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File 135777372247.jpg - (123.01KB , 1000x375 , g1f_p1b.jpg )
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I'd heard someone on /seacats/ had knowledge of ways to filter backgrounds to somewhat resemble Umineko's, but I wasn't able to find anything on this incarnation of the board (at least not in the places I expected to find it and with Googling within the domain).

So... does anyone? Imagine includes photograph of what was used to make the background. Personally, it looks drawn-over first before any filtering is applied, but a rough approximation would probably be fine for most purposes. I'm just wondering if there's anything you can do with Photoshop.
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File 136084474442.png - (759.46KB , 1087x814 , mion36.png )
I have read something while checking all the teaparty about that, the person was explaining how to do it step by step, I will try to find it again.
>> No. 859 edit
I found something in an archive somewhere but it was referencing someone having explained it. Don't know where the original explanation went.
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File 136091800252.png - (148.69KB , 900x720 , mion_blushing_by_blinky23-d4zyjp5.png )
Yeah no luck either, I dont know man. It must be there somewhere.
>> No. 861 edit
I recall Rosa mentioning it. No idea who actually did it though.
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File 136122617887.png - (60.18KB , 208x397 , BUP_0069.png )
Why won't we ask Rosa then. Lol I mean, she must be around somewhere. Someone should knows how to contact her
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File 136257635864.png - (290.73KB , 600x600 , eve_2.png )
Sorry, I don't really know what filters were used. I'm sure it is quite a few though along with different effects.
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File 140371543992.png - (798.79KB , 968x1041 , eri_a12_悪笑い1.png )
Try using Topaz Filters or something similar to those on PS for a similar effect. Topaz Clean (ver.2 or higher) should be capable of it.

Good luck~
>> No. 969 edit
Any update on this? Not OP but I'm trying to recreate the style myself. The only tutorials I found don't even come close.
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File 151784577861.jpg - (73.12KB , 1000x375 , filter.jpg )
If you have Paint.NET:
1. Ink Sketch (8,100)
2. Motion Blur (175,12)
3. Posterize (8,8,8)

Of course you can see there are some minor differences, and it resembles Higurashi more than Umineko. So feel free to play around with the numbers. Also I did not figure this out, credit goes to Lishy.

If you want to get it closer to the filter in Rose Guns Days you can add Noise (at zero color saturation) and then do a Motion Blur. That's the filter I used for Detective Butler.

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