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Break the illusion, or bite your navel.

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File 135062692824.png - (109.14KB , 326x412 , RENA-Beatrice.png )
8703 No. 8703 edit
It has been ages since I set a foot on gameboard..
For those that doesn't know me, I am RENA-Beatrice, and one of the many forms of Lion.

First, the gameboard will start once the Visual novel is available for download.

Second, This game will rely alot in purple and red.
Since the pieces of this games are seacats....Purple will be always for telling the truth to innocent people, I will always lie to the culprit with purple.

Third, You and you Piece-counterpart share a link..You have the ability to inspect everything in the twilight you were murdered......If you werent murdered in one of the nine twilights..and didn't appear on the gameboard, you can't have this ability.

Fourth, Red and Blue works like always, and blue shootgun is forbidden, Just theories are available.....

As the game master of this game, I wish the opponents good luck...
Since Meta-gaming is importnat in this gameboard.
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>> No. 8704 edit
Feel free to start whenever you want.
>> No. 8709 edit
What about the download?
>> No. 8710 edit
It will be ready today~
I am just debugging last chapter then gonna upload~
>> No. 8711 edit
Novel completly debugged...
>> No. 8712 edit

Password : SEACATS
>> No. 8713 edit
Alright, I'll download it later. So, about the examination, can I inspect the place where anon or Kinjo corpse were found?
>> No. 8714 edit
You mean Kinjo closed room.

There wasn't anything special..Just Kinjo's corpse gouged to death and the murder weapon was an arrow.
>> No. 8715 edit
File 132107623668.png - (74.07KB , 321x480 , rud_akuwaraia1.png )
The culprit avoided detection by hiding in a hidden area on the seacats site. By faking their death from the first twilight, the culprit (who I will just guess is Rudolf for now) was able to commit all the killings without needing to worry about alibis.
>> No. 8716 edit
File 135069732318.png - (29.40KB , 800x800 , 1F.png )
You can also investigate and challengue other twilight
althought you can't have the benefits that you have in your twilight...

John is dead
Lili is dead
Astaroth is dead
Hideiling is dead
Rudolf is dead
Ryuga is dead
Kakera is dead
Genji is dead
Eriko is dead
Poirot is dead

None of this 10 share a body with someone else, THEY ARE CERTAINLY DEATH. and no one is faking their death

Only the rooms I showed in the novel, are the only available rooms of Seacats

Allow me to delight you with a map of seacats...
>> No. 8717 edit
File 135069743731.png - (25.25KB , 800x800 , 2F.png )
It is valid To wait for other people to get all the clues for a twilight then snatch his/her twilight.
>> No. 8718 edit
Give me the layout of the room where Ozaki and Rosa were found. Ie, how the room looked, how many windows, doors, what the bodies looked like, where the keys to the room were, which entrances where locked on discovery, etc.

a gaseous substance was involved with this murder.
>> No. 8719 edit
File 135069754287.png - (30.30KB , 800x800 , 3F.png )
So I suggest to act sharp in the twilight you died, since it would be shameful to not be the first one to solve it despite the advantage you are having.

People that didn't appear on the gameboard should use that opportunity to solve the twilights.
>> No. 8720 edit
Here it is~
>> No. 8721 edit
In the fourth twilight it was hinted...but now I will say it....
No poison or gaseous substance was used to kill people, this apply to the eight twilights.

I must clarify that I am using red to clear misunderstandings...
>> No. 8722 edit
Can I get the in-game description about the room were anon corpse was found? Was it even a closed room?
>> No. 8723 edit
If you could give me the other stuff I asked for it would be very helpful. I no longer have a computer so i have to use my phone, which means I cannot re read the fangame for the information.
>> No. 8724 edit
Meta is the culprit. He faked his death intentionally or otherwise.
>> No. 8725 edit
Lets say that you died on the room with Kinjo, however the culprit stole


The /admin/ room can be considered George's room, It is a room where tons of monitors and machines that record anything happening in the mansion.
The machines were destroyed so they are useless.
Ozaki and Rosa were found dead in a locked room with a chain...like Meta Gogo Rin and Lambda both corpses were far from the door, The corpses were beheaded and the heads were smashed...
>> No. 8726 edit
Forgot to complete the answer...
Lets say that you died on the room with Kinjo, however the culprit took Anon's body and left the room.
This is a locked room with Chain and that is the reason Squitcher has a chain breaker.

I refuse to answer that question. Its too soon to answer that kind of questions.
>> No. 8727 edit
File 135069939351.png - (23.68KB , 320x468 , you_don\'t_see_me.png )
I concur with Ozaki can you give us a maped layout of the room Ozaki and I died in, with an indication where our corpses were found, as well as important structures, furniture, doors, windows.
>> No. 8728 edit
File 135070095126.png - (12.03KB , 580x453 , Admin.png )
Here it is~
>> No. 8729 edit
File 135070117343.png - (12.66KB , 580x453 , Kinjoanonguestroom.png )
Anon and Kinjo Guest room.
>> No. 8730 edit
Another hint, if you can't think of an answer right now for your twilight you can say theories for other twilights.
>> No. 8731 edit
What are 'machines'?
>> No. 8732 edit
Some one was hiding in the room when the corpses were discovered. They locked the room from the inside.

