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74307 No. 74307 edit
Once the association with Lady Kava is made known to Finara, the adventurers are informed that their rooms are on the house. The griffons are stabled and the five have a rather uneventful night, with sleep and no suspicious dreams.

The next morning comes quickly, and again they are up early, finding Aghanim with the four griffons, preparing them the flight. He turns to the group and asks, "We ready to head out?"
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>> No. 74309 edit
Torinn does some stretch exercises before joining the others, chiming in, "Well I'm ready to head back. We have a long way to go after all."
>> No. 74312 edit
Samel takes care to put his cape on and indicates that he is also ready.

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>> No. 74313 edit
Audio 207_Samba_de_Chocobo.mp3 - (2.05MB , 207 Samba de Chocobo.mp3 )
The six adventurers mount griffons--Bernkastel needing to be supported on Aghanim's griffon--and set off back west. It's a rather long, uneventful journey, with many uneventful stops to eat and rest in the wilderness. Though several times the makeshift camps are approached by wild beasts, none seem willing to get closer to the griffons, and there are surprisingly no attacks by intelligent humanoids.

It's the twenty-second day into your journey when the familiar sight of Baldur's Gate appears on the horizon, looking quite normal from a distance. As you close the gap, it would appear that this is, in fact, the case--there's nothing obviously wrong going on here. Everyone seems to be going about their everyday lives, though those living outside the city walls do have their attention focused on the approaching griffons and their riders, being a rarely-seen spectacle. It would seem you have a choice of any place in the city where you could land--the Arcanimus, the palace, the Flaming Fist headquarters, the docks, or even the Helm and Cloak tavern, though it's only mid-morning.
>> No. 74316 edit
File 129757250051.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
"Is she okay?"
"Let's land in the port, someone should be take to take care of the griffons there."
>> No. 74317 edit
"Sounds like a plan. We'd draw far more attention than necessary if we landed elsewhere."
>> No. 74318 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
While landing the griffons in the docks area does attract a fair amount of attention from the city-folk, it doesn't get the group immediately approached by anyone in particular. You are all able to dismount and situate yourselvs without any interference.
>> No. 74319 edit
File 132820197884.png - (275.95KB , 900x900 , 2012013101.png )
"Finally back."
Once he's down, Sureiya looks around and tries to discern if there's anyone there who works for the Duke or the Flamming Fist. Or maybe any familiar face?
Perception for seeing around, Insight to discern: (31,16) http://orokos.com/roll/160247
>> No. 74320 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Perhaps it's a bit odd, but Sureiya doesn't recognize any faces in the crowd. Most people seem to be going about their business, but some are still staring at the spectacle at six well-equipped adventurers dismounting griffons in the docks area.

Sureiya does spot Sid's undersea vehicle docked in the harbor, though there's no sigh of the gnome himself.
>> No. 74321 edit
File 130619839991.png - (3.51KB , 56x106 , bern127b.png )
The shaman eventually returns to consciousness. "Wherever we go, can we try to avoid letting the duke know about me?" requests the shaman, wearing a hood to cover her head.
>> No. 74322 edit
"Very well," Torinn replies absentmindedly as he looks around the place. "In any case, we should figure out where to take the griffons."
>> No. 74323 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Aghanim looks around a bit, then suggests, "Perhaps some stables would take them? Griffons aren't their usual stock, but as well-trained as these are, it's worth a shot."
>> No. 74324 edit
"We may as well."
seek out a suitable stable
>> No. 74325 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
While the group does need to wander a bit, it doesn't take much effort to find a stable with a nervous-looking elf attendant who takes the griffons. They are informed that the service is on the house, as the stablekeep recognizes them as a group that has the favor of the ducal palace.
>> No. 74326 edit
Well that was awfully nice.
"Now let's not waste any more time."
lead everybody to ducal palace
>> No. 74327 edit
Once it's clear Torinn is leading to the Palace, the ranger questions. "Are you staying somewhere while we go with the Duke?"
>> No. 74328 edit
File 130179153493.png - (84.90KB , 178x390 , 01.png )
"I think I'll go with you, but maybe stay outside. And could someone with coins at least tip the attendant?"

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>> No. 74329 edit
Rifling through his sparse coin pouch, Myn tosses 2sp of spare change at the loathsome elf.

"I would be surprised if Mister Prestor should manage to overlook you. You may as well accompany us."
>> No. 74331 edit
File 130121837726.jpg - (122.29KB , 800x1289 , letharst.jpg )
As the party approaches the palace, they are perhaps surprised to encounter Letharst just within view of the palace walls. He seemed to be a in hurry, but upon catching sight of the six, he suddenly stops, grins, and walks up to the group. He addresses you in his familiar slightly-grating, yet seemingly-friendly tone, "Ah, yes, friends! It is good that you have returned! Things are changing here, quickly, yes!"
>> No. 74332 edit
"And we got a few things to report" says the ranger, trying his best not to turn his head to look at the troubled shaman.

"So, any sign of Halvangh yet?"
>> No. 74333 edit
File 139033095757.png - (2.16MB , 1920x1080 , MdpwIi.png )
If Letharst has been unsettled by the appearance of "Bernkastel" and Aghanim, he has not yet shown it. "Ah, actually, we were contacted by Elayne via sending some time ago, yes!" Letharst confirms, nodding. "Apparently, the ritual was a success! Yes, yes, they located the Fell King. A week ago the duke left for Mithral Hall with as much of an army he could conscript from the Flaming Fist members, and is meeting with those he secured the aid of in his diplomatic endeavors in Luruar." The tiefling pauses for a moment, rubbing his hands together thoughtfully as his gaze drifts, then adds, "However, I have important business here, in the city, yes. A trusted informant has notified me of a plot that may be unfolding here in Baldur's Gate as we speak, yes. I need to keep my ear to the ground to make certain things do not unravel in the duke's absence, yes yes!"
>> No. 74334 edit
"A plot? Is there anything you can tell us about that?"
>> No. 74335 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Hesitating a brief moment, Letharst elaborates in a very uncharacteristic, quiet voice: "We believe there has been a dragon posing in humanoid guise in Baldur's Gate, making only brief appearances, and attempting to utilize our city's resources to accomplish its own goals. That is what my source has told me, yes."
>> No. 74336 edit
File 13237963328.png - (4.97KB , 145x145 , bern113.png )
It's hard to see while hiding one's face. http://orokos.com/roll/161110
>> No. 74337 edit

"One would usually consider such a claim outlandish. What kind of evidence could your informant possess?"

"And why would he leak any variety of secret information around such a loose-lipped party, I wonder."

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>> No. 74338 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Bernkastel: (Insight) The shaman has a tough time getting a read on the shifty tiefling one way or another.

"To put it simply, it's the source that has me convinced," the tiefling replies easily. "I feel as though you deserve to know, as it's a good chance that if there is a dragon in the city, it has its eyes on your group by now, yes. As for my source, he is very reliable on matters such as this--I am not privy to his methods, but I do trust him, yes! Indeed, I believe he has pre-empted our enemies move and headed east at the same time you all departed for the plague-wrought lands. Yes, yes, he believes the enemy may target you and your families in particular, and is taking precautions to make certain that no harm comes to them." Letharst gestures empty-handedly and sighs, "Unfortunately, my own endeavors have left me empty-handed thus far. It would seem the dragon I seek may not currently in the city, yes--or it is exceptionally good at remaining hidden, which would be an alarming revelation."
>> No. 74339 edit
File 130162151469.png - (84.98KB , 291x478 , ka2_fumana66.png )
"Source? That stinks of Valanor."

"My family needs no protection, they'll be fine" says Sureiya pretty sure of himself. "But yeah, we received a threatening message shortly after finishing the ritual, so this source of you is suspiciously sharp."
>> No. 74340 edit
"I also heard there was a dragon spotted near Tymanther. You think it's related?"
>> No. 74341 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Letharst tilts his head and replies, "Hmmm, I wouldn't think so, but anything's possible, yes? It'd be difficult to connect events in such distant parts of the realm, yes. Oh, I'd be sure to visit the Flaming Fists headquarters! One of them was anxious for your return, if I'm not mistaken, yes!"
>> No. 74342 edit
"Must be Thelkra. Well, we can pay a visit there later. The palace should be kind of near from here."
>> No. 74343 edit
"But if the Duke isn't there, is there much need to visit in the first place?"
>> No. 74344 edit
"Oh right. I must be tired from the long trip. Let's go there then."
>> No. 74345 edit
Audio 12_-_The_Grand_Duchy_of_Jeuno.mp3 - (3.75MB , 12 - The Grand Duchy of Jeuno.mp3 )
The group arrives swiftly at the Flaming Fist headquarters and heads inside. It seems mostly empty, though there are a few armed men and women milling about, examining their armor and polishing their weapons. Upon waking up the gnome secretary, she addresses them, "Oh... Thelkra, Thelkra... yes, she stayed behind, I think she went to the Arcanimus. She's been quite concerned about... something, I think." The gnome tilts her head and looks as though she's straining to remember, "I think she was asked to accompany most of the remaining senior members to Mithral Hall, but she wouldn't until she knew you adventurers were back safe. She's been looking for her other friend, too..." Her voice trails off into a yawn a this point, and she leans back in her chair quietly.
>> No. 74346 edit
"Her other friend? Valanor must be busy with the threat thing. Anyway I'll head to the Arcanimus now. Is anyone else coming?"
>> No. 74347 edit
"I'm coming with you."
>> No. 74348 edit
Audio 20_-_Fury.mp3 - (2.44MB , 20 - Fury.mp3 )
Making their way over to the Arcanimus, the first thing the group notices is that there are still quite a few people here. The second thing is that they spot a half-orc female that is very clearly Thelkra apparently harassing Ilar, who looks a bit confused. She immediately notices the group and walks over a little too quickly, and addresses the six while hunching over slightly.

