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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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6145 No. 6145 edit
Good afternoon, dear Featherine.

I am deeply happy to announce that our promisse is fulfilled.... Our board is complete. This Game Board, as well as a new moon, is going to introduce a new circle inside your mind: The circle of mystery knowledge.

The game level is medium. We didn't want to prepare nothing too easy. We want to defy you, encourage your logical reasoning. This will be a lesson for you. Your first step to become a better player and, soon, a good Game Master.

However, before we start, I honorably present you your choices. Choose your destiny, choose your piece:

All of a sudden, three souls emerge from the cold and polished meta-room floor, vis-a-vis to Featherinne.

Ushiromiya Family Piece:
Ushiromiya Kyrie

Guests Pieces:
Terumasa Nanjo
Furudo Erika (if you don't choose her, she won't appear in this game board)

Did you already choose your piece? Yes? Perfect.

The selected soul becomes a little white chess piece and the others two vanish away, shattered by the cruel destiny of friendzone rejection.

Now, please, choose your Piece's appendices:

Do you want Detective Authority? Yes or No?
Will you follow any Inquisition Rules? Yes or No? If "Yes", choose between "Knox Decalogue" or "Van Dine Icosalogue" (And, before you ask: No, we aren't going to say if your Inquisition Rule will be applied)

Did you finish it? Yes? Great. Now, Witch of Theatergoing, tell us your choices. We'll love hear it!

Also, while you tell us, let it be know that Purple Declaration is going to value into our Game Board. Let me explain its rules:
1. Purple Declaration can be only used by Pieces.
2. Purple Declaration has same power of Red Truth.
3. Only the Culprit and Accomplices can lie using Purple Declaration.
4. Those who aren't Culprit or Accomplice will only tell the truth.
5. Your Piece can use Blue Truth inside Game Board. However, those who are targets of your Piece's Blue Truth are goint to answer using Purple Declaration, since it has same power as Red Truth.

Oh, God! I almost forget: Your aim inside this Game Board.
1. Unmask the culprit.
2. Deny all magic with logical reasoning. Obviously, you need to deny it following reasoning methods of investigation.

Simple, isn't it?
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>> No. 6147 edit
Good afternoon, Featherine Augustus Aurora.

My name is G. K. Chesterton. May you recognize me as a writer or an ex-inquisitor. They both correct.

Mister Eriko gave to you good choices to your detective. However, there is something missing. Probably you WANT Detective’s Authority. But if you refuse, I can guarantee another benefit, which is perhaps more useful.

It is “magic”. Your detective will be allowed to use a few summons in the Gameboard.

This will seem a paradox. You’re trying to deny the magic, but using the same. But as you know, the magic of your detective is a camouflage for his actions. Your advantage over the Detective’s Authority will be able to do things that an orthodox detective would be unable to do.
For example, you would be allowed to cast one of my assistants or Mister Eriko’s assistants. You could summon Gaap to be transported from one part of the island to another. You could ask my old friend, Flambeau, to unlock a door or take an item from a person or a locked room.
Summoning spellcasting, if accepted, will be explained in more detail. Of course, summoning spellcasting requires a detective without Detective’s Authority.
If you're wondering why a man like me to be offering magic, it is because I believe it is very useful. But if your interest is to live a purely logical detective and unable to perform magic, is your right. And your advantage, obviously, will not be fooled by fantastic scenes.

There is other purpose, too. My protected, the Inquisitor Dlanor A. Knox, is learning to deal with less “orthodox” concepts to solve mysteries. In particular, do not think the Knox’s Decalogue or the Van Dine’s laws are good enough to be considered orthodox.

However, this story meets Chesterton’s Principles of Mystery. I can tell you about them later, if you don’t know what is it.

Well, that is it. Too many choices, Miss Aurora. Choose wisely.
>> No. 6148 edit
File 132906378025.png - (130.85KB , 335x411 , fea_b11_def1.png )
How interesting. Very well, allow me to accept your challenge in this game board. I, Featherine Augustus Aurora will do my best to cut the magic from the fabric of reality.

Now then, allow me to respond to your questions. Let's start from the begining, i choose Furudo Erika as my glorious piece on this gameboard, her intellect will be most useful to my plans.

Now then, as for the detective's authority, i will decline that power, and so, i am choosing to use magic as my ally. Please don't misunderstand me, i belive that my piece will do just fine without the detective's authority, she will use other methods to corner the witch.

And last, but not least, i choose the Knox decalogue as my inquisition rules. Why you ask? Because there are just ten rules. Ten certain rules that leaves no room of opposition to the defiers of mystery. And so, i made my choices.

Mister Eriko, Mister Chesterton, i pray that this experience teach us many things and i also pray that the three of us can have a little fun while we learn. With that said, i would love to hear your rules, my friend Chesterton.
>> No. 6150 edit
"Very well, Featherine. I'm glad you accepted our challenge. But before we start, let me give you something very special."

From Eriko's camera, three colorful spheres of light emerge and go at you, surrounding your body like satellites.

"Those are my famous Devil Token I used on my previous game against Chess-kun. Right now, you cannot use them. I'll explain better in the course of our Chessboard."

Eriko gets up from his sit and raises his arms.

"It's now start our game, Featherine!

< D U E L O F T H E G O L D E N W I T C H >!"

Sounds... Strage sounds..... No..... More like voices...... It seems very distant voices........ Hng... Where?

Smells... Salt....... Why my bodie is........ cold?

"Hey!...... Hey!......"

This voice.... Who? Who is it?

"Girl! Girl! Are you 'kay!?"

A girl's voice...... My eyes... I need!!

You slowy open your eyes, but you don't see a girl. You see a boy very close to your face. Behind him, you can see a dark sky, annoucing a dangerous storm. You can, also, see some people. But you can't see her faces too well, because your vision is blurred.

You cof. Cof, cof and cof. You tounge tastes stomach acid and salt water.

"You did it, George-aniki, you did it! You saved her life!"

"Thanks God, George-sama!"

"Uu~! George-onii-chan saved the girl! Uu~!"

"How you did it, George-onii-chan? The girl is ok?"

"*giggle* I know mouth-to-mouth breathing, Ange-chan." George says and look at you again. "What's your name? Where you from? What day is today? Can you tell me the name of your parents?"

Those are normal question, when a rescuer found someone awake in an accident.
>> No. 6151 edit
File 132906767933.png - (155.15KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_hanbeso2.png )
The girl finally realised the world arround her. She was in a island, surrounded by people, probably locals. Little by little she begins to understand the questions that are being launched at her, and that her rescuer name was George.

"My name is Furudo Erika,i'm a detective...ah...my head. And....today is october 4th 1986. i don't really recall the name of my father or my mother....where am I, George-san?" After saying that, she feels an urge to vomit, and proceeds to do that in the sea. Her face is covered with bruises and stomachal liquid, she's in a bad state of health, and she feels extremealy weak.
>> No. 6152 edit
File 132906909147.png - (108.42KB , 254x413 , geo_a11_komaru1.png )
"Furudo Erika... I see." George tries to smile, but he isn't able to do it. "Don't worry, Erika! We will lead you to our house! There is a doctor there."

"Here, George-sama." A girl is carrying some kind of blanket. "This will warm you, Erika-sama."

"Thanks, Shannon." He smiles.

"I'll help too, George-aniki! I'm strong, let me help you carrying her to the Mansion."

"Ah!, thanks, Jessica!"

Both George and Jessica carry you, covered by a blanket, as fast as they can to the Mansion.

Many minutes were taken and finally you all arrive.

"Nanjo-sensei! Nanjo-sensei!" George screams. You can't see too well, but you deduce you are in Main Entrance. "We need Nanjo-sensei now!"

Some minutes later, many other people arrive. You can't see them, but there is a lot.

"What happened!?" a woman says. "Is everything okay with Ange!?"

"And Maria? Where is her!?" other woman says.

"They are all alright, Kyrie-sama, Rosa-sama." Shannon says. "We found a girl at the beach."

"Yes! She seems an wreck!"

"What!?" a man says, horrified. "Genji told to us in the Parlor that a cruise sank on the ocean! Maybe she--"

The man's sentence stopped abruptly by an old man's voice. He was at the bottom of a staircase.

"I am here, everyone! Wha--" The, he saw you. "Hurry! Bring her to Parlor! Hurry! Hurry!"

You faint. Probably you couldn't handle anymore. You were powerless.

....... Hng..... Where am...? ............... Oh, I remmember now.....
.... The cruise..... The furious sea........ And those guys....... But my bodie is warm.... Very warm...... Ugh..... And I'm not feeling dizzy.......

"Again, what's her name?" You hear the old man's voice again.

"She said her name is Furudo Erika." George says.

"She is probably from that sank Cruise. Poor of her... Not even remmember her parents names."

"Well..... Probably her parents weren't at the Cruise. Let's think positive!"

"Look! She is waking!" you hear another woman's voice.

You open your eyes. You are now felling better. Much better.

"We're lucky for have many medicines. You give a shock to us, little lady!" The old man giggles. "I am Nanjo. Terumasa Nanjo, the doctor."

"I am George, Ushiromiya George. Those other girls that were with us at the beach are my cousins Jessica, Ange, Maria and one of our servants, Shannon."

"Nice to meet you, Erika-chan. I am Ushiromiya Natsuhi. And Jessica is my daughter. We tried to comunicate to the telephonist, trying to find your home, but it this storm destroyed our communication with external world.

Unfortunatly, we're captive in this island during all the weekend."
>> No. 6153 edit
File 132907233677.png - (154.01KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akire2.png )
"Ah...nice to meet you, everyone. I'm Furudo Erika. Though I am an uninvited guest, i pray that you can all help me in this confused time."

Erika tries to get up, and she is helped by the many people, she bows and then she begins to explain her tragic situation.

"I was in a cruise with my parents, Ichihara Sakura and Tanaka Tomitake, we were in our family vacation, enjoying the japanese sea. I...really don't remember what happened...but I was tossed at the sea, and then carried by the waves...I was very lucky to meet you all in this island"

She realises the amount of people surrounding her, listening to her every word, she liked that. She was before anything else, a detective, and so, she adored to speak to a silent croud, explaining facts. She bowed once again and continued.

"Ushiromiya Natsuhi-san, i appreciate your kindness in trying to contact someone on the phone, but as you said, this is quite a storm. I don't know if i have any documents, but if you need any information from me, i will try to the best of my abilities to remember anything. And I hope to be an well-manered uninvited guest in this weekend, without getting in the way of the family duty."

She bowed once again.
>> No. 6155 edit
File 132907378375.png - (619.98KB , 640x480 , mvip_1a.png )
"I understand, Erika-chan." Natsuhi smiles, don't letting none looking through her sad thoughts about her parents. "You helped us a lot remmembering your parents name. We can try to contact some of your relatives when this weekend over.

Now, please, follow me to your room. On second floor, we have a VIP Room waiting for you, Erika-chan. There have some clothes and it's a very comfy and cozy room."

"I'll go with you, Natsuhi-san." Nanjo says. "I'll carry some medicine for you."

You and Nanjo follow Natsuhi until VIP Room. You can see it's a very beatiful room.

"We arrived, Erika-chan." Natsuhi says.

You take a good look at the room: There is a bed, fireplace, chairs and table, a dressing table, a wardrobe, a clock hanged on the wall and another door.

"Oh, that door is to a private bathroom." Natsuhi says. "There is some clothes in the wardrobe. Here is the key."

Natsuhi handles to you VIP Room's key and Nanjo put your medicines on the table.

"We will leave for now. Please, fell yourself in home." Natsuhi and Nanjo levaes, closing the door.

