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File 131912639980.png - (23.56KB , 433x447 , map_1f.png )
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I don't if this is a place to ask this. I wish someone could made for me a Chapel Map (with everything present on EP7). I know where almost every room is, thanks to Kinjo-san's Tutorial, however some places I don't know how insert/where I insert.

Can someone please made it to me? Thanks in advance!
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File 131914253142.png - (497.13KB , 640x960 , corridor and door.png )
Thanks, Rosa-san! And yes, I was reading filename's bg and there is 2 rooms. However, there is a strange corridor and a strange that I couldn't find the exact location. (strange corridor and strange door related on picture)

About Kuwadorian, I completly understand your point. Again, thank you so much!
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My guess would be that the door in the lower picture is in fact the main entrance when the door is open. And from the angle of the in front of the door. The hallway though, no idea.
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Wait, the parlor didn't have windows to the rose garden?
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It does. It's just a crappy map.

File 129885046476.png - (88.11KB , 782x842 , Sprites2.png )
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is to emphasize the fact that the original one was the Lion one
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I revive the oldest thread by posting cirno picture set~
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File 135413674347.jpg - (3.32KB , 66x71 , IMG_20121128_160431.jpg )

File 135200331985.jpg - (168.31KB , 800x600 , yokoku.jpg )
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Sprites from this thing. http://nevermore.sakura.ne.jp/cradle/down.html

Includes Amakusa, Battler, Beatrice, and Ange sprites.


File 132753826036.jpg - (448.03KB , 640x480 , ep5 solved.jpg )
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Sounds legit to me

File 134333825765.jpg - (44.91KB , 250x186 , tumblr_m7qpxfYAxS1qdegnzo4_250.jpg )
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Does anyone have the sprites/backgrounds/effects of the "Nocturne of Truth and Illusions" PS3 version of the game? I need them for a project I'm creating.
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Preferably on Mediafire.
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