Were the heads to the bodies ever found?
>> No. 8733 edit
This gameboard happen in a materialized Seacats, since you died on the /admin/ room it means that there must be computer and devices to check who is in the mansion and what are people doing in every room.
Therefore, the machines are the computer and devices.
As I said they were smashed to death
>> No. 8734 edit
Welp, that one is solved. I won't use a blue until later. Once I get off work ill move on to another twilight.
>> No. 8735 edit
The twilights are like 20% of the gameboards
and its the first of two phases of this gameboard and the easiest of the two

The who dunnit will be more difficult.
>> No. 8736 edit
lol so we got one solved already?
>> No. 8739 edit
>> No. 8741 edit
Noup....how did they leave?
There was a chain that prevented someone for entering

How did the culprit entered?
How could he behead Ozaki and Rosa without entering?
after all
Squitcher,Bern,Piece,Knox and George were sleeping in the guest room number 1
>> No. 8742 edit
Wake up, my loyal servant.
Give me the strength to kill.
>> No. 8743 edit
Music related.
>> No. 8744 edit
File 135077618910.jpg - (18.52KB , 180x240 , 82378.jpg )
Rosa or Ozaki let the culprit in before locking the chain.
>> No. 8745 edit
So, for Kinjo and anon's murder.
The culprit was still inside of the room. He killed both of them, dragged anon to another place and then return and hide inside Kinjo's room.
>> No. 8746 edit
When Piece-Ozaki and Piece-Rosa entered in the adnin room no one was in the room


The culprit left the crime scene and didn't return.
>> No. 8747 edit
remember that at this point Bern, Knox ,George Squitcher and
Piece didn't left their room after they were murdered and by this point of time 22 persons (not including Piece-Rosa and Piece-Ozaki) are dead.

>> No. 8748 edit
Lion that is not what Rosa's theory said. Rosa means that the culprit was let into the room before the room was locked. The other red about the chain only prevents someone entering when it is locked, not leaving
>> No. 8749 edit

oh ok
George was the only one that stayed in the admin room..however he left in the morning and locked the room, after that it was unlocked when Squitcher forced George to open the door, then the door was locked again,the unlocked when everyone heard Makk and Chen's screams. During that time no one entered in the admin room

Naturally, the murderer left the letter after killing makk and chen.
>> No. 8750 edit
File 13084415622.png - (64.64KB , 347x480 , ozaki_nayamua2.png )
Im just going to post this here anyway since that app I used didn't receive all your messages.

Crino is the culprit. For the first twilight the murder weapon was supposedly ice knives which makes sense given her character. She has no solid alibi for the first and second twilights and is literally missing when they are discovered. Then for the third twilight, where she was supposedly killed the bodies were never investigated. Apparently maggots and insects were crawling over the body, but only Crino's and not Lion's. This leads someone to believe that the body is older than it is assumed to be. Meaning that it was prepared before hand in order to fake Crino's death. The rest of the twilights were possible due to the fact she no longer had to worry about alibis.

All the closed rooms were done using method X which have yet to be determined. Would posting a random theory for each different one count as shotgunning? If not I may go a head and do that.
>> No. 8751 edit

Okay......I didn't wanted to say this.....but I guess its necessary to continue...
By the time of the fourth twilight, Cirno is dead

Piece-Gogo is a witness and say that Cirno was with her the whole night and left the teaparty room with her, Piece-gogo say that it was impossible for cirno

There are no more than 29 persons on the seacats mansion
>> No. 8752 edit
There is more than one culprit. A culprit being a person who has killed.
>> No. 8753 edit
File 135079623720.png - (10.82KB , 160x120 , suckers.png )
Lion I recommend, trying to be more concise with the red, or else loopholes are everywhere, and not only that people can have no idea what the heck the red even means.

I'm one of the later right now. And thanks to that red I can think of and see tons of loopholes. So to confirm, I'm going to list, how by your red it seems the events happen, please correct if wrong, and state that this is correct, if correct.

"Rosa, Ozaki, and George were the only 3 people in the room."

"George left, and then locked the door."

"Rosa/Ozaki/X set the chain after George locked the door."

Is this order correct?
>> No. 8754 edit
"Rosa, Ozaki, and George were the only 3 people in the room."

"George left, and then locked the door."

"Rosa/Ozaki/X set the chain after George locked the door."

there is only one culprit
>> No. 8755 edit
File 131240103776.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana66.png )
Son, I'm dissapoint.
Alright, I was confused. Is there anything to explain about Kinjo and anon's death? The room wasn't locked or anything. Also, I want you to confirm something, repeat this in red! Choco shoot Kinjo accidentally. She didn't plan to cripple him!
>> No. 8756 edit
Anon and Kinjo were killed in a locked room with a chain like Ozaki and Rosa

Since Gogo and George were culprits in previous episodes, one of the rules is that the culprits of the previous games can't be the culprit of the next game.

Technically this is episode 3..

In short words Gogo didn't intend to cripple Kinjo, She did it in self-defense while being under an stress attack.Gogo is innocent
>> No. 8757 edit
the same can be said for George. George is innocent
>> No. 8758 edit
>implying you could do any better.

