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File 131873126880.jpg - (30.32KB , 223x310 , Dragonstorm_DRB.jpg )
6037 No. 6037 edit
This thread will be for OOC Chatter and Discussion.

Character Sheets:
George (Myn Nthelsyr) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=215664
Hideiling (Folka Shiningarm) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=336437
Bernkastel ("Bernkastel") http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=336978
Astaroth (Torinn Tormine) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=217138
Liliane (Sariel) https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B0Pf2xAWVLoANDI4ODM1NGMtNmQyNC00MTg0LWE0YWYtN2U0M2U5NzI3OWQ1&hl=en_GB&pli=1
anon-kun (Sureiya) http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=224099

The Books: http://www.mediafire.com/?7g2v42d2xdy7f

Everything has been put together here and organized for maximum ease of use:


Step 0: Download the above, unrar it.
Step 1: Run the program in the Step 1 folder, this will download the character builder.
Step 2: Run the program in the Step 2 folder, this will update your Cbuilder. Make sure to specify the directory to which you installed the program in Step 1. Be absolutely sure of this, because it may try to install in a different directory (Program Files as opposed to Program Files x86 or vice versa), which will not work.
Step 3: Move the files in the Step 3 folder into the CBuilder directory.
Step 4: Run the "CharacterBuilderLoader.exe" file. It will take some time to download all the custom content the first (and perhaps second) time you load it.
Step 5: That should be it. Remember, always open it using the CharacterBuilderLoader.exe and not the default Cbuilder file.
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>> No. 6043 edit
File 130058339947.jpg - (150.12KB , 400x481 , Heres Lookin at You Kid.jpg )
Lili's homebrew class inspired me to try out my own.

>> No. 6047 edit
File 129913416795.jpg - (130.98KB , 500x535 , SHOW TIME.jpg )
On the subject of wishlists, I hope I find some reading spectacles and a helm of languages at some point to understand everything forever.
>> No. 6049 edit
>No permission to view
well ok
>> No. 6050 edit

So many mistakes, so much disorganizing, so many poor word choices, so much that needs to be fixed, but here's very rough concept Fear Pact warlock, specializing in very hard single target control, and exerts soft control over cursed enemies.
>> No. 6051 edit
File 129646259018.png - (77.39KB , 224x401 , BUP_0424.png )
It's been open to everyone with the link since 12 hours ago. I know it works too because anon and Saku commented on it to me.
>> No. 6052 edit
limbo player responses where
>> No. 6062 edit
File 129695777988.png - (188.93KB , 490x595 , d06fd2617db931ccb8f10784a6a37b1b.png )
If you guys have about wrapped things up, I'll push onto a new scene sometime Monday. Either the temple district, since Sariel has business there (and perhaps others?), or maybe splitting you guys up since Sariel + others may go to the temple district while Bernkastel stays at Arcanimus, Hide goes to make preparations and Sureiya searches for hires or something.
>> No. 6063 edit
I'm gonna try to find Halvangh and explain the situation to him so he doesn't freak out.
>> No. 6066 edit
hireling plan is dead, but I'm up for helping hide with getting monk in the party if he likes the idea, otherwise he might do little to nothing
>> No. 6069 edit
File 131887261726.jpg - (48.08KB , 178x174 , glee.jpg )
>lancing gloves (level 7 hand item) : "Gain an extra 2 damage on melee attacks while mounted"
>is not an item bonus; untyped bonus
>does not specify the attack needs a damage roll
>does not specify weapon attacks or implement attacks
>Righteous Radiance is Melee 1 attack power
Rin! Rin Rin Rin Rin Rin! Does this add damage to Righteous Radiance according to RAW?
>> No. 6070 edit
File 130151002729.jpg - (123.91KB , 305x457 , 4e45f76a56ff62865276fa6d8a0eab41.jpg )
It seems to work, yes.
>> No. 6071 edit
File 130892725116.png - (145.05KB , 298x428 , divert all power to smiling.png )
Thank you~! That makes everything so much better.
>> No. 6079 edit
>> No. 6080 edit
Child of man, why have you come here
>> No. 6081 edit
File 129643998318.png - (89.42KB , 291x478 , kan_waraia123.png )
My exact thoughts.
>> No. 6083 edit
Try explaining that to an eladrin who's always lived among eladrin. Her only impressions of humans are that "they wage war" and "they're obsessed with glory and finding some way to live longer", which invariably leads to an early death.
>> No. 6087 edit
So, is Hide's Monk appearing from nowhere? If that's the case I'm having Sureiya stay in the inn, get some information from the people there etc.
>> No. 6088 edit
>> No. 6091 edit
File 130023651110.png - (15.99KB , 200x200 , blank look.png )
Torinn will wait all night if necessary.
>> No. 6094 edit
File 129527222995.jpg - (53.37KB , 412x500 , grab0050.jpg )
Anyway, as for introducing Hide's monk, I thought maybe I'd work with his outlaw theme and say there's a warrant out for his arrest in connection with his brother's actions elsewhere, and maybe the Flaming Fist gets a hold of him and brings him in. Since, right now, the Flaming Fist is under the command of the Ducal Guard Captain, the duke learns of the situation and offers Folka an alternative to being shipped off in accordance with the warrant: work alongside the adventurers who have been working with the grand duke lately, and the Flaming Fist will overlook the arrest and try to help have the warrant annulled.
>> No. 6100 edit
Sounds good, so Hide can roleplay as the "tough and edgy guy""
>> No. 6104 edit
File 129610615227.jpg - (16.74KB , 91x74 , nyoro~n.jpg )
The builder gives hexblades an enhancement bonus that stacks with their off-hand enhancement bonus if you give them a ki focus. I'm very sure that's a bug.
>> No. 6105 edit
I mean +42. Forgot to buy accurate implement.
>> No. 6106 edit
Since it says your Pact Weapon "shares" your implement's attack bonus and such, I'd assume it's not supposed to work that way, yes.
>> No. 6107 edit
File 130151750575.jpg - (215.89KB , 450x703 , 548b566005cf17c876286018c1a5e459.jpg )
It's reasonable to assume the Hexblade doesn't work quite right in the character builder, as there was nothing like the Hexblade in the builder before WotC ditched it.

Other amusing character builder bugs: if you have the "primal guardian" druid class feature, the character builder allows you to select powers from the "primal guardian" theme. Naturally, this is not intended.
>> No. 6108 edit
Speaking of, looks like Pact Outcast is Human prerequisite. That makes it sadface, but at least you still get Mul/Half-Elf/Revenant to use it with outside of Human. :D Free Combat Advantages so nice.

Building a Druid who always stays in Beast Form. Not optimal: actually using Wild Shape is sometimes beneficial, but nice and flavourful! Decent Striking potential, some nice Control powers, and Savage Rend can become abusive with Polearm Momentum, where Grasping Claws can be abused with World Serpent's Grasp.

I think I like Primal Guardians better for striking than Primal Predators, although the latter are fun with Elves: 8 base speed on top of other speed bonuses you can grant yourself and lots of shifting powers make you a fierce Skirmisher.
>> No. 6109 edit
Speaking of things that could use improving*

Doesn't list pre-requisites anywhere in Char Builder which is annoying.
>> No. 6110 edit
you should probably mention those things to the creators or the thread (from someone who actually has a something awful account)
>> No. 6114 edit
>pouring over
I don't think that means what you think it does!
>> No. 6115 edit
File 131494658254.png - (103.51KB , 993x1004 , f0c1aac1bd177051e825aa788130e990.png )
That u isn't supposed to be there. Lemme fix.
>> No. 6116 edit
A common error!

Also George why buy eagle thingies when I could've enchanted them for you!
>> No. 6117 edit
Unless I can't make headgear.
>> No. 6118 edit
File 130335352390.jpg - (135.74KB , 400x639 , a3e5746974fa5861e48c6d4196e576c0.jpg )
You can enchant headgear, yes. Though George would have to RP finding a pair of mundane goggles and bring them to you etc.
>> No. 6119 edit
George, waster of funds.
>> No. 6120 edit
Also the Arcanimus never offered to exchange magic items for their value in gold, is that offer valid?
>> No. 6121 edit
File 129556016030.jpg - (149.45KB , 520x650 , 2c56fd365d68cde9c3aca3613201a588.jpg )
It will be, you guys just haven't checked in with them since Halvangh returned. I was planning to do that on day 2.

You will still have time to prepare before you're shipped off on another adventure.
>> No. 6122 edit
File 12969527522.png - (14.44KB , 206x168 , dazed.png )
Still not enough cash to get anything worthwhile.
>> No. 6123 edit
File 131671563965.jpg - (178.47KB , 458x487 , I don\'t believe this.jpg )
Looking at all the other classes out there, divine dragonborn paladins kind of got the short end of the stick compared to some other classes. Also, divine doesn't get perks anywhere near as good as some other classes.
>> No. 6124 edit
Not entirely sure I agree, it may not have as much support as say tiefling wizards or dwarf fighters, but Draconic Challenge is still a very powerful feat (if not quite as good as Wrath of the Crimson Legion). I should note that Draconic Arrogance requires a lot of MAD and Charisma does almost nothing for fighters.

Divine classes also have domain feats, which are at least as powerful as the martial combat styles.
>> No. 6126 edit
File 130023651110.png - (15.99KB , 200x200 , blank look.png )
Which can be bypassed by multiclassing, say, barbarian and taking Reincarnate Champion to steal it. Both of which are good options for fighters, like a Polearm Gamble fighter with Kulkor Arms Master. They also get nice things like even more damage on their punishment mechanism (Draconic Combat Challenge), and fighters already get the equivalent of Io's Challenge but without the bloodied requirement (Potent Challenge).

What really irks me about the tiefling vs. dragonborn debate is that they have feats that are good for so many of the classes they're already good in. Tieflings can have Hellfire Blood, Imperious Majesty, Icy Clutch of Stygia, Dispater's Iron Discipline, Glasya's Charming Words, Hellfire Teleport, Hell's Burning Mark, Royal Command of Asmodeus, and Secrets of Belial all have no class or even power source restrictions yet are useful for so many classes.

At level 30, Dragonborn get Avowed Dragonfoe, Broken Shackles, Dragonborn Frenzy, and Dragonborn Senses, which are all from heroic tier, and all of them are pretty awful. So most of their feat support relies on dragon breath, and an uncomfortable amount of it relies on an attack, one that doesn't scale properly in the accuracy department and is very difficult to augment if you're not specializing in augmenting elemental bursts, hitting.

With Dragon Breath, you get Bolstering Breath, Draconic Restoration, Draconic Triumph, Enlarged Dragon Breath, and Hurl Breath. Depending on the element you use, there's also stuff that can be used to augment it. Some of them are nice, but, again, require you to hit and are attached to a power that you usually get only one use of per encounter. No, all the really nice things were stolen by the other power sources. Divine dragonborn get Radiant Breath, which requires it to hit; martial dragonborn get the ability to spend a healing surge when they off an enemy once per encounter. Arcane builds can get a 2 for 1 feat if they specialize in a certain element. Primal dragonborn get Spirit Breath, which can regain dragon breath for them - something I could have used - and deal 1d8 extra damage when they're bloodied. Psionics get Infectious Wrath, which shares your Dragonborn Fury racial trait with everyone in five squares, and if you can somehow hit reliably, Io's Roar is vulnerable 5 psychic every encounter. Comparatively, divine power source got shortchanged.

Draconic Challenge vs. Wrath of the Crimson Legion isn't even a fair fight. It's a bigger burst with free pre-nerf Melee Training thrown in. About the only thing it doesn't have is a damage roll, and, again, Dragon Breath has accuracy issues.

It's not a case of being outclassed in quality or quantity of Tiefling feats everywhere or Dragonborn Fighter feats, it's a case of being utterly eclipsed in both at once.

Divine domains may be as powerful, sure, but the restrictions placed on them makes it impossible for anybody (except a changeling) to pick one of their choice unless they build themselves for optimizing over flavor. And there's far fewer feats to modify those over the ones that can modify all the martial class at-wills. And in the cavalier's case, he doesn't even get a choice of which at-will they get unless human, so no, you can't have your radiant vulnerability unless you pick Morninglord and so you can't make your punishment scary and once again you're strictly inferior to fighters in terms of actually making enemies want to attack you in the first place yet again.

tl;dr yes I mad the race I liked isn't getting the love it needs from Wizards (pretty sure some of you guys are upset about your favorite races not getting good support to back up the fluff)

Also, Wizards needs to make those damage and attack bonus feats for races like eladrin, gnomes, and dragonborn more like Hellfire Blood so they're no longer near useless.
>> No. 6127 edit
File 131920951396.jpg - (144.65KB , 764x700 , 16460221_p2.jpg )
You talk as if Eladrin get amazing feat support. Nearly all feats just focus on either longsword use for classes that don't normally use it (Rogue and Monk, for one), but the vast majority are all dedicated to Fey Step and making it better. Amazing, but it's a once-per-encounter power, and I'm not going to spend all my feats just on buffing a one-trick pony to absurd heights.

The best feats are ironically for Eladrin Fighters, for whom they don't even have stat synergy. Intelligence and Dexterity/Charisma leaves only Dexterity a relevant stat for Fighters. Why the hell? WHY THE HELL? Do I need to Multiclass into Fighter just for the great feat support they get there?

What are you complaining about! At least you -have- real possibilities!
>> No. 6128 edit
File 129824246316.jpg - (115.11KB , 505x362 , gendotaro.jpg )
That's what I'm complaining about : almost the feat support is either stolen by fighters or for one or two aspects of the race's starting features. And said starting features aren't really consistently useful to us. It's like our character races don't even exist beyond their class features and nobody wants to come up with feats that actually involve, you know, justifying fluff. And by justifying fluff, I don't mean make a knight build for Eladrins just to give fighters even more options.