You look at the clock: It's now 17:45.

Suddenly, everything gets black and white and the time stops. Featherine, Chesterson and Eriko appears inside VIP Room.

"Before we continue our game, Chesterson needs to talk about something." Eriko says.
>> No. 6156 edit
File 131992520499.png - (88.90KB , 310x380 , 82833866.png )
A pause for an explanation, Miss Featherine.

Inside the desk drawer of the VIP room, you will have a spellbook. This spellbook contains various summons. With this, you can use the magic of your piece. Keep your spellbook with you always!

In the pages of the spellbook, there are spells ready for casting. You have the following beings which you may summon.

Belial: He worked on Heaven's armed military organization, similar to SSVD and Eiserne Jungfrau. For unknow reason, he was banned from Heaven. He knows a lot of war and gameboar tatics. He's one of most powerful demons and is only summom by High-level Witches. If you want to win gameboards and wars, Bel-kun is your kind of demon.

Ronove: He is a butler demon. Due to this, Witches always summom him to eat his cookies and drink his tea. He utilizes barriers for both offense and defense, generating strong ones to both deflect attacks and launch enemies backwards. He can also use a special barrier that returns damage back to the attacker. He share a sort of link with Ronoue Genji.

Gaap: She is a funny demon. She draws power from the Abyss to summon holes that can lead anywhere, although there are limits. Oh!... She likes to give nicknames to everyone.

Father Brown: Father Brown is a short, stumpy Catholic priest, "formerly of Cobhole in Essex, and now working in Heavenly Court," with shapeless clothes and a large umbrella, and uncanny insight into human evil. He cannot give to you the answer, but can give you some tips.

Flambeau: He is a reformed criminal. Father Brown foiled his attempted crimes in several other stories. As a notorious and elusive criminal, Flambeau is a worry for law-enforcers. He is exposed by Father Brown early on, and perhaps as a result becomes a detective himself. Despite this, he has an unusual ease in pilfering objects and to unlock any kind of locks.

Napoleon: Napoleon is a skilled fighter. Erika can help fight supernatural enemies.

Moreover, we hide in the island several scrolls. If you feel you have some free time, look them up. They can contain more characters to help you.

In this gameboard, you are entitled to three summons, although that has more options. For each solution of the mystery good or good RP of your piece, you will be added one more summoning.

Any questions?
>> No. 6157 edit
File 131992379466.png - (87.80KB , 310x380 , 32993533.png )
"And let me complete your sentence, Chess-kun: The drawer of dressing table, besides keep that book, you can use as 'chest' for your items.

Inside the drawer, there is a key that can lock and unlock it. There is only one in all Rokkenjima. With this, all your item are safe.

Any questions? If you don't, please, move your piece."
>> No. 6158 edit
File 132907577027.png - (95.01KB , 186x411 , fea_a12_warai2.png )
*giggle* very well, i understand the system of the drawer and the spellbook. I only have one little question: How many times can i use the book to summon allies?
>> No. 6159 edit
File 131992008519.png - (92.66KB , 310x380 , 69503697 copy.png )
As I said, in this gameboard, you can perform three summons, although you have more options.

For each solution of the mystery good or good RP of your piece, you will be added one more summoning.
>> No. 6160 edit
File 132907655159.png - (188.16KB , 390x364 , eri_b11_akuwarai6.png )
Erika entered her room and quickly made herself comfortable. She opened the curtains but left the windows untouched. After doing that, she did the same with the bathroom. And then, she noticed the drawer, wich she opened. There, she found an old book with some funny writings and a key. She took the key and locked the drawer. She changed her clothes and then she placed the key in the insides of her bra.

"<Good> Now i have almost everything i need. *giggle* Soon a crime will occur and i will be the detective that will unmask the true culprit. Thesse pathetic fools will behold my intellectual might soon enough. Now...the phone."

Erika rwached for the phone, and tried to talk to the servant Kumasawa.
>> No. 6161 edit
File 132907731938.png - (347.41KB , 640x480 , trollcandlesandphoto.png )
You pick up the telephone and try to call to Kumasawa.

........ But you don't know where she is. .............. Also, you don't any of telephone extensions in Rokkenjima.
"*ahaha.wav* Remmember, Feathrine: It's the first time that Erika is in Rokkenjima. She doesn't know nothing in this place."

What will you do now, Detective Erika?
>> No. 6162 edit
File 132907858391.png - (155.31KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai2.png )
"Well...so much for trying usual methods, I think I will do something a little more bold."

Erika hang up the phone and proceed to leave the room, she locks the room and put the key in her bra, once again.

"Now, she muttered to herself, the first idiot who cross my path will help me, who will be I wonder..."

And then, she begins to walk freely in the mansion.
>> No. 6163 edit
File 132907904975.png - (90.94KB , 197x393 , jes_a12_warai1.png )
You don't walk for much. In fact, you don't even go out from 2nd floor.

"Hey, Erika!" it's Jessica. You see her getting out her room. "Mom said that you are alright now. And, look! Our rooms are on the same floor! *giggle*

Oh... I almost forgot: My name is Jessica."

She smiles and stands her hand to greet you, when you saw... In her hand...

A silver ring.
>> No. 6164 edit
File 132907931714.png - (154.35KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai5.png )
"Jessica-san! Nice to meet you here. I was in need of a few favors.... Well, such a NICE ring you have there. Does it mean something?"

Erika sepaks politely, but her smile is a bit creepy.
>> No. 6165 edit
File 132908039199.png - (75.67KB , 150x388 , jes_b21_nayamu1.png )
"Ah... This ring?" suddenly, Jessica's face becomes sad. "It's a long story, but I will try to shorten for you:

My father, Krauss, is the first son of Kinzo, my grandfather. Gramps has 4 children: Krauss, Eva-oba-san, Rudolf-oji-san and Rosa-oba-san.

Since my father is the elder, he was the one fated to inherit Headship. But when I was born, Gramps decided to skip his children's generation and made me his successor.
This rings, the Successor's Ring, is identical to Head's Ring: But mine is made of silver, while his is made of gold.

When I complete 21 years, I can be officialy Ushiromiya's Head. While this doesn't happen, Gramps is going to be the Head. If he dies and I'm not turned to 21 yet, my father will be a temporary Head."

Jessica sighs, showing that she doesn't like this subject. "I am sorry, Erika, did I bother you with my booooring story?"
>> No. 6166 edit
File 132908077596.png - (158.50KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_akire1.png )
"Not at all, it was very interesting to hear a bit about this heartwarming family that has taken an uninvited guest into their house...By the way, where can i find the servant Kumasawa? I must ask a few things to her. And one more thing...it would be possible to meet Ushiromiya Kinzo-san? i must present myself, given the circunstances."

Erika said that with a bit of caution.
>> No. 6167 edit
File 132908141754.png - (84.27KB , 171x388 , jes_a23_atya1.png )
"Hm... Gramps is in his room. He does not like visitors, but he may come for dinner. Then you can introduce yourself to him", Jessica replies, thinking with herself.

"But Kumasawa... I think she is in Servant's Room. I can lead you there if you wish."

It is clear Jessica feels something wrong with Erika, who wants to speak with Kumasawa having appeared almost drowned in the beach and not knowing almost no one on the island, but she has no objections.
>> No. 6168 edit
File 13290815929.png - (154.25KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai1.png )
"Thank you very much Jessica-san, you are a most sweet girl. Thanks for the info, it will make me fill a lot more confortable here. Now, let's go to the servant room."

Erika stand side by side with Jessica waiting her to guide.
>> No. 6169 edit
File 132908233981.png - (77.28KB , 214x357 , kum_a11_def1.png )
Jessica and Erika down the stairs to the first floor. Entering and doubling a corridor as soon as they arrive in the Servants' Room.

They find Kumasawa and Shannon talking about some trivial matter. Then, both introduce themselves.

"Ojou-sama", Shannon greets Jessica first, because she is the successor, "Erika-sama. My name is Shannon. I'm a servant of Ushiromiya family. If you need anything, please ask me."

"Ah, the young lady who George-sama found at beach", Kumasawa exclaims, "My name is Kumasawa, I'm a servant too. Please ask me if you need anything."
>> No. 6170 edit
File 132908255479.png - (163.48KB , 390x364 , eri_b12_akuwarai1.png )
"Hello everyone, my name is Furudo Erika, as you probably know. I am in dire need of a favor. You see, there's an item that i need. I would like some duct tape, please."

Erika bows and then she stare at Kumasawa and Shannon
>> No. 6171 edit
File 132908286781.png - (77.21KB , 214x357 , kum_a11_warai1.png )
"Of course", Kumasawa answers with a pleasant smile, when delivers to Erika a duct tape, "But why do you need a duct tape, Mistress?"
>> No. 6172 edit
File 132908333949.png - (154.22KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai3.png )
"Ah, you see, a part of my swiming suit has a cut. i'll use the duct tape to fix that cut untill a i can find a new one. You never know when you'll need a swiming suit, right, everyone?"

Erika smiles pleasantly, as she hold the duct tape.

"At any rate, when we will be having our dinner? I know it's a rude and inelegant question, but the sea just took my lunch *giggle*"
>> No. 6173 edit
File 132908233981.png - (77.28KB , 214x357 , kum_a11_def1.png )
Everyone laugh with you. Not because it's funny, but because they don't want to be rude.

"The dinner will be ready at 21:30. Until there, you can do a lot of things here!" Kumasawa says.

You look at Servant Room clock: It's now 18:00. You have 3:30 hours to do anything you want.

What will you do now?
>> No. 6174 edit
File 132907858391.png - (155.31KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai2.png )
"Oh, i have all this free time? Oh well, can't be helped. I think i will return to my room, get a few things ready and then i'll make a tour in the mansion. Before i forget, does anyone here have a pen?"

Erika just stood there, for some reason, she seemed happy
>> No. 6176 edit
File 132908523814.png - (99.78KB , 262x398 , sha_a11_tokui1.png )
"Yes, Erika-sama." Shannon stands up and catch a school case in one of drawers.

While Shannon was searching for the pen, you notice that above the drawers there is a portrait of a young lady with silver hair.

"Found it!" Shannon says with a smile in her face. "Inside there is a pen, pencil, pencil sharpner, eraser and a school scissor (without that dangerous tip).

Do you need anything else, Erika-sama?"
>> No. 6177 edit
File 132908554942.png - (154.22KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai4.png )
"No, thank you very much. I will now return to my bedroom. See you all later, folks."

Erika leaves the room and goes to her room. When she finally get there she took the key from her bra and then she opened the door. When she was finally inside, she locked the door and she begun her work.

Erika took fragments of duct tape and then she wrote her name "Furudo Erika" and another name "Featherine Aurora" on the fragments. She put those seals in all of her windows, including the one in the bathroom. When she was done, she unlocked the drawer, placed the duct tape and the pen inside, and took the grimoire from there.

"I think....i will use my first summon now, to confirm a few things. I will now summon the great demon Belial! *cackle* *cackle*
>> No. 6178 edit
File 132251382611.png - (111.11KB , 433x480 , bel_defa1.png )
You open the book and search for the right enchant. When you find, you sing this spell with all your heart intelligence.

Golden butterflies appears in front of you, materializing one of the powerfull demons in hell.

"Belial, here, Erika-sama."
>> No. 6179 edit
Audio The_girl's_witch_hunt.mp3 - (4.11MB , The girl\'s witch hunt.mp3 )
"Nice to meet you, Belial-chan. I am your master now, and we have a lot of work to do. I will now ask you a few things, and you will confirm or deny them in red, according to the question. Let's start, my devilish furniture.

