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File 129992309825.png - (16.48KB , 200x200 , Dungeon Master Shion.png )
2481 No. 2481 edit
This thread will be for OOC Chatter and Discussion.

Character Sheets:
George (Myn Nthelsyr) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=215664
Hideiling (Michael Silversteel) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=217177
Bernkastel ("Bernkastel") http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=285555
Astaroth (Torinn Tormine) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=217138
Liliane (Sariel) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=217112
anon-kun (Sureiya) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=224099

The Books: http://www.mediafire.com/?7g2v42d2xdy7f

Everything has been put together here and organized for maximum ease of use:


Step 0: Download the above, unrar it.
Step 1: Run the program in the Step 1 folder, this will download the character builder.
Step 2: Run the program in the Step 2 folder, this will update your Cbuilder. Make sure to specify the directory to which you installed the program in Step 1. Be absolutely sure of this, because it may try to install in a different directory (Program Files as opposed to Program Files x86 or vice versa), which will not work.
Step 3: Move the files in the Step 3 folder into the CBuilder directory.
Step 4: Download this: http://www.mediafire.com/?ok9p0qlemjcow07
Step 5: Unrar that into the new "Custom" folder in the Cbuilder directory.
Step 6: Run the "CharacterBuilderLoader.exe" file. It will take some time to load your custom content the first time you load it. The Uncommon to Common part in particular takes a while, but I think it's probably necessary for magic items. You only have to do it once or twice so it's not a big deal, just be patient until it finishes.
Step 7: That should be it. Remember, always open it using the CharacterBuilderLoader.exe and not the default Cbuilder file.
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>> No. 2483 edit
T-there are a lot of stickies in this board~
>> No. 2486 edit
File 129944573360.png - (77.00KB , 224x401 , BUP_0422.png )
Well, I try to unsticky threads when we change to a new one. So there should only be 3 stickies at a given point in time.

Anyway, craud encounter. Here's what I have for healing surges spent:

Surges Spent:
Bernkastel: 2
Torinn: 3
Myn: 3
Michael: 1
Sureiya: 2

Current HP Values:
Myn 40/44 HP
Michael 40/40 HP
Bernkastel 34/34 HP
Torinn 45/46 HP
Sureiya 43/45 HP

Please note that for now I am enforcing the rule that "you can't take an extended rest except in a sheltered area," such as a city, or by using a ritual that creates a "safe zone." This means that sleeping on the boat or camping don't count as extended rests, only short rests. As such you have not yet received the benefit of an extended rest since the craud encounter.

XP Earned: 353 XP each
Expected XP Total (after battle): 4253/5500

Please update your sheets to the new total as soon as possible. Now, to get to work on your next encounter.
>> No. 2487 edit
File 130162571920.jpg - (57.84KB , 237x363 , x face.jpg )
I sure seem to go through those healing surges quickly.
>> No. 2492 edit
File 130166938268.png - (94.06KB , 505x394 , sakutarou_ohyou.png )
>knows when to stop
>docks itself
>makes its own dock
>anchors itself
>no sails needed
Nice boat.
>> No. 2493 edit
How about some aid another with Bern for the forage? Getting a 15 by ourselves doesn't look very easy.
>> No. 2494 edit
File 129823686794.jpg - (11.40KB , 97x104 , heeeeh.jpg )
You mean 25, right?
>> No. 2495 edit
Well, with a 15 you can get food for yourself, so we should try to aim for a 25 (food for all of us).
>> No. 2496 edit
File 129674887945.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
That's what I meant.
>> No. 2497 edit
Anyways, why Shion in game responses from npc always end up using that sad face? Is Sureiya really that rude?! I'm starting to get concerned about it.
>> No. 2498 edit
File 129788612424.png - (38.88KB , 208x207 , bobblehead.png )
You did call something he was very proud of a "toy".
>> No. 2499 edit
File 129611866875.png - (84.80KB , 291x478 , kan_nayamua42.png )
Alright, the word toy doesn't always have a bad meaning but okay, it make sense he got a little offended, but even before that she used the same sprite! And I'm certain that's not the first time I see it.
>> No. 2504 edit
File 129610198440.png - (135.67KB , 500x500 , awwww___.png )
Still not a good place to summon a horse.
>> No. 2506 edit
Sweetfish river etc.
>> No. 2517 edit
File 130525528712.png - (129.05KB , 645x600 , sureiyathearcher.png )
>> No. 2521 edit
Incidentally, lizardfolk only speak Draconic; this should have been relayed with the other info.
>> No. 2522 edit
The crusher seems dangerous ...
>> No. 2523 edit
File 130526021887.png - (20.40KB , 200x200 , I Miss You.png )
>unaligned humanoids that finally speak the same language as Torinn
>diplomacy doesn't work
>no time to summon mount
>they have push powers
Are you crushing my soul on purpose?
>> No. 2524 edit
File 129527222995.jpg - (53.37KB , 412x500 , grab0050.jpg )
There's no need to get in such despair. You just can't always count on being able to be riding on your horse whenever combat starts. I'm not really INTENTIONALLY trying to set up encounters that mess with your class abilities--only one of these enemies has forced movement and the ability to knock prone.

If anything, the short time before combat starts is me learning from my mistake of giving you guys a surprise round on the dragon, which made it kind of a non-challenge.

Anyway, the pegasus is pretty much godly so I don't see the issue!
>> No. 2526 edit
File 130526470210.png - (1.26MB , 723x1023 , JESUS CHRIST IT\'S A LION.png )
It is godly. In fact, the Cavalier's mounts are strictly better than any mount in the game because they scale and cost no gold to upgrade. But I don't get a pegasus until paragon tier, though. I'm grounded until then. I wasn't aware of how situational the heroic tier mount was at first, so I'm a little disappointed by the reality of it. I was really looking forward to playing a valiant knight on horseback.

I'll get my chance someday, though.
>> No. 2531 edit
>> No. 2532 edit
File 130531679930.png - (1.11MB , 768x1392 , plotting.png )
The mystic looks like the one calling the shots. Should we inspire distrust of their fearless leader?
>> No. 2536 edit
>drown him
>> No. 2537 edit
File 130533980957.gif - (7.83KB , 71x150 , blink blink.gif )
Hurl him to L-20, which is underwater, I think. If he's immobilized by the initial attack, he can't even make an endurance check to not drown because he can't swim.

Also would impress superstitious natives.
>> No. 2538 edit
File 129695315927.png - (76.86KB , 224x401 , BUP_0429.png )
There are a couple of nitpicks I have with that.

A) The rules compendium doesn't say anything about "can't make an Endurance check because he's immobilized." If it's underwater, it makes the Endurance check regardless, it doesn't automatically fail because it's immobilized.
B) Furthermore, even if the lizardfolk is pushed into the water, being immobilized doesn't prevent it from making an Athletics check to tread water, preventing it from changing elevations and be in danger of drowning in the first place. All immobilization does is prevent it from leaving its space via normal movement. It doesn't paralyze the creature. Of course, you could slide the target under the water directly (forced movement is allowed in 3 dimensions, so long as you're not sliding an earthbound creature "up").
C) I'd say that forcing a lizardfolk into water definitely counts as sliding it into "hindering terrain." It would get a saving throw to avoid falling in the river.
>> No. 2539 edit
I am not sure about what you could do this turn Bern, but if you plan to use Scorching sands please wait another turn, I would like to use it against the big one.
>> No. 2540 edit
File 129674887945.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
Whoops. I made too many assumptions there.

Does the saving throw negate the forced movement entirely if it succeeds?
>> No. 2541 edit
File 12949882016.jpg - (15.04KB , 404x363 , Shion Huh.jpg )
Not in this case, since it's not teleportation. In the case of a push, pull, or slide, it'll drop prone in the last space before it was forced to change to hindering terrain.

I should note that drowning isn't exactly a very quick way to deal damage, either. When it fails an Endurance save, first it would lose a healing surge, then it would take damage equal to its level every round.
>> No. 2542 edit
File 129610198440.png - (135.67KB , 500x500 , awwww___.png )
It's the impression that counts?
>> No. 2544 edit
1. Greenscale Raider 1 (G-15), -35 HP (Bloodied)
-This one should fall with 20 damage at most, and we'll have one less shift prevention to worry about. No need to restrict its movement, since it should die quickly.

2. Blackscale Crusher (G/H-9/10)
-A big threat, dealing high damage from behind the front lines. We need to drag it into a flanking position and focus fire. We don't know how much HP it has, so we should focus encounter powers on it. Since it's large, the melee attackers and one of my spirits can surround and immobilize it.

3. Greenscale Raider 2 (J-11), -16 HP, dazed
-It's dazed, so it's less of a threat at the moment. It'll fall with 39 damage, at most.

4. Greenscale Bog Mystic (D-11)
-We'll attack it when the melee are more free to flank and focus. Since it's a controller, while it's alive, non-melee combatants should stay spread out.

??. Greenscale Hunters
-To be killed one at a time between the high-priority targets, but only with a good opportunity to flank.

Note: While focusing on a target, we should try to deter it from running off to a ranged ally.
>> No. 2549 edit
File 130543139423.png - (76.19KB , 359x382 , how.png )
My spirit companion can replace an ally in one of the three positions, if needed.
>> No. 2551 edit
To Hide: A suggestion was brought up that Michael should let Torinn take his turn first for the combat advantage from either a daze or a flank. It's your choice, though, and we'll come up with some other plan if you disagree.
>> No. 2554 edit
"A blackscale lizardfolk ... when it is attacked, it has a tendency to retaliate with a large sweep of its tail, knocking nearby enemies prone."

It's unfortunate that the daze missed. We'll have to do without CA for a bit longer, depending on the prone thing.
>> No. 2555 edit
File 129695150817.png - (25.97KB , 115x115 , yare yare da ze.png )
And there's the insult to injury. Fantastic.
>> No. 2556 edit
You should intimidate it when it's bloodied, ne.
>> No. 2557 edit
Will do.
>> No. 2558 edit
Oh fuck, can't you daze it bern?
>> No. 2569 edit
File 130552862830.png - (34.77KB , 598x590 , test.png )
For the sake of history
>> No. 2573 edit
Alright, when they refuse to escape what to do? Go for the leader?
>> No. 2574 edit
Take him down.
>> No. 2575 edit
Well, that could take some time, since I'm still slowed~
>> No. 2576 edit
Or marauder's rush it.
>> No. 2577 edit
Still won't reach.
>> No. 2578 edit
Move, then charge. You're not subject to its aura since its attack missed you.
>> No. 2579 edit
I'm not sure if that's how it works ... anyways with just three enemies this should not last long.
>> No. 2580 edit
Why wouldn't it? You get speed two, that doesn't mean you can only move two squares across two move actions. You can move up to four.

The Mystic is at D-12. Sureiya is at H-13. Move through H-12 to G-11. Then charge through F-11 to E-10. It's very doable. The crusher's not gonna stop you, since it's, well, down.
>> No. 2581 edit
>Swamp's grasp creates a zone of swampy terrain until the end of the encounter. The zone is difficult terrain to creatures without swamp walk.
>> No. 2582 edit
That's the stuff you're standing on the edge of. You can walk out of it just fine.
>> No. 2583 edit
I see, I confused it with the aura.
>> No. 2586 edit
Enabling Sureiya so he can make attacks might be a good idea.
>> No. 2591 edit
File 130560636577.png - (98.62KB , 272x401 , BUP_0446.png )
Just FYI, the bog mystic may have another action to take before it runs off if Torinn bloodies it with an opportunity attack.
>> No. 2595 edit
File 130058339947.jpg - (150.12KB , 400x481 , Heres Lookin at You Kid.jpg )
I was wondering how a system would work if we removed AC, made all attacks that targeted AC instead target Reflex, remove proficiency bonuses from weapons (give +3 prof weapons an "Accurate" property for +1 attack rolls), and make armor give damage resistance instead of boosting a defense. Perhaps also add a damage resistance based on a stat (like Constitution).

I don't think it would really work with only doing that much, but it was an interesting thought.
>> No. 2596 edit
Every melee should multiclass assassin/monk for mighty ki focus. (high crit and unerring)
>> No. 2597 edit
also >heavy armor
>> No. 2598 edit
File 130562597554.jpg - (74.37KB , 800x774 , 1299261324933.jpg )
The system I was envisioning this for would be different in a lot of other ways, too. Separation of all attacks into physical/magical, Constitution would add to physical damage resist while Intelligence would add to magical damage resist. The three defenses would be Evade (Dex/Int), Magic Evade (Wis/Cha), and Resilience (Str/Con). Evade and Magic Evade would be used in To-Hit rolls for most attacks, and Resilience would be used in To-Hit rolls for most conditions and forced movement.

In the end, though, I think the shift would be too dramatic and complicated. I'm not sure how to scale it. I was thinking of some hack-solutions like you have a base resist of one-half your level, which the relevant ability mod and armor adding to that, and no attack could be reduced below half damage (necessary to keep first level characters from completely resisting the damage of heroic tier monsters), but those ARE hacks and not terribly elegant. Also, since Con added to physical damage resist, there was a fear that it counted for too much in adding to HP/surges, so I though I'd remove it from those and make it so that HP/surges were dependent on racial modifiers + class modifiers and are independent of ability scores (High HP races would have +16 HP +3 surges, to low HP races would have +12 HP and +1 surges).
>> No. 2606 edit
Not sure if I can do anything much while dazed. I only get one action or something.
>> No. 2607 edit
File 129645733032.jpg - (162.59KB , 1200x1600 , ummm.jpg )
Oh, and can't install character builder update on Windows 7 64 bit. Something about a 7-zip error.
>> No. 2608 edit
File 129695777988.png - (188.93KB , 490x595 , d06fd2617db931ccb8f10784a6a37b1b.png )
I have Windows 7 64-bit too, and I installed it without trouble. Try using something other than 7zip?
>> No. 2609 edit
File 130568845666.jpg - (38.80KB , 395x501 , eugh.jpg )
I didn't even have 7-zip installed when I got the error.