Lion faked their death.
I really would be too easy of an answer but thiuse maggots have to mean something. If Crino's body wasn't just simply old enough for maggots to show up, then it can mean the opposite. Lion wasn't actually dead. They were apparently ill during the time before the twilight with the maggots, and also never had a solid alibi.
>> No. 8759 edit
By the time of the fifth twilight Lion is dead along with Cirno.
>> No. 8760 edit
Also Rosa, you are supposed to find loopholes, that is a good way to fight against me.
>> No. 8761 edit
File 135085140688.png - (209.96KB , 679x600 , rosa5.png )
>during that time no one entered the room.

That's fine. They were already inside the room.
>> No. 8762 edit
Don't worry man, I got my own theory. Once the time allows it I will post it.
Really? I just read the game again and apparently Ozaki and Rosa simply enter the room, it doesn't mention they having any trouble to enter the room.
>> No. 8763 edit
Well, then the usual:
The culprit escaped through the window in Kinjo's bedroom!
It's possible to set the chain from the outside of the room!

>> No. 8764 edit
Whatever you say man, you shouldn't have needed red to confirm the gogo shooting Kinjo part. Anyway, I would probably make another theory but that besides those Ozaki and Anon theory I can't remember anything worth noting. I guess I can only solve the hows in order to solve the who.

An explosive was used to kill Ozaki and Rosa.
>> No. 8765 edit
What I'm wondering here is if there's any accomplice. I say this because of the letter that appeared when Rosa was asleep.
>> No. 8766 edit
Yeah, it seems possible. Good thing any accomplices, if there are any, cannot kill due to the red.
>> No. 8767 edit
File 133453341516.png - (105.77KB , 281x424 , Alch_Kinjo_Defc1.png )
However, anon and I were found in different rooms.
The text didn't say anything about there being a chain-lock in either of them, as far as I could tell.

The rooms anon and Kinjo were found in were different than the rooms they were killed in.

That's the only way to explain how anon could be found in a room without a chain but killed in a room with one.
>> No. 8768 edit
During that period of time no one was in the room.

Its impossible to lock the room with a chain outside of the room The window is too small for anyone to enter, mainly the function of the window is to release stuff like smoke and bad odors.
No it is necessary since that is one of the rules that I should have explained from the start...

There were no traces of Gunpowder
>> No. 8769 edit
Anon and Kinjo were attacked in the same room, however both died in different rooms.
>> No. 8771 edit
Alright lion, repeat this otherwise it is solved.
"No explosives were used in anyway for the murders of Ozaki and Rosa."
>> No. 8772 edit
File 133460806652.png - (114.68KB , 342x424 , Alch_Kinjo_Akuwaraip1.png )
anon and I were attacked in the same room. But there was a trap door that anon fell through, so he died in the basement!
>> No. 8773 edit
No explosives were used in your murder

and Kinjo...

No traps or secret passages exist in the room of Piece-Kinjo and Piece-Anon
>> No. 8775 edit
File 13508768853.png - (108.51KB , 279x431 , Alch_Kinjo_Niramua3.png )
According to the map you posted, our guestroom contains two rooms connected together by a single door.

The 'room of Piece-Kinjo and Piece-Anon' refers to only one of these rooms. The other contains a trap door, which anon fell through!
>> No. 8776 edit
Ozaki and Rosa were killed from outside of the room with a temperature sensitive trap.
>> No. 8777 edit


>"Rosa, Ozaki, and George were the only 3 people in the room."

"George left, and then locked the door."

"Rosa/Ozaki/X set the chain after George locked the door."

>George was the only one that stayed in the admin room..however he left in the morning and locked the room, after that it was unlocked when Squitcher forced George to open the door, then the door was locked again,the unlocked when everyone heard Makk and Chen's screams. During that time no one entered in the admin room

>During that period of time no one was in the room.

>During that period of time (When George leaves and locks the door) no one was in the room.


Okay, we were never in the room to begin with.
>> No. 8778 edit
File 132443700522.png - (74.24KB , 527x442 , anon_point.png )
Alright, let's get crazy here.

The chain lock found in Kinjo's room wasn't the original from the door! A different chain lock was installed from the outside of the room!

The culprit didn't finish off either anon or Kinjo before leaving. While the culprit was dragging anon to the other room, Kinjo went and set the chain lock from the inside, so he could claim to have died inside a closed room!

>> No. 8779 edit
The 'room of Piece-Kinjo and Piece-Anon' refers to only one room.

No devices were used to Kill Piece-Ozaki and Piece-Rosa

The chain lock found in Kinjo's room was the original one

by the time of the murders Anon and Kinjo are considered dead. even if they survived they would be unable to move...
>> No. 8780 edit
Define device.

Ozaki and Rosa were killed from outside the room through the gap when the chain is set.
The culprit did not kill then while at point blank range in other words.

>> No. 8782 edit

Ozaki and Rosa weren't killed from outside the room

Device is a mechanical object used for murder like lasers,gas chambers, etc.
>> No. 8783 edit
There is another way to exit Kinjo and anon's room besides than the single door!
The culprit broke one wall on the other side of the room!
The culprit hacked the server and created an additional exit!

