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File 130121589543.jpg - (136.27KB , 491x480 , 11125426_p0.jpg )
11335 No. 11335 edit
I've decided Rotho's character depository was a good idea, to keep track of the various major characters that have popped up over the course of the campaign.

I'll list race/gender/affiliation for each character, but as this is a world of fantasy and magic please keep in mind some of this may be speculative. I'll also be narrating from the point of view of the characters, not an omniscient one.

So here we go (loosely in the order that you met them):
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>> No. 11336 edit
File 130018229643.png - (45.36KB , 128x128 , thelkra.png )
Race/Gender: Female half-orc
Affiliation: The Flaming Fist/Baldur's Gate

Thelkra is a spunky, young-looking rogue that the party first encountered on their initial journey to Baldur's Gate. She was investigating attacks on caravans traveling to and from Baldur's Gate at the same time the party was assigned to do so, and they met up in the Fell Cavern, where they teamed up to defeat a fell orc spellcaster and its pet dragon. Since then she seems to consider the party comrades, though they do not fight directly alongside one another, as she is a member of the Flaming Fist and is beholden to her orders.

Her boss is Thalwynn Cragmaul, and the two seem to have an unsteady relationship, though the half-orc seems a bit depressed over her disappearance. She is also apparently close to a mysterious sorcerer named Valanor, who has also recently vanished.
>> No. 11337 edit
File 130134203375.jpg - (42.80KB , 584x591 , thalwynn.jpg )
Race/Gender: Female dwarf
Affiliation: The Flaming Fist (leader)/Baldur's Gate

Straight-forward and somewhat abrasive, Thalwynn Cragmaul likes to be in control of the situation. As leader of the Flaming Fist, she sees it as her personal responsibility to see to the security of Baldur's Gate. This, combined with her personality traits, sometimes puts her add odds with other interests in the city, even the Ducal Palace.

She was reportedly still on the other side of the portal to the Shadowfell when it closed during the failed incursion to attempt to establish a camp in the shadowy plane, and is thus missing in action. In her absence, the ducal guard has taken temporary command of the Flaming Fist, leaving the palace in charge of security until the current crisis is resolved.
>> No. 11338 edit
File 130141783628.jpg - (12.74KB , 322x362 , valanor.jpg )
Race/Gender: Male human
Affiliation: The Flaming Fist/Baldur's Gate

An enigmatic sorcerer with which the party has exchanged very few words. You do know that he is a spellcaster and helped Thelkra sneak into the ducal palace to keep an eye on the party using magic, and Thelkra has informed you that the two are pretty close, but Valanor likes to disappear for periods of time without warning. Halvangh seemed to know his name as well, and apparently fears him a great deal: he called Valanor a slayer of dragons. Despite his enigmatic nature, Valanor has aided the party in the past, giving them a talisman which proved useful in their excursion into the wizard's tower. Valanor also defended Thelkra against Thalwynn's suspicious accusations.

His current status is unknown.
>> No. 11339 edit
File 136005136299.png - (184.88KB , 256x256 , fell king.png )
Race/Gender: Male fell orc
Affiliation: The Fell King

Not much is known about the Fell King, other than reported appearances of a massive fell orc that attacked the forces from Baldur's Gate when they attempted to make a base camp in the Shadowfell. He apparently dwells in the Shadowfell, and is attempting to orchestrate a war between the orcish kingdom of Many-Arrows and the nations of Luruar for unknown reasons.

His reach has been proven to extend quite far, as he was able to coordinate assassination attempts all the way from Luraur to Baldur's Gate. His source of power is apparently borne of elemental leylines, which are tears in the fabric of reality between planes. Through these leylines, he can apparently communicate with others and has enlisted the aid of several other entities based in the world of Toril, including Sankis the Burning and Hemah the Dreamer.
>> No. 11340 edit
File 130121837726.jpg - (122.29KB , 800x1289 , letharst.jpg )
Race/Gender: Male tielfing
Affiliation: The Ducal Palace/Baldur's Gate

Letharst is apparently a close associate of the grand duke Prestor. He frequently repeats the word "yes" when speaking, and has a tendency to grin and rub his hands together, while hunched over slightly. He has spoken for the duke to the party on several occasions, and is often the one who the duke sends to fetch them in order to gain an audience with the adventurers.

