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No. 77455 edit

Two months have passed since the combined forces of the Flaming Fists, Mithral Hall, and several other powers from Luruar and the Sword Coast combined to enter the Shadowfell and battle the armies of the Fell King. While casualties on the part of the attacking army were light due to a certain group of adventurers confronting and defeating the Fell King himself, circumstances that unfolded immediately thereafter have caused quite a bit of a political shakeup on the Sword Coast. The reigning Grand Duke of Baldur's Gate, Daval Prestor, revealed himself as Daragoth the Desolator, an elder red dragon bent on seizing the Fell King's command of the elemental leylines for himself.

Though Daragoth has not been seen nor heard from since the Fell Keep collapsed with him inside, the fear that comes with realizing such a well-respected and responsible official was pushing the city-state of Baldur's Gate towards his own ends has given the rest of the Sword Coast quite the scare. And it seems bad news comes in twos and threes, as mere days after the appointment of a new Grand Duke, Abdel Adrian, word of an alliance between the powerful Red Wizards of Thay and the secretive Cult of the Dragon reached the Sword Coast. Reports of activity by the Cult of the Dragon in the Western Heartlands has prompted a reorganization of the military assets of Baldur's Gate--captain Highwind has resigned from his position as captain of the royal guard, and Thalwynn Cragmaul has succeeded him. Thalwynn Cragmaul has reformed and expanded the royal guard into a proper city watch for Bloomridge, the Twin Songs, and much of the Wide. The Flaming Fists are now led by Marshal Ulder Ravengard, and police the Outskirts and project Baldur's Gate's influence outside their own lands.

The political upheaval in Baldur's Gate, however, has opened the way for the other cities in the Sword Coast to claim more power and influence for themselves, especially with Luruar looking to ally themselves with the nation-states of the Sword Coast in order to better oppose the Cult of the Dragon and their Thayan allies. While nobody seems to know just what their plot is, all agree that it cannot be good for the realm at large. Diplomats looking to resurrect the Lords' Alliance have been sent to Baldur's Gate, Waterdeep, and Neverwinter. In addition, non-national organizations such as the newly-reformed Harpers, the Order of the Gauntlet, the Emerald Enclave, and the Zhentarim are also said to be sending representatives.

Given its central location, bustling trade, and stable political atmosphere, the city of Waterdeep is currently favored as a place for the various interested parties to hold council.
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>> No. 77456 edit
By now, Myn has been to several meetings of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep. They seem to meet weekly, and at each meeting he has attended, he has noted that roughly six to eight Masked Lords are given to attend, and while their identities remain unclear, it is clear that not the same ones are attending every single meeting, though sometimes a returning figure emerges.

On this particular occasion, seventeen Masked Lords are present in the council hall, both on the main floor and in the mezzanine. In the dim lightning, Myn can tell most of these Masked Lords he has seen at another council meeting at least once, though some are new to him. He is fully dressed in his formless, hooded black cloak and mask which protects his identity, and in his hand is a magical staff that alters his voice.

At first, the meeting proceeded as any other--various matters relating to commerce and inner city politics were raised and voted upon. Each time a matter is brought before the council, one of the Masked Lords ascends the platform at the front of the council hall, where two banners hang--one bearing the crest of Waterdeep, and one bearing the crest of the Open Lord of Waterdeep, the Neverember crest. Once on the platform, they present the issue, and a count of ayes and nays is taken. Several scribes are on-hand to carefully record the proceedings, and they appear to be rotated for each meeting, and they are seated behind a thin black screen where they can hear the Masked Lords but cannot see them.

The meeting seems to be at a point where it is winding down when suddenly a Masked Lord bursts into the council hall from the ground-level entrance with an moon elf woman in tow. She wears scale armor and has a scabbard for a long, thin blade at her side, and wears a green cloak that trails behind her as she briskly follows the Masked Lord to the platform. She has auburn hair, fair skin, brown eyes, and an angry expression that she fixes outwards towards her audience.

The Masked Lord speaks--his or her voice high and tinny as projected through the magic staff, "Comrades, I regret to inform you of the sudden death of Arthagast Ulbrinter. He was killed in his villa last night by brigands wearing strange masks and capes. The brigands sacked his villa and made off with his body, along with an indeterminate other number of valuables."

This provokes a stir among many of the Masked Lords present, who begin to murmur to each other. The Masked Lord on the podium indicates the eladrin woman, and says, "This is Remallia Haventree, lord Ulbrinter's widow."

