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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 133946762594.png - (270.25KB , 640x480 , different_space_1adark.png )
7481 No. 7481 edit
Sixth thread of Kinjo's dyslogy.

First Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/5815.html

Second Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/6281.html

Third Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/6615.html

Fourth Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/6855.html

Fifth Thread: http://www.seacats.net/gameboard/res/7255.html

Location: ???

Status: Dire

Items(on Piece):
-Magnet components(altered to pick)
-Key 'GR4'
-Watch (2)
-Real case book documents
-Poison testing equipment
-Study Key
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>> No. 7482 edit

Guesthouse F1

Guesthouse F2

Mansion F1

Mansion F2 Glance

Mansion F3

2nd Floor Murders

Fire Guesthouse1

Fire Guesthouse2
>> No. 7484 edit
File 132893297423.png - (155.13KB , 606x480 , wdk_sakebub2.png )
Fourth theory! There's a basement in the guesthouse that the culprit hid inside! They started the fire from down there! Then they killed Rudolf from down there too!
>> No. 7485 edit
File 133809731647.png - (177.29KB , 394x475 , eri_akuwaraia3.png )
When Rudolf was killed the basement was completely set a flame.
Rudolf was not killed from the basement.

>> No. 7486 edit
File 131795800895.png - (143.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_niramua2.png )
It's all about the timing. When I say the culprit hid there, I mean before Rudolf was killed. Is that true?
>> No. 7487 edit
File 13380959219.png - (174.36KB , 401x472 , eri_akuwaraia1.png )
Not a single person was in the basement from when the fire started to when Rudolf was killed.
>> No. 7488 edit
File 131805672943.png - (49.51KB , 221x214 , wdk_avatar8.png )
Fifth theory. The culprit hid on the first floor! Once they set the fire there, they went upstairs right before our group did! Then they actually caused part of the second floor to cave in, as they wanted to block our path! They noticed Rudolf had entered Guest Room #4 via the hole in the wall, so they went inside via the main door and stabbed him! Then they left via the same main door just as quickly! Of course, they locked the main door with their key after leaving! And finally, they jumped out of one of the many windows available to them in the hallway, the book archive, or Guest Room #5!!!
>> No. 7489 edit
File 132601080391.png - (175.72KB , 376x474 , eri_akuwaraia2.png )
When you, Battler, and Rudolf reached the second floor, at that time you were the only people there!
>> No. 7490 edit
File 131795521113.png - (144.12KB , 434x480 , wdk_itaia1.png )
Hold it! I only said that because I assumed they took the stairs! But it's possible for them to take a different way up to the second floor without using the stairs! Which means the culprit could then arrive on the second floor AFTER our group did! Perhaps they climbed a rope or something through the floor of Guest Room #5! It's a devil's proof! The rest of my theory holds true!!!
>> No. 7491 edit
File 13394742011.png - (60.76KB , 212x201 , eri_akuwaraia2close.png )
"The only possible entrance to the second floor from the inside of the guesthouse are the stairs!

And don't forget, they were blocked off once you made it to the second floor!"
>> No. 7492 edit
File 133021332160.png - (151.52KB , 606x480 , wdk_majimeb2.png )
Returning to my first theory.

>Even in the state you were in, you would have noticed if someone had passed you.

But I did hear someone pass me! I heard the sound of something moving!
>> No. 7493 edit
File 133809638930.png - (178.37KB , 406x472 , eri_akuwaraia4.png )
"You heard the sound of the banister falling and breaking a hole in the wall, which was behind you.

Face it, there is no way you can solve this! You should just give up and die!
Literally. Kyahahaha!"
>> No. 7494 edit
File 132962682068.png - (50.89KB , 221x214 , wdk_closeup_0.png )
>When Battler passed through the small hole blocking the top of the stair case, it collapsed; preventing anyone from going up or down the stairs.

Again, for my first theory. There's no problem if the status of the stairs changed from "blocked" to "not blocked" after the stairs collapsed!
>> No. 7495 edit
File 133809638930.png - (178.37KB , 406x472 , eri_akuwaraia4.png )
From when you three entered the second floor; which collapsed the hole, to when Rudolf was killed, the staircase never became non-blocked or unblocked!
>> No. 7500 edit
File 130855109553.png - (144.92KB , 434x480 , wdk_nakua3.png )
My first theory, again. The culprit hid inside the utility room! Then they followed behind us! However, Battler caused the staircase to become unusable, trapping the culprit on the staircase -- neither the first nor second floor! The staircase is also adjacent to Guest Room #4, so the culprit found a way to get in, possibly using that same hole in the wall! Then they killed Rudolf, left via the door of the guest room, and jumped out any of the windows available to them!!!
>> No. 7501 edit
File 133810501116.png - (175.11KB , 404x473 , eri_akirea1.png )
"I already stated that the only entrances to Guestroom #4 are the windows, door and the hole, which connects directly to the hallway. All of which are on the second floor.

That theory simply doesn't work."
>> No. 7502 edit
File 133021332160.png - (151.52KB , 606x480 , wdk_majimeb2.png )
You never said that it didn't connect to the staircase! My theory works just fine!
>> No. 7503 edit
File 133809731647.png - (177.29KB , 394x475 , eri_akuwaraia3.png )
From when you entered the Guesthouse with Maria and Battler, to when Rudolf was killed the culprit never once entered the utility room.
>> No. 7504 edit
File 132519693937.png - (49.59KB , 196x195 , wwwwwww.png )
Obviously the culprit entered before Maria, Battler and I got there.
>> No. 7505 edit
File 133810501116.png - (175.11KB , 404x473 , eri_akirea1.png )
Nobody was in the guesthouse when you three entered.
>> No. 7506 edit
File 133955572685.jpg - (20.00KB , 150x143 , kinjo_portrait_v3.jpg )
Sixth theory. As Rudolf entered the room through the hole in the wall, a trap activated, causing the mechanical noise that I heard. The thud was Rudolf's body falling. There was no need for the culprit to even be in the guesthouse, if they were at all!!!
>> No. 7507 edit
File 132601080391.png - (175.72KB , 376x474 , eri_akuwaraia2.png )
It is forbidden for this case to be resolved with clues that are not presented.

"Where is this trap X you so dearly love?"
>> No. 7508 edit
File 133810034756.png - (177.37KB , 397x475 , eri_akuwaraia5.png )
"Hmmmmmmmmm? Is that all? Well then..."

Erika starts to walk towards you.
>> No. 7509 edit
File 133955714937.png - (304.06KB , 821x480 , wdk_sakebub2d.png )
>> No. 7510 edit
File 133955797735.png - (399.57KB , 640x480 , knoxshowtime.png )
Your blue flies at Erika, only to put cut up like a leaf in the breeze.

The black thread has nothing to do with how Rudolf's murder was COMMITTED!

Standing next to Erika is a girl wielding a sword similar to what Erika had used. Her attire resembles that of a chess piece.

"Oh Dlanor you only decided to appear now?" Erika says while smirking.
"I was getting tired of this man making theories without any logical BACKINGS" Dlanor says.

"Well whatever, just let me finished him off." Erika continues her walk towards your decimated body.
>> No. 7511 edit
File 13395583786.png - (152.11KB , 606x480 , wdk_niramub4.png )
There doesn't need to be any evidence for a trap! All the evidence burned up!
>> No. 7512 edit
File 132759878566.png - (192.68KB , 404x479 , dla_akuwaraia1b.png )
"It has already been stated that it is forbidden for this case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED!"
>> No. 7513 edit
File 131795521113.png - (144.12KB , 434x480 , wdk_itaia1.png )
Perhaps it was that 'cry'! The culprit's trained seagull cried, causing all the glass inside the guesthouse to shatter at once! It impaled Rudolf, causing him to stagger into the Guest Room #4! But the fatal blow came from the ceiling, which hit him in the head once more, and he toppled over onto the bed, blood exploding alongside the walls!
>> No. 7514 edit
File 133818250437.png - (92.47KB , 640x480 , blade1r.png )
"Have you even heard a seagull cry during this game? I KNOW I HAVEN'T!

