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File 129909112785.png - (559.36KB , 1069x675 , undergroundmaze82.png )
741 No. 741 edit
As Sureiya moves up to the door, he can't seem to hear anything on the other side.

However, he notices the door seems to be more of a half-door. It seems to have been half of a large double-door, apparently of dwarven design, haphazardly stuck in the midst of this rough, damp cavern wall. Still, it appears functional enough, and will likely open without much resistance if you try to do so.
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>> No. 742 edit
"Hey guys, do you mind if I take a look on the other side?"
Sheath farbond in right hand, and retrieve sunrod in the off-hand
>> No. 743 edit
"Be careful. We don't know if anything's waiting for us on the other side of that door."
>> No. 744 edit
"Don't worry, I will."
The half-orc decides to wait a few minutes, while the others are still resting and then attempt to open the door.
>> No. 745 edit
Nods and says,"Be prepared for anything."
>> No. 758 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
When Sureiya opens the door, he finds that it is not locked or barricaded in any way. It does give a small amount of resistance as it clearly wasn't "installed" properly, but with some effort the half-orc manages to wrench it open.

The sunrod in his off-hand immediately fills the room before him with light. There is a somewhat narrow passage, only about 10-15 feet wide with cavern walls on each side, that runs a short distance ahead before it breaks into a massive, impressive-looking cavern. The ground beneath your feet continues on for about forty or fifty feet before it drops off steeply, and from your current position, you cannot see what's below. There appear to be paths to the left and right, that circle around the large drop-off. The left path inclines slightly upward, and the right path sharply downward.

For the most part, the cavern here is as unremarkable as ever--rough, and somewhat damp in places. The air smells musty. However, in the distance, across the chasm in front of you and embedded in the far eastern wall, there is something QUITE different. Something embedded in the wall.

It appears to be a massive "vein" of pulsating energy, held beneath a film-like surface. In width, it is several times your size, and protrudes slightly from the wall, running at an irregular pattern as far up and down it as you can see. Beneath the film-like surface, the energy fluctuates, changing form and twisting constantly--shifting from what appears to be moving earth, to flowing water, to raging fire, to crackling lightning. You hear very faint ripples of thunder and crackles of energy from your current position, which are probably coming from whatever this is. It emanates a faint glow as well, filling the entire cavern with dim light.

Skill Checks that may be relevant.
Primary Skills
Arcana to determine the nature of whatever that is over there. Moderate DC.

Secondary Skills
Perception to search the immediate area. Moderate DC.
Dungeoneering to figure out what effects this might have on the surrounding area. Hard DC.

>> No. 762 edit
"Alright let's move a bit foward."
Sureiya decides to explore a bit the Cavern.
Perception check: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2916649/
Dungeneeoring check: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2916656/

>> No. 764 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
As Sureiya advances forward, he notices that there are small, glimmering "shards" in the walls that sparkle very faintly in reaction to his sunrod. They do not cover ever wall--rather, they run across them in irregular, vein-like patterns.

Upon inspection and reflection on the layout of this cavern, Sureiya suspects that the "vein" in front if him actually branches out into the cavern walls, and could even run beneath the floors.

Sharing the results of this inspection will yield a +4 bonus to the next primary skill check.
>> No. 767 edit
"Hmmm, there's something suspicious here"
Skillfully, Sureiya narrates in detail and with perfect grammar his knowledge about the "veins"
>> No. 768 edit
File 129757978829.jpg - (37.64KB , 154x204 , pondering.jpg )
After Sureiya's explanation, Torinn squints into the cavern.
The dragonborn scratches his head as he mulls over what this might mean...
"Like it's alive?"
>> No. 770 edit
File 129757250051.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
"It looks like some kind of pulsating energy, but I cannot be sure. Anyways, I don't like the feel of this place".
>> No. 773 edit
File 129911001876.jpg - (12.55KB , 156x140 , lina2.jpg )
Sariel's Arcana check: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2916768/ (32)

"Perhaps it would be better to think of it in terms of mineral veins, paladin," Sariel says, striding forward. She points to the large, pulsing area in front of them. "This... this is a sort of 'leyline.' That would be the proper terminology for this. In effect, this indicates that dimensional barrier that normally separates our world from another is weak here. It is the fabric of... well, I'd guess the Elemental Chaos, intersecting with the fabric of our own world. It certainly explains why the caster is calling forth elemental minions from such a location--rituals involving the denizens of the Elemental Chaos would be significantly easier to perform here." The eladrin gives a knowing look to the rest of the party. "Do you understand what I'm getting at here?"