1: How many humans are there in Rokkenjima?
2: My seals will be equal to thee red truth?
3: Can you provide me a map of the mansion and the guesthouse?
4: For how long can you accompany me?
5: Is there someone who's already dead at this point of the game? like Ushiromiya Kinzo for example.
6: My abilities, such as overpower hearing and photografic memory can be equaled to the red truth?"

Erika shot the questions withou relent, a maniac expression in her face while questioning Belial.
>> No. 6181 edit
File 132908806695.png - (24.46KB , 340x366 , trollducttape.png )
"I can't respond questions #1 and #5, since it's beyond my permission in this Gameboard, Erika-sama. Now, about other questions:

#3: I can't provide this to you. I have to ask to some not-fantasy piece;
#4: The time is unknow. I can be with you until the end or just five mintues. This will depend from Game Masters.
#6: You follow Knox Decalogue, right? 'Knox no 2: It is forbidden for supernatural agencies to be employed as a detective technique.' Because of that, you can't hear like a dog, see in the night like a cat, climb the walls like a spider, etc, etc, etc. If you want to climb until 3rd floor, use a ladder, for example.

Now... About question #2...."

Belial points at the tapes on the window: It is taking off by itself. Imediatly, a golden butterfly appear and catch one of the tapes. Belial analyzes it.

"It seems this duct tape is out of its validity. It's complety useless."
>> No. 6182 edit
File 132908859831.png - (155.41KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_niramu2.png )
"YOU USELESS PIECE! AHHHHHHHH! HOW HUMILIATING! I CAN'T EVEN USE MY ABILITIES! SUCH DISGRACE TO THE MYSTERY GENRE! AHHHHHHHHH! I WOULD KILL THEM ALL IF I WASN'T THE DETECTIVE. Can you ask a non-fantasy piece for the maps?! Can you?! I need those maps...i must know this territory! At any rate, Belial! I want you to stay with me as longa as you can! it would be particularly useful if you coulde be with me in the dinner, in that way, i can confirm with the red the nunber of people in the dining hall. Ahhh! Such disgrace, such disgrace!"
She throws a chair in her bed, and begin to walk in rage. She is thinking....and she comes to an conclusion.

"Belial! I will walk in this filthy mansion now! Come with me! Who knows, we might find ourselfs a map."

Erika, still in rage, locks her drawer, leaves the room, lock the door, hide the keys in her bra, and proceeds on her walk. She begins to walk on the direction of Kinzo's study.
>> No. 6183 edit
File 132251047628.png - (112.02KB , 433x480 , bel_nayamua1.png )
"Let me correct myself since Eriko-sama is useless and wrote something wrong: YOU have to ask for a non-fantasy piece for a map. Also, it isn't a good strategy to go to Head's room. You need a map, right?"

But you can't hear him, because your trantum prevented you from hear any word of your Demon.

"..... I'll be with you, fear not, Erika-sama." Belial becames a ghost and both get out from VIP Room. But before you leave, you take a look at the clock: It's 18:15.

Luck for you, none heard your screams. You and Belial took a little of time to find Kinzo's room, but you finally find it. The door is obviously closed.
>> No. 6184 edit
File 132907931714.png - (154.35KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai5.png )
"So this is Kinzo's room. Well, such a beautiful door....*giggle* I now know where it is. Belial, do you see any scrolls around here?"

Erika examines the door while talking to the demon.
>> No. 6185 edit
File 132251382611.png - (111.11KB , 433x480 , bel_defa1.png )
"Let me check." Belial look around, trying to detect any magic sign. "There is no scroll outside Head's room. And due to scorpion doorknob, I can't use my power to get into his room or detect anything inside there."
>> No. 6186 edit
File 132908977539.png - (153.93KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akire1.png )
"Fine. And it seems this door is very sturdy. Now lets return to the second floor hallway, let's try to find some scrolls."

Erika proceeds to leave the doors of Kinzo's study, and begins to return to the hallway.

"Belial, i am the detective Furudo Erika, no matter how difficult it gets, none can defeat my intellectual might. I willrape the mind of those simple fools who tries to challenge me. At any rate, keep your senses active for hidden scrolls."
>> No. 6188 edit
File 132251125215.png - (121.44KB , 433x480 , bel_komarua1.png )
"There is some scrolls in 2nd floor, Erika-sama. Four or five, I guess. However, let it be know I'm not allowed to say where it is. The subject "find the scrolls" is your role, Erika-sama."
>> No. 6189 edit
File 132907858391.png - (155.31KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai2.png )
" <good> Now then, let's start our search, shall we? Tell me, To whom belong these rooms? The are guest rooms? Or all the rooms belong to family members?"

Erika was standind in the middle of the hallway.
>> No. 6191 edit
File 132251047628.png - (112.02KB , 433x480 , bel_nayamua1.png )
"In the 2nd floor there is 5 rooms and 2 staircase. There is your room, Jessica's room, Krauss's room, Natsuhi's room and other Guest room."

You are on the bottom of staircase to Kinzo's room. You are in a slipt: On your right side, the corridor to your room and other room before yours and another after yours.
On your left side, the corridor to 2 rooms.

Which path do you choose?
>> No. 6192 edit
File 132908977539.png - (153.93KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akire1.png )
"Hmm, there seems to be a lot way....Belial, you are one of most intelligent demons in hell, what do you propose? I want your opinion."

Erika crossed her arms.
>> No. 6194 edit
File 132251382611.png - (111.11KB , 433x480 , bel_defa1.png )
"I opt to go on left side, Erika-sama. Even if the right side has the same number of unknow rooms, it would be very suspicious if someone see you get into other rooms that isn't yours."
>> No. 6195 edit
File 132909159514.png - (155.67KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai6.png )
"left side it is. let's go fins some scrolls, my little gray cells are aching."

Erika Rushes to the rooms, entering a guest room as soon as she took notice of it.

"Now Belial...what do you say about this room?"
>> No. 6196 edit
File 132251382611.png - (111.11KB , 433x480 , bel_defa1.png )
"Since this is a guest room, it's possible that someone is occupying it. I can't tell if there is someone inside it, but you can get into and discover."
>> No. 6197 edit
File 13290815929.png - (154.25KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai1.png )
"Erika hit the door lightly. Hello, is anyone in there? Please answer."

She waits for the result
>> No. 6198 edit
File 132909253035.png - (608.22KB , 640x480 , m2f_r4a.png )
"Yes, there is! Wait a minute, please." you hear a woman voice and after this a chain sound. "Ora, it's you, Erika? Please, come in."

You come into the room. You take a look at it: A normal room. Two beds, one table with chairs, a dresser and an another to the private bathroom. Sit on the chair, you see another man eating some snacks.

"I am Ushiromiya Eva and this is my husband, Hideyoshi." Eva says, smiling.

"Do you need any help, Erika-chan?" Hideyoshi says.
>> No. 6199 edit
File 132909269114.png - (154.10KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_komaru1.png )
Ah, Eva-san, Hideyoshi-san, how good to see you....At any rate, yes, there is something that i am in need. You see, i really like architecture. And this mansion is simply GORGEOUS. I was wondering if any of you would have a map, or if any of could tell me a little about the mansion."

Erika seemed slightly disappointed, but she quickly got ahold of the situation.
>> No. 6200 edit
File 132909320140.png - (434.52KB , 640x480 , m2f_r4a.png )
Eva smiles pretty happy to Erika.

"Of course, my dear. I will draw maps to you. Just give me five minutes, okay?"

"Did yaa see, Eva? Yaa don't need to get angry with Krauss and Natsuhi's words", Hideyoshi says with his strong accent.

"Dear, you don't have to say about my fight with her to Erika-chan. She is not guilty of Natsuhi be a wild and aggressive woman who does not know its place as a surrogate belly...", Eva snorts.
>> No. 6201 edit
File 132907858391.png - (155.31KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai2.png )
" <good> Thank you very much, Eva-san, you really are an adorable and beautiful woman. And you too Hideiyoshi-san, thank you very much. Do you two mind if i use the bathroom?"

Erika bows to Eva and Hideiyoshi
>> No. 6202 edit
File 132909415495.png - (68.65KB , 267x388 , hid_a11_aseri1.png )
"Of course, you can. Be our guest."

Hideyoshi consents, disappointed to not be a handsome man.
>> No. 6203 edit
File 132909159514.png - (155.67KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai6.png )
"Belial-chan. Tell me quickly, is there an scroll in this room?"

She is seated in the toilet, pretending to pee
>> No. 6204 edit
File 132251125215.png - (121.44KB , 433x480 , bel_komarua1.png )
"I'm sorry, Erika-sama, but as I said before, I can't tell you if there is or not a scroll. You have to look for it by yourself."
>> No. 6205 edit
File 132909477242.png - (155.88KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_ikari1a.png )
"You useless piece. At any rate, i go search in another room. Such a disgrace...."

Erika leaves the Bathroom, pretending to flush, as she leaves, she thanks Eva and Hideiyoshi once again.

"Hideiyoshi-san, Eva-san, once again i appreciate your collaboration. I do hope that we can be good friends."

Erika leaves the room, and she goes to the door of natsuhi's room

"Now then...."

Erika knocks the door.

"Natsuhi-san, are you there?"
>> No. 6284 edit
File 132926940256.png - (86.02KB , 222x404 , nat_a12_tukare2.png )
Natsuhi sighs.

"Please, just wait a second."

After a few moments, Natsuhi opens a door with a wan smile. She just opened the door, but not let Erika enter yet. She looks very tired.

"Hi, Erika. Could I help you in something?"
>> No. 6285 edit
File 13290815929.png - (154.25KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai1.png )
"Oh, Hi, Natsuhi-san. Good to catch you here. You see, i am a very intellectual person, and i realised that this family follows some rules and hierarchy....And so, i want you to teach me about the great and honorable Ushiromiya Family, you must be quite an expert about it. So, can you talk?"

Erika smiles pleseantly.
>> No. 6286 edit
File 132932590110.png - (618.23KB , 640x480 , mnat_1a.png )
For a moment, you could see Natsuhi's smile and eyes shine like a newborn sun. An explendid teacher's smile, ready to teach her kidengarden children.

"Oh, boy..." Belial facepalms. "I know that smile."

"Please, Erika-chan! Come in, come in!" Natsuhi open her door like a anti-terrorism squad.

You come in, already regrating your decision. You look all around her bedroom: Bed, dressing table, table and chairs, wardrobe, door to a private bathroom, telephone and a clock on the wall. It's now 18:20.

"Take a seat, please." She says while calling for someone trought her telephone. "Gohda-san? Yes, it's Natsuhi. Please, prepare for me and Erika-chan some snacks and our best tea. Me and her will have a long and pleasent talk. *giggle*"

She hangs up the telephone and sits vis-a-vis to you on the table. Some minutes later, Gohda knocks on the door.

"Ah! Finally! I thought he would never arrive!" She opens the door, takes the snacks and close the door, thanking Gohda. "Let's see what Gohda prepared to us."

Some sandwiches and mini chocolate mousses.

"You are going to love Gohda-san's food! It's totally perfect!" She laughs. "While you enjoy our chef's food, listen to our glorious Family history: the Ushiromiya Family Epic! Much better than 'The Lusiads', from poet Camões!"

"And much much much longer." Belial says. "I'll take a rest on her bed while you listen her 'epic novel'"

Said and done: Belial was already on her bed, with eyes closed.

"Let's start from the begging." Natsuhi said like a teacher for special kids.

"Genisis 1

1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2 Now the earth was unformed and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters. 3 And God said: 'Let there be light.' And there was light. 4 And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness. 5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day." Belial says, trying to sleep.