Erika picks you up with the back of her scythe and throws you across the room like a play toy. Your chest gets slightly cut and there is now a slight gash on your chest.

"Maybe I should put it in a way you would understand: The method of murder, and the means of detecting it, must be be rational!

Just give up, it's disgusting to look at you."
>> No. 7515 edit
File 132669161140.png - (145.34KB , 434x480 , wdk_akuwaraia1a.png )
...Rudolf really wasn't dead when I found him... He was faking his death, using the old ball under the armpit trick...so I couldn't feel his pulse, and thus he was killed later than I thought he was...!
>> No. 7516 edit
File 133809561435.png - (275.66KB , 640x480 , different_space_1cdark.png )
"That sounds like another theory to me! You have already used six theories. The only theories you can currently make have to involved one of them!"
>> No. 7517 edit
File 131795863015.png - (286.97KB , 434x480 , wdk_death3.png )
Then, what if the trap was actually the fire itself...?!
>> No. 7518 edit
File 133810501116.png - (175.11KB , 404x473 , eri_akirea1.png )
"How would have fire caused those wounds on Rudolf's body? That's hardly rational."

Erika starts to walk towards you again.
>> No. 7519 edit
File 13395617796.png - (386.46KB , 434x480 , wdk_death1.png )
Not the fire itself, but the debris from it! There was an explosion trap that caused parts of the room to fly at Rudolf and stab him!
>> No. 7520 edit
File 13380959219.png - (174.36KB , 401x472 , eri_akuwaraia1.png )
No explosion caused Rudolf to die.

Sure, one may have caused the fire, but that didn't kill Rudolf.
>> No. 7521 edit
File 132963310899.png - (50.23KB , 221x214 , wdk_avatar4.png )
The pillar itself fell on Rudolf.
>> No. 7522 edit
File 133809731647.png - (177.29KB , 394x475 , eri_akuwaraia3.png )
"Rudolf was found on the bed. The pillar wasn't even inside the room!"

The pillar was not the cause of Rudolf's death!

Erika is a few steps away now.
>> No. 7523 edit
File 131803127630.png - (153.62KB , 606x480 , wdk_akuwaraic1.png )
The culprit set up a trap that would activate when part of the room was stepped on. A knife would come down attached to string and stab the victim. The string would then pull back up, and the knife would come back up as well. However the fire burned up the knife and cut the string, or in this case a black thread!
>> No. 7524 edit
File 132668923149.png - (5.39KB , 40x60 , tinykinjo.png )
And just in case that doesn't work, there was a trap in or under the bed!
>> No. 7525 edit
File 13380959219.png - (174.36KB , 401x472 , eri_akuwaraia1.png )
Ahahaha, none of those were even hinted! But since you are about to die I might as well deny them. I already denied a theory using the thread however.

There was no trap in the bed or under it.

Erika stands above you, the scythe raised up high above her head.

"Any last words?"
>> No. 7526 edit
File 132963392598.png - (51.22KB , 221x214 , wdk_avatar4n.png )
Logic. Error.
>> No. 7527 edit
File 133887832078.png - (176.14KB , 397x474 , eri_majimea2.png )
"Another attempt at this? Such a shame for your final words, but I guess it suits you. Lets hear it."
>> No. 7528 edit
File 131794509272.png - (14.19KB , 217x157 , kinjo_heh2.png )

There was no trap in the bed or under it.

When I told Genji I couldn't get into my room on the first night, he went to go get the chain cutters. This is what the text said:

>Genji, Krauss and you go back inside the guesthouse and into the utility room. Genji takes out a key and unlocks the trap door. He goes down it then comes back up with the clippers. The three of you then go up to your room.

Clearly, there was a trap under my bed. The trap door of the utility room!

Logic error!!!
>> No. 7529 edit
File 133956458431.jpg - (8.14KB , 800x600 , black.jpg )
"As expected, pathetic."

Erika raises her scythe and brings it down upon your neck.

>> No. 7530 edit
File 133956921247.jpg - (8.14KB , 800x600 , white.jpg )

Wind. You can hear the wind blowing over you. Your face feels cold as the breeze brushes your back. Correction, your whole body is cold. Not just your torso, but your arms and legs too. Eventually you gain a sense of yourself. You must be lying down.
>> No. 7531 edit
I do my best to stand up.
>> No. 7532 edit
File 133956947066.png - (821.71KB , 1600x1200 , snow_field.png )
You try to lift yourself up. Fumbling like a newborn you slowly are able to stand. You are in the middle of what appears to be a field covered in snow. You can’t see anything besides snow. Every direction is snow as far as you can see. No hills, just flat snow. Lonely or maybe empty are the first words that come to mind. It is a desolate land with no one but you.

On a second inspection, in the distance there is a small round dot.
>> No. 7533 edit
File 132788807624.png - (144.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_defa3c.png )
I go toward the small round dot.
>> No. 7534 edit
The snow is deep; you slowly make your way to the dot, sweating more and more each step. Despite your legs returning, you have already lost feeling in them from the cold. The dot gets larger. You make it to the dot, it is a large bolder with a pair of straps like a backpack on it. Behind the rock is a sign, pointing outwards. Behind you the scenery changes, you can see the snow has turned into lush meadows and you can see buildings in the distance. The sun beaming down on the bright green grass.
>> No. 7535 edit
File 131795090912.png - (154.75KB , 434x480 , Kinjo_derp.png )
I go where the sign points, wondering just what the hell I've been smoking.
>> No. 7536 edit
File 133956947066.png - (821.71KB , 1600x1200 , snow_field.png )
You try to go past the sign further out into the snowy fields. However there is some sort of invisible wall blocking you.
>> No. 7537 edit
"Child of men, if you wish to continue grab this boulder, put it on your back and follow the sign."
>> No. 7538 edit
File 131795459184.png - (142.83KB , 434x480 , wdk_waraia2.png )
"More voices in my head? Well, I might as well start listening to them. Can't hurt at this point."

I pick up the boulder, put it on my back, and follow the sign.
>> No. 7539 edit
The rock is nothing close to light; it feels inhuman to even be able to lift it. You start to walk, following the voice. You don’t know where, but it surely will lead you to someone, anyone.
The snow gets deeper, and it’s now up to your knees. You walk for hours, without rest; shouldering the rock upon you back. Why are you doing this? You don’t need to. If you turn back you can go to the green hills you just saw!
>> No. 7540 edit
File 130827688591.png - (142.76KB , 434x480 , wdk_majimea1.png )
I've already spent hours walking this way. Why give up now? I'm not a quitter!

I keep going forward.
>> No. 7541 edit
File 133957078278.jpg - (41.42KB , 529x337 , snow_fence.jpg )
You continue with the rock, your footprints are turning pink. You can see each time you lift a leg your bloody foot comes into view. Even so, you continue.

Days pass, as you walk. Continuously without end. You see another dot on the horizon. Putting more energy into your strides you make it to the structure. It is a fence, leading in a straight line horizontally as far as you can see. In the middle there is a fence gate. Beside it is a sign pointing through the fence.

