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File 130121589543.jpg - (136.27KB , 491x480 , 11125426_p0.jpg )
1591 No. 1591 edit
This thread will be for OOC Chatter and Discussion.

Character Sheets:
George (Myn Nthelsyr) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=215664
Hideiling (Michael Silversteel) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=217177
Bernkastel ("Bernkastel") http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=285555
Astaroth (Torinn Tormine) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=217138
Liliane (Sariel) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=217112
anon-kun (Sureiya) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=224099

The Books: http://www.mediafire.com/?7g2v42d2xdy7f

Everything has been put together here and organized for maximum ease of use:


Step 0: Download the above, unrar it.
Step 1: Run the program in the Step 1 folder, this will download the character builder.
Step 2: Run the program in the Step 2 folder, this will update your Cbuilder. Make sure to specify the directory to which you installed the program in Step 1. Be absolutely sure of this, because it may try to install in a different one, which will not work.
Step 3: Move the files in the Step 3 folder into the CBuilder directory.
Step 4: Download this: http://www.mediafire.com/?xk7ghc4kfc2r598
Step 5: Unrar that into the new "Custom" folder in the Cbuilder directory.
Step 6: Run the "CharacterBuilderLoader.exe" file. It will take some time to load your custom content the first time you load it. The Uncommon to Common part in particular takes a while, but I think it's probably necessary for magic items. You only have to do it once or twice so it's not a big deal, just be patient until it finishes.
Step 7: That should be it. Remember, always open it using the CharacterBuilderLoader.exe and not the default Cbuilder file.
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>> No. 1599 edit
File 130122565677.png - (42.10KB , 434x514 , ka_heh.png )
Okay, so the discussion about who this Letharst is starts now.

* The fell orc best friend
* Lady Cragmaul lover
* Piece-kun/Kotomine
* He is a fucking bear
>> No. 1601 edit
File 130124002683.jpg - (400.70KB , 1024x768 , 61ef74aff78071794f6198d7cea5a9fe.jpg )
Actually, I felt a bit guilty introducing a tiefling in such a stereotypical role for the race (as I actually rather like tieflings, even played one myself in one campaign), but I suddenly realized I really needed an NPC for this and I hadn't made a major tiefling NPC yet, so there you are.
>> No. 1605 edit
A stereotypical role for the class? Well, I might understand that later.
>> No. 1607 edit
clearly he works at the dragon circus
>> No. 1608 edit
>stereotypical role for the class
>dragon circus worker
I knew it.
>> No. 1610 edit
>What's a Grand Duke?
Is he a circle? Or do he lives in a cave?
>> No. 1611 edit
No, no, it's a type of ice cream.
>> No. 1612 edit
No, No, it's a breed of dog!
>> No. 1613 edit
Interesting, so this dog of him is interesed in us? I wonder ...
>> No. 1618 edit
We're all wrong. It's a giant waterborne fowl.
>> No. 1626 edit
File 129868102490.jpg - (78.32KB , 480x480 , Hang On__.jpg )
...Wait a minute, did Thelkra give us the slip at some point?
>> No. 1627 edit
File 130058339947.jpg - (150.12KB , 400x481 , Heres Lookin at You Kid.jpg )
No, she's with you, just staying silent for now~
>> No. 1628 edit
Oh good, I was worried when there wasn't any mention of her after we got back.
>> No. 1632 edit
File 129661381061.png - (100.28KB , 319x318 , doh.png )
I don't think I did too well that time, guys.
>> No. 1633 edit
File 129645226449.jpg - (122.14KB , 493x813 , Healthy Girl.jpg )
Even if it was a hard DC for your level, it'd only be like DC 21, and I'd be willing to let you use the roll as if you were level 4 or give you a circumstance bonus or something to turn it around.
>> No. 1634 edit
File 129574619242.jpg - (310.27KB , 1124x1174 , punk rockertarou.jpg )
I was referring more to the dialogue. I thought I might have asked too much of our patron after just meeting them.
>> No. 1635 edit
Maybe asking them for help was too much, but the explanation was great, thank you.
>> No. 1637 edit
File 129988235697.png - (7.03KB , 93x103 , sakutaro_derp.png )
>> No. 1638 edit
I took a scale from the dragon, but I'm not sure if it desintegrated as well~
>> No. 1639 edit
Huh. So you did.
>> No. 1641 edit
File 129464961298.png - (77.98KB , 224x401 , BUP_0415.png )
Actually, I meant to tell you that the dragon didn't have scales. Its hide was like rock, not scaly.
>> No. 1642 edit
File 130021757977.jpg - (24.18KB , 162x159 , georgeserious.jpg )

That text color is suspicious.
>> No. 1643 edit
Pfft, you and your "precautions".
>> No. 1644 edit
File 130134235282.png - (242.04KB , 485x350 , blackdragon.png )
To further clarify, it was kind of like a cross between this...
>> No. 1645 edit
File 130134236787.png - (542.64KB , 811x596 , volcanicdragon.png )
...and this.
>> No. 1647 edit
Not scally dragon? oh well~
>> No. 1649 edit
File 130015519581.jpg - (15.97KB , 102x111 , georgecharselect.jpg )

He's probably controlling everything behind the scenes, ne. The likelihood is 70%.
>> No. 1651 edit
File 130134336372.jpg - (74.08KB , 400x500 , i dunno.jpg )
You can fling the accusation yourself, then. I think the situation's volatile enough as is.
>> No. 1652 edit
File 129643373649.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
Some "Bernkastel" and Myn love would be apreciated.
>> No. 1653 edit
File 129757930295.png - (19.87KB , 200x200 , george_swimmingcutelylikedumbooctopus_ib4f.png )

But, I love my imouto all the time~
>> No. 1654 edit
He means speak up and give your two cents to our benefactor.
>> No. 1655 edit
File 129574800636.png - (22.41KB , 434x514 , ka_heh2.png )
But she doesn't. Maybe.
>> No. 1658 edit
>strange language
Dragonic, maybe? But why would Thelkra know dragonic? Or maybe Valanor is from that clan as well?
>> No. 1659 edit
If you could parrot what they said to the rest of the group, you might find out.
>> No. 1660 edit
File 129912209163.png - (78.88KB , 208x401 , BUP_0451.png )
Actually, trying to mimic a language you've never really spoken before and are just kind of partially hearing probably wouldn't go well.
>> No. 1661 edit
I was afraid of that.
>> No. 1662 edit
File 129788586513.png - (78.26KB , 208x401 , BUP_0456.png )
I don't think Sariel has that one prepared anyway.

In any case, I could allow Sureiya and/or Bernkastel to try and repeat it back, but it'd be some kind of check, probably hard. I'd have to decide what kind of check, specifically.
>> No. 1663 edit
File 130142809559.jpg - (81.09KB , 258x674 , huh.jpg )
They could, but I somehow doubt Miss Cragmaul speaks dragon in the first place.
>> No. 1664 edit
File 12979736415.png - (78.32KB , 208x401 , BUP_0452.png )
You all are pretty convinced they're speaking in draconic, aren't you~?
>> No. 1665 edit
File 12994619979.jpg - (38.89KB , 308x166 , ldb.jpg )
I'm not. It wouldn't make sense, and would make Miss Cragmaul extremely suspicious.
>> No. 1666 edit
It's not in dwarven is it
>> No. 1667 edit
Also, recently found this. There's a zip file of previous LFR (Living Forgotten Realms) campaigns from the previous years (Up to the end of 2011) included in a Zip file or something.
>> No. 1668 edit
I meant 2010
>> No. 1669 edit
File 130143013467.png - (118.40KB , 512x478 , hopeful.png )
Question: If a feat specifically mentions being able to replace a level 12 or higher utility power (no mention of whether or not it has to be a class power), would that include paragon path utility powers?
>> No. 1670 edit
File 130143103329.jpg - (178.55KB , 514x514 , dbzeal.jpg )
Er, specifically this.
>> No. 1672 edit
File 129610099479.png - (78.09KB , 208x401 , BUP_0450.png )
Seems to me it would only be worded specifically that way if you could replace paragon path utility powers with it. I'd have to double-check everything (which I don't have time for right now), but it seems like it to me.
>> No. 1673 edit
File 129944752142.png - (24.46KB , 200x200 , well EXCUSE ME princess.png )
I'm attempting to double-check it, but character builder doesn't seem to acknowledge it. It doesn't replace any powers at all.
>> No. 1674 edit
So it's not dwarven huh ;_;
>> No. 1675 edit
File 130134336372.jpg - (74.08KB , 400x500 , i dunno.jpg )
It could be dwarven. It could even be draconian. But we just can't hear it.
>> No. 1676 edit
Oh, I guess I could try a perception check when I get home or something then.
>> No. 1677 edit
Might have to ask if you can do that after the whole thing went down.
>> No. 1678 edit
Are you looking at the retraining tab?

Build -> Retraining -> box called Retraining Choices, scroll down
>> No. 1679 edit
File 130143950389.jpg - (57.21KB , 785x89 , dbzealretrain.jpg )
What do you know, it works?
>> No. 1680 edit
Is it okay if I roll for perception to try and discern if they are speaking dwarven or not, Rin?
>> No. 1681 edit
File 129610099479.png - (78.09KB , 208x401 , BUP_0450.png )
Yes, you can roll to try and hear them.
>> No. 1682 edit
Of course I just now notice Thelkra was speaking to him, not Cragmaul.
>> No. 1686 edit
File 129489116910.png - (15.91KB , 179x153 , It\'s Been A Hard Day\'s Night.png )
So not a warmonger, a jingoist, or somebody just starting a war for the sake of political gain.

That's a relief.
>> No. 1687 edit
File 129788667080.png - (77.53KB , 208x401 , BUP_0457.png )
No, no, nothing like that. Actually, I intended this to be a deliberate decision for the PCs to make.

It's perfectly legitimate, and some might say the lawful thing to do, to tell the Grand Duke or his agents about these happenings, even though Thalwynn Cragmaul doesn't want you to. He IS the rightful ruler of the city, so it's well within his right to know. On the other hand, you don't really have a reason to believe Thalwynn is doing a bad thing in trying to hide it from him, so you know, it's all up to you guys.
>> No. 1688 edit
It's his fault for hiring shady guys who seem to know everything anyway.

Seriously, why's he asking us if he already knows everything?
>> No. 1689 edit
File 129799304721.png - (78.46KB , 208x401 , BUP_0449.png )
Now why would you assume he already knows everything?
>> No. 1690 edit
File 129946947285.png - (13.72KB , 87x118 , sakutaro_rifyua2.png )
He knew specifically about that amulet.
>> No. 1691 edit
File 129643373649.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
Hey Rin, did you decide which kind of check we would need to do to imitate what we heard from the conversation?
>> No. 1692 edit
File 12979736415.png - (78.32KB , 208x401 , BUP_0452.png )
Well, you may not recall it being so long ago at this point, but actually he is referring to the talisman that Thelkra gave you, which you delivered to Thalwynn when you first arrived in Baldur's Gate, before this whole Fell Cavern business started.

