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File 130859289341.jpg - (224.48KB , 493x1142 , rudolf.jpg )
7002 No. 7002 edit
Main Thread http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/6952.html

I open this new thread to extend the story of my kakera. The detectives have been split at this point. Because there was no unanimous decision as to how Natsuhi should act, the detectives shall have to split themselves apart, each experiencing a different kakera (which may have different turnouts).

This kakera is that of the detectives who chose to have Natsuhi say nothing. As such, I forbid intervention from any detective who voted for Natsuhi admitting the truth. (I will be continuing that kakera in the first thread)

Therefore, the detectives participating in this kakera will be Ouro and Ozaki

The rules remain the same, let us begin...

Natsuhi remained silent as Gohda silently accepted his fate. However, just as everyone seemed to be crowing in on Gohda, a voice rang out. Everyone in the room spun around to see who had spoken.

"Now now, let's be a little bit more professional about this. It seems we're jumping to conclusions." It was Eva, she was wearing the typical calm, taunting look on her face. "Namely, was it really Gohda who prepared today's lunch? There are a few reason why I think not: 1) Gohda is a professional. He should not have made such an obvious mistake. 2) Gohda did not show up during lunch to describe the dish to us. No matter how busy he was he would still have come out to discuss the meal with us had he been the one to prepare it. 3) The meal was not as exceptional as what I am used to from Gohda. Indeed, I believe this was the least good meal Gohda would have ever made"

Gohda remained completely silent, not even looking at Eva as everyone else had.

"Think about it this way. Why would Gohda not object to being blamed? It could only be to protect the honor of someone else. Who would he do this for? Surely nobody other than the lady he felt so indebted to.... You, Natsuhi!" Eva exclaimed as she closed her fan and pointed it at Natsuhi. "It was you who put the bay leaf in today's lunch! Accident or not it still happened and you are still to blame for today's regrettable events! But I think it wasn't an accident. I think you planned to make it look like an accident! You killed father because it would be convenient for you to have money enough to pay off all of your husband's debts! I'll prove this was no accident and I'll have you both thrown in prison for this!"
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>> No. 7003 edit
File 132728744314.png - (178.35KB , 573x480 , ev2_akuwaraia8.png )
The world froze at that moment. The surroundings suddenly cracked as if brittle fragments of glass. They suddenly shattered into a million pieces that all dissipated to speckles of light before hitting the ground. The world reformed itself in a spiral of chaotic violet.

The detectives find themselves in the meta world. They sit in seats around a table. In front of them sits the opponent EVA.

"Shall we begin this battle?" Eva asks as she tauntingly points. "Argue your way out if you can, I'll force you into a corner and prove this could not be the fault of any save for you!"

The victory condition for the detectives is to find a way out. Mitigate as best you can the theories that would make Natsuhi the culprit. That is to say, either prove it is possible Kinzo could have died from some other cause or prove someone besides Natsuhi could have prepared the lunch.
>> No. 7007 edit
File 130837229998.png - (64.25KB , 347x480 , ozaki_akuwaraia1.png )
Simple. When Natsuhi went to change out of her clothing, she left the dish alone for at least 30 minutes. Anyone in the mansion could have tampered with the dish during that time.
>> No. 7008 edit
File 132727666028.png - (178.73KB , 573x480 , ev2_akuwaraia2.png )
The way Natsuhi prepared the dish was the way it was served to everyone.

Even if someone tampered with the dish, I have three questions:
>> No. 7010 edit
File 131916917453.jpg - (17.22KB , 134x192 , 268527.jpg )
Don't care. That red just now stated Natsuhi was the one who made the dish. In other words, Kinzo didn't die from the food in the first place!

Genji went out to get Kinzo a drink after giving the dinner to Kinzo. During that time Kinzo was killed by none other then Kanon and or Shannon, who strangled Kinzo in his very own room.
>> No. 7013 edit
File 132727519585.png - (173.70KB , 573x480 , ev2_tokuia1.png )
Not a bad idea, unfortunately...

Kinzo was not strangled to death.
>> No. 7016 edit
File 131795082654.jpg - (31.59KB , 640x360 , dr_ozaki the_finger.jpg )
Alright, same theory, just that this time, Kinzo was suffocated.