"Ushiromiya Family History can be divided in three Eras: Pre-Kanto Earthquake Era, Post-Kanto Earthquake Era and Neo-Post-Kanto Erthquake Era." She drinks her tea like a tiny little bird and then speaks again. "In Pre-Kanto Earthquake Era, Ushiromiya Family was a great high society Family: Influence, prestige, money, good manners... Everything that a family needed, they had. They were aim of envy and greed. Everyone wanted to be an Ushiromiya.

Now, you ask to me: 'Earthquake? When? How?' I can see you are a curious and adorable child, but if you don't remmember, Japan is situated in an area called 'Fire Circle Area'.
This designation was created in 1929, but I don't remmeber who created it. But continuing, this designation is to say that some areas in our planet are above a large amount of collision between tectonic plates. Also indicates that those areas have a lot of volcanic eruptions.
But three years before this designation being created, a horrible and devastating earthquake happened. This is the famous 1923-Kanto Earthquake.
My mother told me she was with my father at our Family Temple. She also said that almost all mirrors inside the temple broke. However, one mirror survived."

Natsuhi got up from her chair and went at her dressing table. She opened a small box and from there..... She took a mirror.

"Here." She put it on the table. "And the scariest fact: My family's temple isn't in Kanto region. That earthquake is a result of bad youkais. I can surely say this."

And then she laughs. "But what this have to do with Ushiromiya Family History? Well, nothing. Just a funny fact.

Now, continuing: When this happened, a lot of people died, including some Ushiromiya's."

She got up again, kept her mirror in its small box and caught a book.

"This book is a scrapbook with many journal news about 1923-Kanto Earthquake. Also it has many photos. If you want to look while listen Ushiromiya Family History, here it is! But be careful: There is many tragic photos.

Again, continuing: Many rich and influential families were broke, including Ushiromiya's. No money, no influence, no prestige... They were broke, over. A glorious family was together with poor and nameless people. What a tragid, right, Erika-chan!? With this Earthquake, the glorious 'Pre-Kanto Earhtquake Era over and began 'Post-Kanto Earthquake Era'

But not everthing was lost yet! The elders of that time elected our Grand Father, Ushiromiya Kinzo, as the next head! Sometime later, he married with a lovely and priceless prestigious lady named Ajimu.
But not everthing was fixed yet: Ushiromiya Family was still broke. They were very lucky to have a beatiful house to live. And the things was getting worse: II World War arrived.
And as a Ushiromiya Head, he throwed himself in front of our Great Country to defend ir against the enemies! At that time, he had three children: Krauss, my husband, Eva and Rudolf. Rosa wasn't born yet.

Many years later, he was back from the war........ With gold. Yes! Gold! You ask to me now: 'Where? When? How?'

He always says that in 1944, during the War, he met with a Western Witch named Beatrice. He made a contract with her and she gave to him 20 tons of gold. However, I don't know what is 'write' in this contract. Only Father and the Witch know about it.

Well... With all this gold, he raised Ushiromiya Family from the poverty and we were back to the destroyed high society. We were, once more, the top!
With this, 'Post-Kanto Earthquake Era' over and began the current Era: 'Neo-Post-Kanto Earthquake Era'. The most important Era.

Now, Kinzo has four children and many years later, Ajimu died. I still miss her sometimes, when I look to my marriage photos.

Our family is now what is is due to Father's effort! But he gives too much credit for the witch. Do you beleive he even made an artist made a portrait in her honor? This happened in 1984, two years late.
However, last year, 1985, he dreamt with Beatrice. He said he was furious about that portrait, saying that she wasn't like that and, in her dream, showed to him how she really looked like.
On the next day, he destroyed that portrait and made the same artist made another portrait. The portrait is hanged on the wall of Main Hall, if you want to see."

She fills her tea cup and yours with more tea. You look to Belial and envies him.

That bastard... How dare him sleep while you are suffering with all this boredoom!?

"And now, the Hierarchy: Father was created in a Family that only accepts man as Head and woman only needs to learn how to cook and have children. Also, only the first child has the right to be the Head. If the first child dies before s/he inhret the Headship, then the second child will be the head, and so on.

Here, let me simplify for you."

Natsuhi catches paper and pen and start to scribble.

Ushiromiya Kinzo - Ushiromiya Asumu (Deceased)
|-----> Krauss - Natsuhi
|______________|---------> Jessica
|-----> Eva - Hideyoshi
|___________|-----------> George
|-----> Rudolf - Asumu (1st Wife. Deceased) - Kyrie (2nd Wife)
|______________|--------> Battler __________|-------> Ange
|-----> Rosa - Fang Qi (Disappeared) [Eriko's Note: "Fang Qi", according to Google, means "Abandon" in chinese]
|____________|---------> Maria
>> No. 6287 edit
File 132932594368.png - (430.92KB , 640x480 , Bad End.png )
"As you can see, if my husband dies before he inhret Headship, then Eva will be the Head. However, Eva is a woman and according to Father's law, she can't inhret Headship. This means that George, her son, will be the next head.
Now you ask: 'But if you and Krauss-san had a boy and not a girl?'
If that happened, then our son would be the next head. But, if Jessica marries with someone, then her husband will be the next head.

Do you unders--

Ah! I almost forgot!"

She stands up, smiling very happly. "Ushiromiya Family has an anthem! I wrote by myself! I'll sing the first time and the second one we sing together!"

She prepare her voice, and sang:

Ushiromiya, thine is our devotion,

Family of hearth and home,
Rising storm-scarr'd from the ocean,
Where the breakers foam.
Of to thee our thoughts are wending,
Family that gave us birth,
And to saga nights still sending
Dreams upon our earth,
And to saga nights still sending
Dreams upon us on our earth
Men of Ushiromiya, be your dwelling
Cottage, house or farm,
Praise the Lord Goldsmith who all compelling
Sav'd our family from harm.
The valour of a father
On the battlefield

"Now, with me!"

You, without a way out. Sing together.

"Now, only you!"

You control yourself, and sing.

Natsuhi laughs, clapping her hands. "Adorable, Erika-chan! Adorable! *giggle*"

Natsuhi sighs, happy. "That was fun, very fun. So... Do you need something else?"

"*yaaaaaawn* .... Hun.... What a perfect sleep." Belial says, doing a stretching. He gets out from Natsuhi's bed and gives to you a malicious smile. "Looking at your face, it seems Natsuhi made you sing that stupid anthem. *ahaha.wav*"
>> No. 6288 edit
You lookat the clock hanged on the wall: It's now 19:20.
>> No. 6291 edit
File 13290815929.png - (154.25KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai1.png )
"How very interesting, Natsuhi-san, your heartwarming story has touched deep in my young heart...such an honor to be an guest in the Ushiromiya family mansion...ah, it brings tears to my eyes. At any rate, do you mind if i use you bathroom?"

Erika seemed happy
>> No. 6292 edit
File 132935505097.png - (89.18KB , 222x404 , nat_a11_warai1.png )
"Sure, Erika-chan. You use it as long as you wish." Natsuhi says, with a pleasant smile.

"Yeah... 'Use the bathroom'." Belial laughs, following Erika.
>> No. 6293 edit
File 132935609370.png - (155.83KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_ikari1.png )
Erika whisper, a little loud, but a whisper nonetheless

"Fucking woman telling a fucking endless story abut a fucking family that i don't fucking care! And you, you motherfucking demon, why the fuck didn't you warn me about that fucking long story told by that fucking bitch? Fucking fuck!"

Erika searches the bathroom for scrolls
>> No. 6294 edit
File 132935645884.png - (112.58KB , 433x480 , bel_niramua1.png )
You don't find any scrolls in the bathroom.

"Because when Natsuhi starts to talk about it, NOTHING can stop her. One time I tryied to shut up her mouth with magic. For my surprise: An anti-magic toxin surrounded her mouth and destroyed my seal. Her heart is so devotated to Ushiromiya Family that not even can destroy it."
>> No. 6295 edit
File 132935668373.png - (153.62KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_majime3.png )
"*sigh* Now...let's see if Krauss is in his room....and for the love of Sherlock Holmes, please don't be."

Erika leaves the bathroom, flushing the toilet.

"Thank you very much, Natsuhi-san, i really aprecciated our cnversation, you are a very smart and dedicated woman. I will now go for a walk. I sure hope we can discuss more in the dinner. Is Ushiromiya Kinzo-san going to be there?"

Erika asks, she is near the door.
>> No. 6296 edit
File 132935709930.png - (88.52KB , 222x404 , nat_a21_majime1.png )
"Hum..." Her smile almost faded, but her face was very thoughtful. "Father will probably join us in dinner. I can't say exactly. Last year Father started to shut himself into his room. But family is very impor--

..... Oh... I'm sorry, Erika-chan... I... I didn't mean too...."

Natsuhi blushes, ashamed from her words.
>> No. 6297 edit
File 132935729276.png - (166.36KB , 340x366 , eri_a13_akuwarai1.png )
"Don't worry, natsuhi-san. I remembered much about my life, i will reveal some things in the dinner today, it's the least i could do in repay for being so welcomed in this marvelous house. Don't worry, you have done nothing wrong. Now then, if you will excuse me....."

Erika tries to leave the room, with some hurry.
>> No. 6298 edit
You go to Krauss' room. You knock, wait some minutes, but none awnser.

You knocn one more time, but, again, none answer. You decide to open the door. For your luck, it's open.

It's almost like Natsuhi's room: Bed, wardrobe, door to a private bathroom, two sofas and a coffe table, a desk with many papers and a clock alarm, and a telephone.
>> No. 6299 edit
File 132909159514.png - (155.67KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai6.png )
"Good. Time to search. Belial, now you will se a professional detective working."

Erika searched the entire room, whithiut making a mess she:

Undid the bed, and moved the mattress, searching in the bed clothing and the bed itself. She re-arranged the bed once again, perfectly.

She entered the wardrobe and searched in the inside, moving Krauss's clothes, and re-arranging them later.

She looked in his drawer, searching for hidden places of all sorts.

She also looked under every spot she could. She also looked behind,under and in the top of the curtain.

Erika searched in the roof, arranging the chair as some sorte of ladder.

The shw went to the bathroom, where she removed everything from place, searching in tha bathtub, the sink, the toilet, the place where Krauss stored his medicines and bathroom stuff, the roof and the window.

She returned o the room and examined the sofas, removing the pillows and the seats, she also looked under and behind both sofas.

Erika Took the telephone and the clock and examined every part of them to see if there was some secret hiding place to store a scroll. She examined VERY carefully.

And finally, the table. She looked under,above,on the sides and in did the same with the chairs.

After doing that, she arranged everything so neatly that it seemed almost as if she didn't done any search at all.


Did she found anything?
>> No. 6300 edit
Audio tãnananam.mp3 - (68.67KB )
Erika found at desk several papers who contains informations about Krauss' debts. Krauss owes a lot of money to his brothers.

More than that, beneath the desk, there is a wastebasket containing a small scroll.

The scroll summons Goat-kun. Erika needs to transcribe the scroll to her spellbook and she can use her new summon.
>> No. 6301 edit
File 132907931714.png - (154.35KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai5.png )
"<Good>! I've found a scroll! Now i just need to return to my room to copy and paste this to my grimoire. Simply by the existence of this scroll, this level of search is possible for me. What do you think, everyone?"

Erika laughed while returning to her room.
>> No. 6302 edit
File 132251047628.png - (112.02KB , 433x480 , bel_nayamua1.png )
"Congratulations, Erika-sama." Belial says, while following you to VIP Room.

