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File 133188211783.png - (144.47KB , 377x480 , but_niramua3.png )
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Thread for Aionerds to decide on their region symbol.
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File 13319151191.png - (11.96KB , 256x256 , seacatsextraplain.png )
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File 133191514436.png - (20.97KB , 256x256 , seacatsplain.png )
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So if Aion nerds are paying attention, please let me know what your choices are here. I know Bern and I think Piece already said plain, but not which plain one. I would like to go with>>762
if it was my choice, but if we're going with plain>>761
seems appropriate.
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is good

File 131224540754.jpg - (627.77KB , 882x1264 , 130826634634.jpg )
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Long time everyone... All of you can kill me, I deserve... (I even didn't say "Happy Birthday" to Rosa-san. I'm so sorry for this. ;;)

Well... My question: How can I do a Umineko-like portrait? I request to a friend for draw a Umineko-like portrait. (It's a gift for another dear friend)
However, she doesn't know how to color on photoshop (like Genji did with Kinjo's portrait).

Can someone show me how to do this? I'm gonna be truly grateful!
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Thank you, Ash-kun, but I don't have a way to contact Genji-san.

And it would be very unpolite just to contact him to ask him help about photoshop. I admire him a lot, but I don't think this is a good first impression to give to someone.

Anyway, thank you a lot, again!
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File 132944439518.png - (64.06KB , 236x337 , ber_a11_def2.png )
So like this?
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It's....... It's......

IT'S PAAAAAAAAFEEEEKKUUUTTOOOOOO!!!! The onyl difference is the ribbon. Yours is white, while the original one is gray. But why amI complaining? IT'S PAAFEKUTO!

How you did it!? Can you teach me? Please? Pretty please?
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File 132953509239.png - (85.84KB , 268x337 , ber_a14_warai3.png )
Here is what I did:

1. Take the 'Quick Select Tool'

2. Change the settings to 'add' and lower the brush size to about '10'

3. Select and highlight all of Bern's face and her bow. Shrink the brush size down to about 2 to get the small areas. If you select a wrong area, change to 'Subtract from section' and correct it.

4. Inverse the section

5. Click 'Replace Color' it is found in the 'Image' and then 'Adjustments'

6. Click on the top of Bern's Hair, and then set the Fuzziness to 200.

7. Set the Saturation to -100, and the Lightness to +100, don't touch the Hue.
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File 131519748641.png - (1.73MB , 5230x328 , CAMBIO.png )
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posted the image , of the video if you want to watch it with more detail.
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File 131522251385.png - (593.23KB , 995x1224 , ron_a11 default 2.png )
Being Vlad-Kun is suffering...
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why you are between Rudolf and Ryuga?(Virgilia)
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File 131734811391.png - (220.96KB , 337x600 , 131683550578.png )
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I saw this image on Goat's gameboard and I REALLY wanna know if there is more or is just this one.

Yes, I am a truly 556's fan.
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there is , also , that is an edited sprite....there are like two more sprites..
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Oh, that's great! Do you know were I can find them? Or could you pass them for me, please?

File 131630704441.png - (188.54KB , 395x360 , queen2.png )
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I am not amused with the lack of Activity.

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