"Seven hells, yall've been gone quite a bit! What happened over there?" she asks, sounding a bit out of breath.
>> No. 74349 edit
What's up with her? "Erm, we found a long-lost settlement, had a griffon stolen by a kenku, crossed a desert, fought storm giants, and had to fight a powerful wind elemental before we got threatened by what I assume was the Fell King. Sariel got fed up early on and left... But you seem like you have something important for us?"
>> No. 74350 edit
File 130018229643.png - (45.36KB , 128x128 , thelkra.png )
"Mmm, not really, it's just everythin's been moving so fast... we knew ya'd completed the ritual, and they wanted me to go wit' the rest of the more advanced Flaming Fists. But I wanted to wait fer y'all," Thelkra says, straightening and apparently catching her breath. "Sid wants to go with us too, he's been busy modifyin' his underwater boat thing with an expanded cargo hold, and shuttlin' elves outta that underwater city ya found. Most of the guard has joined the Fists and headed out for Mithral Hall. I hear a certain warlord is up there at the Hall, leading a regiment of dwarves outta East Rift too!"
>> No. 74351 edit
File 12989609891.png - (10.42KB , 200x200 )
"? Are we expected at Mithral Hall, too?"
>> No. 74352 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Oh, yeah, I was hoping ya'll would come," Thelkra replies, scratching the back of her head and looking a bit embarrassed. "We're looking to put an end to this whole Fell King business there, and I was hopin' ya could help me find miss Cragmaul. They were saying something about a really big up-front payment, too."
>> No. 74353 edit
File 130059468249.png - (11.21KB , 117x94 , bern118.png )
"If every last combatant leaves with the duke for Mithral Hall, is there anyone left to defend Baldur's Gate?"
>> No. 74354 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"Oh, not everyone's left. Just the most experienced ones, and most of the elves, since they're not familiar with the city yet," she explains.
>> No. 74355 edit
"So everything's gonna end in Mithral Hall? Sounds good to me. Anyway, do you know what happened to the guy we left here for treatment?"
>> No. 74356 edit
File 130101422990.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
Thelkra thinks for a moment, then her face brightens in recognition. She nods as she replies, "Oh yah, Savenoul? I think he's workin' with Sid now. Treatment's going to be slow as far as reversing the mutations, I think, but he's apparently in his right mind now so he put his impressive physique to good use."

"Apparently, they know that there is at least one entrance to the Shadowfell in a region of the Underdark connected to Mithral Hall, so that's why they're using it as a staging ground," Ilar adds, approaching the ground. "And I'm sure Elayne would love to hear about your experiences using the ritual!"]
>> No. 74357 edit
"We've gained some interesting insights when using it, for sure."
>> No. 74358 edit
File 130203634066.png - (59.29KB , 330x443 , kan_defa2.png )
"We had some sort of visions at the end of each ritual. I believe this girl has a good theory about them" says Sureiya while pointing to Bernkastel. Then he returns with Thelkra.

"So, is this new machine of Sid transporting us there? If you were waiting for us it means it's ready to go."
>> No. 74359 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Actually, I was thinkin' we could take yer griffons. After restin' here a spell, 'f course," Thelkra replies, nodding.
>> No. 74360 edit
Torinn clicks his tongue as he remembers something. "We can do that, yes. Though I should say that one of them was stolen some time back and its whereabouts are currently unknown."
>> No. 74361 edit
File 130018229643.png - (45.36KB , 128x128 , thelkra.png )
"Ah... so you still have four? That'll be enough to take me an' Sid along," Thelkra comments, apparently not too concerned with the loss of a griffon. "Frankly it's surprising that's all you've lost so far, considerin' the danger. Say, speakin' of which, whatever happened to that stuck-up elf girl who was wit'cha?"
>> No. 74362 edit
File 139121521574.jpg - (30.72KB , 138x308 , sak_uryuuserious.jpg )
"She defected from the group because of irreconcilable differences."
>> No. 74366 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"'Zat so? But that wasn't related to the griffon theft, I take it," the half-orc comments. "At any rate, it's good that yer all back and safe. I was startin' to think having you fly all the way out that far wasn't the greatest idea."

Ilar seems to be deep in thought about something, and appears to have taken a step or two backwards.
>> No. 74370 edit
File 129757250051.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
"It was good enough, anyway we should get some goods for the trip. I was looking for maybe selling something as well."
>> No. 74371 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"Ya might wanna hold off until ya reach Mithral Hall, they're arming for war up there. I'd imagine they could cut you in on some deals," Thelkra suggests. She seems to be focusing mostly on Torinn and Sureiya and not directly looking at the rest of the group.
>> No. 74374 edit
"I need to wrap up some business here in Baldur's Gate first, but I have no problems with leaving immediately afterwards."
>> No. 74375 edit
File 130018229643.png - (45.36KB , 128x128 , thelkra.png )
"Well, get some rest, I say, we're likely to not have many more opportunities to sleep in a comfortable bed fer a while," comments Thelkra off-handedly as she walks out of the Arcanimus, shooting Sureiya a pointed look as she goes. Ilar is still there, though it seems you are free to attend to any other business now.
>> No. 74376 edit
Torinn goes off on his own, seeking out the private investigator's place he visited before.
>> No. 74377 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
Torinn discovers the office is empty, with nothing but a note on the door informing would-be customers that she'd be back in a few weeks.
>> No. 74378 edit
"Was worth a shot," Torinn murmurs before heading to the inn.
>> No. 74379 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
It's only a few moments after the party disperses that Sureiya is approached by someone who identifies herself as a messenger from the Flaming Fist HQ, who had a letter for him. As the half-orc opens the letter, the messenger departs, and Sureiya finds enclosed a message from his father.

His father is glad that the young half-orc is doing well, though he seems dubious that the affairs of Baldur's Gate could cause ripples as far as Amn. Nevertheless he assures Sureiya that he and the Emerald Cabal will be vigilant, and his parents will even leave the city if need be. Sureiya realizes from the tone of the letter that his father has apparently joined the Emerald Cabal in his absence.
>> No. 74380 edit
"He got in, huh. I wonder how many wars will it take for me to be as strong."

Sureiya will go to the usual inn to get a break, urging Samel to come with him.
>> No. 74381 edit
File 131025978269.png - (6.03KB , 35x45 , cut.png )
The shaman turns to the elf, curious. "Hi, something in mind?"

Insight http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4398653/
>> No. 74382 edit
File 135995865032.jpg - (91.51KB , 256x400 , Elf wizard.jpg )
The elf seems startled by the shaman's approach, but smiles as he addresses her, "Oh hmm? I don't believe we've been introduced." He nods and then bows slightly, saying, "I am Ilar, the apprentice of Elayne, who is the curator of the Arcanimus. You're one of that adventuring group's associates, no? I was merely pondering what the half-orc said about the visions... it's strange that the ritual as designed would produce such visions. Sadly, I was not privy to the creation of the ritual, so the details are outside of my scope of knowledge. I was merely considering the possibilities."

Insight: You feeling is that he is being honest, almost to a fault. He seems reasonably pleased to meet you, and obviously isn't aware of what happened with the fiery leyline.
>> No. 74383 edit
File 138112723687.jpg - (70.38KB , 400x447 , penguin.jpg )
"I'm called Bernkastel, and yes, an associate. But what kind of possibilities, Mr. Ilar?"
>> No. 74384 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
The elf spreads his hands and shakes his head in reply, saying, "Difficult to say. The ritual was created in part by my mistress Elayne, but also by a silver dragon and an orc shaman. I can only speculate that the ritual somehow, unintentionally, opened some sort of 'connection' with someone 'on the other side,' as it were. Perhaps it is because whoever that individual was, they had more skill utilizing the leyline? There is also much about the leyline I do not know..."
>> No. 74385 edit
File 131005666672.png - (102.01KB , 213x284 , bern79.png )
"It's the Fell King, right? The ritual was made to track him."

A little disappointed, the shaman goes on to ask, "By chance, do you know where Mr. Silversprocket is?"
>> No. 74386 edit
Myn wonders to himself how difficult it would be to find out where Ilar sleeps.


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>> No. 74387 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Myn: Strangely enough, you aren't able to divine much about the elf's sleeping habits.

"That's if that assumption is correct... yes. It's possible that there is a connection with the Fell King. As for Sid, I believe he is here, in a section of the building we've set aside for his laboratory. I can lead you there, if you wish."
>> No. 74388 edit
File 129475012166.jpg - (62.52KB , 310x438 , 11567225.jpg )
"Thank you, please do."
>> No. 74389 edit
Audio 24_-_Hey_Cid.mp3 - (0.99MB , 24 - Hey Cid.mp3 )
Ilar leads "Bernkastel" and Myn around the curved elven bookshelves and a few scattered magi to a thick, runed door. Opening it reveals a large, windowless room filled with strange arcane contraptions of all shapes and sizes, with papers and tools scattered across the floor. A gnome nearly falls off a ladder as the door opens, and you recognize this well-dressed artificer as Sid Silversprocket. He adjusts his silver-rimmed goggles and hops down from the ladder, still holding some strange arcane focus as he waves and says, "Greetings, adventurers! Good to see you come back!"

He closes the distance between himself and the group and spreads his arms, open-palmed as he looks up at you and says, "So, what brings you to ol' Sid?"
>> No. 74390 edit
File 131760978037.png - (38.58KB , 151x204 , flip.png )
"Hello, Mr. Sid. I was hoping to show this ritual book to someone with leyline expertise," says the shaman, pulling out the giant book. "Some of the rituals are familiar, but apparently there's some leyline-specific research on the back?"
>> No. 74391 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Sid takes a quick look at the book, then struggles to open it and flip through it a bit. Finding the pages that "Bernkastel" alluded too, he creases his brow in thought as he says, "W-well, it's difficult to make heads or tails of, honestly. But I think it uses an archon forge in combination with the leyline, from just a quick read! I could learn more if I had some time to study it, perhaps!"