Skill Challenge: Exploring the Cavern
1/10 Success
0/3 Failure

>> No. 776 edit
File 129823994683.jpg - (96.06KB , 280x387 , dread.jpg )
"Not just those elementals, but more of those... Things we saw earlier can break through?"Torinn grimaces at the thought of even more of those tentacled horrors getting through. The paladin soldiers on, muttering, "What in the world is Thelkra doing down here, anyway?"
>> No. 780 edit
"Wasn't she investigating the area? Maybe she found something dangerous and didn't wanted inform it until she could comfirm it.
Anyways, we should continue exploring this place."
>> No. 781 edit
File 129911147337.jpg - (19.42KB , 400x345 , Lina-Inverse-slayers-cute.jpg )
"No, no, I doubt those things were denizens of the Elemental Chaos. Though certainly, the fabric between worlds seems weakened in this place," Sariel notes. She turns back to face the leyline. "Listen. The caster that's behind this is probably at the leyline's strongest point, where the arcane energy needed is at its peak. If we can follow the denser 'branches' of this leyline, we should be able to find that point."

Based on your dungeoneering check, Sureiya, you feel you understand enough about the leyline to follow its path, through the walls. Currently, it seems to be spreading more to the right than to the left--to the path that leads downward.
>> No. 782 edit
"Well, if that's the case the correct path is probably the right one, should we go already?"
>> No. 783 edit
File 129911206091.jpg - (77.69KB , 242x365 , drapey.jpg )
"Thank you for enlightening me, I wasn't really certain how those things got in, just that they seemed... Otherworldly. More so than any sort of elemental."
"Indeed. We need to go deeper and find the source."
>> No. 784 edit
"I think I understand what ye explained there, thanks. We should keep moving ahead carefully, then"
>> No. 785 edit
File 129826458688.png - (37.72KB , 153x208 , confuzzled_.png )
'...Something involving elemental chaos. Nothing more.'

Carrying only a totemic spear. My own elemental minion spirit stays adjacent to as many allies as possible.

Perception check, just to make sure; focusing on suspicious things through each path. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2916886/

Insight because delusions spirits http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2916889/

>> No. 786 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Bernkastel notes that the path to the left goes up slightly, and narrows and becomes treacherous after only about fifty feet. Climbing aids would be required from that point on, and you don't see anything else, as the path cuts off around a corner.

To the right, the path is shorter, and leads into a darkened tunnel (the dim light doesn't extend very far into this tunnel, so you only have the light of your sunrod from here). The tunnel appears to continue to angle steadily downward--not so steeply that it would impede your movement, but noticeably sloped downward.

Furthermore, in the tunnel, you spot signs of what appear to be shaped stone in the sides of the walls. It's more like fragments of some underground structure, perhaps. While you feel that most of this area was probably formed "naturally" by the spellplague, there are remnants of some underground structure here and there.
>> No. 787 edit
Following group.
>> No. 788 edit
File 12969527522.png - (14.44KB , 206x168 , dazed.png )
"Ruins? Down here?"

For the lulz, history check to see if he knows anything about what they could possibly be: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2916907/ (11)
>> No. 789 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
You aren't able to determine anything from here. There's just not enough to see. Perhaps it would become more obvious if you moved further down the tunnel.
>> No. 790 edit
"As long as it doesn't lead to the Underdark or anythin'..." Michael murmurs while moving with the group, preparing to go into the tunnel with them.
>> No. 791 edit
Torinn shakes his head, unable to recall a thing about this place. Realizing he'd fallen behind, he hurries closer to the front of the group.
>> No. 792 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Going down the tunnel leading downward, you don't travel very far before it opens up into a chamber of some sorts. Amidst the natural cave walls, there is what appears to be the "corner" of a larger man-made (or humanoid-made at least) structure, stuck haphazardly in the midst of a natural cave formation. The ceiling here is quite high--higher than your sunrod can completely see, though it angles sharply back towards where you came.

Each wall that intersects to form the corner contains something different. One contains an archway, under which seems to lead to a much narrower tunnel--shaped as a circular path varying between 15-20 feet in diameter. The other wall is engraved with a large, male dwarven, stone face.

The rest of this chamber is rather unremarkable, aside from a very small, mossy pool of water in the corner opposite the structure, and a scattering of the glittering shards in the natural cavern walls.
>> No. 794 edit
File 129912394210.jpg - (47.36KB , 300x300 , muh.jpg )
Torinn tries to puzzle out where they might be based on the surroundings yet again. That dwarf face might give a clue or two.

Failing that, the dragonborn examines the glittering crystals and turns to Sariel inquiringly, "Might you know what these are?"

Perception check : http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2917069/ (4)
History check based on that dwarf face thing: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2917071/ (7)

>> No. 795 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
As Torinn approaches the dwarf face, he might be quite startled when it suddenly starts moving. Pupils roll into its eyes, as if they were opening. He might be even more startled when it speaks, in a deep, gravelly voice.

"What the--a dragonborn? Aren't you on the wrong continent? Well, well... what brings you to Undermountain?"