>> No. 8784 edit

There isn¿t another way to exit Kinjo and anon's room besides than the single door!
People would have noticed if someone broke the door...

The only one that can acess the server is George and he can't be the culprit.

>> No. 8785 edit
>"Rosa/Ozaki/X set the chain after George locked the door."

"The chain was not set again after it was set after George left."
>> No. 8786 edit
They did not inspect the second part of the room. Nobody could have noticed.
>> No. 8787 edit
"The chain was not set again after it was set after George left." ;_:


about that....
Yeah, the second part of the room wasn't inspected
>> No. 8788 edit
Rosa and Ozaki were already dead by the time George left.

Neither Rosa nor Ozaki set the chain.
>> No. 8789 edit
Rosa and Ozaki were alive by the time George left.

Ozaki set the chain.
>> No. 8790 edit
A provisional exit was made in the second part in the room.
>> No. 8791 edit
People would have spotted the culprit, so that didn't happened.
>> No. 8792 edit
Please deny it properly, or I will continue searching loopholes in it.
>> No. 8793 edit
A provisional exit wasn´t made in the second part in the room.
>> No. 8794 edit
The door or the window in Kinjo and anon's room was removed!
The closet in the room connects to a different room!
The chain lock was long enough that allowed a person to get out from the room even while locked!
(which explains why was never mentioned at all)
>> No. 8795 edit
The door or the window in Kinjo and anon's room wasn´t removed!
The closet in the room doesn't connects to a different room!

The chain lock was long enough that allowed a person to get out from the room even while locked!

The culprit realized that George didn't designed the chains right, so he made them too long enough for the culprit to enter, the culprit then entered and murdered both Kinjo and Anon but before leaving he modified the chain and made it shorter, he realized that he could leave, but realized that he no longer could modify other chains since its tool was broken...he also realized that it was no longer possible to leave or enter the room with the chains set

congratulations anon, you solved the sixth twilight...
>> No. 8796 edit
>both rooms use the same answer
So Ozaki and Rosa were killed in the same way then.
>> No. 8797 edit
that makes the sixth and eight twilight solved
The tools used to modify the set was originally bought in a set of two tools, the culprit managed to find the other tool after the seventh twilight.
>> No. 8798 edit
And now, for the first twilight.
George lost the possession of the master key at some time during the first and the second day.
It is possible to lock the door to /teaparty/ from the inside and escape from the room without using the door!
George actually forgot to lock to door to /teaparty/!

>> No. 8799 edit

George never separated from his master key
It is impossible to lock the door to /teaparty/ from the inside and escape from the room without using the door!
Teaparty is usually never locked, but the culprit himself locked the room from the inside.......to make sure none of the ten could escape

>> No. 8800 edit
Oh, that last one was a little mistake...
The culprit was still inside of /teaparty/ the first time they found the corpses!
It is possible to lock the door while it is still open!

And for the murder itself: The wine/tea people was drinking in /teaparty/ had sleep/paralysis poison!
>> No. 8801 edit
People would have noticed the culprit.....since teaparty is the worst place to hide in the whole mansion
It is impossible to lock the door while it is still open!
>> No. 8805 edit
File 135106798760.png - (2.62KB , 191x161 , anonbyroxxana.png )
The gifts in the middle of the room contained a bomb with chlorine, it exploded at 12pm causing it a violent reaction with some hidden dry ice inside of the room!
>> No. 8806 edit
The gifts in the middle of the room didnt contain murder weapons
>> No. 8807 edit
The bomb itself wasn't to kill anyone, so it wasn't a weapon by itself. Deny this, Some sort of device or trap activated at 12pm and caused the death of the first twilight victims!
>> No. 8808 edit
No traps or devices were used for the first Twilight
>> No. 8809 edit
Define the state of a door being locked.

The culprit was just holding the door shut with his body and or a chair under the doorknob. The door itself was not locked and it only seemed to be set.
>> No. 8810 edit
That is directed towards the first twilight.
>> No. 8813 edit
The culprit locked the door with his hands
>> No. 8814 edit
And was that a deadbolt, or one of those small ones inside the doorknob?
>> No. 8816 edit

Those that are inside the doorknob
>> No. 8817 edit
File 135155906549.png - (108.47KB , 326x412 , RENA-Beatrice2.png )
So, shall I assume that you are now surrending to the demon's illusion?
>> No. 8818 edit
Alright, give me a diagram of teaparty, I need it to show the enters/exits and the room where the victims were found inside.
>> No. 8819 edit
File 135156018067.png - (109.09KB , 785x560 , gyuyug.png )
Red point are the victims places
Blue represent the windows
Green the rancid food
and Brown the only double door.
>> No. 8820 edit
File 135156072063.png - (133.07KB , 1272x562 , gyuyug2.png )
the big red square is a carpet
and the black squares are tables...
>> No. 8821 edit
Alright, let's try the usual then:

A window in /teaparty/ was either replaced or removed!
The last time the door to /teaparty/ was locked it was by one of the victims!
The culprit was hidden as one of the corpses! One of the original bodies wasn't present in /teaparty/ and the culprit disguised as him/her!