Meanwhile, Ilar seems to have wandered off.
>> No. 74392 edit
File 132447505226.png - (56.05KB , 160x223 , b1 (2).png )
"It's okay, please take your time. We'll leave you with the book."

Unless something else happens, I'm finished.
>> No. 74393 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Once the group finishes with their business around the city, they meet up again at the Helm and Cloak. The six adventurers are now in a meeting room that has been set aside for them, though they also have their own bedrooms in the upstairs section.
>> No. 74394 edit
File 130059468249.png - (11.21KB , 117x94 , bern118.png )
"So, why are we here?"
>> No. 74395 edit
File 130018229643.png - (45.36KB , 128x128 , thelkra.png )
At that point Thelkra enters the room, unnoticed before now, and says, "'Cuz I thought it'd be a good idea to discuss what to do next. Ya'know, with all of yas."

Aghanim clears his throat and speaks up, saying, "You do plan to oppose the Fell King, yes? It looks like things are moving in the direction of a confrontation soon. I for one would think that Mithral Hall would be a good place to utilize our assets in order to equip ourselves and prepare for the next step. And we do have the griffons for swift travel."
>> No. 74396 edit
"Do we know where we're going from there, though?"
>> No. 74397 edit
Audio 23_-_Sometime_Somewhere.mp3 - (2.64MB , 23 - Sometime Somewhere.mp3 )
"The caverns that extend from Mithral Hall to the Underdark stretch across the entirety of the Spine of the World. I think there's a way to the Shadowfell through there," Thelkra comments.
>> No. 74398 edit
File 130179153493.png - (84.90KB , 178x390 , 01.png )
"This is still a bit unclear. Is there a commander, or are we doing whatever we please?"
>> No. 74399 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
The half-orc shrugs a bit and explains, "I imagine they've got it organized down there, but I don't know off-hand. I imagine we'll find that stuff out when we get there. What're you guys interested in doin' down there, anyways? I'm sure there's a lot that needs doin'."
>> No. 74400 edit
File 132978231090.png - (18.86KB , 158x118 , b2.png )
"For better or worse, as a unit, we're probably best off fighting something."
>> No. 74401 edit

"Perhaps we could take a survey of the cavern species."
>> No. 74402 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Looking at both Myn and the shaman, Thelkra puts her hands on her hips and tries to address both of the points, saying, "Well, I'm sure there's gonna be plenty of fighting to be done. Besides the Shadowfell itself, the caverns aren't likely to be home to much that's friendly. Y'all sure you're ready for this, though? Fighting in the Shadowfell ain't gonna be no picnic."
>> No. 74403 edit

"It's a shame that Mister Prestor can't spare a few dozen to assist us."

"Or properly deliver pay, for that matter."
>> No. 74404 edit
"It will be alright, besides you're coming too this time" remarks the ranger, who seems worried by something else.
>> No. 74405 edit
File 131259384675.jpg - (3.55KB , 100x100 , Bernkastel2.jpg )
"By the way, What are you planning to do there, Ms. Thelkra?"
>> No. 74407 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"Me? First I'm gonna find miss Cragmaul and bust her outta wherever she's being held. Then, who knows? There's gonna be a lot of people down there and a lot of things that we need to do." he gaze lazily drifts at this point, and she changes the subject quickly, saying, "By the way, the Flaming Fist is getting together the payment the duke left for you for yer last job. It'll be ready before we head out."
>> No. 74408 edit
"Do you have any suggestions on what to purchase?"
>> No. 74409 edit
File 130023680217.png - (254.91KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p4.png )
"I think you'd know that better than I," Thelkra comments dryly. "I haven't any better idea of what we'll face down there than you."
>> No. 74410 edit
File 139235429990.jpg - (78.02KB , 534x750 , Half_Orc (1).jpg )
"It will be tough" says the ranger throwing a discreet glare to Thelkra. "I think I'll go get some fresh air."
Saying this, Sureiya leaves the inn and heads to somewhere else.
>> No. 74412 edit
File 130018229643.png - (45.36KB , 128x128 , thelkra.png )
Thelkra shrugs and nods to the rest, saying, "See you tomorrow, then," and departs.
>> No. 74414 edit
File 134692307521.png - (444.65KB , 434x756 , shmiontarot_2.png )
Sureiya heads to the roof of the Flaming Fist, and it doesn't take long for Thelkra to show up. The sun's starting to set, and the rogue approaches the ranger with a bit of caution, saying, "Say, nobody followed you here, did they?"
>> No. 74416 edit
"I left alone. If someone tried I would have noticed" the rangers says.

"So, are there any news about the situation in Mithral Hall? Has Valanor told you anything about it?"
>> No. 74418 edit
Audio 20_-_Fury.mp3 - (2.44MB , 20 - Fury.mp3 )
"As I implied before, I don't know much about what's going on there. Last I heard from Valanor was a letter he gave me before you guys left," Thelkra says in an off-hand manner, before leaning against a building strut and facing Sureiya. "If yer lookin' to probe me for information about the mission, afraid I can't be much help. I've just been... uneasy, being out of contact with Valanor for so long, but if miss Cragmaul is alive, I'm definitely going to find her and break her outta that hole."
>> No. 74419 edit
"Cragmaul is tough. She wouldn't kick the bucket that easily" says Sureiya, sure of himself.

"You know, during the trips, every time we casted the ritual we all had some kind of visions. They were all conected and gave us some interesting insight about who we think is the Fell King.

I would like to share you what we know, and what we think we know... But it might be a little difficult to believe, so I'll think I'll let you go first. Is there anything you would like to talk about?"
>> No. 74420 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"I guess I'm just antsy about the fight," Thelkra explains, squirming a bit noticeably. "Kinda feels so... final, ya'know? Remember what I said about the gods and them havin' plans? Ever feel like maybe yer part in their grand plan could be comin' to an end?"

She shakes her head a bit incredulously. "I dunno what's gettin' to me. Just, with miss Cragmaul gone, and Valanor off who-knows-where, seems awfully empty in Baldur's Gate these days. And ain't that a weird though, with all these people around? I think I'm just nervous, but yeah. I can't shake the feeling that this upcoming mission's gonna be an ending of sorts."
>> No. 74421 edit
File 129757250051.png - (58.56KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana1.png )
"An ending of sorts? You know, your hunch may be true" says Sureiya making a short pause.

"During the visions we saw the life of Ragrim Dragonsworn. Something strange happened during the war, and he got transported into the Shadowfell... and gained some strange powers with it. Once he was back he tried to return with his family, but in the end the village where they lived was raided and now only ashes remains. This man... we believe he is the Fell King."
>> No. 74422 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Thelkra absorbs the information Sureiya relates with a few nods, and once he's finished, replies, "So yer sayin' ya think Ragrim is the Fell King? I figured it was a Dragonsworn orc, given what we've seen so far, but the chieftain himself... that's a bit of a surprise."
>> No. 74424 edit
"We are pretty sure of it, but we still wonder why we had the visions..." Sureiya asserts, while folding his arms.

"You know, we asked you once what you knew from the Dragonsworn clan. I wonder, do you know anything else you didn't tell us back then?" asking this, the ranger shows her a talisman with dragon carved on the front. It was the relic Valanor trusted to the party.
>> No. 74425 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Thelkra tilts her head, and says a bit quizzically, "If yer askin' if the visions are part of some Dragonsworn ritual, not that I ever heard of."
>> No. 74426 edit
"Hah, no, that's not it. You know, this talisman was lent to us by Valanor, and he received it from Ragrim itself. He tried to not to tell us a lot about it, but we think he was close to Ragrim, after all we saw him on the vision as well..."

Making a pause after hesitating a little, Sureiya goes straight to the point.
"Thelkra, it's kind of unclear, but your age and your mysterious past fit perfectly. I think you're Ragrim's daugther."

Last edited at 14/02/17(Mon)20:40:07
>> No. 74427 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
Thelkra pauses for a moment, then replies in a low voice, "I... did have my suspicions. About Ragrim... but, are ya sure? These visions... it's a strange thing to rely on, ya'know? She shakes her head a bit and slumps against the strut, saying, "...I think I need to confront him."
>> No. 74428 edit
File 129625592147.png - (59.43KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana17.png )
"Your mom was called Cordelia... it looked like she really loved Ragrim, but we have no idea what happened to her..." adds the ranger, trying to change the subject.

"Halvang might be able to help us to understand better the visions, and maybe Valanor too, if he lets us find him again. Do you know where he left? We have an idea, but he's a mystery most of the time."
>> No. 74429 edit
File 130023680217.png - (254.91KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p4.png )
Thelkra folds her arms, and but raises her head. She faces Sureiya with a serious expression as she says, "Might as well tell ya what I know at this point. Ya'see, Valanor's not from around here. He's from Returned Abeir. That's one of the reasons he probably seems so strange to us."

She takes a deep breath, then launches into a lengthier explanation, "But he hasn't been home in a long time. Been here in Faerûn for years. This is how he tells it: Abeir's a land ruled by vicious dragons and their slave nations, who constantly vie for power with each other. And in the last decade or so an empire of mortals has risen up, with the goal of overthrowin' their dragon masters, and now controls a significant portion of the continent. Anyhow, there's a particularly powerful dragon that escaped Returned Abeir and found its way here, to Faerûn. Valanor believes this dragon is buildin' up a power base here to eventually return and wreak havoc in his homeland, so he is attempting to hunt down this dragon--Daragoth the Desolator. It's supposedly hidin' here in Faerûn somewhere, searching for a source of power that will give it a decisive edge over its kin and the empire."
>> No. 74430 edit
File 12962466981.png - (59.56KB , 330x442 , kan_ikaria33.png )
"That Valanor... so he really is a Dragon Slayer, huh?"
"Then he must have headed to Tymanther. We heard on the way back there was a dragon sighting in the area..."