The only thing appropriate I can think of would be a Bluff check.
>> No. 1693 edit
File 130149279315.jpg - (113.31KB , 724x1023 , Whos Down There.jpg )
The "new" Warlords compendium entry is up.


Don't get too excited, as it's almost completely just a repackaging of the original warlord in the formatting style of Fallen Lands/Forgotten Kingdoms. There are a few minor changes to individual powers here and there. However, the biggest (and most confusing) change to me is apparently that this warlord build is called the "Marshal."
>> No. 1694 edit
There's a new article with some of the blackguard's powers out, as well.
>> No. 1696 edit
File 129607279412.jpg - (108.39KB , 640x480 , sakutarou_gununu.jpg )
>SA character builder mod thread once again only viewable by subscribers

Make up your mind.
>> No. 1697 edit
File 12961055555.jpg - (62.73KB , 430x575 , 5486f472f6c137bda2e507e425537b26.jpg )
It's something that happens every so often. With that said, if anyone ever needs some of the character builder uploaded I'm happy to oblige (the files are all very small).
>> No. 1698 edit
File 130151002729.jpg - (123.91KB , 305x457 , 4e45f76a56ff62865276fa6d8a0eab41.jpg )
By the way, if I may make a suggestion, it would be prudent of you all to begin working out how to divide up your loot. I can tell you right now that the ritual book Sariel obtained contains the enchant magical item ritual as well as the transfer enchantment ritual, so you should probably treat reagents (arcana and residuum) as "money" you can use to enchant and upgrade your magical items with.

For reference, your expected wealth for level 4 is 3,200 GP each, counting all the magical items you currently have. You may have a little less, but I expect you'll actually have a little more. Don't count the bag of holding for this, it's a freebie. Make sure to give Sariel a cut of the loot, because I did intend for it to be divided among 6 people.
>> No. 1700 edit
File 129661381061.png - (100.28KB , 319x318 , doh.png )
If that's the case, I have less than 3,000 gold. Am I counting it wrong?
>> No. 1701 edit
File 129489314366.jpg - (52.61KB , 232x335 , Sion.jpg )
Well, that would be COUNTING the cut from this adventure, of course.

There should also be a small gold award at the armory, but I am waiting for you guys to divide the loot before I work that out (hint: please get it done soon so I can tally up loot totals~).
>> No. 1702 edit
The cut isn't the belt?
>> No. 1703 edit
File 129481038033.jpg - (25.94KB , 499x707 , school.jpg )
The gold I have each of you accumulating should exceed the value of the belt alone.
>> No. 1704 edit
File 130151321831.jpg - (53.71KB , 500x695 , af81fc3e4a01d0607a04dbe043857953.jpg )
You also have the incorrect value for vanguard longsword; it should be 680 GP.
>> No. 1705 edit
Dwarven Chainmail+1 520 gp
Farbond Spellblade +1 520 gp
Battle Standard of healing 680 gp (I forget if I bought it for slightly less.)
Healer's Brooch +1 840 GP

Little Dragon Marionette thing 50gp

remaining possible gold from before our adventure (What is written down on my sheet but probably not very accurate) 17 or 19 gp, plus 65 gp left from buying the standard/selling the totem.

Estimated total should be for me, about 2694 gold or so. (Not counting the residdium and all that I guess.)
>> No. 1706 edit
File 129602081666.jpg - (98.07KB , 277x500 , 9a611a1cd2d8bd9f7aa08908dbb67fd2.jpg )
Don't worry too much about loot totals until after you've divided out the loot from this adventure (you should get a lot more than just the dragon puppet, I'm looking at a minimum of ~600gp in item value per person here).
>> No. 1707 edit
File 129912511466.jpg - (23.83KB , 98x141 , pweh.jpg )
Let's see, that's about 100 gold for starting out, much of which was spent on equipment and the remaining 7 given away to that guy to fix the window, 13 I have now, and 1 converted to silver points for lodging...

+1 Meliorating Plate Armor (680gp)
+1 Vanguard Longsword (680gp) (purchased for an additional 15-20%. Let's go with 15% then, so 782gp)
+1 Badge of the Berserker (520 gp)
+1 Farbond Spellblade (520 gp)
Heroic Belt of Vigor (520 gp)

That tallies up to...

Looks like no new boots for me right now.
>> No. 1708 edit
Here's the loot (Not including the ritual book I think) from the previous thread, for the eventual even distribution.

Reagents: 960gp in alchemical reagents (Arcana), 360gp in herbs and plants (Nature), 200gp in residuum (Any)

Magical Items:
+1 Luckblade bastard sword (Level 3, 680gp)
+1 accurate Staff of Ruin (Level 3, 680gp)
Heroic Belt of Vigor (Level 2, 530gp)

Treasure: Golden clockwork cockatrice (250gp), silk dragon puppet (50gp)
>> No. 1709 edit
Herbs would best go to Bern I think, The Arcana stuff maybe between Lili and Myn's characters, maybe the residium to someone to even things out? Just getting a rough guess here before everyone else putting out their gp totals and stuff.
>> No. 1710 edit
I don't think Bern can use natural rituals, though. What would she do with all those herbs?
>> No. 1711 edit
Herbs can be used to heal and other stuff I think? Don't quote me on it.
>> No. 1712 edit
File 130151635784.jpg - (88.40KB , 500x591 , f720fa3718e9b67e352dbd19851b6fa0.jpg )
>you should probably treat reagents (arcana and residuum) as "money" you can use to enchant and upgrade your magical items with

Don't just hand it all over to the arcane casters. At the very least, when I am handing out loot, I'm assuming you won't, because anyone can use it for enchanting their magical items (of course, they have to give it to the caster to have it done, but Sariel will do that for you at no charge).
>> No. 1713 edit
Oh, right. There is that, too. I'd forgotten about it.
>> No. 1714 edit
Anon's total according to character sheet:
Predator's Hide 680 gp
Farbond Spellblade Bastard Sword 520 gp
Magic Bastard Sword 360 gp
Cloak of Resistance 520
Luckblade Bastard Sword 680 gp

24gp and 3 sp
die carved from gold 50gp
Silver necklace 250 gp
(I dunno if the die and silver necklace got spent yet.)

Estimated total around 3084.

Myn's total according to sheet:
Armor of Dark Majesty (840 gp?)
Staff of Ruin 680 gp
Rod of Corruption 680 gp
Amulet of Resolution 520 gp

126 gp
3 sp
Gold collar set with garnet (250 gp)
3 amethysts (300 gp total)
I dunno if he spent it and forgot to mark off the art items or whatever.

Total:Around 3396 gp.

Bern:I was going to do hers, but seeing as she hasn't updated her old sheet and moved onto the other sheet system (which she hasn't shown yet), it's omitted for now cause I don't know how accurate it'd be.

Lili:It's around the same thing for Lili but I'll try my best.

Alch Reagents(70 gp)
Residium(80 gp)
Orb of Fickle Fate 840 gp
Amulet of Mental Resolve 520 gp
Stoneskin Robes 680 gp

Potion of Healing 50 gp
Topaz (worth 500 gp)
103 gp

Total:2843(not counting however much the ritual book was worth and whatnot)
>> No. 1715 edit
File 130151750575.jpg - (215.89KB , 450x703 , 548b566005cf17c876286018c1a5e459.jpg )
I don't recall anon or George ever buying anything so any art objects you guys gave them should still be theirs.

It's likely those who are further behind in terms of current wealth should get the majority of the reagents and art objects.
>> No. 1717 edit
The Blade is an awesome reward, so if you need some money to balance the reward for the others I still have some.
>> No. 1720 edit
I'm not good at the item distribution, so I hope it'll go better if I leave it to someone like Bern.
>> No. 1721 edit
>redistribution of wealth
Communism, Communism everywhere
>> No. 1722 edit
Myn failed to meet the damage quota for the day, so no payment; unequal > equal
>> No. 1723 edit
He does have an awful lot of artsy things already.
>> No. 1724 edit
You were accurate. Here; skipped Sariel, ignored inflated prices and mundane tools.


126 gp
Amethyst (3) - 300 gp
Gold collar set with garnet - 250 gp
Amulet of Resolution - 520 gp
Armor of Dark Majesty - 840 gp
Rod of Corruption - 680 gp
Staff of Ruin - 680 gp
TOTAL: 3396 gp

84 gp
Dragon puppet thing - 50 gp
Battle Standard of Healing - 680 gp
Dwarven Chainmail - 520 gp
Farbond Spellblade - 520 gp
Healer's Brooch - 840 gp
TOTAL: 2694 gp

25 gp
Moonstone - 100 gp
Inquisitive's Kit (hardly mundane) - 40 gp
Golden Clockwork Cockatrice - 250 gp
Amulet of Physical Resolve - 520 gp
Dwarven Chainmail - 520 gp
Totemic Spear - 520 gp
Totemic Warclub - 520 gp
TOTAL: 2495 gp

13 gp
Badge of the Berserker - 520 gp
Heroic Belt of Vigor - 520 gp
Farbond Spellblade - 520 gp
Meliorating Armor - 680 gp
Vanguard Weapon - 680 gp
TOTAL: 2933 gp

24 gp
Die carved from gold - 50 gp
Silver necklace - 250 gp
Potion of Healing (3) - 150 gp
Cloak of Resistance - 520 gp
Farbond Spellblade - 520 gp
Luckblade - 680 gp
Magic Sword - 360 gp
Predator's Hide - 680 gp
TOTAL: 3234 gp (fixed)

>> No. 1725 edit
File 130154212549.png - (57.03KB , 279x344 , adventuretarou.png )
Verification: Dragonshards are Eberron-only, right?
>> No. 1726 edit
Available reagents from this dungeon: 960gp in alchemical reagents (Arcana), 360gp in herbs and plants (Nature), 200gp in residuum (Any) - Total: 1520 gp

Reagent distribution
0 gp's worth for Myn - total gain from this dungeon: 680 gp
535 gp's worth for Michael - total gain from this dungeon: 585 gp
335 gp's worth for ??? - total gain from this dungeon: 585 gp
65 gp's worth for Torinn - total gain from this dungeon: 585 gp
0 gp's worth for Surieya - total gain from this dungeon: 680 gp
585 gp's worth for Sariel - total gain from this dungeon: 585 gp (she did get no loot, right?)
>> No. 1727 edit
She got the ritual book, right?
>> No. 1728 edit
...yes, ritual book overlooked.
>> No. 1729 edit
File 129489019938.jpg - (110.29KB , 500x708 , e1486887c9370049fd6ab130cb4e810e.jpg )
Yes. No dragonshards.