>> No. 8822 edit
No window was moved or replaced, and certainly the culprit didn't hide in one of the corpses

about the other stuff you asked:
>> No. 8823 edit
None of the ten victims corpses left the teapary room

the culprit didn't disguised as the corpse of one of the victims

The last time the door to /teaparty/ was locked it was by one of the victims!
>> No. 8824 edit
Repeat it in red, In this game only one person is capable of murder!

And to counterattack: One of the victims (willingly or unwillingly) acted as an accomplice! This person was the last to lock the door!
>> No. 8825 edit
In this game only one person is capable of murder!
>> No. 8826 edit
There is one culprit, there are no accomplice
>> No. 8827 edit
File 132907233677.png - (154.01KB , 340x366 , Erika_Thoughtful.png )
I was going to give this a try since Rudolf-san's game is dead at the moment, but I can't seem to get the download to work? When I type 'SEACATS' for the password, it says that the security code is incorrect...
>> No. 8828 edit
Never mind, didn't notice the "prove you're a human" device underneath the password entry because my mind filters out all random pictures in the middle of web pages under the assumption that they're adverts.
>> No. 8829 edit
Well, usually this kind of games would be difficult to newcomers, but I designed this game so that everyone can play~

I am pretty sure you will have a different perspective
as someone neutral~
>> No. 8830 edit
File 135197133890.jpg - (9.48KB , 266x190 , Erika_Gun.jpg )
Time to give this a shot.

First off, you have already confirmed the deaths of Lion, Cirno, Genji, Kakera, John, Anon, Astaroth, Lili, Hide, Kinjo, Ozaki, Rosa, Rudolf, Eriko, Poirot, Ryuga, Makk and Chen in red.

Furthermore, you have confirmed that neither George nor Gogo is the culprit.

In addition, during this post:
You have confirmed that the culprit is male, which eliminates Knox, Rin and Bernkastel.

(Assuming that I'm correct about the characters' genders...it's hard to tell with some of them.)

This only leaves six suspects: Lambda, Feenie, Cake, Meta, Squitcher, and Piece.

Since there are no accomplices, it is difficult to imagine that Lambda, Meta, Feenie or Cake could have faked their deaths, since their corpses were examined by Kinjo and Ozaki who are said to be experienced with autopsies. Furthermore, 22 people are dead by the time of Ozaki and Rosa's murders, which makes a faked death even more impossible.

So if there is no flaw in my reasoning, we are left with only two suspects: Squitcher and Piece. It is probably safe to proceed under the assumption that one of them is the culprit.

Now for the howdunnits.

The first twilight: Firstly, we have a strange set of reds here.

The culprit locked the door with his hands, but the last time the door to /teaparty/ was locked it was by one of the victims.

In other words, the culprit locked the door, but it was then unlocked again for some reason, before one of the victims re-locked it.

This seems very strange because the culprit locked the door from the inside so that none of the victims could escape. If the culprit were to then unlock the door before killing the victims, it would defeat the purpose. So that means one of the victims unlocked the door. The culprit then left the room, and one of the victims locked the door again. Then the victims died.

Also, it is impossible to lock the door to /teaparty/ from the inside and escape from the room without using the door! So the culprit most certainly left through the door.

Considering this information, here is my blue truth for this twilight.

The culprit entered /teaparty/, locked the door from the inside, and mortally wounded the victims using ice knives.

Thinking that he had killed the victims, he unlocked the door from inside and left.

However, at least one of them was not quite dead yet, and with the last of their strength, they re-locked the door to make sure that the culprit couldn't come back to finish them off.

Unfortunately, their wounds were grievous, and the surviving victim(s) finally died some time after locking the door.

I doubt this is the right answer, since it fails to account for the white stains on the rug and the smell of chlorine, but it should get us some new information.

The second twilight: Nobody has attempted this one yet, so we don't really have any red to go on. But since we know that the chains in /seacats/ are set incorrectly, it isn't difficult to solve this. The culprit was able to enter and leave the room while the chain was set. The locked door separating the two parts of the guest room is meaningless since the culprit could have taken the key from whichever of the victims had it. No mention was made of the corpses being searched for keys.

Fourth twilight: Okay, this one is interesting. The insects were not interested in Lion's 'corpse', so I'm led to believe that Lion was not actually dead when he was discovered. It has been said in red that Lion was dead by the time of the fifth twilight. But he was supposed to have died on the fourth twilight, so he could have been alive at the time he was discovered, and then died later, possibly due to his illness; he said he felt ill while George was making the announcement on /gameboard/ before the discovery of the first twilight.

I know he isn't an accomplice, but he could have faked his death in order to get away from the group and track down the culprit himself, or for some other reason X. This would also explain the closed room; if Lion was alive, he could have locked the door from the inside himself.

Fifth twilight: Again, the culprit could enter and leave while the chain was set, so this isn't even a closed room.

The sixth and eighth twilights are already solved.

Seventh twilight: I'm pretty stumped by this one, since all the suspects have a clear alibi...I'll have to try rereading this part later. I wish this thing had a scene skip feature...