The gate is much too small to fit the rock through.
>> No. 7542 edit
File 13179496866.png - (145.24KB , 434x480 , wdk_akuwaraia1.png )
I'll throw the boulder over the gate. open the gate and then carry the boulder with me.
>> No. 7543 edit
Scratch that, the gate's too small.
I'll toss it over.
>> No. 7544 edit
File 133957078278.jpg - (41.42KB , 529x337 , snow_fence.jpg )
You toss boulder over and then pass through the gate.

You push on. The moment you enter the gate, a storm appears. The snow blinds you and you can’t see a thing but even so you push on. This is stupid, what I’m I fighting for? Why do I even bother with mysteries?

The snow gets even deeper, and you have to feel your way through the snow. You lose track of time, is it hours, days or weeks? You don’t know. Suddenly, you feel something. It’s cold and solid, pushing on it gives way and the storm suddenly stops. You look around, right beside a fence you see your own footprints in front of you. You are back to the same spot.
>> No. 7545 edit
File 130833580277.png - (143.89KB , 434x480 , wdk_itaia2.png )
"Hmm. I wonder..."

I check to see if the sign is pointing the same direction as last time. Either way, I follow it.
>> No. 7546 edit
File 133957224841.png - (240.74KB , 521x570 , snow_fielderika.png )
Checking the sign it seems to be pointing back to the fence.

You turn, heading back through the gate. You are blinded yet again. Time has lost meaning. All you know is the storm. It bashes you side to side as you slowly trip and fall through the path. Your face is frozen stiff; any attempt at talking would be futile. Is it because it’s fun? Or do I just like beating others?

Finally, the storm stops. You see a wooden fence this time. Pushing through it you are suddenly hit with an over powering sense for nausea. In front of you Erika in now standing, laughing.
>> No. 7547 edit
File 130854767435.png - (144.53KB , 434x480 , wdk_majimea4a.png )
I approach Erika as fast as I can, wondering what this is all about.
>> No. 7548 edit
"You have done well child, but to continue you must calm your heart. There's no reason to angst over lost fights."
>> No. 7550 edit
File 130869852468.png - (160.61KB , 434x480 , wdk_nayamua1.png )
"It's not really about the lost fight. It's more about the fact that I've been freezing out here for days, so I'd rather not waste any more time. But whatever, I'll trust the voice in my head and calm down."
>> No. 7551 edit
You stop your charge and Erika's image and the boulder fades into nothing

You continue on yet again. Your feet continue to bleed and ache. You see in the distance what looks like more fences. Sure enough, it is. One of them leads to a brick road, and the other is just two fences beside one another, with the same snow you have been walking through in between.
>> No. 7552 edit
File 130841958097.png - (142.97KB , 434x480 , wdk_defa2.png )
I follow the goldbar brick road.
>> No. 7553 edit
"The ones who follow the brick road will find just agony and despair. Go back and pick the other road."
>> No. 7554 edit
File 131794687915.png - (144.97KB , 434x480 , wdk_futekia1a.png )
"Well, if you say so."

I pick the other road.
>> No. 7555 edit
The snow isn’t the same as before, it is now up to your waist, and each step takes more and more effort. The endless overcast continues as it starts to snow. It is justice? Is that something even to fight for? Eventually the fences running alongside you disappear and you are again in nothing but a snowy field.
Looking behind you appears a small table, with a glass of milk and cookies on them. Your mouth waters as you look at it. Surely a single bite won’t hurt.
>> No. 7556 edit
File 130828198675.png - (143.31KB , 434x480 , wdk_majimea2.png )
I won't turn back. Keep going.
>> No. 7557 edit
File 133957509635.png - (661.19KB , 1600x1200 , truelovers.png )
You ignore the cookies and milk. And continue walking. However your legs give way. They won’t move any longer.

Crawling along the snow, one arm at a time. Face-fulls of snow cover your torso. You keep sinking into the snow. Again and again without end. Maybe you should just turn back, you may not even be going the right way… What is the right way? Is there a right way? Will fight for truth make me happy? Or I’m I even trying for that… IN the distance you can see what looks to be a door.

At that moment, from the opposite direction of the door, you hear a different voice, one different from all the others.
It's females voice, a figure forms out of the snow. Long black hair with half covering one of her eyes. "K-Kinjo, you can stop there is no need to push yourself! Y-you can come back with me..." The feel a sense of ease from the girl, like everything will be alright.
>> No. 7558 edit
File 13302100794.png - (49.06KB , 221x214 , wdk_avatar6.png )
"Really? Well, if you say so, I have no objections...~"

I walk over to the silhouette of the girl who is clearly Hanako Ikezawa.
>> No. 7559 edit
"Ditch that bitch, you foul soul. Your heart is for another man."
>> No. 7560 edit
File 133957594292.png - (137.16KB , 500x338 , witchesandboards.png )
"On second thought, nevermind. I refuse to explain why."

I keep moving forward, ignoring the girl who is clearly Hanako Ikezawa.
>> No. 7561 edit
The silhouette disappears and you crawl over to the door. You can hear voices calling your name from the other side. Some are kind, other are harsh and full of malice. A silver key appear before you. It matches the door handle.
>> No. 7562 edit
File 132668923149.png - (5.39KB , 40x60 , tinykinjo.png )
I take the key and open the door...
>> No. 7563 edit
File 133956921247.jpg - (8.14KB , 800x600 , white.jpg )
You open the door and a huge light emits from the opening. Engulfing you in one gulp you feel yourself get pulled in and hear the door slam shut behind you.

>> No. 7564 edit
File 133963575583.png - (337.44KB , 640x480 , different_space_2a.png )

You open and see you are floating in what may be best to be described as an abyssal. With what appears to be an area without gravity you are a drift, slowly moving through the space. Suddenly something catches your attention, as a glimmering light. As you continue to float closer to the light, which has now split into multiples. They stroll past you, to what appears to be fragments of something. Like little gems they look clear and shaped similar to one. Inside of them you can see something, it’s… you? You can see yourself getting on the boat, another shows you sneaking around in a servant’s blouse, you interrogating everyone in the dinning room. Some even show Erika in positions similar to your own.
>> No. 7565 edit
File 13180522861.png - (144.38KB , 434x480 , wdk_majimea5a.png )
"...Where am I?"

I move closer to the fragments, wondering what this is all about.
>> No. 7571 edit
File 133972424866.png - (442.88KB , 640x480 , different_space_2c.png )
As you do each of them starts to circle around you as you finally come to a stop. In the distance you can see someone. As they walk closer you can make out who it is…
>> No. 7574 edit
File 13397256211.png - (336.41KB , 640x480 , it\'s a ghost kill it.png )
Yo, what's up?
>> No. 7575 edit
File 131795800895.png - (143.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_niramua2.png )
"Ozaki, is that you?! What's going on?!"
>> No. 7576 edit
File 13083791693.png - (65.07KB , 347x480 , ozaki_defa2.png )
"Calm down man. You must be tired after what you have been through. Well that's not to say I've been through the same thing."

"To put it simply; you died."
>> No. 7577 edit
File 130827688591.png - (142.76KB , 434x480 , wdk_majimea1.png )
"...Didn't you die too? What happened to Erika?"
>> No. 7578 edit
File 130837229998.png - (64.25KB , 347x480 , ozaki_akuwaraia1.png )
Yep, however I've been to Purgatorio more than once. Judging how we almost lost you, I'm assuming that was your first trip there.

As for Erika... Well I'm sure she is still trapped, just like us."
>> No. 7579 edit
File 130827127155.png - (161.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_defa1.png )
"...So, what do we do now?"
>> No. 7580 edit
File 13085518377.png - (64.64KB , 347x480 , ozaki_nayamua1.png )
"Well I've got a plan. I knew this game would attract attention, but maybe the conventional method would have been the smarter road. Regardless, it's not like that can be changed now.

