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File 130859289341.jpg - (224.48KB , 493x1142 )
8269 No. 8269 edit
Greetings all, I am the Game Master Rudolf, formerly Rudolf the Heretic. I return from my truancy to celebrate the completion of this story. I have constructed this Gameboard as a retelling of a rather infamous game played quite some time ago. A third of a millennium has passed since that time, and a revisit to this kakera is in order for the 26th anniversary of Rokkenjima’s tragedy. As such, I shall deny the involvement of all but the most relatively new members of Seacats to act as my opponents.

This thread is simply a waiting room and sign-up sheet for all of the detectives who will be involved. Again, only people who are new enough that they did not post on the previous website (www.imageboard4free.com/board/seacats/gameboard/)

The detectives in this story shall all be given a personal piece to use in this Gameboard. The format of this game will be purely empirical. That is, observation of the events as they unfold through the eyes of the pieces. Red vs. Blue will be restricted throughout the game, as observation should be more than sufficient to solve most, if not all, of the mysteries.

How to play: The detectives’ pieces shall be given the power of GREEN TEXT which they will use to denote the actions of their pieces. It’s a role-playing game of sorts, so make the green text a statement of how you are going to act, leaving anything else in the post to normal black text.

Remember that your pieces are just that, pieces. As such, they are denied any sort of meta-powers such as detective’s authority or Blue truth. However, this also has its pros, as you will be able to physically examine rooms, interrogate suspects, and truly feel this Umineko style story. I may also include sound pieces at times to help with the mood. I encourage you to listen to them in the background whilst reading/playing.

The date set for this game’s beginning shall be the 4th of October 2012 and will take a few days to play. Please sign up in this thread beforehand so that I know who is going to be playing.
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>> No. 8270 edit
File 131810671345.png - (50.17KB , 291x478 , kan_defa22.png )
I think I remember that game.
>> No. 8271 edit
File 131795466316.png - (64.91KB , 347x480 , ozaki_itaia1.png )
Only new members? I have been waiting almost a year and you bring a revamp? You better have that 4th game in the works as well Rudolf!
>> No. 8272 edit
I say its DESU-crimination.
>> No. 8273 edit
You're so "pun-ny"
>> No. 8274 edit
Nah, but seriously good luck. The original was probably the most entertaining /gameboard/ game I had played, so it'll be great to see it again.
>> No. 8275 edit
File 132907931714.png - (154.35KB , 340x366 , erika3.png )
My, this sounds interesting. I suppose that I will be the first to sign up, nipa~
>> No. 8276 edit
File 134757851974.png - (432.71KB , 633x1150 , Nat_a11_default_1.png )
Hrmm... Sounds like it could be fun. I've enjoyed reading over Ozaki's games, and if he says it's good, well...

Count me in, Rudolf.
>> No. 8278 edit
File 134884982785.jpg - (45.92KB , 444x346 , tumblr_m6mfq3wdBw1qid5lh.jpg )
I can't refuse such an appealing invitation, can I ?
I'm in.
>> No. 8281 edit
File 134885154378.png - (74.56KB , 321x480 , rud_waraia2.png )
In theory I still have that game from May that I never finished because I'm so bad at getting busy/procrastinating/lacking inspiration

Three detectives is a good start, I hope you will all enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoyed making it
>> No. 8282 edit
File 131250851398.png - (73.26KB , 321x480 , rud_majimea1.png )
Point of order, what timezone is everyone in? Just so I can better understand when we can all be on to make moves.

I'm in American Eastern, UTC/GMT -5 hours So I'm 3 hours ahead of the board's clock (it's 1pm here when board says I posted at 10am)
>> No. 8283 edit
File 134436001133.jpg - (78.96KB , 225x340 , 27869.jpg )
Ah yeah. Right, that might be a problem if you want to make everyone play at the same time.
I'm in France, so I'm 9 hours ahead of the board time. It's 19:37 right now.
>> No. 8284 edit
File 132935729276.png - (166.36KB , 340x366 , Erika_Explaining.png )
I am in the United Kingdom, GMT.

In other words, it is currently 7:27 pm, mi-.
>> No. 8285 edit
You two should post on teaparty~
It is fun being there~
>> No. 8286 edit
File 132907233677.png - (154.01KB , 340x366 , Erika_Thoughtful.png )
I have been there a couple of times...to be honest, I find it quite confusing.

At any rate, I am really only here for Umineko-related things, and I get the impression that most of the people over there don't really care about Umineko any more.
>> No. 8287 edit
/gameboard/ is obviously superior of the two.
>> No. 8288 edit
Well, we have spent about 3 years talking about it, so there's a point where it gets less interesting.
>> No. 8289 edit
File 134886907177.png - (138.02KB , 258x252 , AW.png )
Well, come to say Hi at least~

Believe me....once you enter Teaparty....No one leaves

Did you see the banner on Teaparty?~
>> No. 8290 edit
File 134890027198.jpg - (26.21KB , 225x350 , 134149.jpg )
I would like to sign up too is that's alright.

Oh and I'm in the Central Time Zone, two hours ahead of the board's time.
>> No. 8291 edit
Hmm, seems out may be difficult to get everyone on at the same time given the time zones.

Four is good, but I'd like to see five detectives if possible.
>> No. 8292 edit
File 134404349349.jpg - (335.66KB , 850x1475 , reisen_portrait.jpg )
Is a rabbit fine too? I'm in Eastern, generally online in the evening.
>> No. 8293 edit
Good, good, very good. Five is a good number. I can still allow more, but this is certainly a good number.
>> No. 8294 edit
File 133478447261.jpg - (19.28KB , 300x433 , 128332-nikki025pastimeen4_large.jpg )
Like Rika, I'm GMT. Time's 11:40ish in the morning right now. Also, a friend of mine may be considering joining, if that's alright.
>> No. 8295 edit
File 132107623668.png - (74.07KB , 321x480 , rud_akuwaraia1.png )
A friend in real life I take it? That's fine, 6 is a good number as well. (diminishing returns probably won't affect the detective count until 8+)
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