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Audio 04-Mountain_Pass_~_Conde_Petie.mp3 - (5.12MB , 04-Mountain Pass ~ Conde Petie.mp3 )
3220 No. 3220 edit
Around midday, your raft passes through a particularly wide section of the river and around a mountain bend. On the southeast side of the river is a thick forest of conifer trees, the tallest of which are dozens of feet tall and tipped with snow. On the northwest side of the river is a steep mountain path that leads upwards along a winding trail to a rather abrupt, artificially-cared cliffside. At the end of the trail in the distance, you can see what appears to be a hefty pair of iron gates blocking entrance into the mountain itself Presumably, the majority of Mithral Hall lies within the mountain and underground. In addition, you notice what appear to be about a half-dozen or so smaller humanoids patrolling the path to the gates.

As your raft slows and drifts towards the shore, about three of the humanoids leave the front of the gate and slowly walk their way down the path towards the point where you will eventually disembark. As they draw closer, you can tell that they are heavily armored and wielding hefty great axes.

Gourmert nods to you and says, "You lads ready fer this?"

Streetwise and History may be relevant checks for knowledge.
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>> No. 3223 edit
File 129460800532.png - (27.71KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea3.png )
"Ready here, sir."
Or that's what Sureiya say, because he is feeling a bit ashamed. Being a half-orc and knowing nothing about Mithral Hall?
Aid another for history (fail).
Aid another for streetwise (success).

>> No. 3225 edit
File 130420541920.jpg - (23.61KB , 120x158 , mb9.jpg )
Awake. Are we here?

Classic. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3071283/
>> No. 3230 edit
"We made it."

Though he only knows a little about its history, Torinn learned quite a bit from anecdotes about Mithral Hall.
History and Streetwise checks : http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3071889/ (12, 21)
>> No. 3231 edit
The warlord nods, and murmurs,"Hopefully everything goes smoothly and without too much trouble."
>> No. 3232 edit
File 13080950855.jpg - (896.95KB , 1368x706 , Mithral_Hall_plan.jpg )
Bernkastel/Torinn (Streetwise): Mithral Hall is the probably the most famous dwarven settlement in northern Faerun. It has a reputation of being an impenetrable fortress, and has survived for more than a hundred years against attacks by conquering orcs and denizens of the Underdark, including an invasion force of drow bound for the surface world. Despite the harsh dangers of the nearby lands, the interiors of Mithral Hall are often awash in revelry and celebration, as their official standard is a frothing mug, the symbol of Clan Battlehammer. The descendants of the great dwarven hero, Bruenor Battlehammer, still rule these vast halls, protecting those within (mostly shield dwarves, with a small population of humans, gold dwarves, and deep gnomes) from external and internal threats.

The three dwarven warriors close on your location, and one of them, sporting a thick gray beard and a musclebound exterior, addresses you rather directly, "Mithral Hall lies ahead. What's yer business'n these lands?"

Gorumert is the first to reply, "Ah, brothers. We come on an important diplomatic mission from Baldur's Gate. We must speak to a representative of the Battlehammers immediately!"

The guard looks past Gourmert to the gathering of armed and dangerous-looking adventurers. "Yer packin' some dangerous-lookin' company thar, brother. Tho' a damned sight better than tha curs'd orcs and drow tha prowl aroond 'ere e'ery so often. They talk much?"
>> No. 3235 edit
Sureiya stay silent, but he make a small gesture to Torinn. Go and speak for us, he say.
>> No. 3238 edit
File 129913416795.jpg - (130.98KB , 500x535 , SHOW TIME.jpg )
Torinn nods to Gourmert and Sureiya, speaking on behalf of the group.

"It is as he says. We come from Baldur's Gate on a matter of diplomacy, in order to prevent a war from occurring. To that end, we seek an audience with a representative. Please, let us through."

Diplomacy : http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3073176/ (29)

Tell everybody information from streetwise check at first convenient opportunity

>> No. 3239 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
The guard nods briskly, then gestures with his head back towards the iron gates, up the mountain trail. "Well, wells. Ye folks 're welcome a' Mithral Hall, tho' ahm afraid we ain't a lot to see these days. Still, if what ye say is true, yer mission's pretty critical. Follow me." Gourmert nods, and the guards lead the party and the dwarven diplomat up the mountain path, to the iron doors that seal off Mithral Hall. Once you arrive, the guard you spoke to earlier mutters something, and the doors slowly swing open, revealing the interior.

Immediately inside the gate is a well-crafted stone bridge over a dimly illuminated gorge in the midst of an open cavern. There are more guards gathered around the bridge, but the dwarf leading you forward waves them off, and you are able to traverse the wide, safe stone bridge without incident. Past that are some torch-lit tunnels, which lead you to a somewhat smaller, yet elegantly engraved and decorated gathering hall.

Though there aren't any other humanoids present here at the moment, there are a handful of magnificent marble tables (if a bit lower-set than might be comfortable for a human or dragonborn) surrounded by wooden stools of clearly dwarven manufacture. Depictions of the history of Mithral Hall are engraved into the walls, detailing the various battles against drow, orcs, duergar, and Shimmergloom the shadow dragon. The guard addresses Gourmert directly, saying, "Wait here. Ahll get one of the Battlehammer aides." He then moves out of the gathering hall, back into the tunnel system.

Gourmert faces the gathered adventurers and says, "Ah suggest ye leave the diplomatic handlin's tae me, mostly. With'at said, iffa they be askin' for specifics on tha incidents, it'd be best if ye told 'em how it went doon. Mithrals may be more cooperative if they know what's goin' on."

If you have anything to say and/or discuss amongst yourselves IC before you start talking with the dwarves of Mithral Hall, now's the time.
>> No. 3245 edit
Audio 07-Quina's_Theme.mp3 - (5.32MB , 07-Quina\'s Theme.mp3 )
The adventurers stand back and let the expert do the work. Gourmert steps forward, to the near end of the table, and stands with his hands folded behind his back, patiently waiting. His nose twitches a little.

A few minutes pass, and then from the direction opposite Gourmert come three dwarves: a black-bearded, bald-headed male in rather expensive-looking gold and white silks. His beard is braided into two separate strands, and his tabard bears the crest of the foaming mug. This symbol is both the crest of the Battlehammer clan and the standard of Mithral Hall. Two heavily-armored guards with mauls flank him, a male and a female. More guards enter from behind you, and there are about eight total in the room when the one in the silk takes his place at the end of the table opposite Gourmert.

"Well met, brother," the diplomat begins. "Tha name's Khaz Battlehammer, o' tha Battlehammer clan, distant cousin o' Bruenor Battlehammer. I represent King Mezzo Battlehammer, my brother, lord of Mithral Hall. What brings ye tae our humble mountain?"

"Hail, and well met, Kraz," Gourmert easily replies. "Ahm Gourmert Goldsmith, of Baldur's Gate. We've come a long way, seeking an audience."

Khaz laughs and spreads his arms, replying "Well, ah say ye got one! What're ye really here for, sir Goldsmith?"

Gourmert pulls at his beard a bit nervously, "Ach, well, itsa bit of a sticky situation we be in down in Baldur's. We're actually here onna diplomatic mission to Many-Arrows, an' we want some neutral groond tae use azza staging point fer negotiation."

Up until now, Khaz Battlehammer had been smiling, but at the mention of Many-Arrows, he adopts a very serious expression and leans forward over the table, "Ah, I see why ye be hesitant then. No secret, right? Dwarves and orcs, we don't get along too well." With this, Khaz withdraws from the table paces a bit, before whirling back to face Gourmert. "Luck, tho, tha Battlehammers and King Obould have made a lotta effort inta keepin' tha peace. Orcs may be savages, but Obould does do his best to keep his in line. Dark Arrow Keep is nearby, we shouldn't have any trouble gettin' word to 'em." The diplomat moves around the side of the table, and draws closer to Gourmert here, and leans forward before continuing, "Ah think ye know what I'll be aksin' next, yea?"

Gourmert nods sagely, "Aye. Listen, these adventurers," with this, the dwarf diplomat gestures to the five in question, "cleaned outta cavern tha some fell orc was usin' as a base to raid caravans. The fell orc was carrying evidence to suggest it hailed from Many-Arrows. Not only tha, but they discovered a camp of orcs, all dead and gone, but clearly from Many-Arrows as well. All tha way down in tha Troll Hills."

At this point, Gourmert turns his head towards the adventurers in question and asks, "Tha's the truth, ain't it? Anythin' ye wanna add?"
>> No. 3247 edit
File 130606626814.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
Still nervous, the orc replies.
"If I am allowed to speak; We are worried about this occurrence. And probably the most worrisome part is the fact we don't think the Fallen Arrow is responsible for the attacks. We have some kind of theory about this.
Then, Sureiya looks to "Bernkastel", urging her to explain the conspiracy theory.
>> No. 3251 edit
File 130842706258.png - (36.63KB , 458x434 , b3.png )
Khaz Battlehammer, diplomat and brother to the king.

Judge character. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3076772/

>> No. 3252 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Bernkastel (Insight): From this dwarf, you get a strong sense of upholding the name of Battlehammer. The hero they spoke of, Bruenor Battlehammer, helped take Mithral Hall back from Shimmergloom and his druergar, and negotiated peace with Obould Many-Arrows after the orcs' siege of Mithral Hall. The tenuous peace the dwarves have with Many-Arrows is extremely important to the survival of Mithral Hall. It seems as though it is in this dwarf's best interests to keep that peace.
>> No. 3253 edit
File 130688938861.jpg - (58.75KB , 276x226 , s06-07a.jpg )
The shaman addresses Gourmert. "It looked like Many-Arrows was framed in a warmongering scheme. ... As for the perpetrator, I suspect that the Dragonsworn clan is responsible."

It's assumed that the others can hear this.
>> No. 3254 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Eh? Dragonsworn?" Khaz replies, putting one hand to his beard and stroking it thoughtfully. "That's a name I've not heard in a long time..."

"It's a probability tha tha perpetrators are bein' led er manipulated by an entity known as tha 'Fell King,' who rules from the Shadowfell," Gourmert adds. "A'least, that's according tae one of tha fell orcs they captured. One way er another, tho, Many-Arrows's involved, so we need diplomatic contact wit'em immediately, lest war break out all over Luruar, or possibly all o' northern Faerun!"

Khaz Battlehammer nods sagely, replying, "A grave sit'ation indeed. Well, we'll send an emissary to Dark Arrow Keep, tae explain tha situation. Cood be a day er two before we hear back. In tha meantime, ye folks best be makin' yerselves at home here in Mithral Hall! Is there anything ole' Khaz can help ye with?"
>> No. 3255 edit
File 129946870751.png - (217.59KB , 480x640 , fiery.png )
Torinn thinks back to how many times he's been thrown around lately. Dwarves are sturdy. Maybe they could impart some wisdom to him?

