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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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7151 No. 7151 edit
This gameboard have been opened for the sake of Chen, She shall be assisted for however she wants.
The gameboard will be a traditional one, and it will be a full gameboard, meaning six round of murders a.k.a 10 twilights.

Everyone was shocked to see Natsuhi's annoucement:
Father said that if we talk about the testament, he was going to disinherit all of you, and that he will donate all the Ushiromiya money to the charity.

Eva yelled and insulted Natsuhi.
and Natsuhi with an Iron will said that Eva was lewd and that its a shame that she is an Ushiromiya.

Suprisingly to all, Eva and Natsuhi started to laugh, both apogolized, and decided to held an sleepover with Kyrie, Maria , Rosa and Jessica with Shannon and Kumasawa
as the ones that will assist them.

The girls went to Natsuhi's room.... Shannon and Kumasawa went to sleep to leave them alone.....then they saw a shadow entering the room and when they opened the room. THE SIX OF THEM WERE DEAD AND THERE WASN'T A TRACE OF THE SEVENTH PERSON THAT ENTERED.
>> No. 7152 edit
>All girls sleepover

They all had hot lesbian sex. However , someone wasn't invited and felt horribly insulted. So they decided to go inside the room by going inside it (Who the hell trusts an old lady and some maid girl?).

And then it killed them all by chocking them with a plastic banana.

My theory is flawless and full of thought!
>> No. 7153 edit

A plastic banana wasn't used to murder them all.
>> No. 7154 edit
They used some kind of dildo.
>> No. 7155 edit
No sexual toy or any object that give pleasure were used for murder
Nothing lewd happened on the room
>> No. 7156 edit
Poison was involved?
>> No. 7157 edit
poison isnt involved in the murder since there are clearly hole in all thier body
[[Insects aren't involved btw]] hehe.
>> No. 7158 edit
Karthus pressed R.
>> No. 7593 edit
no malzahar pressed R
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