I should turn file extensions back on, probably.
>> No. 2611 edit
Looks like an access restriction problem of some kind is placed on that folder. How do I remove that?
>> No. 2612 edit
File 129646259018.png - (77.39KB , 224x401 , BUP_0424.png )
Right-click the folder, Security, and set permissions so everyone has Full Access. You'll need Administrator rights to do that, of course.
>> No. 2613 edit
File 130569104165.jpg - (111.33KB , 257x513 , heartknot.jpg )
Got it. It works now.
>> No. 2614 edit
Something just occurred to me. Since Michael has a Healing Brooch, if he uses the Battle Standard of Healing (a power with the healing keyword), the HP recovered from the standard should have the bonus from the brooch, right?
>> No. 2615 edit
I think it works on powers, but the standard also uses a power.

Not sure that it's supposed to work like that anyway, though.
>> No. 2617 edit
File 129824266992.jpg - (178.54KB , 540x800 , This Head is Not for Patting.jpg )
I am not really sure, but I am tentatively thinking I could allow it because it keeps the battle standard relevant at later levels. My gut reaction is that it could be overpowered, though, so no promises.
>> No. 2619 edit
Then is it safe to say we can heal the extra for the short rest after this?
>> No. 2620 edit
File 129695315927.png - (76.86KB , 224x401 , BUP_0429.png )
I suppose so. Don't take it as absolute precedent for the trick working, though.
>> No. 2625 edit
Houserule them into item bonuses to healing or something so they don't stack.
>> No. 2627 edit
Myn: spend 0, heal for 0+6=6, 41/44 HP

Michael: spend 0, heal for 0+6=6, 40/40 HP (1 overhealing)

Bernkastel: spend 1, heal for 8+6=14, 34/34 HP (1 overhealing)

Torinn: *Inspiring Word* spend 1, heal for 16+6+(1d6+3+1)=26+1d6

Sureiya: *First Aid Second Wind* spend 1, heal for 11+6+1=18, 41/45 HP
(the extra 1 from the healing brooch if Michael grants the second wind, which is a healing power)

formatting mistakes ;_;
>> No. 2628 edit
File 129695215234.png - (76.88KB , 224x401 , BUP_0433.png )
>Sureiya: *First Aid Second Wind* spend 1, heal for 11+6+1=18, 41/45 HP
>(the extra 1 from the healing brooch if Michael grants the second wind, which is a healing power)

First aid "allows them to use a second wind," it's not really "using a healing power on them," I am pretty sure.
>> No. 2630 edit
And if I spend a healing surge, wouldn't that do the trick?
>> No. 2631 edit
I thought it was a power, for some reason. Well, it's just 1 HP.
>> No. 2632 edit
Anyways, I don't mind missing 1 hp.
>> No. 2633 edit
Oh, and more importantly. Should we try to make the rail move again? Or simply ignore the danger and sleep again?
>> No. 2634 edit
Get out of here. But that requires an arcana check.
>> No. 2635 edit
George, go to the rail and spam arcana checks, if you break it we use the scroll.
>> No. 2637 edit
What should I ask, anyway?
>> No. 2638 edit
Their names, motive for raid, their leader's name, tribe size, usual etc.
>> No. 2639 edit
Okay, but Torinn's already indicated he wants to move on. You'll have to tell him what you want.
>> No. 2645 edit
File 129746433739.png - (99.26KB , 272x401 , BUP_0444.png )
You can, I'm just wondering if you had a plan before waking up a hostile monster in the middle of the group.
>> No. 2646 edit
If possible, when you update please consider we took the short rest. We probably don't plan to tie those guys or anything, if they don't seem like talking we will just move.
>> No. 2648 edit
No short rest for me, ne.
>> No. 2649 edit
You don't have an aura. You don't really benefit from not resting.
>> No. 2650 edit

It's a pain to go through encounter powers again when I could just use up my last one and get arcane reserves, though...
>> No. 2651 edit
You do more damage with encounter powers than with arcana reserves.
>> No. 2652 edit

1d10+2 vs 2d6 (+3 at start of turn) vs 2d6 (+weakness damage + 3). Given that eldritch blast does get stronger over time, once I reach even a small aura value it should be considered on par with darkworm feast, meaning that I should generally be using it instead. YDW is usually weaker than eldritch blast + arcane reserves, and would be a waste of a standard action unless there's a weakness present, which hasn't been as common as I expected.
>> No. 2653 edit
But until you have that aura it's not as good. And you don't have one yet.
>> No. 2655 edit

However, that also lets me attack with fire damage. The dark pact benefit will add +3 to that, but that's the same as AR + aura 1, which isn't difficult to get in the least.
>> No. 2656 edit
Then you better use up blazing starfall right now, otherwise your damage will be very sub-par for the first round next fight bar some serendipitous positioning of enemies in a big cluster (or Bern going before you, but you can't rely on that). And as a striker, that's really bad.

I know you want to get some use out of everything you picked up, but with combat as short as it is, there's not going to be any significant gain from it until you get back that rod of corruption to get a very significant boost to the number of enemies cursed by you in that short time. The big reason you got such a huge aura last time was that gauntlet run that let you curse all those minions over the course of several turns. Until then you'd be rather sub-optimal at your striker role without encounter powers.

If you want to be sub-optimal, though, more power to you and do whatever seems more fun.
>> No. 2661 edit
File 129464570122.jpg - (7.67KB , 181x161 , huh__.jpg )
Come to think of it, we probably already know why they're attacking : their king wants sacrifices.

Why're we interrogating them again?
>> No. 2666 edit
Well Torinn knew, not us.
Anyways maybe we didn't consider the barrier in the communication between us. If anything you should try to ask them if their comrades are coming back.
>> No. 2668 edit
Standard plant on boat, rest on the boat while Myn doesn't take the short rest and makes the boat go?
>> No. 2670 edit
Makes sense.
>> No. 2676 edit
File 129928504543.png - (96.63KB , 400x400 , =3.png )
Themes are up. And they're pretty cool.
>> No. 2678 edit
info where
>> No. 2679 edit
Oh, right, you weren't there last night.
>> No. 2680 edit
>> No. 2681 edit
They seem pretty good, depending on the class, but Noble might be the closest thing to my warlord right now I suppose.
>> No. 2682 edit
Yeah, but the flavor about being associated with something like a noble or a clergy puts them off limits for me.
>> No. 2683 edit
I wanna become a Guard, it kinda fit my (non-existent) character background. Just gotta reread something about the city of Sureiya so I can write some explanations about it.
>> No. 2685 edit
File 130593838077.jpg - (175.49KB , 354x250 , great conqueror.jpg )
I haven't asked yet.
>> No. 2686 edit
Well, thanks to the guard description and the ideas I had when planning the character I should be able to write some background.
>> No. 2689 edit
File 129648881227.png - (39.18KB , 217x218 , kanonderp.png )
I just noticed the song Shion updated in the other thread is called Voyager.
>> No. 2691 edit
File 129646259018.png - (77.39KB , 224x401 , BUP_0424.png )
I've been debating back and forth internally what exactly to do at this point, and I think I'm going to scrap my original idea and do something more minor here (still story-relevant, however). So sorry for the delays, I just really wasn't sure what to throw at you when I decided I didn't want it to be another random encounter.

As a side note, as for the themes, I am really hesitant to just flat-out allow them. The Guardian theme in particular (the 1st level feature). Some of these themes seem to just add a not-insignificant amount of power to a character with no real drawback. The guardian's immediate interrupt is a godsend for a defender, especially those that don't make heavy use of their immediate actions, for example. Anyway, just throwing that out there. Still thinking it over.
>> No. 2692 edit
File 130606626814.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
I see, if that's the case then I could choose another theme, or maybe you could rule I would need to spend a feat/reach-a-level to get the theme/feature.
>> No. 2693 edit
Should we use that scroll to summon tech support?
>> No. 2694 edit
Themes are like a heroic tier paragon path, I think. They just don't have prerequisites, and tell where your character came from rather than what they did a significant time after becoming adventurers.
>> No. 2695 edit
File 129695256865.png - (78.48KB , 224x401 , BUP_0412.png )
I understand what themes are. I'm saying they are adding powers to characters that wasn't there previously. This is especially the case for, say, giving a character an immediate action/minor action power that they didn't have before, at effectively no cost. I am not saying no to them just yet, but I hope you at least understand my concerns.
>> No. 2697 edit
Well, apparently, the difference would be that monsters are stronger than ever (MM3 etc), so player characters also grow stronger to match.
>> No. 2699 edit
Well, how themes will be managed is Shion decision, for now let's focus on the encounter.
Should we put in danger Cid life and ask him to repair the rail or should we go and see what stopped it?
>> No. 2700 edit
I think that's what they call "power creep".
>> No. 2703 edit
File 129757993589.png - (76.58KB , 224x401 , BUP_0423.png )
Perhaps my feelings on the matter would be better explained as such. I understand the idea that, as more and more options become available to characters, the "best" options generally become more powerful. It's nearly impossible to avoid, even with the best game design. Furthermore, if new options are NOT better than the others, at least in some situations, then it will be disappointing for the players. Thus, power creep can be said to be essential for the continued health of a growing game, as introducing sub-par options won't improve the game and will frustrate players.

However, at the very least, when you are given an option, there should be a trade-off. Like, when you take a "better" power for level 3, you are at least NOT taking a slightly less powerful level 3 option that existed before. Power creep may exist, but this kind of power creep is easier to balance, as at the very least, you are trading something that you could have had before that might have been more useful in some situations for something you perceive as "better." When you take a good "feat," you are still generally putting off another feat (that you would've taken before) for a few more levels.

With themes, this is not the case. There is no trade-off. You simply take the theme and receive the benefits. This seems like a more significant power creep to me, in that you do not have to give up anything that existed before to gain a theme. The only thing you give up is the ability to take a different theme, but since themes didn't exist at the start it still causes me hesitation that they're simply adding it "on top" of existing stuff instead of making players choose between their older options and the newer ones. That's why I originally allowed the Dark Sun themes on the basis that they worked like a multiclass. That made the players make a choice in taking a theme--was the theme worth giving up their multiclass for? Anyway, still no final decision yet, but I'll know by the time you guys level up again.
>> No. 2704 edit
File 12988391278.png - (488.44KB , 888x886 , sak_a11 bothered 1.png )
That actually makes a lot of sense. There's no opportunity cost for them, other than picking new themes. If it had been implemented earlier in 4E's lifespan, it probably wouldn't be such a big deal, and monsters, along with encounters, would have grown to accommodate them, but putting them in now is awkward and upsets the power curve. It's like the Essentials classes deviating from the tried and true AEDU (at-will, encounter, daily, utility) formula that had been established from 4E's conception, and people liked the old system quite a bit (Options, versatility, and everybody gets to be useful instead of the spellcasters stealing the spotlight. Fighters are not just good now, they're amazing).

On the other hand, I like finally not having to make a decision that would make or break my character, as a lot of the new themes, as opposed to the Dark Sun themes, are a collection of encounter powers that are even weaker than those from Dark Sun for the most part (how many feature powers from either group of themes would you take if such powers required a power swap feat?), features and utilities, some of which are less than stellar (animal master could be replicated by saying you have a pet monkey with you), but you don't have to spend a feat to grab the theme, utilities, or the features. This appeals to me, much more than the Dark Sun themes with their (mostly) stronger collection of featured encounter powers, actually. Some of the benefits are pure fluff (free lodging with a noble is kinda meh, even if the rest of the path is golden) and some of them are definitely overpowered (+2 will and stealing from the wizard's amazing utility list at every level, without power swapping? Are you kidding me?). But some actually strike a nice balance between power, flavor, and utility. And, more importantly to me, they're flavorful. I'm trying to strike a balance between flat mechanical benefits from feats and powers while still picking something that develops Torinn beyond his combat ability, like learning some more of the common languages, or bumping charisma based skills. But a lot of the methods to do so (Who takes skill focus in a campaign with any amount of serious combat?) would be less than optimal. An option that still boosts those things without a significant opportunity cost is very appealing and takes a load off my mind.

Also, you can have a fighter that is also part wizard yet still effective at his role, a scholar who ran away to become a very knowledgeable barbarian who is affluent in every spoken language, or (once again) an artificer who, when given lemons, can use them to make stupidly accurate explosives, then shoot them through a crossbow. Not necessarily the best justifications, but I find this funny~

Now, Chevalier has some good, non-entirely-combat related benefits (especially the diplomacy and intimidate power bonuses, roughly the equivalent of a feat I couldn't fit in). And the utilities are pretty nice, too (Do you know how hard it is to find ways to negate forced movement with some consistency if you're not a dwarf? I've looked) However, I'm not taking this, even though I like every mechanical benefit in it. Why? Because according to the fluff describing themes, back in the first article, themes are supposed to tell who the character was before they became a hero. I've had a specific origin in mind for a long time, and while I've made several changes to the original plan and to account for his growth (basically, why is he how he is), I intend to stick with it. While the chevalier does say what he believes in, its origins (being from a well born family or having the backing of a noble, heck, just being renowned across the land in the first place) don't match up, and if they did, he'd have no reason to be traveling right now (wealth or influence would be at the discretion of his patron, pretty much turning him into their lapdog, which I don't like). So I don't want it. I don't know about everyone else, but for all the nice little perks the themes might have, I'm firmly dedicated to taking one only if it fits, well, thematically, hoping that said perks might actually tie in to how he came to be and how he grows. And since the next group of themes seems to be about more morally ambiguous groups like mercenaries and rogues, I can't see myself picking a theme from this month anyway.