"This is just a personal request, but do you know any means somebody like me could stand their ground better against being pushed or pulled around?"
>> No. 3256 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
"Wha?" Khaz remarks, and considers. "The solidarity of Moradin is embodied in all us dwarves, but we ain't all tha adept a' makin' it into magical items. Wit' tha said... if ye have tha coin, perhaps we could whip up somethin' special for ye."

"Ah, speakin' o' coin," Gourmert pipes in, then reaches into his satchel and begins to pull out some small glass capsules, filled with a shiny, sparkling substance you recognize as residuum. "Tha Grand Duke says this is the up-front part o' yer reward. Ye'll get tha rest on yer safe return to Baldur's."

You each receive 640gp worth of residuum, a reagent that can be traded as gold or used for any magical ritual.
>> No. 3257 edit
File 130853873921.png - (100.60KB , 205x312 , b1.png )
"Then, Mr. Battlehammer, could you help shed some light on the history of the Dragonsworn?"
>> No. 3259 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
The Battlehammer representative casually strides over alongside the table and has a seat, looking apologetically at the psionic shaman. "Well, I'm afraid I don't know much. There were a lotta clans amongst tha orcs before the Oboulds united 'em inta Many-Arrows... Wolffang, Bloodspire, Crooked-Blades, Dragonsworn... I ha'en't heard much aboot tha Dragonsworn since Many-Arrows formed up. If they're active now, it'd be the first I've heard of them in decades. I do know they primarily populated tha lands south-west of tha Spine of tha World."

Khaz calls over the two guards, and mutters a few words to them. They nod, and depart, apparently satisfied with the happenings. "Ahll have 'em relay yer requests. If there be anythin' else ye wish tae talk aboot, this ole dwarf has somethin' of a fondness fer reminiscing."
>> No. 3264 edit
"Personally, I would like to have a good rest. But if we need to do something else first I will wait."
>> No. 3266 edit
"Nothing else at the moment, but we'll keep that in mind, thank you."
>> No. 3268 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Ach, aye, aye," the dwarf representative laughs, looking away and waving his hand at you. "Ye traveled here by boat, yea? Ye must've nay hadda good rest 'n weeks." He rises from his chair, and walks towards the exit. A scattering of four other dwarves walk into the room, meeting him near the path from which he entered, and he turns back to meet your collective gaze once more. "Ahll see tae't tha ye have good accommo'ations fer sleepin'. Once ye've ha' yer rest, feel free tae ask me fer anything further. Ahll show ye where ye can find me."
>> No. 3276 edit
Audio 04-Mountain_Pass_~_Conde_Petie.mp3 - (5.12MB , 04-Mountain Pass ~ Conde Petie.mp3 )
The dwarves of mithral hall are generally easy to get along with and helpful to the party. Descending into the Undercity, Gourmert is able to negotiate free rooms and meals for all of you as official representatives of Baldur's Gate. Indeed, visitors from outside of Luruar are rare this far north, especially within the territories of Many-Arrows, so many curious dwarves will urge you to stop for a spell if you go outside your rooms so they can speak to you for a bit.

A little over a day passes, and at Torinn's request, a set of solid greaves are crafted for the dragonborn ( http://www.mediafire.com/?km043ajs167b0hr ). The dwarves require a payment of 680 gold pieces for this clearly high-quality work, and the smith, a Kelgar Thunderbeard, seems especially pleased with the results.

At any rate, the party is mostly gathered near their rooms when you finally meet with Khaz Battlehammer and his escort once more. Gourmert, who had been notably absent and presumably negotiating with the administrators of the hall, is also with them. Khaz clears his throat and addresses you, "Tha orcs have agree'd tae meet wit' yer diplomat at the meetin' grounds we arranged. It's on tha steppes, just down tha path outta Mithral Hall." The Battlehammer representative gestures to his armed entourage, "We be sendin' some extra muscle wit' ye. Apparently our info's caused quite a stir in Dark Arrow Keep, an' they want tae meet immediately. We're expectin' a big reception... so be on yer guard." The dwarf shakes his head and sighs. "Ah mean, ahd like tae trust tha orcs of Many-Arrows, like ole Bruenor, but something's suspicious. Maybe it's Many-Arrows... maybe somethin' else. I dunno. Just be careful, yea?"
>> No. 3281 edit
File 129721828313.png - (88.86KB , 291x478 , kan_defa1.png )
"Some extra muscle? Excuse the question Sir, but who else is coming with us?"
>> No. 3282 edit
File 130023680217.png - (254.91KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p4.png )
"Eh?" Khaz seems a bit taken aback by the question, but rebounds quickly with a reassuring tone, gesturing to the guards surrounding him, "Just a few stout dwarven hands tae keep ne'er-do-wells from gettin' any funny ideas, aye?"

Bernkastel (Passive Insight): He was a bit nervous about answering that question. You're not really sure why.
>> No. 3283 edit
File 130882232030.png - (84.33KB , 291x478 , ka2_defa1.png )
"Is that so? Well I was just a bit curious, so don't think too much about it."
Insight check: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3083118/ (24)
>> No. 3290 edit
Torinn gladly pays for the boots, thanking Kelgar Thunderbeard for making a customized piece of armor for so little cost. He takes time to equip them before heading out to join the others, once again thanking the smith.

At Sureiya's question of the loyalty of the dwarven escorts, Torinn smiles reassuringly at Khaz.
"If you trust them, I think they're trustworthy enough."
>> No. 3299 edit
File 130783324685.jpg - (131.75KB , 500x612 , 25d12d74737694181866c3c85d3e1190.jpg )
"Will we travel on foot?"
>> No. 3300 edit
"...it's usually preferable for diplomacy to occur in absence of a large military force. Even considering that caution is the key to longevity, this has the potential to become violent more easily than I'd like."
>> No. 3302 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Sureiya (Insight): You definitely think there's a subject in the matter of the escort that's being avoided.

"Aye, it's only a short ways doon. We'll be back well 'fore nightfall, even'f negotiations take awhile," Khaz replies, nodding briskly. He then turns and makes to leave, waving to you, "Good luck. We'll be countin' on ye."

The guards simultaneously turn and begin to move towards the way you entered the hall, expecting you to follow.
>> No. 3303 edit
File 129757250051.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
Sureiya moves along with the party, and trying his best to not be heard by the others, he mutters to Myn and Torinn.
"... There's something weird here, sir Khaz is acting strange, perhaps he is not telling us something?"
>> No. 3304 edit
Listen anyway.
>> No. 3305 edit
File 130896125850.png - (59.57KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea11.png )
Noticing the Shaman interest, he also say it to her and to Michael.
"Didn't you notice something weird with sir Khaz? Let's not down our guard now."
>> No. 3306 edit

Myn whispers in reply.

"I would like to hope that he is merely being cautious, but it would be wise to remain on our guard."
>> No. 3307 edit
File 130897555024.jpg - (81.38KB , 494x525 , dual_hammer_dwarf.jpg )
The party discusses the suspicious nature of Khaz's character quietly as they follow the guards back up through the passages of Mithral Hall, and back out into the wilderness. Gourmert follows the guards closely and is not privy to the private conversation between some of the members.

Once outside, you are greeted by a stout-looking dwarf in gold-plated armor with a hammer holstered at each of his hips. He is bound up in furs, but you don't have any problem spotting plate armor beneath. Between his grayish beard, which is heavily braided, and his helmet and other facial hair, nearly all you can make of his face is his golden eyes and large, scarred nose. He raises his hand when he sees the guards and the adventurers, then leans over and spits, wipes his mouth with his sleeve, and says, "Hail, travel'rs. Ahm tha captain of tha guard, Selond Thunderbarrel. Me and my elite guard'll be accompany'n ye on this assignment, aye?" The dwarf walks over to the plateau overlooking the road you traveled up to enter Mithral Hall, and points into the distance. Following his direction, you can spot a raised, level hill amongst the snow-covered, forested landscape below, in the steppes of the mountains that form the Spine of the World. "Thas our destination. Tha orcs 're already on tha move. We're headin' out quickly now, so no lollygagging, ya'hear?"

With that, the company of six dwarven guards whose names you haven't yet learned accompanies your party, Gourmert Goldsmith, and Mithral Hall's captain of the guard Selond Thunderbarrel down the road and towards the hill he indicated. It's a good few miles trek through the wilderness, as it's in a rather low-set area of the steppes, so while your marching pace is brisk, it will still take some time to reach your destination.

You may all make Perception checks while traversing the wilderness to your meeting spot. If you wish to use your passive Perception instead, you may elect not to roll.
>> No. 3308 edit
File 129607782146.png - (59.23KB , 330x443 , kan_komarua1.png )
"Sir Thunderbarrel, Should we expect an aggressive welcome from the Many Arrows? or are we just being careful?"
Perception check for sounds and/or hidden enemies: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3085413/
>> No. 3310 edit
File 130898513831.jpg - (336.97KB , 512x520 , invisible go-kart.jpg )
Before they head out, Torinn whistles, the celestial warhorse charging out of the ether at his summons. The paladin sets himself atop his trusty mount and they head off.

When Sureiya poses the question, Torinn suggests,
"It could be that other factions want to keep this meeting from happening and might try to ambush us."

Use Call Celestial Steed
Ride on horse

Perception : http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3085537/ (8)

>> No. 3311 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Sureiya (Perception): You can't help but feel as though... something is out of place here. Your party is five, plus Gourmert, the six guards, and the captain Thunderbarrel... there are thirteen of you. Yet, your instincts tell you, looking back at the tracks left in the snow, that there are fourteen. That's kind of strange, as you definitely haven't seen anyone else traveling with you.

Captain Thunderbarrel grunts and addresses Sureiya in an authoritarian manner; "If tha orcs 're smart--an' tha Battlehammers tell me tha Oboulds 're--they ain't tryin' anything. Still, it seems tha fact tha thar're travelers all tha way from Baldur's Gate up here, on an official mission, has caused quite a stir in Dark Arrow Keep. We should expect they'll be sendin' someone important tae meet with us, an' tha orcs, even if they're smart, trustin' they ain't. Which means they'll be sendin' a big compliment o' their own." The captain spits again, then continues briefly, "We dinnae want tae give'm any funny ideas, intae thinkin' they kin bully ya'll around with force o' numbers."

Several of the dwarven guards seem rather impression by Torinn's celestial steed, and steal a quick, awe-filled glance at it when they can.
>> No. 3327 edit
File 13090099938.png - (41.52KB , 243x201 , search.png )
Upon noticing Sureiya looking at the footprints, the elemental spirit turns the shaman's attention to the same.