"As I'm sure at least a few of you know, my husband was a Masked Lord of Waterdeep," comes the terse, whispering voice of Remallia Haventree. "I have come before you to implore the Lords of Waterdeep to have the city act swiftly to catch these murderous brigands!" Calming herself slightly, she then adds, "In addition, I have another request--that I be granted free reign in conducting my own investigation into my husband's death, and save Waterdeep time and money in so doing."

Despite the reaction to news of lord Ulbrinter's death, the Masked Lords do not seem inclined to discuss the matter openly. It moves immediately to a vote, and Myn knows that the Masked Lords tend to vote in favor of not spending money. Indeed, the first few votes are very quick "ayes", and it's soon Myn's turn to vote.
>> No. 77457 edit

"It's hardly my concern, but on the chance that masked lords are the targets in general another source of interference could be useful."
>> No. 77458 edit
File 144069561663.jpg - (21.14KB , 250x286 , 250.jpg )
The vote passes unanimously. Once it's clear that this is the case, Remallia Haventree bows deeply and says, "Thank you. You will not regret this, She pauses briefly, then adds, "I hesitate to speculate, but I have a good idea of the party responsible, and I will bring it before the Council of Waterdeep later today."[/b] and then departs the council chambers. The "Council of Waterdeep" Remallia refers to here is not the council of Masked Lords, but rather a separate meeting taking place later today between delegates from the Lords' Alliance and several other independent powers in how to respond to the many growing threats that face the realm.

Once it is certain that she has gone, the main business is put forth, and Myn suspects that this is why attendance is so high on this particular occasion. A Masked Lord ascends the front stage--its small stature suggests a gnome or halfling, but the voice projected by the magic staff he or she holds is very deep. "As you all know, the Open Lord of Waterdeep has not set foot in the city for more than five months, and has only recently arrived in the city to represent the interests of Neverwinter and Waterdeep at the upcoming council meeting. Indeed, lord Dagult Neverember has been spending all of his time and effort into rebuilding Neverwinter and has neglected Waterdeep for far too long. We have long discussed removing him from power, and now is the time to put it to a vote, so that we can inform him that he has been removed from power before he leaves the city."

There is a resounding cheer from the Masked Lords present, and though votes are being officially tallied, there isn't much question as to the outcome.
>> No. 77459 edit
Myn votes positively as he wonders how much a masked lord position can be sold for.
>> No. 77460 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
With Myn's vote, it is again unanimous. To commemorate the occasion, the speaking Masked Lord pulls out a longsword, and slices down the banner bearing the Neverember crest. He or she turns, and begins to speak once more, "Ah, there is one last thing to discuss. As I'm sure many of you know, the first session of the so-called 'Council of Waterdeep' is later today. While lord Neverember will be representing our interests at this meeting, we will have his replacement ready by the time of the second session. Each of you should carefully consider who best to elevate to this position."

With a thoughtful pause, he or she continues, "Many important dignitaries from foreign lands will be arriving at the City of Splendors for the first time--ever, or in years. It is fully expected that the Lords' Alliance will be officially reformed." The small humanoid scans the room, giving a meaningful look to each of the Masked Lords present as he or she speaks, "I am given to understand that they are attempting to get the adventurers that took down the Fell King to attend the meeting as well. The officials there want to personally thank--and reward--the adventurers for their efforts." Bowing, he then leaves the stage.
>> No. 77461 edit
When the dragonborn next opens his eyes, he is standing in a small, circular room covered in arcane sigils and standing atop a teleportation circle. There are two other people in this room--Elayne, who stands in front of you, smiling; and Gilgamesh, who flanks you, scanning the room, his face looking quite impressed.

"You didn't tell me you had connections like this, sir Torinn!" the red-garbed giant man says in wonderment. Over the past few days, Gilgamesh has been accompanying you on journeys on the outskirts of Tymanther, up until just a day ago when you received a message via animal messenger--plus a ready-to-use teleportation scroll. A local wizard helped you determine that it was intended to send you back to Waterdeep, and the message indicates that a council of high-ranking dignitaries wishes to see you back in Waterdeep, to offer thanks and rewards for your actions against the Fell King, as well as to discuss other matters relating to the continued safety of greater Faerûn.