If I could actually come up with something, I'd write a fluffy article to justify some powerful options for both races that distinguish them beyond their class features.
>> No. 6129 edit
File 129464570122.jpg - (7.67KB , 181x161 , huh__.jpg )
Oh, may as well say the entire martial power source has stolen most of your good options, since there are a bunch of options for eladrin warlords (tactlords in particular).
>> No. 6130 edit
File 131921253921.jpg - (143.18KB , 764x700 , 16460221_p1.jpg )
And it's so deliciously abusable for Fighter Eladrin, too. That feat that lets you use Fey Step on Charges and doesn't expend Fey Step if you hit, combined with the feat that lets you make an MBA as a free action after Fey Step. Two attacks with one charge, it's amazing.
>> No. 6131 edit
Wow. Okay, I might be able to reply to some of this later, when I have more time, but this comes across to me as really, really whiny. Tieflings and fighters are good, we all know this. I still can't agree that you're totally "eclipsed" by them, though. Draconic Challenge is auto-pick tier, and really, I think the right racial stats plus one good racial class feat is plenty good enough for anyone to be capable. It's not as if there's a shortage of good feats out there.
>> No. 6132 edit
File 129674887945.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
Come to think of it, extremely little support for half-elves that doesn't involve diletente or leader classes, and since stat alignments for elf aren't really there and human feats only have a few stand-out options, there's not really much feat support for them if they're not investing in one or the other. If you could pick being a half-elf, half-eladrin, or half-drow, then it wouldn't be quite so bad.

For Sureiya... Well it's kinda meh unless you invest in charging too.

I think Bern gets some support for her classes, though. Not much but at least it exists.
>> No. 6134 edit
File 130653492123.png - (31.25KB , 264x309 , ehe.png )
You don't have to, this is just me venting some frustration about certain classes and races getting the bulk of the best feats. I'm not about to quit playing cavalier or dragonborn just because of something like this. Tieflings and fighters just happen to be the easiest to pick on at the moment.
>> No. 6135 edit
File 131921317861.png - (183.55KB , 600x590 , haruhi3_shomenikari.png )
Half-orcs get to use Str for their Divine Challenge/Sanction damage, such that they can utterly ignore Charisma and still fiercely dole out punish to stuff that ignore their marks.

Vryloka, Shade and Changeling have it worse.
>> No. 6136 edit
File 131921322184.png - (177.74KB , 600x590 , haruhi3_shomenniyari.png )
Re-roll Dragon Breath to Dragonfear, grant CA everywhere.
>> No. 6137 edit
H-hey, it's not your place to tell me to take it easy after ranting about, of all things, Reincarnate Champion "stealing" dragonborn support! I mean, I won't write a counter-rant or anything, but I only said anything because of a long "i mad" post.
>> No. 6138 edit
File 129909894864.png - (111.90KB , 300x317 , greatness at work.png )
To be fair, Changelings have a very fun racial power and do get to hand pick the domains they want. The others, though, are far too new to have any real feat support (or any at all, for that matter).
Can't. All paladins need consistent Divine Sanctions to enforce marks on groups of enemies. Even Cavaliers. It's not much most of the time, but if they cluster together then that's a lot of attackers that either change your mind or a lot more damage handed out than a fighter could deliver.
>> No. 6139 edit
File 130806472854.jpg - (57.29KB , 241x310 , trouble.jpg )
...It's like Reincarnate Champion and Eternal Seeker mashed up into one ridiculous thing that boosts two stats! And you can change out encounter powers from any class after a short rest? And come back to life as a different class and race? Why would they do that?
>> No. 6140 edit
File 130297183511.jpg - (26.37KB , 400x500 , All By Myself Don\'t Wanna Be All By Myself.jpg )
Well anyway, I'm done venting. I'll post in the IC thread while waiting for cake and fays to make their posts in /parlor/.
>> No. 6141 edit
Well, I don't really know how tieflings ended up with such great racial support. Just one of the quirks of 4th edition, I guess. I DO know why fighters ended up with so many goodies, though, and that's two power books and two essentials builds.

Speaking of essentials builds, it looks like Heroes of the Feywild will have a new barbarian subclass: the berserker. And it's a defender, with the martial power source (presumably it will be like the hunter and scout, with martial attacks and primal utilities). http://wizards.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2210/kw/heroes

I have no idea what kind of barbarian would take that power over a rage, though, even as a defender.
>> No. 6142 edit
File 129674887945.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
No, but I know a cavalier would love having something that expanded its aura that early on. A bigger threat range does have a fair impact on the battlefield, even if it's not a very strong punishment. That's either a lot of damage handed out controller style, a lot of misses, or a lot of attacks against you instead of your allies.

But really, barbarians as defenders? I just don't see it.
>> No. 6143 edit
Here's a preview power from the Berserker Barbarian, one of the classes that exclusively uses the original 4th edition At-Will/Encounter/Daily/Utility model:

Not really Essentials-type if it uses the "original 4th edition [..] model", no?
>> No. 6144 edit
Well that's a bit better then. But yeah, hard to see them being competitive with rages when some of them are actually pretty good at increasing your ability to enforce a Catch-22.

Should have made a defendruid.
>> No. 6145 edit
Well, depends on how you define "essentials build," I guess. The mage was in an essentials book but still had the at-will/encounter/daily/utility setup. At any rate, a daily attack power with the Martial power source is new from a book in that product line.

Well, the barbarian already had defender HP and surges. Heck, if the berserker features are solid (in particular, a big AC boost) I could even see striker variants using the berseker base and taking all striker powers.
>> No. 6146 edit
File 131921711052.jpg - (4.24KB , 120x126 , 1277713965561.jpg )
Druids are amazing. Sentinels moreso if you Hybrid them with Rangers for two Animal Companions, then MC an Arcane class for a Familiar and take nothing but summoning Dailies.

Legion of creatures to set upon enemies!
>> No. 6147 edit
File 129645733032.jpg - (162.59KB , 1200x1600 , ummm.jpg )
Or take the Traveler's Harlequin paragon path to multiclass to more than one class and steal their goodies. Though most of the best summons are for druids and wizards, so beyond that...
>> No. 6148 edit
mfw i inadvertantly create the equivalent of angra manyu for the kotomine priest of this game via that armor from my monk's background
>> No. 6149 edit
How DID we divide the stuff anyway?
>> No. 6150 edit
I think it was something like:
Sariel gets the robe
Torinn gets the amulet
The rest get 1100gp and everyone get an extra 200gp
>> No. 6152 edit
File 129868102490.jpg - (78.32KB , 480x480 , Hang On__.jpg )
Forgot to tell Halvangh where his rugs were.
>> No. 6155 edit
>Quickened Spellcasting
>Arcane Admixture
Oh, right, so Hexblades, who focus on just using their At-Will power... smash enemies with their At-Will twice in one round on the first round. Thrice if you use an Action Point. With at least +30 bonus damage, and 2d12 on the damage dice if you use a Pact Blade of Annihilation.

omg so sweet
>> No. 6156 edit
File 129625664819.jpg - (149.10KB , 532x524 , chessboard.jpg )
Hexblades can get silly good damage.
>> No. 6157 edit
File 131921322184.png - (177.74KB , 600x590 , haruhi3_shomenniyari.png )
Hmmm... Eladrin Hexblade. MC into Swordmage, if required, if not... acquire Eladrin Swordmage Advance, for a Move Action that lets you use an MBA as a Free Action. Use your At-Will class attack.

Quickened Spellcasting to use your At-Will class attack again, this time as a Minor.

Action Point to use it again as a Standard, now.

And then attack again, now with your normal Standard.

If all attacks hit, at least 90 damage, and that's without any No Action powers that add damage that you may have, buffs by allies, Warlords, etc.
>> No. 6158 edit
Don't forget daily powers.
>> No. 6159 edit
what level
>> No. 6160 edit
File 131924252845.png - (78.29KB , 365x834 , ohdear.png )
30 ofc.

This is what I get with an Eladrin.

Mind you that the first turn is opened by using an Action Point for paragon path +4 to attack rolls UEoNT, followed by Fey Step (Free Action: Icy Skewer in place of MBA, No Action: Knock Prone on hit, 9 damage), Quickened Spellcasting (Minor Action: Icy Skewer), Standard Action (AP Action: Icy Skewer), Standard Action (Regular: Icy Skewer), and the enemy is Prone after the first attack so they'll be granting Combat Advantage. Equipment lets the attacks reduce resistances if applicable, Oncoming Storm gives a +1 attack bonus which I don't know if it stacks, Quick Draw lets her draw weapon as part of the action that uses it (for those pesky encounters where weapons aren't drawn yet, but we assume you have it drawn and out), another feat to avoid getting surprised, you REGAIN Fey Step after the first non-minion kill, Voidhide of Dark Deeds gives you concealment when you attack enemies that grant Combat Advantage! (And this guy is granting it!)

You'd be terrible to miss, but that's 42 x 4 + 9 damage. Assuming not everything stacks, you should at least get a +2 to damage on turn 1 from Rapid Assault for 44 x 4 + 9 damage, and if it's Larger and it stacks, that's 46 x 4 + 9.

42 x 4 + 9 rounds out to 177 damage, and then you still have 8d12 to roll for from Icy Skewers... assuming each attack hits.

Let's see now... let's assume 8d12 rolls average, so 8 x 6 damage added for 48 more, and you're looking at ~265 damage on turn 1. This as stand-alone, assuming no one grants you a bonus to damage or anything.
>> No. 6161 edit
File 131924278810.jpg - (79.72KB , 400x400 , I can\'t fly!.jpg )
No frostcheese, then?
>> No. 6162 edit
Oh, right, there's Lasting Frost for vulnerability to Cold. Wintertouched isn't really necessary for the nova, but I guess for protracted engagement it's a requirement.

Either way, that adds 15 damage, for a ~280 damage first strike, without outside influence and assuming you're not facing cold resistance up the wazoo.

AND you hit. If you miss, all of this is meaningless. Granted, 43 to attack and you get a re-roll from one of your dailies, so you should have good enough odds of landing those blows, unless you're facing level 36 monsters.
>> No. 6163 edit
Is there any non evil elder godish star pact type things, cause that should be a choice or something
>> No. 6164 edit
Actually, Ulban the Messenger is, according to his fluff, trying to prevent the end of the universe.
>> No. 6166 edit
File 129574800636.png - (22.41KB , 434x514 , ka_heh2.png )
Oh god, George just got told.
>> No. 6167 edit
Oh haha, wow.
>> No. 6168 edit
>> No. 6169 edit
Also, George won't read that until like a week from now with his record~
>> No. 6171 edit
go starlock already garage
>> No. 6172 edit
>killing your devil underdark demon god
ahaha oh wow
>> No. 6173 edit

>> No. 6174 edit
Your loss.
>> No. 6175 edit
I'm sure your pact thing has a way to know your thoughts and stuff anyway, I mean, you did make a contract with him, you might as well be a groveling slave.
>> No. 6179 edit

Well at 30 it's probably fine right.




>> No. 6190 edit
File 129788586513.png - (78.26KB , 208x401 , BUP_0456.png )
Not much seems to be happening, so if you guys don't post something soon I'm gonna hyper-speed it.

What were you looking for in the market earlier, Jyoji? I already told you that you got the eagle eye goggles and what they cost.
>> No. 6191 edit
File 130100423811.png - (6.59KB , 217x157 , georgeheh.png )

Those nonsense bracers of perfect babby imouto's been nonsensing about, of course.
>> No. 6192 edit
File 129460800532.png - (27.71KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea3.png )
Well, I plan to exchange my cloak of resistance and the luckblade for their value in reagents. Then ask Sariel to enchant a harmony blade for me.
>> No. 6193 edit
File 129788667080.png - (77.53KB , 208x401 , BUP_0457.png )
Well, you need to say that kind of thing in the future.

I still intend to let you guys do that. I was just hoping a more natural lead-in would come up.
>> No. 6194 edit
File 12983496168.png - (12.93KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea4.png )
astaroth where etc
>> No. 6195 edit
File 130025310010.png - (167.09KB , 477x355 , georgeahwell2.png )

It couldn't be helped, I forgot what they were called and opening character builder is such a hassle.
>> No. 6197 edit
File 131567665349.png - (22.52KB , 215x208 , energizerzabesuto.png )
It doesn't take that long. Just put a shortcut on your start menu.
>> No. 6199 edit
tsun acquired
>> No. 6200 edit
Sariel will curse Sureiya's equipment.
>> No. 6202 edit
File 12983496168.png - (12.93KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea4.png )
isn't cursing evil aligment thing to do?
>> No. 6203 edit
Against half-monsters?
>> No. 6204 edit
File 129930994422.png - (32.63KB , 200x200 , unlimitedsadworks.png )
>> No. 6208 edit
Someone else has something to say or etc before we start getting our money/equipment?
>> No. 6209 edit
File 129979228335.jpg - (58.14KB , 300x375 , Its Spring.jpg )
I just got back but I'll work on an update now to move things along.

Of course, as per the usual, people are going to need to announce exactly what they are doing/buying for me to do anything.
>> No. 6212 edit
omg I need 2720 to enchant predator hide to +2
>> No. 6213 edit
I'm trade +5 Shockweave Arlol for 1,000 GPs.

I can't enchant stuff to over level 6 btw.
>> No. 6214 edit
Yes you can. Runed Copper Rod lets you enchant up to level + 1 when you use it as a focus.
>> No. 6215 edit
And do I have a Runed Copper Rod?
>> No. 6217 edit
You should still have it, yes.
>> No. 6218 edit
More info :
>> No. 6219 edit
More info:

8:48 PM Tohsaka: I'll see what I can do level + 2 doesn't seem that unreasaonble
8:48 PM Tohsaka: unreasonable*
8:48 PM Voyager: at least it's something
8:48 PM Sakutarou: DOn't we already have runed copper rod though?
8:48 PM anon: level 8 items are good
8:48 PM fortknox: wat
8:49 PM anon: but that would be after extended rest
8:49 PM Voyager: all my gear ended up being high level
8:49 PM Voyager: even though I prefer low level stuff
8:49 PM Tohsaka: You do have runed copper rod
8:49 PM Sakutarou: Yeah.
8:49 PM Sakutarou: So we already enchant at level + 1
8:49 PM Tohsaka: so next you need to upgrade it to a runed silver rod
>> No. 6220 edit
Basically, Rin gave us green light for trying to enchant lvl 8 items right?
>> No. 6221 edit
But do we have enough materials for such a thing?
>> No. 6222 edit
File 131973065534.png - (90.71KB , 291x478 , kanon_derp.png )
I basically need like 1200gp extra gp if I want to do it.
>> No. 6223 edit
So what curse would you like on your weapon Anon-tan.
>> No. 6224 edit
I think I can afford a weapon up to level 7 if I cash in all the stuff I got. Not sure about enchantments, though.
>> No. 6225 edit
Oooh, weapon of shared wrath looks pretty nice.
>> No. 6226 edit
Internalize the Basic Kata
You practiced the basic motions of your discipline
until they became as natural as breathing.
Prerequisite: Monk, Flurry of Blows class feature,
Unarmed Combatant class feature
Benefit: You can use your Dexterity modifier
instead of your Strength modifier for attack rolls and
damage rolls when making a melee basic attack with
your monk unarmed strike. In addition, your flurry
of blows power can be triggered when you hit with an
opportunity attack made with your monk unarmed
>> No. 6227 edit
Link please.
>> No. 6228 edit
>> No. 6229 edit
File 129617863455.jpg - (157.58KB , 420x709 , 3309dc50354a5c06c74fb6b4e717730a.jpg )
I like Flurry Resounding. It's like Lethal Action for monks. Definitely increases your nova potential.
>> No. 6230 edit
With the new feat for Unarmed Strike, it's actually worth it to upgrade its damage dice with Improved Monk Unarmed Strike, I think.
>> No. 6231 edit
so what htis mean for us?
>> No. 6232 edit
File 130619539017.png - (26.25KB , 124x163 , Kilroy Was Here.png )
>Your Friendly Neighborhood DM
>> No. 6234 edit
Bahamut actually has a decent boon at level 3, but not sure it's worth getting since expensive for pretty much just a daily power (+1 to OAs not that great).
>> No. 6235 edit
File 129912511466.jpg - (23.83KB , 98x141 , pweh.jpg )
Speaking of boons, Ioun has one at level 3 that gives a +2 item bonus to all skill checks and a daily power for an additional +1 to skill checks until the end of the encounter.
>> No. 6236 edit
File 130151635784.jpg - (88.40KB , 500x591 , f720fa3718e9b67e352dbd19851b6fa0.jpg )
Well, provided Hide still intends to play, I'd probably replace that attack I made with "Internalize the Basic Kata" as a bonus feat.