Also correct that Sariel got no loot, aside from the ritual book.
>> No. 1731 edit
Rin, I was wondering. If I were to take Master at arms feat instead this level, would you let me take two weapon fighting at level 5?
>> No. 1732 edit
I didn't think so.
>> No. 1733 edit
File 129922064182.jpg - (163.42KB , 250x400 , Who Is There.jpg )
Well, yes. If you take the expertise feat early, you essentially get to pick a different feat instead at 5.
>> No. 1734 edit
File 129674887945.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
>Battlewise, Improved/Superior Initiative, and Imperious Majesty now rated gold in O-Paladin handbook

I know initiative is important and all, but is it really mandatory to have it high?
>> No. 1735 edit
File 130158864816.jpg - (79.99KB , 960x720 , Prayer in Green.jpg )
Moving first largely allows you to determine the opening positions in the battle, rather than have your enemy do it. That can be pretty important.
>> No. 1736 edit
File 129911206091.jpg - (77.69KB , 242x365 , drapey.jpg )
That's the same reason having perception trained is also important?
>> No. 1737 edit
I see, then I will take that.
>> No. 1738 edit
File 130159419918.jpg - (87.99KB , 400x560 , A Big Warm Smile.jpg )
A bit different, since Perception has plenty of other uses besides just seeing lurking enemies. But a similar concept.

Fair enough.
>> No. 1740 edit
File 129610099479.png - (78.09KB , 208x401 , BUP_0450.png )
If you're curious about the copper rod, it's a custom item I created.

Runed Copper Rod Level 4
Wondrous Item 840 gp
Property: This rod can be used as a focus for the enchant magical item, disenchant magical item, and transfer enchantment rituals. If it is used as a focus for one of these rituals, your level is considered to be 1 higher for determining the level of the item you can enchant or disenchant.
>> No. 1741 edit
If I were to sell the magic sword I would have around 900gp. Enough for the acrobat boots, but not enough for the gauntlets of blood.
>> No. 1742 edit
File 129920450253.jpg - (45.55KB , 400x679 , d3c92fe8a84804741c0d307e2563eb8f.jpg )
40~50% is way too high. You're looking at a 5-10% increase when buying from the Flaming Fist armory, or 15-20% increase elsewhere.
>> No. 1743 edit
Then I might buy it if I sleep tonight in a box.
>> No. 1744 edit
File 129788586513.png - (78.26KB , 208x401 , BUP_0456.png )
Remember to keep track of your different kinds of wealth. While residuum is accepted as currency, other reagents are not. Generally, you can't sell reagents back either (though you might be able to trade out the nature reagents you obtained here for a different kind other than residuum for your item trade-in if you ask).

You can purchase additional reagents for the 5-10% increase and have the enchanting done yourself as well (through Sariel), which may be the best option considering the different kinds of wealth you have.
>> No. 1745 edit
File 129868102490.jpg - (78.32KB , 480x480 , Hang On__.jpg )
Questions about the mount:

-If I buy acrobat boots, does the mount also benefit from the stand up from prone as a minor action property?
-What are the disadvantages of being mounted in regards to bringing them into a cave? For that matter, do they have a hard time going down steps?
-When they make a check that can use my stats, or determine their move speed, do they incur the same penalties as I do for wearing plate armor and carrying a heavy shield?
>> No. 1746 edit
File 130160207248.jpg - (53.98KB , 500x666 , c91beb3727083e4ef846c20d3d568f92.jpg )
1. No. However, as a summoned creature, you can command your mount to stand up as a minor action anyway.
2. Horses don't do stairs, I just can't justify that. A tiger or pegasus wouldn't have much trouble with stairs though. Beyond that, the main problems are obviously that it can't traverse steep inclines (it can't climb), and it can't fit in narrow, 1-square passages without squeezing.
3. You use your roll for the skill check, including any bonuses and penalties that aren't granted from powers or circumstance bonuses.
>> No. 1748 edit
File 130160276450.jpg - (33.77KB , 480x600 , 532f7d2c516c43766483fd16e0a61b7a.jpg )
>Regardless of answer, definitely selling the Farbond Spellblade. If I have to attack from range like that, I've failed at doing my job.

For the record, I disagree with this line of thinking strongly. You simply don't have the options at this level to maintain peak mobility at all times.
>> No. 1749 edit
File 129953510679.png - (22.88KB , 261x168 , despair.png )
But... Exchanging of stuff for equal value in gold, just this once!
>> No. 1750 edit
File 130160838029.jpg - (17.83KB , 111x187 , yuuhilookside.jpg )
So, could I theoretically give them my Rod of Corruption and some money and have them give me a Darkspiral Rod?
>> No. 1751 edit
I think so. Might want to buy Eagle Eye Goggles while you're at it if you can, since keeping your aura means not recharging encounter powers and relying more on Eldritch Blast, so a bonus to that might be useful.
>> No. 1753 edit
File 129556016030.jpg - (149.45KB , 520x650 , 2c56fd365d68cde9c3aca3613201a588.jpg )
You could. But you do realize you can't apply both the bonus from the Darkspiral Rod and Staff of Ruin on the same given attack, right?
>> No. 1754 edit
I was going to say that as well, but I don't know if he wants to give up the staff like that.
>> No. 1755 edit
File 130161923579.jpg - (206.94KB , 550x660 , 265a17aa2bd6a6d42f7f2f1968cc01a3.jpg )
Errata's up.


Not really a lot to see here. They fixed Power Strike so the range makes sense and so it doesn't interfere with Free Action attacks, and they updated all the Warlord stuff that the Marshal article changed.
>> No. 1757 edit
File 130162571920.jpg - (57.84KB , 237x363 , x face.jpg )
Not sure if I should spring for a Vigilant Blade now or keep the Vanguard Longsword.
>> No. 1758 edit
File 130162781382.png - (94.23KB , 224x1644 , derpwizardgloves.png )
must have, priority just below new armor
>> No. 1759 edit
Why're those so appealing to you?
>> No. 1760 edit
Prestidigitation: most useful power in game
>> No. 1761 edit
It has ranged 2 and costs a standard action. How would you use it?
>> No. 1762 edit
>implying it's for combat
>> No. 1763 edit
Never said it was. In fact I'm pretty sure you can't use it in combat anyway. But what would you use it for?
>> No. 1764 edit
It can be used during combat, but whether it'll be effective depends on the situation.

Who knows? It can clean, for one.
>> No. 1765 edit
Ghost Sound is better.
>> No. 1766 edit
Also, Canith Goggles are even better.
>> No. 1768 edit
File 130163286648.jpg - (30.00KB , 154x196 , glassesadjust.jpg )

I was thinking that I'd normally use the Staff of Ruin, but with a large enough aura I'd switch hands, ne.
>> No. 1769 edit
File 130163327316.jpg - (51.66KB , 395x550 , 44cc8475339c6f810d0c74ea6b05e6b1.jpg )
Well, sure, if that's what you wanna do, it can be done.
>> No. 1770 edit
The reason it's not as good in later tiers is because it takes longer to catch up to the item bonus to damage. Right now, however, it's just a +1 item bonus to damage, which can be gotten pretty quickly.
>> No. 1772 edit
Well, unlike the staff of ruin, the rod of corruption takes effect when merely held in your off-hand. On the other hand, the staff of ruin and the darkspiral rod are mutually exclusive at any given time.

Choice of sell.
>> No. 1773 edit
File 130163806141.jpg - (28.52KB , 138x196 , yuuhisip.jpg )

However, it's not like I really use that effect anyways.
>> No. 1774 edit
Since george was talking about it earlier, Rin, what would the sort of penalty be for each amount of time without taking an extended rest on a character? (Besides the obvious no regained daily, healing surges, not leveling up, etc.)
>> No. 1776 edit
File 129674887945.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
What happens when you don't sleep?

There's your answer.
>> No. 1777 edit
Oh, and you can't recover any powers without salves of power and things that recover dailies.
>> No. 1778 edit
Let's just say if he tries to game the system I won't hesitate to bring down severe penalties, regardless of what the books say.
>> No. 1779 edit
File 130166908744.jpg - (139.04KB , 511x441 , yuuhinvincible.jpg )

Hmph. Even with an aura value of a mere 20, Eldritch Blast alone outdamages my daily on average.
>> No. 1780 edit
File 130166913098.jpg - (47.24KB , 261x209 , yuuhifaceplant.jpg )
>> No. 1781 edit
File 130166938268.png - (94.06KB , 505x394 , sakutarou_ohyou.png )
On the bright side, have you seen the new articles?

>> No. 1782 edit
File 130166996519.jpg - (22.91KB , 103x127 , yuuhiembarassed.jpg )
So, now that I remember I'll be getting Bloodied Boon, the effectiveness of the rod has suddenly doubled. Therefore, I'll be trading in the Staff of Ruin after all.

Now, to choose a shiny new staff as so not to waste this staff feat.
>> No. 1783 edit
You could just train it out for a superior implement: accurate rod.
>> No. 1784 edit
File 130167049459.jpg - (25.79KB , 141x286 , yuuhilizardknight.jpg )

No, I'm retraining Arcane Reserves.
>> No. 1785 edit
Oh, right.
>> No. 1786 edit
File 130167121148.jpg - (25.46KB , 121x212 , yuuhidotdotdottsu.jpg )

How about Rod of Avernus? Or, alternatively, Vicious Rod.
>> No. 1787 edit
I think it's alright.
>> No. 1788 edit
File 130167157346.jpg - (123.58KB , 411x499 , yuuhiicwysmile.jpg )

I do, but the fancy ones are too expensive.
>> No. 1790 edit
Staff of Ruin is really the reason I recommended the feat. If you don't intend to use that I'd retrain the feat eventually.
>> No. 1792 edit
As an added benefit, if you intend to stick with rods, you can take Rod Expertise at level 5 for a nice little AC/Reflex boost.
>> No. 1793 edit
File 130167965098.jpg - (66.96KB , 224x348 , yuuhinoiuwage.jpg )

Is it okay to conveniently forget and remember how to use staves?!


I can leave the AC and Reflex to the meatshields.
>> No. 1794 edit
Have you planned out your mastery as well? An expanded crit range is kind of a big deal for strikers.
>> No. 1795 edit
Oh, and meatshields do little good against monsters like the deathjump spider that can bypass them entirely with no consequence.

Ranged attacks that target reflex will also be a problem.
>> No. 1796 edit
I think there's a warlock implement mastery feat, but I can't remember the requirements. I think they're based on Charisma and Constitution. Meeting the Constitution requirement may make it not worth it.
>> No. 1797 edit
It required 17 charisma and 17 constitution, if I remember correctly. Why it's not 17 charisma or 17 constitution (or more) is a mystery to me.
>> No. 1798 edit

I was having trouble finding that in the character builder.
>> No. 1799 edit
It'll only show up if you meet the prerequisites, I believe. Unless you check off "Show Illegal Elements."