You do your lock&unlock routine in door's room and drawer. You transcribe "Goat Butler Enchant" to your spellbook.

When you finish it, you look at the clock: It's now 19:40. You still have 1:50 left and Jessica's room to explore.

What will you do now, Detective Erika?
>> No. 6305 edit
File 132908977539.png - (153.93KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akire1.png )
"Let's search the room of that idiot. Wanna bet that i'll find condoms and magazines about naked men? Or rather, naked women. She seems lesbian."

Erika leaves her room and lock the door, putting the key in ehr bra. She proceeds to Jessica's room.
>> No. 6306 edit
Audio 4_-_Ginen_(Doubt).mp3 - (3.62MB , 4 - Ginen (Doubt).mp3 )
[Jessica's room image: http://i44.tinypic.com/ckqv7.jpg ]

You get out from your room, doing your luck&unlock routine and goes to Jessica's room. You knock once and then try to open. For your luck, the door is unlocked.

It's like Krauss' room: Bed, desk, sofa, two tables, coffe table, wardrobe, clock alarm, door to a private bathroom and a drawer. And near to Jessica's bed, you see a straw basket with a confortable blanket in it.

Inside too, you see a cat. A beatiful white cat. That cat remmembered you about your deceased Master, The Witch of Miracles, Bernkastel.

Suddenly, the door closes and locks by itself. A white fog starts to invade Jessica's room. What is happening?

And finally... The cats open its eyes. Beatiful and penetrating eyes, but at same time, empety eyes.

The cat walks until you very slowy and bit by bit a flight of silver butterflies follow it, revealing the true form of that cat.

It is....... Henrica Le Blanche.

"Hello, my daughter."
>> No. 6307 edit
File 132935609370.png - (155.83KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_ikari1.png )

Erika jump in panic, not knowing who this white cat was.
>> No. 6308 edit
File 132249359822.png - (95.20KB , 204x477 , hen_2.png )
"I see..." Henrica close her eyes for an instant and open then again. "They didn't told you about my existence.

I am Henrica Le Blanche. When my old 'I', Bernkastel, was cruely killed by The Black Witch, I was born by the remains of myself.

However, different from my old 'I', I don't have emotions and any of my powers to control miracle. I was born with one aim: Pay for the sin of my old 'I', Bernkastel. I did many horrible things in the past and now I suffer, puryfing bit by bit of my being.

But don't worry, my daughter, I am not sad for you don't know about my existence until now. It would be very terrifying for you to know the one truth about your mother."
>> No. 6310 edit
File 132907858391.png - (155.31KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai2.png )
"And what businees does the pathetic remains of my master have with me? I serve the great Aurora now. Your evil can no longer harm me. So tell me, what do you want? I do have a room to investigate...."
>> No. 6311 edit
Audio 228_Wailing_of_the_Rain.mp3 - (4.14MB , 228 Wailing of the Rain.mp3 )
"I'll leave for now, Henrica." Belial says. "You two need a moment alone."

"Thank you very much, Belial-sama." Henrica bows to him and the demon disappears.

Silence. Completely silence between you two. Until...

"I ask for your forgiviness, my daughter. I did a lot of horrible things with you:

Killed your parents in that cruise.
Tortured you in many ways during [END] and [DAWN].
Banished you to the void of nothing in [DAWN], when you needed my help more than never.

And the most unforgivable act of mine old 'I':

Made your deared and loved boyfriend cheated on you. I played with your heart, my daughter, making you beleive that love is nothing more than ashes and have a heart doesn't value not even a mere coin.
I made you beleive that becoming a Witch would be the answer to everything. That you would never get hurt again. I played with your wishes, your hopes...

I even played with your last name, Furudo. That tragical disaster on Hinamizawa. Many people in your town thought that your family was the 'Furude Family' and they mistreated and humiliated your family.

I am sorry for all of this, my daughter. Please, forgive me.

However, you don't need to answer me right now. You can think for how many time you want. Just try to answer until the end of this game board. This is the only thing I ask to you, even if I don't deserve to ask anything for you."
>> No. 6312 edit
File 132944641095.png - (153.65KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_majime4.png )
"....My old master, i do have a few things to say....and i'm not being mean or sarcastic....I really adored you. I accept your request. But I must not do it now. I must defeat the witch first, without your help or blessing. You master, the great Aurora have allowed my ressurection....and i'm very grateful. And so, I beg you to leave. Search me in the last part of the game...and we will talk. My master."

Erika said that with true kindness
>> No. 6313 edit
File 132944691982.png - (64.06KB , 236x337 , hen_a11_def2.png )
"I respect your option." Henrica approaches closer to you. "Thank you for at least think in my will. Good luck, my daughter."

Henrica kisses you on your forehead. She doesn't have emotions, but she still is a mother. Even if that kiss has no emotions, it is a kiss from a mother.

Bit by bit, the white fog disappears and Henrica becomes a cat again. Jessica's door unlocks and opens and Henrica gets away from there.

"I'm back." Belial says. Some momentos later, he closes the door. "Ready for search another scroll?"
>> No. 6315 edit
File 132944758677.png - (174.50KB , 390x364 , eri_b13_odoroki1.png )
"Always, my devilish furniture."

Erika searched the entire room, whithout making a mess. She:

Undid the bed, and moved the mattress, searching in the bed clothing and the bed itself. She re-arranged the bed once again, perfectly.

She entered the wardrobe and searched in the inside, moving Jessica's clothes, and re-arranging them later.

She looked in her drawer, searching for hidden places of all sorts.

She also looked under every spot she could. She also looked behind,under and in the top of the curtain.

Erika searched in the ceiling, arranging the chair as some sorte of ladder.

The she went to the bathroom, where she removed everything from place, searching in tha bathtub, the sink, the toilet, the place where Jessica stored her medicines and bathroom stuff, the ceiling and the window.

She returned o the room and examined the sofas, removing the pillows and the seats, she also looked under and behind both sofas.

Erika Took the telephone and the clock and examined every part of them to see if there was some secret hiding place to store a scroll. She examined VERY carefully.

And finally, the table. She looked under,above,on the sides and in did the same with the chairs.

After doing that, she arranged everything so neatly that it seemed almost as if she didn't done any search at all.
>> No. 6316 edit
Audio 217_A_Treasure_Obtained.mp3 - (215.65KB , 217 A Treasure Obtained.mp3 )
In Meta World, Eriko claps:

"Congratulations! You received two prizes!

1) You have one more Devil Token, due to your perfect RP with Erika in her recent scene with Henrica. This means you have three summoms left."

Another shine and colorful sphere surrounds Featherinne, together with that other two.

"2) When Erika examine Henrica's straw basket, she finds another scroll. It's Henrica Scroll.

What its power? The power of White&Black Cat Joker Cards.
If you don't remmember, you have to use these two cards at same time. If you don't, then both are destroyed.

White Cat Joker Card: Summons Henrica to talk with Jessica. She tries to convince Jessica to do something. But, I am warning: Jessica can do what Henrica said now or only at the end. Depends on the situation.

Black Cat Joker: Gives to you the power of Black Truth. You can use it in one - I repeat: ONLY ONE - inanimate object. For example: 'None can leave or exit trought Parlor's door.'

Do you understand?"
>> No. 6317 edit
File 132944816883.png - (130.66KB , 335x411 , fea_b11_def4.png )
"I understand, Eriko-san. But i have a tiny little question.....I recently received the goatd summon, does he have any special abilities? And in behalf of my piece, i appreciate you compliment."
>> No. 6318 edit
File 131992379466.png - (87.80KB , 310x380 , 32993533.png )
"What? That Goat? Nothing special: You summom him and then he is beaten to death by everyone, like always.

But Virgilia-sama once used him as a chair. ....... Yes, just this. What do you wanted? It was in Krauss' room: It's a useless piece of nothing!" Eriko laughs.
>> No. 6319 edit
File 132944908475.png - (152.69KB , 353x502 , Ougon-featherine.png )
"IT does make sense.....Ahahahahahaha..... let's return to the game board now....."


Erika daseh out of the room, leaving everything tied up while she left. She hurried to her room.
>> No. 6320 edit
You do the same routine and transcribe Henrica's enchant to your spellbook.

You look at your clock: It's now 19:55. What will you do now?
>> No. 6347 edit
File 132908554942.png - (154.22KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai4.png )
"Now then...Belial, please acompany me to the parlor. I want to see who's in the mansion. And furthermore, we will explore the first floor. Let's go!"

Erika dashed to the staircase
>> No. 6348 edit
File 132953027980.png - (108.05KB , 256x362 , eva_portrait_smallver.png )
[BGM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV1gt5V-vY8 ]

"As you wish, Erika-sama." Belial says, while you do your lock&unlock routine.

You both go downstairs to the Parlor, passing by the Main Hall.

"I thought Grandfather would change Beatrice's portrait again, this year." George says.

You look at them: George, Jessica, Genji, Maria and Ange. Everyone was in front of Beatrice's portrait.

"Uu~! Beato can change her form everytime she wants! She is a powerfull witch! Uu~! If she wants to be another woman, she will!"

"You don't need to get nervous about it, Maria-sama." Genji coughs. "Beatrice-sama *cofcof* is surely a witch."

"Genji, you need to talk to Nanjo-sensei about this cough." Jessica says.

"Don't worry, Jessica-sama, I am alright."

You get closer to them a look very closely to Beatrice's portrait. What a beatiful portrait, right?
>> No. 6349 edit
File 132953084496.png - (158.80KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_akuwarai4.png )
Well, well such a lovely meeting we have here. I must Thank my rescuers for taking me out of the sea and...."

Erika observes the portrait.

"Isn't this Ushiromiya Eva-san? It sure looks like some sort of young form of her.... "
>> No. 6350 edit
File 132953138979.png - (77.13KB , 271x409 , gen_a11_def1.png )
Everyone look at you and smile. They seem very happy to see you well.

"Hello, Erika-sama." Genji says, coughing again. "Yes, Beatrice-sama is very similar to Eva-sama in her young age."

"I was shocked when I saw my mother in this portrait." George says, laughing. "But I think it's just a big coincidence."

"Kihihihi. It's obviously a big coincidence. Beatrice just thought it would get more beatiful become a witch with a new woman form." Maria says, with a creepy smile.

"Eva-oba-san would never be a witch." Ange says, showing to you her golden necklace. "She gave me this butterfly key necklace! Look, Erika-onee-san! Look! A bad witch would never do that, right?"
>> No. 6351 edit
"Gramps is very excentric, you know, Erika. This is probably another joke of him."
>> No. 6352 edit
File 132908977539.png - (153.93KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akire1.png )
"I see... so the witch is an illusion created by Ushiromiya Kinzo, and this time, this illusion gained the form of an young Eva-san...In this case, i think it's safe to say that Ushiromiya Eva-san has something to do with this illusion called Beatrice. And at any rate, Ange-chan, is this jewlery also a key? it's quite beautiful acctually....And Genji-san, do you have a cold or something?"

Erika said those words while looking to the portrait.
>> No. 6353 edit
File 132953260861.png - (80.50KB , 221x318 , en2_a15_def1d.png )
"Yep!" Ange alien head smiles. "This is a key! But I don't know what lock this key open."

"It's a cold I got some days ago. It's better now, but as you *cofcof* can see, I am not 100% better, Erika-sama."

"I still think you need to get some rest, Genji." Jessica insists.

"I am sorry, Jessica-sama, but I can't fulfill your order. Kinzo-sama ordered to me to be everytime with you."