I'm not sure I agree that it makes improving your unarmed strike with a feat a good idea, though, since most monk attacks are still implement attacks that don't use the damage die of your weapon.
>> No. 6238 edit
Right, I missed that part. Though it does in my mind justify going bare-handed.
>> No. 6239 edit
File 129602081666.jpg - (98.07KB , 277x500 , 9a611a1cd2d8bd9f7aa08908dbb67fd2.jpg )
Despite convenient naming, that's not me. I have no problem with pixies.
>> No. 6241 edit
File 129982935023.jpg - (407.60KB , 1063x1497 , 4260906ff6b086e991501edb701c69ce.jpg )
Master of the Fist [Multiclass Monk]
Prerequisite: Strength 13 or Dexterity 13
Benefit: You gain training in Athletics or Acrobatics.
You also gain the monk’s Unarmed Combatant
feature and gain proficiency with ki focuses.

This is a great feat for brawlers. +3 proficiency and a d8 damage dice on my unarmed strikes? Yes, please. Plus, ki focus proficiency!
>> No. 6245 edit
And in that case, it might actually be worth it to upgrade to d10s.
>> No. 6246 edit
Brawler is quite feat-intensive. Even finding room for that feat in the heroic tier is tough for me, since I like to stick Improved Initiative and (for not-Con-based defenders) Swift Recovery in there. I mean, the build starts to take off fast, but there are a lot of feats that help it does what it does better, so it's quite demanding.
>> No. 6247 edit
File 129729837849.jpg - (33.37KB , 144x160 , ooooo.jpg )
Holy cow, Fey Beast Tamer theme is pretty good. Who wants a blink dog, owlbear or displacer beast as a pet?
>> No. 6248 edit
Link: http://www.wizards.com/dnd/files/excerpt_20111028.pdf
>> No. 6249 edit
Kinda want to swap over to that theme... I, it's not like I really want a Fey Beast Companion with free combat advantage everywhere, o, or anything!
>> No. 6250 edit
Well it is thematic for an eladrin to have a fey beast companion.
>> No. 6251 edit
The useful part is that it's precisely like the Sentinel's animal companion, in that it can be called with a minor action however many times to soak damage for us (this is actually beneficial. Consider the Fey Beast taking its HP + 10 damage, that's 10 damage we save on ourselves!), and if it's hurt but not dead, it doesn't consume a healing surge to get back to full health.

Not to mention its aura helps a bit, though off-hand I find the Displacer and Owlbear to be the most useful aura-bearers, with the Displacer probably being best simply due to being the tankiest with its partial concealment.

Also tentacles and defence boost to allies.

Owlbear gives +2 damage which is sugoi useful etc.
>> No. 6252 edit
Poor beastmaster rangers are completely unnecessary now.
>> No. 6253 edit
Did I mention second wind heals BOTH companion and self?

omg Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
>> No. 6254 edit
Clearly it's Roth making a comeback etc.
>> No. 6255 edit
I'm even willing to fork over moneys for it to comepsnate for the free item I got from the thingermajig theme.
>> No. 6256 edit
File 129988235697.png - (7.03KB , 93x103 , sakutaro_derp.png )
>"hurr we got you surrounded, you're provoking OAs if you do anything"
>suddenly blinkdog adjacent
>teleport ally to safety
>> No. 6257 edit
Suddenly I can threaten with OAs over a wide range.
>> No. 6258 edit
Also of note : it's possible to charge every turn with a blink dog.
>> No. 6259 edit
everyone get blink dogs, teleporting everywhere
>> No. 6260 edit
File 130613479024.jpg - (46.00KB , 153x122 , b4.jpg )
>combat-capable pet feature
>it's a theme
>> No. 6261 edit
I feel it does harm the Sentinel a lot since that pet's what they're all about to set them apart.
>> No. 6262 edit
The fey beast ones look somewhat difficult to control; you need to spend actions just to move them etc, whereas the sentinel's animal companion moves when you move. The same goes for spirit companion.

A build that focuses on staying 20 squares or more away from the companion could work since independent actions etc.
>> No. 6263 edit
>Move Actions: Whenever you take a move
action, your fey beast companion can also take a
move action. Alternatively, you can stay put but
take a move action to command your fey beast
companion to take a move action.
>> No. 6264 edit
The Fey Beast moves when you do.
>> No. 6265 edit
oh it does

hax etc
>> No. 6266 edit
so wait blink dog can teleport twice with one move action from the master?
>> No. 6267 edit
No, pretty sure it only gains a single move action when you grant it one.
>> No. 6268 edit
However, it can teleport and then use blink bite to teleport again.
>> No. 6269 edit

>Whenever you take a move action, your fey beast companion can also take a move action.
Commanding the pet to move takes a move action, so the master is taking a move action and triggering the simultaneous move action.

>Alternatively, you can stay put but take a move action to command your fey beast companion to take a move action.
Master is staying put, check. Master takes the move action, companion takes a move action from the command, and companion takes a move action from the first line.

The second line doesn't seem to negate the first line, etc.
>> No. 6270 edit
It says "a move action", not "move actions".
>> No. 6271 edit
Well, obviously. It seems to me that it gets another move action from the first line on top of that.
>> No. 6272 edit
I can see how you would argue that, but I very strongly doubt that's how it's supposed to work.
>> No. 6273 edit
It makes sense to me, really; giving up one's own move action to make the companion move, on top of what it would have moved had the master moved normally.
>> No. 6274 edit
>The second line doesn't seem to negate the first line, etc.
>> No. 6275 edit
I want them to release it already. Feywild options good for Eladrin.
>> No. 6276 edit
welp I must be out of it today
>> No. 6277 edit
File 129721864872.jpg - (168.37KB , 880x880 , do want.jpg )
Aura sizes increase if the creature is on a mount. Stick a blink dog on Torinn's celestial battle tiger and he'd be good at getting in and getting allies out like nothing else and be a walking beacon of free combat advantage. Glorious.
>> No. 6278 edit
So are you re-rolling theme etc.
>> No. 6279 edit
Not unless something IC makes Torinn suddenly decide to adopt a blink dog rather than be a hospitaler.
>> No. 6280 edit
Then again, it doesn't have to be -his- dog to be mounted at the same time...
>> No. 6281 edit
mount the dog
>> No. 6282 edit
If I were a size smaller, that would be possible. However, I couldn't move with it when it teleports, or vice-versa.
>> No. 6283 edit
I swear to the gods if the party suddenly gets like 3 fey animals added to it the next encounter will be against six young red dragons
>> No. 6284 edit
>companion form
Oh damn it, why do this theme look so fun?
>> No. 6285 edit
That probably -would- be overdoing it on our part.
>> No. 6286 edit
What do we get for 5.
>> No. 6287 edit
everyone re-roll sentinel and take full summoning powers

no, party, you are the hives
>> No. 6288 edit
File 130162571920.jpg - (57.84KB , 237x363 , x face.jpg )
So I guess Bern is trading out her elemental priest theme, then?
>> No. 6295 edit
Riri, your character sheet is missing a feat bonus to the attack roll. Should be 14 instead of 13.
>> No. 6296 edit
herpderp that sheet is olllld I'm waiting until acquired items etc to update.
>> No. 6297 edit
geez guys how do you get so much attack?
>> No. 6298 edit
Well Sariel has a +2 weapon and started with a 20 in her primary stat, so that's where the extra +2 is coming from.
>> No. 6299 edit
File 131982537615.png - (55.00KB , 368x561 , prblm.png )
>> No. 6300 edit
>+2 weapon
>not enough money to get a single +2 weapon
being anon is suffering
>> No. 6301 edit
File 131982657395.png - (63.51KB , 229x292 , sakutarou_chibi.png )
Neat, looks like there -is- a way to use Eldritch Strike with a Darkspiral Rod for high-damage melee shenanigans.
>> No. 6302 edit
meele warlock sounds weird
>> No. 6303 edit
half-orc sounds weird
>> No. 6304 edit
Monk Base PDF: http://www.mediafire.com/?c28rlg99hd4k022

Runepriests: http://www.mediafire.com/?9x1v7gnn8kf16cq

Thanks, /tg/!
>> No. 6306 edit
File 130294168698.gif - (188.48KB , 539x765 , 1223507178004.gif )
Okay, seriously. This weekend, we're going to accomplish something:

Hide: If you're still planning on playing, I really need you to post something.
George: Post more.
Bernkastel: Well you posted but try to keep up with the party's actions if you can.
>> No. 6310 edit
So is Heroes of the Feywild theme legal?
>> No. 6312 edit
I'm sick and real busy this weekend etc
>> No. 6313 edit
Retraining to Fey Beast Master, taking Displacer Beast, but it's actually a Cat. A Medium-sized Cat. Roth's back etc.
>> No. 6315 edit
Hm, I could trade in my Dynamic Longsword and make a level 7 weapon with my money.
>> No. 6316 edit
File 12994619979.jpg - (38.89KB , 308x166 , ldb.jpg )
There's not much out there at level 7 for longswords. Farbond Spellblade, Weapon of Shared Wrath, or Weapon of Transference are about the only appealing things there.
>> No. 6317 edit
Already updated my sheet etcetera.
>> No. 6318 edit
>> No. 6323 edit
Sureiya will follow etc
>> No. 6324 edit
File 129527222995.jpg - (53.37KB , 412x500 , grab0050.jpg )
Seriously, when I update tomorrow, it will be to advance the plot. I don't really wanna just drag Michael around, but it's been almost two weeks.
>> No. 6325 edit
What happened to racial feats? Are racial feats planned for more recent races or race/class combinations?

We're still publishing racial feats when we publish new races or come up with material especially suitable for older races. For example, I just received my office copy of Player's Option: Heroes of the Feywild. There are three or four racial feats for each of the new races introduced in the book, along with a few feats for eladrin and wilden (existing races that are, of course, closely associated with the Feywild). Also, we have a few Winning Races articles scheduled for next year. Those often feature a new feat or two to explore some aspect of a character race.

>New feats for Eladrin
>> No. 6327 edit
sorry, I've been real busy and will be busy most of this week with midterms and stuff
>> No. 6328 edit
File 132009234098.jpg - (82.82KB , 400x756 , 16025182.jpg )
We edge ever closer to my truest mastery of magic. Eladrin feats incoming, let's hope there's something neat among it.
>> No. 6329 edit
Did anything interesting happen on the patrol?
>> No. 6331 edit
Audio 24_-_Hey_Cid!.mp3 - (874.54KB , 24 - Hey Cid!.mp3 )
I decided something could happen after all.
>> No. 6332 edit
>Making race count: Feats for Eladrin
>Class Acts: Swordmage
>Heroic Tier Rituals
Wizards confirmed for Lililove with Dragon 405. :D
>> No. 6334 edit
>newest cbuilder update has coding issues
what is this i don't even
>> No. 6335 edit
File 129875666734.png - (15.61KB , 217x157 , kanonheh_ib4f.png )
>complaining about a delay in a correct release of a free and probably illegal modification of software.
Well, people always bash Witch Hunt as well, so I don't see why not to bash these guys as well.
>> No. 6336 edit
File 130162571920.jpg - (57.84KB , 237x363 , x face.jpg )
No, I mean the mistakes themselves were silly. They put a single letter at the beginning of one document that messed up the rest of the document, and the other one was a duplicate right under the original. I just don't see how they made such mistakes in the first place.
>> No. 6347 edit
File 129617863455.jpg - (157.58KB , 420x709 , 3309dc50354a5c06c74fb6b4e717730a.jpg )
It'll be late tonight before I can update, but I WILL post an update. It's time to set you guys on track for your next adventure.
>> No. 6349 edit
I don't think I have money for anything, well maybe for those item bonus mundane equipment bern bough for yagi.
>> No. 6350 edit
File 130619539017.png - (26.25KB , 124x163 , Kilroy Was Here.png )
I guess he doesn't get paid.
>> No. 6351 edit
>> No. 6354 edit
File 129721864872.jpg - (168.37KB , 880x880 , do want.jpg )
>master of the fist monk multiclass requires either 13 dex or 13 str
omg want
>> No. 6355 edit
Saku, you can't do that kind of enchantment. You can't upgrade a Vigiliant Blae into a Sacrificial Weapon, that's changing the enchantment type. Only the generic Magical Weapon can be changed to another type.