Erika is probably only noticing it now, but I didn't split the essence of this world into two pieces, but into three.
Hell, despite cutting my power over the game, that fail safe was probably the only reason we are still standing here. Well, if you had won that'd probably work too, but whatever.

This is how I see it, the only way for us to escape, will be the to take back the game and finish it for real. Seeing how you are the only one out of the lot of us who doesn't know the answer...

Well, here is the kick to the pants: this is all resting you.
>> No. 7581 edit
File 130828198675.png - (143.31KB , 434x480 , wdk_majimea2.png )
"So how will we take back our game?"
>> No. 7582 edit
File 133963575583.png - (337.44KB , 640x480 , different_space_2a.png )
"We? Like I said man, I already know the answer. Of course that doesn't mean I can't help you a bit."

As you wonder what he means another silhouette appears from behind him.
>> No. 7583 edit
File 130826654858.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , 133927795114.png )
"... I can't believe you almost fall for the last one. I was starting to lose contact with you, so I had to improvise a little bit."
>> No. 7584 edit
File 131803167260.png - (144.19KB , 434x480 , wdk_fumana1a.png )
"Oh, that voice was you, anon?! And what was with that snowfield place anyway? That was confusing!"
>> No. 7585 edit
"Well, your soul was sent to a Canadian Purgatorio when Erika defeated you, my mission was to see you two escaped from there. Ozaki did pretty well by himself, but you almost get lost there."
>> No. 7586 edit
File 131794687915.png - (144.97KB , 434x480 , wdk_futekia1a.png )
"Ah, I see. So I need to solve the game, then?"
>> No. 7588 edit
File 133981536821.png - (265.61KB , 640x480 , NorthAmerica.png )
"You got it. Anon holds the third piece, and by giving it to you, one more attempt at the truth should be possible. Since you didn't solve all the howdunits, it will be risky, however it's now the only chance we have.

As each piece of the world is written, it must fulfill it's duty. So anon... if you will"
>> No. 7589 edit
File 132443700522.png - (74.24KB , 527x442 , 132668236194.png )
"Are you ready Kinjo? This is pretty long and I'm only saying it once!

'Lies and deceit are the only remains of the past. In them we find comfort, fear, happiness and sadness, but was it worth it? The fight that shook our very world cannot be undone.
The shadow of lies carries over the truth, twisting it into nothing but shambles of deceit. It has carried over to now, and sunken root in the very foundation of the world. Or rather, it never left in the first place.
Driven by this non-existant feeling of guilt, the deeds are carried out without pause. Temptation is all that is left after the shadow is laid, so firmly placed that not even those closest to it can lift it.
That is, until a snowflake falls, it brings tides of something well-known to the world. The wind blows, as the shadow begins to rip. Never will this happen; the container of the snow needs to be tampered. Searching the world reveals the trickery.
The snow molten in the heat of anger, the wind frozen with the cold of fear. Only this feeling does one oppose; the great answer you may hold.'"
>> No. 7590 edit
File 131795090912.png - (154.75KB , 434x480 , Kinjo_derp.png )
"I'm not even sure where to begin deciphering this, but I think I have an idea. This game is, literally, a repercussion of the past incident. There's probably a deep connection between the two, and because of scars left behind they've resurfaced once again. Basically, a motive for the whydunnit, which would help me find the who."
>> No. 7591 edit
"Good luck Kinjo, but beware: this hint contains almost everything you need to win. Study it carefully."
>> No. 7592 edit
File 131260110168.png - (161.29KB , 434x480 , wdk_ikaria1.png )
"Alright, I will, anon."
>> No. 7594 edit
Audio bgm_da_21.mp3 - (4.92MB - 264 kbps - 44.1 kHz ) Length: 2:36
>> No. 7595 edit
File 134032086128.png - (435.66KB , 640x480 , memory1.png )
I float through the vast space of fragments, reflecting on my past mistakes. But this time, I'll go through it with more knowledge than I had the first time.

I begin from the very start of my adventure, the airport. The first day, December 30th, 1989.

I read the newspaper, indicating that there will be a record-breaking amount of snowfall. So it would be easy for anyone to know about the upcoming bad weather.

I then read the letter. Jessica is the one who wrote it, inviting me here. The letter also has a stamp on it, of a wing. So she must have gotten her father's stamp somehow, and sent the letter to me. She says she fears the culprit is among them, so this would pretty much exonerate Jessica herself.

Next I meet Terence Stewart, who doesn't show up again until the end. He informs me of the details of the crime, and that family members have been trying to cover it up. Odd, considering Jessica is trying to uncover the truth. So who would be trying to cover it up?

I then meet Ruon, after formally introducing myself as Kinjo. She then tells the captain to start the engines... leaving Battler behind?

Her excuse for that is that she mistook me for Battler, but I clearly said my name. I can't be too careful about this. Did she not want Battler to come, or was it not planned?

...In fact, if Battler was there... then where were Rudolf, Kyrie, and Ange...? Is this guy really...?
>> No. 7596 edit
File 134032088876.png - (407.46KB , 640x480 , memory2.png )
Some will use me while others will not, some have remembered while others have forgot.
For profit or gain I'm used expertly, I can't be picked off the ground or tossed into the sea.
Only gained from patience and time, can you unravel my rhyme?
I'm Knowledge.

The riddle Ruon had given to me to solve while we were on the boat. It seems pretty cryptic, and although the answer is knowledge, I can't help but feel this could be another way to write the motive for the culprit.

Some have remembered the crimes of three years ago, and others have forgot. What can be gained from patience and time? Restored happiness?

6:00 PM

Finally, the boat lands, and we meet Berune. The captain informs us not to leave anything behind, as he won't be coming back in the storm. He probably read the newspaper.

We then see Maria and Ange playing in the rose garden... Wait. So Ange was already here? If Ange was here then what was Battler doing? Why wasn't he with Rudolf or Kyrie? He carried nothing with him from the ship, so he couldn't have come to the island first, then went back for something!

And then we meet Jessica. She tells Battler, "long time no see". I wonder just how long.

We also see two portraits, one of Kinzo and one of Beatrice. But Beatrice isn't even relevant in the rest of the story, so what purpose do either of these serve?
>> No. 7597 edit
File 134032091793.png - (371.49KB , 640x480 , memory3.png )
We then enter the parlor, meeting the rest of the family. So Rudolf and Kyrie were here. Krauss and Jessica take me outside the room to talk.

"This gathering was meant to close those wounds, not reopen them. Also, I never met your father personally, he was a friend of the old head, my father. "

Now that the storm is here nobody can enter or leave the island.

Hideyoshi mentions he knows the name 'Goldbar' from somewhere. This makes sense later on when he calls me out for being a detective.

Eva doesn't speak up right away. She must still be upset over George's death. Battler mentions there will be presents after dinner. I wonder what everyone got.

Battler and Rosa go outside to get Maria and Ange. I follow. We have a snowball fight, but I don't think it's very relevant.

On my way out, I notice the portraits. "The eyes of the man look as if they could hold the fire of hell and burn you just from looking at them.
It won't be surprising if a little kid got nightmares from it. The other however feels as if it was mocking the artist."

I start up some nice conversation during dinner, talking about Christmas, when suddenly Hideyoshi mentions that I'm the son of Detective Gilligan Goldbar. Krauss then speaks.

"I warned you to behave you insolent brat! That case has been closed by the police, you don't have the jurisdiction to make this your playground."

So, this probably means Krauss wanted to put this case to rest. He did say that he was happy everyone could be here.

