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Previous thread~!

This thread will be for OOC Chatter and Discussion.

Character Sheets:
George: Myn Nthelsyr
Astaroth: Torinn Tormine
anon-kun: Sureiya
Voyager: Bernkastel
Lili: Ramuh

Other Sheets:
anon-kun: Reiyasu

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File 150178305378.png - (51.52KB , 720x496 , 071115.png )

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Herein I will post all "official" house rules we will be using in my campaign. Please keep this thread clean of all other posts. You can discuss potential additions or the current stuff in the OOC thread.
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Ritual Casting
Ritual Casting is subject to certain house rules. These rules overwrite any other ritual rules when applicable, all other rules for rituals still apply.

* You can copy ritual spells from ritual books you find or borrow into your own ritual book without cost. You can copy any amount of rituals of any levels over the course of an extended rest. The same rules apply for mastering rituals.
* Casting a ritual from a scroll requires no components. These components are used up in scribing the scroll instead. You still must provide any relevant focus.
* If you possess the ritual caster feat, you have a number of ritual points (RP) equal to your level. You can expend any number of RP to cast a non-Creation ritual with a fixed cost without expending components (you must still provide a focus if applicable). The amount of RP you must spend to cast without components is equal to the ritual's level, but the RP cost is halved (rounded down, minimum 1 RP per ritual) if you are trained in the relevant skill for the ritual. The ritual must not have any sort of variable cost, so rituals such as raise dead are ineligible, as are Creation rituals like unseen servant. You regain all expended RP after taking an extended rest.

File 129464353753.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
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The group makes a number of travel preparations, anticipating an early departure on dragonback to Loudwater for their rendezvous with Sid. The five have a restful sleep at the Tavern of the Flagon Dragon, a higher-class establishment in the Castle Ward not too far from the famous Blackstaff Tower. Your expenses have been covered for this stay, as you act on the behalf of the Council of Waterdeep, and so long as you continue to do so, you don't have to worry about paying for an inn in the City of Splendors.

However, when you awaken, the next morning, you sense that something has changed. It's not a subtle change to most of you, as Torinn, the shaman, Ramuh, and Myn can all feel something very drastically different about the magic they wield. It's a rather drastic change, as if the very fabric of reality itself has been somehow twisted and altered. However, upon meeting in the inn's main hall, you notice that it seems as though most of the inhabitants have barely noticed a thing. Sureiya has noticed some minor changes, mostly to his magic items, but you also notice that, somehow, your magical reagents and gold coins that you stored within your bags of holding have also had a change in quantity.

Normal life seems to be progressing for the majority of Waterdeep, but those of you who wield powerful magics know that something very odd and very unsettling has happened. It might be a good idea to seek out an expert on such matters.
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File 131005618892.jpg - (118.36KB , 233x532 , hoh___.jpg )
"I suppose we'll be hiding behind the trees, then?" Torinn inquires.
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"It shouldn't took us long" the ranger explains.
"These soldiers look strong, and I got no intention to fight them alone" Sureiya says, thinking back about their fight a few minutes ago.
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"Most soldiers are."
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This thread is being retconned out of existence! Stand by.

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Reiyasu removes the cult disguise and approaches the enormous dragon-like corpse, Torinn traveling alongside him. They barely manages a few steps in its direction before a low rumble resounds over the top of the spire.


The voice is simultaneously something you hear with your ears and something that resounds within your very soul. It is simultaneously male and female. It carries the weight of both a command and an inquiry. It is not the voice of a mortal creature. Suddenly, the eyes of the petrified entity take on a soft, red glow, and you feel as though you are being watched by it.

It's about this time that a canary lifts off from atop the dragon's head, and flutters downward towards the raised platform in front of the spectacle. It lands upon the center of the platform and chirps briefly.
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After a brief pause to think through her words, the shaman continues.

"That world is ruled by Sorcerer-kings, unchecked tyrants who drain the life out of the land the primordials fought to defend. Athas needs a guardian, but the primordials of legend lay dormant, and are unable to act. ...The spirits still seek a method to travel back to that world, but I will find it eventually. And once you, Lord Asgorath, regain your full strength, it would not be a difficult matter for you to topple these destructive rulers and restore life of Athas."

The shaman pauses again, this time to bow before Asgorath with her spirits.

"To that end, we pledge our services to you. Would you help us?"

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File 144523736036.png - (117.16KB , 256x256 , asgorath minion.png )
I understand.

The dragon-god's voice booms in the shaman's mind, but it seems aware that it is speaking directly to the spirits rather than the human herself.

Power is thy wish. As ever, the world is unchanging. Very well, misbegotten pawn. Amuse me--fulfil thy role in the mortals' struggle for Toril, and perhaps thy wish shalt be granted.

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The shaman looks up. "Thank you. We will do our part."
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File 144523736036.png - (117.16KB , 256x256 , asgorath minion.png )
Without saying another word, the small dragon fades from view.

File 144253724431.png - (1.36MB , 1010x797 , ontheroadB.png )
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The cultist in the middle suddenly transforms--and a half-second later, the cultists have landed to the side of the carts, and have drawn weapons, and a huge black dragon stands tall in the middle.

"Tremble, for--"

"Enough! You face Valanor the Slayer, wretch!" interrupts the gold dragon, punctuating his threat with a roar.

This has quite an effect on the black dragon, which lets out a half-roar that might be the draconic equivilant of a yelp, and takes to the sky--heading west, away from the Well of Dragons.
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"If the canary really was guiding us, could the climby members of the party please investigate where it was? Maybe there's something there," the shaman suggests, hoping to find out what Asgorath is doing here, and how it ties into the current Well of Dragons situation.
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"Well, at this point I'd say our infiltration was a success" the ranger says, as he removes the cultist's clothes and mask and places it inside of the magic bag.

Then, he approaches the massive dragon head, and if nothing seems to be immediately dangerous, he climbs on it and looks around the place where the canary vanished.

Remove silly clothes, equip casque of tactics. Take ten on Athletics.
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Torinn tries climbing. He's no so good at it, though.

Athletics: http://orokos.com/roll/332641 (17)
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File 144081658034.png - (607.82KB , 1024x576 , final_fantasy_xiv___wrath_of_midgardsormr_by_chibi.png )

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