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3744 No. 3744 edit
Once Sariel finishes enchanting the party's latest assortment of magical items, they finish their purchases in town and gathers in the Helm and Cloak inn for a relaxed and rather luxurious stay. The innkeeper is quite accommodating, as these guests have the blessing of the grand duke. Morning finds the party assembling slowly, one by one, until all six are gathered outside. Michael receives a messenger from East Rift, who has gone to great lengths to track him down Feel free to elaborate on this!

The team heads to the palace for their audience with the grand duke. It seems people are slowly beginning to return to the streets of Baldur's Gate, though it's clear that there are more armed humanoids wandering the streets--presumably members of the Flaming Fist. The guard around the palace has also been increased, but you are hurried in under escort from heavily armored guards as soon as you are spotted.

The grand duke is waiting on the raised platform within the great hall of his "throne room" in the ducal palace. He stands when you approach, and he is flanked by two guards--one of whom you recognize from earlier, the dragonborn captain of the ducal guard. "I hope you rested well," the grand duke Prestor says, beginning the audience, "I trust you have reached a decision."

You all receive the benefit of an extended rest and officially level up to 5, receiving a theme and a free expertise feat as outlined in the houserule thread.
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>> No. 3748 edit
"We have. We have decided that we could do the most good by going to the tower."
>> No. 3750 edit
Audio 15-Kuja's_Theme.mp3 - (3.33MB , 15-Kuja\'s Theme.mp3 )
The grand duke nods. "Good. The Arcanimus has already begun the preparations to breach the tower's spell defenses. I have arranged for them to meet outside--with either you, or the Flaming Fist members I have on standby, depending on your decision." At this point, the grand duke begins to descend the steps that lead up to his throne "platform," heading towards the gathered adventurers. "As for the other operation, it will go ahead as planned. I will assign some of the ducal guards to the task--they are well-trained and heavily armed, so if it turns into a fight, then we will be ready for whatever the Shadowfell has to throw at us. But rest assured, the palace still has more than adequate protection against any potential threats from the outside." At this point, Prestor halts, and nods towards you, standing a mere dozen feet from your location. "But before you set out, I would like to know if you have any requests of me."
>> No. 3751 edit
File 131137924615.jpg - (175.71KB , 512x512 , 13578165.jpg )
Sariel steps forward boldly.

"I ask nothing more than to be given the privilege to... 'select' goods within the Tower that would be of no value and must be 'disposed' of, should we come across any."
>> No. 3753 edit
File 130222612122.jpg - (4.05KB , 200x151 , 200px-Kamlanaut-Close-up.jpg )
"I ask that you leave any tomes containing research on spells and rituals for the Arcanimus to study, but the rest of what you find is yours. The wizard has clearly abandoned the tower, as no one has seen him for decades," the grand duke replies.
>> No. 3754 edit
Sariel makes a mental note to get some reagents to perform Amanuensis extensively within the tower. Best bring some empty scrolls along for inscribing...

"No worries! I'm with the Arcanimus, so I'll be sure to send everything along!" Once I'm done with it.
>> No. 3762 edit
File 130026940684.png - (84.84KB , 291x478 , ka2_nayamua43.png )
"Yes, if my sir allow it I have a question"
"We heard than a wizard called Halvangz might be already in the tower studying the works of the original owner of that place. Is that name familiar for you? or if he could be a threat for the mission?"
>> No. 3763 edit
File 129824298359.png - (16.50KB , 130x130 , 15984695.png )
"If possible, may we have the investigation results of the assassination attempts?"
>> No. 3764 edit
"I just want to be certain that my success reaches the ears of the people of Tymanther."
>> No. 3765 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
The grand duke addresses these concerns one by one, "To Tymanther? I can arrange a courier to send words of your deeds there. As for the investigation into the assassination attempts, I ask that you leave that to the Flaming Fist and the Ducal Guard. Your talents would be better put to use in the field, if I may be the judge of it."

At the name Halvangz, Prestor gives an almost dismissive wave of the hand, saying, "I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with the name. I can have my people look into it, but I would rather not keep you waiting."
>> No. 3766 edit
File 130585412422.jpg - (305.62KB , 600x800 , kneeling.jpg )
"Thank you, sir."
>> No. 3768 edit
File 130396772034.png - (13.99KB , 241x150 , mb1.png )
Disappointed, the shaman ponders a way to get the information.
>> No. 3769 edit
File 129457873262.jpg - (168.49KB , 385x900 , georgeadjust.jpg )
Myn steps forward to raise his voice as well.