It's called Warlock Implement Expertise, I believe, and is a 21st level feat.
>> No. 1800 edit
They keep changing it. My favorite version so far is the version that made a twin of your character appear and use Twin Strike if both attacks hit.
>> No. 1801 edit
File 130168779792.png - (57.33KB , 777x312 , twin.png )
>> No. 1802 edit
>> No. 1803 edit
Can an enemy in my defender aura shift without triggering righteous radiance if it is sanctioned?
>> No. 1804 edit
File 129988635251.jpg - (164.91KB , 750x1000 , Going Gray.jpg )
Well, yes. Marked enemies aren't subject to defender aura, you can't stack both punishments.

I'd say it's fair to let you override marks with your defender aura if you like, though.
>> No. 1806 edit
Thinking about Acrobat Boots for now. Not sure what else I could really get
>> No. 1807 edit
If I even have enough gold, that is...
300 from the payment we just got
84 gold I already had on me
50 gold if I wanna get rid of the Marionette dragon thing ;_;

Dunno if he takes residdium or arcane stuff or whatever (Probably not)

Need like 520 if it's a base price for the boots. I can always hold off.
>> No. 1808 edit
File 129620679514.png - (13.95KB , 217x157 , kanonheh.png )
Not even trying
>> No. 1809 edit
You don't need it right away.
>> No. 1810 edit
File 129731137941.png - (30.48KB , 200x200 , shakan_happy1.png )
Acording to this, you got 535gp in reagents hideling. You should buy yourself something pretty.
So, are you getting a mount astaroth?
>> No. 1811 edit
It's a cavalier feature at level 4 that first showed up in Dragon #393
>> No. 1812 edit
That's if reagents can be used as money or to trade for something of equivalent value. I'll just wait for now anyway.
>> No. 1813 edit
File 129828845679.png - (73.89KB , 291x478 , kanonwithamonocle.png )
The reagents can be used to create magical items, I believe. And since Sariel got the ritual book and that staff she could create a level 5 magical item (as soon we level up).
>> No. 1814 edit
File 130169696267.png - (7.99KB , 207x144 , useless for hybrids.png )
Totemic Spear/Warclub's wordings conflict with the new implement rules. ...Do I need a new +1 implement?
>> No. 1815 edit
File 129746433739.png - (99.26KB , 272x401 , BUP_0444.png )
Rather than that, if you have like 535 in reagents couldn't you just have Sariel ENCHANT the boots you're wearing to become acrobat's boots?

I think they got rid of that ambiguity a while ago. Anyway, I'd rule it as if you can use it as an implement for any class, it works for all of your powers.
>> No. 1816 edit
Oh. How would I go about doing that, exactly?
>> No. 1817 edit
File 12986859491.png - (99.23KB , 272x401 , BUP_0440.png )
If you enchant it yourself, it's exactly the cost listed in the books, as long as you have that much in reagents.

Ask Sariel about it after you extended rest, once she's had a chance to study the ritual book.
>> No. 1818 edit
File 130169801629.png - (14.19KB , 217x157 , shannon_heh_ib4f.png )
B-but meta-gaming~
>> No. 1819 edit
File 129746370768.png - (98.42KB , 272x401 , BUP_0445.png )
I figure it's easier to first figure out a fair distribution out-of-character, THEN propose it in-character. Just to help keep things from taking too long. I don't intend for this period to be a repeat of last time's "spend a month in Baldur's Gate not doing much."
>> No. 1820 edit
File 129930994422.png - (32.63KB , 200x200 , test.png )
Yes actually I wouldn't like that to happen again.
>> No. 1824 edit
>> No. 1825 edit
File 129831635457.png - (37.53KB , 434x515 , kan_majimea10.png )
Oh well! ... He used italics and he put the text beetween " ".
My argument was than he was thinking aloud!
>> No. 1826 edit
File 129607279412.jpg - (108.39KB , 640x480 , sakutarou_gununu.jpg )
>at level 30, assuming the bare minimum damage roll for every single attack (a 3 on a craghammer, since brutal 2), out of twenty rolls (not counting critical hit damage or power strikes), a well-optimized knight's battle guardian's damage averages out to 38, accounting for misses with a strength value of 30 (strength modifier damage on a miss)
>at level 30, assuming the Morninglord path is taken, a Cavalier's Righteous Radiance will always do 28 radiant damage, unless the target's vulnerability to radiant damage is already greater than 10 (+6 Symbol of the Champion's Code makes divine sanctions always deal 34 radiant damage, unless the target's vulnerability to radiant damage is already greater than 10)

How do I increase my threat level to compete with something like that?
>> No. 1827 edit
File 129746433739.png - (99.26KB , 272x401 , BUP_0444.png )
Righteous Radiance can't compete with that, best to not bother trying. You really should focus on making the most of your sanctions (aren't there ways to make them do something other than damage?).
>> No. 1828 edit
File 130023651110.png - (15.99KB , 200x200 , blank look.png )
The only support sanctions get are Commanding Vow, which slides an adjacent enemy when they get sanctioned, paragon tier's Forceful Challenge, which moves an enemy when they take damage from a sanction (immediate reaction), Honored Foe, which I can't really put to any use, and Weakening Challenge, which shows up in epic tier and weakens the enemy. Since divine sanctions are, as worded, an immediate reaction, I cannot say for certain if it actually weakens the enemy for that particular attack, which is kind of bad.

Heroic tier only has damage from the holy symbol, and Commanding Vow, which isn't that great. There's not much feat support for divine sanction, especially early on, which is why the holy symbol is so important.
>> No. 1829 edit
File 129489116910.png - (15.91KB , 179x153 , It\'s Been A Hard Day\'s Night.png )
>give knight a dagger and optimize around that
>without even adding weapon modifiers, does 33 damage rounded down

Now you're just making fun of me.
>> No. 1830 edit
File 129868141662.jpg - (66.35KB , 504x913 , Angel Mort Pose.jpg )
Well, we know that Righteous Radiance's damage is pathetic compared to a MBA.

Just remember that as a paladin, your secondary role is LEADER. The fighter is the secondary STRIKER (except for certain polearm/grappler builds that are more controller). Damage isn't somewhere you can beat the fighter, but the ability to buff and support your allies is.
>> No. 1831 edit
File 12982441071.png - (17.58KB , 185x162 , believe.png )
I suppose so. At-will THPs to everybody but me is bound to tick off somebody.
>> No. 1832 edit
File 129456877046.png - (33.55KB , 200x200 , knightarou.png )
Actually, speaking of leader-secondary roles, I'll probably become a lot more effective at drawing ire come paragon tier, because I plan to pick up a Withering weapon at that point. I really don't think enemies want me making them easier for Sureiya to hit, which can get even more ridiculous with some feat support from the Hope Domain.
>> No. 1835 edit
Fake psionic would be more fun to play than real psionic.
That's what I'd do if I ever played a different character.
>> No. 1839 edit
I was busy in HoN, but please don't discontinue your hybrid plans, Bern.
>> No. 1848 edit
>> No. 1850 edit
File 129953423667.jpg - (62.16KB , 197x207 , SHOCK.jpg )
>adventurers surviving on bread, rations and water
No meat, fruit, dairy or vegetables?
>> No. 1851 edit
File 129831202212.jpg - (152.56KB , 430x671 , 3808403889f313d1246e9b82820c6f69.jpg )
The Three Old Kegs is rather specifically cited as not being a restaurant. Thus, their menu is quite limited.
>> No. 1852 edit
File 130185132494.jpg - (99.77KB , 213x367 , here I am.jpg )
That was actually more than I was hoping for.
>> No. 1856 edit
Somewhat more detailed distribution.

Michael: 520 arcane, 15 residuum
???: 335 arcane
Torinn: 10 arcane, 19 residuum, 36 nature
Sariel: 95 arcane, 166 residuum, 324 nature
>> No. 1857 edit
Okay with it, stamped with seal of approval, etc.
>> No. 1858 edit
Fine by me.
>> No. 1867 edit
File 129489116910.png - (15.91KB , 179x153 , It\'s Been A Hard Day\'s Night.png )
Ahaha, I can't write.
>> No. 1868 edit
I guess my tip will be a gold coin as well.
>> No. 1869 edit
Keep flaunting gold pieces and robbers will rob you while you sleep ne.
>> No. 1870 edit
File 129946870751.png - (217.59KB , 480x640 , fiery.png )
They're coming to me so I don't have to chase them down?
>> No. 1871 edit
Your perception, across town before notice, etc ne.
>> No. 1872 edit
File 130195776429.png - (28.74KB , 211x186 , gotthegoods.png )
>> No. 1873 edit
File 130195844439.png - (90.13KB , 474x474 , ber_derp.png )
>> No. 1876 edit
We're discussing in knox's stream. Rin says 3 successful stealth checks (easy DC) can let us escape.
>> No. 1896 edit
no appropriate facepalm image available
>> No. 1897 edit
Before I forget, here's that hybrid:

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Thaum, level 4
Razorclaw Shifter, Assassin|Seeker
Hybrid Assassin: Hybrid Assassin Fortitude
Seeker's Bond (Hybrid): Spiritbond (Hybrid)
Hybrid Seeker: Hybrid Seeker Will
Pact Initiate: Pact Initiate (fey pact)
Background: Impiltur (Impiltur Benefit)

Str 10, Con 11, Dex 19, Int 8, Wis 19, Cha 13.

Str 10, Con 11, Dex 16, Int 8, Wis 16, Cha 13.