If you want to do that, you should trade in both of your swords and use the residuum to enchant a new blade.
>> No. 6356 edit
Oh, okay, I can do that.
>> No. 6358 edit
File 13091654769.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
>> No. 6359 edit
File 130134336372.jpg - (74.08KB , 400x500 , i dunno.jpg )
I thought I said sign up for. Eh.
>> No. 6361 edit
File 13204217577.jpg - (42.18KB , 300x310 , 1308852590557.jpg )
I haven't studied the Comrade's Succor ritual yet, so we might be in trouble there.
>> No. 6362 edit
How much would another scroll cost?
>> No. 6363 edit
Infinite monies.
>> No. 6364 edit
File 129661381061.png - (100.28KB , 319x318 , doh.png )
I guess it really is a shame I can't consistently knock things prone or push them, because a Fighter MC for Draconic Arrogance would let me do stupid amounts of damage each time.
>> No. 6365 edit
Party can assist with proning.
>> No. 6366 edit
For draconic arrogance to work, he has to be the one who does the knocking prone iirc.

Flail expertise is pretty good for that if you can find good weapon powers that slide (like eldritch strike).
>> No. 6367 edit
File 132043823489.jpg - (36.33KB , 175x208 , muu.jpg )
O-pallies can pull that off with bitter challenge and world serpent's grasp. Or just be a Son of Mercy and slow everything on a hit.

Unfortunately the Son of Mercy PP needs WIS to be effective, so that's a no-go.

There's also the Gladiator theme with the Keep Them Close feat combined with WSG again, but that's epic tier, so no help now.

Bolstering Strike with the Earth Domain feat can slow on a hit, which requires you to be O-pally or human for third at-will but is otherwise not good for anything.

Really, there's not a reliable way to prone as a cavalier. All of that belongs to the fighter and O-Paladin. Not in heroic anyway, but then again, Draconic Arrogance doesn't show up until paragon in the first place.
>> No. 6369 edit
Not really a consistent way to push, either. And it'd still cost two feats minimum (Fighter MC and Draconic Arrogance) which I might not even have room for.
>> No. 6370 edit
File 129570266441.jpg - (151.59KB , 450x707 , 1223507316381.jpg )
Harmony Blade +1 (840 gp)
Acrobat Boots (520 gp)
Trades: 2/2

Tactician's Scale Armor +1 (1000 gp)
Chieftain's Shortspear +1 (680 gp)
Bracers of Mental Might (1800 gp)
Trades: 1/2

Sacrificial Weapon +2 (1800 gp)
Trades: 2/2

Eagle Eye Goggles (551 gp)
Bracers of the Perfect Shot (727 gp)
Trades 0/2

Resplendent Gloves (1000 gp)
Trades 1/2
>> No. 6373 edit
I've enchanted Resplendent Gloves for myself.
>> No. 6374 edit
File 130386602757.png - (18.98KB , 200x200 , saku_laugh.png )
>Dwarf Fortress
>> No. 6375 edit
also i said i traded in my shockweave armour geez
>> No. 6376 edit
see right here
>> No. 6380 edit
File 129489116910.png - (15.91KB , 179x153 , It\'s Been A Hard Day\'s Night.png )
>Eladrin's Challenge
>Tier : Heroic
>Prerequisites : Eladrin, fighter
>When you are wielding a longsword or any spear, enemies marked by you take a -3 penalty to attack rolls for being marked instead of a -2 penalty.
>> No. 6381 edit
File 132051779464.jpg - (33.85KB , 512x512 , 468.jpg )
>2 feats for marginal bonus
Too busy taking awesome feats for that.
>> No. 6382 edit
Only other way to get something like that is Mark of Warding. It's not marginal at all.
>> No. 6383 edit
File 132051826167.jpg - (71.08KB , 389x408 , 1258583475771.jpg )
Consider the following: the only Fighter MC feat open to me is the one that gives me +2 tHP once per encounter when hit by a melee or close attack.

I need to take that feat, AND the marking feat to make ONE enemy suffer a -3 penalty as I cannot enforce my penalties on multiple targets and, until at least paragon tier, CANNOT even mark multiple enemies reliably every encounter.

Imposing an additional -1 to attack rolls seems marginal to me compared to what I can otherwise be getting.
>> No. 6384 edit
Fair enough I guess.
>> No. 6387 edit
File 130124002683.jpg - (400.70KB , 1024x768 , 61ef74aff78071794f6198d7cea5a9fe.jpg )
Okay okay, fixed.
>> No. 6389 edit
When should I pick up my pet~?
>> No. 6390 edit
File 129695777988.png - (188.93KB , 490x595 , d06fd2617db931ccb8f10784a6a37b1b.png )
Whenever you feel like it. You retrained, so you should be able to summon it anytime, though I imagine it'd be easier to explain if you summoned it after leaving the city, or at the Arcanimus.
>> No. 6391 edit
File 131836288151.png - (131.28KB , 600x569 , ONWARD TO GLORY.png )
Speaking of new creatures, I'm just gonna explain the celestial battle tiger as Rutger in a different form. It'd be mean to dump him off so soon even though he's been an asset so far.
>> No. 6392 edit
File 130143013467.png - (118.40KB , 512x478 , hopeful.png )
And speaking of "favored spears", are there any +3 proficiency spears that can be used with a shield?
>> No. 6395 edit
Level 1: Draconic Challenge
Level 2: Swift Recovery
Level 4: Mounted Combat
Feat User Choice: Heavy Blade Expertise
Level 6: Improved Steed (Celestial Battle Tiger) (retrained to Improved Steed (Celestial Pegasus) at Level 11) (retrained to Improved Steed (Celestial Silver Dragon) at Level 22)
Level 8: Improved Initiative (retrained to Superior Initiative at Level 21)
Level 10: Power of Hope
Level 11: Hero's Poise
Level 12: Improved Defenses
Level 14: Superior Will
Level 16: Holy Steed
Level 18: Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade)
Level 20: Weapon Proficiency (Bastard sword)
Level 21: Divine Mastery
Level 22: Champion's Countenance
Level 24: Armor Specialization (Plate)
Level 26: Draconic Restoration
Level 28: Epic Reflexes
Level 30: Avowed Dragonfoe
>> No. 6396 edit
>Weapon Focus
>ure a Defender
>> No. 6397 edit
If I was a chaladin then it wouldn't matter, but since I rely a lot on my at-wills it helps to boost them if I can.
>> No. 6398 edit
What about the feat that adds Str to Divine Challenge damage.
>> No. 6399 edit
File 132059760420.jpg - (311.56KB , 600x600 , sakutarou_sob.jpg )
>divine challenge
>> No. 6400 edit
File 13204217577.jpg - (42.18KB , 300x310 , 1308852590557.jpg )
Oh, right.
>> No. 6401 edit
File 12983496168.png - (12.93KB , 700x700 , kan_majimea4.png )
>> No. 6402 edit
File 130078126871.jpg - (77.54KB , 600x481 , dc5ad316fc4bc6e811280cb1c9902ad4.jpg )
If anyone has anything to say to the duke, say it before I get on my PC tomorrow. Because that's when we're going forward.
>> No. 6403 edit
can't be helped, apparently
>> No. 6414 edit
>and their ridiculous close-kin the half-orcs.
>> No. 6415 edit
Opportunity made a Strength check to open my door and succeeded, I had to accomodate it~!
>> No. 6417 edit
Of course you're not supposed to say a word, Hidei, it was all narration.

Geez you guys are taking the roleplay wayyyyyy too personal and serious.
>> No. 6418 edit
Hahaha, not really, I'm actually having a blast with this.
>> No. 6419 edit
File 132079106997.png - (174.72KB , 600x600 , sXoqu.png )
>> No. 6420 edit
File 129875666734.png - (15.61KB , 217x157 , kanonheh_ib4f.png )
oh god, that terrible thing, why??
Also nope, I understand how roleplay is just a game and I don't take it personal or anything.
Sariel it's just a bit t----nope.
>> No. 6423 edit
>newest article has a new swordmage at-will
pdf where
>> No. 6424 edit
This article contains a single Swordmage At-Will, and it's surprisingly nice. Melee 2, can be used on a charge, and slows on a hit, something Swordmages couldn't do before. It needs to be used on a mounted charge to do respectable damage though, but overall, I think it's a nice addition to a Swordmages repertoire.

>Slows on hit
I guess I'll be retraining ASAP ne.
>> No. 6425 edit

heroes of feywild.pdf etc
>> No. 6426 edit
Bah, rather disappointing as far as I care for Sariel.

Berserker looks interesting, though.
>> No. 6427 edit
File 12961055555.jpg - (62.73KB , 430x575 , 5486f472f6c137bda2e507e425537b26.jpg )
Aaaanyways, I really want Hide to introduce his monk himself, so yeah.

I thought it'd be nice to tie in something I'd planned all along, that Captain Highwind was a master of a far eastern fighting style. It was going to come up eventually, but I figured this was as a good a time as any to introduce the idea.

And of course, when I say far east, I'm specifically referring to Kara-Tur and the surrounding regions (it's in the Forgotten Realms setting, if you check the eastern end of the map you see a "To Kara-Tur" label).
>> No. 6428 edit
File 129721864872.jpg - (168.37KB , 880x880 , do want.jpg )
>master of stories
>You have studied the lore and history of the world as a bard does, and you can inspire your allies with such tales.
Yesssss, I can finally train history!
>> No. 6429 edit
History is for nerds Attyroo. Besides I already have a high score in it.
>> No. 6430 edit
It's pertinent for fluff reasons.
>> No. 6435 edit
For hide: http://pastebin.com/jkYFV81i

Log starts at where you started discussing D&D, and timestamps for PST.
>> No. 6445 edit
File 131741922759.jpg - (1.93MB , 1920x1200 , Relaxing on the Love Couch.jpg )
I actually meant for Krag to be with you earlier when you first went to the palace but I kinda forgot it in my haste to get Hide's monk introduced. Anyway, he was there with Letharst so he's there now.
>> No. 6446 edit
Sariel still going nope.jpg, Arcanimus where.
>> No. 6447 edit
wheres astaroth and etc?
>> No. 6450 edit
File 131065609285.png - (186.40KB , 400x500 , p5.png )
>storms off
>Sariel's calmly sauntering down the road
Silly you, she's just wandering down due to disinterest, not out of anger or anything.
>> No. 6451 edit
File 12969527522.png - (14.44KB , 206x168 , dazed.png )
I misread it. My bad.
>> No. 6458 edit
This is stuff I (retroactively) bought earlier etc. I also have to restock the missing scents from my hunter's kit.

>Chalk and slate (5 sp)
>Iron spikes (1 gp)
>Miner's helmet (10 gp)
>Surveyor's Gear (15 gp)
>Ten-foot pole (1 gp)

>Total 27.5 gp
>> No. 6459 edit
Did we bought one of these surge-thingie ritual? We should really buy one
>> No. 6460 edit
Let's say I studied it during our extended rest okay.

>apparently uninterested in the orcish warlord that somehow managed to find its way into the palace and may have had a connection to the outrider they fought before

If there's going to be trouble over this later I blame you guys.
>> No. 6461 edit
well it couldn't be helped, only bern noticed and we didnt got a lot of time
>> No. 6462 edit
File 129645156878.jpg - (45.15KB , 360x514 , 29f9aadd32f899c2fe25c19fb39fed12.jpg )
I was kind of rushing that along, and it probably won't come up for a while. I'm anxious to get you guys to the next adventure and so forth. We'll probably revisit that point again.
>> No. 6463 edit
File 130618954663.jpg - (12.77KB , 235x232 , minigeorgesmirk.jpg )
>"That the dwarves there dug too greedily, and too deep..."
>> No. 6464 edit
File 132128748234.png - (11.04KB , 646x325 , toodeep.png )
>> No. 6466 edit
Magic, ain't gotta explain anything, etc.
>> No. 6467 edit
File 132129001624.png - (96.39KB , 736x333 , Diablo 3 Sankis.png )
I find it ironic that a Protector druid with Beastwalker Circle and the Fey Beast Tamer essentially has the Sentinel animal companion, wild shape, and the full assortment of druid powers. About the only thing missing is Ritual Caster.
>> No. 6468 edit
File 130351976390.gif - (165.31KB , 376x322 , gentlemen it is time to boogie.gif )
Druids are gewd, yes?
>> No. 6469 edit
File 130161923579.jpg - (206.94KB , 550x660 , 265a17aa2bd6a6d42f7f2f1968cc01a3.jpg )
I kinda felt that the regular druids were middle-of-the-road, noticeably behind the invoker and wizard in terms of power, but the Protector druid with Beastwalker Circle might be able to compete better.

Nature's Growth is an excellent controller feature, and it enhances your ability to impede enemy movement essentially "for free," which is golden on a wild shape druid that focuses on locking down one or more enemies in place.
>> No. 6470 edit
Well if nothing else they're very versatile controllers and have some very powerful summons (Writhing Henge, etc.)
>> No. 6471 edit
I like Wild Shape Druids.
>> No. 6472 edit
Oh, Swordmage article's out. Mmm, I wonder what it has for Shielders...
>> No. 6474 edit
Pretty sure it was made for ensnaring swordmages.
>> No. 6475 edit

Also lol at Torinn riding a large tiger within the Arcanimus.
>> No. 6477 edit
File 130166938268.png - (94.06KB , 505x394 , sakutarou_ohyou.png )
Better than summoning a horse, amirite?
>> No. 6478 edit
File 132129997793.png - (151.21KB , 500x500 , Battlecat.png )
Also, here's fixed picture.
>> No. 6479 edit
Aren't we using those teleportation circles inside the Arcanimus anyway?
>> No. 6481 edit
>starts red
>turns red
>> No. 6483 edit
File 131092543516.png - (78.98KB , 224x401 , BUP_0407.png )
From the adventurer's vault:

"Many weapons have properties that provide a constant benefit. To gain the benefit of a weapon’s property, you must be wielding the weapon. Unless specified otherwise, a property affects only the weapon to which it’s attached. For example, a +2 cunning dagger, which bestows a –2 penalty to an enemy’s saving throws against your weapon powers, affects only powers that are delivered using that weapon. You couldn’t hold the weapon in your off-hand and gain the benefit of the property on powers delivered using a main weapon."

