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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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8457 No. 8457 edit
Thread #1

"While our cute little detectives are sleeping, let's watch another side of the gameboard," a certain witch states.
"Fine by me, the more gruesome the better," her companion and fellow witch retorts.

And so our focal point for the evening shall be located across the way, located in the 3rd floor of the Ushiromiya mansion. Grandfather's study, as good a place as any, for the most abominable of tragedies to begin.


A knock at the door. A less than desired lack of response. Another knock. Silence persists. There must be another way.

Rudolf next finds himself outside in the walled-in courtyard. Unprotected from the elements, however he does not care as this shall be quick. Rudolf, leaping great heights, breaks through the 3rd floor window. Landing gracefully, Rudolf glances upward to meet eye-to-eye with his father, the head of the Ushiromiya family.

"How many times must I reiterate that I do not wish to be disturbed?"

"My deepest apologies, father. It's just that my wife's calculations gave the highest chance of success to the use of force to win the title of headship. The quickest way to solve the epitaph is to beat the answer out of you!"


Kinzo lifts his hand up. There is a flash of light, and a blade appears in his hand. Kinzo throws the sword at the window, causing another flash of light. The window is then returned to perfect condition. "What a foolish way of thinking. You believe your strength-"

Knowing that aggression could make up for a lack in raw power, Rudolf charged Kinzo. However, Kinzo vanishes from Rudolf's vision.. A sword now sits where Kinzo once stood. Being now behind Rudolf, Kinzo finishes "to be a match for mine?"

"Do you now understand?" But Rudolf, undeterred, attacks again. However, Kinzo again is gone.

"Behind you, fool."

Rudolf then leaps towards Kinzo with lightning fast speed. Upon seeing his father once again disappear, Rudolf immediately throws a spinning back fist. A hit, as Kinzo is knocked back for a moment.

"A mixture of physical and metaphysical power. You aren't actually teleporting, just using a great increase in speed to augment your martial arts. And quite the artist you are, being able to seemingly teleport by circling around an opponent at lightning fast speeds."

"To think any of my children were smart enough to understand something as arcane as this. It seems I shall actually have to put forth effort to avoid defeat, even this early in the game." Kinzo pulls out a metal flask from his inside coat pocket. "Did you know that the drunken fist style's power has a direct correlation to the alcohol in one's system? The more I drink, the stronger I get." Downing his flask, Kinzo finishes. Throwing the flask away, Kinzo mutters, "Your luck runs out here, as I shall use my full power."

With that, Kinzo, wobbling back and forth, takes the initiative. Breaking his drunken stupor into a momentary sprint, Kinzo throws a punch directly at Rudolf's head. Rudolf, barely in time with his reaction, narrowly dodges the first punch. The following strike, a spinning kick, lands straight against Rudolf guard, mitigating the damage but still shaking Rudolf nonetheless. In turning whilst bending back, Kinzo lands a backwards-facing strike right at Rudolf's chin, knocking Rudolf toppling back. By now, within the room, with the missed strikes, the fallen fighters have toppled over many-a-piece-of-furniture.

Rudolf quickly leaps back onto his feet and makes a break for a certain piece of furniture. In breaking the glass covering the display, Rudolf is able to reach into the gun case and pull out a Winchester repeater. Kinzo, in reacting forms and throws yet another sword. The sword grazes Rudolf's face but hits it's true target, the gun case. All of the weapons inside are instantly vaporized into specks of dust. Rudolf now has the lone means of combating magic in his hands. He raises his Winchester and fires a shot, aiming for the head. Kinzo leans back, making taking a drink another flask, dodging the shot. Again a shot and again a dodge, this time by quick spin. Before Rudolf can get off the next shot, Kinzo is on top of him with a flurry of blows. A punch to the chest, a kick to the head, a sweep, and a falling elbow. Rudolf feels the strength leave his body, as he wavers on the border of unconsciousness.

"How convenient that I happen to have exactly what I need to start this magical ritual," Kinzo says as he goes and gets a massive bone from one of the many piles of arcane materials. Kinzo then strikes the bone over Rudolf's body, the force of which causes the bone to snap in half. The sharp point of the halves find their way into Rudolf's gut, killing him. Kinzo is victorious. Kinzo takes a victory drink, or rather, chug.


On a higher plane, we again find a pair of friends watching.

"What a nice story, eh, Bern?"

