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File 137946428271.jpg - (1.37MB , 1924x1200 , actual dipiction of limbo ooc chat.jpg )
73715 No. 73715 edit
Previous thread~!

This thread will be for OOC Chatter and Discussion.

Character Sheets:
George: Myn Nthelsyr
Astaroth: Torinn Tormine
anon-kun: Sureiya
Voyager: Bernkastel
Mion: Samel

Other Sheets:
anon-kun: Reiyasu
Sonozaki Shion: Sid Silversprocket

The Books: http://www.mediafire.com/?7g2v42d2xdy7f

Everything has been put together here and organized for maximum ease of use:


Install the official character builder, then the updates. The filepaths point at different places, so remember to change them to match.
After installing cbloader into the character builder folder, make a Custom folder there and put the WotC.index file into it.
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>> No. 73720 edit
File 13091654769.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
>> No. 73764 edit
File 129643373649.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
hey mion are you okay? you haven't been online in a while
>> No. 73916 edit
File 138060837572.png - (2.28KB , 50x50 , etc.png )
We need to keep them away from each other for obvious reasons. Despite their shared HP total, our debuffs tend to only affect one target, which means we still need a focus fire target.

The intended strategy seems to be focusing on Lokradin while trying to keep Thorai where he is for one or two rounds. Accomplishing this with immediate/opportunity actions could be difficult, since Thorai can daze. Assuming we would need other resources to keep him at bay anyway, we may as well stay out of his reach and not offer Torinn as a target. The room happens to be wide enough for even a 10-square ranged pull to potentially fall short, but really, Samel is already in range. It won't be easy to stay away.

As an alternative, we can focus fire Thorai instead. With Samel's debuffs, high Soldier defenses become irrelevant. Thorai also seems to lean toward single-target attacking, which should make crowding around him a bit less dangerous. His only AoE attack seems to be his clost blast 3 hammer attack, which shouldn't target more than one party member as long as we position ourselves properly. Also, since Lokradin may be content to stay where he is for a round, this method could buy us extra time.

For either option, because we lack powers to immobilize/restrain, a prone + daze will have to suffice.

Channel the Leyline remains the biggest mystery. So far, they've been area burst 1 powers that also create zones, right? A completely random guess: maybe this one inflicts a vulnerability to their attacks? Any thoughts?

Lastly, Myn's Crown of Stars gives him a lot of weak minor action attacks, which seem well-suited for clearing mutated scarab minions.

Specific tactical suggestions are welcome, especially if they take into account pillars and scarabs and whatnot.

this is not a definitive plan or anything
i couldnt be here to discuss these ideas w/ you guys yesterday so im hoping this can spark a proper strat discussion

>> No. 73917 edit
Focusing on Thorai might be the best idea, however once Lokradin comes near someone might need to have to deal with it to try to keep it far from Thorai, or maybe Sureiya can go and try to mess with him since the beginning.

Since you're recommending focus fire I assume you're thinking in spending Relentless Wounding? If so, Samel can use Favor of the gods on you to get even slimmer failure chances.

The pillars look better used to cover from lightning tether, if we decide to split.
>> No. 73926 edit
Disclaimer: This is a model of what my turn could be. OOC, is not actual turn, ok.

Move action: Running to Q-16.
Move action: Reorient the Axis. All allies (within 5 squares of me, which is everyone) shift 5 squares (4 from int mod plus 1 from tactician's armor). Torinn and Rutger are actually targeted separately, but going by the earlier ruling on forced movement stacking, this probably wouldn't work anyway, nor is it necessary. Beyond everyone staying within a 5x5 square for Samel's Moment of Glory, here are some suggestions for your decisions on where to go:
> Moment of Glory actually does something if it targets an enemy. Maybe we can include parts of one or both giants in the blast, if possible?
> Torinn could try and block off Thorai's impending advance, hopefully moving between me at Q-16 and Thorai while leaving room for others. However, if we're considering including Thorai in Moment of Glory, then Torinn needs to stay pretty close to everyone else. This does leave us more open to Thorai's close blast.
> Retreat is an option for Sureiya, preferrably behind Torinn.
> Myn should move further northeast, preferrably behind Torinn.
> Samel should probably move behind Torinn for now, but he does get his own move action on his own turn. His position will probably be temporary with regards to his use of Moment of Glory, unless he loses his actions because of things like dazing. If daze is a concern, then he instead can pick the perfect spot from which to use Moment of Glory right now. The option of including Lokradin in the blast 5 is available, at least.
Minor action: It could be a number of things.

