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Waterdeep. The City of Splendors sharply contrasts the patchwork-style Baldur's Gate in appearance, though its heart seems similar. Your ship passes through a large sea gate and heads north, towards a busy, bustling port. The mid-morning sun illuminates the dock ward quite thoroughly, and a collection of white-washed wooden, single-story buildings lines the dock streets. The docks themselves are thick, brown timber, and look to be very well-maintained. There are a large scattering of different ships already docked here, and yours pulls towards one of the empty docks. The roads themselves are orange-tinted cobblestone, and quite clean considering the massive bustle of various humanoids clogging them.

As your ship enters the docks, you may notice a walled-off waterway to the northwest, above which peeks a few broken masts and a thick-looking fog. The sailors seem to pay that area no mind, and are much more concerned with getting the ship docked. The merchants emerge from below deck, one by one, over the course of a few minutes, and one of them, the halfling, carries a few bags of coin.

"Thank yas kindly for the escort, adventurers. Who knows what would've happened without yas? Here's yer payment," he thanks you, handing you each a bag containing 300 GP.

With that, the adventurers, Gourmert, and the merchants disembark, and the merchants take their stacks of goods with them as they head out into the bustling city. The first thing you might notice is that unlike the makeshift construction of Baldur's Gate, Waterdeep has a much more ordered, uniform style of construction. Most of the buildings at the dock ward look the same, with the one-story buildings closer to the docks, and the buildings gradually increasing in height as your vision leads further north. To the northwest is the famous Mount Waterdeep, which dominates the western horizon, and the eastern horizon is likewise dominated by a much longer, yet not as high plateau. These two formations encase the city itself along the seaside, and the river lies to the west beyond Mount Waterdeep. It would appear that river boats and sea boats share the same docks of the dock ward city district.

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File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
The gnome regards the half-orc with a bit of surprise, "Ah, return? Well, it's not programmed for that. But don't worry, ya'll be at the Mithral Hall! The dwarves'll see to it you get back safe and sound."
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File 130248690692.png - (56.22KB , 330x443 , kan_nayamua74.png )
"I see, well thank you very much sir, we will try to don't break your little toy"
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File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
The gnome doesn't look too appreciative of his finely-crafted boat being referred to as a "toy," but he decides to let it slide as Gourmert and the adventurers board. Once on board, Myn has little trouble activating one of the gemstones, and the runes carved into the boat glow faintly as it begins to move on its own, pulling out of the docks before heading south, out of the sea-gates of the city proper and back out to sea.
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File 130508734891.jpg - (136.27KB , 491x480 , 11125426_p0.jpg )
Next part!

File 130319293639.png - (132.75KB , 1069x675 , tradeshipA2.png )
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When mingling with the crew, Torinn finds they are pleasant enough, if a bit gruff and difficult to wrangle much information from. Still, Gourmert is happy to tell him tales of his adventures, when he's not busy stuffing his face with food from his satchel.

It is nearly sundown when the calm sea air is broken by an unnatural-sounding clattering from the base of the ship. This is followed by the sounds of something scuttling very quickly along the sides of the ship, which prompts yelling from the captain, "Adventurers! Brace yourselves, I think we've got an infestation!"

Myn is the first to spot it: three giant lobster-like beasts scuttling up the side of the ship, moving with an unnatural quickness. Each of them is covered by a carapace which is a deep purple which fades to red as it ends its segments, and they move on two sets of legs and use a pair of claws to grasp and pull themselves up the side of the ship. Between these legs and the claws are three sets of smaller, pincer-like appendages. Of the three, two are a bit larger than the last, with one over-sized claw which they favor slightly. The third has smaller claws, but a vicious-looking stinger on its tail.

Michael and Torinn spot four more of the creatures quickly thereafter: two more of the smaller ones, one larger one, and one that is different than the ones Myn saw--it's as big as the crushers, but it doesn't have an oversized claw, and its carapace segments reflect the evening light in strange color patterns.

The smell of rotten seafood is in the air as the battle is joined.

Okay, so, you all can take ONE ACTION to prepare yourselves (standard or move or minor), I suggest you equip your weapons, shields, or implements, as the case may be. Go ahead and roll initiative in the post as well.

Nature check for information on the Crauds.