"You must be kidding, there wasn't nearly enough blood to satisfy my thirst. Albeit it is ironic that his celebration of victory would seal his fate as well"


A pounding at the door. Some yells through it saying something urgent has apparently happened. You answer and find it's Battler Ushiromiya. "Come quick," he spurts out, "something terrible has happened." On your way over, Battler briefly explains that apparently something has happened but that he didn't know the exact details either. You arrive at the mansion, run up two flights of stairs, and find the aunts and uncles standing in the hallway in front of a door.
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File 134963961225.jpg - (427.01KB , 715x1000 , 91519206f7a06866b55eec8ed60809bcc36adb3d.jpg )
"... What's all this guys ? Care to explain ?"
>> No. 8460 edit
File 132908333949.png - (154.22KB , 340x366 , Erika_Amused.png )
"It's probably a murder. This sort of thing happens wherever a detective goes. Kinzo-sama really shouldn't have invited me here if he didn't want something like this to happen."
>> No. 8461 edit
File 13438060661.jpg - (35.57KB , 640x480 , cb_spike0193.jpg )
"Watch what you're saying, brat. I didn't ask for your opinion.
... Even if it sure sounds accurate."
>> No. 8462 edit
File 131312933169.png - (77.53KB , 319x476 , gen_komarua1.png )
"No amount of words will suffice."

Genji lifts the key in his hand and unlocks the door to the study...

As you walk in, you see a room that is terribly cluttered. Clearly something happened here, as it is a complete mess. Desks, chairs, armoires, flasks, beakers, books, shelves, vases, just simply everything, in complete disarray. Still, you can understand the original outline of the room. Kyrie seems to be crying over something in the room. You cannot make it out as her body is over it. Certain pieces such as the portrait and the desk still sit towards the back of the room. You can see 3 doorways to other sub-rooms in the study.

"A few minutes ago, she requested a moment of private time to weep."
>> No. 8463 edit
File 134946067312.png - (150.95KB , 344x396 , jiro4.png )
I walk further into the room to see what Kyrie is crying over.
>> No. 8464 edit
File 132969770057.png - (187.27KB , 390x364 , Erika_Pose.png )
"Very well, I'll wait for her to finish before I examine the corpse. It is Rudolf-san, right? It must be; the other family members are all accounted for and she wouldn't be so sad about a servant. Right then, down to business. Has Kinzo-san disappeared? How many keys exist that can open this room, and who possesses them? Was the door locked when you arrived? Were the windows locked when you arrived? Can they be locked from the outside? Are any of them broken?"
>> No. 8465 edit
I do the same as Tomitake
>> No. 8466 edit
File 134964043325.jpg - (251.42KB , 800x600 , reisen_surprised_2.jpg )
"...I see... Then, where is <Mister> Kinzo? Didn't he say he was going to be locked up in here until someone solved this 'epitaph' of yours?"
>> No. 8467 edit
File 131329945267.png - (77.99KB , 319x477 , gen_defa1.png )
Getting a closer look near Kyrie, you see that she is crying. Battler rushes over and mutters something about "not deserving this......." Upon closer inspection, Kyrie is crying over the corpse of her husband, Rudolf. Rudolf's body seems to have a large piece of a bone protruding from his torso.

It is Rudolf, but that's a hasty conclusion... Kinzo is not in sight currently.

"Aside from Kinzo-sama's key and my key, no others should exist. The door auto-locks, so it was locked."

The windows are intact and locked from the inside.
>> No. 8468 edit
File 131331980495.png - (77.41KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea2.png )
Genji points to one of the doorways, to the back-right part of the room.
>> No. 8469 edit
File 132623104060.jpg - (171.55KB , 850x1172 , reisen_resolved_1.jpg )
Nodding to him, I quickly walk over to the door he pointed out and look inside.
>> No. 8470 edit
File 134942016467.png - (183.39KB , 400x400 , jirou_tomitake_3754.png )
"Over there?"

I walk over to the doorway where Genji pointed and enter.

What do I see?
>> No. 8471 edit
File 134375772013.jpg - (18.13KB , 720x480 , 1053226461_kespike-a1.jpg )
I enter that room.
>> No. 8472 edit
File 13495719365.png - (107.46KB , 478x480 , kin_fumua1.png )
A bedroom. Kinzo appears to be laying in his bed, sleeping. Compared to the mess outside, this room is much more neat. Nothing turned over or out of place, aside from a metal flask on the floor.
>> No. 8473 edit
File 132935729276.png - (166.36KB , 340x366 , Erika_Explaining.png )
"Well then, this is pretty easy to solve, isn't it? Someone killed Rudolf-san and left the room. If the door automatically locks behind the culprit, it's incredibly easy. ...Which is pretty annoying. If anyone could have done it, then we can't narrow down the suspects. I suppose I'll have to collect alibis. But first..."

I follow the others into the room.
>> No. 8474 edit
"Kinzo? Can you hear me?"