Ninth twilight: We know nothing about this, so we can't really solve it unless we're given some information. It was a fantasy scene, so we don't even have confirmation that any of the five survivors were actually killed.
>> No. 8831 edit
The Ice knives are decoration for the murders, the reason they were there was to frame Meta

The door to /teaparty/ was opened 3 times
1- When the culprit locked the door so that he could commit murders
2- When It was opened by George to discover the corpses
3-When everyone left to protect the corpses

The culprit was able to enter and leave the room while the chain was set. The locked door separating the two parts of the guest room is meaningless since the culprit could have taken the key from whichever of the victims had it. No mention was made of the corpses being searched for keys.

About the chains, the badly designed chains are just for the sixth and eight twilight.

About my Piece counterpart (Lion)Illness was the final nail to his coffin

About the Seventh Twilight, You can press the button of Ctrl so you can skip~

The ninth twilight is being reserved for the second phase,The who dunnit, we are currently in the first phase, the How dunnit
>> No. 8832 edit
File 13290815929.png - (154.25KB , 340x366 , Erika_CondescendingSmile.png )
So, is the fourth twilight solved? You only responded to part of it. Lion wasn't dead when he was discovered, and he locked the kitchen from the inside. Confirm or deny this, please.

I'm confused about your wording regarding the first twilight. Are you saying that the door was opened three times, or locked three times? Your list seems to imply both. 1 and 3 refer to points at which the door was locked, while 2 refers to a point at which it was opened. I can't reason based on this red until you give me a clearer idea of what it means. Do you mean that the door was only locked once before the discovery of the corpses? Because your previous red makes this impossible.
>> No. 8833 edit

It was opened and locked once before the murders.
>> No. 8834 edit
File 132969770057.png - (187.27KB , 390x364 , Erika_Pose.png )
By 'the murders', you are referring to the time at which the ten were attacked, but it was still possible for one or more of them to take action after 'the murders' took place and before they died.
>> No. 8835 edit
remember that the culprit restrained them, so it was impossible for them to move
>> No. 8837 edit
File 132935729276.png - (166.36KB , 340x366 , Erika_Explaining.png )
If you are saying that the victims were unable to move after the murders were committed, then we have a problem.

The culprit locked the door from the inside to stop the victims from escaping.

The last time the door to /teaparty/ was locked, it was by one of the victims.

It was impossible for the victims to move after the murders.

In other words, the door was locked twice before the murders - once by the culprit, and then again by one of the victims.

But you have said that the door was locked once before the murders.

So the door was locked once before the murders and the door was locked twice before the murders.

Is this not a logic error?
>> No. 8838 edit
It isn't, think about it~
>> No. 8839 edit
I will define move:
moving from a place to another place or doing stuff with the legs and arms.
>> No. 8840 edit
File 135205157248.png - (1.00MB , 1200x1333 , Erika_ThoughtfulScythe.png )
One of the victims had their hand on the doorknob and unlocked the door, but were attacked and rendered immobile before they could actually open the door. After the murders were committed and the culprit had left through some other means, this victim was able to lock the door with their hand without moving their arms or legs. The victim died some time afterwards.

As for how the culprit escaped...for now I'll go with the possibility that the windows could have been locked from the outside.
>> No. 8841 edit
the first blue paragraph is correct

The culprit didn't need to use the windows to escape
>> No. 8842 edit
File 135210191648.png - (836.16KB , 1109x1037 , Erika_ConfidentSmileBow.png )
Oh, right, of course.

The culprit simply left through the door after the victim unlocked it.
>> No. 8843 edit
The culprit didn't need to leave when the victim unlocked the door
>> No. 8844 edit
File 135221011145.png - (0.99MB , 1475x1188 , Erika_DisinterestedScythe3.png )
After the murders were committed, the culprit unlocked the door, opened it, and left.

One of the victims then locked the door with their hand before dying.

>> No. 8845 edit

The last one to die was Eriko, and he didn't saw the culprit leaving
>> No. 8846 edit
File 135227252415.png - (775.70KB , 968x1041 , Erika_Protest.png )
That doesn't deny anything.

Just because Eriko died last doesn't necessarily mean that he was the one to lock the door.
>> No. 8847 edit

I guess I can't fight back, congratulations Rika, you solved the first twilight
>> No. 8849 edit
File 132969770057.png - (187.27KB , 390x364 , erika6.png )
<Good>! I'll start seriously looking into the second twilight some time tomorrow when I will be able to reread the relevant part of the VN, but for now I want to clear up this matter.

The closed room of the second twilight was set up by either Meta or Lambda, who faked their death.
>> No. 8850 edit
By the end of the second twilight Meta,Lambdadelta, Gogo and Rin are dead.
>> No. 8851 edit
File 135262217995.png - (1.00MB , 1200x1333 , Erika_Scythe.png )
One of them constructed the closed room from the inside after the culprit left, and then died afterwards.
>> No. 8852 edit

The culprit entered the room to kill the victims and left the room when everyone died
>> No. 8853 edit
File 135290040927.png - (797.12KB , 968x1041 , Erika_Thoughtful2.png )
Hmm...could I have a map of this room, or are only the victims allowed to request that?

