you can discover. *ahaha.wav*"

Genji locks all Guest House, preventing the culprit to disappear with Battler and George's body.

Finished this, everyone go to Main Building. Gohda and Yoshiya go to boiler room and get the ladder. Rosa, Kumasawa and Genji are waiting in front of Lion's door.

First Yoshiya goes up and breaks one of the windows. Then Gohda and finally Hideyoshi.

"We arrive, Rosa-san!" Hideyoshi says.

"Try open, Hideyoshi." Rosa says.

Hideyoshi looks around, trying to find something. "Find it!" He catch a big and heavy book and throw into the door.


The door forcibly opens. Rosa, Kumsawa and Genji gets in.
>> No. 5487 edit
File 132725119174.png - (395.75KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 troll 1 copy.png )
Chesterton's next commentary is a bit cryptic.



"Okay, let's try solve the Epitaph. What it said at first?"

Gohda says with a trustable and sweet smile, who no one could distrust him, while he tries to find a grimoire who teaches to use that last Devil Token.
>> No. 5488 edit
File 132725294547.png - (288.41KB , 607x342 , mlib_1b.png )
It is now 9:27.

"Hum... If I remmember..."

Someone said. It doesn't matter, since Gohda was trying to look for a specific magic book.

"Gohda, if you find somethingon this books, please, tell us!" Hideyoshi sasy.

Some minutes on search, Gohda finds something. The book was in english, but Gohda knows very well how to read it.

You open the book and there....

Devil Token:

Devil Token is an artifact that, when the right enchant is said, can summom a demon from hell.

A devil token can have many forms: A mini-statue, a marble, a coin, or, if a great sorcerer fabricated it, a powerfull and colorful pocket-light.

How to use: Speak out loud a generic enchant and nothing more. Don't forget to say the name of the demon you want to summom. If you don't, you can summom a dangerous demon that will kill you and eat your body.

>> No. 5489 edit
File 132001939539.png - (364.20KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 1.png )
Gohda turns the page for another subject on the book.

"Hm... Yoshiya-san, could you help me? I think Jessica-ojou-sama already mentioned it, but I don't remember what. Maybe it's a clue..."
>> No. 5490 edit
File 132725687265.png - (293.84KB , 535x1095 , kan_c11 default 2.png )
"Sure, Gohda-san." Yoshiya says. He gets close to you. "What is?"
>> No. 5491 edit
File 132690715459.jpg - (58.47KB , 500x600 , b5e2b3014aa5bdcea8ec58cee69dc68b.jpg )
Gohda whispers to Yoshiya, in a way that only him could hear.

"Do have the Guest House's key? I think I can solve the culprit's identity now. But I need to be alone. I'll need a distraction, too."
>> No. 5492 edit
File 132725765158.png - (293.06KB , 535x1095 , kan_c11 angry 2.png )
"..... No, I don't have it. But you still have o Master Key, right? You can open Guest House's door." Yoshiya whispers. "And don't worry, I'll create a distraction."

In this moment, Yoshiya gets away from Gohda and try to reach the last shelf from library. "Unfortunatly", he didn't reach and the book he "wanted" fall on him, togheter with many other books.

"Oh my god, Yoshiya-kun!" Rosa yells. "Hideyoshi, help me here!"

It's the perfect distraction.
>> No. 5493 edit
File 132725786584.png - (363.39KB , 822x1223 , goh_a13 angry 2.png )
He walks quietly through the door and then runs wildly, jumping up the stairs and forgot the steps.

Since Battler managed to jump out the window to the ground without getting hurt, Gohda could do it more easily.

When he reaches the entrance, he goes to the Guest House and heads to the room where George and Battler were, fallen.
>> No. 5494 edit
File 132725865560.png - (701.59KB , 1070x1161 , bea_a11 angry 1.png )
Meanwhile, in Kuwadorian, Beatrice is watching Gohda running to the Guest House.

"Grrrrr... Toshiro Gohda! Goddamnit, you miserable cook! I will... I will... ........ Gaap!"

"Yes, Riceeee~?"

"Go to the Guest House and disappear with George and Battler corpses!"

"Ahaha! Aaalllright!"

"No... Wait... You can be destroyed by his anti-magic toxin." Beatrice thinks for a while. "Hum... But if I..."

The witch laughs. "Brilliant! I am such a genius! Now you can go!"

"Oh, god, this will be so fun! *ahaha.wav*" Gaap disappears.

Back to the path Guest House, Gohda was in the front garden, when...

"Haji temu sere!" a familiar voice speak a strange spell and a red and blue barrier surrounds you and this mysterious person. "I am sorry, Gohda-san, but I can't let you arrive there."

When you see it, it was.... Sayo. No... She was different... Those red-furniture eyes..... She wasn't Sayo! She was a copy!

Inside the Guest House, Gaap arrives in the second floor.

"This is gonna be so easy!"

"That's what you think, blond demon..."

"That voice..." Gaap looks in front of her: It is Belial, one of the most powerfull demons in hell. "But Gohda didn't summom you! Or... No... Is SHE here!?"

"That doesn't matter at all." Belial drew his sword. "I won't let you disappear with those bodies.

If you win me, then you can take these two corpses. But if you don't, then it is <checkmate> for you!"

Two Battles begin.

Gohda vs "Sayo"
Belial vs Gaap

Gohda is in human side
Gaap and "Sayo" are in witch side
Belial is a mysterious

What side will win this round?
>> No. 5495 edit
File 132690715459.jpg - (58.47KB , 500x600 , b5e2b3014aa5bdcea8ec58cee69dc68b.jpg )
"How convenient. Wish me good luck, Chesterton-sama!"

"Good luck, Mister Gohda. Try do not die!"

Gohda starts his Trololo Song Enchanting to bidding Gaap to do his wishes, using his Demon Token.

"Sa sa oidenasai! One of the 72 Great Demons, the 33rd highest ranking earl of the underworld. Gaap!"
>> No. 5496 edit
File 132726081179.png - (505.87KB , 640x480 , haji temu sere.png )
"Hnhihihi." "Sayo" laughs. "Gohda-san, I hope you know what you are doing. Gaap is doing a job for Beatrice-sama in this moment. If she wasn't doing anything in this moment, then you could summom her

But in this case..."

Said and done. Gohda's enchant didn't work, but the Devil Token still exists. Be careful next time!

"If you done your move." Shannon (let's call her Shannon. I'm too lazy to write "Sayo" all time) smile with malice. "Take this!"

She opens her arms and 3 red errant shields appears, floating slowly in Gohda's direction.


"Is that only what you have to show me, Gaap?" Belial cuts again another black hole. "You need to pratice more."

"Shut up!" She jumps into another black hole.

"Hunf... So predictable." Belial jumps in the air and sees a black hole appears above him.

"Oh f*uck!"

Belial uses his sword to cut the air many times.

"Ghaaaaaahh!" Gaap tries to protect herself get into the hole, but it didn't work. "You..."

She gets into a black hole again. Then... Many and many black holes appears.

"Take this! And this! And this! And this!"

Attacking with her high heels, Belial couldn't defend perfectly from them.

Gaap: 9 HP
Belial: 12 HP

>> No. 5497 edit
File 132726164596.png - (45.33KB , 310x380 , 88262709.png )
"AHAHAHAHA!!!", Chesterton laughs loud, "Napoleon, please guide Gohda's steps for a bit."

As mentioned before, 'Napoleon' is a furniture of Chesterton, but he is not a detective. He is a "just" skilled fighter. Even Virgilia doesn't know why 'Napoleon' is here.


The fake Shannon cannot noticed, but Belial and Gaap could recognize his steps as belonging to a famous fighter. Napoleon is not famous, and it's not simple realize from who that technique belongs just looking in middle of a hot battle.

Gohda draws quickly his knives, cutting every shield he can with that sharp iron blades. Something uncommon as happening with that blades, but not exactly an advantage in combat.

Iron, in the Dark Ages, was called "Cold Iron". The metal was known for his capacity to hurt witches, demons, fairies ans supernatural menaces. Especially fairies. Even if it's not like the Brass Knuckles of Jessica or a Scorpion Charm, he could stop furniture blades and hurt supernatural agencies.

It works fine at supernatural like in a human being. But, steel doesn't work THAT fine. May a demon or a witch could regenerate easily if wounded by steel blades, but not iron's.

After he broken the shields, Gohda, guided by Napoleon's help, jumped into flowers and he is hiding, from where he can do a sneak attack.
>> No. 5500 edit
File 13272627713.png - (685.73KB , 931x1186 , gap_a15 in hurry 1.png )
"That move was really unexpected! You are good, Chess-kun!"

"*giggle* As expected from <Mister> Chesterson"


Belial and Gaap hear Chesterson's furniture, but they don't get intimidate.

"It seems one more furniture will come." Belial says, while attacking Gaap.

"Hunf... He might want those bodies too." each hit Belial tries, Gaap jumps into her black holes.

"Again, predictable." One cut on the ceiling, one cut behind him and another cut in front of him. "What a shame to all demons."

Gaap falls in front of Belial. "Grh... Such proud..." She disappears and try her last blow.

"Aaaaahhh!!" She tries a hit bellow him. Belial deviates, but his avoidance wasn't perfect. "Yes!"

Belial chuckles.

Gaap: 1 HP
Belial: 8 HP


"IMPOSSIBRU! Impossible! How you-- .......... Wait.... Where is him?

Hn..... It doesn't matter... I will make more shields!"

Shannon makes 2 blue errants shields.
>> No. 5501 edit
File 132690715459.jpg - (58.47KB , 500x600 , b5e2b3014aa5bdcea8ec58cee69dc68b.jpg )
The entire scene between Fake Shannon and Gohda/Napoleon becames an example of nature. The Prey cannot even notice the Hunter.

Not even a single rose moves when Shannon spams her shields. When she could not notice, Gohda already jumped, broke a shield with a single blow and, in another quick step, he advances with the knife, aiming vital points.

"I do not need the bodies, Belial-san. My plan was already ruined", Gohda says, after his strike.
>> No. 5503 edit
File 132726416416.png - (689.34KB , 787x1186 , gap_a13 evil laugh 3.png )
"<Checkmate>, Gaap!" Belial raises the sword for the final blow....

*bling! blong!*

All second floor gets dark for a few seconds. After this, everything gets back to normal. Only Belial was there, alone.

Gaap disappeared.

"Don't worry, Bel. I will keep our promisse: I won't take those corpses away... But I don't accept to die this way!"

"... That f*cking demon..."


Belial sheathes his sword and waits.

"...!!!" Shannon prepare a fast blue shield, defending Gohda's attack with mastery. They were close enough for Shannon tries her enchant sphere "Now.... It's my only chance!


However, it wasn't effective. "No way... How!? My strongest technique!"
>> No. 5506 edit
"Do I have enough techninques, False Sayo-chan?", Napoleon replies.

"Do I have enough techninques, False Sayo-chan?", Gohda replies.

Drawing on her guard, moves in a combo of two cuts and two steps.
>> No. 5507 edit
File 132726944345.png - (522.08KB , 851x1134 , sha_a13 angry 1.png )
"Hung...!" She made the shield in time, but it wasn't enough. Parts of her body starts to bleed. It hurts, but she can't give up! "No! I won't disappoint Beatrice-sama!


This time, her enchant sphere worked and Gohda was surrounded by a purple sphere. He felt a big pressure under his body and then Shannon throw him away while her sphere exploded.

Gohda and Shannon were with a good distance between each other.

Shannon: 11 HP
Gohda: 15 HP

>> No. 5508 edit
File 132727024589.jpg - (66.49KB , 639x478 , UNLIMITED BAKE WORKS.jpg )
Gohda smiles and starts to talk in English, while he draws the sauce.

"I am the bone of my kitchen"

Gohda opens his sauce.

"Bread is my body and wine is my blood"

He begins to run toward her.

"I have created over nine thousand dishes"

Two steps before her sphere reach it, he stops suddenly, with the sauce open in front, pointing to her face.

"Unaware of loss, nor aware of gain"

The sudden stopping allows the sauce go toward her quickly.

"Withstood pain to create recipes, waiting for guests' arrival"

Stepping back, he holds the knife the other hand in a "forward grip edge up".

"I have no regrets, Love is the only path"

He stands still, waiting for her advancement.
>> No. 5509 edit
File 132727085237.png - (503.69KB , 745x1134 , sha_a14 surprized 2.png )
"What... What...? Hgn... Ah.... Aaaahhh! I am blind!" Shannon was desperate. "I need it! For Beatrice-sama!"

She makes another red errant shield.
Eriko rolls his dices and do some accounts....

"Aaahhh... Come on! Zero!? A red errant barrier that values NOTHING!? Shannon, you stupid furniture!" Eriko hits his head against the table.

"*ahaha.wav* Virgilia laughs

>> No. 5510 edit
File 132699730919.png - (45.65KB , 400x800 )
"Do you have enough shields, Queen of Furnitures?", Chesterton laughs with Virgilia at his side.

Gohda drops the sauce and draws the other knife in a saber grip.

He states about himself, in red. Because that's a necessary truth about his own life.

My whole life was UNLIMITED BAKE WORKS!

Then he goes to the biggest strike of his life.
>> No. 5511 edit
File 132727183389.png - (253.42KB , 640x480 , +blood_1b.png )
Eriko sees Chesterson's results and...

"WHAAAAAAAAAATTT!!!?????? YOU SON OF A $%@#$! @#$#@$#@!! %$¨&*&%¨#$%$##$!!! $%¨&%&%$$$$$$$$$$!!!


"*ahaha.wav*" Lucifer appears.

"*ahaha.wav*" Leviathan appears.

"*ahaha.wav*" Satan appears.

"*ahaha.wav*" Belphegor appears.

"*ahaha.wav*" Mammom appears.

"*ahaha.wav*" Beelzebub appears.

"*ahaha.wav*" Asmodeus appears.

They all starting to laugh.

"Go away, furnitures! GO AWAY!"

"""""""Yes, you... *ahaha.wav* wish!"""""""


Blood... A lot of blood... Shannon try to open her eyes and see by herself....... A knife in her chest.


She fells on the ground, with tears in her eyes.

"Beatrice-sama..... I... I failed..." Shannon says her last words.

It's Shannon's Final Hour.

Shannon: 1 HP
Gohda: 15 HP

>> No. 5512 edit
File 132001939539.png - (364.20KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 1.png )
"You done very well, Napoleon. Your skills still sharp", Chesterton praises.

"Not that much. Gohda has no training, but he has guts. A low-level copy as Fake Shannon shouldn't give me that job. If was King Pendragon, however..."

"You talk too much, Napoleon", Chesterton stop him.

"My apologies", Napoleon don't talk anymore.


"I'm sorry. I have to try save the real Sayo now."

Gohda gives her a coup de grâce, to finish her.
>> No. 5513 edit
File 13272728877.png - (327.49KB , 607x342 , rose_g1b.png )
You nail your second in Shannon's forehead, killing her.

She starts to disappear in a wave of butterflies, together with her colossal red and blue barrier.

Now, the fantasy over. Belial isn't anymore in Guest House, since he was summoned specially to fight against Gaap, while you fought against Shannon.

When you were fighting against Beatrice's furniture, time stopped. Now that you killed her, the time goes back to walk and everything is the same.

Now Gohda will finally reach Battler and George's corpse?
>> No. 5514 edit
File 132690715459.jpg - (58.47KB , 500x600 , b5e2b3014aa5bdcea8ec58cee69dc68b.jpg )
Gohda goes to Guest House, at place where Battler and George has died, using his master key.
>> No. 5515 edit
File 132251910715.png - (92.52KB , 310x380 , 82359080_troll.png )
You unlock Guest House's door and get in. Carefully, you go up the stairs and unlock Cousin's door, where George's corpse was. And then...

George's corpse wasn't there. You, confused, go to guest room in front of Cousin's room, where Battler's corpse was, and unlock the door.

Battler's corpse wasn't there either.

Meanwhile, in Kuwadorian, a cyclone of butterflies arrive, revealing the Witch in Gold, Beatrice.

"Kyahahahaha!" She laughs and throws Battler and George's corpse on the ground, like garbage. "Just because Gaap couldn't do her job, that doesn't mean that I can't do it for her!

In Metaworld, Eriko laughs together with Beatrice.

"What a twist!" Virgilia says.

>> No. 5517 edit
File 132725196472.png - (91.26KB , 310x380 , Chestertroll.png )

Chesterton twist his face in a devilish troll face.

"THANKS, MISTER ERIKO! Let me say: I don't give a shit care about corpses. It's about the place. It's everything about here, the Guest House! I wanted to be here, in the crime scene, where Gaap could come TWO TIMES."

"If she could come here freely, she could back to Beatrice freely... with a GUEST!"

Gohda starts again his Trololo Song Enchanting to bidding Gaap to do his wishes, using his Demon Token.

"Sa sa oidenasai! One of the 72 Great Demons, the 33rd highest ranking earl of the underworld. Gaap!"


"What you will do know, Mister Eriko? 'It's beyond Gaap's powers'?"
>> No. 5597 edit
File 132732171388.png - (378.09KB , 607x342 , garden_seaia.png )


"Ahohohohohhaha! Don't worry, Eriko. I used to fell into his traps too. You get used to it."