But if you still don't think the existing themes should be implemented as they are, you could just modify them however you like.

If you want to implement themes, but don't like the ones presented so far or feel like changing them around ("NO MORE WILL BONUS? I MAD"), write something tailored to our characters and their origins, and where they will be by level 5. Everyone really likes your homebrew ideas and concepts (fellflame dragon was cool, and would have been incredibly challenging if not for the hoarding of our daily powers, you have a good idea of what would be balanced, and because you have an idea of where the campaign is headed and know what's happened so far, you could tailor them around that. And they look fun. Or let everyone try to come up with their own theme and try to work with that (you could let us do the features and powers, but that probably wouldn't end well). Or easy modo: modify existing themes depending on who wants them (even if two people take the same theme at some point, doesn't mean they have to be identical)

It's up to you, though. I'll be very upset if we don't get to use themes, but unless there's an Unordained Priest, Lance Defender or Truth Seeker theme coming out at some point, or we whips something up, I'm not really interested in actually taking any of the ones presented, and certainly wouldn't ragequit if they were disallowed or implemented through feat requirements (For all my gripes, I'm still having fun here, and I think everyone else is, too). To me, it's flavor, but it's flavor with some noticeable impact outside of combat, which I like, without a significant opportunity cost, which I love. It's fluff with justification.

Anon seems interested, though, and said he figured out a way to fill in his character's backstory thanks to it, and since it makes him happy (even though it looks like it wasn't even designed for rangers in the first place), that should be given some degree of consideration. You shouldn't hand us everything we want on a silver platter - in fact, I would like to encourage making us work for nice things like this - but if most of us want them, could you try to find a way to put themes in? Please?

tl;dr the best decision is usually the one that can bring about the most happiness

I should get on that bio really soon.
>> No. 2705 edit
I suppose I wouldn't mind taking a personalized "mind flayer" theme.
>> No. 2706 edit
File 129607279412.jpg - (108.39KB , 640x480 , sakutarou_gununu.jpg )
This is why we can't have nice things.
>> No. 2707 edit
No, you.
>> No. 2708 edit
Hohohoho, even if we can't really take the themes I wouldn't mind molding my character based on the guardian bio.
>> No. 2711 edit
Sweetfish river, check. Village, check.
>> No. 2713 edit
Trapped by forces beyond our control? Check. Magic involved? Check.
>> No. 2714 edit
Well, there are six of us, right? With such a number, it couldn't possibly end too badly.
>> No. 2715 edit
Bring it on, etc.
>> No. 2716 edit
The probability of a TPK in this encounter is about one in a quadrillion.
>> No. 2717 edit
>> No. 2719 edit
File 129746433739.png - (99.26KB , 272x401 , BUP_0444.png )
That last encounter was a milestone, so you do have 1 action point more than you had before.

Anyways, keep in mind I don't require a power swap feat for a theme feature power, just one of the theme powers that have a level. This makes it equal in power to most multiclasses, I feel. Now, it's true that some of the theme feature powers may be lackluster, but others--like the guardian feature--are quite potent. Adding more and more powers to a character only increases relative power slightly, because you are still limited to so many actions on your turn. Thus, adding powers that can be used outside your turn (or as a minor action) raise the relative power level a lot more. It's the same reason rangers don't just take the "upgraded twin strike as a standard action" powers and prefer things like Off-hand strike and Disruptive Strike--they free up the standard action to keep spamming twin strike, in addition to using the other powers.
>> No. 2721 edit
Just a simple consideration, if the hit doesn't kill the target (not so likely) the ranger also could get some bashing. Anyways, not saying it's a bad power of course~
>> No. 2723 edit
File 129571659990.jpg - (10.50KB , 188x174 , oh my.jpg )
I think that's the point. She's saying it's possibly too good on a ranger. Or a defender in general.
>> No. 2724 edit
File 129643998318.png - (89.42KB , 291x478 , kan_waraia123.png )
Yes, yes.
>> No. 2726 edit
File 129912394210.jpg - (47.36KB , 300x300 , muh.jpg )
>surrounded by rugs
>they're perfectly fine
>even though the rest of the place has been in shambles since the Spellplague
Is there such a thing as a rug monster?
>> No. 2728 edit
File 130618968970.jpg - (61.36KB , 559x653 , minigeorgeinnocentsmile.jpg )
Now, to tell nobody what I learn from this.
>> No. 2729 edit
Don't mind me, just gonna touch whatever it is if you don't tell us either way. Maybe. Possibly.
>> No. 2730 edit
File 130619022386.jpg - (20.78KB , 225x350 , minigeorgesmile.jpg )

Go forth, valiant test subject.
>> No. 2731 edit
The river isn't going to carry away the boat while we're away, right?
>> No. 2732 edit
File 130473359670.jpg - (275.17KB , 618x924 , just give up.jpg )
>> No. 2733 edit
File 130619126223.jpg - (19.52KB , 300x177 , minigeorgesurprise.jpg )

Well, the river won't.


You'll have a huge arcana bonus then too!?
>> No. 2734 edit
File 129988119241.png - (3.96KB , 175x169 , sakutarou_hehg.png )
Something much more exploitable than that.
>> No. 2737 edit
>implying we will survive the "rock falls everyone dies" troope.
>> No. 2738 edit
File 130619539017.png - (26.25KB , 124x163 , Kilroy Was Here.png )
As long as I'm never called in to design monsters, I think we'll live.
>> No. 2741 edit
File 129936535755.png - (495.78KB , 888x886 , sak_a11 surprised 1.png )
>the shion
>> No. 2743 edit
stop that, I regret it

>mfw he reveals info
>> No. 2745 edit
File 130619732935.jpg - (94.07KB , 1280x720 , minigeorgekeiki.jpg )

Well, I said it was in-character to not answer if he wasn't asked, so...
>> No. 2748 edit
>> No. 2749 edit
File 130619824689.jpg - (39.22KB , 600x341 , minigeorgesweatdrop.jpg )

In streamchat, I believe.
>> No. 2751 edit
There's a vague memory of you saying something like that, so it probably did happen.
>> No. 2752 edit
File 130619902336.jpg - (178.97KB , 1060x1500 , minigeorgetenshi.jpg )

As expected of the one with the strongest memory, ne~
>> No. 2753 edit
>one with the unreliable memory*
>> No. 2754 edit

>with the strongest memory*
>> No. 2755 edit
On another note, it's probably bad to leave our diplomat alone while we explore.
>> No. 2756 edit
He should come with us, and make a streetwise check while he is at it.
>> No. 2757 edit
He should probably come with. Otherwise they might kidnap him.
>> No. 2759 edit
It looks like Sureiya's climber's kit, along with some rope, may be the best way to anchor the boat.
>> No. 2760 edit
Oh, it's the boat still moving? If that's the case I will do the trick then.
>> No. 2761 edit
Well, if we have to bring Gourmert, no one will be watching the boat. Normally ...

"Whenever the boat stops, it moves over to shore and deploys a small platform which folds from the side of the hull, and a chain harpoon-like construction darts out and fixes itself firmly to the ground, to prevent any odd currents from pulling the boat away."

Unfortunately, the ferry is broken, so it won't do this. Therefore, we need to manually affix it to the shore.
>> No. 2763 edit
Oh well, I had to try~
>> No. 2764 edit
File 129757993589.png - (76.58KB , 224x401 , BUP_0423.png )
For some reason, it completely slipped my mind to include results of Bernkastel's check in my post. I'll have a follow-up there soon.
>> No. 2766 edit
Super ultra busy, what's now? another streetwise/perception? or will you try a insight?
>> No. 2768 edit
We would need Michael to roll something.
>> No. 2770 edit
>Once you make a successful skill check to contribute to the challenge, you cannot make another check until each other party member has made one.
>Once you make a successful skill check

Since Torinn's streetwise attempt was unsuccessful, would he be allowed to Aid Another for Michael's roll?
>> No. 2771 edit
Silly imouto, Gourmert's too moe to be dishonest~
>> No. 2772 edit
So now we need to let them make a streetwise check huh.
>> No. 2773 edit
File 130113528699.jpg - (289.97KB , 1200x1697 , Angel Mort.jpg )
Michael can attempt Streetwise, sure. If anything, asking Gourmert first should probably give some sort of circumstance bonus.
>> No. 2775 edit
File 129464370846.png - (78.78KB , 224x401 , BUP_0414.png )
All right, in the interest of keeping things moving, we'll go ahead and begin the second round of checks now. Feel free to make relevant checks and flavor them how you want. If we get within one check of success/failure we'll stop and hold up for Michael, I don't want the challenge to end without him getting a chance to make a check.

Remember, if you're uncertain about your own modifiers, there's always Aid Another. That doesn't directly affect the success/failure count of the challenge.
>> No. 2779 edit
busy with many things, job interviews, etc, no time for anything pass out nao
>> No. 2780 edit
good luck bro
>> No. 2782 edit
I forgot to ask : What did we get from the last battle? I want to confirm everybody's AP total since I think somebody might not have spent any yet.
>> No. 2783 edit
File 12977633883.png - (76.56KB , 224x401 , BUP_0427.png )
I did say earlier it was a milestone, so there would be an action point gained for it. I don't think I've said anything else yet. I'll get it together before next combat.
>> No. 2784 edit
File 129527222995.jpg - (53.37KB , 412x500 , grab0050.jpg )
This is the data I have for the last encounter.

XP Earned: 345/person
Expected XP Total: 4598/5500

Surges Spent (Including Short rest)
Torinn: 3
Bernkastel: 1
Sureiya: 1

HP Totals
Myn Nthelsyr (George): 41/44 HP
Michael Silversteel (Hideiling): 40/40 HP
"Bernkastel" (Bernkastel): 34/34 HP
Torinn Tormine (Astaroth): 46/46 HP
Sureiya (Anonkun): 40/45 HP
>> No. 2786 edit
>stab the magic thingy as it sleeps
Enjoy missing and dealing little to no damage on a hit.
>> No. 2787 edit
File 130023651110.png - (15.99KB , 200x200 , blank look.png )
>new theme gives character a %10 discount on what they purchase and sell items for %30 more
>> No. 2788 edit
What the hell are those guys thinking on?
Anyways, oh damn it, george did it.
>> No. 2789 edit
File 130653492123.png - (31.25KB , 264x309 , ehe.png )
Forgot the link.
>> No. 2790 edit
>> No. 2792 edit
File 130078172565.jpg - (90.64KB , 450x909 , Shion in Socks.jpg )
All right, I'm gonna NPC Michael until Hide starts posting again. We've been paused a bit too long.
>> No. 2798 edit
We are on the third round already, and we need two more successes to finish it. For drama sake, the insight check should be the final one, so what should we roll for the 7th check? I could roll another perception check and use my action point for it, but I would need a good roll.
>> No. 2799 edit
Either Torinn or Michael can Aid Myn with a Streetwise check, and then I'll try Insight.
>> No. 2804 edit
File 129893909984.png - (17.27KB , 130x135 , Psycho Stare.png )
>Sureiya, meanwhile, considers the fact that though this leyline to the Shadowfell exists here and an arcane circle has been set up, there are very few actual defenses and nothing is guarding it.
>> No. 2805 edit
File 129823556865.png - (93.89KB , 601x480 , georgesmirkpoint.png )
Final check! Go forth, action pointers!
>> No. 2807 edit
I think a mass aid another on insight is called for.
>> No. 2808 edit
>Furthermore, for the purposes of this skill challenge, only one Aid Another check will count for a given skill check.

Of course, it's fine to help with the insight check in-character; it just won't count as a bonus.
>> No. 2810 edit
Ganbare, detective-tan.
>> No. 2812 edit
File 129928504543.png - (96.63KB , 400x400 , =3.png )
I'm pretty sure it passed.
>> No. 2814 edit
File 129674887945.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
Would I be correct in assuming that the same types of checks became harder the more often they were performed?
>> No. 2815 edit
File 129695315927.png - (76.86KB , 224x401 , BUP_0429.png )
I believe I said something to the effect of the first question you asked. And yes, the Insight check became easier as you got more successes, to a certain point.
>> No. 2816 edit
hmm, should we try to make the ferry move again?
>> No. 2817 edit
File 129695777988.png - (188.93KB , 490x595 , d06fd2617db931ccb8f10784a6a37b1b.png )
You can try, but it's doubtful anything has changed on that front.
>> No. 2818 edit
I think we should hear what Bern has to say about the leyline.
>> No. 2819 edit
I can't say I'm satisfied with the information we've gathered so far. There may be some questions to be addressed and tests to be done.
>> No. 2821 edit
By "tests" you mean "figure out how to send something very dangerous back through it to ruin the day of whoever's trying to come through", right?
>> No. 2822 edit
Something like that, yes.
>> No. 2823 edit
w-what are you talking about!?
>> No. 2824 edit
>> No. 2825 edit
Oh boy, I wouldn't want to be used like a lab rat.
Who is the loser?
>> No. 2826 edit
In science, there are no losers.
>> No. 2827 edit
inb4 party raids shadowfell
>> No. 2828 edit
You know, I like my range and I'm not planning making another character soon!
>> No. 2829 edit
We're not raiding anything, that's silly.

