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Once upon a time, a nice family named Ushiromiya lived. They were wealthy and were well liked. The family was lead by a nice man named Ushiromiya Kinzo. Ushiromiya had four children named Krauss , Eva , Rudolf and Rosa. Then was his six grandchildren named Lion , George , Jessica , Battler , Maria and Ange. Last , he had five servants named Shannon , Kanon , Genji , Gohda and Kumasawa. He also had a best friend named Nanjo. During the September of 1986 , Kinzo came up with the great idea to hold the family conference on October 4. Time passed without a problem and October 4 arrived. The family arrived at the harbor of Rokkenjima , everyone greeted Gohda the Chef. He , with a smile , guided them to the main Ushiromiya mansion where Krauss and his wife were waiting for them. Due to the fact that the mansion was a little far , they had to walk for 5 minutes until they arrived to the mansion. The mansion greeted it's honorable guests with a beautiful rose garden , which the Rokkenjima Mansion was famous for. After a while they entered the mansion. The children went to the guest house , Lion and Jessica were acting cheerfully since everyone , which were the group of friends they had , were there. The group of friends were Lion , Battler , George , Jessica , Kanon , Shannon , Maria and Ange. Meanwhile, the adults were having an "interesting and calm discussion" about what would they do after their beloved father passed away. During one of the games they were playing . . . Battler had confessed to Shannon that he didnt forget his promise to her and that he wanted to marry her. Lion and Jessica were surprised with the notice, Battler was red , George was pale white , and Maria didn't understand what was going on. Kanon, unlike the others , didnt say anything. That was when the fun ended for some of the cousins. . . during the whole morning and afternoon George didn't say any thing about what had happened last night. After a while , Maria had remembered about her Rose. She asked the other 7 to help her look for her rose after some thinking. They found the rose and Maria was happy they could find it. However due to the extensive search , they ended up wet since it was raining hard. Genji and Kumasawa had allowed them to change into clothes that were in the mansion. The following dinner was quiet. No one said anything until Maria had asked if she could read something to the adults. Maria cheerfully read the letter and everyone was shocked with the contents of the letter. The letter was signed by someone named Beatrice, the golden witch. She was a witch that supposedly helped Kinzo. Suddenly everyone started to yell at Maria and then Maria started to cry. Lion and Jessica quickly took away Maria. Jessica just glared at the adults and went away and George and Battler followed them. It was an outrageous and violent night.
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That morning , rain was falling through the windows. There was an unusual and creepy silence in the room. Lion , who had just woke up , wondered why everything was so quiet. Lion quickly cheerfully thought , "They must be having a weird picnic party in this rain~ My grandfather is so weird~" Lion started walking.

He looked for the servants , however , he only managed to find Gohda and Genji. Lion asked them where his mother was. Genji had told him this ; "I don't know where the Madam went." Lion looked through all of the mansion and then realized...
that they must have been in the garden!

After a while , Lion realized that there was an umbrella lying on the ground. Lion had thought that maybe someone was running.

There were also some traces of some weird fertilizer for plants. Lion continued walking and there he saw his mother , Natsuhi , crying. He also saw his cousins in despair. His aunt Eva in a rage. His aunt Kyrie sobbing. Rosa and Kinzo had on a distressed face , while not saying a word. All near the storage room (thing?). On the storage room's walls was a message written in red . . .
"~At the first twilight, those chosen by the key shall become sacrifices~"

The victims were Krauss , Rudolf , Hideyoshi , Kanon , Shannon and Battler. The six had their heads stuffed inside their stomach. The room was a locked. Genji was going to break the lock to open the door , since the storage key was lost (why would you do that) . . .But before Genji could break the lock . . . he remembered that the key was in his pocket all along! (he's dumb) Genji wasn't involved in the murder. There is only one key to the storage room. That key did not touch the culprit's hands. The only way to open that door without breaking in is through that key. How mysterious. Genji has noticed that some things were missing from the kitchen.
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Gameboard already proofread.
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