"When the time comes, you should come with us to confront the Fell King."
>> No. 74431 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Thelkra sighs and straightens her posture, then says, "Yeah, I think so too. But first I gotta track down miss Cragmaul and see if I can't break her out. Even with all this, that's still something I gotta do."

Gesturing, she adds, "So I gotta ask. What's yer stake in this?"
>> No. 74432 edit
File 129607782146.png - (59.23KB , 330x443 , kan_komarua1.png )
"I meet these guys some time ago to serve as bodyguards for a merchant caravan. We didn't expect one well paid job would get us into something as big as this..."

"You could say we were only staking our lives before, but the Fell King sent us a threatening message to our families after finishing the last ritual.
Heck, I'm not worried about them, but I'm definitely not letting that bastard get away with hurting more people."
>> No. 74433 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Yeah, funny how things work out. When I met you guys back then, I didn't think it'd get this far either," she says a bit wistfully. She sighs and shakes her head, then says, "Well, ya'd better go on and get some rest. I'll be doin' so too, I just... need some time to sort this out in my head. If it's true, ya'know, about the Fell King."
>> No. 74434 edit
"Don't think too much on it, even if it's true it doesn't change who you are."
Seeing Thelkra wants some time by herself, Sureiya gets ready to depart but says something else before.

"Let me buy you a drink if we get out of that hell alive, will ya?"
>> No. 74435 edit
Audio 125_Boss_Cid.mp3 - (2.18MB , 125 Boss Cid.mp3 )
Sureiya departs the Flaming Fist headquarters and returns to the Helm and Cloak inn. After a peaceful night's slight, all six adventurers are up early the next morning and find both Thelkra and Sid waiting for them outside the inn.

"Hello-hello, friends!" Sid calls in greeting. "Ready to go? We got your griffons ready to head out, straight to Mithral Hall!"
>> No. 74436 edit
File 130688938861.jpg - (58.75KB , 276x226 , s06-07a.jpg )
The shaman looks not very enthusiastic about griffons again, but manages to suggest something regardless. "On the way, maybe we should check on the village ruins? To make sure nothing's changed."

Last edited at 14/02/22(Sat)10:59:18
>> No. 74437 edit
File 130018229643.png - (45.36KB , 128x128 , thelkra.png )
"Wouldn't be too much trouble, if ya can remember where ya found it," Thelkra replies.
>> No. 74438 edit
"We got bigger crew than usual this time" says Sureiya, wondering how the stolen Griffon might be doing.

"Just before we leave, I believe we still have to receive our war funds."
>> No. 74439 edit
File 130466399513.jpg - (17.31KB , 167x225 , sid.jpg )
"Oh sure, yeah! Got get your monies, we'll wait here with the griffons!" Sid suggests. Upon returning to the Flaming Fist headquarters, the gnomish secretary points them to an associate that holds five pouches containing 2,500 gold pieces. A bit unnerved by the fact that there are six instead of five, Aghanim informs the associate that he was not expecting payment, so the five pouches are awarded to Bernkastel, Samel, Torinn, Myn, and Sureiya.
>> No. 74442 edit
File 135993143526.png - (45.22KB , 274x181 , pizza.png )
"I wasn't expecting payment either, so here, we'll split it." The shaman gives 1250 gp to Aghanim.

Last edited at 14/02/23(Sun)18:30:11
>> No. 74443 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Should we get going, then?" Thelkra asks once the party reforms around the griffons.

For a moment, Sid seems to regard the shaman nervously, then points out, "H-hey, it's been bugging me for a while but... you were the one who used the ritual circle to head back to the fiery leyline that time, right?"
>> No. 74444 edit
File 131554170954.png - (114.98KB , 385x351 , 4719507b.png )
I guess he knew about that? "Yes, that was me. I ended up going through the elemental chaos and got stuck on the earthmote."
>> No. 74445 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"Earthmote, yes... I suppose that's where you were found," Sid says, stroking his chin. Thelkra looks at him with a curious expression, but the gnome simply shakes his head and says, "Well, if your companions are convinced you're on the level that's good enough for me. Let's head out."
>> No. 74446 edit

>> No. 74451 edit
File 130101422990.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
Bernkastel (Insight): You feel that Sid is nervous, though also that he feels that if there is a trick in play here, it's out of his league.

Sid and Thelkra climb onto the griffons, and it isn't long before Samel and Aghanim do the same.
>> No. 74452 edit
File 130508734891.jpg - (136.27KB , 491x480 , 11125426_p0.jpg )
It's a nearly week-long journey to the village, even overland on griffons, due to the harsher winds of the northern climates. The trip is fairly uneventful, though the shaman is still noticeably uneasy about the flight, and both Samel and Aghanim remain quiet. Myn's imp seems to be reading something funny as it occasionally snickers while flipping through a book. After six days you once again are looking at the ruins of a walled village, caked with debris and disuse. The crystalline leyline-like formation is there, still glowing ominously, but there is no ritual circle near it this time.

Unlike your previous sunny visit, the skies are overcast as you land the griffons outside the walls of the village.
>> No. 74453 edit
File 129607782146.png - (59.23KB , 330x443 , kan_komarua1.png )
The ranger throws a glance to Thelkra, as if saying: "This is the place".
>> No. 74454 edit
Audio 20_-_Fury.mp3 - (2.44MB , 20 - Fury.mp3 )
Thelkra steps out onto the rubble and sniffs a bit, looking around idly. "Not much left," she comments.
>> No. 74455 edit
File 130613479024.jpg - (46.00KB , 153x122 , b4.jpg )
"I think there was a magic drawing here before? Should it have disappeared?" The shaman turns to the now-numerous magic-savvy companions, as though asking for answers.

perception to look for hints as to what happened http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4413939/
>> No. 74456 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Bernkastel (Perception): You don't see any evidence that anyone has been here for quite some time. Remembering back, you remember that you disrupted the ritual circle simply by smudging it out and removing the pattern before, and perhaps that removed whatever protective magic protected the etchings and symbols from the weather, and the circle has simply faded away.

As the shaman searches the area, the leyline ominously glows overhead, though doesn't react in any particular way. Sid looks a bit uncertain as he considers the question, then replies, "Well, most arcane sigils, when active, become difficult to disrupt, depending on the kind of spell, but if the spell is broken, it's pretty easy to get rid of the sigil."
>> No. 74457 edit
File 139356389270.png - (23.99KB , 159x258 , 16076155_p1e2b.png )
"It doesn't look like anyone has been here since Mr. N's damage, so it probably just faded away. By the way, Mr. Sid, this was where the raft stopped moving."

The shaman and her spirits turn their attention to the leyline. "It was ... linked to the Shadowfell, right? " The shaman touches the leyline. "Hello? Is anyone there? Mr. Fell King?"
>> No. 74458 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
There is no detectable response to the shaman's probing.
>> No. 74459 edit
Torinn walks over and gives the leyline a kick. "We know you can hear us, you craven," he growls.
>> No. 74460 edit
File 130101422990.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
Despite Torinn's provocation, the Fell King does not reply.
>> No. 74461 edit
"There's nothing here now. Let's just leave it."
>> No. 74462 edit
File 139373255940.png - (96.51KB , 259x334 , 22639675eb.png )
The shaman glares at Torinn for a very brief moment, and walks back to the griffons.
>> No. 74463 edit
File 130466399513.jpg - (17.31KB , 167x225 , sid.jpg )
Sid finishes the examination of the protrusion that he had been doing while the rest of the party tried to talk to it, and nods briefly before heading back to the griffons.

Once the group starts to mount up, he asks a bit hesitantly, "So... he really talked to you all through that thing before?"
>> No. 74464 edit
Sureiya turns to Sid and says.
"It was after finishing the ritual. That bastard kinda knew our names."
>> No. 74465 edit
"He threatened my home and my family." Torinn leaves it at that, as nothing else needs to be said.

Last edited at 14/03/03(Mon)15:33:05
>> No. 74466 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
"Worrisome. Most worrisome!" Sid says, considering as the griffons lift off. He seems to consider something briefly, then begins shaking his head vigorously. "I... no, no. Too early to be sure. Need to speak with Elayne. Get some answers." After a few more days of flying, snow begins to dominate the landscape, and it isn't much longer after that than you are presented with the sight of massive stone monuments carved into the mountainside, signifying the front gate of Mithral Hall. As you guide the griffons in for a landing, you see a small company of dwarves assembling below you.
>> No. 74467 edit
Upon landing, Torinn will act as the spokesperson for the party.
>> No. 74468 edit
Audio 62_-_Mountain_Pass_-_Conde_Petie.mp3 - (5.12MB , 62 - Mountain Pass - Conde Petie.mp3 )
The impassive stone visages of dwarves carved into the mountainside look on as the adventurers land their griffons and Torinn bounds off the griffon. The dwarves gathered are mostly a mix of male and female, heavily armored, but one male stands with black-braided hair and beard wearing expensive clothing, and another male wearing beaten-up armor and sporting a scarred nose in addition to his grayish braided beard. Some of the group may recognize this as representative Khaz Battlehammer and captain of the guard Selond Thunderbarrel.

It is representative Khaz that speaks first, "Hail, 'venturers. Yer expected. We're gettin' real busy here, and now it looks like we're gonna git even moreso."
>> No. 74469 edit
"Oh? Did something happen here as well?"
>> No. 74471 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"Nay, ye're just tha last piece o' tha attack plan we've been workin' out, lads," captain Thunderbarrel replies, hefting an axe over his shoulder as he speaks. "Tha duke was rath'r insistent on tha point."
>> No. 74472 edit
He did? Huh.
"Well, it won't do for us to talk about it in the cold. Could we come inside?"
>> No. 74473 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Ach, aye. Forgot ye outlanders ain't us'd tae tha cold," the dwarf replies with a nod, and leads you to the gates of Mithral Hall. Flanked by the dwarven stone visages, the gate is fashioned of masterfully forged iron, with strange details carved into the frame. Immediately inside the massive gates is a stone bridge traversing a deep chasm, though the bridge is quite large and sturdy, looking completely safe.