Don't worry. In the worst case, it'll just be a limb.
>> No. 2831 edit
File 129831202212.jpg - (152.56KB , 430x671 , 3808403889f313d1246e9b82820c6f69.jpg )
You could attempt to activate the circle, but keep in mind this is a teleportation circle like the one you found in the Fell Cavern, not a portal of some sort. It will teleport the whole object or person indicated when activated, and you don't know where it leads exactly (the Shadowfell is a big place).

Something I probably should have mentioned earlier: from Myn's arcana checks, he believes that there is a strong possibility that the leyline is what is interfering with the magic ferry's functioning. Likely, the circle is focusing and amplifying the leyline's power in this area to allow transportation, and removing the circle might allow you to restore function to the ferry.
>> No. 2832 edit
Is it possible to get rid of the leyline as well, or does that still need lots of powerful mages working in unison?
>> No. 2833 edit
Okay, we'll experiment with half-orc extremityadventurer hair, some small, defenseless animal to substitute the guinea pig, my spirit companion, and a written note to the other side.

There's no way we should remove the circle; the enemy would just remake it or come after us.
>> No. 2834 edit

I wonder if book imp-chan will work?
>> No. 2835 edit
Probably not. I think that it has to be a certain distance from you, and the Shadowfell is... Pretty far away.

Unless you have a cat or scout homunculus. They get unlimited distance.
>> No. 2836 edit
File 130686344775.png - (59.07KB , 389x367 , georgewooaaaah.png )

Or, is it right next to us!?
>> No. 2837 edit
File 12949882016.jpg - (15.04KB , 404x363 , Shion Huh.jpg )
Removing the leyline itself is practically impossible with the tools you have at your disposal.

I'm gonna say sending something like a conjuration or familiar cross-plane would definitely count as it being more than 20 squares away.
>> No. 2838 edit
So, our options are
a) remove the magical circle
b) wait weeks and try the ambush anyone who come from it

And since it looks like Shion is hinting at a) ...
>> No. 2840 edit
File 12988633031.jpg - (635.85KB , 1200x1190 , They Should Have Sent a Bard.jpg )
Well, you COULD stay and wait for an enemy, but Gourmert might start complaining after a while~
>> No. 2841 edit
File 129739756694.png - (7.42KB , 124x105 , georgedoyo.png )

So we.... kill him?
>> No. 2842 edit
File 130078126871.jpg - (77.54KB , 600x481 , dc5ad316fc4bc6e811280cb1c9902ad4.jpg )
You DO remember you have a mission to attend to, right? Journey to Many-Arrows? Ring any bells?
>> No. 2843 edit
File 130687002321.jpg - (37.48KB , 282x337 , don\'t do it!.jpg )
I saw this coming a mile away.
>> No. 2844 edit
File 130022147381.png - (7.32KB , 124x105 , georgebu.png )

Who is this 'Many Arrows', and why is he stopping me from killing the guy we're inexplicably traveling with.
>> No. 2845 edit
File 129893909984.png - (17.27KB , 130x135 , Psycho Stare.png )
I am going attempt to preserve my sanity by assuming you are simply messing around and are not serious about any of this.
>> No. 2846 edit
File 130025513733.jpg - (51.74KB , 238x229 , georgelaughingblush.jpg )

You've learned, young padawan.
>> No. 2847 edit
hahaha, well done
>> No. 2850 edit
The rules say things like familiars disappear if the conjurer ends the turn more than a certain amount of squares away, right? The time until the turn ends should be plenty of time for the familiar to see what's on the other side.

We don't have to ambush anyone. We can simply set up the magic circle to fail when someone tries to use it, and leave. The boat not working isn't really a huge problem; some manual labor or other such methods can overcome that obstacle.

Anyway, through experimentation or otherwise, I want to aim for two things:
- Determine the type of creature that fits through the magic circle. If an Arcana check would tell us this, it should be okay to skip the testing.
- Disable the magic circle without leaving evidence of tampering until the moment someone tries to use it. (If possible, failure should leave some sort of marker or alert.)
>> No. 2851 edit
File 130297168796.jpg - (629.65KB , 1500x1051 , bring it oooon.jpg )
I say we just disable it and beat up whatever comes after us. It's more fun that way.
>> No. 2852 edit
File 130688732099.png - (160.14KB , 303x448 , Moon Princess.png )
I don't mind if you want to try and mess with it, so go ahead if you feel like it~
>> No. 2853 edit
When Myn connected to the person on the other side, it's fairly likely that we were discovered. Of course, he hasn't told anyone, so we don't know.

Failing the skill challenge probably would have meant a combat encounter. Delaying too long may have the same consequences, so I think you'll get your fun either way, useless-at-skills paladin.

See, Shion has a backup plan to devastate the PCs for taking too long.
>> No. 2854 edit
File 130023651110.png - (15.99KB , 200x200 , blank look.png )
When I finish gathering and upgrading all my social skills, I'll make you choke on your words.
>> No. 2856 edit
I probably won't spend feats for non-Insight skills, so any real investment means you'll be ahead.
>> No. 2857 edit
File 130689368664.png - (425.32KB , 853x480 , georgecomfortingnanjo.png )

>choke on words

Is that a high-level Diplomacy power?
>> No. 2858 edit
File 130689385839.jpg - (30.75KB , 93x138 , itty bitty.jpg )
Yes. Yes it is.
>> No. 2870 edit
File 130698666960.jpg - (44.84KB , 382x527 , 0544111de89e5e19ccad30804ad69e58.jpg )

Finally, a version I am semi-comfortable with.
>> No. 2871 edit
File 12973099045.jpg - (121.35KB , 268x358 , astonished.jpg )
>limit breaks
>chaining attacks
>weapon mastery is the equivalent of four feats
>> No. 2872 edit
File 130698935011.jpg - (70.31KB , 577x600 , Embarrassed at the Angel Mort.jpg )
Limit breaks are intended to replace daily powers. That's why they're strong.
>> No. 2873 edit
File 130699002541.jpg - (70.79KB , 198x352 , bunny hood.jpg )
Ohhh, I see.

Not sure that they should be completely replaced, though. Daily powers help distinguish the different classes. Maybe you could use a daily power, but not a limit break of the same level. Like a Reserve Maneuver sort of thing.
Or just make a feat for that.

I just don't think it'd be as much fun if a class lost all its daily powers to do the same thing another class with the exact same weapons does. But that's just me. I like variety between classes.
>> No. 2874 edit
All timestamps are PST.

8:15 PM fortknox: save girls
8:15 PM Sakutarou: Huh. So he did.
8:15 PM Jyouji: Indeed I did~
8:15 PM Sakutarou: Good job.
8:15 PM Voyager: okay, good night.
8:15 PM Jyouji: Naito, minna~
8:15 PM Sakutarou: Good night.
8:15 PM Meta RIN: Good night
8:15 PM Meta RIN: Saving girls is a good cause
8:16 PM Voyager: So do we just move on and pretend we didn't alert the opposing faction
8:16 PM Voyager: actually, we probably could have called Sid to trap the circle
8:17 PM Sakutarou: We don't know if they'll be alerted, do we?
8:17 PM Voyager: I'm about 95% sure they'll be alerted
8:17 PM Voyager: so yes, I'm not entirely sure, derp.
8:18 PM Sakutarou: Case cannot be resolved without clues, etc
8:18 PM Voyager: I have plenty of clues
8:18 PM Voyager: are you blind.
8:18 PM Sakutarou: Maybe. Show me a clue and we'll find out.
8:19 PM Voyager: Once upon a time, there was a northern village where humans and orcs could peacefully coexist.
8:19 PM fortknox: lol wut
8:19 PM Sakutarou: Before the spellplague.
8:19 PM Voyager: Its origins were human, but they had welcomed a group of Dragonsworn seeking refuge from Obould Many-Arrows.
8:19 PM Voyager: Nearly a century ago, the peace came to an end when the Spellplague hit.
8:20 PM Voyager: The plague created a leyline connecting the village to the plane of Shadowfell. A pillar of deep violet served as the physical symbol of the connection.
8:20 PM Voyager: Seizing this opportunity, dragons who called the Shadowfell home emerged through the pillar, raining fire and lightning upon the village.
8:20 PM Voyager: The human villagers stood no chance against the dragons, for arcane magic had ceased to function, and they could only watch helplessly as their homes crumbled to the ground.
8:20 PM Voyager: cue brave and ferocious orcs defending village, and they push invaders back to Shadowfell.
8:21 PM Voyager: Many choose to take the battle to their enemies.
8:21 PM Voyager: Surviving humans and half-orcs settle in Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep.
8:21 PM Voyager: The Dragonsworn adapt to life in the Shadowfell, and become fell orcs.
8:22 PM Voyager: Their new leader, referred to only as the Fell King, promised the destruction of Many-Arrows and united the orcs under the banner of revenge.
8:22 PM Voyager: and, present day.
8:22 PM Voyager: The end
8:22 PM Voyager: It's perfect, isn't it.
8:25 PM Sakutarou: Speculation. Won't hold up in court.
8:25 PM Voyager: Which part is speculation?
8:25 PM Voyager: I have a spreadsheet of evidence
8:25 PM Sakutarou: Motive.
8:26 PM Voyager: Whose motive
8:26 PM Sakutarou: ...I forget.
8:26 PM Sakutarou: I'm tired.
8:26 PM Voyager: baka
8:26 PM Voyager: Revenge against the Many-Arrows, remember.
8:27 PM Voyager: Under the machinations of the Fell King, these orcs sow confusion and enmity between Baldur's Gate and Many-Arrows. They will settle for nothing less than all-out war between the two factions,
8:27 PM Voyager: even as they plot to summon more of their kin from the Shadowfell.
8:27 PM Sakutarou: Machinations is fun word.
>> No. 2877 edit
File 129661381061.png - (100.28KB , 319x318 , doh.png )
>Canith Goggles errata'd to a level 11 item
>> No. 2878 edit
File 129642654978.jpg - (131.12KB , 516x727 , Tune the Rainbow.jpg )
Heh, looks like WotC did learn something from that massive player backlash over the Templar. The Warlock updates are labeled a "playtest," and players are encouraged to send feedback before the errata becomes official. Wonder if they'll backtrack and do that for the Cleric, too?
>> No. 2879 edit
File 129788612424.png - (38.88KB , 208x207 , bobblehead.png )
>dire radiance is still constitution only
They're certainly going to get feedback about that one.
>> No. 2883 edit
backlash over templar?
>> No. 2885 edit
File 129645156878.jpg - (45.15KB , 360x514 , 29f9aadd32f899c2fe25c19fb39fed12.jpg )
When WotC released the class compendium updates to the Cleric (the PHB Version renamed "Templar"), they decreased the damage and overall power of many of the cleric powers in the PHB.


The response from players on the forums was very hostile, based on the fact that Clerics were not seen as being "the upper crust" of leaders, so to speak, and the posters did not like the fact that clerics took such a "big" hit of the nerfbat while the Warlord (considered the strongest leader by most of CharOp) was relatively untouched in the "Marshal" article. Many claims of WotC being out of touch with the game, etc. followed.
>> No. 2886 edit
>> No. 2891 edit
File 130058339947.jpg - (150.12KB , 400x481 , Heres Lookin at You Kid.jpg )
Don't worry too much about that, you guys were already awake and getting ready to leave when you heard the big thing coming at you. So I assumed you were already standing up. I definitely wouldn't try to screw you guys over with that~
>> No. 2892 edit

My character always regally sits when convenient, ne~
>> No. 2893 edit
File 129645226449.jpg - (122.14KB , 493x813 , Healthy Girl.jpg )
As soon as I get a post from Bern, I'll post what you all see.

Actually, I'll go ahead and post the introduction, since I'll be going to bed soon here. Bern will still have a chance to ready her character before anything starts.
>> No. 2901 edit
Oh, Hi Rampage.
>> No. 2904 edit
Some general thoughts about the encounter:

Okay, these guys knock us prone just because they want to do it, (why we didn't bought these boots? the falling prone thing almost like Shion mark!) and they can do bad things to us when they do it.
Teletransportation could be difficult, what does this actually mean? He gets a extra defense against it? or is he invulnerable to it?
He also just countered the attack to the mount. Can he use that trigger as many times as he desire per round?
>> No. 2905 edit
File 129823813538.jpg - (194.80KB , 750x446 , Mystic Eyes.jpg )
The rebuke is an opportunity action, so it follows the rules for those. Once per combatant's turn.

It's not immune to teleportation, but it gets to immediately save if the teleportation would dismount it. If it makes the saving throw, it negates anything that would dismount it. It has the standard solo +5 bonus to saving throws.
>> No. 2906 edit
I see.
How about making him fall prone/stun something similar?
>> No. 2907 edit
File 129824266992.jpg - (178.54KB , 540x800 , This Head is Not for Patting.jpg )
Teleporting the mount or forcing either the rider or the mount to fall prone would still allow it to make saving throws.
>> No. 2908 edit
It can save against falling prone?
>> No. 2909 edit
File 12977633883.png - (76.56KB , 224x401 , BUP_0427.png )
Well, that much is actually part of the rules for mounted combat, and is not directly related to its Stay in the Saddle trait.