>> No. 3336 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Bernkastel: (Perception) You notice the same thing Sureiya does... there seems to be a presence here that you can't quite place your eyes on.

The shaman's spirit sends her strange visions, while Torinn's horse snorts and tramples the snow. From Myn's shoulder, a skulking book imp emerges from the warlock's clothing, and chatters briefly to the half-elf.
>> No. 3337 edit
The orc walks near to the Shaman.
"There's something weird here, is someone following us?"
>> No. 3338 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
The dwarves pause for a moment and look at the half-orc. Captain Thudnerbarrel grunts, "Whatya mean, ranger?"
>> No. 3339 edit
File 129625592147.png - (59.43KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana17.png )
The orc, who apparently did not intend to be heard by anyone else got surprised by the goat dwarf question.
"Well, don't make a big mess of this. But I have the feeling someone is following us. From the footsteps we leave in the snow there should be 14 people here, but we are just 13"
>> No. 3340 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
At Sureiya's response, the captain of the guard grunts and motions the company to keep moving. "Aye, an' ahd appreciate't if ye didn't say anytin' aboot't tae tha orcs. Tha be our trump card, in case things go bad."

Gourmert seems a bit nervous about this, whispering to the rest of the party, "They be really cautious aboot these orcs. Must have a lotta bad blood between 'em..."
>> No. 3341 edit
File 129757250051.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
The orc moves his face back, as if he was trying to see an invisible dwarf, and then replies.
"That explains it. If anything that doesn't make me feel any less nervous."
>> No. 3342 edit
File 130908460460.jpg - (45.27KB , 155x304 , k20a.jpg )
Should I be worried?
>> No. 3343 edit
File 130908833291.png - (256.91KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p9.png )
Captain Thunderbarrel waves dismissively at the orc's statement, saying, "Listen, adventurer. I doon't know how ye folks play back home, but 'ere, it be hard ball, all tha time. Yea, we an' tha orcs be on not-hostile terms right now. But we cannae afford tae appear weak. If ye think even fer a moment we can afford tae let our guard doon aroun' the orcs, yer sadly mistaken."

Suddenly, the captain whirls around to face the party, and the group halts for another moment. He puts his hands on his hips and gives you all what can only be described as a stern, authoritative look. "Now I dinnae wha ye were expectin' tae see in this diplomatic meetin, but it might be akin tae somethin' like two wolves circlin' each other, all growlin' an' snarlin' an' showin' teeth. As long as neither side's missin' any teeth, tha other's got no incentive tae pounce, aye? Obould may have 'em somewhat tamed, but they're still orcs. Power's wha they respect tha most. Ahm not sayin' Many-Arrows is gonna attack us. But ahm gonna make damn sure we doon't appear an easy target, neither."

He leans forward, and says in a very serious, very low tone, "It's tha best fer all o' us, ye see? We be less o' a target, an' tha more unruly orcs 've less opportunities tae rebel 'gainst Obould. We ain't a batch o' roving thugs, ya'know. This be how it goes out here. Ye get it?"

Gourmert seems taken aback by this, but can't really find any words to disagree.

Bernkastel: (Passive Insight) What you can glean from this is that, for the captain, and the guards, this is absolutely justified and, in fact, completely normal. At least, that is their feeling about it: this is just another day on the job. Maybe a more exciting day, but none of them appear especially nervous or upset.
>> No. 3344 edit
File 130017450663.png - (58.64KB , 330x443 , kan_defa114.png )
An easy target? And how this "invisible" guy help us with that?
"Alright, I have no problem with this. Let's continue."
>> No. 3346 edit
File 130568845666.jpg - (38.80KB , 395x501 , eugh.jpg )
"You would think that they wouldn't want to pick a fight with a group of adventurers tagging along."
Torinn finds the circling wolves analogy leaves a bad taste in his mouth. He looks to Gourmert to see if he's any less troubled by all of this.
>> No. 3348 edit
File 130023680217.png - (254.91KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p4.png )
"It's fine an' well that ye're 'ere," Captain Thunderbarrel replies to Torinn, before turning back to the road ahead. "But ahm not innae business o' goin' into orcs'f ah 'ven think fer a moment ahm underprepared. Now, let's get movin'. We won't wanna keep tha orcs waitin'."

Gourmert seems to sense Torinn's urgency, and walks over to the mounted paladin, speaking in a low voice so that all of the party can hear, "Well, it be true tha negotiations'n these more outland areas can get a'lil... rough. But dun't worry aboot a thing. We'll get through this."
>> No. 3349 edit
Michael can't shake off the sinking feeling something may go wrong, but hopes it's only that, a feeling. "As long as it prevents a war.", he thinks to himself. These dwarves have enough to deal with being so close to the Underdark like the East Rift was.
>> No. 3351 edit
Torinn nods grimly at Thunderbarrel, agreeing that they should make haste, though he still doesn't like the situation. But it doesn't make him any less resolute to see it through, and Gourmert's reassurance gives him hope that it'll all work out.
>> No. 3377 edit
File 130914989355.png - (1.08MB , 1069x675 , meeting1.png )
In a couple of hours' time, the party reaches their destination. There's not a lot to see here--lots of conifers surround the top of this small hill, and there are a few rather sparse-looking bushes and stray rocks, and an unlit campfire in the center of the plateau.

As you gather and the guards take up their positions, captain Thunderbarrel approaches the unlit campfire and declares, "Ahll light it up. Tha'll let 'em know we're here." With that, the guard captain pulls out some flint and a piece of tinder, and begins making an effort to start a fire.
>> No. 3378 edit
Torinn hopes for the best, but thinks that looking more knightly could leave a better impression. The paladin brings out his shield, but leaves his sword sheathed. Hopefully it won't be needed.
Equip shield
>> No. 3379 edit
File 130613479024.jpg - (46.00KB , 153x122 , b4.jpg )
Well, if we're being cautious anyway.

Perception check for traps and other suspicious things, etc. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3087819/

>> No. 3380 edit
Audio 36_-_Anxiety.mp3 - (2.51MB , 36 - Anxiety.mp3 )
Bernkastel: (Perception) You see nothing unusual or out of the ordinary about, aside from the fact that you can clearly tell that the unseen person that was with you before is still nearby.
>> No. 3381 edit
File 12989609891.png - (10.42KB , 200x200 )
The shaman ignites a nearby stick, and offers it to Thunderbarrel. prestidigitation

Keep a lookout for orcs.

>> No. 3384 edit
File 13091654769.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
Stay still, and alert if anything happen.
>> No. 3385 edit
File 129999323263.jpg - (7.13KB , 73x78 , georgedistantahaha.jpg )
Myn idly scratches a picture of a tree on the ground with one of his rods, remaining alert despite his apparent boredom.

Holding darkspiral rod.
>> No. 3386 edit
File 130924183772.png - (934.54KB , 1069x675 , meeting3.png )
It begins with the sound of a horn, followed by the faint sounds of creatures approaching from below. To the northeast, you catch glimpses of humanoid figures, a great many of them--and they are approaching.

The dwarves stiffen a bit, but otherwise to not react, until the captain announces, "'Ere they come."

Almost immediately after Thunderbarrel announces the arrival of the orcs, they begin marching up the hill and filling out the area around the bonfire. Eight orcs are clearly dressed for battle, or at least as escorts, with varying degrees of hide armor protecting their bodies, painted in reds, browns, and violet, studded with crude metal. They also carry varying shapes of hefty battle-axes, though show no strain in carrying them. Five behind them are dressed in white furs over hide armor of similar coloring, though they do not seem to be wielding weapons.

Curiously, at the front of the group is a goblin. He skulks and darts between the grunts as they line up to face the dwarves, before finally assuming a position in the front. He's a bit scrawny-looking, but wearing a crooked grin and dressed in only a brown loincloth and boots (though he doesn't seem cold for whatever reason). The orcs and dwarves have a stand-off for a few moments, before the goblin finally breaks the silence.
>> No. 3387 edit
Audio 18-Where_Lords_Rule_Not.mp3 - (4.82MB , 18-Where Lords Rule Not.mp3 )
"Ah-HA!" the goblin cries out, clapping his hands together briefly. "Yer the adventurers causin' quite the stir up in Dark Arrow Keep, ehhhhhh?" he seems to be ignoring most of the dwarves, instead focusing on the other various races gathered there. His eyes dart from the dragonborn, between the humans, to the half-elf, back to the dragonborn, and then to the half-orc, before continuing in a screechy, yet raspy voice, "All the way from the cities on the coast! Baldur's Gate, yeesssss? Hmmmm? You got guts comin' all the way up heres, to the kingdom of Many-Arrows, ya'know! Yet one can't help but wonder: what yer intentions are, ehhh?! Help a goblin out, ehhhhh?!"

Gourmert steps forward, then clears his throat, and addresses the goblin, "Aye. We simply wish tae make a few inquiries aboot the activities of Many-Arrows in tha Trol Hills..."

The goblin suddenly holds up his hand and shakes his head, "Ah, say no more! Say no more! We were hopings you'd be willin' to talks about that!" The goblin nods excitedly, and looks in the direction of the adventurers in the back. "But first, lets talk about what yas already know, ehhhhhh! Adventurers, youses found the camp, yes? So let's hears what youses have to say about it!"
>> No. 3390 edit
File 130929990269.png - (85.48KB , 440x550 , mfw EP8.png )
This eagerness he displays is slightly unnerving.

"We found the camp ransacked, with traces of a battle. And scorch marks, I believe."
>> No. 3392 edit

Myn adds on to the paladin's explanation.

"Upon investigating the nearby cave, we also discovered a fel orc, who was in the process of manipulating a leyline. She mentioned a 'Fell King', as well as the fall of the Many-Arrows, after we subdued her."
>> No. 3394 edit
File 130930452451.png - (733.81KB , 1069x675 , meeting4.png )
The goblin nods eagerly. "Indeed, it's as wes expected! Good, good. Wells, adventurers, it's your lucky day!" The goblin steps aside as one of the shamans in the back ranks moves forward, taking a position at the front of the orcish group. "Allow me to introduce the big boss himself: the grand unifier of the warring clans, king of the Spine of the World, ruler of the great Kingdom of Many-Arrows: King Obould Many-Arrows XVII!"

The orc throws off his furs, revealing a set of black-plated, regal armor. At his back is a very hefty double-axe, and his skin tone is a dark green, with a grayish beard covering his chin. His eyes are yellow, sunken, and look as though they've seen many battles. He crosses his muscular arms as the goblin continues on, "Yes, yes! The king himself has left the keep to meet with you, because of this disruption of an important investigation! You should be grateful, ehhhhhh? Bowing's not good enough, why don't you get down and grovel! Grovel for mercy at the feet of the king!"