As long as that hole with Genji is there I can make an unlimited amount of theories.
>> No. 7017 edit
File 132727886648.png - (176.53KB , 573x480 , ev2_akuwaraia4.png )
Then allow me to rain down the despair!
Shannon and Kanon are a red herring, neither of them are on the island!
>> No. 7019 edit
File 131872485897.jpg - (626.03KB , 1101x1306 , 227053.jpg )
Nope, I could care less about them. Although if they were personalities then they could always have just died leaving Yasu to commit the crime. In that case the theory above would work.

Regardless, here is a less specific theory.
Someone besides Genji and Kinzo was in the studying during that time.
>> No. 7022 edit
File 133477432988.jpg - (20.62KB , 500x283 , um04_2009-07-23-17h17m32s0-500x283.jpg )
I'll try coming from another angle.
So Kinzo was served the food just the way Natsuhi served it, but was that how he ate it?
Genji is lying. Kinzo requested that an extra ingredient be added to the dish after he tasted it and found it disgusting, which he then choked on.
>> No. 7023 edit
Yasu has not been on the island during the duration of this kakera

As for your second blue... Who? How? Why?

What would this ingredient be then? And who would have added it? Kinzo himself?
>> No. 7025 edit
File 133478447261.jpg - (19.28KB , 300x433 , 128332-nikki025pastimeen4_large.jpg )
I really hope this won't lead to me going through a list of seasonings...
Kinzo added pepper to the food, which caused the coughing fit
Genji added pepper to the food, which caused the coughing fit
>> No. 7026 edit
Neither Kinzo nor Genji added anything to the lunch dish.
Pepper was not added to the lunch dish.
Kinzo did not choke on pepper.

>> No. 7036 edit
File 133479314685.png - (211.85KB , 453x356 , ozaki looking down shocked.png )
Alright, don't know if we can still use green but anyway,

Ask to see exactly what Genji did after witnessing the death. Specifically what he did to contact Kumasawa.
>> No. 7037 edit
File 132600444287.png - (78.76KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea1.png )
"After checking Kinzo's pulse and realizing he was dead, I ran down to the dining room and informed Kumasawa. Kumasawa then went and got you [Natsuhi] and Gohda."
>> No. 7047 edit
File 132305837760.jpg - (16.76KB , 424x308 , dr_ozaki more think.jpg )
Alright, since you said technically everyone is currently in the study I'll try this.

Ask where Jessica, George, Eva and Hideyoshi went after Natsuhi left from lunch to when they entered the study. Including who was with them at these locations.
>> No. 7048 edit
File 131970735786.png - (85.65KB , 346x447 , kum_majimea1.png )
"Well, we were all together. Everyone was still finishing lunch. Jessica, Eva, Hideyoshi, and George all remained in the dining room with me. It wasn't until Genji came down and told us of the horrifying events. Genji went with the other masters while I went to get you and Gohda."
>> No. 7050 edit
File 131804537699.jpg - (165.07KB , 475x587 , 1311048875412.jpg )
Genji simple lied about what happened and killed Kinzo himself. Kinzo and Genji had known each other for a long time, however there was something that was never told. Finally decided to tell Genji, Kinzo told him a secret that he had been hiding.
After learning said secret Genji lost his ever-clam composure and killed Kinzo in a fit or rage. Do to this he had no chance to prepare for a better alibi. However, he realized that he could easily lay the blame on Natsuhi since she was the one who made the dish Kinzo was about to eat.

>> No. 7051 edit
File 132728012582.png - (179.70KB , 573x478 , ev2_akuwaraia7.png )
And how could Genji possibly hurt Kinzo? Where is the weapon? Where is the proof?
Remember these reds?
>> No. 7053 edit
File 132116397839.png - (21.49KB , 217x157 , ozaki_heh.png )
Obviously the "it looks like he was hit on the head" status of the body. It's not like he needs a weapon for that.He used his own hands.
>> No. 7054 edit
File 132727519585.png - (173.70KB , 573x480 , ev2_tokuia1.png )
Kinzo's head injury was an accident as a result of his coughing fit.
>> No. 7055 edit
File 132704166775.jpg - (22.09KB , 562x400 , dr_ozaki laugh.jpg )
Genji punched Kinzo in the neck which caused the coughing fit.
>> No. 7056 edit
File 132728118841.png - (175.32KB , 573x480 , ev2_akuwaraia5.png )
Genji did not punch Kinzo. He is not a boxer like Monsieur Moon Monarch!
>> No. 7057 edit
File 131795837657.jpg - (96.25KB , 1280x720 , 392695.jpg )
He kicked him.
>> No. 7058 edit
File 132727666028.png - (178.73KB , 573x480 , ev2_akuwaraia2.png )
Genji did not make any physical strikes at Kinzo
>> No. 7059 edit
File 131820517176.jpg - (225.02KB , 500x727 , 356073.jpg )
Good. Well enough of that.