Extra notes:
> My spirit companion can move a total of 10 squares as part of my two move actions, which could factor into positioning decisions.
> However, my spirit of athas will disappear at the end of my turn. Still, I can summon it back (once per encounter) as a minor action.

Last edited at 13/10/30(Wed)01:45:39
>> No. 73927 edit
Hitting both of them would really really help us, as pushing them and slowing down a little.
Moving Torinn to try to block Thorai is probably the best option for him.
Samel should move to a place in which he can use Moment of glory, so maybe be can move after using it, if needed.
Myn should stay back.
And, does Sureiya should really retreat? Is there any problem if he stays there, near of Lokradin?
>> No. 73936 edit
File 138147525082.png - (3.10KB , 41x41 , bern130.png )
I think I'll use Relentless Wounding on my turn. If anon wants to benefit from it on his upcoming turn, then he could consider delaying. Also, if there are any last-minute requests for the focus fire target, now is the time.

New information:
> If Channel the Leyline's secondary effect (damage to anything within 2 squares of the target creature) hits a scarab swarm, then it will become hostile towards the target creature (Torinn in this case).
> Speaking of that, the leyline secondary effect was ruled to work like a burst, so Torinn chooses from which square the within-two-squares thing originates.
> Commanding scarabs: It takes a move action to move a swarm with Myn's orb, and a standard action to make a hostile swarm stand down.
> Two non-hostile scarab swarms can be fused into one, but trying to fuse a hostile swarm with a non-hostile swarm doesn't work, and the hostile swarm would split off to continue attacking.

Last edited at 13/11/01(Fri)22:22:26
>> No. 73980 edit
File 138398479332.png - (974.70KB , 1230x555 , diagram.png )
This may not fit perfectly with 4E rules as normal, but here you go. These pillars are decrepit and damaged, and grant you less cover than you'd normally get. The cover granted is proportional to how healthy they are.

Why I am showing you this will become evident soon.
>> No. 73987 edit
For Samel: Please consider just delaying for one turn, and letting Val'akir go first.

Last edited at 13/11/09(Sat)22:39:39
>> No. 74002 edit
File 138422091883.png - (42.69KB , 398x645 , memory.png )
Here's memory of a thousand lifetimes roll
>> No. 74053 edit
hi mion pls use a minor action to find the maelstrom or val'akir whichever is in the pocket atm

Last edited at 13/11/17(Sun)22:30:14
>> No. 74056 edit
[19:16:58] Magil Zeal: val'akir is at IJK 123
[19:17:12] Magil Zeal: IJK not really though
[19:17:21] Magil Zeal: but that's where she is
>> No. 74160 edit
As it turns out, the hardest D&D module ever made was not the Tomb of Horrors or the Temple of Elemental Evil. Nope, the honor goes to AD&D's Valley of dust and Fire, part of the Dark Sun setting where you attempt to kill the Dragon of Tyr. It is possible for a high leveled party to die without ever setting foot inside the city where the dragon resides just because of the weather. The actual city is a whole nother kettle of fish entirely. And that's before getting to the completely unfair fight with the Dragon of Tyr.
>> No. 74268 edit
Splitting the party how horrifying.
>> No. 74310 edit
Do you think remove affliction could help Bern? It says " the ritual can remove fear, confusion, insanity ".
>> No. 74311 edit
I think that by "fear" it means effects with the "fear" keyword.
>> No. 74314 edit
File 129602081666.jpg - (98.07KB , 277x500 , 9a611a1cd2d8bd9f7aa08908dbb67fd2.jpg )
I don't think that's how it works, Voyager's fear of heights isn't something the ritual can cure.
>> No. 74363 edit
>Insulting Sariel even after she leaves
>> No. 74364 edit
>implying Sariel hasn't insulted us since she left
>> No. 74365 edit
File 129661505148.png - (76.01KB , 224x401 , BUP_0430.png )
Well, in your limited interaction with Thelkra you didn't exactly leave a good impression~
>> No. 74367 edit
How is not mentioning sariel weird but ignoring the shaman who had mysteriously disapeared is not?
>> No. 74368 edit
File 129464370846.png - (78.78KB , 224x401 , BUP_0414.png )
Was Thelkra ever really filled in on the details of what happened to Bernkastel? I know Sid was.
>> No. 74369 edit
The last time we were in Baldur's Gate she wasn't around, also when someone steals magic old relics and then disappear into an unknown place where a minion of the fell king used to be, I would assume it would cause a little commotion.