Obould sighs and closes his eyes, and speaks in a commanding voice, "Flit. That mouth of yours will be the death of you."

The goblin looks up at the orc king with a confused expression. "Huh?" Obould slowly points a hand towards the bonfire, and suddenly, it erupts in a massive flame that illuminates everyone present, causing quite the stir among the dwarves, who flinch and let their hands spring to their weapons. A lash of the fire scorches the ground and burns away the snow in front of Flit the goblin. "Yaaah!" it cries out, leaping back.

Another figure leaps away from the fire as well. "Aww, he saw me," comes the voice of a pouting dwarf female, and suddenly another dwarf figure is added to your collection: this one a female dressed in leather armor, and holding two daggers. Your mysterious stalker has been revealed, it seems.

Captain Thunderbarrel speaks up, and seems remarkably relaxed about the whole ordeal, "Apologies, king of Many-Arrows. We meant no disrespect, but given the chaotic nature of your nation in recent history, we felt certain precautions must be taken."

Obould looks at the captain of the guard, crosses his arms once more, and smirks. "Likewise," he says simply. At this, two large spirit wolves fade into existence in the midst of the ranks of dwarves and adventurers, and the guards nearest the wolves take a few steps back, clearly unnerved. The atmosphere is quite tense, but it doesn't look like either side is going to spring into battle immediately, so Obould continues, "And now that we've exchanged pleasantries, perhaps you'll indulge me on a bit of further information on the status of my expedition to the Troll Hills. Just what happened down there?"
>> No. 3398 edit
File 130689385839.jpg - (30.75KB , 93x138 , itty bitty.jpg )
Torinn takes a deep breath, trying to get out every pertinent detail he can think of.
"We were greeted by a band of undead that were distinctly orcish, possibly the remains of the group you sent there, then by some... Tentacled abomination that broke through from another dimension. Past that, some kind of elemental creature hodgepodge and a series of traps that impeded our progress and allowed it to continue to spawn more elementals. We found a series of leylines running through the caverns that weakened the dimensional boundaries, which is how the tentacled creature made it through. There was a forest of poisonous mushrooms, mutated by the Spellplague. We reunited with the person we were tasked with finding, a half-orc rogue, who had managed to find a different way in. In the same area was a door, bearing the symbol of the Many Arrows. And beyond that door, we confronted a fell orc who was in the middle of a ritual of some kind. She summoned a dragon from the Shadowfell in an attempt to kill us, but we destroyed it and she fled. If the rogue hadn't been there, the fell orc would likely have escaped, but she was quickly apprehended and brought back to us. The fell orc mentioned something about a plot by the Fell King, and something about involvement with the Dragonsworn Clan. We returned to Baldur's Gate after that, and eventually were sent here."
>> No. 3399 edit
File 130931461450.png - (620.10KB , 1219x1147 , d710eb61f8f3aaa5b5625f0062565aec.png )
Before Torinn can reveal anything about Thelkra's involvement with the mission, the shaman's spirit companion jabs at his side, shaking its head in disagreement.

Interrupt, etc.
>> No. 3400 edit
File 130931643787.png - (59.38KB , 330x442 , kan_odorokia2.png )
"Wait a second, what is the King doing here? I don't like this"
>> No. 3401 edit
Omit any mention of Thelkra.
>> No. 3402 edit
File 130940599676.png - (742.01KB , 1069x675 , meeting5.png )
Obould nods at Torinn's words, standing relatively still with a calm expression and his arms crossed. He replies in an even tone, "Dragonsworn, I see. It has been some time since that clan has been mentioned in my presence. I cannot rule out the possibility that some rogue clan or clans are trying to incite war between Many-Arrows and the nations of the south, and yet..." the orc king makes a sweeping gesture with his hand, "The investigation of the leyline was of great importance. Our shamans have been investigating that particular leyline--which runs from the Troll Hills, underground, all the way up through the Spine of the world, incidentally--and found some irregularities. There have been a number of... incidents, in parts of Many-Arrows close to the branches of the leyline."

The king goes on to explain, "I've had High Shaman Mardoc attempting to locate the source of the disruption for months, and he sent that task force to the Troll Hills in following a lead. It seems that Baldur's Gate was quicker to act in this manner. Still, the disruption remains. Whoever is manipulating this leyline is eventually going to cause even bigger problems than war between our nations, if left unchecked."

Gourmert takes the pause as an opportunity to speak up, "An' tha's why it's important tha we work together on this manner! If what ye say is true, then it's likely this 'Fell King' be the one pullin' the strings! He's trying to keep us at odds wit each other and suspicious of each other in order to stop us from locatin' him! Thankfully, he's been doin' a rather haphazard job o'it. We still have time tae cooperate!"

Obould waves his hand to the side, "It's inevitable. I'll send Mardoc to Baldur's Gate to assist the government in tracking down the Fell King. The rest of my high shamans are occupied in keeping the disruptions in the leyline under control."

Flit looks rather flummoxed, and when he can stand it no longer, he finally voices his concerns, "Sir, you are being awfully forthright with them, ehhhhhhhh?! Haven't you been making great efforts to keep the effects of the disruption of the leyline from reaching the ears of outsiders...?"

Obould sighs once more, "Flit. You may be oblivious to such things, but the spirits have advised me in this matter." At this mention, the two wolf spirits turn briefly to Obould and adopt a more passive stance. "With many who wish to follow the ways of Gruumsh, these clumsy attempts to incite a war between the border nations and Many-Arrows may yet prove successful, if not dealt with in a prompt manner. I am certain that the spirits have guided these people here as well." While saying so, Obould looks over at 'Bernkastel' and her two spirit companions. "I'm not one to ignore good fortune when I see it."
>> No. 3403 edit
File 13094116147.png - (119.37KB , 336x478 , KanonCape_0_ib4f.png )
Appreciating the King's generosity, Sureiya decide to reply, but not before introducing himself.
"Sir, my name is Sureiya. I'm quite glad to hear your approval in this case, if possible I will try to escort High Shaman Mardoc, although my comrades are probably also interested"
>> No. 3408 edit
File 129737251878.png - (28.12KB , 151x214 , (Jeopardy Theme).png )
"I look forward to working together with the Many Arrows to resolve this."

"Obould? That name rings a bell..."

History check: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3092689/ (5)
Streethwise check: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3092881/ (23)
Insight check: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3092883/ (15)

>> No. 3409 edit
File 130947896345.jpg - (56.58KB , 400x506 , Obould_Many-Arrows_-_Matt_Wilson.jpg )
Torinn (Streetwise): Obould Many-Arrows XVII is the king of Many-Arrows and directly descended from the line of Obould Many-Arrows I, exarch of Gruumsh (sometimes referred to as Obould-Who-Is-Gruumsh by the orcs of Many-Arrows). Obould XVII is known as a unifier of the clans, and many in the region know of his various efforts and sometimes gruesome methods used to keep the more warmongering factions within his kingdom under control. Besides his renown as an effective and wise leader, Obould XVII is also said to be one of the world's most powerful shamans, and he is rarely seen without his two spirit wolf companions.

Torinn (Insight): You're not getting much from Obould; his poker face is rather flawless. He seems very serious about this matter, at any rate.
>> No. 3412 edit
File 130485372939.png - (45.24KB , 308x347 , 41b.png )
Surprised and somewhat skeptical, the shaman's gaze moves from Obould's majestic wolf companions to her own, relatively diminutive spirits.

>> No. 3413 edit
File 13093058938.jpg - (4.13KB , 150x251 , ghost_wolf.jpg )
Bernkastel (All checks): As far as Streetwise, you know about as much as Torinn does. You know a little history of this person, that a civil war almost twenty years ago broke out amongst the orcs of Many-Arrows, and that it was this king that reunited them. It is more difficult to get a read on this person, however, aside from his very serious tone and stern, commanding presence.
>> No. 3417 edit
Torinn hopes some of the rumors aren't true, but overall doesn't think of Obould as a bad person.
>> No. 3418 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
King Obould addresses the half-orc speaking to him, "I will send high shaman Mardoc along with a warlord to Baldur's Gate in time. You needn't worry about it. You adventurers should go back to the city and stay out of trouble, I think."

Gourmert interjects, "Yer highness, we're v'ry thankful fer yer pledge of aid in this matter. We all want to avoid war here, and I think we can make that happen if we continue to cooperate effectively like this."

"However," Obould XVII replies, taking on a warning tone as Flit worms his way back to the king's side, "I think it'd be more important to send emissaries to the cities of Luruar as well. The spirits have warned me of unrest in the region, and now that I've learned of activity of this sort happening as far south as Baldur's Gate... the human and elf alliances in Luruar may be old, but they still command a lot of respect in the area. If the Fell King was to instigate an attack on Many-Arrows, he would naturally target these areas first, as they are in a prime position to make direct assaults on our holdings." The orc king folds his arms and nods, saying, "Indeed, the attacks further south are likely meant only to raises suspicions and keep you out of the conflict..."

The dwarf diplomat practically has a facepalm moment when he hears this, "Aye, of course! Well, wit any luck, tha grand duke already realizes tha... but we'd best check up on things back a' Baldur's Gate as soon as we can!"

The captain of the guard seems a bit off-put by this exchange, but remains silent, and Obould XVII grunts before motioning to his troops, "I believe our business here is concluded. My warriors and I shall depart to make the proper arrangements. You shall return to Baldur's Gate and report to your grand duke. Good day, and well met."
>> No. 3421 edit
Sureiya stand still, while the orcs retire.
>> No. 3422 edit
"Likewise. Safe travels to you all."
>> No. 3423 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
With the departure of the orcs, the captain of the guard nods to Gourmert, then to the rest of you, "Tha went aboot's well as could be expected. Guess y'all be havin' an orc high shaman visitin' ye in Baldur's soon, aye? Well, we best git back tae Mithral Hall so we kin getcha ready for yer trip back."

The group, apparently having no objections, follows the dwarves on their short trek back to Mithral Hall. The journey hasn't taken much time, and it's still early in the afternoon when you get back to the dwarven hold. However, upon entry you find that quite a stir is going on in the hall itself. Armored and armed dwarves are rushing in and out of the meeting hall when you enter, and captain Thunderbarrel immediately steps forward and stops one of the guards for questioning. The guard whispers something in the captain's ear, and his eyes widen before he takes off in a hurry, leaving you in the smaller of the two meeting halls. It's not long before two guards accompany a female dwarf in somewhat expensive-looking clothing to your presence.