However, after learning this I am then kicked out of the mansion and sent to Guest Room #4 in the guesthouse.
>> No. 7598 edit
File 134032094829.png - (334.81KB , 640x480 , memory4.png )
7:45 PM

On inspection of the rooms I find that GR 3 and 2 are locked, however 1 is not. I wonder if this means anything. I enter GR1. Inside it looks practically the same as my room, however there is no closet and there are two beds and a few chairs around a table. There is a chain on the door.

Near the end of the game Battler tries to enter GR1 but it won't open. Perhaps the chain was set?

I sneak out and look through the window into the parlor. The cousins have unwrapped their presents. What are the presents?

I go down into the boiler room and meet Ruon, who was looking for a wrench... she then claims that she came down here to adjust the temperature. Huh, does she really need a wrench to do that?

Apparently a letter had been found earlier, probably written by Jessica again. It said that, once 'he' (me) finds the culprit, the writer would kill them. Sounds just like Jessica. So this probably means that while Kraus wanted to cover up the story, Jessica wanted it out in the open.

I apologize to Gohda in the kitchen, who ignores me. But as I leave his hand paused while washing the dish, so perhaps he thought better of me? Berune was in the room as well.

I notice Battler looking at the portrait of Beatrice. Beatrice = Kanon = Shannon = Yasu, so perhaps he's upset that they were never seen again...? Or rather, killed three years ago?

Upon entering the servant room I hear Manon talking over the phone. "Well where am I going to iron them then? Oh? The old one? Alright then, if I have to." I'm not sure what this means, if anything.

The storage room is locked at this time. 9:30 PM.
>> No. 7599 edit
File 134032097338.png - (436.63KB , 640x480 , memory5.png )
I go to the parlor. It's empty, and wrappings are everywhere, as if everyone just dropped what they were doing. The letter must have caused the party to break up.

I see Genji shoveling snow. Oddly enough I didn't see Genji when I first left the guesthouse. He gives a slight bow here.

In my room I find a piece of paper telling me to come to the book archive. Hideyoshi wrote this here and told Genji to put it in my room. So Genji must have realized I had left, as the room was empty.

Hideyoshi then tells me his version of the story in the book archive. Kinzo picked George to be the heir. But he had to solve that riddle first. The next morning Ruon reported that they saw a puddle of blood coming from underneath a door...inside the military base under the island. They used a welding torch to enter the room. George was dead, a bullet in his skull. Kinzo had also passed away according to the servants, and both Kanon and Shannon disappeared. Erika, who had washed up on the island, had cut off George's head. Erika was then tied up in the storage room (where Natsuhi is later killed here) but she somehow disappeared. There hadn't been a family gathering since.

A list of people on the island that day: Kinzo, Krauss, Natsuhi, Jessica, Rudolf, Kyrie, Battler, Hideyoshi, Eva, George, Rosa, Maria, Genji, Gohda, Ruon, Berune, Kanon, Shannon, Dr. Nanjo, and Erika. Ange was sick that year, so she couldn't come.

After the police stopped investigating Krauss had cement poured over the entrance. So he really did want the police to stop investigating things. But why? Why go this far?

Krauss then arrives and tells Hideyoshi that Eva wants him. No idea why she would want to talk to him now.

I then go to sleep, after Genji cuts the chain to my room.
>> No. 7600 edit
File 134032100414.png - (382.66KB , 640x480 , memory6.png )
I wake up from a terrible nightmare. In the hallway I see Eva, her body half out the door to her room, and the maid with black hair walking down the hall and turning around the corner. In other words, I saw Ruon myself that night!

"You're just like him. Him and that bitch! I don't need your help!" Eva's voice escalates to a yell. "Stop sticking your nose into places it doesn't belong!"

Who could she be referring to here? ...Hideyoshi and Jessica?! That would make sense, if she doesn't want anyone to keep bringing up the murder of George... but those two, Hideyoshi and Jessica, keep doing it!

I go back to sleep. The next morning I'm woken up by a phone, Genji calling me. Snow is at eye level, so I take the path Genji made last night. Kyrie and Rudolf exit the building shortly after I do.

I enter the dining room. Rosa, Maria, Battler, Ange, and Jessica are all in the same place as yesterday. Gohda claims that Genji has just called the four remaining adults. Krauss and Natsuhi arrive shortly after. Gohda calls the remaining two but there is no answer.

Genji then enters the room. Krauss had assumed Genji called them, but Genji claims there was no answer from their room.

Krauss orders Genji to check on them. Battler then decides to go with. A few minutes later the phone rings, Battler breaks the chain, and Krauss brings Rudolf with him to Eva's room.

I follow.
>> No. 7601 edit
File 13403210289.png - (219.68KB , 640x480 , memory7.png )
Genji is standing in the hallway. Myself, Krauss, Rudolf, and Battler all enter the room and find the dead bodies of Eva and Hideyoshi. Shortly after investigating I make the fatal assumption that the chain can't be set from the outside, but indeed that is how it was done. I explain my theory to Krauss and Rudolf, who nod. But Battler seems doubtful.

The external phones lines aren't working, according to Genji. Krauss, Natsuhi, Jessica, Rudolf, Kyrie, Battler, Ange, Maria, Rosa, Gohda, Genji, Ruon, Berune, and Manon are all in the dining room.

8:50 PM - Genji saw Battler, Jessica, Maria, and Ange while shoveling snow. They all entered the guesthouse.
9:00 PM - Genji saw Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, and Kyrie while shoveling snow. They all entered the guesthouse.

...Where was Rosa? Battler claims that sometime during the night (they had stayed in GR#1, did he have a key?) Maria started crying (why?) so they took her to Rosa's room in the mansion. Why was Rosa staying in the mansion?

Also, when they were at the mansion Jessica asked her mother something. What was it? Natsuhi woke up at 11 but called for a drink at 2:30, when Krauss did. But Jessica should have been in the mansion from 11 to 12, according to Battler.

Kyrie then claims that Manon arrived with her drink between 2:10 to 2:30. Manon states that she did indeed serve Kyrie, and was on duty in the guesthouse.

Genji then states that at 9:35 he called Eva and Hideyoshi, but there was no response. They must have been dead by then.

Kyrie tells me that she saw Ruon as she was getting her drink in the guesthouse. Ruon had also entered the dining hall a few minutes after I, Krauss, and Rudolf had left the dining hall. Kyrie's description of the incident three years ago matches Hideyoshi's perfectly. She also says that Krauss probably covered it up. So it seems I'm on the right track.

Battler: "I see, so that's where this is going. When I walked to the mansion with Maria I saw Genji shoveling and when we passed through the main entrance I saw Ruon. Those are the only servants I saw that night."

It seems that Ruon is a likely suspect.
>> No. 7602 edit
File 134032107556.png - (427.28KB , 640x480 , memory8.png )
However, Battler confronts me with a red truth : because of the snow there is no way to get to the Guesthouse or Mansion without using the path Genji made! Since Genji and Manon met in such a place there was no chance for someone to sneak by. So, Battler and Ruon work together here to form an alibi for Ruon, who both Kyrie and I had seen in the guesthouse that night.

Kyrie breaks up our argument once I start pointing my finger at Battler, and he does the same to me. The group then goes to the kitchen for canned food. There are decorations left over in the parlor... no servant bothered to clean it up?

Natsuhi tells someone to move the flowers, Manon does, and reveals a letter underneath.

The letter essentially forces Krauss to reveal the existence of the documents he had supposedly burned away. It was addressed to the detective, so I assume this was Jessica once again.

It is then Rosa's idea to send both Battler and myself with Krauss as he gets the documents from the study. We all go up to the study and read them, they are the same format as the documents I got from Terence.
>> No. 7603 edit
File 134032110133.png - (338.82KB , 640x480 , memory9.png )
The first page is simply a title labled, "Rokkenjima Murder". On the second page however there are pictures of both George and a girl... Yasu. Wearing a maid outfit, no more than 20 years old. The body was found right next to George. So Ruon found the body dead, right next to George? Or perhaps Genji? After all, he's the one who broke into the room!