The plate, bowl eating utensils or what have to that Kinzo was eating from was poisoned.
>> No. 7060 edit
File 132728012582.png - (179.70KB , 573x478 , ev2_akuwaraia7.png )
The bowl was not poisoned, the chopsticks were not poisoned, the spoon was not poisoned.
>> No. 7063 edit
File 131795082654.jpg - (31.59KB , 640x360 , dr_ozaki the_finger.jpg )
Kinzo is a man of particular taste, and as we known he tends to like western food. So much, that he'll even use them for an Asian dish. The fork was poisoned.
>> No. 7064 edit
File 132726539819.png - (174.75KB , 573x480 , ev2_akuwaraia1.png )
Kinzo did not eat this lunch with a fork.
>> No. 7065 edit
File 131930745749.jpg - (73.87KB , 708x720 , 3923432.jpg )
Dang, and I was sure of that one.

Well might as well look around
Ask Genji each and every item placed in front of Kinzo before eating. Also check with Genji to find where these are normally stored and if any are missing.
>> No. 7066 edit
File 131329945267.png - (77.99KB , 319x477 , gen_defa1.png )
"Kinzo ate the same food as everyone else. He ate using a pair of chopsticks and spoon like everyone else. They are normally stored in the kitchen downstairs. I had to bring them all up to Kinzo. Obviously the items were all knocked over in Kinzo's choking fit and are all currently on the ground."
>> No. 7067 edit
File 13180445261.jpg - (49.70KB , 347x593 , 264826.jpg )
Check to see if there are any missing or added items to the ones knocked over
>> No. 7068 edit
File 133480778138.jpg - (70.70KB , 703x520 , canadians are weird.jpg )
The items on the floor are a bowl, a pair of chopsticks, and a spoon.

Upon very close scrutiny, you also find a very, very small piece of what appears to be broken glass.
>> No. 7073 edit
File 133480972472.jpg - (20.13KB , 157x200 , ozaki epic wind back edit.jpg )
Have Natsuhi pick up the piece of glass and show it to everyone.

"Notice how there is a shard of glass, but nothing broken in sight? What is missing from this scene? I'll tell you. The glass that Genji was about to supposedly pour a drink into. The glass is no where to be seen. In other words, why? If the glass fell and broke while Kinzo was having a fit, surely it would be left in the mess with all the other objects. So why is it missing?

The answer: that was the murder weapon. Kinzo's drink was poisoned!
In fear of the poison being discovered the culprit or accomplice cleaned up the evidence. However they missed a single tiny fragment, giving themselves away."

>> No. 7074 edit
File 133481014345.png - (119.23KB , 343x480 , eva_waraia1.png )
At that instant the world began to regain its color. The frozen pieces once again moved. Natsuhi found herself back in the study, face to face with Eva once again.