"Lads, I hope yer meetin' went well. Things haven't been goin' so good here," the female dwarf announces in an even tone.
>> No. 3424 edit
File 130017420727.jpg - (53.67KB , 115x172 , sakutarou_fret.jpg )
Torinn comes to the first conclusion that he can think of when he sees all these armed guards rushing around.

"Is Mithral Hall under attack?"
>> No. 3425 edit
As the cavalier, Sureiya gets scared as well and question the dwarf.
"What's going on here? Is something serious?"
>> No. 3427 edit
File 130023680217.png - (254.91KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p4.png )
The female dwarf that greeted you closes her eyes and presses her lips together with her arms crossed. "Mmmm. Nothin' so drastic, tho... listen, tha reason ahm 'ere greetin' ye instead o' Khaz is because he was attacked." She opens her eyes and gestures calmly, explaining, "Looks like an assassination attempt. Luckily, he's just wounded, an' expected tae make a full recovery, tho tha poison they used was quite strong and mighta killed 'm if he wasn't a dwarf. In tha meantime, ahm Marion Bunkerbust, at yer service. Shortly before tha attack on ol' Khaz, he'd been contact'd by a Sending spell from Baldur's. Seems they've found a way tae bring you back via teleportation, using some gizmo called a 'steppin disk,' er somethin'. We gotta heck of a situation on our hands right now, so ye'll understand if we want tae send ye on yer way as quickly as we can."
>> No. 3428 edit
Sir Khaz was poisoned? ... wait a second, Steping disks? Wasn't that female wizard working on these?
"An assasination attempt against Sir Khaz? How terrible, I hope you overcome this incident soon, that kind of thing shouldn't happen"
>> No. 3429 edit
File 129610198440.png - (135.67KB , 500x500 , awwww___.png )
"Stepping disks? They have those here, too?"

"Understood. I'm sure you can deal with this on your own, but, regardless, I wish you good luck."
>> No. 3431 edit
"Have they caught whomever attempted tae' assassinate 'im..?"
>> No. 3438 edit
Still feeling a bit distressed by the situation, the orc questions.
"Are those magicals disks ready? Or do we have some time before we go?"

Also, already knowing how the Shaman thinks, he whisper to her: "You seem interesed in this, Who do you think is the culprit?"
>> No. 3439 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
The dwarf dose her best to address the party's worries, "Ah, though Khaz surviv'd tha attack, tha assassin 'imself wasn't so fortunate. We're still lookin' into the bigger picture... all I can say fer now is tha it was an orc tha tried it. An' though we don't have a steppin' disk of our own, I hear the arcanists have whipped somethin' up fer ye. We need tae get ye back there as soon as possible, thas what our contact said."

The female dwarf leads the party to one of the side tunnels out of the undercity, into a small study where a pair of male dwarves wearing robes and holding staves sit amongst a pile of books, bags of arcane reagents, and a magical circle etched into the ground. The two snap to attention when your group enters the room.

"Aye, ready for transport?" one of the wizards asks.
>> No. 3440 edit
File 130525366957.jpg - (93.61KB , 310x463 , mb8.jpg )
"It looks like they caught someone," whispers the shaman. Glancing at her elemental spirit, she adds, "Should we ask if we can look?"
>> No. 3441 edit
And the orc whisper in reply
"We should, this could be relevant to our job"
>> No. 3445 edit
File 130022147381.png - (7.32KB , 124x105 , georgebu.png )
Nodding to the two, Myn walks up to the dwarf.

"Out of curiosity, could we be permitted to see the body of the assassin? There's a chance that it could contain information that would aid us in our mission."
>> No. 3446 edit
File 130023680217.png - (254.91KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p4.png )
The female dwarf that hasn't told you her name yet has this to say in reply, "Eh, we're still conductin' tha investigation. We'll get tha information back tae Baldur's Gate if there's anythin' useful we discover."
>> No. 3447 edit
File 130977635355.png - (138.88KB , 346x471 , 5321369.png )
"... The timing was much too convenient; this could easily be related to Baldur's Gate's own investigation. We would like to confirm the perpetrator with our own eyes."
>> No. 3448 edit
File 130298673897.png - (258.29KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p6.png )
The dwarf females places an arm behind her head, and looks thoughtful for a moment. "Aye, tha timin' was convenient. I think thas why it'd be best fer ye tae get outta tha Hall as quickly as possible, if ye understand my meaning."
>> No. 3450 edit
File 129788612424.png - (38.88KB , 208x207 , bobblehead.png )
Torinn nods grimly, looking to his companions.

"I think we'd best do as she asked for now."
>> No. 3455 edit
File 130689965652.jpg - (31.82KB , 241x150 , mb1.jpg )
The shaman concedes, pretending to not notice her elemental spirit's paralyzing glares.
>> No. 3458 edit
Looking at his comrades, Sureiya also decides to follow the dwarf instruction and leave to Baldur's gate.
>> No. 3460 edit
"I have no objections. Let us return with haste."
>> No. 3461 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
The female dwarf nods, and the two dwarf arcanists motion to the magical circle on the ground. "Aye, stuff like portal's 've been mighty rare since the Spellplague, but tae find some working stepping disks was a true miracle of some sort! Those folks from tha Arcanimus even gave us directions for creatin' a workin' ritual tae use tae transport with it, in the absence of another disk--"

The female dwarf motions impatiently, "Arright, we don't need the full speech. Just explain how tae use it."

The wizard looks slightly sheepish at this rebuke, and mutters a bit hesitantly, "O-of course. Well, tha ritual can only transport one at a time, so who's first?"
>> No. 3462 edit
File 130456574185.png - (32.14KB , 200x200 , knightarou color.png )
Torinn steps forward.

"I'll go back first."
>> No. 3463 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
When Torinn stands on the circle, the two dwarf wizards chant quickly, gesture, and the dragonborn is surrounded by a purple-and-black swirling sphere for a moment, and it condenses around him, causing the cavalier to disappear.

Torinn's next moment of awareness is standing on a stepping disk in a somewhat small, fancy-looking room. The decor, being dull blues and purples, accented with tree branches along the walls and potted plants on the ground, is clearly of the Arcanimus. The room is occupied by one other figure, a warforged standing behind a desk sitting behind the disk, who faces Torinn after a brief moment, "Are you one of the adventurers the palace hired...?"

Back in Mithral Hall, the two dwarves nod in a satisfactory manner. "Aye, tha should do it. Are tha rest of ye ready tae go?"
>> No. 3464 edit
Amazed by the ritual, the half-orc mutters
"I-I'm ready."
>> No. 3465 edit
File 130987974137.png - (210.75KB , 600x782 , kneely.png )
Torinn reigns in his horse, calming it after the sudden trip. He turns to the warforged and nods in acknowledgement, leading himself and the horse off the circle.

"Indeed. I am Torinn Tormine, and the rest of our group should appear promptly. Who are you?"
>> No. 3466 edit
File 130023680217.png - (254.91KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p4.png )
The warforged nods at Torinn's response. "Good. We'll wait for the rest of your companions..."

And then, one by one, the rest of the party and Gourmert are teleported into the Arcanimus. The warforged acknowledges each arrival, and when the entire group is gathered, he informs them, "The palace has directed us to instruct you to report immediately for a debriefing. Much has happened since you departed for your journey, and little of it is good. It would be best to allow the grand duke to explain it himself, however."
>> No. 3467 edit
Sureiya has little to say, so he stay silent and obey the warforged order.
>> No. 3469 edit
Audio 36_-_Anxiety.mp3 - (2.51MB , 36 - Anxiety.mp3 )
With the party voicing few objections, Gourmert nods an answer to the warforged, "Aye, we gotta report our success immediately."

With that, Gourmert leads you out of the Arcanimus. Elayne nods to you on your way out, as she is standing by the door, with several other scholars darting this way and that, looking like they are quite busy, climbing the spiral ramp and accessing various bookshelves.

When you depart, you can't help but notice the streets of Baldur's Gate are a bit less crowded than before, and some of the people passing by glance around nervously every few moments. When you arrive at the palace, you find it more heavily guarded than normal, though Gourmert is able to get you through the outer walls easily enough, though a tight escort follows you inside.

Once inside, the guards lead you directly into the audience chamber, where the grand duke sits upon his throne, gazing anxiously in your direction. "Good, you have returned. The success of your diplomatic mission is paramount to keeping our situation from escalating further... I trust you were successful?"

Gourmert nods a bit nervously, clearly not understanding the whole situation, "A-aye, the king of Many-Arrows has been informed o' tha situation, and he's sendin' a high shaman tae tha Arcanimus tae help locate tha source o'tha trouble. I'd say our mission was a success, tho there was a small hiccup..."

The grand duke leans forward, in the direction of the group clustered a few meters before his throne's raised platform. "A hiccup, you say."

"Tha diplomat we met wit' in Mithral Hall was attacked. An assassination attempt... apparently by orcs," Gourmert explains.

The grand duke sighs and massages his temples. He appears to be slightly more irritated today than he was when last you met with him, when he seemed rather laid-back. "Gah... so they hit Mithral Hall too." He rights himself, and begins to explain, "Adventurers, Gourmert. We have a serious problem. While you were away, I sent messengers to get in touch with several of the cities of the Luruar region. They came back with distressing news. In Sundabar, Deadsnows, Everlund, Nesme, and even Silverymoon, officials were attacked by assassins. At least two officials are dead, and all of the assassins they caught were orcs. I am to understand... the investigations into these matters are leading them to Many-Arrows. Talks are beginning of uniting the confederation of the Silver Marshes against the orc nation..."
>> No. 3471 edit
File 130412977595.png - (16.60KB , 233x172 , mb2.png )
"Were any of the perpetrators captured alive?"
>> No. 3484 edit
File 129652691796.jpg - (79.78KB , 640x480 , kanongununu.jpg )
"That's ridiculous! A serious assassination attempt would not try targeting several cities at the same time! Furthermore, all the culprits were caught, isn't that really suspicious?!"
Sureiya stop for a second to calm himself, and then continue.
"That's it, somebody has to be trying to frame the Many arrows."
>> No. 3486 edit
File 129946870751.png - (217.59KB , 480x640 , fiery.png )
Was that why there were so few people on the street? Had word reached even their ears?

Torinn buries his burning anger at whoever is responsible and manages to ask an important question.

"Have they come to Baldur's Gate yet, sir? And what of the fell orc that was captured? Do you know if she has successfully been interrogated yet?"
>> No. 3487 edit
Audio 15-Kuja's_Theme.mp3 - (3.33MB , 15-Kuja\'s Theme.mp3 )
The grand duke stands as he considers the adventurers' questions for a moment, then replies, "Let me clarify. One or two of the assassins were captured alive. We don't know much more than that at this point. Furthermore, there's something else you should know." With that much said, Prestor crosses his arms and sighs, continuing, "There's more. Even as far as Baldur's Gate... shortly after you left, three members of parliament were attacked. One of the assassins was killed, two escaped. One of the three members was also slain... we haven't found the body. It's caused quite the uproar."