"Grrih!! And the worst part: I can't stop your move!

......... But if you want to know the truth... Well, well... I will give you the truth you wanted to much, Chess-kun!"


Gohda's last Devil Token starts to shine with a bright red light. Butterflies surrounds him and Gaap appears.

"Ahahaha! I bet Rice is pulling her hair out! I will concede this wish, Gohda-sama!

Let's go to Kuwadorian!"

*bling blong!*

The darkness of abyss surrounds you both. Moments later, you are in Kuwadorian. It is beatiful: Sun, fresh air, flowers... Like it's a barrier stopping the rain to get in.

And it was a barrier. WAS. Bit by bit, that barrier starts to dissolve, due to the fact that Gohda is this tale's detective.

Bit by bit, the sky becomes grey and the rain fall on Kuwadorian grounds. That is the truth: The truth of Kuwadorian.

"That was fun. Very fun. Good luck in your investigation, Gohda-sama." Gaap snaps her fingers and jumps into another black hole, disappearing.

Gohda looks around, trying to find anything on the garden. Nothing.

Gohda looks, then, at windows and, in one of those, he sees a girl in a maid dress. You can't see who is he, but she can see you. Some seconds later, she moves away from the window, disappearing.

Chesterson finally reaches Kuwadorian and the truth he wants so much maybe is there, hiding somewhere. What his piece, Toshiro Gohda, will do? Will he unmask Beatrice?
>> No. 5599 edit
File 132733811060.png - (434.67KB , 640x480 , different_space_1b.png )
"Gohda, reveal to me your thoughts. You have a different theory than mine. Since that girl has a maid outfit, maybe she is not Beatrice. I don't think she is Shannon, maybe Runon. Say to me. What you think about?", Chesterton asks Gohda.

Gohda's thoughts reveals outside the Gameboard.

"...maybe it's possible she is Berune?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't think so. Mister Eriko already spoke the Fukuin Servants are in vacation. Even if it's not stated in red or purple, they didn't appeared on the Game Board."


"However, it's possible for the Fukuin Servants aren't in vacation, but living in Kuwadorian. To any Fukuin Servant, Shannon, Jessica and Lion is possible to consider Kumasawa like a mother. Even without blood ties, they're all could love Kumasawa."

"I understand, Chesterton-sama."

"Do you want to see Berune that badly?"

"...since I could die now... I want to see her smile one last time. It's funny, but I'm feeling like Kinzo-sama. But she is not the only one I want to see now. I want to see Jessica-ojou-sama too. I want to protect her."

Then, it became obvious for everyone who could see Chesterton and Gohda sharing thoughts. Chesterton wanted protect Jessica because Gohda saw Jessica in the same way himself saw Dlanor.

Even without blood ties, there's are father's love. Both could not blame Kumasawa to not give to then Beatrice's True Identity.

"...I understand, Gohda. I will do my best for the better happy ending. I will share to you my own skills."

"Thanks, Chesterton-sama."


Gohda grabs the pepper and loosen the lid of the pepper, inside the pocket. If someone attacks him, he will throw the pepper, causing a distraction. In other hand, a knife.

"Shouldn't you ask me if I solved the Epitaph?", he addresses himself to the darkness, expecting the mysterious maid to talk to him.
>> No. 5649 edit
File 132741878652.png - (1.09MB , 1215x683 , sehal_1a.png )
She obvioulsy doesn't answer, since she isn't there anymore. For Gohda, that is only one thing to do: Get inside the house.

Slowly, you walk in door's direction and open it carefully. When you get in... Your nose smells something good. It is a familiar smell.

Food. But it wasn't a normal food, those sold in ordinary restaurants.

It's your food. But better. With a female touch. Your eyes wide open, you couldn't beleive. It is........ Berune's food. You turn your head to your right side and see a door near to a flower's vase. That's probably the kitchen, since Berune's food smell is coming from there.

You try to pay more attention. You heard voices coming from the kitchen. One is Berune's voice.... And the other one...... Asune's voice. You can't hear what they are talking about, but it's probably girl's talk, since their voice tone is a happy one.

Speaking of voices... You hear other two. But they are coming from your left side, coming from that double door.

"Uu~... When breakfast is going to be ready?" you hear Maria's voice.

"Soon, Maria-sama, soon." you hear Manon's voice. "Asune and Berune are working hard to make a perfect breakfast for all of us!"

"Uu~ And... And... Beatrice is going to eat with us?"

"Sure! Why not? *giggle*"

You also hear another voice coming from that room. But it's just TV. Probably that room is a Living Room.

Like Jessica said, there is a stairs in front of you and a corridor.

What are you going to do, Toshiro Gohda? Follow your heart and try to get Berune out of there? Or are you going to finish your detective role in this Witch's Tale? Aaaahhh! So many possibilities!

>> No. 5650 edit
File 132742048566.png - (336.25KB , 607x342 , cha_i1er.png )
It is now 10:30. Rosa, Hideyoshi, Genji, Yoshiya and Kumasawa are going to the Chapel. They finally solve Beatrice's Epitaph.

Rosa is carrying a book, but it isn't a ordinay book. It is Kinzo's diary. In this diary, rests the Epitaph's solution.

Everyone get inside the Chapel and goes to the Main Area. There is a door to Chapel's Basement.

"I am sorry, Kumasawa-san." Hideyoshi says. "But we can't take the risk to lost you. Please, stay in basement, please."

"I understand. Thanks for your worry." She get's into basement and locks the door.

Some moments, later, the others go out from Main Area. And then.... Golden butterflies appears, revealing Leviathan and Satan in maid clothes.

"Renon. Sanon." Kumasawa greets them. They seem don't bother with Kumasawa call them like that.

"Kumasawa-san, we are here to take you away." Leviathan says.

"It's your hour, now." Satan says.

"..... I understand." She smiles and both disappear.

Rosa, Hideyoshi, Genji and Yoshiya arrive in the waiting room that Battler, Lion, Genji and Kumasawa passed the night. In that room, a mini-portrait of Beatrice is hanged on the wall.

Rosa opens Kinzo's diary.

"According to father's diary, there is a safe behind it. Yoshiya, please."

"Right, Rosa-sama." Yoshiya removes Beatrice's portrait and an old green safe is revealed.

"If you read father's diary." Rosa continues to talk. "You can see that he wrote many times one specific year:

1944. The year he met with Beatrice... Beatrice Castiglioni."

"I still can't believe that Kinzo-san was really Beatrice's lover and they both had a child... And he and that child....." Hideyoshi says. He still doesn't beleive in it.

"But more importante: Here he says that he gave that child to Natsuhi." Rosa says, get angry. "That child.... Is obviously Lion. And Gohda is his/her accomplice! That's why he ran away that way!

But that doesn't matter now... We need to go where the gold is!"

Rosa turns that "lock" with numbers. 1-9-4-4.


Rosa opens it and there is a key in a keyhole. She turns it and...

A door opens. A secret passage to gold's locate.

"Now, we just need to get there and--"


Suddenly, golden butterflies appears.

"Siesta 00, here!"

"Siesta 45, here!"

"Siesta 410, here!"

"Siesta 120, here!"

"Siesta 27, here!"

"""""Siesta Sisters, here!"""""


"We are Siesta Sisters and we are here to protect Beatrice-sama's gold!" Siesta 00 says. "Shageki!"

Golden threads surrounds everyone and hold them in the air.

"At 3o twillight, you shall praise my noble name.

Praise Beatrice-sama's name! It's an order!"

"Wrong! It's father's name! Ushiromiya Kinzo's name! Lord Ushiromiya's name!

" Rosa screams and all those golden threads became purple, dissolving little by little.


All 4 people fall on the floor.

"Run, everyone, run!" Rosa says, leading the path to the gold.
>> No. 5651 edit
File 132690715459.jpg - (58.47KB , 500x600 , b5e2b3014aa5bdcea8ec58cee69dc68b.jpg )
Gohda will not leave with Berune.... yet. First, he needed to understand the situation. It's obvious he needed to talk them. The pepper is ready in his pocket anyway, but he dropped the knife on the pocket. He goes to the kitchen.

He was pretty confused. How a nest of killers and kidnappers could be so happy and normal? He needed to talk them, understand the situation... and try to solve the Epitaph BEFORE they noticed he didn't knew the solution.

"Berune-chan! Are you here too?"

Yes, all other servants became secondary.

"As I expected... none of you went on vacation."

He was trying to keeping himself calm. But he was worried with Jessica. And his was hungry; defeated the Fake Shannon let him exausted... and Berune is food was so sweet, like her heart.

He smiled, one last time.

And Chesterton stated his consent with his head. Maybe Virgilia could understand the Chesterton's face signals, but Napoleon couldn't.
>> No. 5652 edit
And, as magic, all that chatter disappeared. All joy. Berune and Asune stopped to cook and got hard like statues, but at same time relaxed.

"Yep." Berune said with a cold tone, not even turned around to look at Gohda.

"But we get out from vacation." Asune completed, with same attitude. "We arrived in Rokkenjima yesterday, by boat."

Berune turned off the stove. She didn't want to let food burn.

"Stay right there, Gohda-san." You hear Manon's voice and a trigger sound. She was between living room and the kitchen. "You don't wanna get shot, don't you?

Also, if you try something against me or try to escape throught the corridor, Runon is gonna shot you. She is on the middle of stairs, with a gun."
>> No. 5653 edit
File 132742328951.png - (89.12KB , 310x380 , 51255071.png )
"I understand. I will not try any stupid movement. But..."

"Gohda! Listen to me! It's Chesterton! I already figured it. No one of them are the culprit!"

"Beatrice is dead! Jessica saw an embalmed corpse. The real culprit/culprits wanted to force the people to solve the Epitaph! They wanted to discover the gold."

"Ushiromiya Rosa asked to Maria go to Kuwadorian! She knows the way! And that's why she tried to made look you or Yoshiya kidnapped her! She lead the way in the Witch-Hunt and knocked you out!"

"She tried keep an eye on you too, in the kitchen. Since you didn't anything who could blame her, she ignored our moves. But she asked to Battler and George fake their own deaths and this is why their corpses gone!"

"Battler came to Rokkenjima and faked an affair with Lion, just to know the whereabouts of the Gold. I don't know about George, but maybe he is dangerous."

"Listen to me, there is no culprits inside the Fukuin Servants!"

"Could you deny THIS, Mister Eriko?"


"Why did you want to shoot me?"
>> No. 5654 edit
File 132742478764.png - (479.01KB , 872x926 , mar_c21 laughing 1.png )
"Beatrice-sama's plans aren't going the way she wants." Manon says. "She order to us to shot you, if you do anything that can ruin it for complete."
"Kynhuhhuhu! I think your theory will deny it by itself with my next move."

You all hear a door sound, coming from the end of corridor.

"*arf**arf**arf* ....... This is...." it is Rosa's voice. "This is Kuwadorian! I... I made it! I finally arrive!"

You hear her fast steps coming in your direction.

"Maria! Maria! Whe--" She stops suddenly, seeing you. "You..."

Rosa points her winchester to you. "You are the cul--"

Then, she sees Manon pointing a gun to you. "Wha--"

"Please, Rosa-sama..." Then she hears Runon's voice. She looks up, seeing her on the stairs. "Don't move, Maria-sama is on the living room."

"Is she alive!?"

"Go there and see by your--"

"Mama?" Maria goes out the living room, seeing her mother and ignoring Gohda completly. "Mama! Mama! You finally arrived! Uu~! Uu~! Beatrice was right! She knew you were going to solve her Epitaph!"

Maria runs in Rosa's direction. Both hug each other.

"Maria... Maria..." Rosa can't hold her tears and cry. "Mama finally finds you..."


You all hear that sound. Like an elevator.

"What is...?" Rosa says, confused.

"You will soon see, Rosa-sama." Runo says. Both Runon and Manon are aiming in Gohda, in case he ruins everything.

The door near to Living room's double door opens. Gohda turns his head carefully, trying to see who will get out of there.

It is Renon and Sanon. That door was...... An elevator's door?

Both maids look to Rosa.

"Welcome to Kuwadorian, Rosa-sama." Sanon greets her.

"'Welcome' my ass!" She points his gun to both.

"Our intention is not hurt you and Maria-sama." Sanon says.

"Exactly." Renon says. "Beatrice-sama ordered us to make sure that you, Maria-sama and Kumasawa-san leave Rokkenjima alive.

She doesn't want to kill anyone of you."

"This elevator will carry you to an underground corridor. In the end of this corridor, you will see an underground dock."

"Uu~ There is the place that Beatrice's pirate ship is, right?"

"Yes, Maria-sama." Renon giggles. "Now, Rosa-sama, you and Maria-sama must go now."

"What about Gohda-san?"

"........ We will talk to Beatrice-sama. She know what to do with him."

"And what about the gold? All that gold..."

"All that gold is fake. Beatrice-sama took away the gold from Rokkenjima and deposited and many bank accounts. Inside the ship, you will see a letter with a bank card and a key with a PIN number. This is the key for a coffer that contains the gold.

Please, go now."

Rosa looks to Gohda with sad eyes. "I am sorry, Gohda-san. I am so sorry... But I need to think in Maria first.

Let's go, Maria."

"Bye bye, Fukuin!" She smiles, while she walk away with her mama. "Kihihihi. Goodbye, Gohda. Be happy for be one of Beatrice's sacrifice!"

With that, Rosa and Maria get into the elevator and go away.
>> No. 5655 edit
File 132001939539.png - (364.20KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 1.png )
Chesterton said nothing. It's nothing important the mystery or the gold anymore. He needs to save Gohda and Jessica.

"Fine. I don't want to interfere. I just want two things. The First Things is the answer of this questions: Why you kidnapped Maria-ojou-sama? Why did you tried scare us with the letter? Where is Jessica-ojou-sama and others?"
>> No. 5657 edit
File 132742595030.png - (690.39KB , 1070x1161 , bea_a11 bold 1.png )

A laugh. And then... From the top of the stairs. It is her... The Witch in Gold.... The Witch of Legend... Ruler of Rokkenjima during night.... Beatrice!

"I think I can awnser all your questions, Gohda-san!"


"Bring Toshiro Gohda to my room."

"As you wish, Beatrice-sama." Runon says.

Manon lowers her gun, letting you pass. You follow Runon to Beatrice's room. In front of the door, she looks for something dangerous in your body, tooking away your pepper, salt, sauce and knife.

"You can get in, now, Gohda-san." Runon opens the door and you get in. "Good luck."

She closes and lock the door.

Gohda and Beatrice. In front of each other. You could see her body, her face... Everthing. She is alive.

"Before we get start, I need to do something." Beatrice says, going to her make-up desk.

And then you saw her undo her braiding. Her long and blond hair is free now. So golden and so beatiful.

Then you saw her rub some liquid in her face. Maybe it's something to remove make-up. She dryies her face and then....... Beatrice turns around to you.

"What do you wanna know..." It is Lion. He/She smiles. "Gohda-san?"
>> No. 5658 edit
File 131993340711.png - (372.57KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 surprized 1.png )
"My second choice was confirmed. I won the bet, Napoleon."

Napoleon says some slang words and pays Chesterton.



Gohda was startled by the revelation.

"I should knew that! You wrote the letter to made everyone search for the gold! But why kidnapping Maria-ojou-sama? Jessica-ojou-sama is fine? And the others...!"

"They're all fine then? That's all only a joke?"
>> No. 5659 edit
File 13200018501.png - (136.66KB , 405x480 , rio_komarua1.png )
"Maria was kidnapped becase Rosa would be forced to solve Beatrice's epitaph and then escape from Rokkenjima with Kumasawa-san and her daughter."

Lion's face turned to a sad one.

"No, Gohda-san. This isn't a joke: This is the truth. Even Battler... The one I loved.... Is dead.

Sayo... One of my friends inside Rokkenjima... Is dead...

And Jessica........"

Lion's hold his/her tears, but you can see it trying to escape from his eyes.

"Why.....? Why... did I? Why did...? Why did I.....?"

Lion fells on his/her knees.

"Why did I born as Beatrice's child? Why? Why did I have to bear this burden? Why? Why? *hic**hic*

Jessicaaaaaaa!!! Jessicaaaaaa!! Uwaaaaahhh!!"
>> No. 5660 edit
Audio Sadness_And_Sorrow.mp3 - (2.06MB , Sadness And Sorrow.mp3 )
Gohda falls to his knees and the tears don't stop flowing.

Chesterton falls to his knees and the tears don't stop flowing too. He failed to protect Jessica, as he failed to protect Dlanor.

The poor Dlanor. He could her blades arise against his own father and then... the time stopped forever to her. To him.

Chesterton couldn't bring any happiness on this Game Board.

"Mister Chesterton!", Napoleon screams, summoning more drinks, but Chesterton throwed it away.


"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I will bring Mister Flambeau and Father Brown!", he answers, going to his desk.



Gohda shares the same despair.

>> No. 5661 edit
Audio 01_Witch_In_a_Bottle.mp3 - (3.17MB , 01 Witch In a Bottle.mp3 )
Henrica appears in front of Chesterson in a wave of silver butterflies. "You didn't fail, <Mister> Chesterson-sama. Sometimes we think our moves inside Chessboard are only going to give us joy and bliss, but we, in fact, only receive pain and sorrow.