Meanwhile, Gilgamesh has been entertaining Torinn with various stories about his exploits on other planes of existence, seeking powerful weapons with strange names such as "Excalibur" and "Bradamante". Elayne bows deeply to you as you enter, and says, "It is a pleasure to see you again, Torinn Tormine. Have you been well?
>> No. 77462 edit
"I guess I didn't talk about myself that much," Torinn admits sheepishly. Smiling at Elayne, Torinn gestures to Gilgamesh, saying, "Hello, Miss Elayne, I made a friend. This is Sir Gilgamesh, a warrior who seeks out rare and unusual weapons."
>> No. 77463 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"Ah, yes, I did notice your unusual... traveling companion," Elayne replies, nodding towards the giant man. "Greeting, sir Gilgamesh. I am Elayne, the curator of the Arcanimus, and institute for arcane research and practice."

"A pleasure!" Gilgamesh replies boisterously. Looking to Torinn, he asks, "Now, your adventuring companions I've heard so much about! Didn't you suggest they'd be around here too?"

"All of them have been summoned here and most are already in the city proper. Sid is right here in the Arcanimus, in fact," Elayne replies smoothly. Her expression changes to a more troubled one as she says, "Though, it's actually at the behest of Valanor that we called you. He and a Harper known as Leosin Erlanthar are requesting to meet you at the central crossing in the Market Square as soon as you are able."
>> No. 77464 edit
As soon as I'm able? That sounds pretty serious. "Alright, give Sid my regards," Torinn replies. Looking to his larger companion, he says, "let's go, I'll introduce my companions when we meet them."
>> No. 77465 edit
File 130101422990.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
Bowing once more, Elayne adds, "Sid will be along... presently. He can get very absorbed in his work, and he wants to wait until we've confirmed that all of you have arrived to head out. In any case, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, though I doubt you need it."

Torinn and Gilgamesh exit the Arcanimus into the city proper. Waterdeep is a bustling city, though it is not as populous as Baldur's Gate. It is only due to the Grand Duke's treachery that the City of Splendor has regained its status as the most prominent trade center of the Sword Coast, though the city itself is more more flat and aesthetically pleasing when compared to Baldur's Gate, where buildings are quite literally stacked on top of each other in order to house every person who lives there.

The "central crossing" Elayne referred to is a point in Waterdeep where three major trade routes intersect--the High Road, the Long Road, and the Trade Way. Merchant stalls and decorated stores crowd this area, but Valanor stands out quite a bit and is thus not too difficult for Torinn to spot. The human-looking sorcerer stands aside a familiar face--the shaman who called herself "Bernkastel", and an unfamiliar face--a half-elf man with a neatly trimmed black beard, fair skin, wearing brown leathers under a blue-and-white tabard of some sort. He carries a quarterstaff slung over his shoulder and possesses a lithe figure.
>> No. 77466 edit
File 139452163054.png - (1.22MB , 1254x1080 , wave.png )
The shaman doesn't look too different from before, other than her enchanted reading glasses. She notices Torinn, and waves at him as he gets closer, turning his armor pink and flowery. Prestidigitation.
>> No. 77467 edit
File 130141783628.jpg - (12.74KB , 322x362 , valanor.jpg )
Gilgamesh looks over to the shaman, then glances at Torinn's armor after watching her use magic to alter it, and says, "Ah... um, well met?" He turns back to the shaman and says, "I am Gilgamesh! Torinn and I met back in Tymanther and I accompanied him on his journey here. It is good to meet another member of the band that took down the Fell King!"

Nodding to Torinn, Valanor speaks up as well, "It is good to see you again. This is an associate of mine, Leosin Erlanthar," he indicates the half-elf beside him, who nods and smiles. "I will save the full introduction for when the rest of your party arrives--though I am given to understand that Ramuh will be meeting us at our destination instead, because he is accompanying Taern Hornblade from Silverymoon."
>> No. 77468 edit
Torinn glances down at his armor, makes a face, and then proceeds normally. "Sir Gilgamesh, this is the shaman I told you all about," Torinn says to Gil while gesturing towards Bernkastel. He gives a small bow to the half elf, and to Valanor. "It is good to see you again, Valanor. What have you been doing these past couple of months?"
>> No. 77469 edit
Nodding to Torinn, the shaman looks up at the intimidating-looking giant, and makes herself speak. "Hello, Mr. Gilgamesh. Please call me Bernkastel."
>> No. 77470 edit
File 143966618155.jpg - (277.73KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
Gilgamehs grunts and nods in the shaman's direction as Valanor addresses Torinn, "Trying to get ambassadors from the metallic dragons of Faerûn to hold council. Luckily, such prodding has proven more fruitful with this new business involving the Cult of the Dragon. I have been appointed as temporary liaison to Waterdeep, though really I think they're just letting me do what I want in regards to our business at the Well of Dragons. I'll explain more later, but I fully expect I'll be replaced as official liaison sooner or later."