Last edited at 14/02/01(Sat)22:48:29
>> No. 74372 edit
It's not a big deal right
>> No. 74406 edit
>Aghanim still there

>> No. 74413 edit
Sureiya, she already flashed you her boobs, go hit that, man.
>> No. 74417 edit
I'm on it
>> No. 74440 edit
I'm actually surprised you're keeping Aghanim around. :o
>> No. 74441 edit
File 129877987477.png - (78.54KB , 224x401 , BUP_0408.png )
It's more convenient to have them stay at Mithral Hall rather than Baldur's Gate.
>> No. 74447 edit
1250 GP on Aghanim quick lemme spend it on useless frivolties.
>> No. 74448 edit
save it to buy ivory fly-kun later
>> No. 74449 edit
go away with ivory flies I'm not Fat okay

I want a retainer slave okay
>> No. 74450 edit
I think you can hire people according to MME.
>> No. 74519 edit
File 139500710115.jpg - (42.52KB , 149x167 , nope.jpg )
Your memories are belong to the Fell King. I wonder if he now knows of your first love and writes ridiculing Visual Novels about it.
>> No. 74520 edit
File 129953423667.jpg - (62.16KB , 197x207 , sak_shock.jpg )
He knows that faceless soldier and farmer girl are considering tying the knot! Their deaths at his hand are assured!
>> No. 74522 edit
hopefully not
>> No. 74546 edit
File 139505523714.jpg - (35.78KB , 151x167 , loool.jpg )
Won't that mean you're to blame for their eventual murder? How will Torinn deal with this guilt?!
>> No. 74548 edit
Commit sudoku. He has diglaced his famiry.
>> No. 74554 edit
Trade in sword of sacrifice for sunblade +2
get skull helm made from first ded dragon head, not to be worn in polite company
turn holy symbol into symbol of the champion's code
>> No. 74555 edit
>Spent all that time running around the four leylines with a dead dragon's head in his bag
>> No. 74557 edit
I resent that remark. I got two severed heads from that tower, remember?
>> No. 74578 edit
possible shoplist:

backlash tattoo: 4,200 gp (residuum)
spyglass of perception: 680gp
power jewel: 1,000gp
circlet of second chances: 680gp

frozen whetstone: (4) 400gp
talent shard: (2) 250gp
gravespawn potion: (2) 100gp
potion of waterwalking: (2) 80gp
elixir of defense (will): 125gp
>> No. 74580 edit
You're not helping yourself.
>> No. 74581 edit
Yes I am. To severed dragon heads.
>> No. 74594 edit
... Six?

Myn, Samel, Torinn, Sureiya, Bernkastel. That's five. Ain't no six Warriors of Light.
>> No. 74595 edit
File 129645156878.jpg - (45.15KB , 360x514 , 29f9aadd32f899c2fe25c19fb39fed12.jpg )
Aghanim is still around. Well, the character is at least.
>> No. 74596 edit
The player's also around just not as a player.
>> No. 74598 edit
Speaking of FFXIV, I wish D&D 4e had Jump. Jump greatest DRG.
>> No. 74601 edit
Homebrew dragoon theme had jump.
>> No. 74602 edit
Power worked like this : jump up to 5 squares without provoking OAs, attack for 1/2/3w damage and knock the target prone. I don't remember the rest, but dragoon theme was the only remotely good 3rd party content I found for cbuilder.
>> No. 74617 edit
hi im testing it works now