Don't blame yourself. Without Yoshiya-sama alive, Jessica would never be able to escape from Rokkenjima with life."

"Beatrice-sama." Berune says, in the other side of the door.

"Yes, Berune?"

"I am here to confirm the victims from 4o,5o and 6o Twillight.
4o Twillight, Ushiromiya Hideyoshi.
5o Twillight, Servant Yoshiya.
6o Twillight, Servant Genji.

"Thanks, Berune. You can all go now." Lion stands up and opens his/her dresser from make-up desk. In his/her hands, a gun. "We need to complete it Beatrice's epitaph, Gohda-san."

"No... Beatrice-sama... Don't do this!" Berune says, kicking the door. "Please, noo! Gohda! Gohda!"

"Berune, stop!" Sanon says.

"Let me go! Let me go! Gohda! Gohda!"

"At 7o Twillight, gauges the knee and kill." Lion shots in Gohda's head, killing him. Then, he/she shots in Gohda's knee.


"At 8o Twillight, gagues the leg and kill." Lion shots his/her own leg. It hurts, but he/she need it. Then.... A shot in his/her chest.

Lion falls on the floor.

"At.... At 9o Twillight...... The witch shall... Shall revive and.... None... None....... Shall.... Sur...... Survive."

Lion dies, in the most perfect closed room.

"Beatrice-sama?" Sanon says. "Bea..... Oh god..... We need to go. Beatrice-sama...."

"No! I want to take Gohda's corpse with us! I can't--"

"No! Our job is finished, we have to go!"

Silence. Silenc all over the room. That means that Berune agreed with her sister. Poor Berune.

But this tale isn't end. We need to see until 10o Twillight and then all doors to 1987-Rokkenjima can be closed.
>> No. 5662 edit
"I failed, Miss Henrica. Everyone died. I couldn't solve the mystery. My piece died. I cannot do anything anymore", Chesterton cries in despair.

"Of course you have. You will confess."

An insignificant figures appears in the room with Napoleon and ohter guy. That "other guy" was a man who could not cover his singular height.

But that "insignifcant figure" was a Priest. The little priest was so much the essence of those Eastern flats; he had a face as round and dull as a Norfolk dumpling; he had eyes as empty as the North Sea. The most notable trait of him is "not possess any trait worthy of noticed".

"You will do the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation and I will be honored to allow Christ forgive you."

"Father Brown...", Chesterton whispers.

"Let's go", answers the Father Brown. Napoleon and Flambeau helps Chesterton to rise.

They start to leave the room and they turn his backs to everyone.
>> No. 5663 edit
File 132025076590.png - (91.67KB , 310x380 , 19154851.png )
Eriko snaps his fingers and the world inside chessboard stop to move. He was confused, and a little angry.

"Virgilia-sama!" Eriko ordered.

"My child, I think you can't do nothing about it."


"Don't. This is beyond your knowledge about the world."

"I see..." Eriko thinks. "Them...."

Belial appears. "What now?"

"Please, follow these gentle... These gu... These people you worked when you were in Heaven. Make sure that nothing happen to Chess-kun."

"As you wish, Eriko-sama." Belial goes with them. "It's been a long time, guys."

Belial chuckles.
>> No. 5664 edit
File 13274311741.jpg - (51.86KB , 400x271 , father_brown.jpg )
"Mister Belial, please, find a private room. I need to listen what lies on Mister Chesterton's heart", Father Brown is not amused.

"If necessary, I would absolve the culprit, if they find them."

Chesterton leaves with them to a private room.

Thirty minutes passes and Chesterton in the Father Brown's Confessional. Someone outside the Meta-World or Game Board arrives and the game asks for audience for Eriko.

May Eriko allow the strange visitor to enter?
>> No. 5665 edit
File 131992379466.png - (87.80KB , 310x380 , 32993533.png )
In Meta-world main room, Eriko waits. He receveid a call from Belial saying that everything is ok, but he didn't know how much time Chesterson's confession will last.

And then... A mysterious person appears, asking if he can get into his territory.

"... Hum... Okay. You can get in. Please, fell confortable." Eriko says, wandering who is this person.
>> No. 5666 edit
File 132743171590.png - (144.94KB , 364x467 , dla_defa1.png )
A tiny and cute inquisitor arrives.

"Thanks for let me in, <Mister> Eriko. <Mister> Chesterton did not come out yet from his CONFESSION?"
>> No. 5667 edit
File 132673964135.png - (92.80KB , 310x380 , 78739961.png )
"Hello, Dlanor. What a surprise!
No, Chess-kun didn't arrive yet, unfortunatly. Our gameboardis almost finishing: 9o and 10o Twillight left."
>> No. 5668 edit
File 132744070452.png - (372.19KB , 640x480 , different_space_1a.png )
Chesterton arrives with Father Brown and Belial. Napoleon and Flambeau went to finish Chesterton's Research about the Eco's Labyrinth.

"<Mister> Chesterton!"

Dlanor salutes Chesterton in an unusual way to her. She was worried.

"<Mister> Chesterton... please forgive ME", she said, until hugs him strongly, "I did not tell you how much fortunate I am for have someone like you at my SIDE."

"Dlanor... Thanks...", Chesterton starts to cry again, hugging Dlanor, "But why you are here?"

"<Mister> Napoleon called ME. He was worried TOO."

"Dlanor... I should apologize. I could not make you happy..."

"I am HAPPY. You can not be my father, but you are like a... grandfather to ME."

"But... How? I done everything wrong, your trauma never vanished and..."

Dlanor stops Chesterton's lips with a single finger.

"Did you REMEMBER? Happiness is a mystery, like religion, and should never be RATIONALISED. It does not make SENSE. It just IS."


They hug each other, like grandfather and granddaughter.

"FIGHT... Even if you LOST... You will be always my beloved GRANDFATHER. Remember THAT."

The spark of life in Chesterton's eyes burned like fire.

"Mister Eriko. I want clarifications before the next Twilight. I'm seeing inconsistencies who cannot be that can not be postponed."

"First, I need to know how the Twin Devil Tokens work. Since Gohda died and they're all gone, you won't deny this knowledge to me, right?"
>> No. 5669 edit
File 132744115788.png - (91.56KB , 310x380 , 49155751.png )
"You finally recovered your souls, aren't you? Kunhuhuhu. Good, good.

Well... About the Twin Devil's Token: As I said, you just need Two Devil's Token to fabricate one of those. You only need a simple thing: Magic. If Gohda had two Devil's Token when he was at Lion's Library, in the same book had a chapter talking about it.

You need to make a potion or you need to be a witch and use your magical powers. Simple, isn't?"
>> No. 5670 edit
File 131992317971.png - (92.02KB , 310x380 , 13870524.png )
"So... let me state about my piece Gohda never denied the magic's existance until this very point on the Game Board. Even when he cook with the other, he talked about Magic and Love."

"Since the Twin Devils Token has the SAME FORMULA than normal Devil Token, he could summon Zepar Furfur and at that moment without losing the Devil Tokens."

"As stated in the book:

How to use: Speak out loud a generic enchant and nothing more. Don't forget to say the name of the demon you want to summom. If you don't, you can summom a dangerous demon that will kill you and eat your body."

"He did that and trusted magic. The "How to use" doesn't states any 'you need to read this book first'. So, he could summon Zepar and Furfur."

"Therefore, he unfairly lost their tokens at the beginning and I lost resources to play the game. What you will do about that?"

"But, <Mister> Chesterton, there is a Knox about THAT..."

"Knox doesn't enforces this game, Dlanor. Eriko give me rights to use magic."
>> No. 5671 edit
File 131992379466.png - (87.80KB , 310x380 , 32993533.png )
"Gohda didn't lost his two Tokens unfairly. As I said, you need to make a potion or be a witch and use your magic. Gohda didn't do it, am I wrong?" Eriko laughs. "So, do you need more knowledge about something?"
>> No. 5672 edit
File 131992520499.png - (88.90KB , 310x380 , 82833866.png )
"You're forgetting something, Mister Eriko... Gohda is a Magical Chef! Before deny it, listen to me."

Dlanor widened her eyes, but Father Brown smiled.

"Gohda fought against Fake Shannon without any previous training. How he did that awesome techniques? He was a Magical Chef!"

"More. Gohda ate the breakfast with the survivors of the forest. Gohda entered inside the Guest House AFTER that and came to Kuwadorian BEFORE the breakfast of Fukuin Servants and Maria."

"How he did that? Gohda is a Magical Chef!"

Dlanor was surprised.

"BUT... It doesn't make any SENSE! Detective sure should be logical BEINGS! Not Supernatural ONES!"

"Dlanor... Men talk of the extravagances and frenzies that have been produced by mysticism; they are a mere drop in the bucket. In the main, and from the beginning of time, mysticism has kept men sane. The thing that has driven them mad was logic..."

"The only thing that has kept the race of men from the mad extremes of the convent and the pirate-galley, the night-club and the lethal chamber, has been mysticism — the belief that logic is misleading, and that things are not what they seem."
>> No. 5673 edit
File 132744300583.png - (77.76KB , 310x380 , 31669566.png )
"Gyahahahaha! Just this!? Well, well...

It was 9:27 when everyone get into Lion's room. Then Gohda and Yoshiya planned a distraction and Gohda got out to Guest House. He fought with Fake Sayo, but it doesn't matter because the time stopped while this fight happened.

When you Gohda got inside Guest House, he used Gaap's power to carrying him to Kuwadorian.
When he arrived was 10:30.

This means that Gohda spent around 1h30min to arrive in Kuwadorian by foot. You really thought that I would give you those Devil Token, let you use magic without think in a reasonable solution to it? I am not stupid at all!"
>> No. 5674 edit
File 132742328951.png - (89.12KB , 310x380 , 51255071.png )
"But HOW Gohda spent that time and I COULDN'T see it?"

"Are you cheating me using MY piece, doing with it things I couldn't know?"

"Any way, Gohda didn't knew the way to Kuwadorian! Since he didn't knew, he couldn't find the forest, except using magic!"
>> No. 5675 edit
File 132000870168.png - (81.98KB , 310x380 , 82359080.png )
"Like Rosa, when she was young, he ran, ran and ran. In a luck stroke, he found Kuwadorian. Also, I am not cheating. You opt to use magic and I MUST give a rational solution to all magic presented in this Gameboard!

And, well... You couldn't see Gohda spent all that time running throught the forest because you used MAGIC, a camouflage."

"He is right, <Mister> Chesterson. Inside a witch's gameboard, you have to extract all that isn't possible and you know what is left? The truth.

Gohda used magic to teleport himself to Kuwadorian. But this isn't real, is it? No. If you extract this teleport, what do you have? Someone arriving in Kuwadorian by foot. And how he arrived there in this short time? Running. And, obviously, a little of luck." Virgilia explains to Chesterson. That fight between Eriko and Chesterson about that could take forever.

"<Lady> Virgilia-sama is right, <Mister Detective> Chesterson." Henrica says. "Even if you didn't saw Gohda-sama running throught the forest, you are in Human's side. You need to think: 'If I, the human's side detective, am using magic, then what happened in reality?'"
>> No. 5676 edit
File 132745296294.png - (348.83KB , 640x480 , Have I made myself understandable.png )
"I, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, am not at Human's Side or Witches' Side. Who told you that?"

"The challenge is 'to find the culprit'. That is what you said to me. Are you saying to me that you lied?"

"Let me repeat what you said to me:

By seeing others Kakera inside this wonderful land and hearing your wish, I honorably grant your wish. I challenge you to unmask The Culprit. I know I am not a perfect Game Master and Puzzle Maker. Still, I wish you to grant my will and solve this game. You can discover who is The Culprit by any method you want to use. I don't care what method is it."

"Since you said THAT, it's reasonable to me use magic to find the culprit. Your work, Game Master, it's not proof to me the magic's existance, but hide the Culprit."

"You called me for a reason. Find The Culprit. Unmask the Culprit. And you said you DON'T CARE about my methods."

"So, even if I recognized magic, I still in the game. The Game who Mister Eriko called me is not about fantasy versus mystery. The Game who Mister Eriko called me is about find The Culprit."

"As Game Master, you must not change the rules and the purpose of the Game."

"If you want to me deny magic since beginning, we're losting time. My purpose is NOT TO DENY MAGIC AND WITCHES. My purpose is TO HUNT CULPRITS."

"I'm pretty surprised that Virgilia didn't told you that and didn't even remembered that. I'm surprised with you too, because you forgot my Poirot-piece and EVA's Dialogue on Devil's Roulette. He told her, he doesn't try to deny magic and witches too."

"After all, this is why you called me. Because I respect witches and magic. Because me, Chesterton, do not try to kill witches with burning swords."

"Have I made myself understandable?"
>> No. 5677 edit
File 132745516979.png - (133.25KB , 640x480 , book1.png )
Dlanor was surprised. She knew Chesterton was tolerant with witches, but she didn't imagine such movements on your part. Was he desperate?

Father Brown approached her.

"Sister Dlanor, something is wrong?"

"...YES. I do not understand GRANDFATHER. Why he want to find the CULPRITS? It is not our JOB. Our job it is to kill WITCHES. Even if it HURTS..."

"This is why he left the Inquisition, Sister Dlanor. To him, if witches doesn't commit crimes, but human culprits, why innocent witches had to suffer? That's make no sense."

"...", Dlanor couldn't understand. The entire purpose of her life was to kill witches and deny the supernatural. If the witch was really exist, she couldn't be killed. That's all she was thinking until now.

But Chesterton didn't hate witches at all. He likes Virgilia and a lot of witches respect him. He want to take the Culprit, so he can let the witch live, not to die. He was so different of her! Is he wrong?

"Mister Chesterton didn't want you to read that. But you will understand his purposes now", said Father Brown, giving to her a book.

Dlanor couldn't believe. That book was a diary. Father Knox's Diary. And it was a bookmark at the very end. She reads.

...it seems that in the end, Chesterton was right. I met a witch. So beautiful, so beautiful, so... sad. She had a board considered invincible. Today, after many battles, I won. I found the culprit.

She shed tears of gratitude, because I have freed her from the guilt of the deaths that did not commit. She was ready to die. He closed his eyes, smiling. I raised my sword, crying.

And then I saw. The culprit. Freed. Alive. Eating at the finest restaurants, drinking the most delicious wines. I got myself in anger and committed a sin. I saved the life of the witch and killed the real culprit.

Perhaps those who read this diary never understand. But I think I did not commit a sin, but I did the right thing. My sword should not drink the blood of innocents, but to punish the culprits. This truth has become so obvious that I cannot face my sin most vile. The Decalogue.

I hate my Decalogue. I hate it with all my strength. It is certainly my most abject sin and now, I will answer for made him. My doors get beating from furious inquisitors. I can not blame them for hating me. All what they believed and what I also believed turned to dust.

Chesterton, my friend. I write this part of the day for you. I will hide it in a place where only a inquisitor from your level could find.

I have two wishes. First. Forgive me. Your Principles are right. We should not condemn witches, but save them. From themselves and from the true culprits.

Second. My precious daughter. Take care of her. Made her know I am fool. Teach her principles, which show her disgusting and I am defeated. Do not let her admire me. I am not worthy. Above all, make her happy.

You are my most precious friend. Take care from yourself.

From your friend, now dead,

Dlanor shed tears. For the first time of her life, she showed such emotions. It was the very first time everyone could see her in such profound sadness.

"<Father> Brown... what I should to DO? I... need to praise my honorable father and my honorable GRANDFATHER..."

"Look at Game Board. There is something even Eriko doesn't know."

Dlanor's eyes shined.
>> No. 5678 edit
File 132745639385.png - (507.61KB , 640x480 , marmitex_food_1a.png )
[I already said to Eriko-san it would be 3 posts, so don't worry]

"I found it, <Mister> Chesterton! I found IT!"

"Calm down, Dlanor. What did you found?"

"<Mister> Eriko. You can not be certain what happened inside <Mister> Lion's Closed ROOM. Because there is a factor you do not COMMAND."

Dlanor points to an object who Gohda holds. No Fukuin Servant took that of him. Gohda was with his Marmitex yet.

"Dlanor, my precious! You saved my life!"

"Mister Eriko! Since you are the Game Master and can say with all that certain that Gohda couldn't use magic, here is a challenge to you."

"This food who Gohda contains, is, actually, Magical Food! He prepared that magical food with all of his magical power and love. He can keep Lion sane again, without killing Gohda or himself. In Fantasy, that is the proof to Beatrice that Gohda is actually, a True Magician, a powerful Sorcerer who can ressurect her without the Twilights."

"If you want to proof this food is NOT MAGICAL, say to me the exactly food is inside."

"I will check the kind of food to you, <Mister> Eriko, so do not WORRY."

Only Gohda, Dlanor and Chesterton knows what lies inside the Marmitex. Even Rosa couldn't knew, because she was running to see Battler and George's corpses.
>> No. 5679 edit
File 132025076590.png - (91.67KB , 310x380 , 19154851.png )
"Oh ROSA, oh ROSA.... Virgilia-sama, why didn't you tell me that!?" One more time, Eriko has been trolled falls into Chesterson trap.

"Oops.... I forgot! *ahaha.wav*"

"Grr....... But you are right, Chess-kun. I can't contradict myself. If you want to unmask the culprit using magic, then you can do this. As I said before: I don't care." Eriko grins.