"Well now, let's hear this theory madame murderess. And don't even think about trying to blame Gohda. If you cannot find a satisfactory answer I'll call the police over right away and have you arrested." Eva taunted.
>> No. 7075 edit
File 133481132082.png - (89.73KB , 270x399 , chiozakicrop.png )
Have Natsuhi say:
"Before I answer you Eva, I have something to ask of Genji. Where is Kinzo's alcohol normally stored?"
>> No. 7076 edit
File 132600444287.png - (78.76KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea1.png )
"It is stored in the liquor cabinet in the kitchenette. Do you wish to inspect it?"
>> No. 7077 edit
File 132305837760.jpg - (16.76KB , 424x308 , dr_ozaki more think.jpg )
Natsuhi will say:
"There is no need."
Have Natsuhi recall which servants are allowed to enter Kinzo's study.
>> No. 7078 edit
File 132722352275.png - (284.57KB , 526x678 , uss22.png )
Natsuhi recalls that normally only those who are allowed to wear the crest of the one winged eagle may enter the study. That would be any of the orphans (-on names) and Genji.
>> No. 7079 edit
File 133481236781.jpg - (20.55KB , 567x402 , dr_ozaki smoke light 2.jpg )
Natsuhi sighs and turns back to Eva.
"Unless the alcohol had been poisoned long before today, then I think Genji would be the most suspicious."
>> No. 7080 edit
File 131414996165.png - (118.60KB , 343x480 , eva_akirea2.png )
"Mhm, I see... Pinning the blame on yet another servant. Isn't there supposed to be some rule against a servant being a novel's killer? Anyway, you're going to need explain further your case, it just isn't compelling as it stands. The glass could have been from your failed food preparing skills. Or heck it could even have been in the food prior to you adding them together."
>> No. 7081 edit
File 13181908689.jpg - (41.59KB , 453x468 , deskleanozaki.jpg )
"So in other words you have given up on calling me a murderer? Those theories sound exactly what people call an accident.

Face it, the glass that normally would be here is gone. That is actual evidence compared to your wild claims."
>> No. 7082 edit
File 133481329636.png - (122.96KB , 343x480 , eva_akuwaraia1.png )
"What's this about a glass? Shouldn't all of grandfather's glasses be in the liquor cabinet where they belong?! Are you going to try to tell me that you're innocent because of a small shard of glass on the floor?"
>> No. 7083 edit
File 132289761138.jpg - (84.70KB , 913x720 , 392680.jpg )
"You sound like you want us to check the glasses. If you want then go a head. If one is missing then more so for my case. If it isn't, then it could easily have been replaced. It won't help your case in the slightest."
>> No. 7084 edit
"And how exactly could they have been replaced? The culprit have had to prepare an extra glass of Father's handmade glassware. That is simply impossible. I'm sure looking in the cabinet can't do us any harm. There should be five glasses in the cabinet, correct?"

Upon searching the cabinet, it is discovered that there are in fact exactly five glass cups.
>> No. 7085 edit
File 131916917453.jpg - (17.22KB , 134x192 , 268527.jpg )
"Oh really now? Five cups you say? And how exactly would you know the amount of cups Kinzo normally has kept?"
>> No. 7086 edit
File 133481511727.png - (120.50KB , 343x480 , eva_futekia1.png )
"Hoh? Surely even an idiot like you could understand this one. Father was a man who was deliberate about everything he did. The number 5 is extremely important to occultists. The number represents the 5 books of Mosaic law, the 5 parts of the book of Psalms, the 5 points in a pentagram, the 5 wounds of Jesus Christ, the five pillars of Islam, the 5 daily prayers towards Mecca, the 5 Roman elements (if you include Ether), the 5 Chinese elements, heck you could even argue about poetic pentameter.

The number five has always been extremely important to humanity. There, have I made it easy enough for and idiot like you to understand?"
>> No. 7087 edit
File 131804537699.jpg - (165.07KB , 475x587 , 1311048875412.jpg )
"That's mere speculation. As long as we both lack evidence nether of us can prove our statements.

Check to see if all the cups are completely intact, or maybe see how much space is left in the cabinet. I'm sure Kinzo wouldn't have left any space.
I hear absinthe drinkers sometimes have a specific cup made just for it too.

While we are that maybe you should present any evidence, if you have any that is."
>> No. 7088 edit
File 133481630915.png - (119.37KB , 343x480 , eva_akirea1.png )
*sigh* "I suppose you really won't admit your crime until the end will you? Fine then I'll go on further. The number 5 is clearly an important number. No matter what numerical system you use, it is always based on either 5s or 10s (in which case the five would be half of the base power). You can find this in any sort of numerals, from Roman to Arabic. The reason why numbers are always based on powers of five or ten is because of a person's digits. You have five fingers on each hand. Occam's razor, this is why the number five is important!"
>> No. 7089 edit
File 133481747050.jpg - (20.82KB , 465x357 , dr_ozaki anger.jpg )
"Occam's razor? That long description wouldn't fall close to such an arbitrary theory. Regardless I thought of something else.