It is at this point that Myn approaches the group. He also received word that Valanor and a Harper agent wished to meet with him and the rest of the party, though he received it from a retainer in his service as a Masked Lord of Waterdeep. He is not wearing his Masked Lord costume in public, of course, and the rest of the party is none the wiser about his identity as a Masked Lord.
>> No. 77471 edit

"Good afternoon."

The owlbear sniffs Gilgamesh curiously.
>> No. 77472 edit
"And this is Myn Nthelsyr," Torinn says, gesturing to the newly arrived half-elf. For Myn's benefit, Torinn introduces everyone present.
>> No. 77473 edit
"It is a pleasure to meet the two of you."

"Another half-elf. At least he won't contribute to this group's offensive ambiance."
>> No. 77474 edit
File 12958459827.png - (59.42KB , 776x450 , peekb.png )
"Mr. N, where did you go before the meeting? I didn't think you had a job."
>> No. 77475 edit

"I was merely meeting some acquaintances in the city. Of course, I would much rather have been able to forgo social obligations and read in my room for the past two months as well."

>> No. 77476 edit
File 130466399513.jpg - (17.31KB , 167x225 , sid.jpg )
Reiyasu regards the group as the introductions are handled. It appears to be the one described by Sureiya, but there are a few others present who he doesn't recognize. He's still collecting his thoughts when Sid jogs down the road, calling out, "Sorry if I'm late, sorry if I'm late!" Coming to a stop in front of the gathering group of suspicious-looking individuals, Sid pauses to catch his breath and regards the half-elf and the giant red-garbed man, whom he does not recognize.
>> No. 77477 edit
File 143821518975.jpg - (11.30KB , 236x360 )
Not very far away, another figure approaches the adventurers. A middle-aged human.
This person wears an elegant red robe, covering for the most part his heavy armor. His black hair is long and decently groomed, which fits well with his intense dark eyes. You can also see that he carries a nicely carved quarterstaff with him.
With an enthusiasm that looks a little off for someone of his age, the human ranger walks toward the central crossing where he was asked to meet the rest. "Oh my, they do seem as lively as my son described them."

Then, once he is close enough to the group, he introduces himself.
"Greetings adventurers, my name is Reiyasu Yatagarasu. As my son Sureiya cannot be disturbed from his training at this time, I will attend this meeting in his stead. I hope we can get along, my son has told me plenty about you and your adventures" he says, with a gentle smile in his face.
>> No. 77478 edit
File 131760978037.png - (38.58KB , 151x204 , flip.png )
The shaman curiously regards at Myn for a moment, knowing he's leaving something out, but moves on. "I was studying to cast rituals, and had to make library visits," the shaman corrects.
joji refused to roll bluff and didn't care if the shaman suspected something

"Hello, Mr. Sid," the shaman greets, but before she can say anything else, the appearance of the strange human earns her stare.

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>> No. 77479 edit

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mister Reiyasu. Your son has saved our lives many times."

"This man is the best-smelling orc I've ever met."
>> No. 77480 edit
File 144081658034.png - (607.82KB , 1024x576 , final_fantasy_xiv___wrath_of_midgardsormr_by_chibi.png )
At this point, the man Valanor referred to as Leosin speaks up, addressing Reiyasu directly, "Ah, yes, I had been informed of your situation! It is good to meet you in person, though a shame that Sureiya could not attend, as his skills were invaluable to the Sword Coast in the past."

Gilgamesh exchanges pleasantries with the new arrivals as well, and Valanor states, "Well, then. If there's nothing else, perhaps..." The human-appearing sorcerer's voice trails off, and his eyes suddenly go wide. As his head begins to twist this way and that frantically, everyone present notices something disturbing: there is a sudden shift in the wind that brings with it a strange sense of unease. The feeling is akin to the drop in air pressure before the approach of a deadly storm, or faint tremors felt from a landslide or earthquake far away. You’re not the only ones who have noticed. The city around you goes unnaturally quiet suddenly. No dogs bark, no birds squawk. Even the street vendors have gone silent.