...You think this stone face might be a bit "lost." You can make a Streeetwise check (easy DC) as a secondary skill to try and figure out what it's talking about. As it speaks, you can see that its stone tongue is studded with a small red gem.
>> No. 796 edit
File 129912511466.jpg - (23.83KB , 98x141 , pweh.jpg )
A face in the wall suddenly speaking is something Torinn wasn't prepared for, and he's quite startled.

"What... What are you talking about? And who are you?"
http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2917083/ (25)
>> No. 797 edit
File 129912577481.jpg - (105.71KB , 495x693 , Gromrundsson_120.jpg )
Torinn, you are aware that "Undermountain" refers to an underground dungeon that lies far to the north of here, underneath the city of Waterdeep. If this stone face thinks he's in Undermountain, he's quite off.

"Why, now that you mention it... something does feel a bit off here." the face replies, looking a bit thoughtful. "As for who I am, I'm one of them dwarves who helped to build the Undermountain halls! Way, way back when."

You ALSO know that Undermountain was built almost 2000 years ago.
>> No. 798 edit
File 129737251878.png - (28.12KB , 151x214 , (Jeopardy Theme).png )
Wrong continent? Built the Undermountain?

"You're about four hundred miles south of the place at the moment. We're near Baldur's Gate. And the dragonborn have lived on the continent of Faerun for a very long time now.

And are you certain you helped build the Undermountain halls? Those have been around for about... A couple millennia by now."

Hang on...

"How long have you been here?!"
>> No. 799 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"Why, aren't that the darndest thing!" the dwarf-face exclaims. "I thought something seemed off, though my senses ain't what they used to be... on account of being, you know, a face, carved into a wall."

The dwarf-face grins a bit thoughtfully and goes on a bit, "Well, I can't say how long I've been HERE--since I'm not quite sure I know where HERE is. Last I recall, I'd had my soul placed in this here stone carving about six hundred years back, when I died. But I might have lost track of time somewhere in here. Funny how easy that becomes when you're 'sleeping' for so long. Anyways, I think I'm starting to get a sense of this place now..." He pauses for a moment, then seems to be trying to look "back" behind himself. "Say, do you FEEL that? It feels like there's some big poppin' energy vein running through the caverns around here somewhere. I wonder what the heck's up with that."
>> No. 800 edit
File 129912728456.png - (537.55KB , 933x886 , sak_a12 bothered 1.png )
"I... See. I think our wizard could explain it to you better, Sir...?"

Torinn waves the rest of the party over as he speaks.

"What is your name, anyway?"
>> No. 801 edit
File 129757250051.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
Being atonished by the talking head, the orc get near to it a bit hesitant, and ask to it.
"Excuse the interruption, my name is Sureiya, and we are on a mision. Do you have any idea of what's hidden in this chamber?"
Perception and dungeneeoring check http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2917162/
>> No. 802 edit
Glad that it isn't a trap, Michael hurriedly walks over to the dwarf face, fascinated by it, before saying,"I've ne'r heard in all my time in tha' East Rift abou' this sorta thing among the Dwarves... I wouldn't know anythin' about the veins, but our resident wizard would.. A lot o' things 'ave happened since ye slumbered, if this huge distance from the Undermountain is any indication.. Anyway, nice to meet ya Sir.. I'm Michael Silversteel."
>> No. 803 edit
File 129913010344.jpg - (18.15KB , 61x173 , georgesmiley.jpg )
"...six hundred years, was it. And a body made out of stone is surely more resilient than flesh."

Myn stares curiously at the dwarf briefly, before turning away and shaking his head.

"Mobility would likely pose too much of an issue."

>> No. 804 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Sariel replies to the earlier question with, "It seems there is a large leyline connected to the Elemental Chaos in these caverns. That's probably the energy you are sensing, and it was probably caused by the Spellplague."

The dwarf-face looks over the party as it stands in front of him, and says, "It's a pleasure to meet ye all. I'm sorry if I can't give you my name... I seem to have forgotten it, after all this time! My, my, I haven't had company in a long, long time."

"Spellplague, eh? My, my, it sure has been a long time now. Now, ye have to understand, being out of it for so long... it could take me a bit here to get adjusted to these caverns."

Sureiya, aside from the big stone face, this cavern seems mostly unremarkable. The tunnel next to the stone face seems to go downwards, and it quite dark.
Bernkastel, you get the feeling that the dwarf is a bit hesitant to share too much information with you.

>> No. 805 edit
File 12991305085.jpg - (259.00KB , 788x600 , 846ab5c427bedba3c8d28d7d53e933d6.jpg )
'A resident? I wonder if he saw Thelkra? ...Well, they'll ask eventually.'