Ah-HA! I knew there was a reason that utterly stupid "Vanguard Gauntlet Axe" trick didn't work! And now I have the RAW reason!
>> No. 6484 edit
From the sound of it, the new swordmage article is mostly junk that doesn't even help ensnaring swordmages with their main problem.
>> No. 6485 edit
File 129695777988.png - (188.93KB , 490x595 , d06fd2617db931ccb8f10784a6a37b1b.png )
I heard there might be some powers of interest to other swordmages, but that Ensnaring Swordmages still suffer their fundamental flaws.
>> No. 6486 edit
File 130068659647.jpg - (115.09KB , 234x411 , A Tiny Tiny Clever Raion.jpg )
>> No. 6494 edit
Idea, find something to light on fire, toss it into the holes
>> No. 6495 edit
Light the imp on fire and send him in to scout. It won't hurt him, right?
>> No. 6496 edit
Let's just go for broke and light up George/Myn
>> No. 6497 edit
File 132147520835.png - (75.93KB , 550x450 , 2700395.png )
Level 11 Paragon Path:

Battleweaver VS Sigil Carver

Battleweaver has the following:
- Level 11 power is a Burst 2, ally-friendly, enemies hit are slowed and grant Combat Advantage until end of my next turn.
- Hit with an At-Will Illusion power (Winged Horde) and enemies hit are slowed. (So now Winged Horde makes me get Combat Advantage, Slows Enemies, denies OAs and at level 11 also impose a -2 to attack rolls)
- AP action lets me shift 2 squares per target hit, and I have CA against everything I attack with an Illusion power. (Kind of meh)
- Level 12 ability grants partial concealment in a burst 1 with one wall and two patches of difficult terrain, ally-friendly.
- Level 20 power is a damaging burst 3, ally friendly, that creates: 5 squares of difficult terrain, 2 wall 3 of blocking terrain, 2 heavily obscured squares, 2 auto-damage ally friendly squares.


Sigil Carver:
- Level 11 feature, adjacent allies get +2 to all defences.
- AP feature lets an ally roll to save against each effect a save can end in addition to my extra action.
- Level 16, marked enemies within 5 squares suffer an MBA OA as long as they are within 5 squares of me, and the ally is adjacent to me.
- Level 11 attack is 3[W] marking power.
- Level 12 attack teleports ally within 5 to my side and gives them a +4 bonus to all defences, II.
- Level 20 daily, does damage and each ally that hits target with a melee attack does 2d6 more damage until end of encounter. Sureiya gets this bonus twice with twin strike, so it's a massive attack boost.

From a control point of view I feel as though Battleweaver is superior, if only because it boosts Winged Horde, grants slow everywhere (World Serpent Grasp, anyone?), and has the ability to twice per day reshape part of the battlefield into advantageous terrain.

Sigil Carver has the huge damage boost, defences to allies and powerful ability to enforce its mark, but it does subject us to AoEs more readily. The defence boost is also in Ward Guardian PP, which just grants Swordmage Warding to all allies within 5 (for OAs), a daily that grants it to adjacent allies, AP feature that lets all allies enjoy it for a turn alongside a 5[W] power that nerfes enemy AC by 3, 4 with Greater Warding.

I kinda want Sigil Carver due to granting the damage boost, but it's just once/day. Battleweaver sounds more tactically rewarding and synergises with World Serpent Graspers. wat do
>> No. 6498 edit
I dunno anybody taking WSG though. Battle Weaver doesn't seem particularly powerful.
>> No. 6500 edit
The walls obscure sight so that enemies don't have line of effect to squares behind the wall. The level 20 feature creates a wall 3 x 2, so I can potentially block off an enemy's sight to our party period, and use hte difficult terrain to make it difficult to impossible to leave the walled area, depending on if a Defender has it engaged from a vantage point that makes the creature not face the party.

Once per day "Lol you're completely blocked" isn't bad, and Slow + Difficult Terrain makes movement difficult as is for enemies. World Serpent's Grasp helps with acquiring Combat Advantage everywhere and for those powers that require CA, proning or otherwise.

It strikes me as a pretty solid control path. Sigil Carver does better at damage and can protect allies, but remember that grouping together opens us up for incoming AoEs.
>> No. 6501 edit
Illusory Wall already does that at level 10.
>> No. 6502 edit
Illusory Wall requires continuous Int VS Will attacks to keep the enemy locked out, and doesn't create Difficult Terrain. I'm taking Illusory Wall as well anyway so I have thrice per day that I can create a Wall.

Well, Battleweaver works better if the rest of the party can take advantage of it, but if no one wants to take World Serpent Grasp or otherwise synergise I can go for Sigil Carver's straightforward style where no one has to do anything specific to take advantage of its main draw.
>> No. 6504 edit
What should we do? move like baka anon the other time or hunt it with readied actions?
>> No. 6505 edit
one plan is to spam readied actions and make someone an attack to lure the monster
>> No. 6508 edit
Yay, Berserkah and everything added to the lineup in CB.

sobsobsob at the Berserker being incompatible with most cool Barbarian powers without losing Defender aura.
>> No. 6509 edit
Also looool Rethmil power. Melee 2 is nice. Implement power is not nice. Requiring a mounted charge for Int Mod damage is also not nice. Nooooooooooooo chance.
>> No. 6510 edit
File 129602081666.jpg - (98.07KB , 277x500 , 9a611a1cd2d8bd9f7aa08908dbb67fd2.jpg )
To be perfectly honest, I'm not that impressed with the berserker. As a defender it fails because it can't really maintain its defender aura while using its best powers, and as a striker its features don't really measure up to the original barbarian. Maybe it could work as a defender if you multiclassed fighter and did some power swapping, but otherwise I don't see it.

Now the druid... the protector druid, I think, has some real potential. I do feel that it is pretty much required to take Beastwalker Circle because SNL is so-so at best compared to other druid daily powers, but at the very least Beastwalker Circle also grants access to Wild Shape, and therefore all the wild shape support and the full list of druid encounter attack powers.

I wish the protector would be added to the character builder already.
>> No. 6512 edit
To be fair, some of the protector's beasts are fairly strong.
>> No. 6513 edit
Oh, and that difficult terrain making utility is very, very good.
>> No. 6514 edit
File 129920450253.jpg - (45.55KB , 400x679 , d3c92fe8a84804741c0d307e2563eb8f.jpg )
No implement keyword means it's hard to augment the summons.
>> No. 6516 edit
Fair enough. Also, not as many at-wills. But that's a small complaint.

Point is I like druids. They're versatile yet effective, which is something I like.
>> No. 6517 edit
File 13161225945.jpg - (33.86KB , 400x400 , 905328364c910341f5111ed0abd3b10f.jpg )
The loss of the third at-will is annoying, but workable.

FYI, here are items that will work with magic stones to extend it to a 2-square push (and therefore make it work with polearm momentum): Hamanu's Roar (level 6, but Sorcerer-King Boon, rather DM-dependent), Gauntlets of the Ram (level 8, but I hesitate to take because Claw Gloves are amazing), and Avalanche Boots (level 10). Ring of Ramming also works but is paragon tier.
>> No. 6518 edit
I've heard about these "Polearm Druids". How do you make one?
>> No. 6519 edit
File 129489019938.jpg - (110.29KB , 500x708 , e1486887c9370049fd6ab130cb4e810e.jpg )
The simplest way is the Alfsair Spear enchantment, then MC fighter to pick up Polearm Momentum. The idea being that the druid has a lot of pushes and slides and can therefore knock prone a lot, which helps its movement control potential. The predator druid easily qualifies for Polearm Momentum, and can qualify for Battle Awareness with minimal effort.
>> No. 6521 edit
File 129674887945.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
Oh, that's right. Polearm momentum is a fighter feat.
>> No. 6525 edit
File 130161923579.jpg - (206.94KB , 550x660 , 265a17aa2bd6a6d42f7f2f1968cc01a3.jpg )
I'll assume everyone has their relevant weapons and implements and shields equipped and ready, etc.
>> No. 6527 edit
File 131796180134.png - (124.58KB , 215x279 , hehe.png )
The map looks nice, by the way~
>> No. 6529 edit
Dangit, I was going to post when I got something done.
>> No. 6530 edit
Btw everyone still has Combat Leader, +2 init.
>> No. 6532 edit
File 13164543299.jpg - (78.11KB , 580x450 , 30cfbc1ed69494600e966e06946b5eb9.jpg )
I'd say it's close enough to mountainous.

I'll bump everyone up by 2. It doesn't change what's happened so far, but it will change future turn order.
>> No. 6533 edit
Torinn and I seem to have the +2 in our sheets already, but the others don't.
>> No. 6538 edit
File 129617863455.jpg - (157.58KB , 420x709 , 3309dc50354a5c06c74fb6b4e717730a.jpg )
Bernkastel meets the moderate DC, which is unfortunately not enough to learn its powers, as per the new monster knowledge rules.
>> No. 6540 edit
File 129696219257.jpg - (38.54KB , 129x161 , kinda down.jpg )
Shoot, I guess they're too dumb to be properly intimidated.
>> No. 6542 edit
there's no weapon/implement focus to augment damage on an alfsair spear
>> No. 6543 edit
Isn't brutes will sort of low? I'm sure even these guys are scared of death.
>> No. 6544 edit
Eh, don't think it'd work here. Needs something with a workable level of intelligence.
>> No. 6545 edit
File 131415489278.jpg - (34.10KB , 140x140 , mb11.jpg )
>be a dwarf druid
>Dwarven Weapon Training, feat bonus to axe damage + gouge proficiency
>Alfsair Spear Gouge
>Headsman's Chop on Magic Stones
>> No. 6547 edit
The wording's a bit... ehhh. I dunno if it works. It says when you hit with an axe or heavy blade, not an attack using an axe or a heavy blade.
>> No. 6548 edit
Clearly, the magic stones shape themselves into axes.
>> No. 6549 edit
I see. Well, it works in cbuilder, so I guess there's some precedent.
>> No. 6550 edit
Stacks with grounding shot etc.
>> No. 6551 edit
Well, the issue comes up with keeping them prone. Enemies usually don't like being prone.
>> No. 6552 edit
Prone works best in a party with synergy, but even with just the druid, the threat of +5~+7 extra damage from attacks will force them to spend every move action standing up.
>> No. 6553 edit
And with a feat that lets you move juuuuust one square away from the enemy that wants to charge you when they stand up.
>> No. 6554 edit
File 129610198440.png - (135.67KB , 500x500 , awwww___.png )
If they're not much smarter than animals, they're not going to resort to cunning tactics and traps, right?

>> No. 6557 edit
Sariel'll move forward once I know what Sureiya's doing and all. If you stay put I'll probably Winged Horde the area where you think is a monster (provided Sariel is giving in-game directions) and use Roth to bolster our defences somewhat by transposing her inbetween enemy and Sureiya.
>> No. 6559 edit
I can't give a complete update right now, but let me say that when Sureiya charges into the square, he will be overwhelmed by the stench of the troglodye, discovering that it (and all troglodytes) possess an aura 1 that imposes a -2 attack penalty.
>> No. 6560 edit
Nose clips added to must-buy list.
>> No. 6561 edit
I don't think those exist here. They have filter masks though.
>> No. 6562 edit
yay, and I rolled quite high
>> No. 6563 edit
File 129674887945.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
Random thought : Final Fantasy's dragoons would be good lurkers, yes?
>> No. 6564 edit
So guys I kinda like team play. I don't want to build Sariel for "every occassion" or just optimal without team synergy. Tell me what team-related feats you were thinking of taking and what I can do to facilitate that.
>> No. 6565 edit
File 129661381061.png - (100.28KB , 319x318 , doh.png )
Slowing, immobilizing, restraining, and generally keeping things where they are so they can't escape me would help.
>> No. 6566 edit
Oh, and proning. Accuracy penalties on top of marks is good too.
>> No. 6567 edit
Battleweaver etc, useless.

Short of taking mystical debris or Battleweaver's paragon path my options for slowing, immobilising or generating difficult terrain to limit movement for enemies are limited. Sooo I can't help you.
>> No. 6568 edit
File 129893909984.png - (17.27KB , 130x135 , Psycho Stare.png )
>Short of taking mystical debris or Battleweaver's paragon path my options for slowing, immobilising or generating difficult terrain to limit movement for enemies are limited.
>Beast Switch
>Ray of Frost
>Restless Dead
>Icy Terrain
>Stone Blood
>Grasping Shadows
>Orbmaster's Incendiary Detonation
>Bewitching Charm
>Horrid Whispers
>Phantom Chasm
>Spirit Rend
>Maze of Mirrors
>Blissful Ignorance
>Visions of Avarice
>Charm of the Defender
>Phantom Foes
>Circle of Death
>Face of Death
>Symphony of the Dark Court
>Visions of Ruin

I don't buy it.
>> No. 6569 edit
Out of all those listed, which ones are considered good though? (Like on a guide, blue or higher)
>> No. 6570 edit
All of them.
>> No. 6571 edit
>Implying there are conditions imposed on me that prevent me from choosing a wide range of powers
>Such as incompatibility, the power not being swimmingly good, other priorities, or multiple options of which only one can be chosen

Okay then. At-Wills first.Stone Blood targets Fortitude and requires me to give up denying OAs from enemies, which helps the rest of you guys get into position or out of danger. It is not an option for me to move Stone Blood in, nor Beast Switch, or Restless Dead, or any of the other At-Wills unless you want me to give up Control power to slow things for you instead of taking the Battleweaver path which lets me Slow things for you WITHOUT sacrificing Control power. The difficult terrain one is nice but it means our capacity to do AoE damage is reduced to Encounter powers, meaning we have to blow those to deal with groups of minions efficiently. Slowing is not a very powerful Control mechanic, unless I can create difficult terrain to go with it! Which I can't, see the next point. Therefore: My option for At-Will is limited because I must both Control the battlefield AND grant Slow for an ally to be able to knock things Prone.

Mystical Debris would replace Channeling Shield, which means Dispel Magic must be replaced by a Swordmage power which does not permit much controlling if any at all. I lose the ability to reduce damage to you guys for the ability to create one square of difficult terrain per turn. Feasible, but level 6 utility would have to be Swordmage, and I cannot retrain both. In short: I can't replace Channeling Shield. Level 2 utilities are out.

Level 1 Encounter: I already have Grasping Shadows, thus it is not a choice. Level 1 Daily: I have Phantom Chasm, thus it is not a choice.

Maze of Mirrors or any level 3 Encounter is not available because that's a Swordmage power slot, and it is Dimensional Vortex.

Level 5 daily is also a Swordmage power, which has little capacity for Slowing, Immobilising or otherwise Restraining. There is Theft of Alacrity for Immobilise or Slowed, both Save Ends. This is the only option. I can take that instead of Swordmage Shielding Fire, sacrificing my mark for Immobilisation and the ability to teleport to the enemy.

So, now that I've pointed out how I can hardly adjust current powers for Slowing possibilities (unless you'd really rather take OAs and want me to take Beast Switch for melee 1 proning or Stone Blood/Ray of Frost for At-Will slowing), I'll talk about future powers.