If you wonder why it didn't apply to you, it's because your mount also fell prone, and the rules for mounted combat say if the mount falls prone, its rider is dismounted and falls prone in an adjacent space.
>> No. 2910 edit
So if his mount falls prone, he falls prone too?
>> No. 2911 edit
File 130722624959.jpg - (1.49MB , 1084x1029 , Holding Hands.jpg )
He can negate it, so not necessarily.
>> No. 2912 edit
>moving through enemy spaces
I wonder if we should still surround it ... though, if we do, we would need Torinn and one more melee (Michael or Sureiya) covering two sides of the behemoth. My spirits will cover the other two.

Because the enemy doesn't seem capable of ranged attacks, the other melee ally should probably be further away, using either Direct the Strike or Twin Strike.

>Attacking its mount while the outrider is mounted will result in a deadly counter-attack
Well, this is interesting. Would this apply to ranged attacks, too, or only melee?
>> No. 2913 edit
File 130062898119.jpg - (293.02KB , 600x792 , 1277366308548.jpg )
It's a melee counter-attack, so even though it would trigger for ranged attacks, he couldn't actually execute the attack.
>> No. 2914 edit
Well, Michael is meele, but my ranged potential is very limited, so it would be better if I stay near.
By the way, the opportunity attack is very problematic, what should we do about it?
>> No. 2915 edit
We would have to daze and kill it quickly, or ignore it and attack the orc instead.
>When the outrider first becomes bloodied, its mount will immediately rampage across the battlefield, goring all in its path.
We risk this happening if we focus on the orc.
>> No. 2916 edit
How does forced movement affect the rider and the mount, separately?
>> No. 2917 edit
Page 252 of the Rules Compendium pretty much tells us everything.
>> No. 2918 edit
File 129643730081.jpg - (77.51KB , 300x430 , Colorful.jpg )
In general, forced movement (push, pull, slide) moves both the rider and mount. The rider can choose to not move the mount (if the rider is the target), but that would dismount it.
>> No. 2919 edit
Killing the mount first would be the most viable option but it's also slower, so dazing would be nice. I could try to move and charge next turn, but we should first decide who to attack.
>> No. 2920 edit
Well, since it's a solo and elite encounter, there's probably no shame in breaking out the daily powers.
>> No. 2921 edit
You have no dailies now?
>> No. 2922 edit
Does the counter-attack trigger if the orc attacks the mount?
>> No. 2923 edit
File 129472065539.jpg - (199.05KB , 387x534 , amazing butterfly.jpg )
Not until level 5. Hence the mount to help keep my damage output up.
>> No. 2924 edit
Hmm, betrayal is a good idea right now.
>> No. 2925 edit
File 130723895926.jpg - (174.18KB , 800x600 , be772bdcf74bbcb076fa5c1c8975cf54.jpg )
Well, even if it did (it doesn't, because it says "enemy"), he wouldn't HAVE to attack himself...
>> No. 2926 edit
Since they both share the same actions, I doubt it.
>> No. 2927 edit
Also, there's the chance that the behemoth might be tamed, so maybe try not to kill it first, I guess. Unless you're doing it from range. Or have a way to stop it from taking OAs.
>> No. 2928 edit
Serious question time:
What would you ask us to do to re-tame the behemoth for our personal use.
>> No. 2929 edit
File 130724028038.png - (79.82KB , 224x401 , BUP_0413.png )
Er, even if you could, how exactly were you planning on taking it with you? It's not as if it can just fit on the boat...
>> No. 2930 edit
Sureiya could make it follow the boat.
>> No. 2931 edit
File 129464370846.png - (78.78KB , 224x401 , BUP_0414.png )
What if you hit terrain the behemoth couldn't traverse? Or the river widened?

A-anyway, given how difficult the behemoths are to rear and train to begin with, I'm having a hard time justifying in my head how I could let you try to re-tame one in any reasonable amount of time you could set aside...
>> No. 2932 edit
How about using the power of love?
His owner have an horrible accidental death and the mount is all alone in the world. Then a half-orc take it and try to make it return to the way of the truth.
>> No. 2933 edit
Encountering adventurers and being killed by them isn't an "accident", unless you subscribe to Terry Pratchett's definition of "suicide".
>> No. 2934 edit
Terrible accident, the half orc never expected his blades would cut the rider's neck so easily.
>> No. 2935 edit
But if you didn't do it intentionally, then you can't make a clever one liner after killing him.
>> No. 2936 edit
"Hey, do you wanna see an awesome trick with my blades!?"
>> No. 2937 edit
More like "Now who's half an orc?"
>> No. 2938 edit
9/10, made me lol'd
>> No. 2939 edit
File 129757993589.png - (76.58KB , 224x401 , BUP_0423.png )
In case there was any confusion, by the way, the orc is the one who counterattacks when the mount is attacked. He's a soldier, so he protects his allies.
>> No. 2940 edit
Alright, vote time.
1.- Kill the mount first, the orc will flee later
2.- Kill the orc first, slow the mount before the orc gets bloodied.
>> No. 2941 edit

Kill orc, mount will mindlessly flee.
>> No. 2943 edit
Knock out rider, hopefully mount doesn't go crazy, try to not kill mount
>> No. 2944 edit
Well that's two votes for kill orc.
What a shame we are hitting the mount right now.
>> No. 2945 edit
File 12949882016.jpg - (15.04KB , 404x363 , Shion Huh.jpg )
Hmmm... I wonder if, hypothetically, Torinn would use Righteous Shield to save his mount.

Because it just got crit when the behemoth trampled over half the party.
>> No. 2946 edit
What the .... well he would probably do.
>> No. 2948 edit
Absolutely not. Horse is expendable, while healing surges are not.
>> No. 2949 edit
File 129695315927.png - (76.86KB , 224x401 , BUP_0429.png )
You do know if the horse is reduced to 0 hit points, he loses a healing surge anyway?
>> No. 2950 edit
He has one more use of horse power, right? A minor action will dismiss it without killing it.

One surge is worth it, probably.
>> No. 2951 edit
File 130688732099.png - (160.14KB , 303x448 , Moon Princess.png )
The minor action is only relevant if he keeps it alive with righteous shield.

What I'm saying is there is a special clause on the summoning power. If the horse is reduced to 0 HP, he forfeits the ability to summon it again until he takes an extended rest. Doesn't matter if he still has another use of the power.
>> No. 2952 edit
Never mind, apparently horse dies if it's not saved.
>> No. 2953 edit
File 129464961298.png - (77.98KB , 224x401 , BUP_0415.png )
I feel Torinn's pain, really. I played a game as a druid where my very first summon spell in the campaign was taken from full to 0 in a single monster crit too. Only I didn't have the option to save it.
>> No. 2955 edit
Saving the horse is important, its for drama and rp value.
>> No. 2956 edit
Wait a second, so we are killing the mount first?
>> No. 2958 edit
Save horse please.
>> No. 2959 edit
File 130078172565.jpg - (90.64KB , 450x909 , Shion in Socks.jpg )
Fair word of warning for melee attackers: for the orc's counter-attack, I turned up the damage in the adventure tools as high as it could go, and gave it an accuracy bonus. Since it's completely avoidable damage, I used the Limited Use (+75%) and High Damage (+25%) modifiers on top of the already higher base damage of a solo. Also, if it hits, it causes the triggering attack to take a penalty, and it deals half damage on a miss.

So, you know, attacking the mount... it's your choice.
>> No. 2960 edit
Or we could have the orc attacking his mount.
>> No. 2961 edit
No healing yet. Want a bunch of attack bonuses stacking when I finally attack.
>> No. 2962 edit
Ranged attacks don't seem to have drawbacks, so everyone but Torinn can just use those to hit the mount. He can hit the orc; maybe daze it, too.

I don't see any "special" charge attacks in the nature check. After it inevitably charges, I may or may not try Living Missile, and Torinn can charge or just move to catch up right away.
>> No. 2964 edit
My mount gives a +5 bonus to damage rolls on charges. Holy Smite gives 6 damage hit or miss. Weapon attacks have a damage bonus of 5. Righteous Shield gives a +2 power bonus to attack rolls. Draconic Fury gives a +1 racial bonus to attack rolls when bloodied. Charging is another +1 bonus.

A hit is a guaranteed minimum 17 damage, maximum 24, unless there's a critical hit, in which case it's minimum 25, maximum 32. Bonus to hit is 14, unless we somehow get combat advantage, in which case it's 16 or 18, depending on whether Michael hits with Intuitive Strike or not. If so, that means Inspired Belligerence and an additional +3 to damage, and possible Warlord's Strike with another +4 to damage, boosting damage to minimum 24, maximum 31, and crit damage to minimum 32, maximum 39.

Charging is the best option damage-wise and hit-wise. The only question is who to target.
>> No. 2966 edit
Alright, so the thing is to deal as much possible damage to the mount, right? So there are two options, you could try to daze it, or if bern can use scorching sands on it I wouldn't mind getting one hit if I can use twin strike twice and a off-hand strike.
>> No. 2967 edit
Keep in mind that dazing the mount won't stop the counter-attacks coming from the rider. In fact, considering how high Shion said the damage dice are on the retributive attack, if I charge the mount, there's a possibility its attack will kill Torinn outright.

Also, charging the rider with a daze should incapacitate him until his turn comes up at the earliest.
>> No. 2968 edit
Yeah I was talking about that, sorry if I spelled it wrong, I need the rider dazed.
>> No. 2971 edit
File 129464570122.jpg - (7.67KB , 181x161 , huh__.jpg )
Does "riding on top of" count as "adjacent to"?
>> No. 2972 edit
Heal Torinn, Warlord Strike, and ????
>> No. 2973 edit
File 130124002683.jpg - (400.70KB , 1024x768 , 61ef74aff78071794f6198d7cea5a9fe.jpg )
Yes, and yes to your subject field.
>> No. 2974 edit
File 13073071735.jpg - (139.54KB , 397x404 , living missile.jpg )
I hope we roll lucky, then.
>> No. 2979 edit
File 129581681376.jpg - (53.69KB , 372x592 , 1223506856050.jpg )
Fun fact: I almost made "the chains that bind" inflict the restrained condition. The only reason I didn't was because restrained prevents forced movement, and I needed it to slide the person along as it moved, so I changed it to a grab.
>> No. 2980 edit
Restrained condition it's scary.
>> No. 2984 edit
>attack the mount from melee
Wait, what.
>> No. 2985 edit
We had no other option, the result wasn't that good but we did a lot of damage in that round.
>> No. 2986 edit
If it attacks, it brings itself that much closer to dying thanks to Righteous Radiance triggering right next to it, plus it attacks with a -2 debuff, more if you move your companions closer.

If it still bugs you, use Spirit Infusion on Torinn first so he can attack the mount and daze it with his other Holy Smite, then use your daily.
>> No. 2987 edit
File 129988235697.png - (7.03KB , 93x103 , sakutaro_derp.png )
Oh, I was assuming you were talking about provoking an OA by using Living Missile.
>> No. 2988 edit
And well, they can't OA her from that distance
>> No. 2990 edit
That too.
>> No. 2991 edit
Encounter is going very well.
I will try to nova lunchbox next turn, but I don't know of what is capable that beast, will it move too much before my turn?
>> No. 2992 edit
Not if it stays slowed.
>> No. 2993 edit
Is bern going to use magic missile on it? Well either slowing it or immobilizing it would be pretty good.
>> No. 2994 edit
Wait, bern already used her AP?
>no scorching sands combo
I sad
>> No. 2995 edit
I think Lunchbox is close enough to death that you don't even need to worry about that.
>> No. 2996 edit
Don't give him ideas, we aren't killing the mount.
>> No. 2997 edit
We'll just knock it unconscious, or something.
>> No. 2998 edit
And then the drama subplot starts.
>> No. 2999 edit
Will the chain drag Michael along with the behemoth if I throw it ten squares away?
>> No. 3000 edit
Probably. Unless it lets go somehow.
>> No. 3001 edit
Probably, but why would you do that?
>> No. 3002 edit
To use Living Missile's attack to knock them both prone.
>> No. 3003 edit
But moving them? It would be nice to have them near and in flanking position
>> No. 3004 edit
Slide them one square back and one square forward, then.
>> No. 3005 edit
Shion says Michael would slide, too. And take damage.
>> No. 3006 edit
File 130732306732.png - (214.85KB , 844x291 , moveingchains.png )
Due to the specific way it's worded, yes.
Incidentally, forced movement on Michael would break the grab immediately.
>> No. 3007 edit
File 129823813538.jpg - (194.80KB , 750x446 , Mystic Eyes.jpg )
Just checking, but Bern, you never actually draw your implement, did you?
>> No. 3008 edit
I hadn't for the Betrayal, but I was going to this turn.
>> No. 3009 edit
File 130698666960.jpg - (44.84KB , 382x527 , 0544111de89e5e19ccad30804ad69e58.jpg )
Okay. Just checking.
>> No. 3010 edit
What's the plan, then?
>> No. 3011 edit
File 129824246316.jpg - (115.11KB , 505x362 , gendotaro.jpg )
Apparently, kill Michael and make it look like an accident.