AC: 19 Fort: 14 Reflex: 17 Will: 18
HP: 42 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 10

Perception +11, Stealth +15, Thievery +11, Acrobatics +13, Insight +11

Arcana +1, Bluff +3, Diplomacy +3, Dungeoneering +6, Endurance +2, Heal +6, History +1, Intimidate +3, Nature +6, Religion +1, Streetwise +3, Athletics +2

Level 1: Weapon Proficiency (Superior crossbow)
Level 2: Pact Initiate
Level 4: Cursed Shadow

Hybrid at-will 1: Biting Swarm
Hybrid at-will 1: Executioner's Noose
Hybrid encounter 1: Possessing Spirits
Hybrid daily 1: Rime Strike
Hybrid utility 2: Cloak of Shades
Hybrid encounter 3: Cloaking Mist

Swiftshot Superior crossbow +1, Amulet of Physical Resolve +1, Thought-Eater Leather Armor +1, Magic Ki Focus +1, Crossbow Bolts (40), Adventurer's Kit
====== Copy to Clipboard and Press the Import Button on the Summary Tab ======
>> No. 1899 edit
File 129788667080.png - (77.53KB , 208x401 , BUP_0457.png )
Isn't the palace theme so relaxing~?
>> No. 1900 edit
File 129928504543.png - (96.63KB , 400x400 , =3.png )
I can hear the extravagance.
>> No. 1903 edit
I always like reading those descriptive walls of text.
>> No. 1911 edit
enjoy your purupurupikopuyo
>> No. 1924 edit
File 129643373649.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
Bern said she could get a bit busy for one or two days, so she asked us to pretend the shaman is mute for a while, or something.
>> No. 1941 edit
File 129464570122.jpg - (7.67KB , 181x161 , huh__.jpg )
My mind's blanking. What do we ask him?
>> No. 1943 edit
We ask for help in stomping out the orc nemesis looming over Baldur's Gate once and for all.
>> No. 1945 edit
I was hoping to get a word in before it advanced, but I suppose I can still do it now... when I get the chance.
>> No. 1952 edit
Bugbear PCs are overpowered.
>> No. 1954 edit
Okay, so what do you think?
>> No. 1955 edit
File 129625045160.png - (26.45KB , 147x185 , diplomaticimmunity.png )
Diplomacy good. Let's do diplomacy.
>> No. 1956 edit
File 130229915399.jpg - (122.29KB , 364x449 , yuuhismirk.jpg )

So, we're going to kill the diplomat and take his place, right?
>> No. 1958 edit
I asked the duke some time to discuss it, maybe that's the best way.
>> No. 1959 edit
File 130229943189.jpg - (45.02KB , 233x478 , hmm.jpg )
Sure, go right ahead. I'll follow behind you from a distance.
>> No. 1960 edit
No matter what the results are from diplomacy with Many-Arrows, the Dragonsworn clan (impostors pretending to be from Many-Arrows) will continue attacking. I expect that, immediately after "successful" diplomacy with Many-Arrows, we'll be attacked by fell orcs from "Many-Arrows" during the return trip, shattering Baldur's Gate's trust. If not, the Dragonsworn clan has already tricked Many-Arrows into thinking that Baldur's Gate is planning to frame them for crimes they didn't commit, kind of like how Flaming Fist contacted us first and turned us against the ducal palace.
>> No. 1961 edit
That only works if they manage to kill the diplomats.
>> No. 1962 edit
I'm afraid I don't understand.
>> No. 1963 edit
If the fake ones attack, we beat them up and show that they're not with the Many Arrows.
>> No. 1964 edit
The fake ones are already attacking. They carry talismans with the Many-Arrows insignia. My shaman is now actually capable of suspecting this to be true, since the theory contains no meta-knowledge, but there's little evidence until we manage to question Thelkra about the Dragonsworn clan.

Also, temporary chat until stream.
>> No. 1966 edit
Never mind. Stream purely for chatroom: http://www.livestream.com/critical_hit

Meeting over
>> No. 1970 edit
File 130230873975.jpg - (26.51KB , 130x238 , yuuhiwhozawhaza.jpg )
I-I missed the adorable imouto meeting, huh.
>> No. 1972 edit
File 12949882016.jpg - (15.04KB , 404x363 , Shion Huh.jpg )
If you're expecting Thelkra to show up and tell you what to do before you make a decision, well, it's not gonna happen~

Feel free to discuss the information you do have on hand, though.
>> No. 1973 edit
File 129729837849.jpg - (33.37KB , 144x160 , ooooo.jpg )
I didn't think she would. Just saying it'd be nice if we knew more.
>> No. 1974 edit
I don't think that was we were waiting for, but a post from hideling, his character would probably don't accept the offer right now.
>> No. 1975 edit
Also, some IC discussion would be nice.
>> No. 1985 edit
Neat little D&D comic (5th comic out of the 5 out so far) if anyone wants to read it.
>> No. 1988 edit
File 129877987477.png - (78.54KB , 224x401 , BUP_0408.png )
Unless there's some objections, I'll advance you back into the audience chamber after another bit of input or two (think Myn should have an opportunity to speak, at least, given Charisma etc).

Of course, if you'd rather not go back there yet, say so.
>> No. 1990 edit
It looks like a good plan, I believe he is posting right now.
Looks good, downloading.
>> No. 1996 edit
>> No. 1997 edit
File 129788612424.png - (38.88KB , 208x207 , bobblehead.png )
Anybody have anything to say to the Duke before we go?
>> No. 1998 edit
File 129464961298.png - (77.98KB , 224x401 , BUP_0415.png )
Pssh, for shame. There was a Kain Highwind long before Cid Highwind, you know~
>> No. 1999 edit
File 129645733032.jpg - (162.59KB , 1200x1600 , ummm.jpg )
What was Cid's last name in FFIV, then?
>> No. 2000 edit
Before we go, should we mention him about the many arrow camp? We believe their are innocent because we fought those corpses.
>> No. 2001 edit
Ask about the Dragonsworn clan!
>> No. 2002 edit
>unrelated discussion
Wait, Cid have a last name!?
>> No. 2003 edit
File 129695315927.png - (76.86KB , 224x401 , BUP_0429.png )
I'd have to look it up for the precise spelling, but it's something like Polendia.

Edit: Says it's Pollendina.
>> No. 2004 edit
I never played the one with Kain, but there's a Highwind from FF2 as well.
>> No. 2005 edit
Oh yes.
>> No. 2006 edit
File 129824315826.png - (78.92KB , 224x401 , BUP_0410.png )
Not to mention Alexander Highwind Tycoon from FFV, and the galka guard High Wind from FFXI.

Oh yes. Apparently even in games where they're not mentioned, the characters often have last names.
>> No. 2007 edit
So, should I ask about the Dragonsworn clan?
>> No. 2008 edit
>> No. 2010 edit
flagged for deletion
>> No. 2011 edit
>> No. 2012 edit
post of the year
>> No. 2013 edit
post of the last year of humanity uuuuoooo
>> No. 2018 edit
Welp, I'm all out of questions.
>> No. 2019 edit
I'm ready to go, not sure if anyone else needs to ask something.
>> No. 2020 edit
File 129464370846.png - (78.78KB , 224x401 , BUP_0414.png )
By the way, for something like History/Streetwise for Knowledge on the Dragonsworn clan, I'd be asking first for a general knowledge check on Many-Arrows, and IF you succeed that, a follow-up check for knowledge on the clan itself.
>> No. 2021 edit
It can't be helped. Next destination: Arcanimus.
>> No. 2022 edit
Or wait for Thelkra to rejoin us at some point.
>> No. 2023 edit
It's probably going to happen, valanor sending her etc.
>> No. 2024 edit
No 'or's. Arcanimus!
>> No. 2025 edit
I mean, even you said wait, and waiting and doing nothing is a neglect of available resources.
>> No. 2026 edit
What if I said no?
>> No. 2027 edit
I'd go alone, of course.

Actually, going alone seems easier. I'll do that.
>> No. 2028 edit
File 129528424024.png - (139.54KB , 600x800 , discardedtarou.png )
I'm just pulling your leg. I think we should all at least pay Sariel a visit.
>> No. 2029 edit
I was, too, until I realized that the rest of you were furnitureluggage.

Stay behind and greet Thelkra or extract information from this Highwind, or something, useless furniture etc.
>> No. 2030 edit
I need to go to the Arcanimus too.
>> No. 2032 edit
File 130238679232.jpg - (84.51KB , 818x1069 , rincewind-on-the-luggage.jpg )
Being luggage doesn't sound so bad.
>> No. 2033 edit
>pirates, explosions, scurvy, seasickness
It's useless, it's all useless.
>> No. 2034 edit
File 130238728915.jpg - (458.33KB , 558x1071 , path.jpg )
You mean it's awesome.
>> No. 2035 edit
>exploding boats
Oh yes.
>> No. 2036 edit
File 129831806671.jpg - (58.40KB , 212x169 , that\'s not good!.jpg )
>on a boat
>limited space
>something could drag us off the side
Is mounted combat even feasible here?
>> No. 2037 edit
Merchant ships would have ways to deal with scurvy on their own, right? They wouldn't neglect fruits, would they?
>> No. 2038 edit
I don't think so
>> No. 2039 edit
File 129953510679.png - (22.88KB , 261x168 , despair.png )
>> No. 2040 edit
should've chosen shark mount
>> No. 2041 edit
No celestial shark.
>> No. 2045 edit
File 129489136412.jpg - (267.53KB , 660x720 , concerned.jpg )
So where do we go from here? Are we free to roam around town, head back to the Arcanum?

By "afternoon", did he mean this afternoon?
>> No. 2046 edit
File 129581681376.jpg - (53.69KB , 372x592 , 1223506856050.jpg )
Yes, he means THIS afternoon. You'll probably have time for a short errand or two, but they expect to get you out today. If you want some extra time, it'd probably be best to ask.
>> No. 2047 edit
I think I'll ask somebody else for the pertinent information.
>> No. 2048 edit
File 130062898119.jpg - (293.02KB , 600x792 , 1277366308548.jpg )
Anyone else have anything they want to add, or are we good to advance?
>> No. 2049 edit
File 129946947285.png - (13.72KB , 87x118 , sakutaro_rifyua2.png )
I got nothing.
>> No. 2050 edit
File 130022147381.png - (7.32KB , 124x105 , georgebu.png )
Ore no items where.
>> No. 2051 edit
Torinn has them. You forgot to ask for them.
>> No. 2052 edit
File 130066645467.jpg - (12.62KB , 124x105 , georgeduryotsu.jpg )
>> No. 2053 edit
Well you did.
>> No. 2054 edit
ready to go
>> No. 2055 edit
Arcanimus gooo
>> No. 2057 edit
File 129642654978.jpg - (131.12KB , 516x727 , Tune the Rainbow.jpg )
You'll get your chance for that, before you leave, I promise.