The level 7 encounters are generally good, and I'm impartial to CHarm of the Defender, Puckish Sprite, Phantom Foes and whatnot, and would be more than willing to take Phantom Foes or something if there's an ally with World Serpent's Grasp.

The level 9 daily is the same deal.

So I have two real choice options for a daily or encounter focused on keeping enemies where they are, all of which are competitive, with some winning out on others depending on if the party can capitalise on their powers or not.

Outside of that: Battleweaver for Slow/DifficultTerrain/BlockPaths.

How are my options unlimited?
>> No. 6572 edit
Level 10 Utility is Wizard Illusory Wall to block enemies from moving and attacking us: it's a choice of getting that, or Mystical Debris at level 2 and getting a Swordmage power instead.

So my options are that. Retrain Channeling Shield to Mystical Debris, take Swordmage utility at 10, and one encounter and one daily for the coming levels, with Grasping Shadows and Phantom Chasm already part of the repertoire.

I think my options are rather limited to focusing on denying enemies their movement more, outside of removing OA denial and getting Stone Blood for VS Fort slowing and a free choice in paragon paths (dedicated then clearly to Sigil Carver for more damage).
>> No. 6573 edit
File 129489116910.png - (15.91KB , 179x153 , It\'s Been A Hard Day\'s Night.png )
Okay, I'm out of ideas.
>> No. 6574 edit
So I stand by my opinion. I'm limited in options to further go to Slowing/Immobilising enemies short of Battleweaver or retraining to Mystical Debris, but I guess I can take Theft of Alacrity for my Swordmage level 5 daily in lieu of Swordmage Shielding Fire. I'm fine with doing that. Immobilising an enemy takes them out of the fight, after all, instead of punishing with 7 damage for not attacking me.
>> No. 6580 edit
Well as a ranger my build will try to get a high damage input and try to buff my defenses. Also harmony blade give a -2 attack debuff. Aside from that my build doesn't have a lot of sinergy aside from anything that gives static damage bonuses.
>> No. 6581 edit
So making enemies vulnerable/take more damage, easier to hit, unable to hinder his mobility, or unable to hit him might help.
>> No. 6584 edit
File 130113528699.jpg - (289.97KB , 1200x1697 , Angel Mort.jpg )
You jelly of the invoker.
>> No. 6585 edit
File 132171226392.jpg - (109.33KB , 250x250 , parsee_annoyed.jpg )
Let's not go into what I'm jelly of.
>> No. 6586 edit
>Avenger Druid combo
Hybrids are so much fun to build.
>> No. 6587 edit
>Feat to make rolls of 1-2 a 3 on Oath of Enmity targets
nvm falchion it is
>> No. 6588 edit
How is a 3 better than a 1-2 on an attack roll?
>> No. 6589 edit
Because the right setup means you'll never miss. Ever. Because no 1s.
>> No. 6590 edit
Damage. So Falchion does 6 to 8 damage, boosted to 8 to 10 damage, whereas Fullblade does 3-10 damage, boostable to 4-11 with an additional feat. Less damage potential but you're guaranteed to do damage within a certain figure.

With 4[W], you do 24 to 32 damage, +2, so 26 to 34, whereas Fullblade offers 12 to 48, +1 to 13 to 49. Falchion's wayyyy more reliable.
>> No. 6591 edit
Yes, Falchion seems really good like that. Fullblade crits sure are nice, but the rest of the hits are sort of unreliable.
>> No. 6593 edit
Falchion average: 2*(3+3+3+4)/4, 6.5
Fullblade average: 6.5

The feat bonus to damage is what Falchion has going for it, especially since it requires Oath of Enmity on the target to do reliable damage and it does less damage on a crit.

Though, with the Carnage Weapon enchantment, Falchion wins.
>> No. 6595 edit
File 129610615227.jpg - (16.74KB , 91x74 , nyoro~n.jpg )
I swear I'm this close to making a workable Beastwalker Circle feat.
>> No. 6597 edit
Or maybe not.

See, there's this line in the Protector file that is as follows :
<grant name="ID_INTERNAL_INTERNAL_NO_DAILY_POWERS" type="Internal" />

I have no idea how to bypass that or create an exception to that rule without editing the druid file directly, which is something I really don't want to do.
>> No. 6598 edit
omg I hate .xml
>> No. 6600 edit
don't take O-14 or any squares surrounding it george
>> No. 6601 edit
sry I meant N-10 etc
>> No. 6602 edit
File 129831202212.jpg - (152.56KB , 430x671 , 3808403889f313d1246e9b82820c6f69.jpg )
I'll move it over there when I update for Myn.
>> No. 6603 edit
File 129909894864.png - (111.90KB , 300x317 , greatness at work.png )
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<D20Rules game-system="D&amp;D4E">
<RulesElement name="Beastwalker Circle" type="Feat" internal-id="ID_SAK_FEAT_1075">
<Prereqs> Protector, Summon Natural Ally class feature </Prereqs>
<print-prereqs> Protector, Summon Natural Ally class feature </print-prereqs>
<specific name="Tier"> Heroic </specific>
<specific name="Short Description"> Gain wild shape, exchange summon natural ally for druid daily power </specific>
<specific name="Special" />
<specific name="type" />
<specific name="Associated Power Info" />
<specific name="Associated Powers" />
<specific name="_DisplayPowers"> ID_FMP_POWER_5032 </specific>
<grant name="ID_FMP_POWER_5032" type="Power" />
<grant name="ID_INTERNAL_COUNTSASCLASS_DRUID" type="CountsAsClass" />
<select type="Power" number="1" Category="$$LEVEL,ID_FMP_CLASS_126,daily" Level="5" />
<select type="Power" number="1" Category="$$LEVEL,ID_FMP_CLASS_126,daily" Level="9" />
You gain the wild shape power. Additionally, you can take a druid daily attack power at any level where you would normally gain an additional use of the summon natural ally power. If you do so, you do not gain the additional use of summon natural ally.
>> No. 6604 edit
Directions :
1. Copy text
2. Paste into text editor
3. Save into custom folder with .part extension
4. Run cbuilder
5. The option will open up at levels 5 and 9, and you can change those out for higher level powers as you level up
>> No. 6609 edit
File 130058339947.jpg - (150.12KB , 400x481 , Heres Lookin at You Kid.jpg )
I figured you guys would discover that sooner or later. Anyways, like I said, that's not an ability I made up, the troglodyte grunt is from the monster vault with no edits.

At least now that you've seen it though you should be able to counter it.
>> No. 6610 edit
Just great, so that means my Winged Horde would be a waste there.
>> No. 6611 edit
And Hide's blast he was possibly going to use on his turn (since he couldn't reach), along with some of his bursts.
>> No. 6612 edit
Then we'll have to make shifting a really bad idea or outright impossible.
>> No. 6613 edit
Alternatively, herding them along is also good.
>> No. 6614 edit
File 129824266992.jpg - (178.54KB , 540x800 , This Head is Not for Patting.jpg )
Note that since it's an immediate interrupt, each grunt can only use it once per round.

Also, stuff like Saku's aura makes it impossible for them to use it since it requires a shift which would kill them under Righteous Radiance.

You have the tools to deal with this, it's just not as straight-forward as most minion-clearing is.
>> No. 6616 edit
>Interrupt once per turn
Made me despair until I figured you probably mean once per round.

Guess I'll melee it up anyhow.
>> No. 6617 edit
File 129619529629.jpg - (103.57KB , 540x800 , Tachi Yukikaze.jpg )
Er, right, once per round.
>> No. 6618 edit
File 132176664514.jpg - (109.70KB , 240x320 , burstingintotears.jpg )
>not enough room/too far away to jump around the enemies by climbing up the wall and leaping down the other side

But... I was really, really, really looking forward to that!
>> No. 6619 edit
nobody seems to be around, otherwise i would ask what do. Since nobody is around i slep for now i guess.
>> No. 6620 edit
Did my knowledge check really do nothing.
>> No. 6621 edit
If you make them shift I can Winged Horde them.
>> No. 6622 edit
Otherwise I'll probably make my sword a glaive and poke them from range to avoid penalty.
>> No. 6623 edit
File 129695315927.png - (76.86KB , 224x401 , BUP_0429.png )
I didn't even notice your knowledge check because you didn't label it. Sorry about that, posted now.
>> No. 6627 edit
File 129643730081.jpg - (77.51KB , 300x430 , Colorful.jpg )
As far as I can tell, if your goal is to kill the two minions, you can accomplish largely the same thing by move + charge + Flurry of blows. Charge the northmost one and you're guaranteed to get in range of both. As far as I'm concerned, you still have the Monk Basic Attack I homebrewed unless you'd rather have Internalize the Basic Kata.
>> No. 6628 edit

>> No. 6632 edit
Right, so the only other person with AoE attacks is Myn, who has one encounter power of it left.

We can clear the minions by AoE if Myn targets the four grunts that go after Sariel does and hope they stay in formation, or Sariel targets the minions that go before her and hope they stay in formation... I doubt we'd get more than two in formation anyhow.

Only other option is to have Torinn settled beside them so shifting away is too punishing: I think blowing our AoEs on them is a waste of time as it requires two people to act in concert to kill two at best, where it's easier to just use single-target spells until Torinn somehow gets them lined up in his aura.
>> No. 6645 edit
File 129695315927.png - (76.86KB , 224x401 , BUP_0429.png )
What, I come back after my break and I can't even update? What's going on? I'm sure there's nothing you needed to ask me for your turn.
>> No. 6646 edit
I wonder how the streamchat discussion ended, let's hope they didn't fight too much.
>> No. 6649 edit
Right, I was going to use Powerful Warning and ask if anon wants to use Battle Awareness.
>> No. 6653 edit
Powerfull warning seems good. But can I use Battle awareness already?
>> No. 6654 edit
File 129556592946.jpg - (110.03KB , 493x763 , c469167aae057087d29ad20d8b79e64a_.jpg )
You could use it on one of the grunts that shifted, yes. I made sure to include every shift in the spoiler text so you'd know which ones shifted and which ones did not.
>> No. 6669 edit
File 129824315826.png - (78.92KB , 224x401 , BUP_0410.png )
Fyi, the troglodyte died of shock. It never imagined it'd find something uglier than it.
>> No. 6670 edit
File 129953423667.jpg - (62.16KB , 197x207 , SHOCK.jpg )
Oh snap!
>> No. 6672 edit
kay, so, already told rin about me being at the wrong spot from bern's reorient, so that's fixed. All it hinges on is me hitting now. (+9 vs reflex because of the darn -2 aura)
>> No. 6673 edit
Couldn't you just shift away and use the close blast power then?
>> No. 6674 edit
File 129464961298.png - (77.98KB , 224x401 , BUP_0415.png )
>close blast
How quickly we forget.
>> No. 6675 edit
File 129610615227.jpg - (16.74KB , 91x74 , nyoro~n.jpg )
Oh, right.
>> No. 6676 edit
Sly fox spirit doesn't make SC disappear btw.
>> No. 6677 edit
Anyway, she's conjuring a million spirits because there's no way reading books for a couple days can make someone a warlord without some supernatural help.
>> No. 6678 edit
16 vs reflex which I don't think will hit but will wait for rin before i make up post.
>> No. 6679 edit
guys remind me of this next time: after I use channeling shield, next succesful attack before end of next turn does +2 damage
>> No. 6680 edit
i missed again omg
>> No. 6681 edit
I'm thinking even though I missed I should maybe stick in the area for now to deal with the grunts provided I get the chance (and to sort of protect Bern I suppose). If I hit I would have moved towards torinn's direction then next turn used one of my powers to close the distance on those artillery type monsters.
>> No. 6683 edit
File 129695315927.png - (76.86KB , 224x401 , BUP_0429.png )
I misread it, I thought you were saying your spirit disappeared. I'll put it back next update.
>> No. 6687 edit
File 131232258289.png - (76.56KB , 224x401 , BUP_0432.png )
Now, I'm not naming names, but SOMEONE needs to go up there and deal with the high-damage ranged attackers who are throwing restraining javelins everywhere.
>> No. 6688 edit
I planned on it if I had just hit those darn grunts..
>> No. 6691 edit
File 129646259018.png - (77.39KB , 224x401 , BUP_0424.png )
Fair enough. You've just had a run of bad luck so far.
>> No. 6694 edit
-Sariel should try to attack something with combat advantage if possible. The troglodyte she marked already is an excellent candidate, as she could instead mark the thrasher harassing Sureiya.
-Myn needs to start stacking his aura and prepare to retaliate with it : the carrion crawler will probably try going after him. Keep Life Siphon on the backburner for now.
-Bernkastel and Folka need to get out of there before the Carrion Crawler gets close enough to attack. Commander's Strike should be very useful in this situation to dispatch the minion trying to threaten you.
-Specifically, Folka needs to make it to the Impaler at C-7 and lock it down if at all possible. Use your theme's power to make it unable to take any action other than attacking you without eating an OA.
-Rutger needs to save against restraining, badly.
-Torinn should lock down the impaler at O-3 with a charge + Holy Smite to put in in a horrible situation : attack the mount and suffer retribution and an attack penalty, attack Torinn and try to knock that THP buffer off of him, or attack somebody else and risk an OA with an attack penalty attached. If a minion even tries to get close, my immediate reaction will kill it dead.
-But to do that, the mount cannot be restrained. Please help me, Bernkastel!
>> No. 6695 edit
It looks like Sureiya only used his Twin Strike on his turn. Can he also use Sohei Flair?

Will consider etc.
>> No. 6696 edit
File 13126560174.png - (165.72KB , 438x570 , sparklyhearts.png )
I was wondering about that. He could also use furious assault, couldn't he?
>> No. 6697 edit
Actually he did use furious assault.

Sariel may be able to kill the troglodyte with her next attack if Sureiya hits with Sohei Flair, so there is a point to using it here etc.
>> No. 6698 edit
Ah, I see.