Not many seem to regard Letharst with a large amount of respect, though he was seen speaking amicably with Kraag Bloodspire, an orcish warrior from Many-Arrows. According to the tiefling, he serves as the duke's eye on the criminal element in Baldur's Gate, and often must mingle with the more base elements of society in order to keep track of shady dealings in the city. The grand duke recognizes of course that the cannot simply stop all of these going-ons, so he is resigned to using Letharst to make sure nothing gets too out of hand.
>> No. 11342 edit
File 130237934066.jpg - (46.60KB , 229x266 , prestor.jpg )
Race/Gender: Male eladrin
Affiliation: Grand Duke of Baldur's Gate

The charismatic and flamboyant grand duke of Baldur's Gate has been in close contact with the adventuring party that is the focus of our tale for some time. He is apparently fully committed to stopping the Fell King's attempt to spark war in lands far from his own, presumably to protect the trade interests of Baldur's Gate and a desire to avoid unnecessary conflict. To this end, he has sent diplomats both to Many-Arrows, Mithral Hall, and the other nations of Luruar, and has enlisted the aid of the party in attempting to track down the shadowy Fell King.

Ultimately, even curator Elayne, the high priest Faenor, and Thalwynn Cragmaul answer to the duke, and with Thalwynn's absence he has been forced to have his personal guard take direct command over the Flaming Fist, the mercenary group that serves as the police force of Baldur's Gate. However, Prestor is obstinately subject to approval from the parliament of Baldur's Gate, and often asks the adventurers for aid as a loophole to avoid getting their approval before acting using the official resources of Baldur's Gate.
>> No. 11343 edit
File 136005273488.png - (36.49KB , 128x128 , eladrinfemale.png )
Race/Gender: Female eladrin
Affiliation: Arcanimus (curator)/Baldur's Gate

Founder and curator of the Arcanimus, an institution within Baldur's Gate that was originally envisioned as a laboratory for the study of arcane magic, now transformed into a sprawling library and meeting place for all practitioners of the arcane. Elayne is soft-spoken and responsible, mostly keeping to herself as far as the politics of the city go, and taking it upon herself to oversee matters assigned to the Arcanimus by the ducal palace. This includes contact with the adventuring party.

Currently she is investigating the elemental leylines at the Spine of the World with high shaman Mardoc of Many-Arrows, and Halvangh the silver dragon. Though she keeps in touch with Baldur's Gate via Sending rituals, no one at the Arcanimus is proficient enough with rituals to send any messages back.
>> No. 11351 edit
File 131892452248.png - (151.56KB , 428x600 , î+ò(01a(Æå).png )
Race/Gender: Male human
Affiliation: Head Priest of the High House of Wonders/Baldur's Gate

Though his contact with the party has been brief, high priest Faenor presides over the High House of Wonders, the largest temple in Baldur's Gate. By extension, it could be said that Faenor commands most of the Twin Songs temple distract of the city. Little is known about him, though there are rumors that his liturgical rhetoric stops just short of calling for the institution of an Oghmanyte theocracy.

As a follower of the Orthodox Church of Oghma (as opposed to the Oghmanyte Church-in-Exile), he is a lorekeeper, and among his disciples is Urist Irongwrought, a dwarf member of the Flaming Fist.
>> No. 11352 edit
File 136005431337.png - (49.30KB , 256x256 , urist.png )
Race/Gender: Male dwarf
Affiliation: Flaming Fist, Church of Oghma, Arcanimus/Baldur's Gate

Urist has connections--not only is he an member of the Flaming Fist, but he also studies under both Elayne and high priest Faenor. An enthusiastic lorekeeper, Urist seeks out all sorts of knowledge, especially those related to the ancient dwarven kingdom of Ammarindar. In Elayne's absence, he helps manage the Arcanimus along with her apprentice Ilar.