For the sake of gathering more information, I'll propose that the culprit left through a window.
>> No. 8854 edit
It was imposible to leave from the window
>> No. 8855 edit
File 135314662959.png - (919.71KB , 1109x1037 , Erika_ConfidentSmilePoint.png )
The victims did not die until after Kinjo and the others entered the room with the chain cutter. The culprit was hiding in the room until this time, and then left after the victims had died and the discoverers had left the scene. In this way, the culprit was able to leave through the door without worrying about the chain.
>> No. 8856 edit

all the rooms looks like this one
>> No. 8857 edit
File 135322925326.png - (775.35KB , 968x1041 , Erika_Wary.png )
So...what about my blue?

There are plenty of places that one could hide on that map.
>> No. 8858 edit
File 135343152050.png - (96.60KB , 415x480 , avbb1.png )
Hm... Alright, I'm willing to give this a shot. (Please excuse the mistakes, I had a bit of trouble understanding some of the novel/I might've accidentally missed some of the red truths stated earlier.)

I won't bother with the Twilights already solved, obviously.

[Second Twilight]
While the theory with the culprit simply hiding in the room does make sense, there are other ways to look at this:

The chain was never set on the front door to begin with. After all, our POV was never once subjective during this time, instead, we were *told* it had to be cut by Kinjo. So, by the extension of that it would be possible for Kinjo to be an accomplice... However, you said there aren't any... Hm... So I can scratch that off the list, I suppose. Of course, this would be possible to the extent that there did not exist a chain on the front door, but on the intertwining door, instead. This way, neither Kinzo or Ozaki are actually lying when they said they had to cut the chain, no? A small chance, (not to mention, I'm having a bit of trouble visualizing how the actual trick would work, but still).
(Actually do have other things, but since no shotgunning is allowed....)

Also, unless I'm missing something here, "Lion's supposed death Twilight" was the Third Twilight, no? Or do you count all those individually? Oh, well. Going to go by how RIKA chose to call this Twilight.

[Fifth (?) Twilight]
At least one of the victims of this twilight wasn't dead by the time the bodies were discovered. The surviving person set the chain. The surviving person was killed sometime after, most likely, assuming that it wasn't the culprit himself. Ngh... Have other stuff, too, but...
Simple enough, I imagine. (Unless, as I stress, I missed something).

[Seventh Twilight]
They were killed by a trap of some kind. Simple enough, I know. I am finding it suspcious as to why you chose to present their "conversation" in the first place, when a simple "they screamed" could've done just as well.

[Culprit] (Aware that this isn't really to be gone into, but throwing my thoughts out there, anyway, considering this might perhaps be crucial to the seventh twilight. Don't answer to this if you don't feel like it.)
You have still to confirm certain people's deaths, so it's still possible that the culprit was able to fake his death at some point. The alternative, however, would be much more devious:
The culprit has a split personality. So... Yasu thing, I suppose. By stating that a certain person is 'dead', you could easily just be referring to their dead 'counterpart', especially when there were times we actually saw the corpses being exammined first-hand. ...Naturally, this would make it quite a bit difficult to try and actually pin down who the culprit was, because we have like 10 people to choose from right from the get-go, but there's a slim chance you might be wanting us to try and deduce that from a possible whydunnit?
Anyway, there's a possibility of impersonations or such, but that doesn't really matter that much, because, well, in the end, a person is a person. After all, even if, for example, Meta or Piece somehow switched places, wouldn't exactly matter considering how we've *seen* the supposed 'Piece' in a room he shouldn't have been out of anyway... And, considering there are no accomplices... Hm... (Also, yes, I am aware that the actual 'Whodunnit' portion of the game doesn't start until later, however, it might be necessary to understand how this twilight went down... Oh. Actually...)

Just to clarify, when you say 'there is only one culprit' you are referring to one physical body, yes?

Anyway, that's all I have at the moment, really. Again, I apologize for the possible... obvious mistakes, but, as I've stated earlier, I did have a bit of trouble understanding what exactly went down at certain Twilights.
>> No. 8859 edit
File 135350933352.png - (774.03KB , 968x1041 , Erika_Thoughtful.png )
The third twilight is just the "Praise my name" thing, so no murders happen there. Umineko EP1 had a letter arrive at the third twilight, but all other episodes just skipped over it and went straight from the second to the fourth. Most fangames, including this one, do the same.

A trap for the seventh twilight doesn't fully solve it, since there is still the matter of the letter discovered at the scene. And the culprit left the letter after killing Makk and Chen.

I would consider it quite a dirty move to use a wordplay trick regarding personality death in a situation where it isn't hinted at within the text - and as far as I can tell, it isn't. I can't deny the possibility, but I would hope that the Game Master is better than that...Introducing a 'no shotgunning' rule implies that the truth is to be reached through deduction from the text rather than blind guessing, although I have to admit that the solutions so far haven't really been deducible without firing off a few blues first. But I would be disappointed if there was a wordplay trick involved here.
>> No. 8860 edit
Oh, also, regarding Piece, even though the theory that he and Meta switch places doesn't really solve much, there is definitely something strange going on with him.