That one's a bit of a higher priority target than any of the minions, and since its AC is lower it should be easier to hit it with combat advantage.
>> No. 6699 edit
I thought perhaps he didn't want to use Sohei Flair while he was taking an additional -2 penalty from being restrained. Certainly understandable.
>> No. 6700 edit
Oooh, good point.
>> No. 6701 edit
Furious assault need no check, so that's why
>> No. 6703 edit
Like this Bern can move up to Roth's protective range and get a +1 to all defences for free etc.
>> No. 6704 edit
>two crits
>> No. 6706 edit
Okay, um... Myn will proooobably be much better off if those things aren't swarming him. Folka could go beat them up and Bern could grant an attack to him in case it fails to hit.
>> No. 6707 edit
If it does hit, though, consider granting Sariel one to finish off the thrasher or the minion next to her.
>> No. 6708 edit
what about the impalers
>> No. 6709 edit
I need to kill/attack those impalers though. Also, i was hoping since it was a crit rin would allow one of the grunts to die!
>> No. 6710 edit
Neat, I just realized that I could use one of the movement techniques from one of my at-will powers, then charge to close a huge distance.
>> No. 6711 edit
So I can't move Roth? D:
>> No. 6712 edit
In fact it looks like you ignored my movement completely. ):
>> No. 6713 edit
I don't see a way to move him without provoking OAs
>> No. 6714 edit
Well, there is a way actually since one of them handn't moved yet, but I'll have to wait to correct it until I get back.
>> No. 6715 edit
Sariel can shift without provoking OAs, at least.

>> No. 6716 edit
>and a new Eladrin subrace that I will DEFINITELY be using are all very attractive to me.

New article huh. pdf where
>> No. 6718 edit
File 129824013925.png - (78.27KB , 224x401 , BUP_0416.png )
All right, fixed.
>> No. 6730 edit
>Crit for 24 damage
... Rock is the most awesome Striker EVER!
>> No. 6732 edit
I think he forgot to include the damage from his warlock's curse in that crit?
>> No. 6733 edit

I rolled a 1 on curse damage and a 2 on the crit damage, what do you want from me.
>> No. 6734 edit
File 129527222995.jpg - (53.37KB , 412x500 , grab0050.jpg )
I see 1d6 from the curse and 1d6 from the crit. Though I guess the warlock's curse damage should be maximized, so that'd be a little more...
>> No. 6736 edit
Question : If I leave a space adjacent to an enemy, are they marked by my defender aura?
>> No. 6737 edit
File 130124002683.jpg - (400.70KB , 1024x768 , 61ef74aff78071794f6198d7cea5a9fe.jpg )
No. It wasn't intended to allow you to mark them if YOU run away.
>> No. 6738 edit
File 129912394210.jpg - (47.36KB , 300x300 , muh.jpg )
In this case I'd figured it'd be more of a "I'm walking right by you on a giant tiger that just shattered a javelin through sheer willpower and can reach anywhere on the battlefield unimpeded" sort of intimidation that makes them wary and proves extremely distracting.

Ah well, I guess it's fine.
>> No. 6752 edit
File 12988633031.jpg - (635.85KB , 1200x1190 , They Should Have Sent a Bard.jpg )
I'm sorry about your back luck in combat, but I don't really know what to tell you about it. The dice roller doesn't seem biased, it just fails sometimes. It also gives high rolls at times. And sometimes they fall in the middle.

I am especially sorry that you feel not very useful, Lili, but I think you provide a lot of out-of-combat support. We've probably needed more Arcana checks than any other kind of checks so far, and ritual casting is always useful.

I still think you can make a real difference in combat, though I understand that missing with your best option over and over is frustrating.
>> No. 6753 edit
Bern, where'd you go, I wanted to discuss my turn with you considering what happened. I thought I could maybe (and unfortunately) blow my encounter power, Open the Gate of Battle to get away unscathed, I just won't be able to dish out it's 3d10+whatever damage cause I can't reach.

Rin also suggested some new level 3 power from Dragon 403 or something? I think it's good but it leaves me replacing Open the Gate of Battle or Drunken Monkey(preferably the last one)
>> No. 6755 edit
okay, i can probably pick up wind through the willows at level 7 anyway, since most of my other options suck. Problem is, it's not party friendly. Still good though.
>> No. 6759 edit
File 129528424024.png - (139.54KB , 600x800 , discardedtarou.png )
That thing had a pretty strong nova round there. And we're out of healing again. Craaaaap.

At least it can't do it again. Until it's bloodied, anyway.
>> No. 6760 edit
Guys sorry for dissapearing all this time. Now, the weak striker is almost dead and prone, well the good thing it's than I can stand up as a minor, and use my second wind as a move action.
Now, should I help folka with the impaler? If I do that bern is left alone, or the trasher could try to attack me flanking with impaler. Futhermore, should I use a daily or spend an action point? Unfortunatelly I don't see either of them like a good option, but I am open to any suggestions.
>> No. 6762 edit
Ritual Casting is just Enchant Item and Comrade's Succor, though! And out-of-combat useful wasn't exactly what I was gunning for. Druid has an amazing power selection geez.

Did you account for Roth's +1 bonus to all defences for Torinn and Rutger?


Anyway, anon, I'll be moving closer to keep the Thrasher within range of aegis, so he is a lesser concern than the impaler. I'm going to Winged Horde the Crawler so that opens up the Crawler as a target; I need Roth out of there before she dies, because that'd cost me a healing surge.

Once it can't OA we should see if we can't flank it or something maybe.

I think Sureiya's best served by assisting Folka so Folka can return to the Crawler faster, but idk what Bern thinks.
>> No. 6763 edit
Also should swap heal+save from the Druid for Wind Wall, and exhange the -2 penalty to attack rolls or 5 damage into the daze 2 targets beast form power probably.
>> No. 6764 edit
File 129831202212.jpg - (152.56KB , 430x671 , 3808403889f313d1246e9b82820c6f69.jpg )
I did. It just barely missed Rutger.

Really? You like druid power selection? I always felt the wizard's was overall stronger, and, well, the invoker... let's not get into that.
>> No. 6765 edit
Wizard's is boring, I also want to do damage. Also -5 penalty to all defences is beautiful how can you not like it.

Would Staff Expertise turn Savage Rend into a reach 2?
>> No. 6766 edit
File 129695777988.png - (188.93KB , 490x595 , d06fd2617db931ccb8f10784a6a37b1b.png )
Thorn Spray is solid, good even, but it's an ally-unfriendly blast 5. If you're not a predator you'll have to stick with Call Forth the Spirit Pack, which is kinda lackluster. As for staff expertise, no, it's only for weapon attacks.

I'm not as certain about a predator's ability to be a full-fledged striker.
>> No. 6767 edit
Well wouldn't be able to be a Drow otherwise due to Dex/Wis. Needs Half-Elf for Con/Wis to go others, but Predators have access to the -5 penalty to defences.
>> No. 6768 edit
File 132243594536.gif - (30.87KB , 460x245 , Green-Eyed Monster.gif )
>raging against class failing to live up to expectations
Deja vu.
>> No. 6793 edit
>suggest Torinn makes ready to flank
>Crawler ignores Torinn instead
Lili confirmed for tactical doofus.

Anyway the thing is denied OAs again so you guys can go wild. If Myn has an encounter power burst he should use it to drop the troglodyte and damage the Crawler. The Thrasher has 13 HP left, and Myn does 5 damage with ability+enh bonus alone, so he needs to roll an 8 with Argent Rain, and a 7 or less if he uses his Warlock's Curse damage on the Thrasher.

If he blasts the Thrasher with Eldritch Blast it dies immediately, of course, and it's really George's choice here if he wants to do that or not. Killing it surefire has its benefits.

Bern is probably better at odds calculation here than I am, but killing the Thrasher is super rewarding.
>> No. 6795 edit

Look at that beauty. You get powers 8 or so levels later than some classes get them, and a pet that will try to kill you and impose a penalty to saving at the time you need those saves most.

Also it kills you in your sleep.

George, when are you taking this PP?
>> No. 6796 edit
Anyway alignments:

A house is on fire. You did this because:

The house belongs to an evil man, and procedures require you burn his evil mansion to the ground to remove any and all curses, scrolls, hidden items etcetera from this world. Evildoers have no place in this world!

Because the house is cursed and whoever'd try to explore it afterwards would fall prey to the curse. The only way to remove it that's available to you is by burning the house down.

Because the evil dude? He's still inside, and this burns the guy down, too. Unconventional? Perhaps, but it's just a house. He, on the other hand, is evil.

Your lord ordered you to burn down the house. Who cares beyond that? Order's orders, nothing you can do about it.

It was an obstacle or otherwise necessary for you to burn down the house. It's ridgety and no one lives in it anyway, so no one's particularly hurt by it, and you gain from it.

No one was using it and it had to be deconstructed because it was in the way. Well, deconstructing takes too darn long, this gets the job done faster!

It was a proper house, but no one was really inside it anyway--or no one that couldn't escape. This sets an example for the rest of the villagers: cross your party, and you'll set fire to their homes. Now that they've been duly warned, you can get on with your agenda.

The family inside the home is helpless, and you need to get away. The hero is too strong to defeat, so this distracts him--and gives you an opportunity to flee.

It was all for the lulz.
>> No. 6797 edit
>Lawful Good
>The house belongs to an evil man, and procedures require you burn his evil mansion to the ground to remove any and all curses, scrolls, hidden items etcetera from this world.
>The owner, of course, must pay for his crimes, and is put on trial to judge his sins.
>> No. 6798 edit
File 12994619979.jpg - (38.89KB , 308x166 , ldb.jpg )
>carrion crawler ignores torinn
>> No. 6799 edit
File 129788667080.png - (77.53KB , 208x401 , BUP_0457.png )
I like how charop describes this paragon path. "Worse than useless, better off with no paragon path than this."
>> No. 6800 edit
The sad part is, I can see George taking it.
>> No. 6801 edit
File 129609490823.png - (260.40KB , 400x726 , bugeyes.png )
Moral of the story : evil people get really weak stuff
>> No. 6802 edit
and ebony fly kun
>> No. 6803 edit
File 13129932721.jpg - (82.56KB , 284x312 , uryufufu.jpg )
I just said really weak stuff, riiiight~?
>> No. 6804 edit
File 130100423811.png - (6.59KB , 217x157 , georgeheh.png )
To be frank, that paragon path is far cooler than minmaxing nonsense. It seems powerful enough as far as control goes, and having a companion that isn't under your complete control is interesting.
>> No. 6805 edit
File 132250448117.png - (168.28KB , 422x804 , glance.png )
I bet you think the Binder is great, too.
>> No. 6806 edit
File 132250474734.jpg - (26.25KB , 428x420 , georgeseriousfacezoom.jpg )

No that one's dumb.
>> No. 6807 edit
>> No. 6808 edit
File 132250562599.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , saidack.png )

Even if a guide is old, there's no reason to doubt its accuracy unless a newer contradictory source appears, right.
>> No. 6809 edit
File 132250571766.jpg - (290.54KB , 964x1098 , goldsmith.jpg )
game balance
how does it work
>> No. 6810 edit
File 129788586513.png - (78.26KB , 208x401 , BUP_0456.png )
Having a companion that isn't under your complete control would be somewhat interesting, if it actually gave you benefits that were worth the risk. This does not. The worst part I can see is that your allies treat the demon as an enemy, so its aura even affects them, and it can't be buffed by the vast majority of effects, and it will be damaged/affected by "enemies only" AoEs. It is not only secretly plotting to kill you, it actively hinders your allies and makes your tactical situation worse just by being there.

I'm not saying the concept is bad. But the execution is terrible. A minion that hurts your party far more than it helps, coupled with a power list that mimics powers that are much lower level, and a list of mediocre features all combine to make this paragon path a terrible choice.

That level 20 daily would be passable as a level 1(!) daily. The level 11 encounter is at best slightly better than the level 1 wizard power, Charm of Misplaced Wrath, though that is arguable, since Charm of Misplaced Wrath still forces the enemy to attack if you miss. The level 12 utility is, again, a slightly different version of the level 2 wizard utility Shield. The advantage is that it effectively works against all defenses, but the disadvantage is that it has much shorter range.

It's just altogether a terrible option, even if the concept could be cool.
>> No. 6811 edit
Imperial Guard Corp : Firehawk on steroids. It can attack anything that provokes an OA, and lasts until start of next turn. Nails reflex and deals a fair amount of damage, with some forced movement thrown in for good measure.

Devil's Roulette:
Until the end of the encounter, when your summons are hit by an attack, you can force the attacker to reroll as a free action, but it has to take the second roll. If it still hits, it deals extra damage. If it misses, it hits itself instead, or something.

Summon Gaap:
Teleports and banishment and mobility, oh my!
>> No. 6813 edit
File 129999323263.jpg - (7.13KB , 73x78 , georgedistantahaha.jpg )

Well, cool and effective rarely go hand-in-hand, so it can't be helped ne.
>> No. 6814 edit
Higher level wizard spells beg to differ.
>> No. 6815 edit

Well wizards get all the cool stuff anyways.
>> No. 6816 edit
File 12969527522.png - (14.44KB , 206x168 , dazed.png )
Or starlocks.
>> No. 6817 edit
File 129556016030.jpg - (149.45KB , 520x650 , 2c56fd365d68cde9c3aca3613201a588.jpg )
Well, I like the instinctive actions and intrinsic natures some of the druid and older wizard summons better. Like, the succubus had the potential to dominate your allies if you didn't give it commands, but it's still a strong summon. Several druid summons would attack the nearest creature (rather than enemy) if not given commands, but with proper setup you could avoid this problem most of the time.

This says to me that wizards CAN make effective "not completely under your control" pets, they just chose not to in the case of this paragon path.
>> No. 6822 edit
Bern, I suggest you move while it's still sffected by Winged Horde, unless you have a pressing need to be adjacent the Crawler.
>> No. 6826 edit
File 131344653439.png - (23.17KB , 187x220 , sakutaro_glare.png )
It's times like these that I wish my at-wills had effect lines.
>> No. 6828 edit
File 132254785321.png - (4.14MB , 1172x1624 , Tsun eladrin.png )
This image caught my eye because the eladrin was being tsun.
>> No. 6830 edit
Close distance and smack it with Booming Blade, or flank it from N12 with Roth? I'm partial to using Roth because that means it can provoke two OAs, and the displacer does more damage than Winged Horde. Sariel, should she mark or not? She can also just Move, Mark, Move again like a ninjamarker, but keep in mind it means Torinn no longer punishes if she does so.

Hm, Winged Horde does give Sureiya a free ticket to approach the Crawler.

Bern, do you have a specific reason for not using Spirit of Athas? It's an encounter feature, I think a -2 penalty to all defences and its attack roll could be rather useful.

Astaroth, are you opposed to using your tHP granting At-Will to grant 9 tHPs to Folka? He gets a bonus for being bloodied and all.