Although this gives me a very sinister theory... could it be that Ruon....? Well, let's keep reviewing the fragments.

A photo from two years ago reveals the corpse of Furudo Erika. She was shot in the back of the head, her corpse was also rotten, disfigured, and could only be identified because of her teeth.

Krauss then says that both bodies were originally found in the mansion's servant room, and he had them both moved to the underground military base. George knew how to solve the riddle, wrote down how, and that allowed the closed room to be constructed.

Yasu was taken to the hidden mansion by Genji, and buried there, and only Genji knows where. Battler looks angry after hearing this, and suggests that we head back.

Krauss then dies due to a leaky ceiling.
>> No. 7604 edit
File 134032112610.png - (317.76KB , 640x480 , memory10.png )
1:45 PM

I read some of the documents on the desk. They seem to about previous and current deals with other companies. According to the documents a few years ago when Kinzo was alive his sons and daughters needed money. Out of what looks to be sheer luck, with the 'little' amount of inheritance Kinzo left Krauss he was able to bring everyone out of debt.

Battler and I head back down. We find Rudolf banging on the door to the storage room, which is still locked. Genji gets out his key and unlocks it, where we find Natsuhi dead. Erika later gave me a red truth saying that the ashes found inside were actually burnt documents. So Natsuhi probably went to the storage room to burn them.

2:45 PM

Jessica and Battler get into an argument. They seem to be talking about Yasu and George, from what I can tell.

"Don't talk to me like that, you were egging him on in the first place!" Yells Jessica.
"Oh me is it? You were always having your 'secret 'talks with her weren't you?" Battler yells back.
"She didn't even do anything, there is no way! Battler you are just a little-"

Suddenly the lights go out. Genji informs us that there is a lantern in the servant room. We all go pick it up, but Battler carries it. Once we're in the room he sets it down. This must be the lantern Genji had when he was found dead.

Along the way to the boiler room Maria hears a noise. It's possible this was simply the boiler about ready to explode, as it makes another noise shortly before doing so.

Rudolf suggests that melted snow caused the circuit to fry. Is that really true?

The boiler then explodes, and I'm knocked unconscious.
>> No. 7605 edit
File 134032116786.png - (203.19KB , 640x480 , memory11.png )
I wake up to find Battler and Maria with me. The room has been split in two. Battler suggests we take the back door out.

We eventually make our way to the second floor, where we follow various drops of blood.

"As Battler lifts the candle towards the door it looks as if the blood was coming from the door itself. A large cut has been made in the door, surrounding the area blood has dripped down. Battler carefully puts his hand on the doorknob and gives it a twist, but does not open it. You take Maria's hand and enter the room where Genji's corpse lays."

Battler then leaves the room and presumably finds Kyrie dead, as he lets out a scream. There's also the sound of something falling, probably Battler falling to his knees and crying.

We then receive some red: Manon was seen in the guesthouse by Kyrie from 2:10 AM to 2:30 AM. Whether they are dead or alive, the one who wrote the letter that called you to Rokkenjima is among the people on the island.

This does not deny that Ruon was seen by Kyrie, of course.

I then find a small box, or maybe a big box, inside Genji's room. I cut off his head, proving he really is a corpse.

My candle then goes out after feeling a gust of wind, pain goes through my leg and I feel something in my chest. Maria screams and I hear footsteps rushing down the hallway. Who could have done this?

...I'm starting to suspect... Battler? Or perhaps even Maria did this? If Maria were born of a C-section, it would make sense. Rosa probably wouldn't want Maria and tried to abort her but it didn't work and she ended up living...

But I doubt Maria is actually the mastermind.
>> No. 7606 edit
File 134032119761.png - (362.66KB , 640x480 , memory12.png )
We then decide to go to the guesthouse, where we meet up with everyone else.

Jessica speaks up, "So in other words; while we were all unconscious, your group, Kyrie, Genji and the culprit were not." Battler's expression grows tense as his eyes squint. He puts his hand on his chin and looks down, probably in thought.

It seems Jessica and Battler aren't getting along. Either way, she then admits to me that she sent me the letter.

Red: Everyone alive on the island is gathered inside the guesthouse right now.

6:30 PM

Maria senses a smell. Rosa notices it smells like something burning. Gohda wants to check it out, but Berune opposes it. Rudolf (drunkenly) and the others agree to just stay where we all are.

Battler then gets a signal from the radio he had pulled out once we got here. Terence speaks, but we hardly hear him.

"*static*SIX!? Six people?*static* At this rate it could turn into-*static* Alright, Kinjo this is-*static**static**static* Only then can-*static* Got that? *static*
*static*-need you first to*static**static**static**static**static*"

Apparently I was supposed to do something before Terence could help. What was he trying to tell me?

I then open the box I found in Genji's room. It contains blueprints, a poem, and documents similar to what was found in the study. The poem seems to be a second epitaph. Perhaps Genji was planning on something Kinzo had wanted him to do? Give out another test because the first one didn't work out? Or did Krauss order Genji to do this?

There's also a hidden room in the blueprints of the mansion. No idea what that could be for.

Also, I find that my hammer has gone missing. Who would have taken it? Maria?
>> No. 7607 edit
File 13403212314.png - (330.73KB , 640x480 , memory13.png )
We all smell the fire again...

Yes, I remember this part well.

There's not much reason to go over this again in detail.

Gohda, Rosa, Ange, Maria, and Manon leave via the window in the lobby.

Jessica and Ruon leave via the main exit.

Rudolf, Battler, and I go upstairs.

Rudolf then dies in my guest room, and Battler confronts me there as well.

Naturally, given the red... if Rudolf died on the second floor, and the only people there when he died were the three of us...

...There's only one person I could suspect to be the killer at this point.
>> No. 7608 edit
File 134032125699.png - (595.99KB , 640x480 , memory14.png )
I think I have my final theory prepared.

Erika must be waiting for me to return. She's probably ready to fight me again, expecting to crush me without mercy, and torture me all over again.

But I've learned this time. There's only one howdunnit that needs to be solved, but now that I have a strong case for the whodunnit... this shouldn't be too bad after all.

I'm only uncertain about the whydunnit. Taking one last look at those who died, it would be George's parents, then Jessica's parents, then Battler's parents... with Genji there as well.

Is this the work of a single culprit? It's very possible. But I have no doubt that multiple motives are crossing paths here, and the result is something that makes no sense when first looked at.

The final hint that anon gave me. It makes more sense now, but am I really thinking of the correct interpretation? Well, no matter.

This is the best I can do before I reclaim this gameboard. I'm ready.
>> No. 7609 edit
File 13085518377.png - (64.64KB , 347x480 , ozaki_nayamua1.png )
"It looks like you are as ready as you will ever be..."

Ozaki appears beside you and holds out a small crystal ball.

"That is the third and last piece of this world. When you are ready to go, break it, and you will be sent back to where Erika is."
>> No. 7610 edit
File 131795800895.png - (143.26KB , 434x480 , wdk_niramua2.png )
I break the crystal ball.
>> No. 7611 edit
File 133956458431.jpg - (8.14KB , 800x600 , black.jpg )
The ball shatters and the already warped environment twists and turns into a black void.

>> No. 7612 edit
File 134032739167.png - (364.34KB , 640x480 , magicshit.png )

[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov5Q8XOF4D0 ]

Crack... Snap...

The sound of bones breaking... you can hear it all around you. Slowly, one at a time, you can feel it. First your arms, then legs, get slowly jammed back together.
Red hot blood floor The skin binding the limbs sears as they fuse. However it doesn't hurt.