If it is in fact true that Kinzo always had 5 cups, that doesn't have to mean this shard came from one of them. Dr.Nanjo or someone else could have gotten Kinzo another special glass as a present."
>> No. 7090 edit
File 132600444287.png - (78.76KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea1.png )
"If I may but in for a second, I wish to explain further. The late master did not keep any glassware in the room save for his beakers and these cups. Those beakers and these 5 cups are all undamaged.
>> No. 7091 edit
File 133481778025.jpg - (10.65KB , 234x251 , dr_ozaki tried_smoke tea.jpg )
"Thank you Genji. However That doesn't excluded the possibility that another glass was used."
>> No. 7092 edit
File 13135358269.png - (119.11KB , 343x480 , eva_komarua4.png )
"While I may not be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, I can't allow you to get away with this devil's proof. Besides, Dr. Nanjo isn't here on the island. How could father have a cup as a gift from a man who isn't here? Grandfather did not store any cups in this room other than the ones in the liquor cabinet anyways!"
>> No. 7093 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
"Who says the cup was ever stored here? It could have easily been brought to the island the last time Dr.Nanjo or who ever brought it was here. Then today Kinzo decided he wanted to use it, so only then did it enter this room."
>> No. 7095 edit
File 133481511727.png - (120.50KB , 343x480 , eva_futekia1.png )
"Aren't we just running in circles here?! Between the devil's proof and blaming Genji I feel like you haven't proven anything at all!"

Genji butts in "Indeed, it is rather troublesome that I be blamed for this. I was the only one who has entered or exited the study today until after lunch. I did not bring any glassware into or out of the room."

Eva goes on, "Do you see now? Unless you can prove this set of cups should have 6 instead of 5, there's no way that glass sharp could be there except by your hand, willing or not."
>> No. 7096 edit
File 131795082654.jpg - (31.59KB , 640x360 , dr_ozaki the_finger.jpg )
"Your one to talk about Devil's proofs. Your theories are based solely on them.

Besides, who ever said it was Genji who brought the glass in?
It was Kinzo himself!"
>> No. 7098 edit
File 131940670529.png - (78.95KB , 319x478 , gen_odorokia1.png )
"But Kinzo didn't leave his study today. By definition of "storing" the glass would have had to have come into the room today, otherwise it would have been stored overnight."
>> No. 7099 edit
File 131959014367.png - (197.07KB , 357x434 , ozakitwe.png )
"It's simple really. See the window behind us? It's open. A perfect place for something to enter through don't you think? Kinzo never even needed to leave his study in the first place!"
>> No. 7100 edit
File 133482045825.png - (120.79KB , 439x480 , nat_nakua4.png )
A loud sound fills the room. Before Natsuhi even has time to react, she is overcome with a sharp, searing pain in the back of her torso. Being so close to the truth, it is tragic that Natsuhi can only fall to the ground. She cannot even muster the strength to turn around to see who her assailant is. It is not but the greatest irony that she can only confirm the innocence of a single person, Eva who was in front of her the entire time.

As it turns out, CYOA stories have good ends and bad ends...
>> No. 7101 edit
File 133482067677.jpg - (104.32KB , 570x800 , 335495.jpg )
>> No. 7102 edit
File 13085504033.png - (87.39KB , 354x480 , edit.png )
I'm not going to actually be kicking you out of the game... just not sure what to do from here with the detectives of route 1

Potential choices:
1. Put you into route 2's team
2. Make a route 3
3. Skip over this event to end game (like in Kinjo's 3rd fangame)
>> No. 7103 edit
What the heckdid just happen here
>> No. 7104 edit
File 133486200419.jpg - (462.52KB , 1181x1748 , 0001.jpg )
Welp. Looks like Ozaki didn't need my help here.
Seeing as he did pretty much all the work, I'll let him decide how we move on.
>> No. 7105 edit
File 132609047540.png - (74.44KB , 321x480 , rud_odorokia1.png )
Ya, sorry about that. That's part of the reason why I feel it would be unfair to just end it right here and curse you because of Ozaki's actions.
>> No. 7106 edit
File 130854339985.png - (65.08KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa1.png )
To be honest, I was going to let you decided since I took all the fun.

Don't know about you, but I like the idea of a third route, since two routes going at the same time was interesting.
>> No. 7107 edit
File 133493974831.jpg - (6.41KB , 198x255 , image.jpg )
Very well, it's decided.
Rudolf, would you be so kind as to weave us another mystery?
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