As the eight begin to traverse the bridge and head towards the inner tunnels, the captain and diplomat each pull out an everburning torch and speak casually once more, "'Parently tha duke has somethin' special in mind fer ye. Said it catered to yer proven expertise. Also, he's got a fat lotta extra cash waitin' fer ye tae bett'r equip yeselves."

"Goodness gracious!" Sid exclaims from the front, taking up a conversational position with the dwarf captain. "You've all been busy! I knew this expedition was gonna be major, but this..."

As you begin to wind your way through the tunnels that form the interior of the dwarven hall, representative Battlehammer speaks, "We've some scatter'd troop complements from tha city-states of Luruar 'ere, an' even a regiment all the way from East Rift, in addit'n ta Flaming Fist members and our own troops. We'll be staging from tha Hall i'self due tae its connect'ns tae tha Underdark, an beyond tha, tha Shadowfell."
>> No. 74474 edit
"... Anything from Many-Arrows?" asks the shaman, looking slightly dazed from the griffon-to-land transition.
>> No. 74475 edit
File 130101422990.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
Captain Thunderbarrel's face hardens at this suggestion and he gives a swift shake of his head as he replies, "Nae here, nae tha we know of. Ah dinnae think ye'd find enuff trust 'tween us an' tha orcs tae fight side-by-side just yet. Havin' tae constantly watch yer back tae make sure yer 'ally' ain't slidin' in a knife be a liabil'ty in a war."

There's a faint glow in the tunnel up ahead--it looks like you're approaching the meeting room you held negotiations in before, with Gourmert all those weeks ago. "The duke's still out with the troops, I believe, but your friends from Baldur's Gate--they said something like, from the Arcanimus?--are here."
>> No. 74476 edit
File 139431887893.png - (20.17KB , 159x258 , 16076155_p1e2c.png )
"I'm sorry, I only meant for some news from their direction."
>> No. 74477 edit
File 130023680217.png - (254.91KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p4.png )
Representative Battlehammer stops abruptly and casually turns to face the adventurers, hands behind his back. He replies, "No, we hav'n't heard a word fro Many-Arrows. They've been unusu'lly quiet in past weeks, in fact."

"Not suprisin'," Thelkra mutters. "If they were sensin' a buildup in Mithral Hall, they'd be extra careful not to let anything slip on their end."

"Person'ly," the dwarf captain interjects, "ah think tha shaman Mardoc, whose holed up in thar wit' yer pals, is communicatin' wit' Many-Arrows in secret."
>> No. 74478 edit
"Tsh, it seems the Duke has been busy."

"We should report ourselves with Elayne" mumbles Sureiya.
>> No. 74479 edit
"What makes you say that?"
>> No. 74480 edit
Audio 02_-_Vana'diel_March.mp3 - (5.45MB , 02 - Vana'diel March.mp3 )
"B'cause it makes sense," the captain explains quietly, resuming his march towards the room ahead with the rest following. "Ev'n if they ain't treach'rous, 'e'd want tae keep in touch wit' 'is superi'rs. An' information on Mithral Hall no doubt slips in t'ese communications."

"We've acknowledged tha risk, an' determin'd it was an acceptable one," the diplomat adds, just before you enter the chamber. Engraved on the expansive chamber's walls are depictions of battle against the many enemies of dwarvenkind, as well as a dragon of some sort. Situated throughout the room are several masterfully carved marble table surrounded by wooden stools of dwarven manufacture. While the room was mostly empty the last time you were here, that has since changed--each table is surrounded by humanoids of various shapes and sizes, most looking like warriors or casters.

One table has Captain Highwind of the Ducal Guard commanding what appear to be high-ranking officers in the Flaming Fists, and another has a familiar-looking human drinking with some dwarves. On the tables themselves are a variety of documents, mugs, weaponry, and even what appear to be some ritual circles. Around one such circle is gathered a few familiar humanoids--Elayne, high shaman Mardoc, and Halvangh the Finder.

"Ah, Elayne! It's been too long!" Sid exclaims, shuffling over to that particular table.
>> No. 74481 edit
File 139452163054.png - (1.22MB , 1254x1080 , wave.png )
Risk, huh. It's probably safer if they have some information.

Seeing Michael, the shaman waves to the warlord before following Sid.

>> No. 74482 edit
Torinn gives everybody a minute to catch up, then says, "Shouldn't we get down to business?"
>> No. 74483 edit
File 139470264523.png - (173.58KB , 305x278 , F_Eladrin3.png )
Michael Silversteel waves as you pass, but Elayne rises from her seat with a smile, and greets the group warmly, "Ah, friends! It has been too long since we last met... though it seems the grouping has changed since." Her eyes scan over the gathered party.

She bows her head slightly, and explains, "As for business, I wanted to personally thank you. Because of your efforts, we," she gestures towards Halvangh first, then Mardoc, who each nod in turn, "have located where in the Shadowfell the Fell King is drawing upon the power of the leyline. The gathered forces you see here mean to siege the location and bring him to justice!"
>> No. 74484 edit
File 130203634066.png - (59.29KB , 330x443 , kan_defa2.png )
The half-orc meets Elayne, feeling at ease now he has seen some familiar faces.
"It's been tough to keep working on it without hearing anything from you two" Sureiya remarks. "It seems the numbers are even now... I expect these guys are ready to fight something awful down there."
>> No. 74485 edit
File 131788720549.jpg - (157.64KB , 600x600 , mardoc.jpg )
"I am only glad you are safe. Such adventures can be often be filled with danger," Elayne begins, before being politely interrupted by the high shaman Mardoc.

"And I am certain the Fell King has been trying to slow you down. He would certainly move against us as well, if we were not so well entrenched. It would seem the Fell King's forces are not sufficient for a full frontal assault, and as such it seems this plan is likely to succeed," the orc says plainly. "Still, we should take every precaution to ensure the success of our mission, and I hope you're willing to use your expertise to assist us in that manner."

"But enough of that for now," Halvangh says softly, trying to ease any potential tension caused by Mardoc's interruption. "Could you tell us what you found when you went to perform the necessary rituals! It should help us to understand our foe better."
>> No. 74486 edit
File 131760978037.png - (38.58KB , 151x204 , flip.png )
The shaman opens up her notes. "Classical elements-based guardians, each infused with leyline powers. I've seen fire and air, and though I missed it, there seems to have been one for water. Also, we keep seeing a weird, disappearing throne.

"I think the ritual visions are at least as important, but maybe someone who has experienced all three can explain them better?" The shaman looks up and gestures to Myn in particular, directing everyone's attention to him.
>> No. 74487 edit

"Ragrim Dragonsworn obtained an impressive power within the Shadowfell, most likely related to some interaction with a leyline. Those we've faced recently at the leylines have also received similar gifts, after hearing a voice from them. The connection here seems clear."

Myn clears his throat, briefly considering the expense of hiring a personal orator.

"If we are to assume Ragrim is the Fell King, it's also notable that he seemed very angry about a ruined village."

Last edited at 14/03/17(Mon)19:28:13
>> No. 74488 edit
File 139477164866.png - (167.90KB , 305x278 , F_Eladrin4.png )
Elayne's expression changes between wonder to surprise to worried very quickly, and she places both hands on the table and jerks forward suddenly and violently. Her voice almost seems pained as she asks, "Visions? You received visions? Of what sort?!" After taking a breath, she clams herself slightly, steps back, and clarifies, "Please explain how you came about these visions."
>> No. 74489 edit
File 130059468249.png - (11.21KB , 117x94 , bern118.png )
"The visions Mr. N described occur each time for leyline-preparing ritual participants," clarifies the shaman. "Mr. Ilar from the Arcanimus thought it strange, but didn't have the resources to investigate the matter."

Last edited at 14/03/13(Thu)21:38:18
>> No. 74490 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Elayne looks shocked, then slowly sinks back into her seat. Halvangh shakes his head and looks to the eladrin, then comments, "I did warn you the ritual wasn't yet ready. We should have tested it more thoroughly."

"Such are the risks when dealing with magic we know was distorted by the Spellplague," grumbles Mardoc. "Even our shamanistic visions can have side effects..." It is at this point that Elayne gets up and quickly makes her way down the hall opposite, apparently fleeing the scene.
>> No. 74491 edit
The shaman's spirit appears outside the doorway, looking where Elayne went but not pursuing. Call Spirit Companion.
>> No. 74492 edit
File 130101422990.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
The shaman's spirit companion head over to the hallway and peers down, and after a short time returns to "Bernkastel" and relates that the hallway seems to slowly wind to the east and curve upwards, and Elayne headed straight up the passage until she was out of sight.
>> No. 74493 edit
File 131334241881.jpg - (36.22KB , 350x258 , mb2b.jpg )
"Mr. N, you can help me make sense of this," says the shaman, standing and pointing to the hallway.

Follow Elayne etc.
>> No. 74494 edit

"It can't be helped."

Also follow etc.
>> No. 74495 edit
Torinn's not just about to chase after their host, and is content to stay put for now. So he speaks to the orc shaman, "Now I don't know much about magic, but are these visions bad?"
>> No. 74496 edit
File 130101422990.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
As Myn and Bernkastel head down the tunnel, they do find a three-way branching path. Asking a passerby dwarf reveals that Elayne was heading for the guest quarters that the dwarves had set aside for the leaders of the assembled forces.

Meanwhile, Halvangh grimaces in response to Torinn's question, and replies, "The visions themselves are not the problem... but, well, it indicates the ritual had an unintended... side effect."