"On that subject, I have some business to take care of at the Flaming Fist before our departure to the tower. I presume that there would be no problem in asking them what they've learned while we're there?"
>> No. 3770 edit
File 130606626814.png - (85.73KB , 291x478 , kan_komarua134.png )
"I see, then there's nothing else to do. Hopefully next time we meet my Sir we will have a way to weaken the Fell King"
>> No. 3772 edit
Michael can only scratch his head trying to think of a request. All he can can come up with is,"All I can think of when it comes to a request is just to be careful with that whole Shadowfell operation, but you already know the risks and all that so my words don't really have much meaning I suppose."
>> No. 3774 edit
File 130222228694.jpg - (230.19KB , 1472x642 , Kam\'lanaut-Close-up.jpg )
"I appreciate your concern. However, I do feel the need to take the fight to the Fell King. At the very least, we need to put him on the defensive in order to curtail his assassination attempts and warmongering," the grand duke explains. "I you have business with the Flaming Fist, I will dismiss you. Feel free to discuss matters with them, but please do keep the scale of our operation in mind. Time is of the essence."

Once dismissed, the adventurers are shown out by the ducal guard, and permitted to make their way back to the Flaming Fist headquarters. Once you inform the sleepy gnome secretary of your business, you are shown to lady Cragmaul's office, and as you enter, you see her donning plate armor and holstering her massive greatmaul. "Ey, wha'ssit?" she demands upon spotting you. "We're gettin' ready fer a fight 'ere."
>> No. 3775 edit
File 12973979195.jpg - (65.64KB , 320x240 , 3george.jpg )

Myn smiles affably as he responds.

"Good day, Miss Cragmaul. I'd like to discuss something with Mister Brozwon before we leave, if it would not be too much trouble. My companions are also interested in the results of your investigations up until this point."
>> No. 3776 edit
After giving a brief greeting to Lady Cragmaul, who still seems slightly irritable at what happened before, at one Myn says, Michael remarks,"While I am a tiny bit interested in the investigation as well, don't include me as one of your companions." After getting that little bit off his chest, Michael can only wish Cragmaul luck on the upcoming attack on the Shadowfell.
>> No. 3777 edit
"So we've heard. Best of luck to you and everyone with you."
>> No. 3782 edit
File 13115685735.png - (71.55KB , 281x270 , bern82.png )
At the unexpected dismissal, the shaman looks in Michael's direction. Did I miss something?

"In particular, the orc activities have been a bit disconcerting. Did the investigations unveil anything?"
>> No. 3783 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"If ye got sometin' tae say tae Brozwon, ye can go ahead," Thalwynn comments, "But as fer our investigation, we haven't turned up much other than clues leadin' tae Many-Arrows. Their equipment an' clothin' and stuff seem tae match. Naturally, we think somethin's fishy, though."
>> No. 3786 edit
File 131025978269.png - (6.03KB , 35x45 , cut.png )

Insight http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3124214/
>> No. 3788 edit
File 131163982572.jpg - (29.79KB , 321x344 , 1289959213129.jpg )
Thanking Cragmaul, Myn proceeds to the armory. Upon arrival, he moves to greet Brozwon, before pulling out his Rod of Avernus.

"I'm sorry to say that this rod hasn't been as useful to me as I'd anticipated. If you'd happen to have the old one I traded to you, it would be of great help to me if some sort of exchange could be considered."
>> No. 3789 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Bernkastel: (Insight) You get the feeling that Thalwynn Cragmaul isn't holding back any information intentionally. She's telling you all that she believes is important about the investigation, but is clearly more focused on battle than detective work at this point.

Brozwon, sitting idly in the armory sharpening a broadsword when you find him, turns to face Myn at his request. "You did a trade-in for that recently... I could return one of the items you exchanged to us earlier in trade for it, if you wish."
>> No. 3791 edit
File 130025406583.png - (274.76KB , 450x505 , 7cc87a22f161e1c7c22ab87ec226ac8b.png )

"That would be acceptable, Mister Brozwon. Then, could I exchange it for the rod I gave you?"
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