Business as usual.
>> No. 3013 edit
File 130078126871.jpg - (77.54KB , 600x481 , dc5ad316fc4bc6e811280cb1c9902ad4.jpg )
>I'll decide where to slide after seeing if it saves against dismount.
Nope, the secondary attack happens AFTER you slide the target.
>> No. 3014 edit
>> No. 3015 edit
File 129572942251.jpg - (133.46KB , 675x900 , 4a4ecc0970ecf22e941f5b3af864878c86168780.jpg )
Pretty sure he's joking.
>> No. 3016 edit
As an accident? That's my speciality.
Now if you excuse me, I got work to do.
>> No. 3017 edit
they're all out to get me
>> No. 3018 edit
Not my plan.
>> No. 3019 edit
Don't be so modest.
>> No. 3020 edit
So, you are involved as well!?
>> No. 3022 edit
File 129824013925.png - (78.27KB , 224x401 , BUP_0416.png )
I'll share the stat blocks of these custom monsters after the fight, of course.

I really should have given the outrider some sort of bonus when its mount is bloodied/dead, but honestly felt like I was giving it too many traits and abilities as is. Even for a solo. Oh well!
>> No. 3024 edit
An extra trait for death mount? We would have gone to kill the rider then!
>> No. 3026 edit
Ideas should be saved for when we train the mount to do things like this.
>> No. 3027 edit
>living missile attack hits "Lunchbox" for 16 damage, and the outrider takes 8 damage.

Living Missile's damage target is actually the orc. Lunchbox would be taking half damage.
>> No. 3028 edit
File 129757993589.png - (76.58KB , 224x401 , BUP_0423.png )
Fixed that.

The majority of those traits are on the outrider, not the mount. Also, going for the outrider first has its own disadvantages--as I'm sure you'll notice, since it's not bloodied at -82 HP. As is, though, I don't think outrider's rebuke was a strong enough deterrent. Well, I'll get my solo monster design down sooner or later~
>> No. 3029 edit
Making it almost immune to falling off its mount, then making it able to recuperate so easily even if it did, is a bit much. Especially when that's what is supposed to remove one of its effects.
>> No. 3030 edit
File 129464961298.png - (77.98KB , 224x401 , BUP_0415.png )
I think once you see how not-very-dangerous it is without a mount, it'll be understandable why I made it so hard to dismount. It's a pretty big payoff to dismount it, but you have to earn it (and get a little lucky).

I don't see it as that different from the solo dragons that remove stunning or dominating effects not only at the end of their turn, but on their instinctive action. Taking away the rider's mount would be denying it a good portion of its power, so yes, I made it hard to do that. I can't have something as simple as knocking prone take away a good two-thirds of a solo's power.
>> No. 3033 edit
Why didn't you use the main attack on the mount? Darn it, it could get another turn alive.
>> No. 3034 edit
Only thing I can really do is attack with a basic attack (to get the most damage against the mount before the rider's turn comes around, hopefully disabling it or knocking it out) or intuitive strike (though that'd be a waste). I can also forgo healing myself with Inspiring and try and use Inspired Belligerence on the Rider itself. (Since dazed, granting combat advantage.)
>> No. 3035 edit
It looks like Michael is flanking the mount with Sureiya. I think you can Inspired Belligerence the mount itself, and Direct the Strike to Sureiya for the finish (OA risk from mount, if it's capable of any).
>> No. 3036 edit
Too much a risk and a waste on the mount with how close it is to dieing in my opinion
>> No. 3037 edit
Okay, attack away etc.
>> No. 3038 edit
File 129645226449.jpg - (122.14KB , 493x813 , Healthy Girl.jpg )
It can Gore as an OA, and I'll say that while it is quite close to 0 HP left, a single MBA from either Michael or Sureiya is not likely to bring it down.

It is possible, I think. But not likely. Anyway, an escape attempt is a move action, Athletics (or Acrobatics) DC 19.
>> No. 3039 edit
After succeeding to escape, do you get up from prone or anything free?
>> No. 3040 edit
Try escaping before doing anything else. You should be able to shift away, denial of shifting or not.
>> No. 3041 edit
It's definitely a success.
>> No. 3042 edit
File 12949882016.jpg - (15.04KB , 404x363 , Shion Huh.jpg )
Erm, not quite, he can't shift away both because of Might of the Herd and because he's prone. He's definitely not grabbed anymore, though, with a 26.
>> No. 3043 edit
Well, I could get up as a minor because of my boots, but then no inspired belligerence.
>> No. 3044 edit
He may end up grabbing you again and dragging you around.

Unless he's properly dazed during his turn, anyway, and not letting his mount act for him.
>> No. 3045 edit
File 129730843691.png - (78.52KB , 224x401 , BUP_0417.png )
You paid for them, right? Then it's all good. Those do come in handy right now, it means he can't just try to ensnare you again (since dazed will deny his minor action stomp).
>> No. 3046 edit
File 129645156878.jpg - (45.15KB , 360x514 , 29f9aadd32f899c2fe25c19fb39fed12.jpg )
Oh, he's definitely dazed. He could potentially spend an action point to get an extra action, but aside from that he will only get 1 action on his turn.
>> No. 3047 edit

Speaking of action points, Michael could still use his after using Inspired Belligerence and standing from prone.
>> No. 3048 edit
Rin used mine earlier, remember
>> No. 3049 edit
Oh, right.

Stand up anyway. If you get captured again, that really, really hurts you, since you'll have to go through the escape + stand process all over again.
>> No. 3051 edit
It's a shame, because if the mount died Hideyoshi would have been set free.
>> No. 3052 edit
I'm already free, I escaped with Athletics
>> No. 3058 edit
File 130740644285.png - (475.82KB , 888x886 , sak_a11 default 1g.png )
Also acceptable are "bit the big one", "ate dirt", "bit the dust", and everything else I'm too tired to come up with spontaneously.
>> No. 3059 edit
File 129828845679.png - (73.89KB , 291x478 , kanonwithamonocle.png )
>bern turn
Do not worry about the heal, if you can use schorching sands on that bastard is good enough.
>> No. 3061 edit
File 130745615542.png - (46.73KB , 586x692 , Calastryx.png )
Heh, check out the monster previewed from the upcoming Monster Vault.
>> No. 3062 edit
>it gets another head
>> No. 3063 edit
Not nearly as bad as the Monster Vault's hydra.
>> No. 3064 edit
File 130746127995.jpg - (576.76KB , 320x2022 , kongor.jpg )
Incidentally, here's the test encounter I ran. Not mentioned here is the 5 fire damage all creatures took every round, because everything was on fire.

Guess what things went wrong / was done wrong / just didn't work.
>> No. 3065 edit
File 130078172565.jpg - (90.64KB , 450x909 , Shion in Socks.jpg )
I dunno, did you notice the dragon flies? And gets three turns... also, ending the "marked" condition 3 times per round certainly makes defender aura defenders more attractive (as long as they can avoid its slide 3 attack).
>> No. 3066 edit
True. But you can't deny that a party without fire and acid damage at will is going to have a lot of trouble fighting a hydra.
>> No. 3067 edit
File 129464370846.png - (78.78KB , 224x401 , BUP_0414.png )
If I had to say the major flaw is that no DM would want to use it because it has waaayyyy too many traits and powers for a heroic tier monster (the bookkeeping, man, the bookkeeping!). Also, defensive benefits are generally right out for solos and particularly tough monsters. Flat-out making it immune to so many different kinds of attacks is silly also, especially on a solo. Some of the effects seem rather strong for a low-level monster, too (like stunning).

Also, I think you lost the triggers on those triggered powers. Right now, they don't function (it's something of a common error with the Adventure Tools).
>> No. 3068 edit
Oh wow, that's just horrible.
>> No. 3069 edit
File 12994619979.jpg - (38.89KB , 308x166 , ldb.jpg )
Yeah. I kept losing track of what it was able to do. The regeneration and resist all were a bad idea. Making them scale to ten was a worse idea (resistance is a ranger's bane). And immediately allowing saving throws at will was extremely frustrating, since it saved against every single effect imposed on it. It was actually boring to fight and I started actively fudging rolls just to make it die already and get it over with. That should never happen.

Some things don't translate well from one game to another.

On the other hand, everything else that happened when it got bloodied kept things extremely challenging, and, had there not been any ongoing fire damage or these other problems, the party would have won in about three rounds, though they'd have used up all their healing abilities in the process.
>> No. 3070 edit
File 129642654978.jpg - (131.12KB , 516x727 , Tune the Rainbow.jpg )
Well, incidentally, I like the design of the hydra. It gets more dangerous as it takes damage, but not so quickly that it will devastate the party. It's still limited to one use of hydra's fury per round, and snapping jaws is always two bites regardless of the number of heads.
>> No. 3071 edit
File 129680315341.png - (16.48KB , 200x200 , Dungeon Master Shion.png )
Yeah, things not translating well between games is something I learned in system design after writing something down, taking a step back, and thinking about it. Computer games can use lots of complex calculations for a given statistic or action, but for pen-and-paper games, it's best to keep things simple. It's one of the reasons 4E got rid of buffs that last various amounts of times (such as X rounds, X minutes, X hours, etc), and other nitpicky details.

It's one of the reasons I largely abandoned my idea of "No AC, damage reduction from armor." All of the solutions to the problem of "now heroic tier monsters can't deal significant damage to players in heavy armor" I envisioned were either inelegant hacks or way too complicated.
>> No. 3073 edit
File 130746493042.jpg - (394.91KB , 320x1320 , kongor.jpg )
I think I got all the triggers working. Is this better?
>> No. 3074 edit
File 129757993589.png - (76.58KB , 224x401 , BUP_0423.png )
Well, it looks better now. I think I'd nitpick exactly how some of the powers work and/or are worded--for example, on knockdown throw, I'd probably just say "one attack for each creature Kongor has grabbed" rather than most of the text on the special line. At the moment, I think Frenzy gives him the ability to use both powers as a free action, which I don't think is the intent. I'm not quite sure as to when Shockwave triggers, or when it recharges--does it just automatically use the attack immediately if a 3rd creature moves adjacent?

Increasing five levels seems arbitrarily complex when giving +5 to attacks, defenses, and some damage boosts would simulate the majority of the same (also, not a fan of giving him +5 to all defenses).

Though I think he looks much better than before.
>> No. 3075 edit
File 129558366498.png - (238.81KB , 363x491 , enormoushead.png )
Tighter wording would help for the first one, and yeah, it should only be able to use one or the other on an action point, not both.

Shockwave was supposed to be when 3 creatures end their turns adjacent to Kongor, but I thought that wording might be a bit too weak (what if forced movement was involved, etc.). I think I'll go back to the the original intent of him using it when he gets flanked (a creature ends its turn flanking Kongor).

And I better put the recharge number back in (*again*).

The complexity part of leveling was mostly handled by just leveling it up in the monster builder, though I guess that would probably be much easier, too, since that's pretty much all I'm changing.
>> No. 3076 edit
File 129527222995.jpg - (53.37KB , 412x500 , grab0050.jpg )
Well, in theory, increasing him 5 levels would also increase his HP and ability scores (in particular, using the Adventure Tools to do that would do so). I wouldn't design a monster with checking a particular chart in mind (as you'd need to for an increase in damage dice, at the very least); they even started including escape DCs to monster grabs just to help keep things simplified.
>> No. 3077 edit
File 130747261094.jpg - (402.48KB , 320x1334 , kongor.jpg )
That is a problem. If something could heal it as though it were spending a surge, it'd heal significantly.
>> No. 3078 edit
Do you think anon-kun and I should delay until after Hide, for Inspired Belligerence and maybe even Intuitive Strike? For example...

- Michael's turn -

Minor action: Inspired Belligerence vs. orc (prone)
Move action: from O-25,
a) to O-28 to P-29 to Q-28,
b) to P-25 to Q-26,
c) to Q-25 to R-27, or
d) anywhere else within two squares of Sureiya.
Standard action: delay an Intuitive Strike (a, b, or c) or Direct the Strike (d) for when Bernkastel's turn ends.

- Bernkastel's turn -

Minor action: dismiss spirit companion
Minor action: call spirit companion to:
a) R-27
b) R-26
c) R-26
d) somewhere adjacent to both Michael and Sureiya
Standard action: Scorching Sands vs. orc, have Sureiya shift adjacent to the orc if Michael will use Direct the Strike.

- Michael's readied action -
a) Intuitive Strike
b) Intuitive Strike
c) Intuitive Strike
d) Direct the Strike

- Sureiya's turn -

Twin Strike, etc.
>> No. 3079 edit
It sounds like a good plan.
>> No. 3080 edit
Myn should skip as well, otherwise he won't have any reliable way to hit the guy with his ranged attacks.
>> No. 3082 edit
i'm okay with whatever
>> No. 3083 edit
Good for me.
>> No. 3085 edit
File 129824013925.png - (78.27KB , 224x401 , BUP_0416.png )
In the case of delaying, I won't post between delayed turns, as usual. Just go ahead and post your delay, and then whoever has the next turn can post. I'll post when someone actually takes an action other then delaying~
>> No. 3087 edit
Just noticed, how am I gonna use inspired belligerence if there's no way to get combat advantage vs him right now?
>> No. 3088 edit
Easy. He's prone.
>> No. 3089 edit
oh, forgot about that rule
>> No. 3101 edit
can't think of joke or pun involving you mad with this fellow
>> No. 3104 edit
If you plan to use Sureiya to attack, then you could delay your turn until mine, so your attack also benefit from combat advantage.
>> No. 3105 edit
I think she already has combat advantage from Inspired Belligerence.
>> No. 3106 edit
Well, but not Sureiya.
>> No. 3107 edit
No, he has it right now as well. If she grants you an attack, you'll still have CA.
>> No. 3109 edit
How does this spirit step works? And what kind of buffs I get to attack/damage?
>> No. 3110 edit
You can shift a square, and your rolls should be something like...