No... That is wrong: you won't allow it to hurt. There is no more time to feel pain, there is only one option ahead of you.

Erika is smirking from across the room you have now returned to. The red stains of your body is no more, and you have completely healed.
"You know," Erika says, "after the first time, a revival like this gets old. I was almost expecting a golden sword with it as well.
Well, it is not like it matters, I see you brought the last piece, and all you have are feeble theories to protect it!"

Erika rushes at you, her scythe emerging from thin air.

"Let us finish this!"

Sixth Howdunit!
>> No. 7613 edit
File 13179444284.png - (153.54KB , 606x480 , wdk_akuwaraib1.png )
"That's right, Erika, I'm back! But this time I've developed a solid theory as a base! So here it comes!!!"

Seventh theory. Battler killed Rudolf. He stabbed him on the second floor while I was distracted. Rudolf stumbled over to the guest room, lied down, and the final blow came from the burning building itself! Battler culprit theory!!!
>> No. 7614 edit
File 132601080391.png - (175.72KB , 376x474 , eri_akuwaraia2.png )
"Solid theory my ass!

The only wound that effected Rudolf's death was the one he received inside guestroom #4. Rudolf was not stabbed in the hallway! "

Erika's scythe cuts up your blue instantly.
>> No. 7615 edit
File 131794550038.png - (161.24KB , 434x480 , wdk_waraia1.png )
You haven't denied my seventh theory entirely.

Perhaps the light hanging from the ceiling fell onto Rudolf, killing him? That's the fatal wound he received in Guest Room #4, from the building itself!
>> No. 7616 edit
File 133810501116.png - (175.11KB , 404x473 , eri_akirea1.png )
If that had happened you would have found the light near Rudolf.
>> No. 7617 edit
File 130827688591.png - (142.76KB , 434x480 , wdk_majimea1.png )
Returning to my sixth theory. The culprit tampered with the thermostat in my room earlier. This is what caused the fire. Then as Rudolf entered the room through the hole in the wall, a trap activated, causing the mechanical noise that I heard. The thud was Rudolf's body falling. There was no need for the culprit to even be in the guesthouse, if they were at all! And the evidence for this trap? The bed itself! The weapon was thrust into Rudolf from inside the bed! The culprit had probably set it up as a trap to kill me as I slept, but it hit Rudolf instead! The blood splatter dripping from the wall and circumference of the bed could only be created from an object thrust into Rudolf from below!
>> No. 7618 edit
File 132759878566.png - (192.68KB , 404x479 , dla_akuwaraia1b.png )
"It has already been stated all clues must be PRESENTED!
To what type of trap are you REFERRING? Has it even been hinted why such a trap would even exist THERE?"
>> No. 7619 edit
File 131917084946.png - (153.18KB , 651x480 , wdk_fumanb1.png )
When I was trying to sleep, I had to find a comfortable spot! Why would the rest of the bed be uncomfortable? Furthermore, I doubt everything was planned in advance for my arrival! This guest room must have been intended for someone else, perhaps Rosa! It's likely that the culprit set a trap in my bed for the person who was supposed to sleep there before I arrived! Hence why it was so hard to sleep that night! And the trap is heat-sensitive, so on a cold night like the one I was sleeping on, it didn't work, but during the fire it did! It's all in the thermostat!
>> No. 7620 edit
File 133809779483.png - (178.49KB , 409x471 , eri_majimea1.png )
There was no trap inside the bed!
>> No. 7621 edit
File 131268935772.png - (289.01KB , 434x480 , wdk_akuwaraia1b.png )
Alright, so the bed is uncomfortable regardless! When Battler and I were fighting, my pen fell into a broken floorboard! This is the floorboard that Rudolf stepped on which activated a heat-sensitive and pressure-sensitive trap!
>> No. 7622 edit
File 133809731647.png - (177.29KB , 394x475 , eri_akuwaraia3.png )
There are no traps in the floor!
>> No. 7623 edit
File 130855109553.png - (144.92KB , 434x480 , wdk_nakua3.png )
There was a trap in the table! A trap in the phone!
>> No. 7624 edit
File 13403331756.png - (186.83KB , 404x479 , dla_defa1b.png )
This has gotten quite ASININE. You are no longer THEORIZING.
Where is your EVIDENCE?
>> No. 7625 edit
File 131260110168.png - (161.29KB , 434x480 , wdk_ikaria1.png )
The hammer I had was stolen. I also had nails with me! This hints that someone was able to make a trap!
>> No. 7626 edit
File 134033410414.png - (186.39KB , 404x479 , dla_komarua1b.png )
"That is irrelevant to this MYSTERY!"

""To what type of trap are you REFERRING? Has it even been hinted why such a trap would even exist THERE?""
>> No. 7627 edit
File 131917084946.png - (153.18KB , 651x480 , wdk_fumanb1.png )
The mechanical sound activated after I pulled my magnets out! Proving that there was a trap set there, and that Rudolf was killed by it!
>> No. 7628 edit
File 13403331756.png - (186.83KB , 404x479 , dla_defa1b.png )
Your magnets have nothing to do with this murder.
>> No. 7629 edit
File 133021332160.png - (151.52KB , 606x480 , wdk_majimeb2.png )
The mechanical noise made the crunching sound. The only other thing in this entire story to make a crunching sound was whatever Manon was messing with in the mansion's servant room. Later on she probably went to the guesthouse's servant room, bringing whatever it was that made that sound with her. Whether or not it was the phone or the iron I'm not sure, but that's probably what started the fire in the first place too!
>> No. 7630 edit
File 134033576710.png - (400.26KB , 640x480 , spoonfeeding.png )
Nothing used for a trap was brought into the room!
>> No. 7631 edit
File 130854683756.png - (144.66KB , 434x480 , wdk_futekia3a.png )
I never said it was brought to the guest room. The trap was below the guest room, in the servant room.
>> No. 7632 edit
File 133887832078.png - (176.14KB , 397x474 , eri_majimea2.png )
>> No. 7633 edit
File 134033633160.png - (162.42KB , 434x480 , wdk_odorokia1a.png )
The iron didn't need to be brought anywhere for it to work. There was a utility room right there, in the guesthouse already. She just used the iron there.
>> No. 7634 edit
File 133811381023.png - (175.40KB , 398x474 , eri_akirea2.png )
An iron was not used.
>> No. 7635 edit
File 132668987457.png - (142.63KB , 434x480 , wdk_komarua1.png )
Who cares. The rooms are stated to be identical, which means that whatever was used in one would be used in the other.
>> No. 7636 edit
File 133810501116.png - (175.11KB , 404x473 , eri_akirea1.png )
Nothing from the utility room was used to kill Rudolf.
>> No. 7638 edit
File 13302100794.png - (49.06KB , 221x214 , wdk_avatar6.png )
It was an ironing board!
>> No. 7639 edit
File 132759878566.png - (192.68KB , 404x479 , dla_akuwaraia1b.png )
Has it even been hinted why such a trap would even exist THERE?
>> No. 7640 edit
File 131803127630.png - (153.62KB , 606x480 , wdk_akuwaraic1.png )
In the blueprints for the mansion there was a hidden room! And the blueprints for the guesthouse was made from the same blueprints as the mansion! Therefore there was a hidden room in the guesthouse too!
>> No. 7641 edit
Er, not a hidden room, I misquoted the text.

But there were plans in the blueprints for something, which included an ironing board in the wall.
>> No. 7642 edit
File 133811381023.png - (175.40KB , 398x474 , eri_akirea2.png )
These rules are too lenient.