"It seems you now have to figure out what food is inside Gohda's marmitex, <Lord> Eriko-sama." Henrica says. "If you want to concretize 7th and 8th Twillight."

"Hum........ Nope. I won't try to guess what food is inside that marmitex. You can revive Lion and Gohda." Eriko facepalms. "Let's see if a miracle will happen."
>> No. 5680 edit
File 132750886362.png - (504.58KB , 800x600 , UNLIMITED BAKE WORKS.png )
"Since he is a magic being, we need a Fantasy Scene, didn't we?", Chesterton smiles.

"So, this is how you want to do, Beatrice? Killing Lion and my mortal vessel?", Gohda responds to Beatrice.

"Make Berune... no Beelzebub, your loyal servant, cry?"

Gohda stand up from the floor, with the shot still on his face. He wasn't dead.

"You really want that? Make the Twilights and kill everyone? Make everyone suffer? Make everyone and even your own heart sad?"

"Let's sit and talk, Beatrice. I, the Magical Gohda Chef, am requiring an audience with you."

"I think with we join our powers, we can do a better end to everyone."

Beatrice, if was there, could notice a powerful source of magic energy with Gohda... no. It wasn't Gohda anymore, but GOHDA, also know as Magical Gohda Chef.

Maybe, just maybe, he could broke Goldsmith's Seal and ressurect her without anymore Twilights.

"I don't know how you feel, Beatrice, Golden Witch. But I know Kumasawa... Virgilia feels. If you or Lion dies, she would suffer too much! I'm suffering with Jessica's death. Don't perpetrate the suffering anymore. Right now, Berune will suffer with my death. The Fukuin will suffer with OUR death. Kumasawa and Virgilia will suffer too."

"Could us open a Golden Land with another kind of magic?"

"Since you cannot proof this food is not magical, I have no reason to do a Human's Side move with Gohda, right?"
>> No. 5681 edit
File 132750988161.png - (891.11KB , 1715x1161 , bea_a14 worrying 1.png )
"...... Agreed. *sighs*"
In a golden and warm breath, Gohda could fell Beatrice's presence. Like an angel, she floats from the golden skies. Butterflies are surrounding her, like cherubim.

"I, Golden Witch, Beatrice grant your wish to have an audience with me." She says in a calm tone.

"I heard everything what you said, Toshiro Gohda, Magical Chef. And here is my answer........

No. My destiny is now fulfilled. I cannot take a step back. However, you have power to ressurect you and Ushiromiya Lion. You can try to escape, but I don't guarantee that you both can escape with life.

Also, if you ressurect you and Ushiromiya Lion, automaticaly Yasuda Sayo and Ushiromiya Jessica will become 7th and 8th Twillight sacrifices.

The audience is now finished. The choice is yours."

Beatrice disappears. Gohda is back in his own Closed Room in Kuwadorian. He can see his body and Lion's body. Will he ressurect them?
>> No. 5682 edit
File 132751048240.png - (396.75KB , 640x480 , different_twist_1a copy.png )
"WHAT A HECK!", Chesterton falls on his knees, but Dlanor holds him to not fall on the floor.

"<Mister> Eriko. Since Lion lied about Shannon's status in purple, saying she was dead, Lion is the CULPRIT!"

"I do not know if there are more culprits in the GAME. But if the game is about find culprits, I found ONE. I do not think you can postpone the blue to MIDNIGHT."
>> No. 5683 edit
File 132000870168.png - (81.98KB , 310x380 , 82359080.png )
"Lion was telling the truth. Yasuda Sayo is dead." Eriko says, holding his laugh.

"<Miss Inquisitor> Dlanor-sama, I can surely say that is 3 culprits in this game." Henrica says.

"Henrica is telling the truth. I am not capable of doing a Gameboard with only one culprit." Eriko grins. "So, Chess-kun, what is your choice?"
>> No. 5684 edit
File 132751144659.jpg - (9.35KB , 300x225 , 944.jpg )
Father Brown hits Chesterton's head with an strong blow using his stick.

"What you doing, Chesterton?! Stop playing! Did you heard Henrica's red and Eriko's red! They're already dead! If they're already dead, even if you choose Gohda and Lion's death, they won't ressurrect!"

"Father Brown..."

"Listen! It's because that behavior of you, trying to make people happy, that Eriko could finish that Twilights! You have a job here! Don't try to change God's Will! Your purpose here is to HUNT CULPRITS. If you want to revenge Jessica, Sayo and everyone's death, you should to stay here until the end!"

"Find the Culprit! Sentence him to death! Free this witch from her torment! Revenge the loved ones who died! That is your real purpose here, Gilbert Keith Chesterton!"

"If you really regret your sins, do the RIGHT THING. Do what God commands to you. Find the Culprit. That is the minimal tribute you own for the lives you killed."

"Yes, you killed, Chesterton. You are the real culprit. You should do your job! You killed them all!"

Chesterton didn't cried. He knews Brown was right.

"Fine. I choose Gohda and Lion ALIVE."
>> No. 5685 edit
Audio 11_静かな葛藤.mp3 - (3.36MB , 11 静かな葛藤.mp3 )
"If that's your wish, I shall grant it for you."
Inside Gohda and Lion's Closed Room, a flash of light arises and many golden butterflies floats into the room.

"..... Hng...... My chest...." Lion stand up, sitting on the floor. "Hun... Wha... What?"

He/She touch his wounds. It hurts, but... Impossible.... She/He was still alive.

"How did...?" Lion looks in Gohda's direction: He is alive too. He is up, while Lion is still sitting. "How you...? How me...?"

Then, Lion remmebers. "..... Magic." Lion smiles.
>> No. 5686 edit
File 132690715459.jpg - (58.47KB , 500x600 , b5e2b3014aa5bdcea8ec58cee69dc68b.jpg )
Gohda just unlocks and open the door and let Berune enter.

"I'm fine, Berune-chan."

But soon after, he will hugs Lion.

"Lion-sama, I'm sorry. I couldn't help you", Gohda said, sheding more tears. He wasn't upset with the pain.

"You were suffering and torturing yourself, and did nothing! I will help you! Please, let's eat Berune-chan's Breakfast! We will regain strength! After that, tell me everything you know."

"My magic will save us."
>> No. 5687 edit
Audio 10_憂鬱な午後.mp3 - (3.07MB , 10 憂鬱な午後.mp3 )
When Gohda opens the door.... Berune wasn't there.

"I ordered to Fukuin Servants go, Gohda-san." Lion stands up and walk 'til Gohda. "And you need to go... No... You HAVE to go. This is not a request, this is an order. Go, find Berune and sail away with her and her sisters.

It's too late for me. I must stay here and fulfill my destiny. My destiny as Beatrice."

In a unpredictable act, Lion pushes Gohda out his/her room, closes and lockes the door.

"This room is my coffin. My own Closed Room. Your magic cannot save me from 9th or 10th Twillight.

However, your magic can save you and Fukuin Servants. Please go. And again: This is an order. And if you can't fulfill my order, then do this for Berune. Do this for my sister. ...... Do this for yourself."
>> No. 5688 edit
File 13200167349.png - (365.12KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 serious 1.png )
"Lion-sama... I understand. I'm listen and I'll obey. But you need to tell me WHERE THEY'RE GO?!"

Gohda knews that Lion never would go with him. And he needed to find the culprits and save Berune.

He couldn't spend the life who Dlanor and Chesterton gave to him, even loving Lion so much. It was his final will.

And after the twilights happen, he would open the Golden Land with his own hands. His magic would certainly made everyone happy, no matter how much time it would takes.
>> No. 5689 edit
Audio 01_side-byside.mp3 - (4.44MB , 01 side-byside.mp3 )
"They went to that dock where Captain Kawabata lands our food. You know where is, but the path you usually took is very far from here. Because of it, I'll say to you the path that you can take from here, Kuwadorian, and arrive there very fast."

Lion told to him and Gohda ran from there very fast.

"..... Now, I just need to wait." Lion lays his head on the door. "Jessica-chan... I am..."

Suddenly, a light. ".....!? Im.... Impossible...."

There it was.... Beatrice.... The ghost.


"Ushiromiya Lion... My descendent."

"Are you here to take my away?"

"No. I am here to grant you your last wish."

"But I don't ha--"

"Don't lie to me, Ushiromiya Lion. I am here with a friend that wants to stay with you for the last time."

"No... That can't be..."

And then.... There he was.... Ushiromiya Battler.

"Thanks, Beato. You make this boy very happy."

"Don't thank me. Thank you and Lion: Your love is so strong that could suprass life&death barrier.

Now, I must go. <Goodbye>."

""Goodbye, Beatrice.""

Beatrice disappears, letting Lion and Battler alone.

"Oh, Battler!" Lion and Battler hugs each other. "I thought you..."

"Shhh..." Battler silences Lion with a kiss. "We need to enjoy our last moments together."

"You are right, Battler-kun." He/She kisses Battler and both walk to the bed.
>> No. 5690 edit
File 132027918931.png - (358.29KB , 822x1223 , goh_a13 serious 1.png )
Gohda runs through the woods. He feels that someone was brought from the dead temporarily, by magic.

He continues to run without stopping, looking for Berune.

"Fine. Since GOHDA is now a magic being, could you give him back that Two Devil Tokens? After all, he is a magic being and could have used that tokens without waste it", Chesterton said, exausted and sweating.

"And for the inconvenience to be without them, we could say he hide it in his SHOES. So no Fukuin Servant could detect IT. What do you think, <Mister> Eriko?", Dlanor complements.

"And I will bring tea. Miss Virgilia, could you help me to make tea? Mister Chesterton said your tea is superb", Father Brown asks for a feminine hand.

>> No. 5691 edit
File 132751715726.jpg - (181.90KB , 560x791 , young ROSA portrait.jpg )
"Okay, okay... I will give up those two Devil Token. Here." Two colorful spheresof light get out from Eriko's camera and jumps into Gameboard. There, everyone could see those two spheres get into Gohda's pocket.
Gohda runs, runs and runs. Until....

"...!! That heavy footsteps..." Berune look back. "GOHDA!"

All Fukuin Servants look too. It is Gohda.

"I can't beleive it! Beatrice-sama spared your life!" Asune says with joy, while watching her sister and Gohda hugging each other.

"Gohdaaa! Gohdaaa! Uaaaahhh! I thougth... I thought you.... *hic**hic*"

"But...." Manon says. "What about Beatrice-sama?"

"She is now fulfilling her destiny, Manon-nee." Reinon (Belphegor) says. "She is ready for carry her burden of Golden Witch."

"Hurry, everyone!!" Sanon screams. "We need to go to that secret dock!! We must get out of here!"

Meanwhile, in Main Hall of Main Building...
[BGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FlMue9BHp4 ]

Belial arrives in a wave of golden butterflies. Henrica also arrives with Belial, but in a wave of silver butterflies. They walks to Beatrice's portrait, admiring it for the last time.

Suddenly, black butterflies starts to get out of Beatrice's portrait, tearing, destroying, shredding that marvelous painting. Bit by bit, a scent of anti-magic toxin manifests in the air, burning the rest of Beatrice's painting.

And finally, from the outside of that destroyed portrait, a witch in a black dress gets out.

"Welcome, ROSA-sama." Belial greets her.

"Welcome, <Premier> ROSA-sama." Henrica makes a bow.

"Thank you, Belial. Thank you, Le Blanche." ROSA says. "With Rosa solving Beatrice's epitaph, I could finally break throught the barrier between Meta-world room and chessboard. I am now here for complete!"

ROSA laughs, while her black butterflies reconstruct the Main Hall portrait. Beatrice's portrait is replaced by ROSA's portrait when she was young. (picture related)

ROSA turns around, facing her portrait. "Ah!, Beato! Thanks for killing everyone for me! I just need to complete 9th and 10th Twillight!"

"And, for curiosity, what are you going to do after this, ROSA-sama?"

"I'll say to you: I am going to destroy this island! I will bury this island in the depts of anti-magic toxin and disappear with it!

Nobody will ever put a foot on this island again!"

"That is a perfect strategy, ROSA-sama." Belial chuckles. "Do you want me to kill Gohda and Fukuin Servants?"

"No. A last minute miracle can happen and Gohda defeats you. I'm going to do this by myself. No magic being can win against Anti-Magic Toxin."

"And me, <Lady> ROSA-sama?" Henrica asks.

"You can stay and watch. If you fight against Gohda, I doubt that he will kill you, since you are Jessica-chan's pet. It can be very fun to watch, put I won't take this risk."

"Understood, <Lady> ROSA-sama."

"If I need anyone of you, I will call. But be alert to anything. This is my order."

""As you wish."" Both disappear.

"It's time to fulfill Beatrice's Epitaph!"

The witch laughs like Paola Bracho a real evil diva and disappears.

In meta-world, Eriko laughs like a real witch.

"Did you enjoy my surprise?" Eriko says, while he is laughing.

>> No. 5693 edit
File 132752189558.png - (486.63KB , 640x480 , different_space_1c.png )
Chesterton laughs.

"You are as predictable as an action movie of the fifth category, Mister Eriko", he says when Napoleon arrives.

Napoleon was wearing his halbeard. He was there just for this moment.

"As I expected, you used the most 'powerful' weapon to ruin the Game Board. You are a not bad Game Master, but you are not perfect. You know, it's not against the rules send a Deus Ex Machina to fight players. But it's not a worth move. It will just show you want to use characters who you admire for their power and epicness, not to tell a story."

"Since the beginning, even if you're giving me many chances, I realized you would enforce all the Twilights and summon ROSA to you, no matter what I did."

"I will give you a last chance. I know you will refuse, but, play SERIOUSLY. Send ROSA to home and stop to send that stupid overpowered characters just for start to cackles like a witty-bitty. Stop to use the 'most BADASS characters ever just to show their AWESOMENESS'. I will give to you a chance stop to being stupid."

"Play seriously or you will get the worst headache ever."
>> No. 5694 edit
File 132752374243.png - (92.45KB , 310x380 , 41232436.png )
"I am sorry for this, Chess-kun, but I can't send ROSA back to home. She is my one of my last pieces inside Gameboard."

Eriko points his finger to the chessboard, showing ROSA as the Queen. Beatrice is the King, while Henrica is a Horse and Belial is a Tower.

Queen, Horse and Tower. Those 3 piecesare protecting the King. However, only the Queen is near enough to the King, while Horse and Tower are needed a few moves to protect the King perfectly.

"ROSA is the piece that will fulfill 9th and 10th Twillight. She is going to be the one who will lower the curtains of my tale." Eriko tries to explain, although Chesterson probably won't accept this. "I planned this since the beggining. If she goes away or if she dies, then I don't know what is going to happen.

She can't die, Chesterson! It's....... Impossible! If you want to send Napoleon to fight against ROSA, it's fine. But I can't send her back home!"

"As we said before, <Mister Detective> Chesterson-sama: Magic can be many things. Can be real or not. Can be a camouflage or an interpretation of reality." Henrica tries to explain too. "In this case, <Lord> Eriko-sama used a great amount of magic to make <Lady> ROSA-sama as his piece. If she dies, then everything will be ruined."

"I do want to say why the child want to keep ROSA in this gameboard, but if I say, I will reveal what happens in 9th and 10th Twillight." Virgilia says.

"So, Chesterson, what do you say?" Eriko says with a serious tone. It is the first time Eriko don't call him "Chess-kun".
>> No. 5695 edit
File 132752482840.jpg - (13.12KB , 216x408 , father-brown-2.jpg )
Napoleon smiles serenely. But his serenely is so cold, so empty who cold devoure anyone. Dlanor starts to find herself dazed.

"Of course you can. We are not playing chess, but a challenge who find the culprit. You know Gohda has no chance against ROSA. You know Gohda cannot find the culprit just escaping alive with the Fukuin. Even a 'normal being' cannot won against ROSA."

"But Napoleon can. He can even kill ROSA, but using some 'unfair and anti-plot powers'. I don't want to do this. But Gohda has a last job to do by his own. I will not let you make his feelings being wasted by a terrible witch."

"Let Gohda go away with the Fukuin. Then, we will spare ROSA's life."

"GRANDFATHER... I not feeling WELL..."

Father Brown brings the tea. He looks the Halbeard of Napoleon and he understand the situation.

"Sister Dlanor, please take a sit and drink this delicious tea. Chesterton, you shouldn't bring Napoleon here. You know... using him is... a kind of wrong."

Napoleon says nothing. It's like he wasn't there. He just smiles.

"Gohda needs to do something, Father. I need Napoleon to confront ROSA or Gohda will be killed before he do his last will."

"Certainly, Chesterton... Mister Eriko. Could you be a little reasonable and let Gohda do a few things before you killed him? Since you need him DEAD, you could extend his life just for a while...", Father Brown asks, politely.
>> No. 5696 edit
File 132000870168.png - (81.98KB , 310x380 , 82359080.png )
Eriko listen Father Brown's words. He thinks a little and sighs. "Sure, I will let Gohda live for a some more moments. But I can't let him and the Fukuin escape from Rokkenjima with life.