Inspect the surroundings, keeping the detective in an adjacent square. The pool of water deserves special mention.
- http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2917182/

>> No. 806 edit
Torinn nods; living so long would probably be detrimental to one's memory at some point.

...What's that shiny thing?

"Excuse me... Why is that gem in your tongue?"
>> No. 807 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Bernkastel" investigates the area, and finds the water is probably pooling up from a very small hole in the opposite corner, though it seems at equilibrium right now. Aside from the big stone face and the tunnel, however, there doesn't seem to be anything else of note.
>> No. 808 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"Oh, this? Bleh-" he sticks out his own tongue, and looks as though he's trying to look down at it. Giving up in that idea quickly, the dwarf-face replies, "Why, it's been so many years I'd forgotten I had it. I tell you what! If you can answer me three questions, I will give you my gem? What do you say?"

If you accept the dwarf's challenge and answer all three questions correctly, it will count as a success on the skill challenge, and provide a boost in further diplomacy with the dwarf-head (he'll trust you more). Failure will mean a failure on the skill challenge.
>> No. 809 edit
File 129457873262.jpg - (168.49KB , 385x900 , georgeadjust.jpg )

"...in any case, information is the strongest weapon."

"I'll accept your proposal. What are these questions?"
>> No. 810 edit
The dwarf-face gives all of you another look, rolling his eyes over the mass of you, and then clears his throat before asking his first question:

"All right then! Now, you said we were up around Baldur's Gate, right? So I'll ask you something relevant to this area! Now, who do they say is the last surviving Netherese arcanist-king?"

History check (moderate DC), or Streetwise check (hard DC).
If you aren't confident in your abilities, you can try to aid another someone.

>> No. 811 edit
Even if his history knowlogement is not that big, the half orc starts a small talk with the wizard.
Aid another for sariel: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2917236/
>> No. 812 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Sariel nods at the half-orc's comment, and replies to the dwarf-face carving, "That would be Larloch the Shadow King."

"Correct, and well done!" the dwarf-face booms back, seemingly impressed by your knowledge. "All right, here's the next question. Be warned, it's a toughie! What is... the current year?"

You don't need to make any kind of check to know that it is 1479.
>> No. 813 edit
'...A history question?'

Draw the sunrod, and look down the tunnel. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2917239/

>> No. 814 edit
File 129913266361.png - (540.43KB , 933x886 , sak_a12 laughing 3.png )
Torinn's mind was already abuzz about the current year when he inquired about the dwarf's age. He answers first.

"The current year? 1479."
>> No. 815 edit
File 129913328329.png - (255.85KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p12.png )
Aside from the fact that this is clearly a naturally-formed tunnel, you can't find anything otherwise remarkable about it. It continues on well past the range of your sunrod.

"1479? Really? My, how time flies." the stone-face muses, looking thoughtful for a moment before returning to his senses. "All right then, last question! Now... my adventurous friends... you got an isosceles triangle. One of the sides measures 168, and one of the sides measures 1479. Tell me, if you would, what is the length of the third side?"
>> No. 816 edit
File 129913345196.jpg - (40.44KB , 249x259 , georgebright.jpg )

"The third side is of length 1479."
>> No. 817 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"That's right! Well done!" the dwarf stone-face announces. "Though none of ye be dwarves, ye surely must have dwarven blood running through your veins! Well done. I bequeath unto you my gem, bleh-"

With that, the dwarf stone-face sticks out his tongue, and seems to be waiting for one of you to come take it.

Skill Challenge: Exploring the Cavern
2/10 Success
0/3 Failure

You may attempt diplomacy with this dwarf stone-face after taking the gem, in an attempt to learn more about the cavern. That's another potential skill challenge success, easy DC.
>> No. 818 edit
File 129913416795.jpg - (130.98KB , 500x535 , SHOW TIME.jpg )
Torinn sheathes his weapon and takes the offered gem graciously.

"Thank you very much. If you don't mind, though, could you please tell us more about these caverns? We've been tasked with finding a person and think they may have been dragged in to this cave."

Diplomacy check: Get Stone Face to tell us anything helpful:

>> No. 820 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
When Torinn tries to pull the gem out of the dwarf stone-face's tongue, he finds it pops right out after a small amount of effort. "There you go, friend. If you throw that there gem on the ground and it breaks, a fiery dwarven knight will pop out and help you fight!"

When faced with the dragonborn's question, the stone-face replies, "Well, my range of feelin' around here is limited. But I can tell you this tunnel over yonder heads way down deep into the caverns. Down there's a big old cavern filled with some weird, giant mushrooms. I don't know too much about 'em, but they're probably affected by the magical energy of this here place. You might wanna be careful around those things."