I know Anon wants to use both his sohei flair and off-hand strike on the Crawler, which is why I'm ;_; he didn't charge instead because it'd mean he could blow both on his next turn but there's no helping it.

Is there any way Sureiya can approach the Crawler without provoking an OA, or do I HAVE to Winged Horde? I might delay until after Bern if Bern uses Spirit of Athas for an effective +2 to the roll and move Roth into flanking position anyhow for dual-punishment if it moves, but I am rather afraid of Roth dying. ;_;
>> No. 6831 edit
Actually, wait, Displacer does 1d8+one-half, not one-AND-a-half. NVM Winged Horde it is.
>> No. 6832 edit
File 129674887945.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
Rin, is the option to trade features still up? Because I have a proposal.
>> No. 6834 edit
File 12949882016.jpg - (15.04KB , 404x363 , Shion Huh.jpg )
I suppose so.
>> No. 6835 edit
I'd like to not get Pace of the Virtuous Charger at Level 8 and instead be able to take a level 6 or lower utility. Because I think Wrath of the Gods would help the party much more than a damage bonus for me. Is that okay?
>> No. 6836 edit
And by "Pace of the Virtuous Charger", I mean "Spirit of the Virtuous Charger".
>> No. 6837 edit
Dont worry Lili, I already used off-hand strike, so I only got sohei flair as a minor action.
Also, it really attacks me if I move towards it?
>> No. 6838 edit
Well it seems to ignore Torinn's punishment, so I'd say yes.
>> No. 6839 edit
File 129695215234.png - (76.88KB , 224x401 , BUP_0433.png )
Um, no. That wasn't one of the options I had on the table. And it doesn't even help you right now. You already get the requisite number of class utilities, I don't know why you think you should get an extra one.
>> No. 6840 edit
File 13126560174.png - (165.72KB , 438x570 , sparklyhearts.png )
I'm not talking about "extra", I'm talking about getting a different one from the predetermined one at that level.

Was just a thought, really.
>> No. 6841 edit
File 129464370846.png - (78.78KB , 224x401 , BUP_0414.png )
Level 8 isn't a level in which you normally get a utility power.
>> No. 6842 edit
File 132258645956.jpg - (52.13KB , 199x178 , shame.jpg )
And level 2 is normally when you get to choose a utility power.
>> No. 6843 edit
File 130688732099.png - (160.14KB , 303x448 , Moon Princess.png )
My opinion on that is that Restore Vitality is a good power, though maybe not my first choice of level 2 utilities. Nevertheless, you knew what you were getting into when you chose cavalier, and if you didn't like the features of the class, I've given you numerous chances to change. If you don't take them, then frankly I think it's in bad taste to constantly complain about how the cavalier can't work effectively.
>> No. 6844 edit
File 129528424024.png - (139.54KB , 600x800 , discardedtarou.png )
I know, and I'm sorry. I loved the concept, I'm just underwhelmed by the execution, and my stubbornness won't let me make any decisions. It's a vicious cycle.
>> No. 6845 edit
File 132258765517.png - (1.35MB , 1128x799 , 1320147821214.png )
A dragon on a pegasus was a silly idea and I don't get why you thought of it.

Astaroth, you need to work out what you want and make a firm decision. This isn't helping.
>> No. 6846 edit
File 129607279412.jpg - (108.39KB , 640x480 , sakutarou_gununu.jpg )
I want a defender with a cool mount that's good at his job.
>> No. 6847 edit
>Cool mount
>Good at defending
Pick one.
>> No. 6848 edit
Or, you know, do what everyone else did pre-Cavalier. Take the Mounted Combat feat, then buy a Wardrake.
>> No. 6849 edit
File 130078126871.jpg - (77.54KB , 600x481 , dc5ad316fc4bc6e811280cb1c9902ad4.jpg )
I'm making one last version of the Virtuous Rider feat. Take it or leave it.
>> No. 6851 edit
>Crit again
loool wat
>> No. 6852 edit
I wonder if we could technically, theoretically, kill the Carrion Crawler before it gets another turn. What's the HP average for its sort?
>> No. 6853 edit
Using nothing but encounters and at-wills, I mean. We have George's Eldritch Blast, Voyee can double that, but Torinn and Folka seem spent?
>> No. 6854 edit
Well if it becomes bloodied from my attacks we should be able to I guess. George should have a sizeable enough damage bonus to do like 50 damage after Voyee grants an attack too right. Then we just need Folka and Torinn to do 40 more.
>> No. 6856 edit
Confirmed for 140 to 178 HP. So best case, we just need to pile on 51 damage, worst case we still need to do 89.
>> No. 6858 edit
File 130618954663.jpg - (12.77KB , 235x232 , minigeorgesmirk.jpg )
>> No. 6859 edit
Edit button where
>> No. 6860 edit
Anyway go Crit it now go.
>> No. 6862 edit
File 13002512437.png - (7.55KB , 124x105 , georgenyuu.png )

>19 attack
>roll 1 on damage
>> No. 6863 edit
>19 damage
>not even 20

How useless. Rock does more than that without aura. He can do it from the start of combat!
>> No. 6864 edit
Wait isn't your dameeji bonus higher than 15. Your last damage roll was +14. Between then and now, two monsters died and the crawler gave its curse virginity to you.
>> No. 6865 edit
File 129813594380.jpg - (311.75KB , 540x720 , seeingwithrabu.jpg )

Of course, my body is also packed with 11d6 of potential damage!
>> No. 6867 edit
File 129831202212.jpg - (152.56KB , 430x671 , 3808403889f313d1246e9b82820c6f69.jpg )
Last damage roll was boosted by +4 with spirit infusion.
>> No. 6868 edit
o ok

Despite the set back we might still be able to kill the Crawler in time...!
>> No. 6869 edit
It's likely, assuming most of our attacks hit; we can even afford to miss one. However, Sureiya absolutely must twin strike, and be ready to Sohei Flair if it's still alive.
>> No. 6871 edit
Before it gets a turn. Sureiya's turn is after the Crawler's.
>> No. 6873 edit
Welp silly me. Then it's not so likely.
>> No. 6874 edit
So when Folka slid the crawler south one square, it technically entered a square adjacent to the tiger mount.

It should have used its immediate reaction attack here.
>> No. 6876 edit
File 129661381061.png - (100.28KB , 319x318 , doh.png )
D'oh. I didn't even think of that.
>> No. 6877 edit
cotton 4 brains
>> No. 6878 edit
Get Eyebite

Mark, run, Eyebite.

Enemy choice now is "or violate Mark". lolz to be had.
>> No. 6880 edit
It's just 30 more damage at worst, Folka and Torinn can get that much, right.
>> No. 6881 edit
Hidei can you slide the Crawler again without sacrificing damage? I'm thinking a Torinncharge+Rutger attack+Hidei attack should do 30 damage at least.
>> No. 6884 edit
omg astaroth ;_;
>> No. 6891 edit
With the new rules, my surge calculator is useless. Feel free to abuse Healing Spirit, since it applies Healer's Brooch to both targets of the heal.
>> No. 6892 edit
sureiya need to use two healing surges, omg I think I that would be what, four surges in a single battle? geez
>> No. 6897 edit
lool anon. Don't worry we have Comrade's Succor. I'll cast it after the next battle.
>> No. 6898 edit
Yeah I know, but it means I'm wasting the group surges etc
>> No. 6900 edit
Never a waste, and George doesn't need his surges that badly anyway.
>> No. 6902 edit
Spend 0 and let Bern heal you up repeatedly etc. For anoon too.
>> No. 6904 edit
So how exactly does this whole new healing surge type resting system thing work
>> No. 6905 edit
File 129982935023.jpg - (407.60KB , 1063x1497 , 4260906ff6b086e991501edb701c69ce.jpg )
This new rule makes things confusing with healing spirit, but the bottom line is that you still need to spend surge for it to work.

Anyway, Bern's in charge of keeping track of how HER healing affects you guys. Otherwise you're on your own.
>> No. 6908 edit
File 129602081666.jpg - (98.07KB , 277x500 , 9a611a1cd2d8bd9f7aa08908dbb67fd2.jpg )
Okay, guys. This it works. Whenever someone in the banner spends a surge, everyone regains 2 HP.

Whenever Bern uses healing spirit, someone spends a surge to regain surge value +1, and someone else regains 9 HP (average 7 + 1).

If Bern uses inspiring word instead, the person regains healing surge value + 8 for a spent surge. Again, EVERYONE gains 2 HP whenever someone spends a surge, not including the above totals.
>> No. 6909 edit
Myn's already spent two, huh. What a waste.
>> No. 6910 edit
The person spending a surge from Healing Spirit heals:

surge value + 1 from Healer's Brooch + 2 from Battle Standard. Totals surge + 3 etc. Everyone else heals 2 HP from standard, too.

Someone else gets to heal 7+1 HP from every healing spirit cast, as you've said.
>> No. 6912 edit
File 13161225945.jpg - (33.86KB , 400x400 , 905328364c910341f5111ed0abd3b10f.jpg )
Well, honestly I'd rather you guys figured this out quickly rather than giving placeholder values. I don't think healing should take very long and if it proves to be problematic (IE you guys sit around taking too long) I'll simply remove the rule.
>> No. 6915 edit
Ok here. Assuming Myn spends 2, this looks like the best way, despite having lots of overhealing.

Despite still being a bit too manual, this is admittedly a bit easier with the surge calculator. Before applying the 2d6+1 from Healing Spirits, this is what happens.

Myn: spend 2, heal for 24+10+2=36, 50/50 HP, surges left: 5
Folka: spend 1, heal for 12+10+1=23, 42/48 HP, surges left: 6
Bernkastel: spend 1, heal for 11+10+1=22, 47/47 HP, surges left: 6
Torinn: spend 1, heal for 19+10+1=30, 58/58 HP, surges left: 9
Sureiya: spend 0, heal for 0+10+0=10, 30/55 HP, surges left: 4
Sariel: spend 0, heal for 0+10+0=10, 51/51 HP, surges left: 9

>Two Healing Spirits for Myn heal Sureiya for 16 HP.
>One Inspiring Word for Folka heals him to full HP.
>One Healing Spirit for me heals Sureiya for 8 HP.
>One Healing Spirit for Torinn heals Sureiya for 8 HP.

tl;dr everyone has max HP. Though it's a bit wasteful, we're still under the budget of about 12 surges spent per encounter.
>> No. 6916 edit
File 129489019938.jpg - (110.29KB , 500x708 , e1486887c9370049fd6ab130cb4e810e.jpg )
That'll take like 30 minutes. Is everyone down for sitting around for a half-hour to rest up to full?
>> No. 6917 edit
It's 25min to recover Healing Spirit for after the rests, but we can shave it down to 20 minutes if Sureiya is okay with having 1 HP below max.
>> No. 6920 edit
I have a book. I'll be fine.
>> No. 6921 edit
File 129920450253.jpg - (45.55KB , 400x679 , d3c92fe8a84804741c0d307e2563eb8f.jpg )
Anyone wanna pop the chest~? Test your luck~
>> No. 6922 edit
What chest? Also results of Sariel's search where.
>> No. 6923 edit
What chest? Also results of Sariel's search where.
>> No. 6924 edit
File 130151635784.jpg - (88.40KB , 500x591 , f720fa3718e9b67e352dbd19851b6fa0.jpg )
Both questions:
>> No. 6929 edit
Too much dorflove here.

Could I equip Fey Barding to Roth? Companion slot etc.
>> No. 6931 edit
File 130162571920.jpg - (57.84KB , 237x363 , x face.jpg )
All of this new stuff seems to be directed at me. Is there a particular reason for this?
>> No. 6932 edit
we are in a dwarf castle, after all
>> No. 6933 edit
File 132275795647.png - (122.26KB , 500x498 , 1321921462656.png )
>defender belt

That's no ebony fly anchan you said there would be flies where are the flies.
>> No. 6934 edit
When? Where? Why?
>> No. 6935 edit

So I can loot an army of them from their bodies of course.
>> No. 6936 edit
File 12979736415.png - (78.32KB , 208x401 , BUP_0452.png )
Fey Barding was designed for Roth; Rutger's already wearing an item. Anyway, there are other items, the dice roller just chose this one this time.
>> No. 6937 edit
Really? Because healing to full without spending surges during a short rest is something fey beasts can already do, isn't it?
>> No. 6938 edit
File 130151321831.jpg - (53.71KB , 500x695 , af81fc3e4a01d0607a04dbe043857953.jpg )
If you think that's what the item is about, then you're not looking at it correctly. Also, Rutger already has a form of resist 5 that's better than this.
>> No. 6939 edit
File 132275952854.jpg - (43.87KB , 480x599 , groggy.jpg )
You mean it's meant to be used during combat? As a standard action?
>> No. 6940 edit
File 130160276450.jpg - (33.77KB , 480x600 , 532f7d2c516c43766483fd16e0a61b7a.jpg )
It was meant to help hide the displacer beast so that it wouldn't terrorize random townspeople.
>> No. 6941 edit
File 129911206091.jpg - (77.69KB , 242x365 , drapey.jpg )
>> No. 6942 edit
File 129481038033.jpg - (25.94KB , 499x707 , school.jpg )
You already have a way to dismiss the tiger.
>> No. 6943 edit
File 129788612424.png - (38.88KB , 208x207 , bobblehead.png )
Well not at will, no, but I understand what it's for now.
>> No. 6944 edit
File 13164543299.jpg - (78.11KB , 580x450 , 30cfbc1ed69494600e966e06946b5eb9.jpg )
All the "dorflove" here is justified at least in that you are exploring the ruins of a dwarf fortress. Hence the accompanying music and the relic you discovered.
>> No. 6952 edit
A thought : Could somebody carry a sunrod with mage hand?
>> No. 6953 edit
File 130294168698.gif - (188.48KB , 539x765 , 1223507178004.gif )
That's possible, but since Mage Hand requires actions to sustain, it's likely it'd be dropped as soon as combat began.
>> No. 6956 edit
Assuming the enemies are dumb, that's perfectly fine, since they'd go after/be revealed by the light.

If they're cunning, though, then that might be moot.
>> No. 6959 edit
At the end of a short rest and whenever they run out, I'd like to refresh the Spirit of Vigor temporary HP on party members so they can have it for the next fight. Is this ok?
>> No. 6960 edit
Mage Hand requires Move Action to move so haha, fat chance.
>> No. 6977 edit
File 129527222995.jpg - (53.37KB , 412x500 , grab0050.jpg )
Time for a new thread!
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