I am sorry. Just a miracle can do this. And since Bernkastel is dead, I can't do this by myself."
>> No. 5697 edit
File 132000742248.png - (92.53KB , 310x380 , 63791837.png )
"Chesterton, be reasonable too! Napoleon will twist all the Game Board. You will lost because you asked him to cheat! And it is a sin."

"Fine... but since Gohda will do something... let Gohda listen her answer..."

Implicitly, Chesterton showed what he wants from Gohda. He wants to Gohda make his last confession and want to him listen Berune's answer.

Maybe Chesterton remembered something.

"It could be done? Gohda will die with no remorse. He told me so."
>> No. 5698 edit
File 132744300583.png - (77.76KB , 310x380 , 31669566.png )
"I planned so beatiful and lovely moments, why can't Gohda have one too? Yes! Gohda can hear! Let's all see Gohda's final hour!" Eriko smiles.
>> No. 5699 edit
File 13200167349.png - (365.12KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 serious 1.png )
Gohda cleared his throat. He was nervous. I could not tell if it was because more would die pretty soon in the hands of the Premier was going to die or why would confess his love.

He swallowed and went to Berune.

"Berune-chan... could we talk? Just you and me. It's important. Pretty important."
>> No. 5700 edit
File 132752621734.png - (603.62KB , 1152x1036 , rg6_d11 laughing 3.png )
They are almost arriving at secret dock, when Berune hears Gohda.

"Sure, Gohda." she smiles. Maybe this is the last time that Gohda sees her smiling. "What do you wanna talk about that you can't wait to arrive at the dock?"
>> No. 5701 edit
File 132000226350.png - (366.53KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 bothered 2.png )
"I want you to taste this", Gohda opened the marmitex.

It's a kind of dessert. Remembered a pie, ice-cream, mousse and pudding.

"I call this dessert 'Berune'. Taste it. The flavor mixes both a salty taste and a sweet taste."

"But even with these two different flavors, I guarantee that's remarkable."

"Berune, Mister Eriko, is what was inside the marmitex", Chesterton shed a single tear.

Napoleon disappeared. Father Brown asked Virgilia to serve the tea. He wasn't satisfied with Napoleon's absence and he looked for him, asking Belial's help.

But Belial probably will not care, and will say that ROSA could take care of herself.

Dlanor drank a lot of tea. She looked much better and even willing to prove the Dessert Berune, but said nothing.

>> No. 5702 edit
Audio 05_far(flat).mp3 - (5.14MB , 05 far(flat).mp3 )
"You can go, Belial. I still have your piece in gameboard." Eriko says.

"Sure, Eriko-sama." Belial goes with Father Brown. "So, what's new in Heaven? Did anyone come with a proposal about give more pure and non-lust clothes to Eiserne Jungfrau? I think no: There are many pedo-priests in that place."

Belial laughs.

"Goh... Gohda..." Berune blushes. She uses her finger as fork and tastes. "Hum... It's... It's........


Berune's eyes shines. It is the perfect dessert. She couldn't describe it.

"Flavor... Texture... Softness... Everything... Everything is perfect and balanced like cosmic energy in universe! IT'S PAAFEKUTO!"

She calms down. She breaths deep. "I have something for you too, Gohda."

She takes from her pocket a velvety black box. She gets closer from Gohda. She opens it.

A marriage ring. "Toshiro Gohda..... Will you.... Marry me?"

That is Berune's reason to ally with The Culprit: Toshiro Gohda, the one she loves.
The Culprit offered part of gold to each one of them. Everyone, except for Berune and Asune, agreed at start.
Asune didn't want because Berune didn't want too.
However, Berune thought a little more: She didn't have much money. How she and Gohda could go away from that island and live their dream: Travel around the world, working in each kitchen in each country. Learn more and more... And love each other. Have kids. The perfect dream.
When Berune accepted the culprit's offer, Asune accepted too.

Berune's "Whydunnit" is love. Love for Toshiro Gohda.
>> No. 5703 edit
File 131998090310.png - (363.09KB , 835x1223 , goh_a11 smiling 1.png )
"I can not deny your logic", for the first time ever since he arrived, Father Brown laughed.

""WHAT A TWIST!"", Dlanor and Chesterton said at same time and then, they laugh.


"I wanted to say that!", Gohda looks pretty embarassed.

"Of course I will marry you!", he offered a sincere smile, "I want to cook at your side for the rest of my life! I want to have many children! I want to go with you to many restaurants! Even after death, I will always love you. Magic. Anti-Magic. Nothing can not deny my love for you!"

"I thought you was upset when I arrived at Kuwadorian... I thought you hated me... But I'm happy now. Nothing can erase my happiness. Nothing."
>> No. 5704 edit
Audio discode1c.mp3 - (2.57MB )
"Hey! You too!" Sanon screams again. "Let's get into the boat or what? We can get a room for you both when we arrive in Niijima!"

"*giggle**giggle**giggle* Let's go..." Berune puts the wedding rings in both hands. "My hunsband."

Berune and Gohda get into the boat. Runon, Renon, Sanon, Reinon, Manon, Berune, Asune and Gohda. All of them are inside the boat.

I envy them. They will not feel anything when they die in some minutes. They will just feel happiness, for finally get out of that island. Just... Happiness.

"Hnhihi." The black witch shows up in the secret dock. "Burn."


An explosion and fire. A lot of fire. Those 8 people didn't feel nothing.

"At the 9th Twillight, the witch shall revive and none shall survive." the boat evaporates. "Done."

ROSA flies into Rokkenjima's skies. From there, she can see the island burn. She laughs.

"Rokkenjima is mine! All mine!" a little sphere of pure light appears between her fingers. "Now... The Grand Finale!"

Meanwhile, in the middle of ocean, Rosa, Maria and Kumasawa can still see Rokkenjima, but they can't see the fire. In the top of the ship, a white witch is there.

"I am sorry, Jessica." It is Henrica. "I can't be there with you. However...."

Henrica becomes a white cat and goes to Rosa's leg. "Puuurrr..."

"Oh... Henrica?" Rosa catches her on the lap and then... "Wha....!?"

Rosa, Maria and Kumasawa see a light and then...


An explosion of light. A powerfull power, like Hiroshima and Nagazaki's bomb.
For some seconds, they can't see anything. And then....

"I will stay with another Master, that needs my advices. That needs help to understand love and family. I think you understand my choice. And I think you are thanking me right now.

Thank you for being my Master, Jessica.

The island isn't there anymore. Disappeared.


Result: Gameboard between Eriko and Chesterson.

Ushiromiya Rudolf:
Died 1st Twillight. (confirmed by Ushiromiya Lion)

Ushiromiya Kyrie: Died 1st Twillight. (confirmed by Ushiromiya Lion)

Ushiromiya Eva: Died 1st Twillight. (Confirmed by Ushiromiya Lion)

Ushiromiya Krauss: Died in 1st Twillight.

Terumasa Nanjo: Died in 1st Twillight.

Ushiromiya Natsuhi: Died in 1st Twillight.

Ushiromiya George: Died in 2nd Twillight.

Ushiromiya Battler: Died in 2nd Twillight.

Ushiromiya Hideyoshi: Died in 4th Twillight.

Servant Yoshiya: Died 5th Twillight.

Ronoue Genji: Died in 6th Twillight.

Yasuda Sayo: Due to a miracle, chosen as sacrifice for 7th Twillight.

Ushiromiya Jessica: Due to a miracle, chosen as sacrifice for 8th Twillight.

Fukuin Servant: Died in 9th Twillight.

Toshiro Berune: Died in 9th Twillight.

Toshiro Gohda: Died in 9th Twillight.

Ushiromiya Lion: Died in 10th Twillight.

Chie Kumasawa: Survived until the end and escaped from Rokkenjima.

Ushiromiya Rosa: Survived until the end and escaped from Rokkenjima.

Ushiromiya Maria: Survived until the end and escaped from Rokkenjima.

Jessica's white cat, Henrica: Survived until the end and escaped from Rokkenjima.

3 people and 1 animal survived and escaped.
The rest is dead.
When the seagullus cries, there are survives.
".... And that's the end, Chess-kun." Eriko says, holding his tears. "I can't beleive is over."
>> No. 5705 edit
File 132753089755.png - (313.28KB , 640x480 , Adam Wayne2.png )
In middle of the "nothingness", a person arise.


"Napoleon! What you're trying to do?! COME BACK NOW!", Chesterton scrams, in rage.


After laugh madly, at center of the emptyness, Napoleon sits, as if sitting on a throne. But he wasn't sitting anywhere!

His troll face fades, turning back to a coldly and a serene smile.

"Now, from the Nothingness, I will recreate everything as my heart content. Who could say ROSA could be that useful?!"

"Adam Wayne!", Chesterton screams his true name, "Get out!"

"Grandfather, who is Adam Wayne?"

"Napoleon, or Adam Wayne was my trumph card", Chesterton sighs, "I knew it since beginning ROSA would appear. But I never expected he had his own plans."

"Did you see, Dlanor? He ignores completely magic. He ignores completely 'Game Master's Authority'. He ignores completely 'Detective's Authority' and even the Common Sense."

"Because of that, everyone who stays with him too long may feel dizzyness. Because it's like his 'aberrative' existance drained everything to Nothingness."

"And he cannot be erased. Because he doesn't exist. He doesn't die because he doesn't exist in a Game Board or anywhere. This is why he cannot be pulled off by magic or another powers. He has no weakness because he doesn't exist. Even so, he can enter and exit of anyplace, without any permission."

"Only the King Pendragon could won, because they're in a gentleman's fight. But even Pendragon couldn't kill him, erase him, torture him."

"And ROSA... she taste the flavor of lost when all her anti-magic became useless. Powerful dresses. Furnitures. Tactical Plans. Social attempts. Nothing. Nothing worked. Because he IS Nothing. She couldn't even scratch him."

"No one cannot win against him. He ignores magical truths. He ignores real truths, too. He just send people to the Non-Existance."

"I can not believe such person could EXIST...", Dlanor said, scaried.

"And you are right. He doesn't exist. He is Nothing. But not the common Nothing. But the Nothing who denies every truth in the world, any sense, any logic. The Supreme Weapon against any witch, any detective, anything."

"In middle of nothingness of the Game Board, he could do anything!", Chesterton tightens the arms of the chair.


"It is all as of old, the empty clangour,
The NOTHING scrawled on a five-foot page,
The huckster who, mocking holy anger,
Painfully paints his face with rage."

Father Brown recites an excerpt from poem when arrives with Belial.
>> No. 5706 edit
File 132753549414.jpg - (339.34KB , 1000x800 , 5bce0e43b721ac2f2bf7924362300e82.jpg )
In the middle of the air, the black witch claps her hands.

"What a pleasant twist in Gameboard! <Excelent>! Belial, do not interfere. I wanna see what will happen now."

"Yes, ROSA-sama." Belial looks to Father Brown. "Her order doesn't matter to me, since I wouldn't help in the end."
Eriko do a ULTIMATE facepalm. "I can't beleive it. You bring someone who defeated King Pendragon! Come on........ But I can't see why he can't become Territoy Lord of this Kakera. We simply move out to another and continue our game. Is it too dangerous let him that way?"
>> No. 5707 edit
File 132009243515.png - (88.56KB , 310x380 , 56614075.png )
"Well, he wasn't crazy... he became crazy when SOMETHING DISAPPEAR... And in large proportions. But since he won that nothingness, he'll expand her. Did you know the tell 'Napoleon of Notting Hill'?"

"A nine years boy called Adam Wayne becames King friend. They start to defend their territory from invaders but with the victories, people became too greed."

"The tiny village of Notting Hill became a expansionist Empire. When they turned to dangerous, they fall."

"Adam Wayne was a 'friend' of King Pendragon. But Adam Wayne turned too greed and they fought. Adam Wayne won, because he had Nothing Hill with himself."

"But Adam Wayne has his own weakness. He loves games, enigmas and risks. King Pendragon challenged him for a fight in his own terms. Only then, he could won."

"I suspect he will stay there, swallow the seas who surronding him. After, the main lands. When everything becames nothing in this kakera, he will affect similar kakeras."

"But if something survived the explosion, we could use that to deny his emptyness. The Submarine and people who escaped from them won't. But a charm, a book, a plant, a corpse. If something remained, it could be used to made him back to his own self."

"If don't, call King Pendragon and let's play elsewhere."
>> No. 5710 edit
"But Pendra--..... Ugh......... Argh........ Aaaghhhh....." Eriko starts to twitch all his body. It was painful.

"This means that...." Virgilia saw that before. King Pendragon and Eriko are like Virgilia and Kumasawa: Both the same and the same time not the same. But like Virgilia, Pendragon can use Eriko's body as a "vessel".

Eriko's eyes switches between red (King's eyes) and green (Eriko's eyes). Until.....

A laugh. A malefic and sofisticate laugh.

"Adaaaaammm~" It is him. King Pendragon. "Where are yooouuu~?"

"O... Our majest." Virgilia makes a bow.

"Please, spare me from these formalities." Pendragon says, mocking her. "Now, now... It's been a long time since I saw Adam. Since the last conferance between Senate and Heaven's Organizations, I guess.

Let me see what he is doing!"

In gameboard world, Pendragon appears.

"Hellooooo, Adam~ S2!" Pendragon makes a trollface, hugging him from behind. It's soooooo gay"It's been a long time, riiiight~? *ahaha.wav*"
>> No. 5713 edit
File 132753741053.png - (94.58KB , 310x380 , 23153264.png )
A twisting troll face becames a lovely smile.

"Oh, my dear friend, King Pendragon! It's been a while! Did you want to see me expand that Empire of ours?"

"...They're acting like two bit... witches", Chesterton says.

"What they will do, GRANDFATHER?"

"I don't know maybe just sex. But I suppose Mister Eriko will be back soon", he answers, drinking more tea.

"Virgilia, even they died, they could be brought back? Could I see Gohda and others after the Devil's Roulette Tea Party?"

>> No. 5714 edit
"Hum..... More Empire for me? I think........

NO! *ahaha.wav*

Not now, or never... We can see that later. You know, my little sister Lambdadelta misses you. She says all the time: 'Stop to talk about that gay friend of yours! He is <super> annoying! Blablablablabla!'" Pendragon laughs again. "Let Eriko-chan and Chess-chan finish their game. They didn't finish yet and you know what Grandmother would say about that lack of manners, remmember?"
"Beatrice (1998-????) can bring them back, since she is The Endless Witch. And about see others, only Eriko can decide this. But I think he'll let you see them again."
>> No. 5715 edit
File 132753847760.png - (92.70KB , 310x380 , 96653623.png )
"That sister of yours... she is so boring! How I hate women! And that stupid black cat. I have more allergies from her than women!", Napoleon exclaims.

Father Brown facepalms and went away.

Chesterton facepalms and drinks more tea.

Flambeau covers Dlanor's eyes.

"What is going you, <Mister> Flambeau? I can not see ANYTHING! Please me let me SEE."[

"Thanks anyway, Virgilia."


"Fine, this time I'll ONLY absorve this emptyness. But I'll see you soon."

Napoleon disappears like he was never existed.
>> No. 5716 edit
In Meta-room, Pendragon appears again, sitting on Eriko's spot. "See? Very easy, hun?"

"Thank you, Our Majest <King> Pendragon-sama." Henrica says.

"You are welcome, white cat." Pendragon laughs. "If you excuse me, I need to get back to my..... My things. You know... I am King and those stuffs..."

Moments later, Eriko's eyes turns back to green. "...... How much did he stayed?"

"Some minutes, my child." Virgilia says. "It was very fast."

"I see.... And Napoleon?"

"He went away."

"I see..." Eriko looks at Chesterson. "So, shall we continue our Tea Party?"
>> No. 5717 edit
File 132002234456.png - (92.34KB , 310x380 , 21011234.png )
"He will fap", Chesterton thinks.

"To me, it's fine. After that, I will apologize to Gohda, Lion, Jessica and everyone to couldn't save them. You will accept that?"

Flambeau stopped to cover her eyes and went away to take some drinks. Not alcoholic, because Dlanor's presence.

Father Brown didn't came yet.

Chesterton summoned a cigar, but Dlanor took it off from his hand.

"Grandfather, that STINKS."

>> No. 5719 edit
Audio エンドレスナイン(リズム付き).mp3 - (5.13MB )
"Yes, you can, Chess-kun." Eriko smiles.

Suddenly, the scenario changes. They were now in Kuwadorian garden. The sky was purple, a nighttime and golden butterflies are floating freely.

<insert here an epic music>



A thunder roars, starting the Tea Party.

"First Twillight: Three corpses missing and three corpses seen by human eyes."
>> No. 5724 edit
File 131992317971.png - (92.02KB , 310x380 , 13870524.png )
"Let's start, MisterEriko!"

"Since Gohda was near Jessica, Kanon and Rosa, one of them knocked him out."

"The culprits may kill in the game, but accomplices can't."

"Only culprits may kill in this gameboard!"

Dlanor was sit, drink more tea. She was cheering for her "grandfather".
>> No. 5725 edit
File 132025076590.png - (91.67KB , 310x380 , 19154851.png )
"Accomplices can kill. Not only Culprits can kill. Please, try to choose one of them to make a theory. I gave you the tips beyond all my gameboard and--"

Suddenly, a flash of blue light is charged, coming into Eriko's way.