With this, the grand duke begins to slowly pace back and forth, lost in thought. "Letharst is heading an investigation into the matter. So far, we're again finding evidence that leads to Many-Arrows. Of course, we also suspect that this is a trick, someone trying to frame the orc kingdom. With parliament in such duress, I had no problem authorizing diplomatic missions to Luruar. Gourmert, you will be going with them, and a large armed escort is being prepared. I suppose that's one good thing to come of this... though it's hard to be thankful for. Another problem is the assassins apparently also killed the fell orc prisoner. Up until the point, the caster was claiming that the Fell King was the true ruler of Many-Arrows and that it wouldn't matter what happened, war would break out eventually."

The grand duke suddenly stops pacing and makes a sweeping gesture with his hand, "The situation is escalating, and I again ask for your aid in uncovering this plot to drive us to war."
>> No. 3488 edit
File 130297168796.jpg - (629.65KB , 1500x1051 , bring it oooon.jpg )
The true ruler of Many-Arrows? Torinn finds this hard to believe. Like such a thing as a shadow ruler has real sway over a group that does not want war.

"I'll do whatever it takes to keep things from escalating," the dragonborn declares. "This Fell King will not achieve the war he's working towards."
>> No. 3489 edit
File 131009362731.png - (265.37KB , 640x480 , kanongununu4.png )
A lot of thoughts, most of them bad, sad and terrible were floating around Sureiya's mind.
After a while, he reply:

"I agree with Torinn, I won't let those guys mess with our work.
Sir Duke please, tell us what do we need to do."
>> No. 3490 edit
File 130224220017.jpg - (23.78KB , 511x332 , Kam\'lanautS.jpg )
Grand duke Prestor nods in satisfaction, replying, "Good. I intend to use all of my resources to address this issue. Allow me to explain. As previously mentioned, I will send a team of diplomats to the cities involved in the Silver Marshes alliance, in order to attempt to dissuade them from taking military action against Many-Arrows. Also as I mentioned before, if nothing else, these assassination attempts have incited our parliament to quick action, so an armed escort is being arranged. I do not feel your talents would be best put to use there."

The grand duke raises his clenched fist in front of him as he says, "The Arcanimus will attempt to locate the Fell King, using his connection to this elemental leyline that runs beneath Faerun as the key. Once the high shaman arrives, the knowledge that Many-Arrows has regarding these leylines should prove invaluable to our efforts. Still, that is not something we can immediately take action on, as we must wait for the orc to arrive. I have a different task in mind for you."

The grand duke adopts a calmer stance as he CONTINUES to explain his plans, "I do not expect to have much trouble getting parliament to authorize the full deployment of the Flaming Fist under the current circumstances. There are two critical missions that I would have you aid them in... though we only have time for one. So I will leave you with a choice. The first, is to assist the Flaming Fist into a delve... you see, beneath this very city, unknown to most, is a large cavern that expands for a largely uncharged depth. Perhaps even as far as the Underdark... in any case, there is a tower within the cavern. An arcane tower, like the designs of the 'wizard towers' of old, where old wizards would lock themselves up to study and research the arcane without interference from the outside world." Here, the grand duke crosses his arms and gives you a sideways look, "According to Elayne, a certain male eladrin archmage once dwelt in this tower, and occasionally assisted the mages who came to form the Arcanimus within the city proper, hundreds of years ago. However, for at least as long as the onset of the Spellplague, the tower has been sealed and apparently deserted. No one leaves or enters the tower, at least as far as has ever been observed by the few adventuring parties and mages who wander down there. Powerful seals ward it off from entry, but Elayne believes that her research into a recent discovery from Ammarindar has given her insight into getting someone past the wards and into the tower. She believes that, in the library at the top of the tower, there are copies of older rituals from the pre-Spellplague era that may hold secret divinations that could aid us in peering through the barrier between our world and the Shadowfell. However, there's no telling what kind of things inhabit the tower now... I mean, if you leave a wizard tower empty for a few centuries, you have to expect something nasty to show up and start living there. It happens all the time. I would have you find these books... or..."

The grand duke closes his eyes briefly, then opens them and faces you with a serious expression. "The more direct approach. A far more dangerous one, too, and yet I see little alternative. We will open a portal to the Shadowfell and send the Flaming Fist there to establish a temporary outpost. Using this as a base of operations, we will interrogate--or negotiate with the denizens of the Shadowfell on the whereabouts of this 'Fell King.' Of course, the creatures that inhabit the Shadowfell are not known for their civility. Even the more reasonable ones will likely regard us as intruders. If possible, we will also use the outpost to attack the assets of the Fell King, in an attempt to draw him out of hiding. I hope you understand. This is your other option... though I am somewhat uncomfortable in giving you such a dangerous task. However, I leave the choice to you. If you need time to confer amongst yourselves, I will make arrangements for you to stay at the Helm and Cloak for the night. In addition, your reward for your previous assignment has been prepared, in addition to an advance so that you might equip yourselves properly for your upcoming struggles. I await your answer."
>> No. 3491 edit
File 130179153493.png - (84.90KB , 178x390 , 01.png )
...Things randomly start inhabiting sealed towers?

"Will they cancel the mission we do not aid?"
>> No. 3492 edit
File 130222612122.jpg - (4.05KB , 200x151 , 200px-Kamlanaut-Close-up.jpg )
"No, I will merely have more Flaming Fists assigned to the task," clarifies the grand duke.
>> No. 3509 edit
File 13094116147.png - (119.37KB , 336x478 , KanonCape_0_ib4f.png )
"I myself don't prefer either of them, both seem quite relevant, but the rest of the group may have a different idea, could we take a small rest and give you a proper answer tomorrow, Sir?"
>> No. 3510 edit
File 129737251878.png - (28.12KB , 151x214 , (Jeopardy Theme).png )
"Yes, this may require some deliberation."
>> No. 3511 edit
File 130222228694.jpg - (230.19KB , 1472x642 , Kam\'lanaut-Close-up.jpg )
"Very well," the grand duke motions to the side, and one of the guards standing in front of a door nods and opens it, then calls out to the inside. A few moments later, a gnomish butler enters, carrying several small carrying sacks. Inside each is ten platinum pieces. "I have already made arrangements for you at the Helm and Cloak, the finest inn and feasting hall in all of Baldur's Gate. You have each have a meal and room awaiting you there, as well as a free cask of wine on the house. Take your time, and I'll be ready to meet with you again come morning."

XP Earned: 200 XP/person (Quest XP)
Expected XP Total: 5518/5500 (Level up with Extended Rest)
Monetary Reward: 1000gp
>> No. 3544 edit
Torinn accepts the Duke's generous reward, motioning for the others to take their share and head on out.

"We'll have an answer for you by then, I'm sure."
>> No. 3553 edit
File 130606626814.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
Sureiya also accept the generous reward, but there's something wrong, did the Duke say one hundred or was it only his imagination?
"One last question sir, Will Gourmet be safe? I'm a bit concerned about him with all of these assassination attempts, after all he was involved in this"
>> No. 3558 edit
File 130237934066.jpg - (46.60KB , 229x266 , Kam01.jpg )
"Not to worry," the grand duke assures you, "The reason most of the assassination attempts were unsuccessful is because we have taken security measures against this sort of thing. We will be increasing these measures now. But of course, as I am sure you realize, I also doubt that successful assassinations were the real point of this endeavor."

Gourmert nods to you. "Ah appreciate the worry, lad, but we'll be careful."
>> No. 3560 edit
"If that's the case well, it was an honor to work alongside you. Please take care"
Sureiya say this and then leave the palace alongside his comrades. It's time to discuss the next mission.
>> No. 3561 edit
File 130625240560.png - (31.62KB , 128x128 , gourmetgoldsmith.png )
"'Twas a pleasure," says Gourmert respectfully, bowing to the group as it leaves. "Ah think we'll meet again sometime, fer sure!"

Once outside the palace doors, you are greeted by a familiar figure: that of a female half-orc in leathers, idly tossing a dagger in the air. "Mission went well, I take it? I see you got the dwarf back alive," Thelkra comments, "I knew that wit' you folks, odds were pretty good things would go smoothly. Can be hard to predict the moves of Many-Arrows, though."
>> No. 3564 edit
File 129610171245.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
Just as soon the orc was going to greet the familiar figure, she said something than made him react differently.
"The Many-Arrows you said? We just meet with their King, and I couldn't sense any track of malice. I'm more worried about the followers of the Fell King.
Sureiya make a brief pause, and then ask.
"I just heard about the mess caused by the assassins, How's everything going in the Flaming Fist?"
>> No. 3567 edit
"Yes, did anything else happen? Did you find anything we can use?"
>> No. 3568 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Thelkra shakes her head, "The king of Many-Arrows isn't the problem, it's his kingdom. If there is any kind of organized attack on Many-Arrows, I don't think Obould will be able to keep it together. There will be war, whether he wants it or not." Thelkra lifts herself off the wall and circles to the side in one swift motion before continuing, "Anyways, the Flaming Fist is on high alert, protecting the nobles and all right now. Let's just say Thalwynn is pulling in all the slackers and get them on task. Grand duke's calling for our help, and for once it doesn't seem like Thalwynn's too opposed to it. So yeah, it's been exciting."

She faces the dragonborn directly to address his question, "All I can say is that this time, they weren't fell orcs. They seemed like real orcs. Yet I can't help but feel that something is off her. The ones we captured dead or alive, they were orcs, but I couldn't figure out what clan they belonged to. I can't imagine they're really Dragonsworn, either. If they were, they wouldn't be tied to Many-Arrows. I'd like to figure out where those orcs really came from, if I could, so I'll be looking into that. Thalwynn agrees it's important."
>> No. 3569 edit
"Miss Thalwynn and the Duke working together? That's good to hear. Anyways, we are departing soon again. Do you think it would be posible to order some equipment in the Flaming Fist? I'm not feeling competent enough to do this"As Sureiya mention this he grabs his bastard sword and look at it "Maybe a new friend will help me gather some courage, thought."Sureiya end this sentence with a smirk
>> No. 3570 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Thelkra considers for a moment, then says, "Didn't you have a friend in the Arcanimus who could handle magic items for you? It would probably be easier and quicker than ordering them through the armory."
>> No. 3571 edit
"The wizard ... that's right we should pay her a visit. Considering the disks work now she should be around there"
>> No. 3580 edit
"Indeed. We will have to thank her and see how she's been. Maybe she'll be interested in what the Grand Duke wanted us to do."
>> No. 3591 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"Well, good luck!" Thelkra suddenly says, tossing her dagger one last time and snatching it out of the air by the hilt. "I got my own assignments to take care of, but I'll be seeing yas around, all right? Yous and me, we're in this together." With that, the half-orc and the party go their separate ways.