I call out to him seeing if he wakes.
>> No. 8475 edit
File 134316833461.jpg - (82.36KB , 420x498 , 526cc8a4bccd879ccfef240d762a1451efe74249.jpg )
Staying silent, I carefully check out the flask and Kinzo's state
>> No. 8476 edit
File 132907233677.png - (154.01KB , 340x366 , Erika_Thoughtful.png )
"Hm, now this is interesting. I assumed that Kinzo-san let Rudolf-san into the room, but perhaps he slept through it. In which case, that would put Genji-san under suspicion, wouldn't it?"

I wait to see what happens.
>> No. 8477 edit
File 134964125581.jpg - (24.88KB , 360x360 , Hip_Flask.jpg )
Empty, however it certainly smells like alcohol.

Kinzo gives no response
>> No. 8478 edit
File 134942016467.png - (183.39KB , 400x400 , jirou_tomitake_3754.png )
I walk up the Kinzo and shake him, just in case. I then check his pulse."
>> No. 8479 edit
*up to Kinzo
>> No. 8480 edit
Nothing. Shaking him does nothing. He has no pulse.
>> No. 8481 edit
File 134964146784.png - (536.84KB , 675x572 , 66352007.png )
I return to the main room

"Is there anyone with some medical knowledge ?"
>> No. 8482 edit
File 132935668373.png - (153.62KB , 340x366 , Erika_EyesClosed.png )
"Hmm...But if Genji-san was the culprit, it'd be silly to leave the body in a place that only he could open. ......What's this, Kinzo-san isn't answering? ...Wait, he's dead as well!? Well, that's interesting. Natural causes, perhaps? He was pretty old, after all. ...Hm...there are so many possibilities, it's difficult to make any firm conclusions at this stage."
>> No. 8483 edit
File 134964164170.png - (71.80KB , 360x454 , nan_komarua4.png )
"If you are referring to Kinzo-sama, I have confirmed his death earlier. I am Dr. Nanjo, Kinzo's friend and personal physician. I have not had enough time yet to make an autopsy, however"
>> No. 8484 edit
File 132908977539.png - (153.93KB , 340x366 , Erika_Disinterested.png )
"Well then, get on with it. Perhaps an autopsy will shed a little more light on this."

In the mean time, I'll move to the other part of the room and examine the other body.
>> No. 8485 edit
File 134964196070.jpg - (7.58KB , 352x198 , tomitake11rt.jpg )
I leave this room and go back to the main one. I go over to the windows and see how the locks work.
>> No. 8486 edit
File 13496340012.png - (70.88KB , 360x454 , nan_fumua1.png )
Rudolf's corpse has bruises on it. However, it seems the cause of death was certainly the sharp bone pieces stick out from his torso.

After several minutes, Nanjo returns from the room.

"I have concluded that Kinzo-sama was probably not murdered. The cause of death is undetermined, but I can say with certainty that it was not due to any amount of force applied. It's as if he passed from drinking too much alcohol."
>> No. 8487 edit
File 134964213011.jpg - (77.16KB , 400x267 , Brass_Window_Latch.jpg )
A brass latch. This would be impossible to set from the outside.
>> No. 8488 edit
File 134953164248.jpg - (510.30KB , 900x825 , 02fa62587983be6c379b93cd679aa5397a6a6d84.jpg )
"... I see. Please begin as soon as you can."

I turn towards Genji

"I'm sure you understand the situation more than anyone here, Genji-san. There's been at least one murder here, possibly two, and we're trapped here for at least one day, as outsiders of this family, I think we are the most fit as of now to pursue an investigation, which needs to be done.

I hope that you understand and are willing to cooperate, as much as anyone here."

I turn towards the family members to see their reactions, and turn back to Genji

"Now, can you confirm the location of these two keys for the whole night ?
As well as how these windows are opened"

Annoyed by Erika's senseless blabbering, I call her out

"Hey, be a cutie would you ? Bring those peoples out of this room, there's no need for them to stay longer with corpses, and start asking alibis"
>> No. 8489 edit
File 132634855776.jpg - (415.26KB , 708x1000 , reisen_dubious_2.jpg )
I carefully check around Kinzo's face, collar, and shirt, and the bed he's lying on, for signs of spilled alcohol.
>> No. 8490 edit
File 132634855776.jpg - (415.26KB , 708x1000 , reisen_dubious_2.jpg )
While I'm at it, I also check whether Kinzo appears dressed for bed, and whether he's wearing shoes or not.
>> No. 8491 edit
File 132600444287.png - (78.76KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea1.png )
Krauss, Natusuhi, Jessica, Hideyoshi, George, Maria, Dr. Nanjo Shannon, Kanon, Genji, Kumasawa, and Gohda are all watching. The shock seems to keep them from objecting to your observations.