"Okay, okay! Yes, one of them knocked Gohda out! I don't wanna to be nailed!"
>> No. 5726 edit
File 131992520499.png - (88.90KB , 310x380 , 82833866.png )
"Oh, c'mon, you know I need details to solve the Twilights. And I solve Twilights without no theories. You know I ALWAYS haven't theories, I construct them."

"Then, I need to know. Only accomplices and culprits killed in this gameboard."
>> No. 5727 edit
File 132752374243.png - (92.45KB , 310x380 , 41232436.png )
"Not only Culprits and Accomplices can kill in this Gameboard."
>> No. 5728 edit
File 131992008519.png - (92.66KB , 310x380 , 69503697 copy.png )
"Fine, so I will assume this structure.

Culprits are the Three Masterminds of the operation. My targets.
Accomplices, who helped them. They can kill, but they are just accomplices, not masterminds.
Innocents, who could kill to save themselves and others, but aren't involved in the crime.

"Now, a theory. One or more culprits with one or more accomplices are infiltrated in the forest group. Kanon was an accomplice and knocked Gohda off. So, the culprits/accomplices to shoot innocents and vice-versa until death."
>> No. 5729 edit
File 131992379466.png - (87.80KB , 310x380 , 32993533.png )
"Great, great... You doing this very well!

Your three blues are right.
Right, Yoshiya knocked Gohda.
However, Rudolf, Kyrie and Eva weren't shots to death.
Also, I want to know how the 3 lampions went off. George said that they filled it with gas before they left from Main Building."
>> No. 5730 edit
File 131992008519.png - (92.66KB , 310x380 , 69503697 copy.png )
"The lamps were sabotaged. They were certainly filled with gas, but they were evacuated soon after by culprits or accomplices."

"I will think about Rudolf, Eva and Kyrie's death soon. But I think they died because of some bludgeoning weapons or even rifle butts."

"Now, I will try a new theory. Lion was one of the culprits. He/She really wanted Rosa to solve the Epitaph. Rosa is innocent, but Lion and Kanon doesn't. Kanon received the answer of the Epitaph and gave it to Rosa, follow Lion or another culprit instructions. Kanon received instructions to send Maria to Kuwadorian too, she went to Kuwadorian from herself.

Lion consider himself/herself Beatrice's son/daughter. After Kumasawa aborted, she get pregnant again, maybe from Kinzo or someone. Kinzo built Kuwadorian and they gave to the child the name 'Beatrice'. That Beatrice was Lion's Mother.

Rosa knew Beatrice at Kuwadorian many years ago. They became friends and Lion was aware of this fact. Because of that, Lion wanted to give Rosa the gold.

Kumasawa, to him, is like his mother, but actually is his grandmother. She was, probably, a culprit too. Maybe, because he was jealous from Ajimu, Kinzo's wife. And maybe because she knows Kinzo never loved his family. Maybe she wanted to let they all die, in name of Kinzo, her beloved.

"I don't know who is the Third Culprit, but I have suspections... I will need more details later."

Father Brown seated near Dlanor's chair.

"Sister Dlanor, how are you now?", he asked, drinking tea.

"I am FINE. Thanks for ASKING. Now I know the true desire of my FATHER. But I do not know what I have to DO. Should I desert the Eiserne Jungfrau, my UNIT?"

"No, no. That would be extremist. I was think you could help me and your grandfather."


"I need information. Bring to me or Mister Chesterton every information you have about Eco's Labyrinths."

"...I do not remember anything about THAT. I am SORRY."

"Not now, but when you have time, take a seat and start to look your archives. Perhaps you can find anything useful. And don't tell anyone about it."


"Mister Chesterton will explain later. I need to explain many things to you."
>> No. 5735 edit
File 132000870168.png - (81.98KB , 310x380 , 82359080.png )
"The lamps weren't sabotage.
Kumasawa is neither a culprit, nor a accomplice.
Even if she kept the secret of Beatrice's idendity, she is still innocent. Also, she didn't have another child. And, obviously, Lion is son/daughter of Beatrice II, daughter of Kinzo and Beatrice Castiglioni.

Your Lion's theory is very good, however, during 1st Twillight, Lion was inside the Chapel all the time and he/she didn't kill Krauss, Nanjo and Natsuhi."
>> No. 5736 edit
File 131998160485.png - (91.58KB , 310x380 , 23562507.png )
"Then, George is stupid and filled with lamps a lamparine who needed oil."

"I have to say that 'Beatrice Castiglioni' didn't appeared in the game and did not have any mentions by any character. Without any mentions, it became an inaccessible proof. Because of that, it cannot be 'obviously', since you as Game Master has the right to change the lineage of birth conform the game needs."

"But even so, we can say that Kumasawa took care of Beatrice II and Lion. Lion was totally aware about this."

"And Lion did not need to be the murder of the First Twilight to be a Culprit, he just need to be the mastermind. Since Battler is his lover, he killed them.

Battler faked his own death and moved George's corpse. This is why Gohda didn't find them in the Guest House.
>> No. 5737 edit
File 131998160485.png - (91.58KB , 310x380 , 23562507.png )
"Then, George is stupid and filled with gas a lamparine who needed oil."

"I have to say that 'Beatrice Castiglioni' didn't appeared in the game and did not have any mentions by any character. Without any mentions, it became an inaccessible proof. Because of that, it cannot be 'obviously', since you as Game Master has the right to change the lineage of birth conform the game needs."

"But even so, we can say that Kumasawa took care of Beatrice II and Lion. Lion was totally aware about this."

"And Lion did not need to be the murder of the First Twilight to be a Culprit, he just need to be the mastermind. Since Battler is his lover, he killed them.

Battler faked his own death and moved George's corpse. This is why Gohda didn't find them in the Guest House.
>> No. 5738 edit
I can't delete the posts using automatic password anymore.
>> No. 5739 edit
File 132025076590.png - (91.67KB , 310x380 , 19154851.png )
"I am sorry, I thought I said that when the game started.

Kumasawa didn't know about Kuwadorian existence. She also didn't take care of Lion. Those who did that were his/her parents.

George filled all lamps with gas. Battler did not kill Krauss, Natsuhi and Nanjo.

Grh! Right. Battler faked his own death and moved George's corpse. When we finish 1st Twillight, do you want jump it or you wanna try to solve the remain mystery about closed rooms?"
>> No. 5740 edit
File 131992520499.png - (88.90KB , 310x380 , 82833866.png )
"I don't know, Mister Eriko. The mind moves by instincts, associations and premonitions and not by fixed dates or completed processes. I can't say if I will need the Twilight or not. I will try to solve as my mind say to do."

"Since Kumasawa didn't care of Lion, the Culprit who loves Kumasawa to not kill her is other. I'm obviously assume you are not using name and personality tricks."

"About the Culprits status, I will say."

"All Culprits were alive at start of the game."

"All Culprits hoped to die in the end of the game."

"All Culprits died in the of the game."

"About George's lamps, they only work using Oil, not Gas. A culprit (not an accomplice) asked him to fill with gas.
>> No. 5741 edit
File 131992379466.png - (87.80KB , 310x380 , 32993533.png )
"Exactly. The Culprit that wanted Kumasawa alive is other.
All Culprits were alive in the beggining of Gameboard.
All Culprits died in the end of the game.
Only one Culpirt hoped to die in the end.
In other words, the other two Culprits wanted to escape alive in the end.
The lampions worked with gas, not oil. You are right: The culprit asked for George filled the lamps with gas.

You are good at this, Chess-kun."
>> No. 5742 edit
File 131992317971.png - (92.02KB , 310x380 , 13870524.png )
"Why Grandfather didn't use his WEAPON? ...never MIND."

Dlanor was suprised because Chesterton didn't used any Blue/Red Weapons. She remembered, then, how much Chesterton cares and respects the magical beings.

"The culprit who asked George to fill the lamps with gas is Sayo/Shannon. She lied in purple, she still loves Battler. She wanted that photograph because she still loving him, even if Battler is Lion's lover."

"Sayo/Shannon has no parents. Her only maternal figure is Kumasawa. The culprit who wanted Kumasawa alive is Sayo/Shannon."

"But her didn't hoped to die in the Twilights. She was killed. by an innocent, accomplice or a traitours culprit."

"If she died by an accomplice, Lion ordered her death. If don't, Lion killed her. Lion could say that, because he knews about Shannon's death status and said in purple correctly. Lion is the culprit who expected to die, this is why he asked Gohda and the Fukuin to escape the island quickly. Lion actioned a nuclear weapon, perhaps from the World War II, which Kinzo had."

"About the Lampions, I'm assuming no chemistry complicated answer. So, the lampions are smart and their light had short lives."
>> No. 5744 edit
File 132000870168.png - (81.98KB , 310x380 , 82359080.png )
Eriko was impressed.

"I thought you would never discover that Sayo was one of the culprits. Sayo is one of the Culprits, but she doesn't love Battler anymore. She also consider Kumasawa as a maternal figure, however she isn't the culprit that wanted Kumasawa alive.

Sayo was killed by one of the 2 culprits, but not in 1st Twillight.
Since I couldn't show Jessica and Sayo's death, I will say when Sayo died:

Yasuda Sayo died between 2nd Twillight (after it happened) and 3rd Twillight (before it happened). However, Lion didn't kill her. Lion also didn't detonate a nuclear bomb.

The lampions' light didn't have a short life."
>> No. 5745 edit
File 132742328951.png - (89.12KB , 310x380 , 51255071.png )
"Yoshiya/Kanon killed Sayo/Shannon. Since you never confirmed Kanon's Status as accomplice, he must be the other Culprit who killed Sayo. He must killed Jessica, too. He is the Culprit who wanted Kumasawa alive."

"About that stupid Lampions, this must be a mistake, these lamps must be broken!

Or Sayo gave a gas who is short life for George.
>> No. 5746 edit
File 132251910715.png - (92.52KB , 310x380 , 82359080_troll.png )
"Yoshiya is an accomplice. Yoshiya didn't kill Sayo and/or Jessica.

The lampions wasn't broken. The gas hadn't a short life.
>> No. 5747 edit
File 132759533738.png - (137.65KB , 600x480 , but_nakub1.png )
"Deny my blue truth! Jessica and Sayo were killed by the same person!"

Chesterton did a Battler face when couldn't solve the lampions.

Dlanor couldn't stop a "ahaha.wav". Force of habit.
>> No. 5748 edit
File 132673964135.png - (92.80KB , 310x380 , 78739961.png )

Yep. Sayo and Jessica were killed by the same person. And here is a free red, that can help you: Both were kileed by one of the Culprits."
>> No. 5749 edit
File 131998160485.png - (91.58KB , 310x380 , 23562507.png )
"Sayo and Jessica died in the forest!"

"Jessica is...

Father Brown stand up from the chair and hit Chesterton's head with his stick again with a such strong force that sound echoes for all the garden.

"I'm sorry, Gohda... Jessica is a culprit too! She is the culprit who loved Kumasawa. Since she hated Natsuhi, Kumasawa is the mother who Jessica never had! Jessica ordered Kanon to hit Gohda and asked to him to not kill him, because she trusted him with all of her heart! And since Lion wanted Rosa alive, she wasn't killed too! Lion is just an accomplice, who used Beatrice's dress to hide the Culprits' intentions!"
>> No. 5750 edit
File 132744300583.png - (77.76KB , 310x380 , 31669566.png )
"Hnahahahahaha! So, you finally did it, hun? I thought because of Gohda, you would never make this theory!

YES! JESSICA IS ONE OF THE CULPRITS! AHAHAHA! Kanon is her accomplice. However, Lion isn't a culprit or an accomplice.

Now, you just need one more culprit. The last culpirt is the one that hoped to die in the end of the game. Since I couldn't make him/her get a good spot in this game, I won't force you to unmask him. However, if you want, we can proceed."
>> No. 5751 edit
File 131992317971.png - (92.02KB , 310x380 , 13870524.png )
"I will give a shot, Mister Eriko."

Dlanor stand up and went to Chesterton's side.

"I will not INTERFERE. But I want to be at side of my GRANDFATHER. It is his MOMENT. And I proud of HIM."

"Thanks. Dlanor."

"But I will need certain explanations after, because you did not reveal the sins of my FATHER. I want to know EVERYTHING. It is my RIGHT."

"...you're right, Dlanor. I'm sorry. I shouldn't deny your past."

"Now, please, go ON. Found the CULPRIT. Show me the power who my father and I ADMIRE."

"Mister Eriko! The Culprit who lasts activate a detonation device who blowed the island. This is why he hoped to die!"
>> No. 5752 edit
File 131992379466.png - (87.80KB , 310x380 , 32993533.png )
"Hnkukuku. The Culprit with less activity didn't activate the bomb."
>> No. 5753 edit
File 131992317971.png - (92.02KB , 310x380 , 13870524.png )
"The Culprit who remains ordered to a culprit to activate the device.

Or the room who was the Fake Gold had a Mecanism who could activate the bomb.
>> No. 5754 edit
File 132759744610.png - (82.08KB , 310x380 , 50803673.png )
"Right. The mecanism existed in Fake Gold Room.

Also, since you discovered the second twillight:

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Twillights: The runaway beyond Chapel and Kuwadorian.

Respectively: Hideyoshi, Yoshiya and Genji.

Hideyoshi was found in Gold Room. Yoshiya and Genji were found in the passageway between Gold Room and Kuwadorian.

In this Twillight, lies the truth for the last Culprit. Including, obviously, the TIPs I tried to put in all gameboard.
>> No. 5755 edit
File 132759782923.png - (147.30KB , 364x469 , dla_majimea2.png )
Dlanor tries a joke. Something totally unexpected, considering her facial expressions.

"You could tell us which clothes Battler was WEARING? Because if he was wearing purple, he is the CULPRIT. Or if he was wearing a purple and black STRIPES."

"Now, I think he was using white... he must be only an accomplice who received the culprit who remains' orders", Chesterton didn't understand the joke.

"It was a JOKE."

""YOU, A JOKE?!"", Chesterton and Father Brown says surprised.

"Well, never mind...", he laughs clumsy, "Genji is the culprit who remanins. Since he doesn't want the money, he gave to Lion the numbers to access his account. This is how she will be rich, it was Genji's money."
>> No. 5756 edit
File 131992379466.png - (87.80KB , 310x380 , 32993533.png )
"Battler isn't an accomplice. ....... Oh... You are telling A JOKE!?"

Eriko sighs and smiles.

"Right. Genji is the Culprit last culprit.

However, this didn't finish yet. My queen is still protecting my King.

Nineth and Tenth Twillights: And none shall survive.

TIP: The bomb didn't do it. When Rosa was in Gold Room, she saw the mecanism and, desperate, shot it. Luck for her, the mecanism went off."
>> No. 5757 edit
File 132759878566.png - (192.68KB , 404x479 , dla_akuwaraia1b.png )
"Well, since you want give to us a cherry from your cake and I already took my culprits... Dlanor, play as my Horse."

"Yes, GRANDFATHER! Genji wanted to die so badly, so he activated the bomb MANUALLY!"

"Don't forget to bring me Fantasy/Beatrice, Genji, Jessica and Sayo to me. I need to talk them."
>> No. 5758 edit
File 132673964135.png - (92.80KB , 310x380 , 78739961.png )
"Genji didn't activate the bomb manually. And, as I said, the bomb didn't destroyed Rokkenjima.

Another TIP: Genji was killed by other person. This is sure obviously now."
>> No. 5759 edit
File 132759914645.png - (187.84KB , 404x479 , dla_waraia1b.png )
"Chain REACTION. A Factor X activated bomb EXPLOSIVES. That Factor X destroyed the ISLAND. I will explain Factor X and who used this Factor if you could recognized as EXISTING."
>> No. 5760 edit
File 132759932837.png - (87.99KB , 310x380 , 33922175.png )
"There was no chain reaction. The bomb wasn't activate since Rosa shot it.

Now... WHY did I put ROSA to do 9th and 10th Twillight? It isn't just because she is overpower and I like her.
Remmember: Interpretation, camouflage.

She was in the middle of Rokkenjima sky, holding a light and them KA-BOOM!
What is so powerfull that can be compared to ROSA? Come on! Try to think!"
>> No. 5761 edit
File 132759961751.png - (147.03KB , 364x464 , dla_komarua1a.png )
"So... they dropped a bomb or a missle or a nuclear weapon in the ISLAND... Gohda and the others died by a misguided training in the ARMY?"

Dlanor falls in her kness, but Chesterton sustains her.

"If it is correct... this is sad. Pretty sad. But happens."
>> No. 5762 edit
File 131992379466.png - (87.80KB , 310x380 , 32993533.png )
"Nope. This didn't happen." Eriko smiles. "I can't see a reason for Army destroy Rokkenjima."
>> No. 5763 edit
File 13275998696.png - (145.00KB , 364x466 , dla_majimea1.png )
"But thunder and lightning can not alone destroy an entire ISLAND!"
>> No. 5764 edit
File 132673964135.png - (92.80KB , 310x380 , 78739961.png )
"Well.... There is another thing that nature created that can destroy an Island all by itself. And it isn't a cyclone."
>> No. 5765 edit
File 132751144659.jpg - (9.35KB , 300x225 , 944.jpg )
"The sky is camouflage, Dlanor. You misguided by natural heavens. You forgot the Fire in description. Rokkenjima is a vulcanic island, so vulcan erupts, destroying the island."
>> No. 5766 edit
File 132025076590.png - (91.67KB , 310x380 , 19154851.png )
"The volcano didn't do it.