"You are a good butler and man, Genji-san." George says. He looks at you, ready to explain. "Since Jessica-chan was born, Genji-san was always at her side. This was an order from Grandfather, because Jessica is his successor and she needs orientation."

"Uu~! Beatrice is not an ilusion!" Maria says, interrupting their talk. "She exists! She do exists! Uu~! Uuu~!"
>> No. 6354 edit
File 132907931714.png - (154.35KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai5.png )

Erika turn her attention to Maria.

"MAria-san, witches don't exist. They are illusions created to fuffil a purpose. They are etheral manifestations of our own thoughts. The witch you speak of is just someone created by Ushiromiya Kinzo-san. Beatrice most certainly cannot exist."

Erika giggles
>> No. 6355 edit
File 132953338844.png - (87.70KB , 217x353 , mar_a23_ikari1.png )
"Uuu! She does exists!" Maria shouts at you. "She does, she does, she does! I saw her! I saw Beatrice!"

"Maria-chan, calm down." Jessica says, trying to calm her down. "Beatrice does exists. If Erika does not beleive in her, don't be mad because at her. Beatrice would be sad if she saw you scream like that."

"No! Uu~! No!" Maria shouts at Jessica. "Everyone needs to beleive in her! Everyone! If this doesn't happen, then the magic will never become true!"

"But, Maria-chan." George says too, helping Jessica. "We all beleive in Beatrice. If just one person--"

"I said everyone! Uu~! Only one person can destroy magic with his eyes! It's possible due to anti-magic toxin!"

>> No. 6356 edit
File 132953358256.png - (170.40KB , 340x366 , eri_a14_akuwarai6.png )
"What do you mean when you say that you saw her? You will tell me this in detail, after all....I don't belive, and i will NEVER belive in witches! They are illusions! Ghost! Witches are an big pile of NOTHING"

It's official, Erika felt challenged.
>> No. 6357 edit
File 13295340001.png - (86.78KB , 217x353 , mar_a23_majime1.png )
"She appeared in front of me and we played a lot together! Ange-onee-chan was with us too!"

"Yes! I saw her too!" Ange says.

"I think Erika-sama is losing." Genji says. "I saw her too, Erika-sama. Kinzo-sama called me to bring some food and there she was with him, playing chess."

""We can't say nothing. We didn't saw her."" Jessica and George says.
>> No. 6358 edit
File 132909159514.png - (155.67KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai6.png )
"<good> That must mean...You all saw a woman dressed as Beatrice, the one in the portrait, at the time. She looked like her, talked like her, and behaved like her, the illusion from kinzo. You all saw a human cosplaying Beatrice and belived she was a witch! Simply by the existence of your "vision" of Beatrice, this level of reasoning is possible for Furudo Erika!
>> No. 6359 edit
File 132953460857.png - (85.76KB , 217x353 , mar_a23_def1K.png )
"No! I saw Beatrice!" Maria's purple cuts your blue like a piece of paper. "It was Beatrice!"

"Me too!" Ange's purple do the same.

"I can't disagree with them, Erika-sama, I am sorry: I saw her too. It was definitly, with all certanty, Beatrice, The Golden Witch." And finally, Genji's purple pierce your blue like a hot drill, destroying it completly.
>> No. 6360 edit
File 132907931714.png - (154.35KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai5.png )
"<Good> Now, THAT'S a challenge! It was a human named Beatrice! She earned, or was born with the title of Golden witch! It was a human named Beatrice, the Golden Witch! A dool of blood and flesh representing Kinzo's Illusion! It could be his daughter or wife, or deceased daughter or deceased wife, or even a lover! But alas, it was a HUMAN named Beatrice! Nothing more!"
>> No. 6361 edit
File 132953493593.png - (77.14KB , 271x409 , gen_a11_komaru1.png )
"It wasn't a human named Beatrice. It was Beatrice-sama." Genji says.

"Kihihihi~! Give up, Erika. You'll never win against magic." Maria laughs.
>> No. 6362 edit
File 132953511645.png - (174.18KB , 390x364 , eri_b13_akuwarai2.png )
"By earning the name "Beatrice" said human gained the tile of witch! It doesn't matter if she could or not do magic! She was a human made witch! But only in title! The golden witch Beatrice exists! But it is a human, with the witche's title! BUT SHE CAN'T PERFORM MAGIC!
>> No. 6364 edit
File 132953559054.png - (90.59KB , 217x358 , mar_a11_akuwarai1.png )
"And how you deduce that she can't perform magic, Erika?" Maria says. "Beatrice exists and can perform magic. By conclusion, she can perfom magic."

"Well..." George says, choosing his words carefully. "Maria-chan is right. If she is a witch, then she can perform magic. You said you are a detective, right? If you really are a detective, you have to prove it. Since you don't have any proof of Beatrice's magic right now, you can't prove nothing.

For now, accept the mystery of magic, ok?"

George grins, cheering for his strategy works.
>> No. 6365 edit
Beatrice exists and can perform magic.*
>> No. 6366 edit
File 132953584945.png - (239.84KB , 522x460 , eri_b12b_akuwarai2.png )
Erika summons a scythe that can only be seen by members of the world of magic. She chose Maria as her first victim.

"Well then Maria-san, George-san...all you have to do is tell me how the magic was done, and i will crush it to pieces. Describe to me the miracle of magic! Tell me how the lies of an old fake witch deceived you all! I, the detective, and the enemy of illusions will crush this pathetic illusion of the witch right here! SO! MARIA-SHAAAAWWWNNNNN TELL ME! HOW DID THE MAGIC OCCUR?!"
>> No. 6368 edit
File 132953635679.png - (98.27KB , 266x353 , mar_a22_akuwarai1.png )
Maria looks at you.

"......." She smiles. Smiles like a creepy doll. "Twillights."

Maria points to the marble plate in front of Beatrice's portrait.

"Beatrice will execute her Twillights and you will see what true magic is! Kihihihi~!"

"How are you so sure, Maria-onee?" Ange asks.

"Because Beatrice is my best friend! She would never abandon me! Never!"

And then, you remmember about Bernkastel, when she abandoned you in the end of [DAWN], when you more needed her help.
>> No. 6369 edit
File 132907931714.png - (154.35KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai5.png )
Erika glared at Maria, with utmost malice, but something was wrong, she wasn't using her scythe anymore.

"We will see Maria-san. You will learn in the hard way how the ones you trust abandon you in the end! You will suffer in the darkest dephts of oblivion, praying that your "friend" saves you, AND THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! I will crush the illusion of the witch in the twilights,and i will be HAPPY to see your little face twist in agony as your witch is defeated! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHIHIHIHEHEEHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

Erika laughed like a maniac. Then, she turned her back, and begun to explore the first floor of the mansion, going in the direction of the dining hall.
>> No. 6370 edit
File 132953756726.png - (502.56KB , 640x480 , mdin_1d.png )
Erika e Belial arrive at Dining Hall. No one's here yet.

"I do not feel the presence of any scroll here, Erika-sama", Belial says immediately.

What Erika will do now?
>> No. 6456 edit
File 132908554942.png - (154.22KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai4.png )
"Booooring. Let's go to the boiler room now."

Erika Dashes to the boiler room
>> No. 6457 edit
File 13296972132.png - (68.99KB , 202x401 , kan_a11_def1.png )
Kanon was in the boiler room, doing his Kanon/Furniture things.

"May I help you, Erika-sama?"
>> No. 6458 edit
File 13290815929.png - (154.25KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai1.png )
"Ah yes, you can. Have you seen some piece of paper with funny writings in this place? Something like a scroll. I found some of them in my room, and was wondering if you saw more of them."
>> No. 6459 edit
File 132969754755.png - (68.87KB , 202x401 , kan_a11_komaru1.png )
"Yes, I saw. It is inside the furnace. Why?"
>> No. 6460 edit
File 132969770057.png - (187.27KB , 390x364 , eri_b11_akuwarai3.png )
"Can i see it? Please? I think it would be cool to attempt to translate them. I see you're busy as ever, so i can take it myself, if you don't mind."
>> No. 6461 edit
File 132969778290.png - (68.93KB , 202x401 , kan_a11_majime1.png )
"I'm sorry, but I lit the furnace just now."

Kanon apologizes.
>> No. 6462 edit
File 13290815929.png - (154.25KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai1.png )
"..........I see. Thank you very much."

Erika leaves the boiler room, going to the hall once again, to the portrait of Beatrice."
>> No. 6463 edit
File 132969797087.png - (155.44KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_niramu2a.png )
>> No. 6464 edit
File 132969862420.png - (479.93KB , 640x480 , mhal_1b.png )
Genji stares at portrait in the Hall with disgusting, and leaves before Erika could say something.

No one is in the hall now.

"I sense trolling a scroll here, Erika-sama. If you want to examine the hall, do it, but be quick. If someone appears, you will be in trouble."
>> No. 6465 edit
Audio Ougon_Musou_Kyoku_Cross_BGM_-_The_Blue_Color_Cynic.mp3 - (3.65MB , Ougon Musou Kyoku Cross BGM - The Blue Color Cynic.mp3 )
"Now then, let's search for yet another scroll. And let's make it quick."

Erika do the followings:

She searchs around the portrait and the epitaph, looking behind, around and in the sides.

She looks in the windows, inside and outside.

She crawls under the carpet, to look under the carpet.

She searches in the fireplace, examining everything carefully.

She examines the old clock, opening the small door and looking inside it. She also examines the upper part of the clock.

Erika looks in the vase plant near the clock, looking inside and under the said vase.

Erika concludes her search.
>> No. 6466 edit
File 13297005591.png - (116.88KB , 397x407 , cla_a13_ikari1.png )
You try to look behind the portrait, but it didn't move. You try sometimes more, but you don't succed. It seems it's too heavy for you. You decide, then, to look around it, but nothing. You go to the windows and spent sometime trying to look in the high areas, since you are very short.

Then, you go to the carpet: It's very big. You roll it until you find the scroll.

You roll half of it and you finally made it! You can see a tip of the scroll, when...

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY CARPET!?" Krauss screams, surprized, confused and nervous. He walks until you and steps onto the tip of the scroll.
>> No. 6467 edit
File 13297009668.png - (159.58KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_gaman2.png )
"Krauss-san...what a pleseant surprise....you see, i was just looking for a piece of paper that i lost....that piece of paper underneath your feet. It is a manuscript of mine, i was admiring this BEAUTIFUL hall and probably lost it. And i thought it might have entered under the carpet....So, can you please allow me to get this? I swear i will not do anything strange again."

Erika's sace was mixture of poker face and rage.
>> No. 6468 edit
File 132970132170.png - (101.82KB , 330x407 , cla_a11_def1.png )
"Uhn...?" Krauss take a step back a look on the floor. "This... paper?"

He catches the paper and look at it. He smiles. "Ohohoho! This paper! This is from my father's book! You know, he has a weird intersting about magic and those stuff. Some days ago, he lost a book.

Do you have more of those papers?"
>> No. 6469 edit
File 132907233677.png - (154.01KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akire2.png )
"....No, i haven't I just found this one. Nee, Krauss-san, i am a BIG fan of the occult, althought i am a non-beliver. This kind of literature is precious to me....Let's make a deal? You allow me to read this tiny little page in my room, and i will give it to Kinzo-san in person, during dinner, with my sincerest apology. What do you think?"
>> No. 6470 edit
File 132970200745.png - (107.88KB , 338x407 , cla_a14_def1.png )
"I have a better deal: I'll copy this magic spell of something to another paper and give to you.

As long as you promisse to not torment Maria-chan anymore: My daughter told me what you did to her. I could simply get away and don't give this paper to you, but Natsuhi saw something into you that makes her like you.