"One of the foundations for this spell was a shamanistic spell we of Many-Arrows passed down for inciting vision quests in young shamans," Mardoc explains matter-of-factly. "As part of the ritual, the memories of the young shaman and the shaman's mentor are shared. It was not intended to go that far in this ritual, we merely wanted to establish a mental link briefly with the Fell King in order to trace his own flow of power through the leyline. In other words, it's likely that since you saw the memories of the Fell King--"

"--that he saw into your memories as well." the disguised dragon finishes, his voice dripping with regret.
>> No. 74497 edit
Continue pursuit, more briskly.
>> No. 74498 edit
"I doubt her quarters are going anywhere, Miss Bernkastel."

Continue to follow.
>> No. 74499 edit
The ranger stays silent during most of the outburst, but he adds something regardless.

"Hah, that bastard didn't learn enough of me apparently. Anyway, the rest might not feel at ease, so we'll in your debt if ya can do something to keep our families safe while we're on the raid."

Last edited at 14/03/15(Sat)15:08:23
>> No. 74500 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
That would be prudent, though as for being within our power... it's not an easy task. You are from far-off lands are you not?" Halvangh replies uneasily. Sid and Thelkra look nervously at each other, while Aghanim and Samel remain rather silent.

Meanwhile, Bernkastel and Myn come to a well-carved hall about fifteen feet wide, fashioned of wood and stone. Many wooden doors line either side of the hall, and it appears to continue to a stairway at the far end--you'd approximate about two dozen rooms between the two rows. Neither spots a sign of Elayne, though Myn recognizes a different eladrin--captain Erevan, from the sunken city of Heyl'r, who approaches him immediately and says, "Hey, you're one of those adventurers from before, right? Thanks for helping us out down there."
>> No. 74501 edit

Myn recalls disliking this person.

"A strange coincidence. What brings you to Mithral Hall?"
>> No. 74502 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"My skills," the ranger captain replies, rolling his shoulders a bit. "After Sid rescued my people from the sunken city, several of my rangers joined the Flaming Fist. Being not-so-familiar with the city yet, it was decided our skills would be best put to use here, and my expertise is in leading my guard."
>> No. 74503 edit

"Very sensible."

Myn gestures to the shaman.

"This is my companion, Miss B. She was occupied with another matter when our group was sent to Heyl'r."
>> No. 74504 edit
File 131415489278.jpg - (34.10KB , 140x140 , mb11.jpg )
The shaman very briefly glares at Myn. This seems unfair. Bernkastel isn't as difficult to pronounce, right?

"Please call me Bernkastel," says the shaman, and then she whispers to Myn, "What about Ms. Elayne?"
>> No. 74505 edit

"Ah, yes. We are currently attempting to locate Miss Elayne. Did you happen to see her pass by here?"
>> No. 74506 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Elayne..." captain Erevan considers, with a hand to his chin. He looks lost in thought for a moment, then his face brightens in recognition. "Ah, that wizard woman! She went in the third door on your left--that's her quarters, I believe." the captain says, indicating the proper door.
>> No. 74507 edit
File 130678104694.jpg - (34.71KB , 163x195 , k04a.jpg )
The shaman nods, looking at the door in question. "Thank you."

She walks over to it and stands facing the room, expecting Myn to follow.

Last edited at 14/03/16(Sun)02:20:18
>> No. 74508 edit

"Thank you for the assistance."

With a wave, Myn moves to follow the shaman.
>> No. 74509 edit
Fine. Knocking. "Ms. Elayne?"
>> No. 74510 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
There is a moment of delay, before a wavering voice answers from within the room: "Y-yes?"
>> No. 74511 edit
File 132978231090.png - (18.86KB , 158x118 , b2.png )
"It's two of the adventurers. We were worried, and only partly about ourselves."
>> No. 74512 edit
"I don't know about the rest, but our families aren't very close by" says Sureiya, while glancing at the cavalier.

"The ritual thing is worrisome, I wonder which kind of visions the Fell King had. Hopefully iy won't spoil any of our plans."
>> No. 74513 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"O-oh..." she replies from behind the door, and there's a shuffling sound following by the door opening slightly. Elayne peeks out, her expression pained. "It's... I fear no apologies may suffice for my carelessness."

Meanwhile, Mardoc addresses Sureiya firmly, saying, "The Fell King no doubt has far greater control over the leyline than any of us--even via our rituals. His visions could have been far more clear and easier to understand." He pauses for a moment, then adds with a grave expression, "Nevertheless, there may be a way to cut him off from the leylines of this plane, at least temporarily. That would no doubt leave him weakened and vulnerable. Elayne, Halvangh, and I have been very busy studying the flow of power from the Shadowfell to Toril, and with the right magic, I believe we can do it."
>> No. 74514 edit
File 131761042231.png - (15.19KB , 105x105 , bern123.png )
"Is it that bad?" asks the shaman, looking to Myn and Elayne in turn.
>> No. 74515 edit

"It can hardly be as bad as the Duke sending us on death missions, I would think."

Myn appears openly unconcerned.
>> No. 74516 edit
File 131025978269.png - (6.03KB , 35x45 , cut.png )
"Well, that's true. We did know the risks, Ms. Elayne."
>> No. 74517 edit
Torinn wills himself not to yell in frustration.
"Would that give him less... Influence on this plane?"
>> No. 74518 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"N-no, it's..." out of the corner of her eye, Bernkastel notices the captain slinking off, no doubt trying to avoid any awkward moments. Elayne sighs and straightens herself, trying to restore some dignity to her strained posture. "You said you believed you saw into the Fell King's memories when you performed the ritual... if true, it's likely that he saw into... your memories..."

Mardoc tilts his head as he considers Torinn's question. "Impossible to know for certain, but hopefully so. It may be enough to throw whatever operations he has on Faerûn into disarray. In truth, this is the mission we were hoping your group would take up, as part of our move against the Fell King."

"Though I'd personally understand if you were inclined to decline, given recent circumstances," Halvangh adds.
>> No. 74521 edit
"That depends on the details of the mission."
>> No. 74523 edit
"The details aren't that important" the ranger states.
"This is our chance to become legends, as the ones in your books. Will ya really give up the chance to get on the level of your heroes?"
Try to get Torinn on the mood for adventure: Diplomacy (18) http://orokos.com/roll/174785
>> No. 74524 edit
File 12989609891.png - (10.42KB , 200x200 )
The shaman ponders this. This makes sense, but if that's how the Fell King found out, then how did Letharst's contact know what to do?

"I see? Could you give some details on how that works?"

Meanwhile, the shaman's spirit companion has a more worried look.
>> No. 74525 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"It's quite simple, really," Halvangh replies. "When tracing the flow of power along the leylines, we identified a convergence point in the Underdark where multiple leylines join, and then the power vanishes abruptly. We suspect that these leylines all connect to the Shadowfell at this point."

"And I've been hard at work designing a ritual that can be performed at the convergence to reverse the flow of elemental energy," Mardoc adds with a toothy grin. "You needn't worry about a flaw in this magic. I have been very careful in the design of the ritual, though in light of recent events I'm going to go over it again before preparing a scroll. We were hoping you'd take up this mission because your expertise in this area is high. With luck, it'll take the Fell King long enough to realize what is happening and undo the effects for us to strike at him."
>> No. 74526 edit
File 130101422990.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
"I'm... afraid the specifics are a bit out of my own sphere of specialization. What I do know is that the relevant component of the ritual is based on a sort of vision quest undertaken by shamans of Many-Arrows," Elayne stammers. "High shaman Mardoc provided the relevant details, and he wanted more time to refine it, but... I thought it best if we commenced immediately, before any more attacks from the Fell King. The responsibility for the ritual's imperfection is mine."
>> No. 74527 edit
File 130133266864.jpg - (137.86KB , 530x726 , sak_impassive.jpg )
Torinn puts on his best poker face and responds dryly,
"So let me get this straight... You want us to go there and use another ritual like we've been doing, only this time at an even more crucial location than before. Which means that the near-death experience-inducing foes we've faced so far will likely pale in comparison to whatever's guarding it by now. Am I correct in this assumption?"
>> No. 74528 edit
File 130023680217.png - (254.91KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p4.png )
Mardoc and Halvangh glance at each other. Mardoc seems almost amused, though Halvangh looks kind of worried, and he is the one to reply, "Well, that kind of thing is rather difficult to speculate on... we don't know what's there. However, it is likely close to a rift that leads to the Shadowfell, so... it could indeed be dangerous, in theory. We're suspecting the Fell King will have the bulk of his forces dedicated to the front, considering our imminent attack."

"It's not actually much different than the previous convergence points in the elemental leylines. What makes this one relevant to us is the fact that it's so close to the Shadowfell, and lies along a major path that the Fell King likely draws upon," the high shaman elaborates.
>> No. 74529 edit
"Even more dangerous than the things that nearly killed us before. I see. Then I have one more question for you gentlemen."

Torinn clears his throat once before speaking again.

"When do we start?" He asks with a mad grin.

Last edited at 14/03/16(Sun)20:09:14
>> No. 74530 edit

"Not to worry. We need merely to defeat the Fell King before he manages to use what he learned."

Myn shrugs.

"In any case, I hardly have anything to hide, nor family to speak of, and therefore no issue with the situation. You may wish to apologize to the others, however."

"Speaking of nothing to hide, that spirit's reaction is intriguing. I wonder if that nuisance of an orc will share."
>> No. 74531 edit
File 130179153493.png - (84.90KB , 178x390 , 01.png )
"To elaborate, could someone else have learned of the visions? Like, intercepted?"

Upon noticing that Myn is looking, the spirit companion disappears.

