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File 131464858726.jpg - (444.98KB , 1280x960 , Konachan_com - 55043 blonde_hair chaos;head comput.jpg )
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I just happened upon this site from Google images. What goes on here?
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File 131466300631.jpg - (14.82KB , 381x380 , hi there.jpg )
Everything and nothing. Check /teaparty/ to better grasp what goes on.
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Basically, we are a half-dead umineko theories board. We still hang out around in streams and etc.
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File 131553949725.jpg - (757.76KB , 2304x1728 , 102_2212.jpg )
Hmm, well I wish I could contribute to the board but I've never read Umineko, although it's on my backlog.

Guess I'll just be saving reaction images until I do read it or this site gets axed, which ever comes first.
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Its unnecesary, you can post as any character from an anime. just make sure it isnt taken~~~

File 130942844233.png - (227.31KB , 400x533 , whycantIholdallthesetypos.png )
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Okay guys, I did it.
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File 131001360958.png - (344.17KB , 400x533 , kinjo_limesfin.png )

File 130946170483.jpg - (68.19KB , 406x375 , badrolls.jpg )
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File 130946224693.png - (357.09KB , 640x480 , Anchorman - ENN.png )
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My rolls have been quite decent lately!

File 130928017037.png - (238.35KB , 640x480 , 1278908037.png )
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File 130755922458.png - (841.70KB , 742x1024 , umineco_uljp01000.png )
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I saw ROSA's Sprites from Chaos and I notice that measures in each sprite is different. And some of them are different (like eyes, for example).

So, I tried to fix some in photoshop and the result looks good, but not perfect.

Link here: http://www.mediafire.com/?tgcgmx7qikd7u4m

Tell me what you think about them, guys!

Bye bye~
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File 130756486519.png - (143.05KB , 434x480 , wdk_fumana2.png )
That's actually really helpful. I was going to use those sprites in my next game, but was worried about the size issues before.

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Thank you, Kinjo-san! I am happy you like them! I gonna use them to for my fanmade, that's why I tried to fix them. (And for everyone too)
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File 130765240334.png - (513.67KB , 640x1080 , ros_a25 bothered 3.png )
Wow my first attempt at sprites certainly were messy. Now I wonder if my recently ones are any better though. I was always going to get around to fixing the size thing. But I kind of liked the effect of the changing sizes in the scene I used her in.
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Due to some size problems, I resized the old ones and made news!

Link here: http://www.mediafire.com/?wyqlf9vpr66bzkq

Have fun!

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