Melee Basic Attack: 1d20+11+4+2
(11 from your existing attack mods, 4 from CA, 2 from Spirit Infusion bonus)

Damage: 1d10+6+3+4+5
(6 from MBA damage you already had, 3 from Inspired Belligerence, 4 from Spirit Infusion power bonus, and 5 from vulnerable 5 fire)
>> No. 3111 edit
Wait, the fire thing is still working?!
>> No. 3112 edit
Until the end of her turn.
>> No. 3115 edit
>Gauntlets of Blood
2 more damage, or it would have been if you had rolled 4 or higher.
>> No. 3116 edit
Well, I am not bloodied right now, but yeah the other attack should have done two extra damage.
>> No. 3117 edit
Wait, the wearer has to be bloodied? derp
>> No. 3118 edit
With some luck, I will buy the op version of that equipment that give the +2 without need to be bloodied as well.
>> No. 3119 edit
File 129464370846.png - (78.78KB , 224x401 , BUP_0414.png )
Gauntlets of Blood don't require Sureiya to be bloodied. Only his target has to be bloodied.
>> No. 3121 edit
Excuse the rudeness, but are we waiting for something right now?
>> No. 3122 edit
It's Hide's turn.
>> No. 3123 edit
I thought rin was going to update or something
>> No. 3124 edit
I didn't see that post Rin made after bern's turn before, it was blocked by Anon's so I thought rin hadn't updated yet. Whoops.
>> No. 3128 edit
By the way, if the hit is good enough to kill please make it non-lethal, as the usual.
>> No. 3129 edit
File 129883938822.png - (76.97KB , 224x401 , BUP_0425.png )
Don't forget your quarry damage. Also, it's honestly a little early to be talking about making your "finishing blow" nonlethal. You might worry about that when it's at, oh, say, -215 or so.
>> No. 3130 edit
File 130766628464.jpg - (89.79KB , 290x313 , surprisinglypink.jpg )
That wasn't obvious?
>> No. 3132 edit
I used my quarry damage on the other attack, oh wait, it didn't hit.

>> No. 3133 edit
... Oh, so you used it for me. Derp, thank you.
>> No. 3134 edit
File 130723895926.jpg - (174.18KB , 800x600 , be772bdcf74bbcb076fa5c1c8975cf54.jpg )
Erm, sorry. Since you were posting saying you didn't have much time, I figured you had already left for somewhere.
>> No. 3141 edit
File 130773994991.png - (314.21KB , 484x580 , 凛私服01b(近).png )

Latest stuff associated with my homebrew system. The old documents have undergone significant revision, too. Also, I figured out how to export my OpenOffice documents as PDF, so the formatting is now much cleaner than before (a lot of formatting ended up screwy in an RTF conversion).
>> No. 3142 edit
File 130142809559.jpg - (81.09KB , 258x674 , huh.jpg )
>squishy wizard specifically mentioned as sqishy
>only has a melee at-will
I think I might know the reason, but can I ask why it doesn't have an at-will option with any range?
>> No. 3143 edit
File 130774142442.png - (319.07KB , 484x580 , 凛私服01a眼鏡(近).png )
It does have a ranged at-will option (the Elemental Blast powers). It's just listed at the end with the other powers, because there were 6 different versions of essentially the same power and I didn't want to list that twice (once for each subclass).
>> No. 3144 edit
File 129661381061.png - (100.28KB , 319x318 , doh.png )
Oh, I see. I missed that part.
>> No. 3148 edit
File 129527222995.jpg - (53.37KB , 412x500 , grab0050.jpg )
Sureiya's roll, btw: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3067123/
>> No. 3149 edit
File 130776953340.png - (208.13KB , 656x1325 , spirehornencounter.png )
Whoops, left off a few bonuses. Added those. Initiative is tentatively ended. Post in any order!
>> No. 3151 edit
George, make sure to kill the orc either before, during, or after the interrogation.
>> No. 3152 edit
File 130552341030.png - (85.67KB , 291x477 , kan_odorokia453.png )
>Outrider rebuke
Wait, that's even more powerful than his normal attacks, that doesn't make a lot of sense.
>> No. 3153 edit
Also, >interrogate the orc >kill the orc.
Wait, weren't we the nice guys!?
>> No. 3154 edit
File 129464370846.png - (78.78KB , 224x401 , BUP_0414.png )
I don't see why it doesn't make sense. It's a completely avoidable triggered action intended to be used as a punishment mechanic, so of course it's going to deal a ton of damage.

Expect that "limited use" attacks will deal a ton more damage than things they can use at-will. If you can completely avoid the attack, then I feel justified in giving the attack the potential (though not a guarantee) to one-shot weaker PCs of the level.

If I could do it again, I'd probably have Might of the Herd give the behemoth Resist 5 against ranged and area attacks, and have Bloodstained Hooves also trigger when the mount becomes bloodied (though still only one-use).
>> No. 3155 edit
>he can shift during trample
>> No. 3156 edit
File 130781568679.png - (352.52KB , 559x480 , sakutaro_sulkyuyru.png )
>also, chaotic evil
>> No. 3157 edit
I was talking about the "realism thingie" but that probably doesn't matter too much.
>> No. 3170 edit
hate to delay, but wanna contribute somehow, but storm and other stuff around delaying me
>> No. 3171 edit
File 129757993589.png - (76.58KB , 224x401 , BUP_0423.png )
No problem, I'll hold off on further updates until you get a chance.

Well, I'm not one to care too much about sacrificing realism for the sake of gameplay, as long as it's fairly easy to justify.
>> No. 3177 edit
File 130785153834.jpg - (288.83KB , 759x759 , Pink Outline.jpg )
If someone is interested and has time, please take a quick look over this and make sure I haven't missed anything!
>> No. 3180 edit
....I forgot most of what I was going to say or have written down in a note somehow if we were leaving. Wait.. Some of my memory was jogged.
>> No. 3183 edit
File 129695256865.png - (78.48KB , 224x401 , BUP_0412.png )
Just to make sure... are you guys waking him up while he's not tied down, and still has access to his waraxe?
>> No. 3184 edit
Well, actually before chaining him I removed him from his equipment (waraxe, chainmail, and well, the chain is probably near of him).
So please consider the waraxe and his chainmail is not near of him.
>> No. 3185 edit
File 129464370846.png - (78.78KB , 224x401 , BUP_0414.png )
How close are we talking? I didn't see any mention of hiding the axe or tossing it in the river or anything.
>> No. 3187 edit
About this close, I guess.
>> No. 3188 edit
The only mention from my part is on:
And well, since I didn't specify where did I leave the equipment ... let's say it's on the boat.
>> No. 3191 edit
Orc's will defense too high for intimidate attempt, etc, won't even try
>> No. 3193 edit
Don't look at me. Torinn's already on the boat.
>> No. 3194 edit
was just thinking of the possibility of me doing it, without assistance, doesn't mean you have to either
>> No. 3196 edit
File 130792068894.jpg - (8.63KB , 251x201 , whatever.jpg )
>> No. 3198 edit
>watch until they leave
The mount's not waking up anytime soon.
>> No. 3199 edit
w-what, why?
>> No. 3200 edit
We didn't wake it yet.
>> No. 3201 edit
The orc is doing it.
>> No. 3202 edit
Oh. Okay then. Carry on.
>> No. 3204 edit
...Told ya.
>> No. 3205 edit
>> No. 3208 edit
File 130794012484.png - (352.27KB , 545x583 , 凛私服04c眼鏡(近).png )
Good, another one done~!
>> No. 3209 edit
The thief class seems fun to play, and the level 30 thing makes you kinda immortal.
I liked the races article, it was quite descriptive, but I believe you got the wrong text in the Mithra section, it's the same paragraph than in the hume section.
>> No. 3212 edit
And Torinn is still waiting on the boat.
>> No. 3213 edit
HP totals:
Myn Nthelsyr 41/44 HP
Michael Silversteel 37/40 HP
"Bernkastel" 21/34 HP
Torinn Tormine 29/46 HP
Sureiya 31/45 HP
Celestial Steed 13/23 HP

Alright, Michael and Myn don't need to spend any extra healing surge, but Sureiya Bernkastel and Torinn do. Not sure if the Steed also need to spend a healing surge to heal.
>> No. 3214 edit
The steed can't spend its own surges. If it were granted something that allowed it to spend a healing surge, then it could heal.
>> No. 3215 edit
File 130113528699.jpg - (289.97KB , 1200x1697 , Angel Mort.jpg )
You can spend surges on its behalf, I believe. I think using a short rest counts as far as an effect that would allow it to spend surges.
>> No. 3216 edit
Oh, I see. Would it only regain a quarter of its hit points?
>> No. 3217 edit
File 129988635251.jpg - (164.91KB , 750x1000 , Going Gray.jpg )
No, the surge value is still equal to your own, as I understand it.
>> No. 3219 edit
Bernkastel, Torinn, and Sureiya spending a surge each should mean that all allies gain 6 extra HP, including the horse.
>> No. 3221 edit
Wait, extra 6hp? Wouldn't that be just extra 3hp?
>> No. 3222 edit
File 129868141662.jpg - (66.35KB , 504x913 , Angel Mort Pose.jpg )
We sort of decided that Michael's healing brooch adds +1 to the amount of HP restored by the battle standard.
>> No. 3224 edit
I see, well that way we would only need to use a surge each one.
>> No. 3226 edit
File 130806472854.jpg - (57.29KB , 241x310 , trouble.jpg )
If everybody just spends one surge, I don't think we need to take another one so soon.
>> No. 3227 edit
Well, not until we reach level 5, anyway.
>> No. 3228 edit
File 129464370846.png - (78.78KB , 224x401 , BUP_0414.png )
Are those checks from Bern "Aid Another," or actual checks? I notice you didn't add anon's bonus/penalty.
>> No. 3229 edit
Well, mine are checks, but I wasn't sure who anon was aiding.
>> No. 3233 edit
File 129824013925.png - (78.27KB , 224x401 , BUP_0416.png )
I'm trying to hold off posting a new OOC thread until the cbuilder updates D400's new hybrid/MC rules, but I may not be able to wait much longer.

Anyway, I was pausing in the action to give your characters a chance to speak to the dwarves, but I'll advance tomorrow either way.
>> No. 3234 edit
might speak up and ask what the others know about this place, etc, unless they already did that
>> No. 3236 edit
then i remembered i'll be busy today and tomorrow cause brother graduation and college tour tomorrow
>> No. 3240 edit
This is our great warmongering opportunity.
>> No. 3241 edit
File 130821328449.jpg - (94.52KB , 750x600 , pcswerehere.jpg )
>> No. 3242 edit
File 129574800636.png - (22.41KB , 434x514 , ka_heh2.png )
>> No. 3243 edit
File 130593838077.jpg - (175.49KB , 354x250 , great conqueror.jpg )
Not happening.
>> No. 3244 edit
Sureiya is probably going to stay silence, nervous etc.
>> No. 3246 edit
I wanna add something but only when I think of it
>> No. 3248 edit
File 129824266992.jpg - (178.54KB , 540x800 , This Head is Not for Patting.jpg )
Given that I'm still a bit under the weather, I don't mind waiting a little bit to give you time to think of something.
>> No. 3249 edit
Can I trust this person? Everyone knows that a king's brother is evil.
>> No. 3250 edit
Well, we need to trust someone, don't we? And if this guy end up being evil then we can enjoy some really funny cliche scenes.
>> No. 3258 edit
Well, I can still hope for a super-warlike king hated by Khaz.
>> No. 3260 edit
No one knows anything about the Dragonsworn. Should I give up on researching them?
>> No. 3261 edit
We probably as much information as we could from Thelkra the first time.
>> No. 3262 edit
Like this, we'll never be 100% sure that the Dragonsworn once inhabited that village, though all things considered, it makes perfect sense.

In any case, we could be asking about things we don't already know. What to ask?
>> No. 3263 edit
Well, that's really likely.
Anyways, what else to ask? Dunno, actually Shion said we might have to do some kind of skill challenge before having our extended rest, so maybe we will get some extra information there.
>> No. 3265 edit
crazy schedule delaying me and such again, so hopefully get something put in later tonight or tomorrow.
>> No. 3267 edit
Well, we got about 900gp from this travel, what are you guys buying now?
To increase my dpt I need to buy Iron Armbands of Power, but they are way too expensive. So I save my money to buy them next chance, or succumb to temptation and buy acrobat boots.
>> No. 3269 edit
In case you didn't already know, the Character Builder was changed so that now it automatically updates itself. Useful for when SA locks non-subscribers out of the topic.
>> No. 3270 edit
Oh CharOp, your crusade to empower Righteous Radiance isn't entirely wrong, but there's hardly anything left to do with it that wouldn't make it a rip-off or overpowered.
>> No. 3271 edit
File 129527222995.jpg - (53.37KB , 412x500 , grab0050.jpg )
All right, assuming no last-second objections, I'm advancing time forward a fair amount sometime tomorrow afternoon/early evening.
>> No. 3272 edit
No one asked about the king, huh.
>> No. 3273 edit
not polite, etc
>> No. 3274 edit
I've been busy, so I haven't gotten much to say, but there's not much I can think of saying anyway. (Cept maybe the fact these dwarves face the underdark like the east rift does, so camaraderie, etc.)
>> No. 3275 edit
Be subtle, etc.
>> No. 3278 edit
File 130881287451.png - (78.67KB , 224x401 , BUP_0419.png )
I will be looking for some responses this time around, by the way.
>> No. 3279 edit
File 129460800532.png - (27.71KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea3.png )
u-uwa! scary
>> No. 3280 edit
File 129723418350.jpg - (85.92KB , 449x700 , excited.jpg )
You tell 'em.
>> No. 3284 edit
voter apathy etc.
>> No. 3285 edit
File 130456574185.png - (32.14KB , 200x200 , knightarou color.png )
I'm considering getting a Ruby Scabbard at some point, then upgrading it to a Diplomat's Scabbard later. Since its property is that I can draw a weapon using the same motion I make to attack with it, I think it'll really help my action economy, and there's the weak but still appreciated encounter power that increases my damage a little. Of course, I'm more interested in the Diplomat's Scabbard since I like diplomacy bonuses.