Kyrie and Battler are crying over Rudolf's corpse

No alcohol is spilled. Kinzo is wearing the same outfit you saw him wearing at dinner time. He does not have shoes on, but he does have socks on.
>> No. 8492 edit
File 134890027198.jpg - (26.21KB , 225x350 , 134149.jpg )
I enter the other room that has yet been investigated.

What do I see?
>> No. 8493 edit
There's two, a bathroom and a kitchenette.
>> No. 8494 edit
Oh, the kitchenette then.
>> No. 8495 edit
File 134436001133.jpg - (78.96KB , 225x340 , 27869.jpg )
"So Genji, I assume you can confirm that you didn't left your key.
Wait... Where is Kinzo's key ?"

I look around in the main room to see if the key is there. It not, I continue the search on Kinzo's corpse, in the back room
>> No. 8496 edit
What one would expect, typical objects such as a refrigerator, range, sink, counters, etc. Cabinets line the walls. The room appears to be in order and undamaged.
>> No. 8497 edit
File 131329945267.png - (77.99KB , 319x477 , gen_defa1.png )
There is a key in Kinzo's pocket.

"My key has not left my possession today or yesterday. That key you just found is Kinzo's key."
>> No. 8498 edit
File 134946067312.png - (150.95KB , 344x396 , jiro4.png )
I will check the bathroom now as well.
>> No. 8499 edit
A bathroom, complete with toilet, shower, and sink. Notably a western style bathroom where the washroom and toilet are not in separate rooms.
>> No. 8500 edit
Ouro, you can still play if you'd like. You haven't posted at all so far, just making sure you know.
>> No. 8501 edit
Dunno about the others, but I'm done for now.
>> No. 8502 edit
File 134965110548.jpg - (214.83KB , 700x875 , reisen_dubious_3.jpg )
I come back out to the main room and join the conversation with Genji while looking over Rudolf's corpse.

"Would I be correct in assuming that you and... Kanon, was it? The two of you were watching the guesthouse doors all night, then? If you went to sleep, someone could have stolen your key and then brought it back later."
>> No. 8503 edit
File 132907233677.png - (154.01KB , 340x366 , Erika_Thoughtful.png )
"Genji-san, could you explain the mechanics of the auto-lock on this door? Does it lock whenever the door is closed? Can it be opened from the inside without a key?"
>> No. 8505 edit
File 134971001759.png - (152.51KB , 455x479 , tomitake1.png )
Is there a clock in the room at all?

I look for one.
>> No. 8507 edit
Seeing that Erika didn't follow my orders, I set to do what I asked her to do, and speak to the whole room.

"Ok, everyone listen. Would the family members kindly go with me ? We need to know check alibis and stuff, got it ?"

I take everyone out in the hallway and start asking for their locations during the previous night, as well as any strange events they might have witnessed, in fact, anything they could think of that could be related to the murder
>> No. 8508 edit
File 132935668373.png - (153.62KB , 340x366 , Erika_EyesClosed.png )
I'll go out and listen, since I was going to ask what happened that caused Rudolf to be alone in the first place anyway.
>> No. 8509 edit
File 131329945267.png - (77.99KB , 319x477 , gen_defa1.png )
Genji replies, "It was in my pocket, even as I slept. Kanon and I took turns guarding the doors later on in the night."

"The auto-lock is completely automatic. You cannot turn it off. It locks as soon as it shuts. It can be open from the inside without a key."

>> No. 8510 edit

Krauss - "All of us aunts and uncles were together all night. We stood up late into the night working on solving the epitaph. We separated and went to sleep shortly after getting drinks."

Natsuhi - "My husband and I went to sleep late in the night. It was a shame that we had made little progress, but we were all too tired."

Jessica - "All of us cousins locked ourselves away in our room. We stayed up late playing cards, but none of us left."

Hideyoshi - "Eva and I went back to our room and we both went to sleep."

George - "I went to sleep shortly after Maria did. Like Jessica said, none of us ever left."

Kyrie - "After we broke away, my husband and I went back to our room. We were both tired so we laid down. He must have left at some point in the night, probably to smoke, but I don't know how he ended up in the study..."

Battler - "After all my cousins went to sleep, I went to the bathroom. Then I laid down and slept as well."

Maria - "I fell asleep first because I was so tired. Uu~ we had a lot of fun playing cards."

Kanon - "Genji and I alternated door guarding duty shortly after you all retired."

Shannon - "We cleaned up after dinner and then returned to the servants' quarters. Later we were given a call for drinks. Gohda delivered the drink and then returned. Because the bottle was almost empty, Kumasawa and Gohda convinced me to share the rest of it with them."