So, for her, I'll allow you to have a copy of this paper, following my conditions. Alright?"
>> No. 6471 edit
File 132907931714.png - (154.35KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai5.png )
"Very well, i accept your conditions! Thank you very much, Krauss-san! And do not worry, i will not bother Maria anymore."

Erika seemed relived.
>> No. 6472 edit
File 132970238526.png - (118.23KB , 417x407 , cla_a12_def1.png )
"Great. Now, please, follow me until my room."

You follow him to his room and he makes a copy of that scroll to you. "Here it is. If you excuse me, I need to do some stuffs."

He goes away, letting you alone in his room. You look at his clock on the desk: It's now 20:20.

What will you do now?
"You found the scroll that can summoms Dlanor A. Knox." Eriko says, smiling.
>> No. 6473 edit
File 132908554942.png - (154.22KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai4.png )
Erika leaves the room and perform her routine of unlocking and locking her room and drawer. She copies the information in the scroll to her grimoire. After she was done, Erika stored her grimoire once again."

"Now then, the last search for the day....."

Erika begun to search her own room for a scroll.

Erika searched the entire room, whithout making a mess. She:

Undid the bed, and moved the mattress, searching in the bed clothing and the bed itself. She re-arranged the bed once again, perfectly.

She entered the wardrobe and searched in the inside, moving everything that was inside.And re-arranging them later.

She looked in her drawer, searching for hidden places of all sorts.

She also looked under every spot she could. She also looked behind,under and in the top of the curtain.

Erika searched in the ceiling, arranging the chair as some sorte of ladder.

The she went to the bathroom, where she removed everything from place, searching in tha bathtub, the sink, the toilet, the place where she stored her medicines and bathroom stuff, the ceiling and the window.

She returned o the room and examined the sofas, removing the pillows and the seats, she also looked under and behind both sofas.

Erika Took the telephone and the clock and examined every part of them to see if there was some secret hiding place to store a scroll. She examined VERY carefully.

And finally, the table. She looked under,above,on the sides and in did the same with the chairs.

After doing that, she arranged everything so neatly that it seemed almost as if she didn't done any search at all.
>> No. 6474 edit
When you search inside the drawer, you find a false bottom. Surprized, you take off this false bottom and find a beatiful doll holding a scroll.

You take the scroll and read it: "Claire Vaux Bernadus".

You copy the texto to your spellbook.
>> No. 6475 edit
File 132908977539.png - (153.93KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akire1.png )
Erika yawns.

"I think i will take a nap while the dinner is not ready. I hope the food of that oaf is refined enought to satisfy my tastes. Belial, take a rest as well, if you so desire."

Erika jumped in her bed, closing her eyes.
>> No. 6477 edit
File 132953756726.png - (502.56KB , 640x480 , mdin_1d.png )
You close your eyes and sleep a good and deep sleep.

.................. .............. .... .... ....


"Erika-san." You open your eyes automaticly. "Erika-san, it's dinner time."

You recognize that voice. Natsuhi's voice. You get up from your bed and unlock the door very carefully, so Natsuhi can't notice.

"Great, you are up. Let me lead you to the dinning room." She smiles and turns around. You advantages this oportunity and lockes your door.

You see everyone going to the dinning room too and try to see the sequence of people get into there.

Kyrie, Rudolf, Rosa, Ange, Maria, Eva, Hideyoshi, George, Nanjo, Krauss, Natsuhi, You and Jessica.

Now, who is sitting where.

Sit at the tip: Nobody.
Sit at tip's right side (near to far): Krauss, Natsuhi, You, Nanjo and Rosa. At Rosa's side, there is a empty sit. You deduce that is for her disappeared husband, Fang Qi.
Sit at tip's left side (near to far): Hideyoshi, Eva, Rudolf, Kyrie, Ange, Maria, George and Jessica.

Belial is floating above the dinning table, near to the lamp. Since there is a lot of anti-magic toxin, he can't be at your side, because those eyes could burn him to death.

Some minutes later, Shannon and Kanon arrive with two food carts.

"How odd..." Hideyoshi says. "Where is Gohda-san? He always be with us in the dinner, talking about his delicous plates."

"You are right, Hideyoshi-san." Rudolf says. "And Genji-san and Kumasawa aren't here too."

"Gohda-san is at the kitchen." Natsuhi says. "Also, I ordered to Genji-san help him there. Gohda-san said he will do a lot of food for us in this meeting."

"Kumasawa-san is with Gramps." Jessica says. "It seems she will--"

"Now that everything is cleared." Krauss says, while getting up from his chair, interrupting his daughter sentece. "Let's greet, everyone, our unexpected guest, Furudo Erika."

Everyone smile to you and *clap**clap*. To them, you are a survivor: Without parents and without any contact with your relatives for two days..... And still, you are calm and smilling.

You are a really good actress, don't you? *ahaha.wav*
>> No. 6478 edit
File 132908255479.png - (163.48KB , 390x364 , eri_b12_akuwarai1.png )
Erika ADORED the clapping, after all, she was the main actor in this play. Ah, it is so <good> to see these fools clapping me, it's really soothing, Erika tought.

"Everyone, i am truly grateful for this incredible reception. I, Furudo Erika, will do my best to be an good guest in my short stay here. I pray that all of us can become really close friends. And, as a sign of proof for my words, at the end of the dinner, i will tell everyone a little more about myself, since you only know my name, and nothing else. Now, i will be delighted to taste this incredible food. Thank you all very much, Ushiromiya Family. Thank you all for saving me and then help me as you all have bell helping."

Erika rises and bows to the family.
>> No. 6480 edit
File 132994775344.png - (427.00KB , 640x480 , kinzo owns the FOOOOOLS.png )
Time passes and everyone looks at Gohda's delicious food. Particularly at that dinner, the meal is better than the other years. Kanon and Shannon places food on the table.

Then, Kumasawa enters. She sweats a lot.

"I... I am pleased to announce the coming of the Ushiromiya Family's Patriarch, Ushiromiya Kinzo."

"HOW ARE YOU, YOU FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS?", Kinzo screams happily.

Everyone in that room are surprised. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition Kinzo could came at dinner. Even Natsuhi and Krauss are speechless.

"What is the problem? You look as if you had seen a ghost!", he laughs, mocking everyone.

"N-No... father... We're just glad you're in good health", Eva tries to deny, hiding her face with the fan.

"Do not lie to me, Eva. I know everyone here wants to take my money. You bunch of useless sons!"

"...I told you...", Natsuhi says, "I told you all Father is fine..."


"Sorry, Father..."

"WHOOOOOOOOAAAAAA!", Kinzo screams, "We have a guest! What is your name?"

Kinzo looks at Furudo Erika.
>> No. 6481 edit
File 132994816470.png - (187.81KB , 390x364 , eri_b11_akuwarai2.png )
Erika quickly regained her composture, and talked to Kinzo, a creepy smile on her face.

"Pleased to meet you, Ushiromiya Kinzo-san, I'm Furudo Erika, the uninvited guest and the detective. I came here after i fell from my cruise, wich sank. I may be an uninvited guest, but please welcome me. I was very anxious to meet you in person."

Erika seemed somehow, happy.
>> No. 6482 edit
File 132251047628.png - (112.02KB , 433x480 , bel_nayamua1.png )
Belial appears behind you, using you as a barrier, where the looks of everyone can't reach him and destroy him with their anti-magic toxin. Then, he whispers in your ear:

"With exception of Toshiro Gohda and Ronoue Genji, everyone in Rokkenjima is inside this dinning room. In other words, there is 19 people in this island."

"Hoh...? So you are welcome. But be careful, we have some snakes in this islands. And they bite."

He sits at his chair and looks to everyone.

"What you waiting for? EAT", he commands and starts to eat and drink.

"Father, about sucession...", Eva tries to start a conversation.

"No conversations at table, Eva! After the dinner, we can talk."

"But Father, this is important..."


Eva starts to eat and no one tries to talk again.
>> No. 6484 edit
File 132908333949.png - (154.22KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai3.png )
Erika ate her dinner and dessert with utmost elegance, her manners were on par with Kinzo's. She was truly an lady, with an good smile, and cunning intelect. At the end of the dessert, she spoke to everyone, but looked at Kinzo.

"Now, as I promised, I would like to tell my tale, and say a few things, Ushiromiya family. Can I, Ushiromiya Kinzo-san?"

She wore an beautiful smile, but to someone with knowldge in body comunication, it would seem like an arrogant, and evil smile.
>> No. 6485 edit
File 13299501714.png - (114.77KB , 431x416 , kin_a11_warai1.png )
"Do as you wish, Erika-san. I am curious to her it." Kinzo smiles, waiting for her begin.
>> No. 6486 edit
File 132908977539.png - (153.93KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akire1.png )
"Well then, as I said, my name is Furudo Erika. My hometown is Hinamizawa village, and i lived there with my parents until i was twelve.I can't really recall the year but, some people tried to construct something BIG in my village, and most of the town was against, with a few exceptions, my parents were those exceptions, among others. We were hunted, and i left my home, luckly, i was found by a man named Ooishi, a police officer. He took me and tried to find my parents, in vain. After a few years, he adopted me, the most powerful mind in the region. With my intellect, i solved many crimes and mysteries, helping the police. After a while, i was pretty famous. But the fame brought me more disgrace, and i begun to be hunted by criminals, and so, the police made a new family to me, the ones i told you about. Ooishi-san was worried for me, so he sent me to Tokyo, where i lived with my fake parents. But i continued to help the police, after all, i am the detective. Well, Ooishi-san recomended me a little vacation, to cool of my head, and so, i took that cruise, and you know the rest of the story."

Erika sighed.

"And that's my personal story. Ah, almost forgot to tell you all a few things."

Erika changed her tone, it became serious.

"I have red over 500 mysteries books, and solved them all, so, you can all see the extent of my abilities. I belive in rationalism and science, things i can touch and proove, and so, i don't belive in nothing coming from the occult, absolutly nothing, althought i am slightly interessed in ocuult literature. In that sense, no matter the mystery, i can solve it. NO matter the difficult of the closed room, i can solve it. NO matter how hard the trick, i can see it. And so, i welcome anyone who wants to cahllenge me to such a game, i just love to excercice my little gray cells. And, that is all, Ushiromiya family-san."

Shw bowed, and sitted in her chair. She seemed to direct that last part of the speech to someone, but to who i wonder? *giggle*
>> No. 6487 edit
"It seems you are a good and smart girl, Erika-san." Kinzo says. "Maybe a miracle saved you from that cruise. Someone in skies probably wants you to live and continue solving more mysteries and helping everyone around you. Be grateful to this, Erika-san. We never know when we will get another oportunity. Now...."

Kinzo turned to his little granddaughters, Maria and Ange. "This dessert was delicious, my kids! Do you want more?" a big smile was drawn on his face.

""Yes, we want, please!""

"Then, Kanon, go get more sweeties for my little granddaughters! Ahahahaha!"

"As you wish, Kinzo-sama." Kanon bows and go to the dinning room's door and open it. "............"

Kanon stopped. He lowers himself, catching something on the floor.

"....? What happened, Kanon-kun?" Shannon asks.

"I found a letter." Kanon looks to the letter and then goes at Kinzo's side, handing to him.

Everyone approach from Kinzo, trying to see the letter.

"Father, what is this?" Krauss asks.

"How the hell I could know, you moron? Let me open this letter first." He says severely. He opens it and throw the envelope on the middle of table. You can see that this letter has an Ushiromiya crest in red wax on it.

"Good evening and welcome to Rokkenjima, Ushiromiya Family.