With that said, this part I feel is necessary.
>> No. 2076 edit
File 12982435576.jpg - (49.13KB , 512x512 , decoy.jpg )
>> No. 2080 edit
Jeez, bern beat me to the description. I was gonna leave it ambiguous so it'd end up with something comical when I just say she's an eldarin wizard.
>> No. 2081 edit
inb4 hilarious sidequest where we actually run into an Eva-Beatrice equivalent
>> No. 2083 edit
File 129723418350.jpg - (85.92KB , 449x700 , excited.jpg )
>permenant slow fall effect
Finally, my ambitions of fighting a wisecracking octopus on the scaffolding of an opera house can be realized!
>> No. 2084 edit
>up at the top of the spiral
>a fall off the spiral ramp
I'll stay on the first floor
>> No. 2085 edit
>there's slow fall anyway
>> No. 2086 edit
>implying an irrational fear is rational
>> No. 2091 edit
File 129460800532.png - (27.71KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea3.png )
Now go and say hi to lili astaroth.
>> No. 2092 edit
File 130263055681.jpg - (156.36KB , 600x800 , darths0010.jpg )
Oh boy, I started reading those D&D comics Rin linked, and I feel they are pretty accurate.
Loopholes everywhere.
>> No. 2104 edit
D&D comics? The ones from /tg/? If so, that was me. (Hideiling.)
>> No. 2105 edit
File 130267882488.jpg - (178.01KB , 600x800 , darths0006.jpg )
Oh I download those ones, but I still haven't read them~
But I was talking about this ones
>> No. 2107 edit
Streetwise check? Well I could try aid another, but my modifier is just +2.
>> No. 2108 edit
Aren't you real far from bern anyway, so it's not like you could aid her?
>> No. 2109 edit
Basically, aren't we going to search in the books? That's how I imagined it.
>> No. 2110 edit
What I mean is, you're all the way up top a spiral ramp with us, at the highest point in the Arcanimus, while Bern is down there, and you probably aren't aware of Bern looking for this stuff
>> No. 2111 edit
Oh w-well, she would need to ask us for help first, right.
>> No. 2112 edit
>the rituals tie into the plot
>> No. 2116 edit
File 129464570122.jpg - (7.67KB , 181x161 , huh__.jpg )
Is anybody going to ask her to use the rituals?
>> No. 2117 edit
woke up at pc, too tired, have class tomorrow, maybe type up something when can
>> No. 2119 edit
File 130276967770.jpg - (199.99KB , 600x800 , darths0019.jpg )
Alright, making a short question.
Do I get any bonus in the streetwise check to get information about the Many Arrows/Dragonsworn clan for being a Half-orc? Maybe I could try to talk with the half-orc from before, or something Sureiya knows could be useful in the search.
>> No. 2121 edit
Using streetwise, according to the books, usually involves searching for such information for an hour. So doing such a thing while talking to somebody else is a bit...
>> No. 2122 edit

Who's talking~?
>> No. 2125 edit
I don't know. You never indicated Myn doing anything since we spoke with the Duke. For all that we know, he got left behind. For that matter, why are you making a streetwise check when you're upstairs with the rest of the group? Unless you're not, which you also didn't indicate.
>> No. 2126 edit

Well, Angecchi did say a streetwise check would be appropriate here.
>> No. 2127 edit
File 129607279412.jpg - (108.39KB , 640x480 , sakutarou_gununu.jpg )
Streetwising how to do what where, and why?
>> No. 2128 edit
File 130282522465.jpg - (85.82KB , 480x640 , 3b291c1120483ff5c6fd0729021a7d36.jpg )
Well, it's fine. I'll just say they're working on gathering information while Sariel is doing... whatever she's doing for Michael (as soon as he posts).
>> No. 2129 edit
Okie doke.
>> No. 2130 edit
So, no magical bonuses from plot and rp?
>> No. 2133 edit
File 129556016030.jpg - (149.45KB , 520x650 , 2c56fd365d68cde9c3aca3613201a588.jpg )
Anything else? If not, I'm going to send you to the docks to meet the diplomat and get on your boat next post.
>> No. 2135 edit
Rushing a bit? Well I have nothing against parting now.
>> No. 2136 edit
File 129788586513.png - (78.26KB , 208x401 , BUP_0456.png )
Rushing? I just thought everyone was finished up here.

I enjoy giving everyone a chance to involve themselves with the story and get to know the characters, but we DO have an adventure and some more fighting to do~
>> No. 2137 edit
My bad, please don't take it wrongly.
I'm happy we are departing soon, but we had some slow days this week~
>> No. 2139 edit
File 130292904186.png - (15.93KB , 200x200 , saku_rofl.png )

1925 Mr. Welch is no longer allowed to do in an RPG
>> No. 2141 edit
File 130294168698.gif - (188.48KB , 539x765 , 1223507178004.gif )
>I still haven't figured out if I'm more puzzled as to how you get a full barrel of blue jay blood, why we have a full barrel of blue jay blood, what we'll do with a full barrel of blue jay blood, or who would want a full barrel of blue jay blood. Well, ok, I'm pretty certain a possible answer for the last one is "Beardman", but he doesn't count.
>> No. 2143 edit
File 129652691796.jpg - (79.78KB , 640x480 , kanongununu.jpg )
>Our diplomat roll a natural 1 for diplomacy against those people.
>Palace expect us to risk our lives protecting an incompetent diplomat
>> No. 2144 edit
oh geez it's an airship isn't it
>> No. 2145 edit
We need a vote. Team up with those thugs, push captain overboard, become sky pirates y/n?
>> No. 2146 edit
sky pirates sounds awesome
>> No. 2148 edit
File 130297183511.jpg - (26.37KB , 400x500 , All By Myself Don\'t Wanna Be All By Myself.jpg )
But then we'll never get the reward from his bank account. And the Duke will hate us and send lots of things after us. And the city will hate us. And a dragon will take down our ship. And we won't be attacked by pirates again, which is boring.
>> No. 2149 edit
>bank account
We plunder our own reward. Piracy is profitable, or nobody would do it, right?

>Duke send
We run!

>city hate
Well, we could do something like rob from the rich, give to the poor, or run or fund a soup kitchen like Al Capone.

We have experience in dealing with such things.

>no pirates
Debatable, since pirates may choose to attack us. Either way, we'd be doing our share of the attacking, too, which isn't necessarily boring.
>> No. 2150 edit
File 130298050231.png - (21.52KB , 200x200 , Here Comes Speed Racer.png )
Pirates can't be lawful good. Lawful good can't be pirates.
>> No. 2151 edit
Luckily alignments are subject to change.
>> No. 2152 edit
File 130298146891.jpg - (39.62KB , 191x234 , doushio.jpg )
Airship want.
>> No. 2153 edit
Cavaliers of Sacrifice have alignment restrictions. Can only be Lawful Good.
>> No. 2154 edit
>> No. 2155 edit
HotFK page 140.
>> No. 2156 edit
Oh well... It was nice knowing Torinn.
>> No. 2160 edit
inb4 gang is actually from the dragon circus
>> No. 2164 edit
File 130299558237.jpg - (206.67KB , 467x608 , gourmet goldsmith.jpg )
>Gourmet Goldsmith
>> No. 2165 edit
File 129661505148.png - (76.01KB , 224x401 , BUP_0430.png )
"Goldsmith" always sounded kind of dwarven to me.
>> No. 2166 edit
Oh, it does. It certainly does sound dwarven. But you can't say you didn't see it coming.
>> No. 2175 edit
Diplomatic incident over inferior orc food in the future
>> No. 2176 edit
Just let's be careful to avoid any non-fancy food in the travel.
>> No. 2177 edit
An easy solution is to feed him nothing but inferior orc food until we reach our destination. Hopefully, he'd be used to it by then.
>> No. 2178 edit
inb4 the diplomat die
>> No. 2179 edit
He may be cranky by then if he has to eat the same rations we do. Maybe the merchants sailing the ship have food.
>> No. 2180 edit
it's out?
>> No. 2181 edit
Well, he can be replaced.

In that case, we could feed him food worse than inferior orc food. That way, when he arrives at orcland, he can really enjoy the meals.
>> No. 2182 edit
He'll be even crankier.
>> No. 2183 edit
At least, until he eats relatively superior orc food, right?
>> No. 2184 edit
He could die from stress
>> No. 2186 edit
And then he'll still be cranky. And he'll ruin us all by being outright hostile as a diplomat. Best to kill him right now. Like, right now.
>> No. 2187 edit
It's not like all he does is eat, hopefully.
>> No. 2188 edit
He has to talk at some point.
>> No. 2189 edit
He was eating WHILE talking.
Just saying.
>> No. 2193 edit
Heroes of shadow pdf on /rs/ isn't the real thing, is it? (Both ones on there.)
>> No. 2196 edit
It's real, confirmed
>> No. 2198 edit
Why do wizards get everything good.
>> No. 2199 edit
File 129823743511.png - (76.30KB , 224x401 , BUP_0431.png )
Oh god the female vampire looks so derp
>> No. 2200 edit
File 130303349482.png - (49.16KB , 322x162 , completeHoSfeatlist.png )
only usable feat in the book
>> No. 2201 edit
>bonus on perception checks
Oh yes.
>> No. 2203 edit
File 130307114737.png - (95.24KB , 1069x675 , tradeshipA1a.png )
Since I realize it's a bit hard to see all zoomed out like that, here's a more zoomed-in shot (Gourmert is still there on deck).
>> No. 2204 edit
Binder(Star Pact) seems neat
>> No. 2205 edit

Gourmert looks moe.
>> No. 2208 edit
File 129813892110.jpg - (110.01KB , 500x700 , invisiblebike.jpg )
I, ahem, took a few liberties with what Torinn did in the meantime, and assumed that "without much activity" meant "pretty much nothing suspicious happened". Feel free to correct me if I did something wrong.
>> No. 2210 edit
File 130317439383.png - (4.12KB , 1119x170 , xzKOp.png )
For the record, I'm really looking for a post from Voyager telling me where the spirits are
>> No. 2213 edit
File 130023651110.png - (15.99KB , 200x200 , blank look.png )
>1001 things Mr. Raymond can't do when he GMs

>I must reject a character if his weapon is a katana sheathed in an electric guitar.

>Summoned Balrogs are not effeminate-sounding.

>Just because I can speak Japanese, doesn't mean my players can.

>Only allowed to name a Warforged NPC Alphonse if his voice doesn't sound like a 12 year-old boy.

>My players don't care how creepy the abandoned bakery is at night, they will not tolerate a fight with a Cookie Monster.

>I must not run a game with an Evangelion-like feel in which the players play as themselves.
>Especially without sufficiently warning the players just how dark and hopeless it's going to be.

>However funny the botching results might be, we can assume that PCs are able enough to walk, drink ale or carry on an intelligible conversation without rolling dice. They are heroes, after all.

>I am allowed to drop rocks on any player who names his character Drizz't, Drzzt, Brzzt, Drizzit or any other lame name.

>Ignoring PCs' stats in favor of flipping a coin thrice in a row to determine their ability to get past an obstacle does not constitute a "minigame" that establishes a console-like feel.

>I will no longer remove the heads of dead PC's minis and stick them on spikes on my GM screen.

>The Power Rangers, Care Bears, Superman, Batman, Doctor Who, and Stargate SG-1 are not acceptable crossover fodder for a Buffy game.
>They are especially inappropriate for D&D.
>That goes double for Call of Cthulhu.
>I am certainly not allowed to hide an essential MacGuffin in Angel Grove, California and make the PCs use anything like a morpher, Power Weapons or Zords ever, ever again.

>The fate of the world is never again to be settled with card games.

>"Ceiling Cat" is not an acceptable trap to run across in a dungeon. Even (especially) if Ceiling Cat is a Smilodon, or actually a Kobold in a cat costume.
>No, neither otyughs nor neo-otyughs speak like LOLcats. This issue is closed.