Last edited at 14/03/29(Sat)14:36:21
>> No. 74618 edit
posting to remove a fugly embed from front page
>> No. 74749 edit
Predicting fight against Titan.
>> No. 74750 edit
ur a titan
>> No. 74759 edit
"Gaol" is pronounced "jail" and means exactly the same.
>> No. 74760 edit
File 137784466974.gif - (2.07MB , 640x360 , coloncapitallettero.gif )
>> No. 74766 edit
It's actually the original way 'jail' was spelt, from the latin gabiola.
>> No. 74767 edit
File 139794704839.jpg - (56.97KB , 550x550 , 1393901743595.jpg )
>> No. 74768 edit
File 139795247917.jpg - (71.04KB , 800x600 , sak_ruri.jpg )
Stop that, you Mexican.
>> No. 74771 edit
halp america trying to suppress mehico
>> No. 74773 edit
File 139802390599.png - (67.36KB , 305x236 , sak_zakutarou.png )
I'll suppress you.
>> No. 74852 edit
When I said jump to that spot, I meant to keep moving to my original destination. Sorry for being unclear.
>> No. 74886 edit
The plot thickens.

>> No. 74908 edit
It's to keep out the spammers and CP. Which did actually show up.
>> No. 74909 edit
File 139926008751.jpg - (78.52KB , 300x241 , Asmodeus of Wakarimasenlol.jpg )
I find that I spend too little time keeping up to date with the group. Skypecats is truly fearsome.
>> No. 74913 edit
File 139931536435.jpg - (14.41KB , 162x112 , yuno.jpg )

Join skypecats already ok.
>> No. 74930 edit
Hold on, is that gaol recovering 136 HP?!
>> No. 74932 edit
They all have that writing on them.
>> No. 74933 edit
Yeah, it's the Medica II regen tick.
>> No. 74937 edit
I was up all night waiting for a writing critique from a friend. So I'm gonna give you guys the heads up that I'm probably gonna sleep in, sorry.
>> No. 75015 edit
What kind of awful caster can't even cast rituals?
>> No. 75016 edit

ur mom
>> No. 75055 edit
Actually, she can cast rituals. She's not even a caster. How does that make you feel, Warlock?
>> No. 75075 edit

>> No. 75079 edit
File 140131022496.jpg - (47.57KB , 150x150 , tsuuun.jpg )
I remember my first encounter with the dhorme chimaera. It was glorious.
>> No. 75103 edit
RIP, rest in pepperonis half-orc
>> No. 75111 edit
Alchemist so good. I wonder how the party would've fared without the DMPC? The chimera looks really, really strong. :V
>> No. 75113 edit
>not quipping with "riddle me this"
>> No. 75115 edit
Yeah, I was wondering if there was a better way to finish it, but I had to post fast.
>> No. 75116 edit
File 140171683160.png - (1.33MB , 915x1000 , 34781582.png )
I feel like, considering they can be trained, a great opportunity for a new mount was lost.
>> No. 75121 edit
Torinn should retract his surge spending because it's too much unnecessary overhealing.

>The battle standard heals everyone by 3 for every surge the party spends. (With 4 surges spent total, everyone heals 12 for free.)
>There's an effective +3 to each person's surge value from Sid's item set bonus.

Myn spends no surge, heals 9 as a Healing Spirit secondary target, and heals 12 from the battle standard.
46+9+12=67, 65/65 HP

Bernkastel spends 2 surges, once normally and once with Healing Spirit for surge+3 and surge+5 total, and heals 12 from the battle standard.
13+(15+3)+(15+5)+12=63, 63/63 HP

Torinn spends 1 surge with Inspiring Word for surge+9+3, and heals 12 from the battle standard.
33+(24+9+3)+12=81, 76/76 HP

Sureiya spends 1 surge on his own for surge+3, and heals 12 from the battle standard.
37+(18+3)+12=70, 70/70 HP

Sid spends no surge, and heals 12 from the battle standard.
62+12=74, 71/71 HP

Rutger heals 12, so he's at 25/38.