Last edited at 14/03/16(Sun)20:29:20
>> No. 74532 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"I-intercepted?" Elayne repeats in dismay. "I-I mean... nothing's impossible, though I don't see how it could've... it wouldn't be something I'd expect to have happened, it was supposed to be a direct link..." The horrified expression on the eladrin's face suggests that she is rather distressed by the possibility that the visions could have been leaked to a third party.

"Ha! That's the spirit! We'll prepare the ritual overnight so that you're ready to head out tomorrow, when the attack is to commence," the orc shaman replies, grinning all the while. "I think your duke was going to ensure you were well-equipped for the task as well. Make sure to find him later."
>> No. 74533 edit
File 130420653277.png - (54.37KB , 517x300 , peek.png )
"It's okay, I'm glad to have it confirmed to be unlikely. In that case, as Mr. N said, we'll just have to depose the Fell King soon."

Last edited at 14/03/16(Sun)21:11:24
>> No. 74534 edit
"Yeah, I'd like to talk with him as well, but it seems he has been as busy as us.
Now, I wonder if the Elayne is okay, any idea why she was so worried?"

Last edited at 14/03/16(Sun)21:12:46
>> No. 74535 edit
File 130023680217.png - (254.91KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p4.png )
Elayne pauses, then shudders a bit, nods, and makes to close the door, saying, "I-I'll wish you luck. I'd offer my help, but I'm afraid of what harm my help may do to you..." And then she quickly closes the door to her quarters, and you hear the sound of a lock clicking.

Halvangh regards Sureiya sadly and says, "My guess is guilt. She feels responsibly for leaking the details of your personal lives to a deadly enemy who will no doubt seek to exploit such information."
>> No. 74536 edit
File 13115685735.png - (71.55KB , 281x270 , bern82.png )
"I'm sure we'll need your help in the near future, Ms. Elayne."

The shaman whispers to Myn, "I guess we should go back."
>> No. 74537 edit
"No hard feelings really. It seems that it worked nicely, besides that. Actually, we might have missed some important information if we didn't have those visions."
>> No. 74538 edit

"I suppose we should head back. Farewell, Miss Elayne."

With a gesture, Myn turns and starts to make his way to the larger portion of the party.
>> No. 74539 edit
File 130101422990.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
After a few moments, Myn and Bernkastel rejoin the other four. Mardoc nods with their approach, and Halvangh hesitantly asks, "Did you find Elayne? Did she tell you anything?"
>> No. 74540 edit
File 132297885313.png - (17.23KB , 128x207 , eri3.png )
"She was feeling guilty about having been hasty with the ritual. It seems like our memories could have been shared with the Fell King, which explains the threats from the last leyline."
>> No. 74541 edit
"Eh, we might need to pay her a visit later. Anyway, now that you guys are back we should return to the planning.

So, we gotta use another ritual like we've been doing, only this time at an even more crucial location than before. Oh and there was something about confronting more dangerous things than the things that nearly killed us."

Last edited at 14/03/16(Sun)23:29:06
>> No. 74542 edit
File 137911743186.png - (77.78KB , 306x391 , bern111.png )
"It certainly sounds important. Is it the usual ritual, with the visions?" At this point, both spirits are out and listening intently.
>> No. 74543 edit
"It might be safer this time, Mardoc promised to double check it."
>> No. 74544 edit
File 13125598128.png - (51.18KB , 207x241 , bern40.png )
"That's too bad." The spirits look somewhat more relieved. "When do we go? Do we have any time to prepare?"
>> No. 74545 edit
"Too bad?"
"We're departing tomorrow, but they still haven't explained anything specific about the raid."
>> No. 74547 edit
File 131788720549.jpg - (157.64KB , 600x600 , mardoc.jpg )
"We asked the military guys if it could be done, and they said yes, it was a good idea. But we just thought up the objective, you'll need to talk to the strategists to figure out where you're headed and such, though I doubt it'll be much more complicated than walking through the tunnels, clearing out monsters until you find the leyline," Mardoc explains, then folds his hands together and leans forward in a conspiratorial stance. "There was one other thing, though. I believe that earlier you mentioned that you believed that Ragrim Dragonsworn became the Fell King. Was that correct?"
>> No. 74549 edit

"In lieu of another explanation for his presence in the visions, of course."

"And now I'm forced to repeat myself."
>> No. 74550 edit
File 136005136299.png - (184.88KB , 256x256 , fell king.png )
"Ragrim Dragonsworn should be long dead. If the power he was granted by the leylines also granted him an extended lifespan, he must be very powerful indeed by now," the orc shaman replies, leaning back. "You have all proven yourselves quite capable, though, so this crucial mission of weakening him couldn't be in better hands."

"Allow me to add to that," comes a voice from behind the adventuring group. The six turn to see captain Highwind of the ducal guard, along with a small complement of soldiers of various humanoid races standing at attention behind him. The dragonborn regards the group sternly, and though his eyes hover on "Bernkastel" a bit longer than the others, he elects not to say anything about her, instead saying, "We have additional supplies with which I suggest you equip yourselves for the journey ahead. We only had to confirm your numbers first."

With that, you are each given a vial containing 6,400 gp worth of residuum.
>> No. 74551 edit
"...Just how much is that?"
The ranger accepts the warfunds with a nod and adds.

"That's a lot of reagents, someone here can help us to enchant our equipment?"
>> No. 74552 edit
"Oh, certainly!" Sid chimes in. "Magic items are my specialty!"
>> No. 74553 edit
"Ah, sweet. You might have a tough evening then" remarks Sureiya with a smirk.
>> No. 74556 edit
File 129824298359.png - (16.50KB , 130x130 , 15984695.png )
"Where can we meet these strategists?"
>> No. 74558 edit
File 130238672466.jpg - (100.96KB , 638x825 , captain.jpg )
It's the dragonborn captain that folds his arms and replies, "I am overseeing much of the planning that is going into this attack."
>> No. 74559 edit
File 132297885313.png - (17.23KB , 128x207 , eri3.png )
"Oh, I see. Could we have a run-through of things to expect on the mission?"
>> No. 74560 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Expecting the unexpected is always a good rule," captain Highwind replies gruffly, slinging a long, thin blade over his shoulder. "The Shadowfell is known as a land of undead, though the actual minions of the Fell King we've encountered are mostly shadar-kai and fell orcs. Most of your mission will be centered in the Underdark, though, which is home to all sorts of monstrosities. We're hoping to get lucky and not run into a fight with the drow, but you may perhaps encounter duergar, troglodytes, illithids, grimlocks, vicious underground beasts, and minions of the Fell King. Particularly scouts. It's crucial you don't let any scouts you may encounter escape."
>> No. 74561 edit
"I suppose it would be a waste to carry such wealth into a den of vicious underground beasts."

Feeling well-enough acquainted with the Underdark already, the uninterested Myn attempts to locate the best place to buy some magical items.

Attempt to find an Ebony Fly and Sustaining Cloak +2.

>> No. 74562 edit
File 131657314532.png - (63.98KB , 216x163 , eri2.png )
Some of these sound familiar. "How many and which of us will be going?"
>> No. 74563 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
As Myn heads off, captain Highwind again replies, "For now, we'd like as many of you to go as possible. The whole six of you. Of course, we may need to adjust this allocation if something unexpected happens."
>> No. 74564 edit
While the ranger ponders on what to spend his funds, he suddenly remembers.
"Oh, by the way. We got our bags of holding enchanted while we were off. Maybe you can enchant yours as well?"
>> No. 74565 edit
File 13115685735.png - (71.55KB , 281x270 , bern82.png )
"Okay, that's everything I wanted to ask. Thank you."

"Enchanted? Like an upgrade?"

The shaman turns to the self-proclaimed magic item specialist, quizzical.

Last edited at 14/03/23(Sun)00:50:31
>> No. 74566 edit
File 130466399513.jpg - (17.31KB , 167x225 , sid.jpg )
"Special bag of holding enchantment! Makes it easy and quick to stow and pull things!" Sid explains. "Shouldn't be a problem to modify yours in the same way!"
>> No. 74567 edit
File 130179153493.png - (84.90KB , 178x390 , 01.png )
"It sounds nice. What would it take?"
>> No. 74568 edit
File 134692307521.png - (444.65KB , 434x756 , shmiontarot_2.png )
"That one's on the house! Of course, for other enchantments, ole Sid will need some of your own reagents, but I can cover that one!" the gnome replies.
>> No. 74569 edit
File 131025978269.png - (6.03KB , 35x45 , cut.png )
"Really? That would be much appreciated, thank you. ... By the way, do we have lodgings yet?"
>> No. 74570 edit
File 130508734891.jpg - (136.27KB , 491x480 , 11125426_p0.jpg )
"The duke has rooms ready for your group. A few spare ones were set aside as well, just in case, so we should be able to accommodate anyone your group might've picked up along the way," captain Highwind replies, putting his sword back in its sheath.
>> No. 74571 edit
Still a little dubious, Sureiya approaches Sid again.
"Ehm, I once heard people in high rank of militia and kings would use magical tattoos to enhance their physical skills. Are you familiar with those enchantments?"
>> No. 74572 edit
File 135993995395.jpg - (846.35KB , 800x864 , 2f5ac37d59546166d9190598fc2153be.jpg )
So much for done.

"Mr. Sid, I'll come back for the bag enchantment, but I would need it for the shopping. In the meantime, though, could you please improve this armor?" The shaman hands Sid her Tactician's Armor, along with the residuum he says he would need for the enchantment. 4000 gp. Also, it would need to be transferred to Drakescale masterwork armor for the full upgrade, but I'm hoping that will be dealt with somehow.

Then she turns back to Captain Highwind. "Then could you tell us our room assignments?"

"You want a tattoo??"

Last edited at 14/03/23(Sun)02:29:13
>> No. 74573 edit
"Yeah, my father once told me about them, but back then I didn't trust arcanists... oh, no offense Sid, I come from a rough place" says the ranger, in an apologetic tone.
>> No. 74574 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"I'll find a dwarf guide to show you the way, when you're ready. They will also show you around the halls if you like. I must return to my planning," captain Highwind states simply, then begins to walk off.