>I will not ask my players to roll perception to notice an NPC's mustache-twirling.
>I will not have the High Priestess of Lolth sport a mustache for her to twirl.
>> No. 2214 edit
>Just 1001
I believe there's a bigger list
>> No. 2215 edit
That's "1925 Mr. Welch is no longer allowed to do in an RPG".
>> No. 2216 edit
File 13031805929.png - (148.78KB , 291x1040 , 4309_fullbody_kanonwithapinwheel.png )
This is totally like us arguing with Shion.
>> No. 2217 edit
Silly robot. You're not supposed to feel fear.
>> No. 2218 edit
I'll go with not present.
>> No. 2226 edit
File 130320172546.png - (121.33KB , 700x700 , 13030761057.png )
>roll another 1
Should I roleplay seasickness?
>> No. 2240 edit
Okay, we survived the dragon just to die against a bunch of crabs. What the hell they got such a lucky round!
>> No. 2241 edit
Now's not the time to despair. Most of us haven't used out best tricks yet.
>> No. 2242 edit
File 129674887945.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
Oh, and everybody's attacking different things again. I don't know why we're doing that.
>> No. 2243 edit
because they are more than us
>> No. 2244 edit
Then focus on making them less than us. Specifically, find an enemy and gang up on it.
>> No. 2245 edit
I consider this is a good time to start spaming encounter powers and action points, or even daily powers. Anyways I should try to kill at least one enemy when I turn arrives, they don't seem to have a lot of hp.
>> No. 2246 edit
The impaler that I already hit may be a good enough place to start, then.
>> No. 2247 edit
I would like to protect Bern somehow, she is in a bad condition.
>> No. 2248 edit
If she's able to disengage the ones coming after her with Dimension Scramble, it'd be a good idea to get over there and finish them off. Save Jaws of the Wolf for one that isn't bloodied by then, though.

Oh, and don't get too close to the edge. Only the King one has shown this ability, but they may all be able to slide you on a hit. And if you're within range of my powers, that makes things better.

Me, I'm healing Myn with my second wind so Michael can bring Torinn back to near full health with his power. Bern may want to heal herself first, maybe summon her spirit companion and equip her stuff as well.
>> No. 2249 edit
I intend to shoot them with magic.
>> No. 2250 edit
You'll provoke an opportunity attack if you're still restrained. And have a -2 penalty to attack rolls.
>> No. 2251 edit
Oh, and YDW might not be a complete waste thanks to Bern's power that makes an enemy weak to some stuff if it hits.
>> No. 2252 edit
File 130151635784.jpg - (88.40KB , 500x591 , f720fa3718e9b67e352dbd19851b6fa0.jpg )
He's not restrained, he's grabbed. He would provoke an OA, but there's no attack penalty.

Dazing doesn't break grabs, no. However, the craud must take an action to sustain its grab (a minor in most cases), so it could make it so sustaining the grab is the only action the craud can take.
>> No. 2253 edit
I keep forgetting there's a difference.
>> No. 2254 edit
File 129982935023.jpg - (407.60KB , 1063x1497 , 4260906ff6b086e991501edb701c69ce.jpg )
As far as I'm aware, yes, a melee basic attack counts as an at-will. As long as it's not an encounter power that can be used as an mba.
>> No. 2256 edit
Oh good, I thought I was going to have to change deities to get any mileage out of Holy Smite~
>> No. 2257 edit
In that case, I'll be running away, and then shooting them with magic.
>> No. 2258 edit
You're grabbed, remember?
>> No. 2259 edit
File 129911206091.jpg - (77.69KB , 242x365 , drapey.jpg )
Oh, important question that should probably be asked before any confusion arises.

How do we move up/down elevations on this map? I know the obvious answer (stairs) but what about getting down without using them?
>> No. 2260 edit
You dazed it?
>> No. 2261 edit
I said may have dazed it. It's possible to miss, after all.
>> No. 2262 edit
File 129556592946.jpg - (110.03KB , 493x763 , c469167aae057087d29ad20d8b79e64a_.jpg )
I hadn't really thought of exact rules, but moving down from one elevation to another without using the stairs costs 2 move and requires a DC 5 Athletics check. moving up from one elevation to another without using the stairs takes 2 move and a DC 15 Athletics check. The Athletics checks are required to clear the railing that runs along each level. I'll add this into the notes next update.
>> No. 2263 edit
And if you end your turn on a railing?
>> No. 2264 edit
File 129617863455.jpg - (157.58KB , 420x709 , 3309dc50354a5c06c74fb6b4e717730a.jpg )
It's assumed you're not actually standing on the railing, but rather leaned up against it or just near it. The railing doesn't occupy the whole space, after all.
>> No. 2265 edit
How about an awesome jump from P-11 to R-9?
>> No. 2266 edit
You could just walk, too.
>> No. 2267 edit
Wouldn't that cause an opportunity attack to get into that position?
>> No. 2268 edit
File 130282522465.jpg - (85.82KB , 480x640 , 3b291c1120483ff5c6fd0729021a7d36.jpg )
You'll still have those if you jump!
>> No. 2269 edit
Ohh, that's no fun~
>> No. 2270 edit
File 129788612424.png - (38.88KB , 208x207 , bobblehead.png )
You'd provoke one anyway, I think. You're no deathjump spider.
>> No. 2271 edit
Don't make shoop it.
>> No. 2272 edit
File 130334984551.jpg - (81.01KB , 247x272 , uu it faggot.jpg )
>> No. 2273 edit
File 13033498459.png - (22.58KB , 261x120 , grab.png )
Wait a second, is this wrong?
>> No. 2274 edit
Depends on where that's from. It may have been errata'd out.
>> No. 2275 edit
File 13033504185.png - (234.33KB , 530x354 , danger.png )
...Except I can't find any errata on it. I guess it really does end when dazed.
>> No. 2276 edit
File 130335225668.png - (200.96KB , 400x200 , problemstrikers.png )
Prepare for quadruple strike at-will from my raze traits.
>> No. 2277 edit
File 130335352390.jpg - (135.74KB , 400x639 , a3e5746974fa5861e48c6d4196e576c0.jpg )
I don't know about errata, but the Rules Compendium entry on grabbing is different. It doesn't mention the part about OAs.
>> No. 2278 edit
I see, this is from the Player Handbook.
>> No. 2279 edit
File 12961055555.jpg - (62.73KB , 430x575 , 5486f472f6c137bda2e507e425537b26.jpg )
Indeed, I believe it was changed for the Rules Compendium. Odd if they didn't supplement it with errata, though.

Anyway, you can break grabs by doing something that prevents a creature from taking any action (like stunning, or knocking it unconscious), but just opportunity actions doesn't work anymore. Forced movement to put it out of reach also works.
>> No. 2280 edit
File 130336046051.jpg - (1.59MB , 600x8550 , darths0344_bonus.jpg )
They sure love changing grappling rules.
>> No. 2283 edit
File 130345286522.png - (20.57KB , 416x450 , brooding.png )
>gouge-wielding charging wizard
>over one hundred DPR
I'm all for breaking the mold, but when that involves everybody who isn't a ranger using the exact same trick that the barbarian class is sort of built around, and then coming up with ways to consistently use and exploit this trick, something's wrong.
>> No. 2284 edit
So far:

Spirit Boon Free Action: spirit companion to P-10
Minor action: Healing Spirit, target myself. Secondary target is Myn
Move Action: move to I-10.
>> No. 2287 edit
So what are Gourmert's stats
>> No. 2293 edit
File 130351976390.gif - (165.31KB , 376x322 , gentlemen it is time to boogie.gif )
Temp-HP granting, reviving, breath marking, unmissable extra damage on an attacking, and dazing on hitting shenanigans here.

Can your knight do that? No?

Yeah, that's what I thought.
>> No. 2295 edit
Technically, Sureiya can probably get away with leaving his position, because the craud would be hit with horrible stacking retaliation if it made an attack. But it's all good.
>> No. 2297 edit
File 130352136168.png - (59.44KB , 320x621 , Gourmert.png )
It seems some people really want Gourmert's stats. They're not really all that important, but here you go.

Oh, and if you're wondering how Torinn missed with a "27," he actually rolled this first: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2993414/
>> No. 2301 edit
He sure have lots of hp, that's good.
>> No. 2303 edit
Well we did best this round, but our (not planned) strategy failed, all of them are alive. We should focus to kill them now.
Craud crusher 3 is probably barely alive, Bern could try to finish that one.
Craud crusher 2 and impaler 1 are weak as well, you could try using betrayal.
>> No. 2305 edit
Um, Rin, you forgot to factor in my shifting from escaping from the grab during that latest post. (So I should be to the right of the crusher)
>> No. 2320 edit
<Good> if the impalers die the king will probably leave.
>> No. 2321 edit
Scorching Sands
Encounter * Fire, Implement, Primal, Spirit
Standard action / Melee spirit 1
Target: One creature
Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d8 + Wisdom modifier (+3) fire damage, and the target gains vulnerable 5 fire until the end of your next turn.
Elemental Spirit: You and each ally adjacent to your spirit companion can choose to deal fire damage until the end of your next turn. This fire damage replaces an attack's normal damage types.
Effect: Your spirit companion disappears.
>> No. 2322 edit
File 129930052160.png - (538.53KB , 933x886 , sak_a12 laughing 1.png )
Put it near Sureiya and you're good to go. Sureiya has Twin Strike (benefits greatly from extra damage), Torinn already has at-will radiant damage, Myn has Your Delicious Weakness (which can now be consistently useful, so retraining is unnecessary), and Michael can use Inspired Belligerence to augment everybody's damage further still (may be better for everyone after you to delay so Michael can do this and Intuitive Strike to offset its defenses).
>> No. 2323 edit
Actually, nevermind about Torinn. I thought it made things weak against fire and radiant for some reason.

He's still close enough to benefit from the damage type change, though, so no change in plans.
>> No. 2324 edit
Looks good
>> No. 2325 edit
Use is against the king and we will take care of it.
>> No. 2331 edit
roll dice rip
>> No. 2332 edit
File 129464370846.png - (78.78KB , 224x401 , BUP_0414.png )
This has happened before, so I imagine it'll be back up soon.

If it's not up tomorrow, though, I'll be looking for alternative options, at least temporarily.
>> No. 2333 edit
Didn't that weird website we were going to use had a dice roller?
>> No. 2334 edit
Diceroller back, at least for me
>> No. 2335 edit
same here
>> No. 2342 edit
Intimidation time? Let's leave them bloodied first.
>> No. 2343 edit
If you can bloody them both, sure.
>> No. 2345 edit
File 130386602757.png - (18.98KB , 200x200 , saku_laugh.png )
>Call Celestial Steed Paladin Utility 4
>The thunder of galloping hooves and a far-off neigh greet your call or whistle. From a silvery mist or cloud, a celestial warhorse or similar steed dressed for battle appears, ready to serve you.
>Daily (Special) F Divine, Summoning
>Standard Action Ranged 5
>Effect: A celestial warhorse appears in an unoccupied space within range to obey your commands. The steed is an ally to you and your allies, and it serves as a mount to you or one ally you designate. While the steed is serving as a mount, the normal rules for mounted combat apply (see the Rules Compendium). The only actions that the steed can take while riderless are move actions and free actions. When the steed makes a check, you make the roll using your game statistics, not including any temporary bonuses or penalties.
>The steed lasts until it drops to 0 hit points, at which point you lose a healing surge (or hit points equal to your surge value if you have no surges left). Otherwise, it lasts until you dismiss it as a minor action or until you start an extended rest.
>Special: You can use this power twice per day. However, if the steed drops to 0 hit points, you cannot use the power again until after an extended rest.