A light... In the sky... KA-BOOM!"
>> No. 5767 edit
File 132760050715.png - (149.65KB , 364x469 , dla_majimea2a.png )
>> No. 5768 edit
File 132251910715.png - (92.52KB , 310x380 , 82359080_troll.png )
"Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. You know... This can be very fun.


Watashi wa dareee~?"
>> No. 5769 edit
File 131992520499.png - (88.90KB , 310x380 , 82833866.png )
"Let me give a shot. A Meteor/Comet stroke the island."
>> No. 5770 edit
Audio Loreley.mp3 - (2.18MB )
And then.... A wind... The butterflies disappear, becoming golden petal roses. Those rose petals were flying throught all Kuwadorian.

Eriko's Queen is finally down.

"Now... We need to fulfill your aim in this Game. And since I should follow your principles, here is the last puzzle."

In front of Chesterson, white letters appears.

<Please, insert here your final informations:>

Culprit 1: (Only one name. Full name. He/She is the main Culprit, that did almost everything in this gameboard)
Accomplice: (How many names you want. Full name.)
Reason: (A short text or a long text. You choose)

Culprit 2: (Only one name. Full name. He/She is tryied to do something, but he/she has some tips in this gameboard that acuses him/her as the Culprit)
Accomplice: (How many names you want. Full name.)
Reason: (A short text or a long text. You choose)

Culprit 3: (Only one name. Full name. He/She couldn't do nothing or almost nothing in this gameboard)
Accomplice: (How many names you want. Full name.)
Reason: (A short text or a long text. You choose)

Beatrice's true idendity: (Only one name. Full name. Can be the same name that you put in the others items.)

"Please, be careful. You only have one chance."
>> No. 5771 edit
File 132009243515.png - (88.56KB , 310x380 , 56614075.png )
"I'll probably lost here. I'm sorry, Dlanor."

"Do not say that, GRANDFATHER. I will help YOU. Even I can not be that SMART."

"Hey, did you forget me, Sister Dlanor?"

Father Brown and Dlanor helped Chesterton to write that things.

Culprit 1: Ushiromiya Jessica
Accomplice: Servant Yoshiya
Reason: She hated Natsuhi, Eva and others. In burning rage, wanted destroy that family who she wanted to destroy this family which did not feel accepted as she is. She only felt accepted by Kumasawa and (maybe) Gohda. She wanted to gave Rosa the gold because she thinks if her takes the gold, could be a good mother for Maria.

Culprit 2: Yasuda Sayo
Accomplice: Ushiromiya George
Reason: She wanted be George's bride. With his share of gold, she could become a housewife.

Culprit 3: Ronoue Genji
Accomplice: None
Reason: Kinzo left a letter. It said that in a period of one year (starting from the date of his death) none of the family decided the epitaph, that he killed his entire family, except Lion. He joins Jessica and Sayo to manipulate them, then kill them.

Beatrice's True Identity: Ushiromiya Lion

Then, Father Brown starts to pray and Dlanor hold Chesterton's hand.

"That is my answer, Mister Eriko."
>> No. 5772 edit
"........" Eriko smiles. "Your answer is......"

Those white words in front of Chesterson becomes one, great and pure light, stopping them to hear Eriko.

Eriko, Chesterson, Dlanor, Virgilia and Father Brown appear on the center of a Theater stage.

Suddenly, cheers. Many and many cheers. Chesterson and the others look: All non-fantasy pieces in gameboard are cheering them.

"I am not the one that will say the truth, Chess-kun." Eriko cheers him too. "Those who will say the truth are the Culprits and Beatrice."

An spot light that is on Chesterson shine and shine... Until....

He finds himself in a white space, with warm wheather, confortable.

It was nothing.

"This will be our revelation room, Chesterson-sama." In front of you, you see Sayo and Genji.

But where is Jessica? Then... You see a little further, between Sayo and Genji. It was Beatrice... Sitting in a chair. You can see her back.

You go in her way. You can't beleive in it. You touch her shoulder and she turns her face to you.

"Hello, Chess-kun." It is Jessica.

Are you prepared for the truth, G. K. Chesterson?
>> No. 5773 edit
File 131998160485.png - (91.58KB , 310x380 , 23562507.png )
Chesterton becames serious. Pretty serious.

Dlanor hold his hand more tighly.

"Even if you were wrong, they were still the CULPRITS. Do not worry with THAT."

"I am not worried about that."

Dlanor looked at Chesterton's eyes. They're severe as she never looked before.

"I did something WRONG?"

"No", his expression is calm, but soon becomes serious.

With his empty hand, he summoned a kind of quarterstaff. With a gesture, he looses Dlanor's hand. Dlanor prepare herself, but no summon any sword.

Why Chesterton became so serious?

"Tell me the reason why you did that. Your judgment will start now."

Dlanor didn't understand. Judgment? Why?
>> No. 5774 edit
File 132760667879.jpg - (2.35MB , 2400x1933 , 256188.jpg )
"Hello, Chesterson-sama, I am Ronoue Genji." Genji greets him. "I am Culprit 3. I, also, don't have any accomplices.

My reason is Kinzo-sama last will. When I received the letter from that notary, I didn't only received the bank card and the key. I received a letter written by Kinzo-sama.
He wrote that if no one in Ushiromiya Family solved Beatrice's Epitaph in one year, starting from the day of his death, that I would be the one to killed of them according to Beatrice's Epitaph.
I was ordered only to not kill Lion, his only connection with his beloved Beatrice.
I did what I did not only because it was an order coming from Ushiromiya Head."

Genji starts to cry. "It was because he was my best friend and we both saw how his kids didn't do nothing about family. They were all selfish. I did this for my friend. My best friend."

"Hello, Chesterson-sama, I am Yasuda Sayo." Sayo greets him. "I am Culprit 2. My accomplice is Ushiromiya George.

My reason is envy... Envy and hate. Envy and hate from Ushiromiya Lion. I discovered that Battler and Lion were lovers. However, they didn't know I knew.
I didn't hate Battler when he broke our promisse. I just saw that George was a real man for me and decide to forget. I was happy, enjoying the fullest of my life.
And then.... I discover Battlerand Lion affairs.
I got envious... And angry. How Battler could do that to me? No... It wasn't Battler fault.
It was Lion. It all his fault!"

Sayo falls in her knees, crying. "All Lion's fault! All Lion's fault! Why, Battler...? Because of Lion, Battler never came back to Rokkenjima trought this 6 years. Lion convinced him. He/She convinced him to not come back!
And you ask for me, how George could get into this? I lied to him. I said a random reason and he accepted. I don't even remmember what random reason was... I just... Wanted that Ushiromiya Lion paid for stole a future that I could have."

And now... the last one. Beatrice.... Jessica... Stands up from her chair and walks until Chesterson.

"Hello, Chess-kun, I am Ushiromiya Jessica." Jessica greets him. "I am Culprit 1 and also Beatrice, The Golden Witch. My accomplicesare Servant Yoshiya and Fukuin Servant.

My reason was... Me. You know... You have a marvelous brother/sister and a genius cousin. And you know what left for me? Nothing. Nobody cared about me. I was only a burden. Not even my parents give me attention. The only one I had was Yoshiya-kun and Kumasawa-san. He loves me and I love him. Kumasawa was a mother to me.
But... You can't live only with one person on your side. Family is one of great pillars in life. I just have you: My love, Yoshiya.
Then... I figured out: Beatrice's Epitaph.
I worked hard... Not only me, Yoshiya too. He helped me in many ways, until we discovered. We discovered the gold. We were so happy.
However, I needed to tell that when this year reunion happen. Then, I'll finally have my space in this family and since Yoshiya helped me, we could be happy without hiding it anymore.
However everything got wrong: That fought with my mother... That hurts... So bad... I got angry... Very angry...
I wanted to kill them! All of them! Made they pay for everything!
And now you ask about Rosa-san and Maria-chan. Simple: I can't kill a child and I can't kill her mother. Rosa-oba-san isn't perfect, but she can be a great mother. I sent to Maria's house two letters: One was that first letter about Maria's disappearence. The other was a letter with epitaph's solution and a map to Kuwadorian, according to the epitaph. That way, Maria-chan could arrive in Kuwadorian safe."

"The funniest thing is." Genji says. "I knew about Kuwadorian, but when I was there to clean the house, me and Jessica-sama never met each other there."

"Right." Jessica giggles. "If we met each other there, Genji would never..."

Then, she remmebers about Yoshiya.

"I am sorry for kill Yoshiya, Jessica-sama."

"That's okay. I need to continue...

In the forest, me and Yoshiya planned to off the lampions, pretending that something happened, magic. That's when we realized that George did the same thing. We thought fast and knocked out Rosa and Gohda.
I couldn't kill Gohda, since I trusted in him. After this, we knocked out Rudolf and Kyrie. We ran in Hideyoshi and Eva's way and intercepted the gun. I knocked Eva and Hideyoshi out. However, that punch in Eva's back head killed her. About Kyrie and Rudolf, I punched their faces until gets destroyed.
We decided to separete for a while. Then I found Sayo and knocked her out in the head. I knew that she was trying to do the same as me. Them I went to Chapel. Days ago, I ordered to change all Chapel's locker, but in a way that the 'old' keys could work. I got new ones. Them, I could open all doors without those 'old' keys, because I had 'new' keys. With that, I killed my parents and Doctor Nanjo with punches. I also kidnapped Lion.

I carry both of them to Kuwadorian. Next morning, we woke up and I explained everything to them. Lion was surprized. Sayo, on the other side, revealed her true colors and tried to kill me. But I killed her first. Lion was astonished.
But my brother/sister was a good person. He/She heard all my confession... My pain... I also told him about Beatrice Castiglioni and Beatrice II. He/She was more than astonished.... Lion was perplexed.

But, still... Even with this truth.... He/She wanted to help me. When me, Yoshiya, Fukuin, Rosa, Maria and Kumasawa ran away from Kuwadorian, Lion would stay, playing Beatrice/Culprit's role.
Lion-onii/onee took my pain and my suffer and make his/her pain... His/her burden.
Many minutes later... I don't remmember... Gohda and Rosa-oba-san arrived. Reinon, that was spying from the top of staircase, told me that Yoshiya wasn't with Rosa-oba-san.
Then I concluded: He was dead.
I collapsed in sadness. A life without Yoshiya-kun isn't a life. Then.....
I killed myself.

I also left Henrica in my boat. I couldn't left Rokkenjima withou my precious friend, right?"

Tears rolls over Jessica's face.

Now, all confessions over. What is final sentences to them?
>> No. 5775 edit
File 131992317971.png - (92.02KB , 310x380 , 13870524.png )
"First, I will judge this Tale. As Game Master."

Chesterton blowed the ground with the Quarterstaff all the music and sounds stopped

Father Brown entered in the room, talking with a surprised Dlanor.

"You didn't knew about that, did you?", he whispers, "I have my own Closed Room and Impossible Crimes to solve. Crimes who 'as done by magic'. In fact, at the Golden Age of Detective, he has the pioneer in write such crimes."

"Some stories such as 'The Miracle of Moon Crescent' and 'The Blast of the Book' poke fun at initially skeptical characters who become convinced of a supernatural explanation for some strange occurrence, while me, despite mine religiousness and mine belief in God and miracles, easily sees the perfectly ordinary, natural explanation."

"Of course, his fellows, Agatha Christie, John Dickson Carr and others improved the 'Supernatural Agency Did It'. But he stills the First. The First Game Master."

"BEFORE... being an INQUISITOR... Grandfather was a Game MASTER?", Dlanor couldn't believe.

Maybe no one in that room could believe it. "The First"... Even First than Aurora. It was incredible.

"This story certainly meets the Chesterton's Mystery Principles!"

While said that, he moved his quarterstaff in a battle-focused position. As a present to everyone, the Golden Land becames a True Place in Fantasy for each of them.

"But, I am Inquisitor too. Culprits. Please stand up and hear your sentence."

Dlanor didn't understand. He didn't used a decent weapon like swords or even Napoleon's Halbeard. He would even kill the Culprit, like she killed witches? Certainly, a quarterstaff is not enough for such sentence.

More than that, would him kill Jessica? And Sayo, beloved assistant of Gohda? Genji, who has friend... a kind of friend of Gohda?

She looked in his face. He still deeply serious.
>> No. 5776 edit
Jessica and Genji helps Sayo gets up. Both dry their faces from those tears, smiles and holds each others hands.

"""We are ready for our sentence, Detective Chesterson."""
>> No. 5777 edit
File 132742328951.png - (89.12KB , 310x380 , 51255071.png )
Dlanor thought at last instant. A quarterstaff MAY seems as weak weapon at first sight. But Chesterton was a skilled ex-inquisitor. Knox and Chesterton shared the same principles to kill criminals, not witches.

And if a bludegeoning weapon hits a vital spot, could kill in one strike. Solar plexus, nose, ribs, throat...

A red flash light blinds everyone.

Shame about shame!
Sentence to shame!
The Great Equalizer is the Shame!

Chesterton stroke every culprit with a very weak blow in the head. It makes born a bump on the head of each.

>> No. 5778 edit
File 132762993412.jpg - (64.03KB , 350x280 , 580379.jpg )
Father Brown snapped his fingers and called Dlanor's attenttion.

"That's it," he talked, "that's why I still working with Mister Chesterton! You thought he would killed them? HAH!"

"Look, I know how you Knox and Van Dine's followers feels like that all 'howdunnit', 'detection', 'criminology'. But listen."

"Science is a grand thing when you can get it; in its real sense one of the grandest words in the world. But what do you mean, ninety nine percent out often, when you use that word nowadays? When you say detection is a science? When you say criminology is a science? You mean getting outside a man and studying him as if he were a gigantic insect: in what you would call a dry impartial light, in what I should call a dead and dehumanized light."

"You mean getting a long way off him, as if the criminal or the witch were a distant prehistoric monster; staring at the shape of his 'criminal skull' as if it were a sort of eerie growth, like the horn on a rhinoceros's nose. When the scientist talks about a type, he never means himself, but always his neighbour; probably his poorer neighbour."

"I don't deny the dry light may sometimes do good; though in one sense it's the very reverse of science. So far from being knowledge, it's actually suppression of what we know. It's treating a friend as a stranger, and pretending that something familiar is really remote and mysterious. It's like saying that a man has a proboscis between the eyes, or that he falls down in a fit of insensibility once every twenty-four hours. Well, what you call 'the secret' is exactly the opposite."

"And here resides the virtue of Mister Chesterton: He didn't try to get outside the man. He tries to get inside the murderer... Indeed it's much more than that, don't you see? He is inside a man. He is always inside a man, moving his arms and legs; but he wait till he knows he is inside a murderer, thinking his thoughts, wrestling with his passions; till he had bent himself into the posture of his hunched and peering hatred; till he saw the world with his bloodshot and squinting eyes, looking between the blinkers of his half-witted concentration; looking up the short and sharp perspective of a straight road to a pool of blood. Till he IS really a murderer."

"I mean that he really did see himself, committing the murders. He didn't actually kill the men by material means; but that's not the point. Any brick or bit of machinery might have killed them by material means. I mean that he thought and thought about how a man might come to be like that, until he realized that he really was like that, in everything except actual final consent to the action. This is the true shape of humility, Sister Dlanor."

"You know, because of that, he knows the crime better than any criminal, Sister Dlanor. He committed every crime ever known. And, because of that, his last vision is about mercy. Since he DID the crime, he opted by mercy. Always."

Dlanor cried again, tears of proud.
>> No. 5779 edit
Audio dai_008(thanks_for_all_people).mp3 - (2.86MB , dai_008(thanks for all people).mp3 )
""Ouch!"" Jessica and Sayo say. Genji doesn't complain, since this is a light sentence.

With the Sentence over, all white world became to disappear in a big and bright light. They are back to the Theater's Stage. Now, everyone is there too. Including fantasy pieces.

"Jessica!" Lion runs to Jessica, hugging her, with tears in his/her eyes. "Thank God, you are alive!"

"*giggle* Well, I am here, ain't I?"

"Stop to joke, Jessica!" Krauss say, arriving with Natsuhi. "We were worried too!"

"........." Natsuhi does not say a word. All of it because.... She couldn't be a good mother to Jessica.

Jessica doesn't say a word either. They can't even look into each others eyes.

"Mom I'm--"

"Forgive me, Jessica!" Natsuhi falls on her knees, asking for forgiviness. "Forgive me for don't be a good mother! Forgive me! I... I can't even say a reason for you forgive me..... I am useless! I am... I... I.... I AM JUST A BORROWED WOMB! UWWWAAAAHHHHHH!!!"

"..... Yes.... You can't even think in a reason for why I have to forgive you, Mom..... I can forgive you."


"But not know. This things can't be fixed now. Time will say to us." Jessica extends her hand to Natsuhi. "Now, get up!"

"Oh, Jessica!" Natsuhi hugs her daughter.

"Milady Jessica." It is Yoshiya. He arrives. "I am sorry for inte--"

Jessica shut Yoshiya's mouth with a kiss. "I am so happy.... So happy that we can met each other again, Yoshiya-kun!"

