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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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5838 No. 5838 edit
Hello everyone, I'm inviting/challenging you all in my own little 'mystery' game

My rules is the same as the ones in Umineko
As a fan like you all, I made this a long time ago but eventually I found this place

You'll just have to give me the 'Whodunnit' and 'Howdunnit'

Whydunnit is not included, just think of the murderer as a psychotic maniac

Also, plus bonus if you could solve this one without any additional Reds
I'm really glad that this shift is finally over, assuming my friends are pretty excited about it. Though, another boring day has passed. My friends are packing up, so I guess it's the end of our shift. It's almost midnight now, better hurry then. Until I got this 'notice', more like a death threat..I asked my friends who put this in my bag. Of course, no one confessed. Melody suggested that I should report it to the police, as her boyfriend -I respected her suggestion. I should report it at daylight. My friends are joking about it, telling that it's just a prank. As we go along our way to our private dormitory, we decided to take that as a joke.

Honestly, I suspect them a little. They are the only ones who can put that letter into my bag, considering it's hidden from the pile of bags. Motives too, I can't think of one. "Oh! Johnny! You've already brought the snacks? My, arent you dutiful one?"
"Yeah! we'll drain our gray cells all night! Wait, it's already morning! WAHAHAHAHA!" Johnny said while swaying his arm. It's good that we're starting, but then I saw Karen drinking one too "No, this is carbonated" Karen tells me with a demure smile - she's drunk too! Suddenly after I saw the things prepared by Johnny, those words "A bad drunk" are instantly gone from the back of my mind. "By the way, where's the other two?" I asked, Karen then pointed out the kitchen.


1st Murder
MMM! Not bad! Not bad at all! This hot choco is the best! I give my regards to the chef, it was only Nina I suppose? "Hey!" Melody puffed her cheeks like a brat, for not recognizing her work. "We should be lovers too, Melody as your wife and me as your personal mistress" Nina said jokingly. "Meowr! I wont let you have my prey! It's mine!" Melody answered back. Before I notice it, I'm already that red. Shits and giggles came afterwards.

Few minutes later... looks like we have a knockout! Karen was already sleeping in all that racket, looks like she took it the duty well, now she's taking it easy. Johhny carried her to the room upstairs (3rd floor) then after
a while, he came back saying "She's sleeping like a log, why dont we play something?" Before I'll challenge him, I need to pee first - off to the front lawn!

When I came back, I heard someone's stomach grumbling "I heard that someone's hungry again!" I announced while suprizing them. "Excuse me it's not like that, I need to go." Nina said in a sarcastic way. "And it's not fair! I almost beat you there, you're cheating!" Johnny made faces and made Nina pissed. Nina then went upstairs. After a while, Nina screamed. We don't know what's happening, so we went upstairs, and found Nina trembling while pointing a pool of blood. Johnny said we
should look for Karen due to that letter I received a while back. We searched for her but we couldn't find her anywhere in this floor


2nd Murder
All of us holed at the kitchen, after that Melody recieved an anonymous SMS with the message 'Help! this is Karen! I'm at the bathroom!'. I then declared that it's a trap, "Better report this to the police" I said while holding her cellphone.

From the moment I said 'police' We heard the toaster clicked, and instantly -lights were off. "There's no power!" 'Click' 'Click' Melody said while flipping the switch. "Hey!" Johnny exclaimed. Then we heard a glass being broken. then after that, a chair being moved "Ow! That hurt!" Nina shrieked. At the same time when the sound of the chair is heard -Lights were on again


3rd murder
Knowing that Johnny is missing, and he's just standing there a while ago near the glass window. We therefore conclude that he fell on the window, assuming that he was pushed. That must have been fatal.

But again due to our recklessness, Melody insisted that she would go to the bathroom -she's holding it a while since. Of course, we did argue not to go. but Nina said "We'll look after you" to resolve it. We went upstairs and seen Melody to go to the bathroom. Nina asked me to check the pool of blood and it's traces, while she checks Karen's room.
After a while, we heard a glass shattering again. Then I saw Nina coming out from Karen's room, then we both dashed into the bathroom. As we go in, there were fragments of glass in the floor. Also, Melody isn't there. I managed to pull my
crying face up. Nothing is left to be done here, as we went out -Nina seems to be in a deep thought.


4th murder
I asked Nina what's she thinking, and she replied 'One of us is the murderer'. I know what she's implying because -Not a single body was found, we can't even confirm their deaths. But Nina apologized that, we both have
no alibi because of her selfish request (being afraid of blood -why did she become a nurse?). Anyways, we need to find the other's for alibi -we'll check Johnny first, his landing place is nearer. Soon or sooner, the police will come. We won't have to worry, as long as one isn't separated. Until we start to go downstairs, someone pushed my back. We both tumbled down the stairs. Luckily for me, it's just a minor damage for me - but not for Nina, I saw her head landed down first and
she's bleeding.


5th murder
I knew it's an instant death, I quickly went into the kitchen for refuge...and I saw something...Then I knew. "Took you
long enough! Kihihihihi!!!" Soon after 15 mins or more, the police has arrived.
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>> No. 5840 edit
File 130826654858.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua43.png )
Hello and, welcome?
>> No. 5841 edit
File 132781755063.png - (832B , 62x67 , Lion.png )
There are no more characters that the ones mentioned in the story
Obviously no one is faking their death
>> No. 5844 edit
The narrator is called "William"

Someone is/are faking his/her death

ohhuhaa, I failed in naming the narrator again.
>> No. 5846 edit
There are no more characters that the ones mentioned in the story, this rule also includes the narrator 'William'

These are all the characters

William (Narrator)
>> No. 5851 edit
William couldn't be nearby of his bag all the time...So anyone could put the letter while he wasn't looking
>> No. 5854 edit
William couldn't be nearby of his bag all the time...So anyone could put the letter while he wasn't looking
>> No. 5939 edit
File 132817545379.png - (110.81KB , 245x431 , ki2_a11_majime1.png )
Just to make sure, considering voice-activated traps are somewhat rare in mysteries.

"There are no voice-activated traps in this game, the power could not have been cut off by such a trap."

If so, then I have my theory.
>> No. 6112 edit
There are no voice recorders used in the story
>> No. 6113 edit
nor traps used in the story
>> No. 6114 edit
additional red
All murders are done by hand, meaning that the murderer must have physical contact to kill the victim
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