Urist is rather non-confrontational and doesn't often impose himself in the middle of things, but he's very passionate about his work. He would probably spend all of his life seeking out new knowledge if he could.
>> No. 11353 edit
File 130625240560.png - (31.62KB , 128x128 , gourmetgoldsmith.png )
Race/Gender: Male dwarf
Affiliation: The Ducal Palace/Baldur's Gate

A diplomat in the service of Baldur's Gate, Gourmert accompanied the party on a diplomatic excursion to Mithral Hall in order to meet with the orcs of Many-Arrows. Though is demeanor as a connoisseur of fine foods is somewhat distracting, as he often seems to be stuffing his face with food from a bag he carries everywhere, his skill as a diplomat has apparently earned him the attention of Prestor. He was last seen accompanying former party member Michael Silversteel on a diplomatic mission to East Rift.
>> No. 11354 edit
File 130238672466.jpg - (100.96KB , 638x825 , captain.jpg )
Race/Gender: Male dragonborn
Affiliation: Head of the Ducal Guard/Baldur's Gate

Captain Highwind is a stalwart dragonborn warrior, master of an unusual combat style taught to him on the distant continent of Kara-Tur. He serves as the leader of the ducal guard, those under the direct command of the grand duke of Baldur's Gate, sworn to defend the palace and its interests. He sometimes interacts with the party when they visit the palace, and has temporarily taken over as the leader of the Flaming Fist with the disappearance of Thalwynn Cragmaul.
>> No. 11356 edit
File 13600554469.png - (30.47KB , 128x128 , obould many arrows.png )
Race/Gender: Male orc
Affiliation: King of Many-Arrows

The descendant of Obould, exarch of Gruumsh, Obould XVII is a powerful shaman who keeps the disparate orcish tribes of the north in check, united under the banner of the Kingdom of Many-Arrows. He seems every bit as interested as avoiding war as the grand duke, but certain factions within his own kingdom may prove too unruly for the orc king to fully control.

Wily and cunning, the orc king has ways of getting rid of those who he regards as suspicious, volatile, or useless. However, the current situation may be escalating too quickly for Obould to prevent war from breaking out, as tensions between the orc nation and the dwarves, elves, and humans of Luraur have never truly died down.
>> No. 11358 edit
File 131788720549.jpg - (157.64KB , 600x600 , mardoc.jpg )
Race/Gender: Male orc
Affiliation: Many-Arrows

A high shaman from Many-Arrows sent to Baldur's Gate to aid the Arcanimus and particularly Elayne and Halvangh in their study of the elemental leylines. Very learned and regarded as one of the most powerful shamans of the north, Mardoc commands a lot of respect, even among those who don't know him well. He isn't afraid to speak his mind and regards the activity of Valanor as suspicious.

He came escorted by an orcish warrior named Kraag Bloodspire, who seems rather anxious to get some fighting done. The two departed with Elayne and Halvangh for the Spine of the World a short time ago.
>> No. 11359 edit
File 136005619717.png - (201.40KB , 453x400 , orc warlord.png )
Race/Gender: Male orc
Affiliation: Many-Arrows (Bloodspire Clan)

A brutish orc warrior sent to escort Mardoc from Many-Arrows, there's little the party could find remarkable about him other than the fact that he was seen in the ducal palace, conversing with Letharst familiarly. He's currently away with Mardoc, Elayne, and Halvangh at the Spine of the World.
>> No. 11361 edit
File 130466399513.jpg - (17.31KB , 167x225 , sid.jpg )
Race/Gender: Male gnome
Affiliation: Arcanimus/Baldur's Gate

Self-proclaimed genius inventor of the Arcanimus, Sid is an artificer who has cooked up all sorts of unique devices. His guided, somewhat-aware floating raft carried the party up the river from Waterdeep to Mithral Hall, and his submersible bore them to the sunken ruins of Heyl'r. He's quite enthusiastic about his work, likes to take credit where it isn't due, and often gives his inventions overly complicated names. Despite all this, he's a great asset to Baldur's Gate and the party.
>> No. 11362 edit
File 135995865032.jpg - (91.51KB , 256x400 , Elf wizard.jpg )
Race/Gender: Male elf
Affiliation: Arcanimus

An elf wizard who serves as Elayne's apprentice. He appears a bit more outgoing and assertive than Elayne, and watches over the Arcanimus in her absence. He hasn't known the adventuring party for very long, but has taken an interest in some of them, as anyone who shares interest in the inner workings of the arcane is one he considers a friend.
>> No. 11364 edit
File 131752594194.png - (33.78KB , 128x128 , silver.png )
Race/Gender: Male dragon (silver)
Affiliation: None; formerly associated with Gallard Dragonsworn

