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File 137078423235.png - (365.40KB , 781x346 , charasquares.png )
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Silly /seacats/ apparently can't into simplicity for their maps. So I made this.
Pretty self-explanatory. I think it's easier to use if the heads are all in one image, so I kept it that way.
Also, you'll notice the two last row look bad compared to the rest : Since I couldn't find the full-body sprites for these chara, I had to improvise.
Anyway, enjoy.
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Also, you'll notice there are still some chara missing. I judged they wouldn't be of use, but i any of you want one specific chara, I can always do it.
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File 137082678651.png - (413.80KB , 781x346 , t.png )
>not transparent background
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ya sure, it's not as it was easily modifiable. gj anyway

File 136442931869.jpg - (80.79KB , 406x480 , bea_gamanb6.jpg )
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Will-trice,the sexiest beatrice ever <3
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File 136660106137.png - (180.66KB , 496x480 , Jessice_akuwaraia.png )
Commence warfire.
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File 136665049277.png - (144.93KB , 458x464 , DORANORU.png )
I'd like to see the adventures of this BEATRICE. The one thing I want to know then is a who will be the DETECTIVE?


File 136563210657.png - (25.83KB , 272x414 , Keiichi_Matsuri1.png )
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If I remember correctly, there was an Unused sprite of Keiichi in EP1 of Umineko. Does anyone have it?
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What, really? I never heard of this before.
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Do you mean EP 1 as in only EP 1, or as in the one that's included with EP 4? Because I'm pretty sure that I've never seen anything remotely like that in the .arc file of the version packed in with EP 4.
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It must have been in the original commercial version of EP1.

Since the demo, and the EP4 don't have something like that.

File 136038939736.png - (349.32KB , 435x738 , 13187378431.png )
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File 136039055981.png - (444.65KB , 434x756 , shmiontarot_2.png )
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File 136039057591.png - (273.14KB , 434x717 , Rika_tarot_card.png )
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File 136039064578.png - (384.11KB , 436x754 , Rikatarot2_ib4f.png )
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File 136039183440.png - (358.25KB , 434x748 , anontarot_2_ib4f.png )

File 131912639980.png - (23.56KB , 433x447 , map_1f.png )
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I don't if this is a place to ask this. I wish someone could made for me a Chapel Map (with everything present on EP7). I know where almost every room is, thanks to Kinjo-san's Tutorial, however some places I don't know how insert/where I insert.

Can someone please made it to me? Thanks in advance!
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File 131914253142.png - (497.13KB , 640x960 , corridor and door.png )
Thanks, Rosa-san! And yes, I was reading filename's bg and there is 2 rooms. However, there is a strange corridor and a strange that I couldn't find the exact location. (strange corridor and strange door related on picture)

About Kuwadorian, I completly understand your point. Again, thank you so much!
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My guess would be that the door in the lower picture is in fact the main entrance when the door is open. And from the angle of the in front of the door. The hallway though, no idea.
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Wait, the parlor didn't have windows to the rose garden?
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It does. It's just a crappy map.

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