Sid tilts his head thoughtfully before replying, "Well, yes, of course! Such magic is similar to runes, you see, and can easily be applied to the body--" At this point the gnome begins a lengthy and somewhat dull explanation of the mechanics of magical tattoos.
>> No. 74575 edit
Sureiya does his best to try to understand Sid's technicisms, maybe truly interested for the first time on a subject like that.
>> No. 74576 edit
File 130420653277.png - (54.37KB , 517x300 , peek.png )
"Ah, Mr. Sid, I'm not sure if he would understand what runes are, so maybe it's best to start from there?" interjects the shaman, executing her token revenge.

Not minding Captain Highwind's departure, the shaman leaves to look for the marketplace.

Last edited at 14/03/23(Sun)03:04:25
>> No. 74577 edit
"I think might be too for a single class."
With a troubled expression, the ranger stays around while the shaman flees.

>> No. 74579 edit
File 129475012166.jpg - (62.52KB , 310x438 , 11567225.jpg )
The shaman asks around for the marketplace, and browses for dwarven specialty goods and miscellaneous potentially-useful items.

Shopping list, with (somewhat) in-character thought processes. Assuming I've received my share from Samel's ruby.

Tactician's Armor +2 (upgrade) : 4000 gp ----- Too used to it to switch to Dwarven Armor.

Acrobat Boots : 520 gp ----- Saw Sureiya using these.
Enshrouding Candle (for a miner's helmet) : 2600 gp ----- For hiding.
Everlasting Provisions : 840 gp ----- Feeding the party.

Antivenom (heroic tier) : 20 gp ----- Underdark preparation.
Gravespawn Potion (heroic tier) : 50 gp ----- Anti-undead measure.

Flotation Bladder (2) : 4 gp ----- Underground lakes?
Gray Rain Cloak : 20 gp ----- Saw Sureiya with one, but found out about the enchantment only now.
Listening Cone : 0.8 gp ----- I do this without the cone already, so may as well.
Sunrod (6) : 12 gp ----- Used them all in the Elemental Chaos.
Wolfsbane : 5 gp ----- Aren't there wererats and whatnot in the underdark?

Last edited at 14/03/28(Fri)01:40:06
>> No. 74582 edit
Torinn scratches at the back of his head, "I'm afraid all this talk about magic is flying straight over my head."
>> No. 74583 edit
File 130466399513.jpg - (17.31KB , 167x225 , sid.jpg )
"Err, right, sorry!" Sid abruptly halts his explanation and scratches the back of his balding head, looking a bit embarrassed though his goggles. "A-anyway, was there anything else you needed? Did you want me to start enchanting something?"
>> No. 74584 edit
Torinn nods, handing off his sword. "Well, I'd like this made into magic dust. When you're done with that I'll approach you with the other things I need."
>> No. 74585 edit
"Well, I was looking for an enchantment that would let me fight during tough conditions. If you were able to make any tattoo like that I'd be really in your debt" says Sureiya, trying to recover from his science-induced headache.
>> No. 74586 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Samel heads off to sell his ruby to a dwarven gemcutter, and divides the spoils with the other shoppers. Meanwhile, Sid heads off with Sureiya and Torinn to do some enchanting. Shoppers will find that purchasing reagents or magic items directly will incur a 10% markup, though buying mundane items has no markup price. Myn isn't able to locate a sustaining cloak, it'll probably need to be enchanted, though he has more success in locating an ebony fly figurine.
>> No. 74587 edit
File 139564515621.png - (35.89KB , 200x200 , sip3.png )
Eventually, the shaman returns with a bunch of new items, and whenever Sid is ready, pulls out her large collection of items from the bag one by one and arranges them on the floor to prepare for the bag enchantment.

Last edited at 14/03/24(Mon)00:14:31
>> No. 74588 edit
"Oh well."

Myn returns to Sid, inquiring about the enchantment of said cloak.

>> No. 74590 edit
Once in the stores, the ranger decides to spend most of his money on more of that mysterious magical powder, adquiring 2,300gp worth of reagents (real price 2,530gp). Then, he will spend a while looking for other useful-looking things.

After the exchange, Sureiya has 4,510gp worth of reagents and 12gp in gold pieces.
Then, he will buy the following:
spyglass of perception: 680gp
power jewel: 1,000gp
circlet of second chances: 680gp

He should now have 2150gp in reagents.

>> No. 74591 edit
After receiving his share, Torinn splits off to make a few purchases, such as a new weapon - he saw one that seemed to emit light from within that seemed promising. He grabs some more residuum from a vendor before he returns to Sid. Making sure there's no unwanted persons watching, Torinn takes out the dracolich's skull and presents it to Sid. "I hear that it's possible to make something like this into a helmet. Would you be able to do that?"
exchange 990 gp for 900 gp of residuum
Purchase Sunblade for 4620 gp
Give Dracolich Acolyte skull to Sid
Ask Sid to make Skull Helm

>> No. 74592 edit
Sid finds a nice, quiet, and deserted room to serve as a decent place for enchanting. As he gathers the necessary material, he looks to the adventurers that followed him--Torinn and Sureiya, as well as the two who had just returned, Bernkastel and Myn. He considers Torinn's question for a moment, then replies, "Well... yes, I could! If you could get one of the dwarves to shape it into a helmet, I could prepare a suitable enchantment for a skull mask! Now, where were we..." Pulling out his ritual book, Sid begins with the upgrades first, saying, "If you need an item made from scratch, check with the dwarves for a base item I can use--they have many high-quality options here in the halls!"
>> No. 74593 edit
Torinn nods, taking back the skull. In its place, he unclasps his holy symbol and, after etching a few things on the back in draconic, hands it to Sid, along with some residuum. "In that case, I'd like this given a suitable enchantment in the meantime."

Give enough for Symbol of the Champion's Code
>> No. 74597 edit
File 131761042231.png - (15.19KB , 105x105 , bern123.png )
He was still carrying that around? And he wants to wear it?
>> No. 74599 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
As Torinn and Sureiya head off to make their own purchases, Sid adds one more thing, "Oh! I wanted to make some adjustments to the leyline tracer overnight, to help us better determine the location of the leyline in these tight, underground confines! If you could leave that with me to work with later, that'd be super-duper!"

Though bone craftsmanship isn't what dwarves are renown for, it nevertheless isn't too difficult for Torinn to find a master bone carver in the dwarven hall. He cheerfully gets to work in his somewhat creepy workshop decorated wall-to-wall in orc and animal skull totems, and what Torinn is pretty sure is a minotaur's head mounted on the wall. When finished, the bone carver mentions in passing that he also works well with scales for that type of armor. Sureiya makes his potion purchases, and by the time they return, Sid has finished his first enchantment: a sustaining cloak +2 for Myn.
>> No. 74600 edit
"Reminds me of home," Torinn thinks to himself as he pays the dwarf, then returns with the newly smithed mask.
give dwarf 25 gp and have Sid fashion a Skull Mask
>> No. 74603 edit
File 130059468249.png - (11.21KB , 117x94 , bern118.png )
Eventually, the shaman is led to order a suit of armor, custom-made, which has to be ready in time for Sid to transfer the enchantment over before next morning. It's the dwarves, so maybe they can do it?

The shaman produces a number of Razor Plumes (from Val'akir--hypocrisy?) from her bag and requests for these to be used as decorations, but cannot bring herself to further dictate the design on such a short notice.

Regular scale armor costs 45 gp, and I'm buying Drakescale. All circumstances point to a higher-than-normal (normal for masterwork) cost, and I'll pay what they ask.

I also subtracted 27.5 gp from my gp total to pay for the Transfer Enchantment ritual. By the way, shouldn't we tip Sid, too?

>> No. 74604 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
The bone carver points Bernkastel to several ready-made suits of drakescale, still working on Torinn's helmet, which should be ready in a few hours. When informed of the customization, the carver assures the shaman that it's no trouble, with a mere 100 gp for the accents and the armor itself, and about two hours time to work them in.
>> No. 74605 edit
After spending most of his warfunds, the ranger will look for the shaman and show her what he got, maybe suggesting Myn to get a few potions as well.
>> No. 74606 edit
File 139599610850.png - (10.22KB , 217x247 , ep.png )
The shaman also shares what she bought with the party, like demonstrating the infinite picnic basket. We probably haven't eaten all day, right.
>> No. 74607 edit
When Torinn returns to Sid, he gives the gnome the leyline tracker as requested. "What kind of modifications are you talking about anyway?" he queries, nodding in thanks to Bernkastel before helping himself to some food.
>> No. 74608 edit
When Torinn reaches for the basket, the shaman pulls it away from him.
>> No. 74609 edit
"Hey, I'm really hungry" grumbles Sureiya, upon returning to the room, attempting to take the basket away from the Shaman's hands.
>> No. 74610 edit
File 131025978269.png - (6.03KB , 35x45 , cut.png )
The shaman doesn't let go, instead handing him food with Mage Hand.
>> No. 74611 edit
Torinn withdraws his hand coolly.
>> No. 74612 edit
Trying not to directly oppose the tyranity of Bernkastel, Sureiya silently shares a little of whatever meal the magical basket produced.
>> No. 74613 edit
File 130466399513.jpg - (17.31KB , 167x225 , sid.jpg )
"Oh, just to optimize its efficiency in tracking the flow of power along the underground leyline strands!" the gnome explains helpfully as he continues his enchanting work.
>> No. 74614 edit
The shaman holds the basket out to Sid, too, suggesting a short break. The basket should have about 15 meals?
>> No. 74629 edit
File 139622020818.png - (267.39KB , 1000x750 , 9nCFqib.png )
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