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File 130755922458.png - (841.70KB , 742x1024 , umineco_uljp01000.png )
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I saw ROSA's Sprites from Chaos and I notice that measures in each sprite is different. And some of them are different (like eyes, for example).

So, I tried to fix some in photoshop and the result looks good, but not perfect.

Link here: http://www.mediafire.com/?tgcgmx7qikd7u4m

Tell me what you think about them, guys!

Bye bye~
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File 130756486519.png - (143.05KB , 434x480 , wdk_fumana2.png )
That's actually really helpful. I was going to use those sprites in my next game, but was worried about the size issues before.

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Thank you, Kinjo-san! I am happy you like them! I gonna use them to for my fanmade, that's why I tried to fix them. (And for everyone too)
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File 130765240334.png - (513.67KB , 640x1080 , ros_a25 bothered 3.png )
Wow my first attempt at sprites certainly were messy. Now I wonder if my recently ones are any better though. I was always going to get around to fixing the size thing. But I kind of liked the effect of the changing sizes in the scene I used her in.
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Due to some size problems, I resized the old ones and made news!

Link here: http://www.mediafire.com/?wyqlf9vpr66bzkq

Have fun!

File 130747682712.png - (143.49KB , 394x489 , reenathewitch.png )
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Hello! As you can see, I'm here again for request some sprites. This time, I am requesting "Reena, The Witch"'s sprites.

If someone can provide them or tell me where I can find, I'll be truly grateful.

Thak you so much!
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Oh, Lion! Thanks a lot! But you don't need to do such a effort. *giggle*

Thank you so much again!
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File 13075657814.png - (235.02KB , 400x493 , Trolling.png )
I just need to change so expressions
hmmm I will try to make at least 15

for the moment I have only one expression made
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File 130763980319.jpg - (98.25KB , 606x790 , natsu4.jpg )
Thanks a lot, Lion! I don't know what to say!
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Just say with me NIPAH!

File 130176076328.png - (271.29KB , 508x1090 , Iason copy.png )
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Guys, I found this...
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Where is Genji he must be made aware of this
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not this shit again

File 130205751941.gif - (165.31KB , 376x322 , it-is-time-to-boogie.gif )
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File 129871602942.jpg - (48.05KB , 436x436 , moo.jpg )
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You'd say "to pretend to be an expert," rather than "to pretend being an expert." It's probably clearer if you consider "to pretend to eating an apple" as opposed to "to pretend to eat an apple."

Ignore the other one, that's probably correct after all.
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File 129896693123.png - (12.93KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea4.png )
The second one looks clearer to me, but that may be because I'm trying to translate it. Anyways can't argue against a teacher~
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>Anyways can't argue against a teacher
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