Skill Challenge: Exploring the Cavern
3/10 Success
0/3 Failure
>> No. 821 edit
"Ye've been very helpful, Sir Dwarf, and tis' been a pleasure to meet ya. If'n you don't mind me askin' though, do you happen to remember how the whole placin' yer soul in this stone was done? It's more out of interest in things dwarven than anythin'."
>> No. 822 edit
"Giant mushrooms? That doesn't sound half-good. Anyways, your help is very apreciated."
>> No. 823 edit
Another ally is a fine present indeed.

"Once again, thank you. For the warning and the new ally."
>> No. 824 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
The dwarf stone-face heartily replies, "Ah, I agree, it was good to meet you all! As for the process of storing my soul in this here stone, it was done by a magical ritual of some sort--you'd have to ask someone more arcane inclined for details on that, afraid I can't say much more about it. You all be careful now, that leyline of yours seems to have affected this cavern greatly. Good deal many things don't feel natural anymore. I hope you find who you're looking for, though!"
>> No. 825 edit
File 129917736097.png - (12.05KB , 863x497 , cavern.png )
After the chat with the dwarf head, Sureiya regroup with everyone else, and ask the one million question.
"Well, should we go continue with this path or should we return and check the other one?" inb4 traps everywhere
>> No. 826 edit
"Why would we take the other path? Didn't you say we should take this one?"
>> No. 827 edit
File 129918885082.jpg - (32.87KB , 400x331 , Lina-Inverse-020.jpg )
Sariel frowns a bit at the half-orc's question. "Might I remind you that we're not here to go spelunking? We need to find that caster. We should take the path that allows us to continue to descend deeper into the cavern."
>> No. 828 edit
"I agree. We came here to rescue Thelkra, not play hide-and-seek in the caverns."

That said, the paladin makes for the tunnel beneath the archway.
>> No. 830 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
As the group heads off into the tunnel, led by Torinn, the dwarf head-carving sends you off with a "Farewell, and good luck!"

The tunnel goes very steadily downward for some time, but after a while it starts to become more and more slippery. You probably think it would be a good idea to address this scenario, lest someone lose their grip and end up tumbling down the tunnel completely out of control...

Here is an opportunity for another primary skill check: Athletics (moderate DC).

You may give aid another bonuses by selecting a "lead climber," and using either Athletics or Acrobatics to help them along. If you choose not to do that, you may have an item or something else that could help. I encourage thinking a bit on this.

>> No. 835 edit
"Careful everyone, the path seems a tad bit slippery from 'ere on out. I'm confident in my ability tae' not lose my balance, but anyone 'ave any good ideas?"
>> No. 848 edit
File 129828845679.png - (73.89KB , 291x478 , kanonwithamonocle.png )
Staying in silence, Sureiya attempts to check what's making slippery the floor, and how they could deal with it
Dungeoneering and perception checks.

>> No. 878 edit
Audio Core.mp3 - (1.72MB )
"The ground's become slicker than a dragon's tongue," Torinn muses, trying to keep his balance. It's not easy, though, as his heavy armor makes his reflexes sluggish, and the thought of rocketing down the slope in full plate and becoming canned paladin when he hits a wall makes him wince. But moreso, he's worried about the others, as a few of them seemed even worse off than he was.

"There must be a safer way to climb down than this." He gives the task some thought, remembering a tale he heard told in one of the taverns he stopped in on his way to Loudwater. "Wasn't there a situation like this one that those adventurers faced?" With this recollection, an idea forms in his head, and he stops, very carefully turning back to address the group.

"Everyone," he calls out, "the path's become too dangerous to proceed like this. We need a plan to get through this area, and I think I've got one."

Torinn packs the gem in his Bag of Holding for later, and sets aside his shield. He takes his sword back out and starts scratching out something in the wall with the tip of the blade, drawing a crude representation of his plan as he conveys it to rest of the party, pointing to each figure as he mentions them by name (see >>873).

"What I suggest is that we all hold on to a length of rope and slowly head down towards the bottom of the incline, almost like climbing down a rock wall. Sureiya will be the one to hold the rope steady, and Michael and I will descend first to keep it steady near the back, and hopefully catch anybody who might lose their grip. Sariel, Bernkastel, and Myn follow after us. If we all work together, we should get through this quickly and without a scratch on us."

When he finishes his proposal, the paladin re-sheathes his sword and puts away his shield. In its place, he takes the length of rope out of his pack and holds it out as though offering somebody to take it, grinning confidently, "Does it sound like a plan to everyone else?"

Put Fiery Guardian Summoning Stone Away
Put away shield
Draw Vanguard Longsword
Put away Vanguard Longsword
Take out Hempen Rope
Diplomacy roll to inspire party: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2918874/ (16)

>> No. 879 edit
"Sounds fine to me, this will be easy."
>> No. 880 edit
"Looks fine tae' me. Great idea, Sir Torinn."

Sheath Sword and put away Shield
>> No. 886 edit
"No objections here."