The silence lasts only a moment, and almost immediately the sounds of Waterdeep return to mask anything the sudden silence might have portended. Humanoids continue about their daily business, though a few uneasy murmurs are whispered in the crowd, and everyone looks slightly unnerved. A merchant's horses seem uncooperative and skittish, and birds fly away without a note of song. In contrast to most everyone else appearing merely a bit unnerved, Valanor looks nearly frantic, and his head turns this way and that erratically, as if searching for the source of some unheard sound.
>> No. 77481 edit
File 131025978269.png - (6.03KB , 35x45 , cut.png )
The shaman looks around as well. "Mr. Valanor, did you hear the Draakhorn?"
>> No. 77482 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"That... was almost certainly the Draakhorn, yes," Valanor replies, shaking his head as if snapping out of a daze.

"The... Draakhorn?" Leosin asks, curious, but Valanor shakes his head.

"We'll explain later. For... for now, we should head to the Lord's Palace. The preliminary session of the Council of Waterdeep will be starting soon, and I have information I wish to share with all of you regarding the Well of Dragons," Valanor says.

"This is where I must take my leave!" Gilgamesh announces suddenly, bowing briefly to the group. "It has been a pleasure, but I have my own business to attend to, Torinn. They wish to meet with and thank the heroes who defeated the Fell King, and I am not counted among they! So I must bid you farewell, and we shall certainly meet again!"
>> No. 77483 edit
Torinn greets Reiyasu with a firm handshake and echoes the compliments of the others. Before he can sah more, there's a sudden change in the air that makes him feel... off.

He snaps out of his daze after Gilgamesh speaks, and sees the giant off with a smile.
"Farewell for now, Sir Gilgamesh," he says, "we shall certainly meet again."

After his travelling companion leaves, though... Torinn looks a lot more serious about what just happened.
>> No. 77484 edit
Reiyasu feels honored to hear such praise from his son, and he manages to recognize Torinn, Myn, Bernkastel and Sid in the group. His mood would have stayed rather cheery, if it wasn't from the sudden change in the air and the chills it caused him.

"That was certainty... uncomfortable. Perhaps we should haste the way to our meeting" the human says, realizing it's no time for introductions.
>> No. 77485 edit
The shaman is ready to go.
>> No. 77486 edit
Gilgamesh walks off with a bit of a swagger, as if he was totally unaffected by the unsettling event. Valanor leads the group to the Lords' Palace. Passing from the Trade Ward to the Castle Ward, each of you notices that while the behavior of the humanoid inhabitants of Waterdeep is largely unchanged, the animal life present in the city seems absolutely rattled. Cats hiss and flee to hide when they are approached, dogs seem disinclined to bark and instead merely watch listlessly as the world goes by, horses are unnaturally skittish, and what few birds remain fly away without a note of song. Finally you arrive outside the Lords' Palace, and though Myn has been here before, none of the rest of you have. It is an enormous structure that has been a part of the city proper for centuries, comprised of several large circular tower-like stone structures that are connected via enormous stone walls surrounding a courtyard where the City Watch and the City Guard both train.

Your destination is the Great Hall, which sits on the back end of the structure, against the back of the larger walls that surround the city itself. Myn is aware that this is where the Lords of Waterdeep entertain the Open Lord of the city, as well as foreign dignitaries, while the Masked Lords meet in a separate, hidden part of the structure. You approach the outside gate via a stone ramp, and after some pleasantries are exchanged with the City Guard, you are admitted through. As you pass through the courtyard, you notice no training taking place--instead, there are dozens of members of the City Guard simply standing guard around the palace structure. In addition to armored members of the City Guard, two figures stand just outside the grand entrance to the Great Hall. One you recognize--Ramuh is present here. The other you do not recognize, though her garb identifies her as a Waterdavian noble, and she is a middle-aged human.

"Dala Silmerhelve," Valanor says, nodding to the human woman. "You are outside? I thought the nobles had already started talks."

"Nothing important will be decided until the arrival of our honored guests," the noble woman replies easily, nodding to the group of adventurers.

"And Ramuh! It is good to see you again as well," Valanor says, bowing slightly in respect.
>> No. 77487 edit
File 144092742925.png - (216.00KB , 352x480 , lee_1871.png )
Moderately affected by the change of mood, Reiyasu remains quiet until the group reaches the palace. Once there, he recognizes another one of Sureiya's comrades.