Genji - "Kanon and I alternated door guarding duty shortly after you all retired"

Kumasawa - "After cleaning up after dinner, we stayed on call. Gohda delivered a drink later in the evening to the aunts and uncles. We split the remaining wine as a celebratory 'successful first day.'"

Gohda - "Late into the evening, drinks were requested. I delivered a fine red wine to the aunts and uncles. Kumasawa, Shannon, and I drank the rest of the bottle and threw it away."

Dr. Nanjo - "I went to sleep shortly after you asked me about the epitaph."
>> No. 8511 edit
File 132969770057.png - (187.27KB , 390x364 , erika6.png )
"Thank you, everyone. Then, let's see...Assuming that Genji-san's key was not used, the door must have been opened by Kinzo-san. I think that he was serious about not wanting to speak to anyone until the epitaph was solved, so here is my hypothesis.

Rudolf-san had a sudden flash of inspiration during the night, and thought that he had found the answer to the epitaph. Maybe he went to investigate some place to check his answer, or maybe he just went straight to Kinzo-san to confirm it. Either way, he eventually knocked on the study and informed Kinzo-san that he had solved the epitaph.

Kinzo-san naturally let him in, and they spoke for a while. Then he went back to his room to sleep. However, after that, one of the other adults - or perhaps the unknown 23rd person - knocked on the door. Not wanting to wake Kinzo-san, Rudolf-san opened the door for them. This person had solved the epitaph themselves, and when they heard from Rudolf-san that he had solved it, they were afraid that Rudolf-san would be made the head since he had solved it first. So some kind of struggle broke out. I have a feeling that this murder wasn't premeditated, since the bone is a very unusual murder weaopn that someone wouldn't just be carrying around with them. This room is full of strange occult items, so it wouldn't be odd for such a bone to be lying around here somewhere. The culprit grabbed it and killed Rudolf-san. Upon realising what they'd done, the culprit left the room, the door locking itself behind them. Maybe Kinzo heard some of the struggle from his room, and the shock killed him. Or perhaps he simply died some time during the night from natural causes.

Of course, I'm making a lot of assumptions regarding the motives of the people involved, but I believe that the events must have played out something like this.

What do you think, everyone?"
>> No. 8512 edit
File 134942016467.png - (183.39KB , 400x400 , jirou_tomitake_3754.png )
"Well it is surely possible, but is there any way to confirm it? The same could be said for some other theory. Perhaps Kinzo killed Rudolf and then dropped dead? That too is a possibility."
>> No. 8513 edit
File 132907233677.png - (154.01KB , 340x366 , erika2.png )
Well, it is possible, but I don't see any reason for Kinzo-san to do something like that. I got the impression that he was going to stay put and wait for someone to solve the epitaph. Inviting Rudolf-san into his study and murdering him wouldn't make any sense. I can't deny the existence of a motive X that could cause him to do this, but I think it quite unlikely."
>> No. 8514 edit
File 134946067312.png - (150.95KB , 344x396 , jiro4.png )
"When you put it like that I see your point... I think I will continue to look around some more."

I go back into the room and search Rudolf's corpse in depth as well as the floor around Rudolf for anything in particular.
>> No. 8515 edit
File 13427330351.jpg - (6.02KB , 275x183 , afefa.jpg )
"Thanks for your help everyone. I still have some things to ask, however : Would you be able to tell us the hours at which the events happened ?
Also, Genji, Kanon, didn't the moment you shifted positions could have been used by someone to get out without being noticed by either of you ?

"Well kid, looks like you do have some brain after all, the main problem with your hypothesis is that I can't see mister Kinzo letting that Rudolf guy inside the study when he himself was going sleeping, that just doesn't seem right. And I don't think searching for a motive now is gonna help us, with what few information we have.

The biggest mystery is how Rudolf-dude entered that room, and there's a handful of solutions to that :
First, as you said, Kinzo could simply have let him in.
Second, a window could have been opened yesterday night, he used it to get inside and then closed it from the inside, or someone else did.
Third, he could have obtained Kinzo's key beforehand for some reason, and then got in, and the key was put back by him or someone else.

Now these three option are the means by which anyone could have entered, even a third person, if a third person is the culprit, then there's no real mystery, once he got in by one of the aforementioned methods, he simply walked out of the room.
Now there's another possibility, which would be an fight between our two deceased.
By the looks of things, if a fight happened, Rudolf died of it and either Kinzo died of natural causes or some kind of poison, or illness, I don't know, there's too much in the dark about his death.