The party arrives at the Arcanimus shortly thereafter, noting fewer civilians on the streets and an increased sense of paranoia in the city. Even the great library within the arcane center is more sparsely populated than normal. When the party members that wish to ascend to the top do so, they meet with Elayne, sitting alone upon a cushioned couch, hunched over a lowered table with many old-looking tomes and what seem to be personal letters scattered across it.

The arcanimus does sell arcane reagents which can be used for enchantments, at a 5% markup. They would note that this is decreased from the normal cost of an additional 15% because of your influence with the Flaming Fist.
>> No. 3594 edit
File 131050860887.png - (90.76KB , 214x370 , bern86.png )
... Why wizard towers.

Hesitantly climb with the others.
>> No. 3595 edit
... Why wizards?
>> No. 3596 edit
Torinn ascends to the top of the stairs without any hold-ups, urging his companions to hurry up. When he meets with Elayne, Torinn clears his throat politely to get her attention. "Could we speak with Miss Sariel?"
>> No. 3597 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Elayne looks up from her work, realizes who you are, then nods. "Ah, yes. Very well, I'll call her here momentarily."

She gestures for a moment, tracing a sigil in the air, then casts a spell of some sort. After a few moments, the other eladrin female, the one who once traveled with the party, appears from the ramp below. "Ah, good to see you again. Is something happening?"
>> No. 3598 edit
"An illusion, huh..."

"Likewise. We were hoping that you might have some new information, or be willing to leave the Arcanimus and team back up with us."
>> No. 3599 edit
Still feeling a bit out-of-place, Sureiya mutters.
"Hello. Did you had fun without us?"
>> No. 3600 edit
File 130025488894.jpg - (216.72KB , 600x450 , 5303333.jpg )

"It's good to see you again, Miss Sariel."
>> No. 3613 edit
File 129911147337.jpg - (19.42KB , 400x345 , Lina-Inverse-slayers-cute.jpg )
Sariel replies to Sureiya's comment first, "I'm not quite sure what you mean with that 'fun' comment. We've been quite busy here."

Elayne interjects before the conversation can go the wrong way, "Sariel has been assisting us in researching possible answers to this 'Fell King' problem. Her work is very important here in the Arcanimus, and I would be saddened to see her leave!"

With this much Elayne clears her throat, then continues with a new, determined facial expression, "But I'm getting off-track. You visited the palace before coming here, correct? I saw you leaving just a few moments ago. So you must have heard about the arcane tower beneath the city from the grand duke. It was actually a rather serendipitous event that set us on that path--a rather dapper looking sorcerer called Valanor was the first to suggest investigating the tower. I remember the one who constructed the tower... his name was Gallard, and was the most curious eladrin I've ever met. His dialect was quite different than that of a moon elf's, and he was always so evasive about his origins! He was very interested in the elemental leyline that runs beneath the Spine of the World. The last I heard from him, he was off on some sort of journey to study it first-hand," Elayne pauses for a moment, then urges, "As I understand it, this information should prove quite interesting to you, yes?"
>> No. 3615 edit
"Valanor again, huh?" Torinn muses, "But if this Gallard person was researching the leylines, then we might be able to find something relevant to them as well."

"We were told that the tower may contain a way to find the leader behind the assassinations, wherever in the Shadowfell they might be. Do you think we might find something like that in the tower?"
>> No. 3617 edit
Is that Eladrin following us? ...
"We just heard about it, so it may become quite relevant later. Thank you."
Sureiya make a pause, and then ask to Sariel.
"You know, I was interested in enchanting in enchanting a pair of armbands, with enough reagents do you think it would be possible?"
>> No. 3629 edit
Audio 13_-_Heavens_Tower.mp3 - (5.88MB , 13 - Heavens Tower.mp3 )
Elayne nods. "Gallard was a skilled mage who knew many magics from the pre-Spellplague era, including powerful divinations. I was a mere apprentice when I last saw him, so many decades ago... I doubt he has a magic cure-all spell for our predicament, but the if my hunch is right, we should be able to use his research into divinations and the leyline to pinpoint the Fell King's location, if he's still tapping into the leyline from the Shadowfell." At this point, the eladrin female sighs. She takes on a worried look as she continues, "I've also heard of the grand duke's alternate plan, and I must admit I have reservations about it. Opening a portal to the Shadowfell is not a task to be taken lightly... it's something that we usually only see done by shadow cults and the like. Those portals are not one-way, you know, who knows what sort of horrifying things we could accidentally unleash on Faerun by opening such a portal? Still... if it is your desire to take on the armies of the Fell King directly, we will open a portal for you."

Sariel replies to the half-orc's inquiry with a sort of easy-going arrogance that is typical of the high elves, "Of course, such an enchantment is within my power. If you could acquire a certain number of reagents for the enchantment, it would be a small matter."
>> No. 3636 edit
Torinn shakes his head, "As exciting as the idea of fighting on the front lines may be, it's not worth putting the people of Faerun at risk. Perhaps we'll find a better way through in the tower."

The dragonborn pauses, "Are you really content to stay here, Lady Sariel? We could certainly use a skilled and knowledgable wizard like yourself on our side, at least until we've found what we need from inside the tower." He looks imploringly at Elayne, "Won't you reconsider?"

Diplomacy for both of them : Take 10
>> No. 3646 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Sariel's continued work is extremely important to the Arcanimus. When the high shaman arrives from Many-Arrows, I'll definitely want her working with myself and the high shaman on this matter!" Elayne presses. "In the meantime, we need to pour through the archives for anything on cross-plane divinations... it'd be best if Sariel was already familiar with the material when the high shaman arrives..."
>> No. 3648 edit
File 130026940684.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua43.png )
After a small talk, and negotiations, Sureiya give 1268gp to the Eladrin, along to the 640gp worth of reagents he already had.
"I need something to help me in close combat encounters, I hope this is enough to pay you for your hard work"
>> No. 3652 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"...I think I am needed here more than elsewhere. I am sorry," Sariel replies. She then shifts her gaze to the half-orc and gives him a nod, "But I can still help. I believe I know just the thing."

Elayne bows to the party, saying, "So, I take it you will be going to the arcane tower, then? I wish you the best of luck."
>> No. 3653 edit
File 130606626814.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
Expecting a sarcastic remark from Sariel, the orc looks a bit surprised, and then he reply to the Elayne.
"... Actually, we haven't discussed it yet, but I'm not sure if going to the Shadowfell is a better idea"
>> No. 3654 edit
File 130141783628.jpg - (12.74KB , 322x362 , sorcerer.jpg )
Sariel takes the materials that Sureiya offers, and tells him, "It will take some time to enchant the bracers. Why don't you finish any other business you have, then return?"

With this, the party makes to leave the Arcanimus. Immediately upon exit, they are confronted by a familiar golden-haired male human sorcerer in luxurious-looking black and gold robes. Valanor addresses you immediately, "Ah, good. Thelkra informed me of your return. I wanted to discuss the matter of the wizard cave with you..."
>> No. 3655 edit
File 12989609891.png - (10.42KB , 200x200 )
"Ms. Sariel, I have a request as well ..." The shaman opens her inquisitive's kit, and pulls out a pair of goggles. "Can this be made more useful in combat situations?" Goggles of Aura Sight.
>> No. 3656 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Before the party departs, Sariel also accepts the shaman's request, with the materials the shaman provides.
>> No. 3659 edit
File 130606626814.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
"The tower?" Sureiya replies. " We were informed of a wizard tower. Do you have any information of it to us?"
>> No. 3660 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"Well," begins the rather handsome human, "I'll let you be the judge of whether or not my information is useful. Actually, I knew an associate of Gallard's. He was... well, I wouldn't call him a friend, exactly. More of a rival. in any case, his name was Halvangh. When Gallard departed Baldur's Gate, I noted that Halvangh did did not depart with him."

Valanor loses himself in thought for a moment, pacing slightly, then slowly turns back towards the group and says, "I am curious as to his current status. We may not have gotten along well, but it would behoove me to keep an eye on the old fool regardless. In any case, I ask that if you happen to encounter Halvangh in the tower, that you show him this." With these words, the sorcerer holds out a small pendant. Its design is a golden triangle bearing a sort of stylized dragon design, attached to a thin iron chain. It appears to fit a medium humanoid well enough. "This should prove that you are friends of mine. It would behoove you to inform him of the situation at hand--he worked closely with Gallard, and even if the eladrin himself is not present, Halvangh should be able to help you locate what you need amongst the numerous tomes and artifacts that are certainly filling that tower."
>> No. 3667 edit
File 129828845679.png - (73.89KB , 291x478 , kanonwithamonocle.png )
Sureiya analyze the proposal for a second, and then ask.
"Is possible for Halvangh to be living in that tower? Considering the foul creatures that could be living around there ...
And furthermore, Did you mention the word "rival" just a second ago? Wouldn't showing the pendant to him cause to react in a improper way?"
The orc make a brief pause and then continue: "I'm not trying to be distrustful, but the situation is a bit confusing"
>> No. 3668 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Ah, of course" Valanor replies, still holding out the talisman. "No, you are right to have concerns. Allow me to put them to rest. Yes, I did say 'rival.' However, Halvangh is not a target of mine, and thus he has no need to be concerned. We are not enemies. He was never much for battle, at any rate. This talisman is a relic from the pre-Spellplague era--it bears the symbol of the Dragonsworn clan, from before the unification of the tribes into Many-Arrows." The sorcerer nods at the talisman he is holding, and says, "If you show him this, and tell him that you are friends, it should be enough to convince him to aid you."
>> No. 3670 edit
File 130977635355.png - (138.88KB , 346x471 , 5321369.png )
The Dragonsworn symbol?

"Mr. Valanor, could you tell us how this came into your possession?"
>> No. 3671 edit
File 130141783628.jpg - (12.74KB , 322x362 , sorcerer.jpg )
The human sorcerer nods. "Certainly. I obtained this particular relic from a deceased orc, who had tossed it aside. I thought it might come in handy someday. You see, Halvangh studied the Dragonsworn clan due to its proximity to the leyline which Gallard was researching. I am to understand that many of the rituals of the Dragonsworn clan were kept in the tomes within that tower."
>> No. 3676 edit
File 131097483169.png - (25.26KB , 186x150 , huh.png )
...Just how old is he?