Put away rod.
>> No. 888 edit
File 129929147061.png - (169.47KB , 225x350 , 38218_jpg.png )
"Sounds good. I am ready," replies Sariel.
>> No. 889 edit
File 129930052160.png - (538.53KB , 933x886 , sak_a12 laughing 1.png )
After getting everybody's consent, the paladin hands the group the length of rope. They grab it in the order specified, and Torinn directs Sureiya to tie it securely around his waist so he has a hand to hold a sunrod in. With everybody's acknowledgement that they're ready, he grips the rope in both hands and braces himself.

"Now let's go," he orders, facing forward as the party slowly and cautiously descends the slippery ground towards whatever awaits them in the cavern's depths.
>> No. 890 edit
Sureiya secures the rope to his own waist and wait for the others.
>> No. 891 edit
Michael secures his rope carefully and moves ahead carefully at the same pace as the others.


>> No. 892 edit
File 129930433543.png - (372.34KB , 536x886 , sak_a13 bothered 1.png )
Torinn keeps pace behind Michael, surprisingly steady despite his bulky armor. His careful steps brace against the slippery terrain, avoiding any missteps thanks to the bright light from the sunrod. At this rate, they may actually make it to the bottom without incident.

Aid another athletics check: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2920117/ (20)
>> No. 893 edit
File 12993045656.png - (135.61KB , 300x400 , 710317-lina_inverse_default_large.png )
Sariel grasps the rope tightly, and using it as leverage, easily balances her own weight as she descends.

http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2920132/ Acrobatics (Aid Another) (17)
>> No. 894 edit
File 129930773374.png - (46.29KB , 250x250 , fall.png )
'...A plan? Brewing up plans, such a convenient skill. A skill the local shamans were in desperate need of.

'...I don't remember their names.'

Distracted, stumbles, meaningless spirits etc. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2920156/
>> No. 895 edit
Myn follows, noting how helpful some manner of flight would be at the moment.

Acrobatics (aid another) check: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2920264/
>> No. 896 edit
File 129731137941.png - (30.48KB , 200x200 , shakan_happy1.png )
Stowing his main weapon, the half orc moves carefully using his right hand to tightly grab the rope.
>> No. 897 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
The party works together, tied together, to descend the slippery tunnel. Though there is very nearly a minor incident when Bernkastel loses her footing, Sariel manages to help her regain her balance with a quick Mage Hand cantrip. Primarily through Sureiya's excellent athletics training, the group eventually reaches the bottom of the tunnel.

Skill Challenge: Exploring the Cavern
4/10 Success
0/3 Failure

This new cavern is... very, very big, and the floor is somewhat squishy, moist, and moss-covered. It doesn't smell too good in here either. However, also intertwined in the walls and the floor here are large, shimmering branches of the elemental leyline you spied earlier. You seem to be getting closer to the source... keep following the branches, and you'll reach it eventually.

However, the most notable feature in this expansive cavern is the abundance of gigantic mushrooms. Dangerous-looking mushrooms, volatile and dripping strange green secretions. The smallest ones are about half a foot high, and the largest about three times the dragonborn's height. They come in a variety of colors--whites, reds, and purples, but all seem to have green, slightly glowing veins running across them as well. They don't look healthy, and every instinct you have is telling you to stay away from them.

Well, you don't need any kind of check to feel you should avoid these mushrooms, but a Dungeoneering check could tell you a bit about them.
>> No. 898 edit
File 129930994422.png - (32.63KB , 200x200 , test.png )
"Is everyone okay?"
After descending that area, the half orc removes the rope from his waist and return it to the dragonborn. The weird looking mushrooms in the area catch the orc attention, so he tries to quickly check them to understand what these things could do to the group, as he prepares his main sword as well.
Dungeoneering check: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2920306/
>> No. 899 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
These mushrooms are sometimes called "goblin-caps," and are sometimes desired as poisons. Normally, they are not very harmful unless processed and then applied directly to the bloodstream. However, these are unnaturally mutated by the Spellplague, and it's likely that even touching the green secretions could cause potential harm.

At any rate, the goal stands before you. You need someone to lead you through this cavern... someone very perceptive, and they could use all the help they can get.

Skill check: Perception, (hard DC)
Again, it'd probably be best to have one person "guiding" the party through, while the rest attempt to aid another.
You can aid using: [b]perception or dungeoneering.

>> No. 900 edit
File 129828845679.png - (73.89KB , 291x478 , kanonwithamonocle.png )
"Everyone, those mushrooms are probably really dangerous, they are often used to make poison.
We should do our best to avoid them, even those secretions could be dangerous.
You, the human, would you mind guiding us? Your senses should be better than mine. We could search for footprints in this area, they should lead a safe path."
Aid another for "Bernkastel": http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2920340/ (14)
>> No. 902 edit
Shocked at these mutated Mushrooms, Michael takes out his sword and Shield again and puts them on to protect against anything that might come.
>> No. 908 edit
File 129932450073.png - (418.14KB , 450x450 , 16086084.png )
Clearly, it is the group human's duty to guide these people to safety.