Now for motives ? I don't think we have enough solid ground to pick one. I'll let you on to that for now.
>> No. 8516 edit
File 132908977539.png - (153.93KB , 340x366 , erika1.png )
"Yes, in the end, it really comes down to why Rudolf-san entered the room, doesn't it? If he'd really wanted to get in, he could have done it through several methods, but the question is why. Of course, it's also possible that someone else brought Rudolf-san here, before or after his death.

Doctor Nanjo, you said that Kinzo-san wasn't murdered, right? Is there any room to suspect that he was poisoned, or is that definitely not the case?"
>> No. 8517 edit
File 130828177489.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea1.png )
Rudolf's corpse is thoroughly dead. The half of a bone sticking out of his torso is rather large and is definitely stuck-in very deep. The area around him is cluttered. There is a great deal of blood soaked into the carpet. All sorts of oddities such as glass beakers and flasks sit near and around him.

"We all went off to sleep around midnight, about a half hour after getting drinks."

"The front and the back door are in view of each other (opposite sides of the hallway). I don't believe anyone would have been able to leave through the doors."
>> No. 8518 edit
File 13496340012.png - (70.88KB , 360x454 , nan_fumua1.png )
"It's certainly possible that poison was used. However, I do not know how it could be administered. There are no signs of struggle, and he shows no signs of being poisoned. It is possible that he ingested it... or perhaps an injection that is in a very obscure place."
>> No. 8519 edit
File 134942016467.png - (183.39KB , 400x400 , jirou_tomitake_3754.png )
"...half of a bone?"

I walk over to Genji.

"Genji, the bone that was used to kill Rudolf, because it was Kinzo's you must have seen it before this murder correct? Is it any different from how it is now? As in, was it intact before this?"
>> No. 8520 edit
File 132907931714.png - (154.35KB , 340x366 , erika3.png )
"Well, that makes for quite an obvious possibility, doesn't it? His alcohol was poisoned somehow. Hence the flask on the floor. It's a shame we probably won't be able to do an analysis on it right now, but it seems quite probable to me."
>> No. 8521 edit
File 131312933169.png - (77.53KB , 319x476 , gen_komarua1.png )
"Kinzo-sama kept that in a case near his desk. It seems to have been broken, as it was intact. I remember the master ranting about how the ancient Chinese believed in the 'magical properties of dragon bones'"
>> No. 8522 edit
File 134890027198.jpg - (26.21KB , 225x350 , 134149.jpg )
"I see, thank you Genji."

I enter the room again and investigate the case.
>> No. 8523 edit
The case is located on the wall near the desk and the portrait. The case is empty. There are fragments of bones below the case.
>> No. 8524 edit
File 134973076816.jpg - (67.26KB , 600x450 , meet spike spiegel.jpg )
"A bone uh ?... That already seemed odd at first but now it just seem even stranger. This isn't a practical weapon at all. Isn't there anything that could have been used as a weapon ?"

I go back to the main room and start to search for a weapon or something resembling one

"If there's nothing, then the culprit had no choice but to use that bone eh ?"
>> No. 8525 edit
File 134946067312.png - (150.95KB , 344x396 , jiro4.png )
"It would seem that way. What I am thinking is if there is half in Rudolf then there must be another half somewhere else."

I move to the kitchenette and search the refrigerator, range, sink, counters, and cabinets for the bone.
>> No. 8526 edit
File 134973873269.jpg - (102.95KB , 640x640 , reisen_deduction_3.jpg )
"I wonder. A flask like that isn't something that easy to poison without the owner knowing about it. Wouldn't you normally carry it around in a pocket and drink from it directly? And probably refill it yourself, even. He'd be unlikely to leave it lying around anywhere but this room, so the chances to tamper with it would be pretty scarce... Not to mention that it would be hard to control when he died unless the culprit was actually there with him while he was drinking. Judging from last night, I don't think I'd be far off in guessing that <Mister> Kinzo's list of drinking partners in this family is pretty short."

I turn to Gohda.

"...But that reminds me. He didn't eat with us last night, so did one of you servants bring him dinner at some point?"
>> No. 8527 edit
File 133464145874.png - (79.40KB , 342x480 , goh_iiwakea1.png )
Nothing, there doesn't appear to be any sort of easy-to-wield weapon.

Normal kitchen items. It isn't exactly amazingly well stocked, nothing that would make a good weapon.

"He ate before he came down to the dinner table... I had sent the food up to him early as per usual."
>> No. 8528 edit
File 132622521834.jpg - (255.72KB , 850x1150 , reisen_hmmmm.jpg )
"Sent? You didn't take it up yourself?"
>> No. 8529 edit
Search the bathroom, sleeping room, and main room for the rest of the bone. Every nook and cranny.
>> No. 8530 edit
File 133464145874.png - (79.40KB , 342x480 , goh_iiwakea1.png )
"I'm not allowed in the master's study. I believe Genji delivered it."