Correct. There was a trap set up to kill Kinjo using the ironing board inside of the wall. Because of the cold it was frozen and it didn't work, thus only waking him up.
Only when the fire lit, it was then set off by the melting of the ice. Rudolf happened to be in the way at that time.

>> No. 7643 edit
File 133809888354.png - (368.04KB , 640x480 , grandfinale.png )
"Well then, to think you would get this far...
You have already exceeded the number of 'penalty marks' needed to lose. A single mistake here and it's over.

It is time to truly finish this.

Let us hear it... WHO IS THE CULPRIT?
>> No. 7645 edit
File 131805387518.png - (49.88KB , 221x214 , wdk_avatar5.png )
The core of this mystery lies in the events of 1986, events I wasn't around for! So let's start with those!

George was egged on by Battler to propose to Yasu. He got carried away, scared Yasu, and she killed him! She wanted to be with Battler, not George! After all, Jessica said Battler would be much better than him! But Battler liked Ruon instead. That's right, Battler wasn't upset because he loved Yasu, but because he liked Ruon. Yasu then killed Ruon and switched places with her, to be with Battler! So Ruon is Yasu! And when Battler saw that Yasu had died, he felt enormous guilt for not being nicer to her!

Ruon/Yasu then told what had happened to Kinzo. He decided it would be best if he went to the hidden mansion, pretending to have died. After all, he hated everyone but George, who died. Genji then faked Kinzo's death. Ruon/Yasu then became Kinzo's only means of contact between the two mansions. This was hinted at because it was said that Genji "buried" Yasu in the hidden mansion!

However the family conferences never happened again, and Ruon eventually came to dislike Battler. Originally she was sent out to bring Battler to the island, but she wanted to try and leave without him, using my arrival as an excuse! Of course, I foiled her plans without even realizing it.

When I arrived and saw the portrait of Kinzo, two things stuck out to me. First, the eyes seemed to follow me, and second, it would strike nightmares in the hearts of children! Obviously Kinzo was hiding inside the portrait, and obviously this is what caused me to have that dream when I went to sleep that night!

The six victims all have something in common: They are Kinzo's children and spouses! The exception is Genji, Kinzo's best servant. However, he probably wouldn't mind dying for his master either way. Genji was also apparently working on a new epitaph, so this hints that it was Kinzo's idea to have another epitaph to solve to become the head!

However, Rudolf's death is odd. The trap was not intended for him, but for me... Or maybe someone else? Who would have stayed in my room that night? Rosa? The last of Kinzo's children who wasn't killed, but was meant to be killed!

I did suspect Battler for a while, but there is a problem. He has an alibi for both Krauss's and Natsuhi's deaths. In fact, everyone does! Genji and Rudolf couldn't have killed Natsuhi because they both died themselves! Anyone else would have been seen leaving the parlor, and of course seen re-entering the parlor! This means that the only one who could have killed Natsuhi was someone outside the parlor: Kinzo!

I also wanted to say George may not have died, but his head was cut off by you, Erika! Proving that he really did die!

In any case, Kinzo is the culprit! He planted the trap in my room to kill Rosa, he went into Eva's room at night to kill her and her husband... And, thinking about it, must have given Manon the letter to get Krauss and Natsuhi to leave the parlor. He then killed Kyrie and Genji, but was unable to kill any more, as we had all holed up in the guesthouse! So he set the fire and went in hiding once again!

In short, his motive was to purge the family of that generation of Ushiromiyas. Eva and Hideyoshi wanted to bring the case to light, Krauss and Natsuhi had embezzled his money, Rudolf and Kyrie had raised an idiot, and Rosa had no husband to take care of her C-sectioned child! Genji could have been killed for a number of reasons, perhaps he was defecting, or maybe he was just killed to throw people off? And the main accomplice, Ruon, was working with Kinzo so that she could be with Battler, who seemed to have learned from his ways and isn't really that bad of a person after all!

>> No. 7646 edit
File 133818250437.png - (92.47KB , 640x480 , blade1r.png )
Erika vanishes and you feel a tear at your chest. Blood splatters, flying through the air and landing all over the floor. You feel your bowls slide out of your body and splash to the ground. Erika is standing there, right in front of you grinning ear to ear.

George was never egged on to propose to Yasu.
Battler doesn't like Ruon in that way.
Ruon truly mistook you for Battler at the docks.
The trap that killed Rudolf was originally intended for you.
Maria is born of a woman.

>> No. 7647 edit
File 133810186870.png - (175.87KB , 406x472 , eri_waraia3.png )
Yasu is dead.
Yasu is not Ruon. Ruon is not Yasu.

>> No. 7648 edit
File 134043592615.png - (49.09KB , 192x171 , eri_aBALLSDG.png )
Ruon is not an accomplice!
>> No. 7649 edit
File 134043593490.png - (50.22KB , 192x171 , eri_aASDGG.png )
>> No. 7650 edit
File 134043594871.png - (52.03KB , 192x171 , eri_akuwaraia5.png )
>> No. 7651 edit
File 134043596241.png - (13.31KB , 800x600 , GAMEOVER.png )
With one final swing Erika brings her scythe over top her head and brings it down upon yours.

>> No. 7652 edit
gj kinjo-tan
>> No. 7654 edit
File 131933576491.jpg - (170.62KB , 608x776 , ozaki epic wind back.jpg )
Kinjo has lost

As specified by the rules I shall bestow upon him a subtitle for his 'username', if you can call it that.

Kinjo, your new title is:

Witch-Doctor Kinjo-tan: who has abused over a thousand children

It will remain like that unless on the off chance a challenge of equal stature is proposed in the future and you redeem yourself.

Good Game.
>> No. 7655 edit
File 132907233677.png - (154.01KB , 340x366 , Erika_Thoughtful.png )
So do you plan on revealing the solution? I'm totally stumped on how anyone could have killed Krauss and Natsuhi...I'm thinking that there must be some unknown person on the island who was killed somehow before everyone gathered at the guesthouse, but I can't find clues for it in the text anywhere...

This was a great game, by the way, both of you! This has to be one of the best fan gameboards I've ever read. <Good> job, Ozaki-san!
>> No. 7656 edit
File 134047221238.png - (120.96KB , 352x480 , but_waraia3.png )

I have to agree with RIKA-Beatrice there, even with all the howdunnits solved, I can't make a fitting theory for the who and whydunnits.
This truly was a great gameboard.

It's a shame Kinjo forgot to check some of the primordials red though, to have come up with this silly theory.
Well, who am I to say that even though I don't even have a theory ?
>> No. 7657 edit
File 134047257489.png - (274.37KB , 498x441 , repercussionfangame.png )
Thank you, and yes I will reveal the answer.

With the way the game ended, I've decided it will be best to reveal the answer in a different fashion. To elaborate; early near the start of this game's progression, Kinjo informed me he would convert this into a visual novel fan-game once it was done(i.e. like his "When the Seacats Cry").

It seems the most fitting this way because I can have the game end how I intended(if Kinjo had beat Erika and went back to the gameboard etc). This should be a good way to reveal the answer along with some epic grand finales.
After all, we already have all the images, music, and script needed to convert it.

So, if anyone is dying to know the answer you'll have to wait until then.
>> No. 7658 edit
File 13290815929.png - (154.25KB , 340x366 , Erika_CondescendingSmile.png )
I see. I greatly look forward to it.

Of course, in the mean time, I will continue my search for the truth. Nipa~
>> No. 7660 edit
File 132669749830.png - (47.98KB , 215x209 , kinjo_sux.png )
Good game, Ozaki.

After telling me the answer it really is a well-crafted gameboard. I wish I had done better before the Meta-World section but I guess I'm just not cut out for being a detective.

See you next time, when the seacats cry.
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