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File 130420784313.jpg - (396.90KB , 400x600 , b79b5b853d55cea4ca1efda5a626c58d.jpg )
"Well, I believe I could always do similar things, but some evocations have been manifesting differently... I wonder if it's the gloves."
She looks down to her gloves, and conjures a small cube into the floating mage hand.
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File 129868102490.jpg - (78.32KB , 480x480 , Hang On__.jpg )
Torinn scratches his head in confusion. Maybe it was that simple, since they'd both taken new equipment.

"Maybe that's all it is, then."
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File 129826350079.png - (16.76KB , 125x101 , 1263583939682_0_ib4f.png )
The shaman nods in response... though it is a little strange that an item of arcane magic could affect a primal evocation. She looks to said companion again, but finds no answers.

Oh well, it's probably nothing.

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The Warlord wasn't expecting to reach Waterdeep so fast, but that fighting the other day must have ruined his sense of time or something. The meal that the sailors treated them to was a lot better than the stuff that the inn had, even if it was seafood, something he didn't normally liked. He gives his regards to them if him and the party are to depart from the ship soon.

File 130196205181.jpg - (24.36KB , 134x167 , Coat_of_arms_Baldur\'s_Gate.jpg )
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When the adventurers awaken the next morning, they busy themselves preparing for their next quest. Many uncertainties lie ahead, and the adventurers hone and refine their own skills before getting ready to set out.

When they gather downstairs, they notice one of their number is missing: Sariel is not with them. Asking the halfling manager of the inn about her reveals that she left a few hours ago, saying she was headed for the Arcanimus, and that she'd be in touch.

Knowing they were to meet with Thalwynn, the party sets out from the inn, and takes the main road, through the merchant district. The sky today is clear and the streets are busy, a complete change from yesterday's gloomy atmosphere. Every stall set up in front of the tall, stone and wooden buildings lining the street is fully attended and surrounded by city-folk of all races, including rarities such as muls and dragonborn.

Torinn takes the lead, with Michael and Sureiya behind him, and the shaman and warlock bringing up the rear, trying to find a clear path through the crowded streets to the Flaming Fist headquarters, which is some distance away. Sureiya is the first to spot it, but the shaman and dragonborn notice it quickly as well: in the distance, a familiar-looking tiefling is darting this way and that, tapping people on the shoulder and speaking with them briefly. Near the tiefling are four heavily-armored guards, which stand out quite a bit in the crowd of townspeople, especially since each is wearing a tabard decorated with the coat of arms of Baldur's Gate. Each of them carries large, two-handed pole-axe and is decked out in full steel scale armor, with visored helmets. It appears they're on a hunt.

Decision Time:
Attempt to evade the tiefling and his attendants, or confront him directly? Need a party consensus, go!
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Sureiya feels a bit nervous about this travel, so he go and search for the diplomat. Maybe asking him some things will help to relax.
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File 129852436024.jpg - (77.67KB , 234x300 , road trip!.jpg )
Torinn hadn't been on a boat before, or even traveled near the seas during his lifetime. So naturally he spent a lot of the time on deck asking anybody who didn't look busy about the vessel, the route they were taking, what do they usually eat, how do they know where they're going, could he help, and what they usually do to kill time. Stories and cautionary tales, such as The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, were exchanged, and sea shanties were sung.

Presently, Torinn is listening to Gourmert recounting a particularly tricky negotiation in a place with some fine local cuisine. He keeps his focus on the horizon "portside", as he was told it was called, occasionally nodding along.

Take 10 on diplomacy to mingle with the crew
Reposition at O-12

Replace all references to the albatross and other such details with setting-specific references

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Myn walks over to the starboard edge of the deck and looks out into the water idly.
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File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
New thread~

File 130121589543.jpg - (136.27KB , 491x480 , 11125426_p0.jpg )
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This thread will be for OOC Chatter and Discussion.

Character Sheets:
George (Myn Nthelsyr) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=215664
Hideiling (Michael Silversteel) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=217177
Bernkastel ("Bernkastel") http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=285555
Astaroth (Torinn Tormine) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=217138
Liliane (Sariel) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=217112
anon-kun (Sureiya) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=224099

The Books: http://www.mediafire.com/?7g2v42d2xdy7f

Everything has been put together here and organized for maximum ease of use:

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A is probably best for traveling on foot, since everyone has to be awake at the same time. However, it takes seven and a half hours.