You find the other half of the bone under Kinzo's bed. It has blood on it.
>> No. 8532 edit
File 134965110548.jpg - (214.83KB , 700x875 , reisen_dubious_3.jpg )
"Hmm. And did the plates and such make it back to the kitchen afterward? Or was <Mister> Kinzo left to eat alone?"

I scan the room for any remnants of Kinzo's dinner.
>> No. 8533 edit
File 131329945267.png - (77.99KB , 319x477 , gen_defa1.png )
"I brought the dishes downstairs after Kinzo-sama finished dinner. He came down to the dining room shortly after."

It is as Genji says, there are no dirty dishes
>> No. 8534 edit
File 132908333949.png - (154.22KB , 340x366 , erika5.png )
"Well, it isn't a conventional weapon, but I don't think that's surprising. There was quite obviously some sort of struggle; the state that this room is in makes that clear. During that struggle, the culprit must have just grabbed the first thing that they could find and attacked Rudolf with it."

"The flask itself doesn't need to have been poisoned, does it? One of the bottles could have been poisoned, and Kinzo poured the poisoned alcohol into the flask before drinking it. Of course, this raises the question of when exactly this was done, and who by. Such an act would be clearly premeditated, which is quite a contrast to the seemingly spontaneous nature of Rudolf-san's murder. The two deaths may be completely independent."
>> No. 8535 edit
File 134368086087.jpg - (32.52KB , 240x165 , 5513.jpg )
"Yeah, I had this weird impression that there was something else that could have been used. Must have been my imagination."

I shift my attention to Genji

"So the bone really is the only weapon that could have been used in a rush ?
Do you think it would have been easy to access in the middle of a fight ? Or heck, even easy to notice ?
How many people here knew of this bone, according to you ? "
>> No. 8536 edit
File 132600444287.png - (78.76KB , 319x477 , gen_majimea1.png )
"It's very possible that there may be a reason as to why they used the bone in particular. Also it is rather expected that a rich man who owns odds and ends may have something ridiculous like this. Seeing as how it's in a stand, I would imagine anyone who just simply looks around would easily be able to notice it. Then, we have the question as to who all has even been in the study."
>> No. 8537 edit
File 134982521247.jpg - (477.77KB , 1000x800 , reisen_curious_1.jpg )
"Damn. Then we can only pinpoint his time of death to 'sometime after he left the dining room', I suppose."

"You may be right, but I hope the culprit didn't do something as indiscriminate as poisoning a liquor bottle. If they really didn't care who the victim was, the rest of us might be in danger too.

Anyway, they could have much more easily poisoned <Mister> Kinzo's dinner while it was sitting in the kitchen, which would let them control both the victim and the time of death. I could even see him collapsing in the hall, and the culprit stealing the key off his body to drag him into the study."

Suddenly, I notice the bone Jiro is holding and take note of where the blood on it is. I frown and look back at Rudolf's body, doing the same for the bone protruding from the corpse and counting the number of stab wounds.

"Wait a tick. <Mister> Tomitake, where did you find that?"
>> No. 8538 edit
File 134946067312.png - (150.95KB , 344x396 , jiro4.png )
"Under Kinzo's bed."

I place the bone beside Rudolf's corpse.

"There is a good chance that this may be our murder weapon. Kinzo didn't have any wounds from the look of things, so I can only imagine the blood is from Rudolf."
>> No. 8541 edit
I take a picture of Rudolf's corpse from 4 different angles. I then remove the bone in his chest and compare it to the one I found under the bed.
>> No. 8542 edit
2 wounds, the one with the bone still in as well as one other. The blood is on the sharp end.

It's not exactly perfect symmetry, but clearly the idea was to break it evenly in half. They are obviously the 2 halves of the same bone.
>> No. 8543 edit
File 134965110548.jpg - (214.83KB , 700x875 , reisen_dubious_3.jpg )
"So this crime scene is asking us to believe that in the middle of a struggle, the killer stabbed him once with each half instead of repeatedly with one half? And then he pulled out one of them and tossed it under <Mister> Kinzo's bed for some reason, but left the other one in place? If they wanted to implicate him, there were tons of better ways than that, and the bed is a bit far from the crime scene for the bone to have ended up under there by accident. ...Hmm."