Last edited at 14/06/06(Fri)00:40:59
>> No. 75123 edit
only two surges remaining halp
>> No. 75129 edit
Consume Myn.
>> No. 75132 edit
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<D20Rules game-system="D&amp;D4E">
<RulesElement name="Divine Fighter" type="Feat" internal-id="ID_SAK_FEAT_1061" source="Parlor">
<Prereqs> Wis 15; ~MULTICLASS or Unlimited Multiclass or Cleric CountsAsClass; !ID_FMP_CLASS_2; !ID_FMP_HYBRID_CLASS_352; !ID_FMP_CLASS_705 </Prereqs>
<print-prereqs> Wis 15 </print-prereqs>
<specific name="Tier"> Heroic </specific>
<specific name="Short Description"> Cleric: Heal training; Battle Cleric's Lore </specific>
<specific name="Special" />
<specific name="type"> Multiclass Cleric </specific>
<specific name="Associated Power Info" />
<specific name="Associated Powers" />
<grant name="ID_INTERNAL_SKILL_TRAINING_HEAL" type="Skill Training" />
<grant name="ID_FMP_CLASS_FEATURE_4058" type="Class Feature" />
<grant name="ID_INTERNAL_GRANTS_CLERIC_IMPLEMENTS" type="Grants" />
<grant name="ID_INTERNAL_COUNTSASCLASS_CLERIC" type="CountsAsClass" />
<grant name="ID_INTERNAL_MULTICLASS_MULTICLASS" type="Multiclass" />
You gain training in the Heal skill. You gain the cleric's Battle Cleric's Lore class feature. In addition, you can wield cleric implements.
>> No. 75133 edit
So this is how I want Sureiya to look by level 11, if there's any suggestion or etc I'm open to discuss it. Biggest obstacle it's that it needs two extra retrainings than allowed. Then just to compare how strong the cleric MC is, I made a pathfinder build with it. The race, ability scores, skills and equipment have been adjusted, but it looks very solid, even more by level 16.

Pathfinder Half-orc, fighter MC level 11:

Pathfinder Human, cleric MC level 11:
>> No. 75147 edit
Human cleric MC doesn't dual-wield.
>> No. 75148 edit
What? Its using two battlecrazed bastard swords
>> No. 75151 edit
File 14025746313.png - (56.22KB , 557x633 , where.png )
I may be blind, I can't find it on the sheet.
>> No. 75152 edit
File 140257496017.png - (15.68KB , 285x375 , purplebox.png )
>> No. 75153 edit
So sneaky.
>> No. 75172 edit
File 14029286269.jpg - (67.99KB , 460x300 , hornet.jpg )
Calling it now, the next challenge is a skill challenge based around the religion knowledge skill.
>> No. 75176 edit
>The rhythm blade now grants a +1 shield bonus that doesn't stack with other shield bonuses.

Just asking, rhythm blade says it "increases your shield bonus by +1 for AC and Reflex". If I don't otherwise have a shield bonus, it just increases AC and Reflex by 1 then, right?
>> No. 75177 edit
Yes, but Torinn already grant us all +1 shield bonus to AC with his feat.
>> No. 75178 edit
I have 1200 GP, and a rhythm blade I could swap out then, since Reflex isn't particularly low.

What kind of implements are useful to hold in the offhand?
>> No. 75179 edit
Defensive Staff?
>> No. 75196 edit
Pls roll raking claw against murderer
>> No. 75220 edit
I forgot +2 for CA from my attack. Rolling a 3 is suffering.
>> No. 75268 edit
File 129643373649.png - (30.13KB , 330x444 , kan_majimea3.png )
Bern and Sid aren't very battered, they probably can donate the surges.
>> No. 75315 edit
File 129831635457.png - (37.53KB , 434x515 , kan_majimea10.png )
>from chat

so, when the gaolers burst they make an area attack
charging isn't the best idea I think
they also having a big close blast so
maybe getting close to the second one and attacking it from range
ah, or making a readied action after it burts maybe
a charge
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