"Jessica.... Your parents..."

"Screw them! I AM GODDAMN BEATRICHE, GOLDEN WITCH!" Jessica summons her golden pipe and start to smoke. "I CAN DO EVERYTHING! *ahaha.wav*"

"Ushiromiya Jessica!" Krauss scream. "Stop to--"

"Dad..." Lion interrupts him. "I think we cannot do-- Ouch! Who pinched--"

"Who do you think, Lion-kun/-chan?" It is Battler. He hugs his/her lover from behind. "Hehehehe."

"Oh god...." Krauss says. "I think I'll have a lot of headache."

In the other side of Stage, Sayo was all by herself.

"I think now George doesn't want to see me again anymore..." She says for herself, almost whispering.

Suddenyl, a hand in her shoulder.

"Hey, Sayo."


"What you did was something unforgivable."


"But, bit by bit, I can forgive you."

".... Why?"

"Because I love, Sayo. You are my fiance, aren't you? Soon, we will marry each other. We have to love and trust each other, right? I know my heart can forgive you. I know because I beleive in this."

"George..." Shannon pours tears and kisses him.

And then... It is time for their Sentences. Jessica, Sayo and Gohda goes to Gohda.

"I am sorry, Gohda-san." Genji says, first.

"I am sorry, Gohda-san." Sayo says. "You give to us your trust and we used this in our favor."

"I am sorry, Gohda-san." Jessica says. "You get so worried about me and I stepped in your worry, trust and friendship. We don't know if one day you can forgive us, but.... The heart wants what the heart wants."

"If one day you can forgive us..." Sayo says. "Please, tell us! We can start all over again!"
>> No. 5785 edit
File 132690715459.jpg - (58.47KB , 500x600 , b5e2b3014aa5bdcea8ec58cee69dc68b.jpg )
Gohda laughs friendly.

"There is no way I can not forgive my precious assistant! You know I love you all!", there was magic in his words.

Gohda was using the ring who Berune gave to him. But a blow strokes Gohda's head. It was Chesterton.

"Gohda, you are getting too easy on them!", Chesterton said.

"I guess you're right. Jessica. Sayo. Genji. You could told me how you felt. I can not say I am not disappointed", he says, scratching his head.

"But now, you have to cook for me, to compensate for this. For a long time", he says, joking.

"Genji-san. You should now... there some things we shouldn't do even to our best friends."

"Sayo-san. You should now... you could have talk about that. To George-sama or even me."

"Especially you, Jessica, you could have told me about your parents when we were with Henrica. If you don't trust them... you know you could trust me."

Gohda hugs the trio.

"I forgive you... but trust me. Tell me how you feel. You know I will do everything to heal your broken hearts."

Chesterton smiles.

"You still going easy on them. But fine. You three, don't do it again."

"But now I do not think <Miss> Jessica can live in the Golden Land, since her father, mother and brother were THERE. I do not think <Miss> Shannon can live in the Golden Land too, because she could find <Mister> Battler. And that could hurt THEM.", Dlanor appoints.

"Heh? But where you want them to live?", Chesterton asks.


"WHAT?", Chesterton was so surprised he dropped his monocle, "But why do you need sisters?!"

"You do not understand, GRANDFATHER. I am a GIRL. I need to be with other GIRLS. You are a MAN. Napoleon, Father Brown, Flambeau are all MAN. I need feminine COMPANY."

"Ok, I understand that, but you cannot bother Miss Jessica and Miss Sayo with that! They could have them own plans!"

"But if they do not have, they can come with US?"

"Of course... my doors are always open. But they probably have their own plans! You shouldn't ask that strange things!"
>> No. 5786 edit
File 132606251568.png - (473.37KB , 745x1134 , sha_a11 laughing 2.png )
Both Jessica and Sayo laugh.

"Sure, Dlanor-chan." Jessica says. "We can be your sisters, but, you know... I am Beatrice now. I have to command Golden Land. If you want, I can make a house for us there. *cackle*"

"I don't see nay problem too, Dlanor-san." Sayo says. "In Golden Land, we can be happy, even if we meet people that can make us sad. We are all grow up now, we can deal with that."

"And what about Erika and the others Eiserne, Dlanor?" Virgilia says. "Aren't they good commarades for you?"
>> No. 5787 edit
File 13276963641.png - (608.20KB , 1024x1024 , trollanor.png )
"I can not leave, GRANDFATHER. He is so CHILDISH. I need to look him to not smoke AGAIN."

Chesterton and Father Brown laughs.

"And I do not want to let him ALONE. But I will visit EVERYDAY. Please allow me to learn girly THINGS."

"<Miss> Virgilia! It is good to see YOU. My comradres in Eiserne Jungfrau are too much like ME. I need someone who is not like me to EVOLVE."

Gohda takes everyone is attention and call for Berune-chan/Beelzebub.

"Everyone, please, listen to me! I will marry soon with Beel-chan/Berune-chan! Everyone is invited! I want you and Eriko-sama, if you please", Gohda announces.

"Of course, I will!", Chesterton answers.

"Grandfather, you should marry too, as <Mister> GOHDA DID. I need a GRANDMOTHER."

He thought that was a joke.

"And who will marry me then, Dlanor?", he asked, entering in the joke.

"<Miss> Virgilia", responded instantaneously.

"It is a joke, right? You became pretty good on that, Dlanor!"


"...It is not a joke?"



"But, Grandfather, you do not like HER?"

"I-I-I-It's not I like or hate her... don't change the subject! And why do you think Miss Virgilia would marry me? We haven't even a date!"

"So you can go date with <Miss> Virgilia."

"And why do you think Miss Virgilia would DATE with me?"

Father Brown smiles.

"Matrimony is a sacrament, you know..."


"Miss Virgilia may already have many candidates!"

"So I will ask HER."


The priest laughs and Chesterton facepalms.

"Don't worry, Mister Chesterton. Miss Virgilia is probably already dating someone", Father Brown says.

Chesterton hopes the priest is correct.
>> No. 5788 edit
File 132769667212.png - (659.88KB , 891x1211 , wal_a12 surprized 1.png )
"*ahaha.wav* troll/10 for you, Dlanor-chan!" Eriko says. "And I'll sure go to your marriage, Gohda-san! I did this, in the end, right? My Gameboard is fulfilled with love and.... And this is gay."

"Well... Well... Me and <Mister> Chesterson!?" Virgilia is surprized. "I am... I am sorry, Dlanor... But I am current dating someone..."

"And his name is-- Ouch! My head!"

"How unpolite, child!" Virgilia says, after hit Eriko's head with her wand.
>> No. 5789 edit
File 132009243515.png - (88.56KB , 310x380 , 56614075.png )
In his mind, Chesterton thanks God.

"Thanks God who listen the prays of your obedient and SINGLE servants."

But Dlanor looks a little disappointed.


Then, she whispers secretly to Jessica and Sayo.

"Could you help me in THAT?", Dlanor refers to Chesterton's Single Problems.

Then, Chesterton speaks.

"Where is Berune-san? I want to congratulate her for the marriage."
>> No. 5790 edit
File 132769718228.png - (600.20KB , 1152x1035 , rg6_d21 laughing 1.png )
Then, Berune arrives.

"I heard what you said, Dlanor-chan." Berune arrives. "Chesterson-sama can date with one of my sister. Maybe Reinon: She is very polite and very proactive. *giggle* She and Chesterson can become a cute couple!"
>> No. 5791 edit
File 13276963641.png - (608.20KB , 1024x1024 , trollanor.png )
"So, Sunday, 18 O'CLOCK. If someone could cook something for the occasion, will be of great HELP."

"What is this, a conspiracy?", Chesterton asks, "Never mind... Congratulations for the marriage!"

"Did I told you, Berune-chan? Chesterton-sama turned me a Magician to let me live... so I could bring the dessert to you and you could give me the marriage ring."
>> No. 5792 edit
File 132769774755.png - (552.87KB , 770x1050 , rg6_c11 laughing 3.png )
"Reaaaally?! Oh, thank you, Chesterson-sama! Thank you!" Berune hugs him very strong. "If wasn't for you, I would never become Toshiro Berune!

But this doesn't mean that you will not have at least one date with Reinon.

>> No. 5793 edit
Audio feel.mp3 - (2.30MB )
"...fine", Chesterton was with a POKER FACE, "Gohda, did you have a moment?"

"Of course, Chesterton-sama."

"Cut that -sama off and come with me."

At Golden Land, they sit on the beach and look at sea. They're like two old friends.

"Chesterton-sama, why did you choose me?"

"I already told you to cut off that -sama. Call me Chess-kun, like Jessica and Eriko. Well... I choose you, Gohda, because you are not a detective."


"Yes, you heard me well. EVA could manipulate Ushiromiya Eva, but Ushiromiya Eva is hated by the rest of the family. She would be accused, killed in the First Twilight. Even if she survived, she could not gather people around her."

"Maria is a child. Always needing of adult supervision. I needed someone with freedom of movement. And she could mistake Fantasy and Reality, and couldn't find any truth."

"Nanjo could examinate corpses... But since he hadn't a Detective's Authority, he would became useless. Did you see the Second Twilight?"

"Lion is head of the family. If I had chosen him, everyone would look at me. No privacity. Genji would be always at my sight, to protect and advise me. Natsuhi would praise me everyday. Krauss is the same thing."

"But you. You are the cook. You can use kitchen's utensils. And they wouldn't look at you everytime. But more than that, the most important, you can cook. To cook, you need heart. You said that. And Heart is necessary to understand the culprits. Love them."

"I have to apologize. I knew Jessica was the culprit when Maria disappeared. But when I asked you to use the Black/White Cat, I was afraid your reaction. More: if I was wrong, I would waste the card. So I didn't make her confess. I made her trust you. I thought that could be sufficient, but it wasn't. I sorry. That is my true sin in the Gameboard."

Gohda sighs, and answers.

"Thanks. If I discovered in that moment... I don't know if I could deal with. And I don't know if I could talk with Berune-chan. Take this."

Gohda delivers to Chesterton a Marmitex.

"What is this?"

"Magical Food."

They both laughs and returns.

"I will visit you all EVERYDAY. Please, be patient with ME", Dlanor say to her new sisters and Berune.
>> No. 5794 edit
File 132251910715.png - (92.52KB , 310x380 , 82359080_troll.png )
"Don't worry about it, Dlanor-chan." Jessica says. "We will wait, don't worry."

"But, please, don't make us wait for 6 years, ok? *giggle*" Sayo says, joking.

Some minutes later, Chesterson and Gohda come back.

"Welcome back, Gohda, Chess-kun." Eriko says. "It is almost time to Golden Land opens it gates."

Eriko approaches to Chesterson. He makes a trollface and then. "Hey, while you were talking with Gohda-san... Check this out..."

Eriko lands him a piece o paper. Some brainstorm is write on it. "What do you think? Too easy for our friend or it is good enough to make our friend think some decades, chasing his own tail?"
>> No. 5795 edit
File 132770084630.png - (407.67KB , 640x480 , different_trolling_1a.png )
"I think he will need centuries to solve that. He will need a help or two. Dlanor, Father Brown, Flambeau, what do you think?"

"He will never discover that with a 'howdunnit', probably", Father Brown sighs.

"Probably? It's almost certain. But I could help him to unlock a door or two", Flambeau affirms.

"I could try to help him with his 'howdunnit', BUT... He will need a much more 'whydunnit' he ever EXPECT", Dlanor smile with her cat troll face.

"Let's write more things and with more time... I think our friend will entretain us for a long, long time..."

Dlanor, Chesterton, Father Brown and Flambeau laughs.
>> No. 5796 edit
I'm sorry, but this is some grade a fanfiction level pants on head retarded gameboard rping right here. This doesn't even deserve to be called a gameboard. I just thought I should say that, my mind couldn't handle anymore of this dribble every time i looked at gameboard anymore.
>> No. 5797 edit
Report them
>> No. 5799 edit
hi eriko
>> No. 5800 edit
Needs moar sage?
>> No. 5801 edit
Audio 29_rain.mp3 - (5.19MB )
Eriko laughs with them.

"Everyone, listen!" Jessica... No... Jessica-Beatrice says. "It's time to Golden Land's gates open!"

All non-fantasy pieces are together, waiting for it. A sweet and fun game, filled with emotions and heart is now coming to end. All dead people in this gameboard will rest inside Golden Land: Beatrice's Eldorado, Ushiromiya's Canaan.

Those who aren't dead will now say their last words to those who will never see again.

"Goodbye, my brothers, my sister." Rosa hugs them for the last time, pouring tears. "I will miss you all!"

"Don't cry, Rosa, don't cry." Rudolf says, trying to confort her. "Please, take care of Ange."

"Yes... I will take care of her. Take care of her and take care of Maria too."

"Do not worry, <Mister> Rudolf-sama." Henrica says, side by side with Rosa. "I will help <Miss> Rosa-sama."

"Thank, white cat-chan." Rudolf can't hold his tears anymore. "Thank... You."

"Goodbye, Kumasawa-san." Jessica says.

"..... Hoho..." the old lady hugs her. "You can cry."

"U... Uaaaahh... I am sorry I couldn't--"

"Shhh... That's ok. You are a good child. I bet you will become a great witch, Jessica-Beatrice."

"I will! I will, Kumasawa-oka-san! I will! I promisse! I will fill Golden Land with happiness, love and bliss!"

"Goodbye, Jes--" before Henrica could finish, Jessica hugs her very strong and very tight.

"Thank you, Henrica... Thank you for being my friend. I love you! Never forget this, okay?"

"I will never forget this, Jessica. And thank you so much for rescue me in Niijima.

And do not worry: Cats live around 18 years. We will soon met each other again in Golden Land."

"Yes... We will. Put, please, don't die because you want to see me! Rosa-oba-san needs your help, now! She needs your to raise Maria-chan and Ange-chan!"

"Don't worry, I will not do this."


With that last goodbye, Jessica-Beatrice turns around and stands her arms.

"By my own name, honor and glory, I now open the gates of Golden Land! Arises from the darkness and welcome us to our paradise!"

Golden butterflies flies in all theater and a colossal light arises. From there, a very familiar person gets out.

Genji isn't beleiving. "Kinzo.... Sama?"

"Gyahahahaha! Cut off this 'sama', Genji!" Kinzo open his arms. "Come here, your old fool! It's time for you join me in Golden Land and drink liquour! This place is boring as hell without you!"

Genji runs like a child. Like a child that finally met your friend that arrived from summer vacation.

Eriko, Chesterson, Dlanor, Brown, Flambeau, Virgilia, Rosa, Maria, Kumasawa and Henrica see each one of them get into Golden Land.

"Let's go, Jessica?" Yoshiya holds her hand.

"Sure! Goodbye, everyone!"

Both get into the big light.

"It's our time, Gohda." Berune says, smiling.

He smiles to her and... Both get into Golden Land.

The door to Golden Land closes for now.

"I think is our time, too." Kumasawa says, looking the theater flooding.

"Uu~ Goodbye!"

"Goodbye, everyone." Rosa says.

"Goodbye, Misters and Misses." Henrica says.

They see their ship arriving and get into it. They wave their hands. The last goodbye.

Soon, the rest disappears and everything gets quiet.
Japan, 1998.

Seas of Rokkenjima.

In a ship, some people were hearing seagulls' cry.

"Tell me, Rosa-oba-san, Maria-onee-chan...." Ange says, looking for the place that one day was Rokkenjima. "What happened.... That day?"

"I thought I knew everything..." Rosa says.

"Me too." Maria says.

"But... When Kumasawa died, she left this for us." Rosa lands a book. Ange opens it. "It's kinda of a diary that she wrote, telling about that two days."

"Can I..." another person was in that ship: Nanjo's son. "See it, too?"

"Sure!" Kumasawa's son was there too. "We all will see it. I can't beleive my mother wrote that and never showed to me before."

"It is because she was afraid that you might hurt yourself with the truth."

"I can see irony here, Papa." Maria says, holding his father's arms. "Without all of this, Mama would never met you again."

"Yes, my daughter." Maria's father kisses her head. "But this doesn't mean that all that deaths worth our reunion between me and your mother."

Ange was still reading, absorbing each other.

"So, Ange-chan..." Rosa says.

"Is this.... The truth about those days?"

"Unfortunatly, yes."

"Meow." Henrica "says", surrouding Ange's legs.

"*giggle* Your owner was a great person, Henrica." Ange smiles. "Even so... They are all resting in Golden Land now. Right, Maria-onee-chan?"

"Yes, Ange-onee-chan. I beleive so." Maria smiles.
>> No. 5930 edit
File 132600153547.png - (190.96KB , 496x480 , 132622479128.png )

How did you.. When did you..!?

>> No. 5931 edit
File 132809535181.jpg - (39.93KB , 410x390 , 1251229626850.jpg )

*Cough* *Cough* Err.. And good game, been busy lately, tell me if you got a new game soon!
>> No. 5942 edit
File 131992520499.png - (88.90KB , 310x380 , 82833866.png )
You know that Mister Eriko is always carrying a camera in hands! Always change your clothes inside a Closed Room!

Thank you for the compliment!

I'm helping him in another gameboard. This weekend or the next weekend, there will be another game to our friend Featherine. Stay tuned for more.
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