When Cirno first meets him, she says that she hadn't seen him around the mansion at all up until then...and then Eriko couldn't find him anywhere when she searched the whole mansion later.
>> No. 8861 edit
File 135351726645.png - (96.67KB , 415x480 , avbb2.png )
Letter... discovered at the scene? Huh? I've re-read the part of the novel and there's no such thing mention, as far as I'm seeing... There's one left in the admin room, but in all honesty, he could've easily left it while they were all gathered in it, and people simply did not notice. ...And, if you're asking how that could be done while the two were supposedly alive, the simple answer would be that the voices heard were actually recordings of some kind. The victims were already dead by the point the "scream" was heard. Hence when it says "the culprit planted the letter after they were dead", it would be possible for it to be done in this time, I suppose. The answer to this would be they simply didn't notice it until a later point in time. (Granted, the matter of who set up the actual recording would be a problem... Perhaps Squitcher simply rewinded the tape of the trap being released?)

...Though, in all honesty, yeah - I still don't really see where the supposed letter found on them was... Am I missing something here?
>> No. 8862 edit
File 132935668373.png - (153.62KB , 340x366 , Erika_EyesClosed.png )
Oh, I got confused about the seventh twilight...Because of that red regarding the letter being placed after Makk and Chen's death, I assumed that a letter had been placed right after their death, and therefore that there must have been a letter near their corpses. I really should have reread the novel to ascertain that.

I guess a trap does work for that, then.
>> No. 8863 edit

I know where you are going.....

No person could have hide in that Room people would have inmediatly noticed them

I thought I said I wont answer anything regarding the culprit since It isn't time yet

There is a chain in the room of the second Twilight[/r

By the time the fourth twilight ended, and when the bodies were discovered, Cirno and Lion were dead.

No traps are used

They died after the screams were heard in the seventh Twilight.
>> No. 8864 edit
File 135357103131.png - (866.93KB , 968x1041 , Erika_SmilePose.png )
The culprit of the second twilight was already inside the room when the bodies were discovered, but rather than hiding, they made it appear as if they had entered the room along with everyone else.

For the fourth twilight, the order of events goes like this.

The culprit killed Cirno and attacked Lion.
The culprit left the room.
Lion locked the door from the inside.
Lion then died of his illness.
The bodies were discovered after this.

>> No. 8865 edit
File 135360013472.png - (98.71KB , 415x480 , avbb3.png )
I think you made a little bit of a misunderstanding here.
The blues for what I specified as "[Fifth (?) Twilight] was following how Rika decided to classify it as (as I mentioned earlier I believe.) So the blues were about the twilight with Feenie.
>> No. 8868 edit
The culprit of the second twilight was already inside the room when the bodies were discovered, but rather than hiding, they made it appear as if they had entered the room along with everyone else.

For the fourth twilight, the order of events goes like this.

Lion died before Cirno. Cirno was killed last
>> No. 8869 edit
File 135439493530.png - (839.24KB , 1109x1037 , Erika_HappyBow.png )
So the second twilight is solved?

For the fourth twilight, if that's all you can deny, then I just have to modify the blue slightly.

The culprit attacked Cirno and Lion.
The culprit left the room.
Lion locked the door from the inside.
Lion then died of his illness.
Cirno died of her wounds after this.
The bodies were then discovered later.

>> No. 8870 edit
Everything is settled....and to make it a fair play......

Wordplay is involved in one of the murders
4th Twilight 7th Twilight and 9th twilight have hints over the culprit......

Now the second phase shall start.....I hope you find Mephistopheles's true identity~
>> No. 8872 edit
In other words we can make whodunit theories now?
>> No. 8873 edit
Yup, and the answer will be revealed in one of my streams~
>> No. 8880 edit
File 132908977539.png - (153.93KB , 340x366 , erika1.png )
So what kind of theories are we allowed to post? Are we able to propose theories for the who-dunnit even if we haven't reached solutions for the fifth and seventh twilights yet?

I have a fairly good idea of who the culprit is, and I can present several clues that have led me to this, but without any red to work with I wouldn't be able to explain how this person would have committed the fifth and seventh twilights at this point. Is an incomplete theory such as this permissible?
>> No. 8881 edit
Anything is allowed...

As I said, there is wordplay in one of the murders....
>> No. 8882 edit
File 135498684718.png - (1.21MB , 1486x1310 , Erika_DisinterestedScythe2.png )
First theory. The culprit is Piece. He was acting suspiciously at the beginning, nowhere to be found when Eriko was looking for him and not having been seen by Cirno until he arrived at /teaparty/. Black Battler kept being mistaken for Piece and he even said that he was okay with being called Piece at several points. Also, there was no mention of Piece entering Meta's room but he suddenly spoke while the others were discussing the corpses, which fits the method for the second twilight. And Feenie insulted Black Battler by saying that he looked the same as someone else on the site.

We could also assume that Piece takes on the identity of Black Battler when committing the murders so that might be able to get around some of the reds somehow.

>> No. 8883 edit

After the first murders,George and Piece didnt separate from each other therefore making impossible for Piece to do all that. George is innocent
>> No. 11563 edit
Finally After Six months, The answer will be finally revealed.

Tonight at my stream at 8:00 board time.
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