Accepting the talisman, the shaman asks,

"A deceased orc? Could you tell us in detail?"
>> No. 3677 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
Valanor nods as the shaman accepts the talisman, but frowns a bit at the question, and replies almost apologetically, "I wish I could, but I'm afraid even I don't know the fate of Ragrim Dragonsworn. I presume he is dead because though I was much younger when I knew him, he was at an advanced age, for an orc. His natural lifespan has long since expired... but the truth of the matter is that he simply disappeared. I'm afraid I can't say much more than that... but do try to hold onto that pendant. I would like to have it back someday, when we next meet."
>> No. 3679 edit
Torinn gives Valanor a stern look for what could be taken as looting, and inquires, "So how did you come to own it after he disappeared?"
>> No. 3680 edit
File 130023680217.png - (254.91KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p4.png )
"Suffice it to say, it was passed onto me. Someday, I will pass it on as well... though I would rather not talk about it too much, as it's a long story," Valanor replies, seeming a bit overwhelmed by all the questions.
>> No. 3681 edit
File 131104581937.png - (117.74KB , 289x462 , bern76b.png )
This could be important.

"Please, if it's not too much to ask, would you spare just a few details about Mr. Ragrim Dragonsworn?"
>> No. 3682 edit
File 130298673897.png - (258.29KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p6.png )
"Well," Valanor begins, looking as though he's fumbling over his words a bit, quite out of character for a normally composed and handsome-looking sorcerer, "Ragrim Dragonsworn was the last chieftain of the Dragonsworn tribe. I'm afraid I didn't know him too well... we only met a few times. Not much information remains on him, either." Suddenly, the sorcerer seems to snap out of his daze and smiles at you, gesturing helpfully, "Ah, but I bet Halvangh would know quite a bit more about Ragrim Dragonsworn. I believe he lived alongside the Dragonsworn orcs for quite some time. His library may be one of the last sources of information on the Dragonsworn clan remaining in Faerun."
>> No. 3683 edit
File 129457034059.png - (8.75KB , 107x107 , bern124.png )
One of the last, huh. "Can you recall your impression of him?"

Insight http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3114645/

>> No. 3685 edit
Audio 40_-_Hopelessness.mp3 - (1.74MB , 40 - Hopelessness.mp3 )
Bernkastel (Insight): Valanor clearly seems to be dancing around some uncomfortable subject matter, but it seems as though he is also trying to be honest with his words.

The human sorcerer scratches his head briefly before replying, "He was a very focused individual. When he set on a task at hand, he would not falter for anything. And yet... caring. I believe there were people he cared for, dearly. He was loyal to his draconic allies, and a determined leader to his people. Beyond that, I don't know if I can be of much more help regarding Ragrim."
>> No. 3689 edit
File 129610171245.png - (84.95KB , 291x478 , kan_fumana3.png )
Seeing the Wizard a bit tired of the questions, suggest a small break.
"Excuse the interruption, but I think our group is quite tired, if nobody else suggest something else we may go to get a good rest.
Even then, we still don't tell the Duke our decision so we got some free time. If we happen to have any other question regarding that tower, is possible to find you again?"
>> No. 3690 edit
File 131025978269.png - (6.03KB , 35x45 , cut.png )
Take a moment to examine the talisman.
>> No. 3691 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"I'm afraid I have important business to attend to tomorrow... but we shall meet again, I guarantee it," Valanor says, bowing apologetically.

When Bernkastel examines the talisman, she doesn't find much other than the appearance of lightweight gold carved into a triangle, with a stylized dragon etched onto the front. She sense no magic within the item, or anything special about it whatsoever.
>> No. 3692 edit
File 131111226774.png - (98.29KB , 505x386 , sak_defa1g.png )
Torinn watches Valanor leave, then turns back to the group, "I was planning to head down to the market to buy something. Is anybody else coming with me, or are you all going to the inn?"
>> No. 3694 edit
File 130162151469.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana66.png )
We are implying Valanor already retired here.
"I don't mind taking a detour, you see I suggested retiring because you were bombarding that guy with questions."
>> No. 3700 edit
File 130420653277.png - (54.37KB , 517x300 , peek.png )
The shaman follows Valanor out of the group's earshot. "Mr. Valanor, just one more thing."
>> No. 3701 edit
"We should go as soon as everyone is ready, wait a second, where is that suspicious shaman?"
Sureiya noticed "Bernkastel" approaches again to Valanor, and follow her trying to don't be noticed

>> No. 3702 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Valanor faces the shaman with a curious look, inquiring, "Hmm? Was there something else, young lady?" If he's even paying attention to the ranger's attempt at stealth, he isn't showing it.
>> No. 3705 edit
File 131120665080.png - (6.08KB , 35x45 , cut2.png )
The shaman glances around for a moment, and after a pause, hands Valanor a note. It reads: 'are you really a dragon?'

minor creation for paper, prestidigitation for the text
>> No. 3706 edit
File 129757930295.png - (19.87KB , 200x200 , george_swimmingcutelylikedumbooctopus_ib4f.png )
Myn continues to breathe regularly, blinking every once in a while.
>> No. 3707 edit
File 131121199993.jpg - (203.71KB , 823x999 , e9fa326ec5c3eeccaa77837732f91839.jpg )
Sariel quietly rejoins her old party members, looking sullen.

"Say... you guys are headed to that Wizard's Tower, right?" Rather than await an answer, she frantically shakes her head and adds, "It's not that I felt compelled to help my old allies, or something, I just need to go there, too... and, y'know, it'd be safer in a group."
>> No. 3708 edit
File 129609490823.png - (260.40KB , 400x726 , bugeyes.png )
Torinn could have sworn Sariel said she didn't want to go. But he's pleasantly surprised she changed her mind, then.

"Understood, and thank you for helping us out. It's good to have you traveling with us again."
>> No. 3709 edit
Michael tries to stifle a grin after being surprised at Sariel's return and can only say, after nodding at her question, as much as,"Well... erm... Nice to have you with us again, Miss Sariel."
>> No. 3710 edit
File 13112128107.png - (149.34KB , 400x337 , Mmmduu.png )
"I- I'm not helping you out!" Sariel cries, exasperated. "I told you, I- I just happen to have to go there as well, that's all."
>> No. 3711 edit
File 129661381061.png - (100.28KB , 319x318 , doh.png )
"...I'll do my best to protect you, then."
>> No. 3712 edit
File 131121316742.png - (17.45KB , 200x200 , george_pointingupwardsata45degreeangle_ib4f.png )

"Your company is welcome, Miss Sariel. Having the perspective of a second arcanist will surely be of great value in such a place."
>> No. 3713 edit
File 130141783628.jpg - (12.74KB , 322x362 , sorcerer.jpg )
Valanor looks at the shaman's paper. His eyes widen a bit, then he faces "Bernkastel," smiles, and walks away.
>> No. 3715 edit
File 131121352740.png - (157.96KB , 400x300 , Not Amused.png )
Sariel shoots a glare at Myn. She still remembers him as that sorceror filth, those talentless, cheating, lying bastards who take power by bedding a creature with genuine talent.

Of course, she doesn't give him a response, but instead says to the Paladin,
"Just don't forget, I've business there myself, too."
>> No. 3716 edit
"Either way, I welcome you back. You've been a great help whenever you've joined us on an adventure. Hopefully you can find whatever it is you need at this tower.."
>> No. 3717 edit
File 130552716489.png - (7.77KB , 120x158 , mb9.png )
...I see.

The shaman returns to the party...
"Did I miss something?"

Speak with Spirits + Insight, http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3117462/
>> No. 3718 edit
File 129721828313.png - (88.86KB , 291x478 , kan_defa1.png )
Surprised by the Shaman and the Wizard actions, Sureiya end his "stalking" and ask "Bernkastel"
"What was just that? What did you ask to Sir Valanor?"
>> No. 3719 edit
File 13112147016.jpg - (126.23KB , 420x500 , mb7.jpg )
...?? How does he know?

Looking at the ranger questioningly, the shaman responds,
"What do you mean, Mr. Sureiya?"
>> No. 3721 edit
"Then as long as you're traveling with us, I would appreciate it if you could enchant something for my companion."

Torinn whistles, a mist swirling nearby. A white horse whinnies and clops out of the mist like a ghost, stopping in front of the dragonborn and snorting.

"I'd like some tougher barding than what he has now. I can give you the reagents necessary for the ritual, or do you need something else?"
>> No. 3722 edit
File 131121606016.jpg - (218.88KB , 500x500 , Shiawase no Mahou.jpg )
"... I'll be an hour." Sariel gets to work on making the bardings.
>> No. 3723 edit
"I was looking for you, and honestly I couldn't hear a thing of what you said to sir Valanor but ..." Suddenly, something else took Sureiya attention.
"Is that Sariel?"
"Hey, good to see you around, I didn't know you knew how to use a sword!"
>> No. 3725 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
With the reagents and materials in hand, Sariel finds an appropriate spot to begin the enchantments and gets to work. The rest of the group goes about their business in town, before converging on the high-class inn, the Helm and Cloak, where the grand duke had reserved accommodations for the night.

Everyone make sure to subtract the gold for your purchases, I'll be checking your sheets tomorrow.

Bernkastel (Insight): You have an exceptionally difficult time reading Valanor. You only know that you can read his expression as a "knowing smile."
>> No. 3726 edit
Sureiya quickly forgets about the incident, and try to rest a bit in the inn.
>> No. 3739 edit
At the inn, Torinn sends his horse to the stables to be cared for before it's dismissed.
>> No. 3741 edit
In the inn, Sureiya will try to relax a bit making use of the Duke's wine. He consider the guys in the group something more than simple coworkers, and will probably have a conversation with anyone willing to spend some time.
>> No. 3745 edit
File 129680315341.png - (16.48KB , 200x200 , Dungeon Master Shion.png )
New thread:
Michael, you may post the details of your meeting with the courier here or in the other thread, if you wish!
>> No. 3756 edit
It had been a while since him and the other members of the party had been able to relax in an Inn like this. No sooner than he had started to relax though, he was receiving a knock at the door of his room that he has a visitor. Perplexed that he would have one outside of his party, he answered the door with caution. As it turned out it was someone he knew that worked with him and his Father from the East Rift, sent to deliver some sort of family Heirloom to him. After catching up a bit and receiving a letter from his family, Michael writes one back detailing a little it of the goings on lately and some warnings to be careful or on the lookout from these sort of things. The armor in question is a Magic Scale Armor, which Michael equips now that he's been better trained on how to use them. Tomorrow he's going to maybe ask Sariel to disenchant his old armor and modify the armor he has just received. He sends his friend off with thanks and in the letter he wrote, asks for his family to pay the person who delivered these things a little extra as thanks.
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