I am Witch in Gold, Beatrice. I am the famous Witch of the Legend upon Rokkenjima and Witch of the Portrait. I write this letter to all of you for one motive: Ushiromiya Kinzo-sama life.

As all we know, Kinzo-sama has only three months left and soon he will die. Unfortunatly, this is a fact that we can't ignore. Because of this, I decide to break our contract and grip everything is mine by right. All that Kinzo-sama has is mine: The gold, the island, and Kinzo-sama's family. Everything.

However, since I am a fair witch, I am going to give a chance to all of you. In fact, everyone that can read have this opportunity.

Solve my epitaph written in my marble plate inside main hall. If you do this, then I will give everything back to this person, including Ushiromiya Headship.

I expect this can be an ellegant yet intelectual night.

-- Witch of the Portrait, Beatrice."

"......." Kinzo finishes to read Beatrice's letter and gets up from his chair with a tremendous wrath. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PIECE OF CRAP!?"

He throw the paper on the middle of the table.

"Father, wait a moment!" Eva tries to calm him down, but Kinzo slap her in her face, making her falls on the floor.


I HAD ENOUGH OF EACH ONE OF YOU! Jessica, go call Genji in the Kitchen. I want you both in my room as fast as you can! I need a private reunion with both of you."

"Yes, Gramps!" Jessica runs away from that place as fast as she can.

"Father." Krauss says. "Let me take part of this reunion too! I beg you!"

"WHAT!? MY EARS FOLLED ME!?" Kinzo gets his own son up from the floor and throws him away.

"Dear!" Natsuhi goes until him. "Are you okay?"



Kinzo goes away. But, before this, he turns to you and smiles.

"Have a good stay in my island, Erika-san." and then, Kinzo finally goes away.

Meanwhile, at Kinzo's studio, a woman with fashionable clothes and golden hair is sitting on Kinzo's chair. What she was doing? Just waiting.... Just waiting.

Some moments later, a cyclone of golden butterflies appears, revealing a woman identical to her, but with an old western century clothes.

"I am here, Onee-sama." the woman, but talking like a charming girl, says. "Did I did it..... Well?"

"Yes, my sister." the other woman smiles and, holding her bengal, makes a plate of cookies appear on the table. "Here, for you. You deserve it."

"Aahh!" the girl's eyes shines. "Cookies! Cookies from Onee-sama!"

She took one of them and ate. "*munch**much* It's delicious!"

"Really!? ..... I mean... Of course it is delicious! I am Bea.... I mean... WE are Beatrice! *ahaha.wav*"

"Ahaha!" the girl laughs, happly. "...... Hun! I can't do an ahaha like you!"

"Of course you can't. You are too much cute for do this."

"Hun! ...... Can you teach me?"

"Other hour, maybe. I am feeling Kinzo's presence. We need to disappear."

"Okay, Onee-sama!"

Both disappear in a wave of golden butterflies.
>> No. 6567 edit
File 133031137177.png - (174.66KB , 390x364 , eri_b13_akuwarai6.png )
"Everyone, please listen."

Erika rose from her seat with an vicious smile on her face, she started talking to the whole Ushiromiya family in the dining hall.

"It seems that things have taken quite a turn...and i cannot keep myself quiet anymore. I will reveal a few things i learned today, and sugest an different approach to this awkward situation."

Erika sighed, and then she pointed to Ushiromiya Maria.

"Early this evening, i met with Ushiromiya Maria-san. We had an argument, but she revealed a few things to me...Things that will change this conevrsation. She said to me...."She does, she does, she does! I saw her! I saw Beatrice!". By this line, and the behavior she had in that conversation, i can only assume she saw beatrice today, and that cannot be ignored, since we have a life-threat situation here. I suggest someone,any of you, to place Maria-san in a corner and question ehr about this "witch" Beatrice. She, alongside Ange-chan saw beatrice! And furthermore...she preddicted that a horrible crime will occur, following the twilights of the epitaph! Maria-san knows who the culprit is! She must be questioned!

Erika glared at Maria as tough saying "revange"
>> No. 6604 edit
File 133045124866.png - (446.29KB , 640x480 , Congrats look what you did.png )
While they listen to Erika, Hideyoshi helps Eva to get up and Natsuhi do the same with Krauss. Maria and Ange's parents were shocked. Rosa hits the table with her both hands, echoing the sound in all dinning room.

"How dare you! Making an accusation against MY daughter!" Rosa's eyes faced yours, raging like a volcano. "Maria can do a lot of weird things! Magic this... Magic that.... But she never - I repeat - NEVER would be involved in thing like THIS!"

"Ro... Rosa-sama.... " Shannon says, pondering her words. "Calm down, please."

"Shut up, Shannon!" Rosa yelled at her. "This girl is saying something very serious about a child... And, on top of it, MY DAUGHTER! Why should I come down!?"

"Hey, hey, Erika-chan..." Rudolf said, with a juvenile tone. He approached at you, facing you. He smiles, covering his face with a malicious propensity. "What are you implying is very serious."

"He is right, Erika-chan." Kyrie smiles gently, but with a malicious face covered but this gentle smile. She approached at you in Rudolf's opposite side. "An accusation like this, starting from a unknown person, is dangerous. This isn't the best way of thanks."

It seems you pierced a beehive and now the bees want to sting you until you die to poison.
>> No. 6605 edit
File 132907858391.png - (155.31KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akuwarai2.png )
"Well then, Ushiromiya Family. You have here an expert investigator who helped the police solve many mysterious cases. And this detective is telling you that she heard Maria-san saying that she MET with the culprit, and furthermore, she knows the culprit's plan. All of the facts have been thrown in your faces. But, if you all refuse to listen to LOGIC, i really can't do a thing. However, know this: Maria-san KNOW who the culprit is. And she KNOWS that all of you will be murdered according to that epitaph. Now, you can all discuss from who this mysterious letetr came from, resulting in an endless discussion, beacause everyone here has an alibi, OR, you can all question the ONLY person who talked to the killer, Ushiromiya Maria!"

Erika smiles to the Ushiromiya family, giving the poison back.

"Simply by the existence of said witness, this level of reasoning is possible for Furudo Erika. What do you think, everyone?"
>> No. 6606 edit
File 133045399958.png - (529.17KB , 640x480 , Problem Erika.png )
"WHAT DO I THINK!?" Rosa walks with heavy and quick steps until you. She pushs Rudolf with her both arms, saying "Get out of my way!". She faces and catchs you by your neck. "THIS IS WHAT I THINK!"


You feel a slap... A powerfull and pain--


And other slap, but in the other ch--



*P O W ! ! !*

Your cheeks are bright red and you can't breath very well, because your neck is very tight by Rosa's hand. You feel dizzy, without air, no one is trying to help you.... This is way worse than drowning.

"THIS....." She throws you with all her force onto the table. However, you are so dizzy that you can't hold yourself on the table and hit your head on the coner, making your neck blow away and messing all dinning room with your filthy blood making your head bleed a little. You fell, finally, on the floor. "THIS.... IS WHAT I THINK!

Maria, let's go to the Guesthouse!"

"Kihihihi. Sure, Mama."

"Me and Rudolf will go with you, too." Kyrie says, while she catches Ange.

"................. I think I'll take care of her." Nanjo says, sweating. With his final words, everyone go away, letting you and Nanjo alone in dinning room.
>> No. 6607 edit
File 133045465038.png - (159.70KB , 340x366 , eri_a12_hanbeso2.png )
".........Nanjo-sensei. May i ask you something?"

She syays those word, with her whole body trembling with hatred
>> No. 6608 edit
File 133045583795.png - (82.31KB , 312x385 , nan_a1_majime1.png )
"Shhhh... Wait a moment, Erika-san." Nanjo says while clean your head with a cloth napkin. "You can ask anything you want after you get well. We need to check your head first."
>> No. 6609 edit
File 132906767933.png - (155.15KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_hanbeso2.png )
"It's a quick question....Has Kinzo-san lived in another country?"
>> No. 6610 edit
File 133045658815.png - (82.37KB , 312x385 , nan_a1_komaru2.png )
"Why are you asking those irrelevant things? Please, be quiet for now. In my opinion, you caused a lot of trouble in short minutes. It's better for you to stay in your room for now."

Nanjo helps you to get up. "As I could see, you don't have any problem. The wound on your head will heal by itself. If you feel any pain, there is some painkillers on the table of your room.

Now, let's go."

He leads you to your room. "Here we are. Take care of yourself, Erika-san."

He left, letting you alone in front of your door.
>> No. 6611 edit
File 133045675890.png - (155.20KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_gaman1.png )
"Stay in my rom MY ASS. Belial, come! I will most certainly do something BIG tonight"

Erika left her room, and headed to Natsuhi's room. She knocks on the door.

"Natsuhi-san, are in there?"
>> No. 6612 edit
You have no answer. You tried once more, but nobody answered.

What will you do now?
>> No. 6718 edit
File 132908977539.png - (153.93KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akire1.png )
"Booooooring. Now, let's try Krauss's room."

Erika went to Krauss's room and knocked on the door.

"Krauss-san, are you in there?"
>> No. 6722 edit
File 133116149540.png - (465.91KB , 640x480 , EVA owns you bitches.png )
No one answers in Krauss's Room too.

"Finally, those stupid humans left. I hate so much those humans...", the witch in golden hair and western clothes spoke, reappearing in Kinzo's Room.

"Onee-sama... do you really think is right to us kill these humans according to the epitaph?", another witch arrives at Kinzo's. She is identical to the woman in the portrait of his room, but different from the woman in the parlor's portrait.

"WHO CARES? We need to sacrifice them to be the former Beatrice again. Being only half of me is annoying."

A thunder claps and a lightning strokes the ground. A voice echoes within the room.

"If this is annoying to you, why you just don't give up and die?"

Then, the witch from parlor's portrait arives.

"Ushiromiya Eva?! Did you solved the epitaph?!", the older sister exclaims.

"Of course yes. It's pretty simple. You just have to solve it literally, sacrificing people to became Beatrice and earn the gold!", EVA respond boldly.

"What? They are OUR sacrifices!"

"Not if I could kill them first."

"Hah... a run to see who will finish the Twilights first? Fine. You will perish in agony. BEHOLD THE MIGHT OF BEATRICE SISTERS!", the older sister and the new one leaves.

"That will be fun", EVA laughs and vanishes.
>> No. 6963 edit
File 132908977539.png - (153.93KB , 340x366 , eri_a11_akire1.png )
"....i've changed my mind. I think i will now reboot my strategy....*sigh* i actd like a fool. Now....let's try the easy path, and then, the hard path"

Erika went to Kinzo's study, and knocked on the door gently.

"Kinzo-san? My pardons, but may i speak with you for just a second? I promise on my honor that i'll be quick."
>> No. 7109 edit
File 132251509920.png - (112.40KB , 433x480 , bel_niyaraia1.png )
You knock the door, but no one answers again. Erika can hear Belial mocking her.

"<Good job>! The humans goes away, the witches goes away and you still try to see if someone is inside. Perhaps the furniture inside can unlock the door and answer 'you can enter, Detective'." *cackle*

"Do you want a tip? What about Guest House, since you suspect Maria and/or Ange? You can take a look on Servant's Room, too."

"Remember, you have NO allies here anymore - you waste all your new friendships to blame a child without proofs. So, you'll need to do something extremely cleaver or try to compensate the show in the dinner in a social way."

"To get worse, since you said that would happen murders here, you will be a suspect."

"Do not forget, Erika. Liking 'whydunnit' or not, you will need people's cooperation, since you don't have Detective's Authority."
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