At least while we're traveling on the boat, I'd like to be on watch duty. We may save some time, and also avoid situations in which someone like Myn the Blind is the only one keeping watch.
>> No. 2476 edit
Good point. You can stand watch.
>> No. 2477 edit
I imagine this could help us avoid a surprise round or two.
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File 129645156878.jpg - (45.15KB , 360x514 , 29f9aadd32f899c2fe25c19fb39fed12.jpg )
New OOC thread!

File 130121580169.jpg - (27.93KB , 640x267 , Baldur\'s_Gate_Enter.jpg )
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It's mid-evening by the time the adventurers find their way back to Baldur's Gate. As they pass through the outer districts of Baldur's Gate, outside the city walls, they may notice that it is quieter than before. There are still merchants with their stalls standing about, and the occasional lower-class citizen out bargaining, but there is less activity than when they entered. A cool wind blows through, making you realize that it's also gotten a bit colder, and clouds are gathering in the sky. Perhaps it will rain soon? The air feels somewhat damp, and cold. It'd be best to get inside as quickly as possible.

Two armored guards are standing at the gate, but they do not react to your approach. Indeed, they seem rather focused on something else--a humanoid figure, in a gray cloak, standing to the left side near one of the guards, attempting to engage him in conversation, before you approach. As the six come to the gate, you attract the figure's attention, and it walks over to you.

Once it draws closer, you can see the face behind the cloak is clearly a humanoid male--and judging by the tail is sweeping the ground behind the skulking figure, it's a tiefling. You can see the beginning of curved horns on the demihuman's forehead, and it is grinning at you through pointy teeth.

He begins to speak in an eager-sounding, yet somewhat grating tone, "Yes, yes, you are the adventurers Cragmaul sent to the Troll Hills, yes? Returning from a successful expedition, yes?" He rubs his gloved hands together as he speaks, revealing the fact that he is dressed in black leather underneath the cloak.
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Actually, Sureiya wanted to have a walk around Baldur's Gate, but the weather and the situation was against it. So he thanks Myn and the rest of the party and goes to his own room. There, he ask for a meaty broth, a good hot bath, laundry service for his clothes and a glass of light wine. He gives to the goliath a gold coin for his work.
Some hours later, before getting some sleep, Sureiya spend some time thinking in all that happened that day, I mean, they killed a dragon! unfortunately his performance before of that was not very good, maybe because of his hatred against giant bugs? Anyways he believe he got a lot of experience fighting that day, and he felt using one or more weapon at once was getting easier, and that with some luck will improve his aim.

>> No. 1865 edit
Myn relaxes relaxedly in his bath, mulling over the practical use of a servant to read to him, avoiding the inherent danger to books that comes with the warm water around him.
>> No. 1866 edit
File 130195273717.png - (103.99KB , 562x250 , naptime.png )
Torinn bids the others goodnight, ordering an extra serving of broth and some hot water for a bath. He asks for him to return in a few minutes for the laundry, and the goliath attendant is payed two gold coins for his trouble. Torinn puts his bulky equipment away and settles into a bath, thinking over the past few days events; he didn't think adventuring would be easy, but he never thought it would be this difficult, either. All he ever heard were the successful stories of adventurers overcoming difficult obstacles and situations, but, come to think of it, wouldn't some of them have died before they could share their stories?

His introspection is interrupted when he notices the water has gone cold. He finishes washing himself in the chilly water and dries himself off, changing into a fresh set of clothes. It's gotten pretty dark at this point, and Torinn finds himself rather tired.

Just before he crawls into bed, Torinn kneels, closes his eyes, clasps his hands together, and offers a prayer to Bahamut.

"Great and Just Platinum Dragon, I understand that an unordained soldier of virtue such as I do not deserve to make such selfish requests of you, but please, if it is within your power and mercy, guide this unworthy soul so that I may protect and help others, and punish the wicked who would harm and exploit them. Please guide this unworthy soul into an exemplar of the virtues you stand for. Please, guide this unworthy soul so that my deeds can inspire goodness in others and prevent such atrocities as a pointless war. Please, guide this unworthy soul so that I may become as true a paladin as any other, and bring honor back to the Tormine clan." The painful memories make him wince, and he adds, in an even quieter voice, "And please, if at all possible, protect this unworthy soul's family from further harm; shelter them beneath your wings, until I am able to save them from their unjust fate. I pledge that, no matter what happens, I shall follow your doctrine, and sacrifice myself so that others need not do the same. Amen."

Having finished his prayer, the dragonborn climbs into the bed and is qui
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