>> No. 3286 edit
I don't know any of these, in which book can I find their description?
>> No. 3287 edit
I believe they're in Adventurer's Vault 2.
>> No. 3288 edit
File 129757250051.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
The effect is not bad, but you need to the weapon to be on the sheath so it effect can work.
Anyways, your new boots are cool, I jelly.
>> No. 3289 edit
I just have to sheathe it after every battle, right? It shouldn't hard, as long as I remember to do it.

Don't be -too- jealous. You're not hurt very much by being pushed away or just not being next to an enemy thanks to having a ranged twin-strike and your ranged option being one of your default weapons, while for me it's just a backup option. It's crucial that I be close to an enemy, so forced movement hurts me a lot.

Also, having them taking damage from Righteous Radiance/Divine Sanctions helps boost my DPR, so it's nice.
>> No. 3291 edit
File 130248690692.png - (56.22KB , 330x443 , kan_nayamua74.png )
Actually, I'm jelly because of the encounter power, more than anything.
Also, something to think about.
The Paladin role is not to receive all the attacks, because if that happened you would be probably dead around the second round in any encounter. Just marking the enemies give us an extra 2 points for AC, and that's kind of awesome. You should try to search to how to increase that kind of punishments instead of trying to get all of the attacks. Just my thoughts.
>> No. 3292 edit
Can't. Punishment stacking is a paladin thing, not a cavalier thing, sadly.

I know I'm not supposed to take every single attack - I'm not some kind of tank from an MMO, after all. But the choice between attacking me and attacking somebody else should be very hard for my enemies.
>> No. 3293 edit
I see, then what kind of powers cavaliers have?
>> No. 3296 edit
Up to three uses of Holy Smite, Righteous Shield (eventually reducing the damage taken by 10, then 20), Defender Aura and Righteous Radiance, the at-wills I have right now, Call Celestial Steed, Restore Vitality at level 2 (fixed utility, boo), Call Celestial Steed at level 4, Daily Powers at levels 5, 9, 15, 19, 25 and 29 (last one is fixed), Spirit of the Virtuous Charger at level 8 (bonus to charge attack damage and speed that gets better in later levels), the feature Encouraging Presence at level 17 (Whenever an ally adjacent to you spends a healing surge, they gain temporary hitpoints equal to my Charisma modifier), Righteous Rescue feature at level 23 (teleport up to 5 squares to square adjacent to target of Righteous Shield. Currently incompatible with Call Celestial Steed because it would teleport me off my mount), fixed utility at level 22 (boo), and Divine Grace feature at level 29 (resist 20 poison and resist 20 necrotic). The exclusive paragon path gives me a +2 bonus to saving throws (beautiful synergy with the Hero's Poise feat) and immunity to disease of my level or lower, a bonus to my healing surge value equal to my charisma modifier, and an action point feature ("When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you can also spend a healing surge as a free action. You regain no hit points for doing so, but each ally within 5 squares of you regains hit points equal to your level").

It's (almost) all in the Heroes of Forgotten Kingdoms book.
>> No. 3297 edit
I see, it's a mixture between a leader and a defender. Sounds nice.
>> No. 3298 edit
File 130884971382.png - (8.45KB , 243x306 , This Character Is Pretty Sketchy.png )
Needs more defender, though. Paladins are leaders in the same way that warlocks are controllers - very good at it, but they shouldn't forsake their primary role.
>> No. 3301 edit
File 130892725116.png - (145.05KB , 298x428 , divert all power to smiling.png )
Battle cleric updates! And people say the crunch is very satisfying!
>> No. 3312 edit

1. Myn
2. Imp
3. Michael
4. Bernkastel
5. Spirit
6. Other spirit
7. Torinn
8. Pony
9. kanonorc.png
10. Goldsmith
11. Captain Thunderbarrel
12-17. Goats
>> No. 3313 edit
The imp's sitting on Myn's shoulder, Torinn's riding the horse, and I don't think you mentioned summoning your spirit companions.
>> No. 3314 edit
what are you talking about they're right here
>> No. 3315 edit
They're floating, then.
>> No. 3316 edit
Prove it.
>> No. 3317 edit
...Maybe they don't leave footprints?
>> No. 3318 edit
Hoh, then who made the 14th set of footprints?
>> No. 3319 edit
If it was your spirits, it'd be the 14 and 15th set.
>> No. 3320 edit
Without love, you can't see them. Perhaps one is carrying the other.
>> No. 3321 edit
Sureiya would have noticed, high perception roll, weight difference, etc.
>> No. 3322 edit
Sureiya is a mindless puppet. Perhaps the horse noticed, but animal, doesn't mind, etc.
>> No. 3323 edit
Intelligent, empathic animal.
>> No. 3324 edit
Only as intelligent as the rider, riight?
>> No. 3325 edit
File 130900963521.jpg - (40.52KB , 600x600 , spah.jpg )
Our 14th person.
>> No. 3326 edit
Hmph. Mystery solved.
>> No. 3328 edit
An Arcana check could detect if someone invisible was near of us?
>> No. 3329 edit
Lure out the witch with bluff, etc.
>> No. 3330 edit
Orrrrrrrrrr try to check where the extra footprints are coming from.
>> No. 3331 edit
They're coming from us, dummy.
>> No. 3332 edit
Then look for somebody who doesn't belong.
>> No. 3333 edit
Clearly, eyes are useless. The next step is mind games.
>> No. 3334 edit
Or just say you're on to them.
>> No. 3335 edit
Yes, bluff.
>> No. 3345 edit
I knew a lizard army would help!
>> No. 3347 edit
lizard army always helps
>> No. 3352 edit
File 130298743761.png - (199.33KB , 398x554 , you are so puny.png )
Upon my apotheosis, I'll have a dragon army. Of every dragon everywhere.

Pretty much, anyway.
>> No. 3353 edit
Brief but meaningful reign.
>> No. 3354 edit
File 129464570122.jpg - (7.67KB , 181x161 , huh__.jpg )
If by brief you mean a really long time, sure.
>> No. 3355 edit
>comparing heroic-tier army to level 30 army

Anyway, the gods will be subjugated under the might of raging primordials, the true creators and rightful rulers of the mortal plane.
>> No. 3356 edit
>the Athas setting is ruled over by a dragon
lolno u ded
>> No. 3357 edit
Actually gods aren't allowed in Athas because the primordials already crushed the usurpers underfoot (though they fell asleep immediately). On top of that, the Dragon of Tyr is the only dragon in existence. One dragon won't stand a chance, etc.
>> No. 3358 edit
Never said I'd actually be -in- Athas.
>> No. 3359 edit
Power levels, etc.
>> No. 3360 edit
I'm sure there's a dragon dimension out there somewhere anyway. I can call aid from there.
>> No. 3362 edit
File 13091455925.png - (166.40KB , 700x1277 , timetravel.png )
What, you'd kill the innocent primordials in Athas?
>> No. 3363 edit
Not unless they start something.
>> No. 3364 edit
I don't think going wherever the party wants to immediately (for free) would be ineffective. Also, plenty of powers available to me use minor actions, so Master of Moments is perfectly effective.
>> No. 3365 edit
Still weak.
>> No. 3366 edit
Time travel (mechanically, extra actions) not weak.
>> No. 3367 edit
What would you need a standard action, move action, and three minor actions for?
>> No. 3368 edit
File 130914662152.png - (22.62KB , 342x286 , majoraction.png )
Things like this.

>Standard + Move + Minor + Minor
>Standard + Move + Move
>> No. 3369 edit
Considering all the accuracy penalties we can accrue, I wonder if enemies will even be able to hit us by mid-paragon.
>> No. 3370 edit
That's a poor excuse. Attack penalty (untyped) and surgeless healing every encounter. The power is amazing and you know it.
>> No. 3371 edit
For bloodied allies. It'll be obsoleted eventually.
>> No. 3372 edit
I don't foresee this power becoming obsolete ever. Also, name one combat encounter that we completed without any bloodying.
>> No. 3373 edit
The goblin ambush? That one went pretty badly for them.

The surgeless healing doesn't scale. And I'm pretty sure it doesn't persist outside combat.
>> No. 3374 edit
Did that happen? Well, every encounter beyond that had some bloodying, I think.

Generally, utility powers don't need to scale because we don't ever need to replace them; we just gain more powerful utility powers as we level up. On top of that, it scales with equipment (Healer's Brooch, Weapon of Healing, etc).
>> No. 3376 edit
Prestidigitation time?
>> No. 3382 edit
Is it possible to examine the invisible person's footprints? Wearing shoes of some sort, or barefoot and identifiable?
>> No. 3383 edit
File 129757993589.png - (76.58KB , 224x401 , BUP_0423.png )
You're not even sure which ones belong to the extra person. They do not seem to be distinguishable from the rest.
>> No. 3388 edit
Alright, this is not the first time we have to explain everything, but could someone else explain the information? RP-wise Sureiya its kinda nervous right now with all the orcs around.
>> No. 3389 edit
File 129527222995.jpg - (53.37KB , 412x500 , grab0050.jpg )
You don't HAVE to explain "everything." The goblin is asking specifically about the deserted orc camp you found.
>> No. 3391 edit
Don't mention Thelkra etc.
>> No. 3395 edit
That wolf looks like a bear etc.
>> No. 3396 edit
File 13093058938.jpg - (4.13KB , 150x251 , ghost_wolf.jpg )
Unfortunate effect of cropping for the token
>> No. 3405 edit
File 130806472854.jpg - (57.29KB , 241x310 , trouble.jpg )
Can we get a knowledge and insight check on Obould?
>> No. 3406 edit
Dunno, ask bern for an insight check.
>> No. 3407 edit
File 129757993589.png - (76.58KB , 224x401 , BUP_0423.png )
Related knowledge could be gleaned from Streetwise or History. As for Insight, go ahead.
>> No. 3410 edit
File 129610171245.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
I would post my rolls, but they suck.
Bernkastel save us etc.
>> No. 3411 edit
Oh good, it's not the same Oubold.
>> No. 3414 edit
File 129662149793.jpg - (89.15KB , 600x800 , All I Need Is My Star To Come.jpg )
Looks like they already errata'd the themes.
>> No. 3415 edit
File 129625592147.png - (59.43KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana17.png )
They don't seem to have balanced they a lot.
Some details with the animal guy, an specification to the guardian, an upgrade to the wizard?
>> No. 3416 edit
They changed a lot of bonuses to power bonuses, made sure animal companions got scaling defenses, and... I guess made the guardian more appealing to paladins?
>> No. 3419 edit
Sureiya is ready to go, it's all up to you guys.
>> No. 3420 edit
Torinn's ready.
>> No. 3426 edit
File 130967122862.jpg - (98.48KB , 1024x1024 , dragotank.jpg )
Clearly the cause of the disturbance was the dwarves' steampunk dragon tank going out of control.
>> No. 3430 edit
File 130971280739.png - (27.41KB , 201x202 , sakutaro_shock.png )
It dispenses poison, too?
>> No. 3432 edit
File 129464961298.png - (77.98KB , 224x401 , BUP_0415.png )
For the record, the CharOp's "From the Lab" series is showing rather promising results for Essentials classes performing adequately in appropriately-leveled encounters, despite all the bitching about how they are "underpowered" or whatever.


Of particular note should be that the level 30 party with the Sacrifice Cavalier as their defender did beat the level 33 Dragon of Tyr in 5~6 rounds, without being in too much danger.
>> No. 3433 edit
File 129721864872.jpg - (168.37KB , 880x880 , do want.jpg )
>> No. 3434 edit
File 129695777988.png - (188.93KB , 490x595 , d06fd2617db931ccb8f10784a6a37b1b.png )
The party that beat the dragon of Tyr was using Essentials-only material, too. Probably could have done better if they were using more sources.
>> No. 3435 edit
File 129610615227.jpg - (16.74KB , 91x74 , nyoro~n.jpg )
I guess that it proves they do fine at higher levels, but do they do any low-level testing?

I don't doubt that they'd do pretty well there, but I'd like some reassurance nonetheless.
>> No. 3436 edit
File 129643730081.jpg - (77.51KB , 300x430 , Colorful.jpg )
I think the doubts were that Essentials classes fall behind at the higher levels, not the lower levels. All classes have fewer resources at lower levels. There was a mid-paragon test, but no heroic that I saw.
>> No. 3437 edit
File 129737251878.png - (28.12KB , 151x214 , (Jeopardy Theme).png )
True. And the argument that they get their dailies later is pretty much moot when some of them don't get daily powers in the first place.
>> No. 3442 edit
Thelkra's corpse is being blamed for the assassination attempt. We should look while we're still here so we can investigate the crime scene ne.
>> No. 3444 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
New thread!
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