A silver dragon that served as a guardian of a tower sealed away in a cavern beneath Baldur's Gate. He and Gallard together were masters of divination, and studied the arts of spells from the pre-Spellplague era. The party rescued him from the Cult of the Dragon, and in gratitude (and a bit out of fear of Valanor) he has a agreed to aid them in their search for the Fell King. He is currently assisting Elayne and high shaman Mardoc at the Spine of the World as they investigate the leylines and prepare to cast the ritual that will track down the Fell King once and for all.
>> No. 11365 edit
File 132970319571.png - (36.07KB , 128x128 , Sankis.png )
Race/Gender: Male dwarf/demon
Affiliation: The Fell King

A former overseer of a long-forgotten dwarven fortress of the kingdom of Ammarindar, Sankis went mad as his home was overrun by fiends from the depths of the earth. By some twist of fate, he was contacted by the Fell King, who empowered him with command over the demons, and he twisted himself and his brethren into fiery imitations of dwarves, and seemed interested in little other than mayhem, destruction, and conquest thereafter. Though he called himself immortal as one of the Fell King's "elemental fiends," he was defeated and apparently destroyed by the party in the ruins of Koganusân.
>> No. 11366 edit
File 135422867879.png - (35.72KB , 128x128 , hemah.png )
Race/Gender: Male eladrin
Affiliation: The Fell King/An unknown lord of the Far Realms

An eladrin of Heyl'r, he has been tormented by prophetic visions in his dreams since he was a child. His visions were of pain, suffering, and destruction, and they nearly always came to pass, eventually culminating in the entire city being plunged into the depths of the sea. At this point, Hemah became aware of the source of his visions--a powerful entity that dwelt in the Far Realms. He saw his service to this entity as inevitable, and through that entity, came into contact with the Fell King, who he claimed carried a great destiny. Like Sankis, Hemah was seemingly confronted and destroyed by the party in Heyl'r.

Both Sankis and Hemah were noted to have a powerful connection to the elemental leylines present in the area, and it seems that the Fell King communicates with his servants through these leylines.
>> No. 74067 edit
File 138406099688.png - (41.34KB , 128x128 , valakir.png )
Race/Gender: Female elemental
Affiliation: The Fell King (loosely)

A minor elemental lord, Val'akir the Vortex was sealed away on an earthmote for many years before a powerful ritual was used to seal her away. Details of the ritual are unclear--accounts vary, but what is certain is that a storm giant died in the process of the ritual being performed, and the sealing was imperfect. Somehow, she was able to channel an aspect of herself through the seal and manifest it on the mortal plane, which took on the form of a female elf spirit the locals referred to as "the windrunner."

For a long period of time, Val'akir used the windrunner to search for capable beings that she could manipulate into breaking her seal, which she eventually found--though the adventurers didn't need much manipulation in that direction, as the storm giant brothers maintaining the seal had turned to evil in the wake of their father's demise. Seeking to somehow harness Val'akir's power and gain full control of the nearby elemental leyline, the giants were nonetheless cast down by the party, releasing Val'akir. Though she was powerful indeed, she had been weakened by the long period of being sealed away, and was defeated by their combined might.

Though Val'akir has been shown to utilize cunning and misdirection as "the windrunner," once brought into direct combat she proceeded to dispense with the subtlety, attacking with equal parts arrogance, rage, and ferocity.
>> No. 75410 edit
File 140480857922.png - (149.32KB , 256x256 , earthlich.png )
Race/Gender: Male orc lich
Affiliation: The Fell King/Dragonsworn Tribe

Gallard Dragonsworn was an orc mage of notable power from the old days of Many-Arrows. A member of the Dragonsworn clan, he fled to Baldur's Gate when Obould Many-Arrows united the orcish clans under one banner. Using a ritual taught to him by dragons, he assumed the form of an eladrin and formed an alliance with Halvangh the Finder, until such a time when he vanished for reasons unknown.

When the party encountered him, those reasons became known--he has pledged his allegiance to the Fell King, whom he regards as the new chieftain of the Dragonsworn clan. Utterly devoted to his duty, he now is now a lich, and the transformation has twisted his sense of duty beyond all reason. Mastering the earthen leyline, he protects a portal to the Shadowfell hidden in the Spine of the World.
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