"I'll look for spots less likely to be harmful. ...Once we begin moving, though, I'll need everyone's help."

roll for after aid anothers like Sureiya. Can any footprints or trails be found with passive perception?
>> No. 912 edit
File 129911206091.jpg - (77.69KB , 242x365 , drapey.jpg )
Once he is assured that the entire group has made it down safely, Torinn listens to Sureiya's suggestion and nods in agreement. "They must have left some trace of their passage through here, and that trace should lead us through here safely."

Torinn helps investigate the surroundings for any signs of somebody passing through recently. He scrutinized the place to the best of his ability, looking for obvious things like footprints and impressions on the thick blanket of moss that covered the floor, and kept an eye out for general oddities while he was at it. However, the spongy ground where he stepped left a strong impression of his boot thanks to his large stature and the heavy armor he wore.

Fortunately, he noticed this embarrassing handicap and became more conscious of where he walked after that. The dragonborn stepped on dry ground wherever he could find it without getting too close to the sickly-looking mushrooms. When that wasn't much help, he confined his search to a single area of the room for the sake of damage control. He lacked anything close to the heightened awareness both the shaman and the ranger possessed, but he was able to give the spots he patrolled a passable examination before the evidence was tampered with by his heavy footfalls.

The damp, moldy stench of the area was starting to bother him, and the dragonborn covers his nose with his hand to block the offending odor. "Thelkra must have come through here at some point, right?"

Aid Another: Aid Bernkastel with Perception check http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2920523/ (18)
>> No. 920 edit
File 129937573817.png - (495.13KB , 600x732 , 1686540b.png )
The shaman, her allies, and her spirits only certain people can see continue to watch the mushrooms for a few moments. Eventually deciding upon what they believe to be the safest path, the smaller spirit carrying a hoe steps ahead to demonstrate the route, pointing at all the risks spottable. The allies need only to move as the spirit did... ...which may or may not be as simple as it appears.

The inquisitive spirit motions to the group to stay close, readying its scythe to parry as many threats as possible.

"...Is everyone ready? Let's begin."

A perception check with bonuses from Aid Another and the speak with spirits power (total bonus of +18).
- http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2921029/

>> No. 921 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
With "Bernkastel" and her spirits leading the way, the group skillfully avoids the mushrooms and their secretions, following the largest branches of the elemental leyline while keeping clear of danger. The helpful spirits guide the adventurers down safer paths, until after about fifteen minutes, the shaman spots finally spots something that's not part of the same cavern. A path not filled with mushrooms.

The ceiling begins to abruptly drop around this point, and finally forms into a "wall" around this area. However, there is a large "hole" in the wall, forming another big tunnel. This one is much wider than the previous, about twenty-to-thirty feet high (varying), and fifty-to-seventy feet across.

Skill Challenge: Exploring the Cavern
6/10 Success
0/3 Failure

The primary problem with this cavern is that the entrance is overgrown with moss. Furthermore, above the entrance to this tunnel, a few more of the mushrooms are growing. A few swift cuts with a weapon could do the trick here, but if they're inaccurate, it could bring the mushrooms down on whoever was doing the cutting. Still, the branches of the leyline continue inside... this seems to be the path to take.

Challenge Information:
Mini-challenge within the skill challenge. Uses weapon attacks, with a moderate DC (adjusted to account for weapons). Three hits before three misses, counts as one success or failure in the main challenge.

>> No. 923 edit
File 129937811899.jpg - (12.06KB , 155x320 , lina.jpg )
Sariel advances next to Torinn. "Looks like we'll need to cut our way through. I'll keep an eye on those mushrooms and cover you with my magic, if at all possible."

As said in the stream, each of the non-weapon users can pick one person to aid attack for this part of the challenge.
>> No. 924 edit
As usual, the shaman aims Sureiya at the "target."

Aid attack for Sureiya's attempt.
>> No. 925 edit
Nodding at the Wizard's words, Michael makes an excellent cut.


>> No. 926 edit
Aiding himself with "Berkastel" knowlogement, Sureiya cuts his way free of mushrooms
>> No. 929 edit
File 129528424024.png - (139.54KB , 600x800 , discardedtarou.png )
Torinn nods appreciatively at the offer to help, but unfortunately his wild swings miss their mark even with the eldarin's help.

http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2921075/ 15
>> No. 930 edit
File 129456877046.png - (33.55KB , 200x200 , knightarou.png )
The dragonborn's second attempt, however, is met with greater success as he cuts down the wall in front of him.

