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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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Oh I am one yet many in this tale of sadness and cruelness

To get started lets remember the old rules:

Red is the absolute truth and It cannot be denied.

Purple in this game is for gathering information.

Blue is for theories, as long as they deny the paranormal If your theory dont deny the paranormal. you can ask the gamemaster to repeat in red.

IN this gameboard YOU CANNOT Check if the bodies are alive or dead. Just until the end.

The gameboard will follow the following system:

Story -------->Purple Interview ---------->Red-blue battle

-Mion-san mansion is great
-Yes Onee have been very kind to let us stay at the Sonozaki's private mansion.
-Mii-chan looks tough but she is kind at heart
-Mii~ this hotsprings are great~ Nipah~ right hannyu?~
-Yes Rika~ Nipah~~
-So currently both of them are alone right?-said Satoko
-Yes both of them are alone.-said Shion
-Hauuu then then then that means that.....both of them...both of them...
-I want to see what are the two doing NIPAH~I AM GOING FIRST

-Rika.....why do you want to see them so much?
-Hannyu....shut up, I need to check them .....

Rika ran as fast as she could with the fear on her hands.....and then she arrived at the door of Mion and Keiichi.
Rika quickly went to look for Akane sonozaki who gave her the key Rika quickly opened the door and Saw the horror.
both Keiichi and Mion didnt had their face, and they were dressed like a bride and a groom. certainly the murderer had time in its hand....Rika looked at the room and saw the inscriptions :
At the first Night You shall sacrifice those that represent pure love.

It was obvious......that Oyashiro-sama was angry....

It was a quiet thursday afternoon the group was finishing an awesome session of the usual gameboards with Mion winning and Keiichi losing. In the end Keiichi had to wear a Maid outfit until they arrived home....Just when everyone were going to leave Mion gave Rena, Rika, Keiichi, Satoko and Hannyu an invitation for the sonozaki's mansion that was on the beach.

Mion told them that the seven of them including, Akasaka,her wife Yuki,her daughter Miyuki, Takano, Irie,Chie-sensei,Satoshi,Tomitake,Irie,her mother,her grandmother and Kasai were also going.

So that they could have a fun time.

That day was on Saturday the 19 of them arrived at the sonozaki mansion and the fun started.
There held all kinds of events from traditional games, to unexpected game like kissing games.
In the end the ones that were having a great performance were Rika and Yuki They were competing as if they were fighting for Akasaka's affection. In the end both of them lost the competition.

-Where is Hannyu? asked Rika

-Hannyu-chan went to the Kitchen with Takano-san- said Mion with an smile

Rika suspected that in the moment.....

Rika who was remembering the events of an hour ago was in her room , while remembering Mion and Keiichi's body.
Who killed Mion and Keiichi? was that human?

Rika then.....decided to solve the crime by her own hands.......

Rika is the detective.
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File 133032833144.png - (143.78KB , 326x412 , cur_a11_houshin3star.png )
If you feel that you are missing information you can ask any of the characters that havent died yet...
>> No. 6613 edit
wait, there are two Iries?
>> No. 6614 edit
Sorry, I will deny its existence, a mistake on my part.
There is only one Irie
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