I go back into Kinzo's bedroom, pry open Kinzo's mouth, and look carefully inside.
>> No. 8545 edit
Nothing odd and/or out-of-the-ordinary.
>> No. 8546 edit
File 134983461869.jpg - (253.06KB , 800x600 , reisen_disappointed_1.jpg )
"Well, it was worth a shot. I thought he might have been stabbed through the back of the throat while he was sleeping so the doctor wouldn't notice it, but I guess we're stuck with poison for him."
>> No. 8547 edit
File 134942016467.png - (183.39KB , 400x400 , jirou_tomitake_3754.png )
"Yeah, something about this doesn't seem right."

I go back to the bone case and look at the bone fragments, is there any blood on them?
>> No. 8548 edit
No blood on the fragments on the ground. The fragments are located only near the bone case, particularly in near where the wall meets the floor.
>> No. 8550 edit
File 134940601020.jpg - (25.31KB , 347x352 , jiro tomitake.jpg )
I check the portrait mentioned earlier above the bone case.
>> No. 8551 edit
File 134984426923.jpg - (34.09KB , 432x324 , Unlimited-Blade-Works-3.jpg )
It is a portrait of a white-haired man. There appears to be swords sticking out from all over the ground. Very large metal gears appear to be spinning in the background.
>> No. 8552 edit
File 134984491137.jpg - (12.73KB , 425x255 , tomitake2.jpg )
Wait hold on. Are you serious? Is that really the portrait?
>> No. 8553 edit
You've never seen it before though... were you expecting something else?
>> No. 8554 edit
File 132944758677.png - (174.50KB , 390x364 , Erika_Shocked.png )
Having been too busy paying attention to the crime scene until now, I finally look at the portrait after seeing Jiro's surprised expression.

"...That is...quite an unusual portrait, isn't it? Genji-san, do you know who the man in this portrait is? And the portrait's significance to Kinzo-san?"
>> No. 8555 edit
File 131940670529.png - (78.95KB , 319x478 , gen_odorokia1.png )
"To be honest, I am not entirely sure, myself. I believe it is some sort of arcane practitioner. Perhaps Kinzo-sama believed this to be himself, or perhaps he aspired-to-be-like or admired this sorcerer.
>> No. 8556 edit
File 132935668373.png - (153.62KB , 340x366 , Erika_EyesClosed.png )
"So even you don't know, huh? Hmm..."

I check beneath the portrait to see whether there is a copy of the epitaph there.
>> No. 8557 edit
Nothing written below it
>> No. 8558 edit
File 132908977539.png - (153.93KB , 340x366 , Erika_Disinterested.png )
I address Rosa.

"Wait a second...when everyone was giving their alibis...Rosa-san, you didn't say anything, did you? The only other person to stay silent was Eva-san, but her alibi was covered by Hideyoshi-san. ...Rosa-san, where exactly did you go after you all stopped trying to solve the epitaph?"
>> No. 8559 edit
Neither Eva nor Rosa are in the room/vicinity.
>> No. 8560 edit
File 134953164248.jpg - (510.30KB , 900x825 , 02fa62587983be6c379b93cd679aa5397a6a6d84.jpg )
"What are you guys getting surprised for ?"

I walk up to the painting and try to notice any kind of hidden devices or words near it

"Well this guy on the painting... Damn. He's pretty handsome isn't he."

I turn towards Erika who is talking to the wall

"Hey girl, did you hit your head or something ? We interrogated everyone out in the hallway. Good call though"

I go over the windows, open one, put my head outside and look at the ground below and the surroundings. Is there anything noteworthy ?
>> No. 8561 edit
File 132944758677.png - (174.50KB , 390x364 , Erika_Shocked.png )
"Wait...Does anyone here know where Eva-san and Rosa-san are? Hideyoshi-san, you should know where Eva-san is, right? Why aren't they here with everyone else? It's not a good idea to leave people isolated when a murderer is on the loose!"
>> No. 8562 edit
File 131320214395.png - (83.45KB , 469x477 , hid_komarua1.png )
Nothing hidden.

You see the walled-in courtyard. Also, it's raining so you get your hair a tad bit wet.

"I didn't even notice until now....."
>> No. 8563 edit
File 132907233677.png - (154.01KB , 340x366 , Erika_Thoughtful.png )
"You didn't notice? But you would have noticed if you'd woken up and your wife wasn't there, right? So Eva-san did come here with everyone, didn't she? If that's the case, then she must have sneaked away at some point before the alibis were collected. And what about Rosa-san; does anyone remember seeing her this morning? We should postpone this investigation immediately and go look for them!"
>> No. 8564 edit
File 134419649423.jpg - (36.04KB , 640x480 , cb_spike0176.jpg )
I try to discern if there are traces in the mud ( Since it has been raining ) just below the windows.
I then back out of the window and close it.

"Wait, what ? How the hell could everyone here not notice that ? When was the last time they were seen ? Where ?"
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