"Even with my fumbling, the path seems to be clear now."

http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2921086/ (24) (reroll)
>> No. 931 edit
File 129938064355.png - (53.72KB , 400x400 , Small Magic Circle.png )
Sureiya and Michael expertly cut away at the moss, with "Bernkastel" helping to guide the ranger's blows. Torinn fumbles at first, but with a little help from a quick cantrip from Sariel, manages to avoid bringing down any mushrooms. His second attempt is heroic, and helps to slash away the last of the moss blocking off the tunnel.

Skill Challenge: Exploring the Cavern
7/10 Success
0/3 Failure

The tunnel is actually somewhat short, but as you proceed down the dark corridors, the branches of the elemental leyline clump together more and more. You finally hit the end of the tunnel, which is a wall--not a natural wall, either. This looks more like it was once part of some underground structure. A heavy stone door blocks your way, and a magical circle is inscribed upon it.

Sariel moves forward, eying the circle for a few moments, then declares, "A simple arcane lock. It should not be difficult to disable." She casts her gaze first to the warlock, then the ranger. "Half-elf, half-orc. Assist me, your skills will be useful here."

Disable the arcane lock using an Arcana check (moderate DC).
You may use Arcana or Thievery to aid another for this check, but you must be trained in the skill to do so.

>> No. 932 edit
File 12973979195.jpg - (65.64KB , 320x240 , 3george.jpg )

Myn, pleased with the group's usefulness in clearing the path without his assistance (not to mention that a paladin struggling isn't a bad thing, either), steps forward with a smile negligibly wider than usual.

"It would be my pleasure, Miss Sariel."

Aid another arcana check: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2921122/
>> No. 933 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
With the aid of the ranger and warlock, Sariel quickly and easily disables the magical lock, and the door instantly reacts, sliding to the top and out of sight.

Skill Challenge: Exploring the Cavern
8/10 Success
0/3 Failure

The chamber beyond this door is highly unusual. There are more of the branches of the leyline here, and they are so densely packed that the chamber is filled with dim light. The chamber isn't too big or spacious, about eighty feet across and twenty feet high.

Most importantly, however, the walls, floor, and ceiling here appear to be part of an underground structure. None of them are particularly intact, they are all broken fragments of some larger structure, haphazardly jutting out of the natural cavern walls. There are two important notes here.

One, in between cracks in the floor, some of the ground radiates with a white, warm-feeling glow you quickly identify as healing energy--the same kind of energy you channel for powers like healing spirit or healing word. Resting here could provide some benefits.

When you take a short rest in this chamber, you regain two healing surges. You cannot receive this benefit again until you take an extended rest.

Furthermore, the exit is in an opposite corner from where you stand, and is a large, irregular hole in the wall (obviously not part of the structure's original design), covered with large, dense spiderwebs. The hole is only about ten-to-fifteen feet in diameter, but appears to be the only other exit from this room.
>> No. 934 edit
"What an unexpected boon in this foul place! The gods smile upon us this day, surely." Michael exclaims as he moves over to take a short rest near the healing energies.

Take short rest

>> No. 936 edit
File 129610198440.png - (135.67KB , 500x500 , awwww___.png )
"Very unexpected," Torinn murmurs to himself. Why would one of these be here?

The dragonborn glances between the inviting well of healing energy and the ominous looking tunnel covered in webbing. The paladin turns to the only scholar he could ask, and Torinn inquires of Sariel,
"Why do you suppose they placed a magical lock on this place? Was it to lock away this well of energy, the web-covered passageway, or something else?"
>> No. 938 edit
File 129938753455.jpg - (267.91KB , 550x595 , 13245285.jpg )
'...A place to rest in a dangerous cave is sure to draw near weary creatures. That there aren't any here but us means... ...something. Who knows.'

The elemental spirit, seeming a little fainter, takes note of the shaman's observation. Neither spirit seems comfortable, but after glancing at the room's features, Bernkastel enters the zone of healing energy.

A perception check as far as Bernkastel can see and hear, and assuming that nothing drastic is found, a short rest. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2921337/

>> No. 939 edit
File 129939090313.jpg - (87.94KB , 726x722 , Lina3.jpg )
Bernkastel: Nothing not immediately obvious pops into view as part of your Perception check.

Sariel strides to the middle of the room, kneels down, and studies it a bit. She then responds, "...Hm. Well, it's impossible to be sure, but likely... this was another natural occurrence of this plague-changed cavern. It was likely sealed off in an attempt to prevent just anyone from making use of it."
>> No. 941 edit
Being grateful such a place exists, the orc decides to make a small rest and try to relax for a bit.
>> No. 944 edit
"If that's all it is, then I suppose we can take a short reprieve here."

Convinced that there's nothing sinister about the sanctuary, the paladin strides forward and sits down to rest.

Take a short rest
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