>Twice per day
>Otherwise, it lasts until you dismiss it as a minor action or until you start an extended rest.
>mfw RAW lets you summon two horses in two rounds
>> No. 2355 edit
File 129875666734.png - (15.61KB , 217x157 , kanonheh_ib4f.png )
Somehow, I believe you expected for that roll to fail.
>> No. 2356 edit
File 129988119241.png - (3.96KB , 175x169 , sakutarou_hehg.png )
I expect every roll to fail.
>> No. 2362 edit
File 130395763051.jpg - (56.72KB , 350x149 , shieldoffellowship.jpg )
Shield of Fellowship looks very, very tempting. Much more utility for my role than Iron Armbands of Power if I pick up Virtue at some point.

Not attacking the pally? Enjoy your targets getting my healing surge value + 3 in THPs.

Maybe combine with an Amulet of Life for more shenanigans. Because the only thing better than one ally getting my healing surge value in THPs is two allies getting my healing surge value in THPs.

Ring of Tenacious Will is mandatory, though.
>> No. 2371 edit
If George dies from this, I'll become a witch. What that witch is yet I'm not sure, but I'll cackle.
>> No. 2380 edit
I want to suggest using the battle standard of healing for healing surges. For example, here's one way to spend.

Myn: spend 2, heal for 22+6=28, 40/44 HP
Michael: spend 1, heal for 13+6=19, 40/40 HP (2 overhealing)
Bernkastel: spend 1, heal for 8+6=14, 34/34 HP (2 overhealing)
Torinn: spend 0, heal for 0+6=6, 45/46 HP
Sureiya: spend 2, heal for 22+6=28, 43/45 HP
>> No. 2381 edit
Looks okay to me~
>> No. 2384 edit
For convenience, could you please pretend everyone already rested in the order bern proposed? everyone is getting a bit lazy to post~
>> No. 2385 edit
File 129949536453.png - (538.42KB , 960x539 , get in the car.png )
Don't encourage more laziness.
>> No. 2386 edit
File 130412977595.png - (16.60KB , 233x172 , mb2.png )
I for one wholeheartedly support laziness.
>> No. 2387 edit
File 129912511466.jpg - (23.83KB , 98x141 , pweh.jpg )
You're no fun.
>> No. 2390 edit
File 129570266441.jpg - (151.59KB , 450x707 , 1223507316381.jpg )
>>Myn: spend 2, heal for 22+6=28, 40/44 HP
I'm gonna definitely need confirmation that Myn actually takes a short rest. He will lose his darkspiral aura that way.
>> No. 2393 edit
File 13041984687.jpg - (39.80KB , 195x189 , hameru8.jpg )
>> No. 2395 edit
File 12969527522.png - (14.44KB , 206x168 , dazed.png )
Don't feel like giving input?
>> No. 2397 edit
File 130420372318.jpg - (42.83KB , 188x194 , mb3.jpg )
For the record, I blame you.
>> No. 2398 edit
File 129788612424.png - (38.88KB , 208x207 , bobblehead.png )
For what?
>> No. 2399 edit
What's the matter?
>> No. 2400 edit
File 130420541920.jpg - (23.61KB , 120x158 , mb9.jpg )
It's nothing.
>> No. 2411 edit
You thinking of picking the Thrallherd PP, Bern? It looks like something you might like.
>> No. 2413 edit
File 130428343335.png - (488.32KB , 888x886 , sak_a11 default 1.png )

Looks like WoTC listened to what the players wanted after all, because there's going to be some new themes that can be used regardless of setting.

I wonder how the mechanics are going to work out.
>> No. 2414 edit
File 129695777988.png - (188.93KB , 490x595 , d06fd2617db931ccb8f10784a6a37b1b.png )
Again, my sincerest apologies about the delay. Rest assured that by the end of this week, my schedule will be cleared up, and I'll have everything up to date. I'll also make a new OOC thread with a new version of the collected Cbuilder files, too, and update the books.
>> No. 2415 edit
Are they still in Waterdeep?
>> No. 2416 edit
We haven't arrived yet.
>> No. 2417 edit
File 129723418350.jpg - (85.92KB , 449x700 , excited.jpg )
Also, themes. Did I mention themes already? Because there's gonna be themes.
>> No. 2422 edit
File 130023651110.png - (15.99KB , 200x200 , blank look.png )
>charop wants Righteous Radiance to work with Forceful Challenge
>Forceful Challenge pulls an enemy one square after they take damage from the punishment mechanic, after their action resolves
>Righteous Radiance punishes on a shift
>shifting usually moves 1 space
>Forceful Challenge pulls 1 space
Like that's going to happen.
>> No. 2424 edit
If you want to share your history check, say something to that effect. That's what I did.
>> No. 2425 edit
Wouldn't I need for Rin to tell me what I know from that check?
>> No. 2426 edit
Or you could say it along the way.
>> No. 2436 edit
File 130472556327.png - (99.87KB , 272x401 , BUP_0441.png )
"Magic isn't about why. It's about why not! Why is so much of our magic dangerous? Why not marry safe magic if you love it so much! If you loved safe-magic so much, why don't you make a magic safety door that doesn't hit you on the butt on the way out! Because you are fired!

Not you test subject, you're doing fine.

Yes. You. Box. Your stuff. Out the front Door. Stable. Horse. Goodbye."
>> No. 2437 edit
File 130248690692.png - (56.22KB , 330x443 , kan_nayamua74.png )
Hahahaha, did you change "magic" by "technology"?
>> No. 2438 edit
File 130473359670.jpg - (275.17KB , 618x924 , just give up.jpg )
You people and your "safety" and "precautions" and "liveable working conditions". Pfft.
>> No. 2442 edit
New themes are to heroic tier what paragon paths and epic destinies are to paragon and epic tier, respectively.

I can dig that.
>> No. 2443 edit
File 129824315826.png - (78.92KB , 224x401 , BUP_0410.png )
Cave Johnson here!
Dying isn’t a concern for Aperture Cartel, hell, it’s the basis of most of the science we do here. The main problem is the various astral embodiments of death who get their panties in a twist and try to disrupt our experiments, so the robe boys have been seeking out alternatives that don’t get all manners of clerics brandishing holy symbols bursting through our front door.

Unfortunately test subject, you’re not here to be made immortal. No sir, you my adventurer friend are already immortal through your valiant deeds and the many stories told about you! You’re here to get rid of one of our previous test subjects. Turns out some people just can’t handle having their immortal souls sealed inside a suit of armor. I hope you brought Adamantine weapons.
>> No. 2444 edit
CBuilder updated with themes. May have to select "campaign settings" to view the features.
>> No. 2445 edit
And where can I read about these new themes?
Mad scientist much? heh
>> No. 2447 edit
>> No. 2448 edit
Where's the most recent update to the CBuilder?
>> No. 2449 edit
The main one that piqued my interest was the animal master one, namely cause it can work well with a Ranger(Or Hunter),because of the bonuses you get to skills you should normally have, and that some go for animal Companions already. The Order adept is good for wizards, and wizard's apprentice made me laugh at the derpy looking apprentice with the wand.
>> No. 2450 edit

To update, just remove the files in the custom folder you're replacing.
>> No. 2452 edit
I don't like too much any of them.
>> No. 2453 edit
I like the format of the new themes, but nothing appeals to me in terms of flavor yet.
>> No. 2454 edit
Should we be posting something?
>> No. 2455 edit
A simple reply would be good
>> No. 2458 edit
File 129757993589.png - (76.58KB , 224x401 , BUP_0423.png )
I may be a bit out of it Sunday, but barring unforeseen delays we should be able to kick this into high gear once I get back on Monday.
>> No. 2459 edit
Will Sid travel with us?
>> No. 2463 edit
What kind of penalties would my character suffer if he doesn't sleep once? I could take the first guard.
>> No. 2464 edit
File 129988908485.png - (98.97KB , 272x401 , BUP_0438.png )
Nah, he's staying behind.

For missing sleep once? Nothing. I made up a hypothetical fatigue table in my head which I might post later in house rules, but even my harsher guidelines wouldn't cause any penalties until around 36 hours without sleep.

I forgot to mention provisions, though, so you might wanna think about that. You're about to spend two and a half weeks on the river. With that said, a good Nature check means you can forage (fish, search for berries, hunt game) for food.
>> No. 2465 edit
Sid is giving an ancient magic scroll to someone who couldn't get a sunrod to work.

I think I'll sleep during the day and keep watch at night.
>> No. 2466 edit
Sid gave the scroll to the pseudo shaman? It wasn't very clear
>> No. 2467 edit

>> No. 2468 edit
File 129746433739.png - (99.26KB , 272x401 , BUP_0444.png )
When I speak in general terms, like, "gives the scroll to you," that could mean any of the party members that wants to take possession of it. It doesn't have to be Bernkastel.
>> No. 2469 edit
That's what I thought, but bern post made me doubt.
Sounds good to me.
>> No. 2470 edit
But they're heroes!


I see, okay.

Now, arcane expert X, please take the scroll.
>> No. 2471 edit
Order of watch.
>> No. 2472 edit
I see, but I'm still unclear on the method. For example:

a. People wake up in the middle of sleep to take over for guard duty in the order you described.
b. People take turns skipping sleep for a day each to take watch duty, in the order you described.
c. Alternatively, people take turns sleeping during the day rather than at night, and they're on guard duty in that order.
>> No. 2473 edit
I also don't mind sleeping for six hours during the day every day, so I can be on watch duty every night.
>> No. 2474 edit
>> No. 2475 edit
A is probably best for traveling on foot, since everyone has to be awake at the same time. However, it takes seven and a half hours.

At least while we're traveling on the boat, I'd like to be on watch duty. We may save some time, and also avoid situations in which someone like Myn the Blind is the only one keeping watch.
>> No. 2476 edit
Good point. You can stand watch.
>> No. 2477 edit
I imagine this could help us avoid a surprise round or two.
>> No. 2482 edit
File 129645156878.jpg - (45.15KB , 360x514 , 29f9aadd32f899c2fe25c19fb39fed12.jpg )
New OOC thread!
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