"It's a pleasure, Mr. Ramuh. My name is Reiyasu." the human says humbly. "I have come here instead of my son Sureiya. He refused to attend until his training was over, and so he asked me to accompany you in his place" he softly explains.

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>> No. 77488 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Ah, how could I be so rude?" Valanor exclaims, nodding to the human woman. "You've all met Ramuh--save Reiyasu here, but allow me to introduce Dala Silmerhelve, Waterdavian noble and a longtime friend of mine."

She curtsies and smiles to the adventurers, saying, "A pleasure. It is my hope to be of some use to you in the coming days."
>> No. 77489 edit

"My name is Myn Nthelsyr. I'm sure we would all welcome any assistance you may be able to provide, Miss Dala."

"I suppose we'll be exchanging introductions with half the city at this rate."
>> No. 77490 edit
More import accorded training than a meeting around─ just as well, 'twas not Ramuh's place to judge.

"Well met, Reiyasu," the elder replies. "I see you are all in fine spirits," his gaze lingering on Torinn's colourful armour a bit longer than on the rest, "considering what came to pass last we parted."
>> No. 77491 edit
File 144096847730.png - (219.84KB , 394x480 , lee_1906.png )
"It is a honor, lady Dala" the human cordially states. Then he patiently awaits until the rest of the introductions are over while he casually admires the surroundings.

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>> No. 77492 edit
File 144097817295.png - (21.16KB , 208x272 , Caster_nervous.png )
"Well, we had best not linger," Ramuh says. "Just moments past, I sensed a... great disturbance in the force." He smiles wryly, as though he made a joke just now.

"I feel every moment is precious henceforth."
>> No. 77493 edit
"I agree," Dala agrees, placing her hand on the grand set of double-doors that leads into the grand hall. "But before we enter, I should introduce you to the personalities present, as I suspect that they will wish to get right to business without the formalities of formally introducing each delegate.

Many Waterdavian nobles will be present, but they have very little actual power other than whatever they can leverage against the Open Lord to influence his decisions.

The Open Lord of Waterdeep, Dagult Neverember, represents the interests of both Waterdeep and Neverwinter at this meeting. Lord Neverember is known to be hard-working, decisive, and orderly. Though he is not known to be especially cautious, his strong, honest, and direct nature has gained him some rapport with sellswords of all stripes. He has transformed Neverwinter from a forgotten ruin to a functional, if still fledgling, city, on the outskirts of civilization. The location demands a lot of work to be done, and has attracted a great many adventurers and treasure-seekers, and Neverember has earned the respect of most of them. However, the fact that he has spent nearly all of the past year in Neverwinter rebuilding while shirking his duties as the Open Lord of Waterdeep has bred a fair amount of resentment in the City of Splendors.

Ambassador Connerad Brawnanvil, son of Banak Brawnanvil and former king of Mithral Hall, has traveled from Mithral Hall to act as a delegate representing all the dwarves of the North, including Citadel Adbar and Citadel Felbarr. Personally I don't know much about him, but rumor has it that he's a stubborn old dwarf, and very unwilling to commit troops from the dwarven homelands to foreign campaigns. However, he detests dragons, cultists, and demons alike; and respects bold displays of heroism. He likely knows your reputation, and it should be possible to win him over through decisive and direct action.

Marshall Ulder Ravengard of Baldur's Gate has only had a short amount of time in command of the Flaming Fists, but he unquestionably represents the largest number of soldiers out of anyone on the council. The Flaming Fists can both muster and field more military power than any the other delegates can individually commit, and I'm given to understand that his personal military prowess is also the greatest among the members of the council. Lord Ravengard is of two minds on this matter--he knows the Flaming Fists are necessary to police the city and help keep the peace following the events involving Grand Duke Prestor being revealed as an elder red dragon, but he also would personally love to see the Flaming Fists leading the charge against the Cult of the Dragon. He respects discipline and order, and is more used to dealing with soldiers than adventurers, but an appeal to his thirst for glory might be what we need to get the Flaming Fists committed.

King Melandrach speaks for the elves of the Misty Forest and the High Forest. Again, I don't know much about him, but from what little interaction I've had with him, he seems to be a very cautious man, and will always call for more information before committing to anything. I'm not certain if any amount of intel will sway him. I have learned that he has two sons, Alagarthas and Neronvain, who are very much his opposites--they rush headlong in pursuit of their goals, while Melandrach is a staunch defender of elven tradition. He will be very slow to change, and frankly, I'm not certain it's going to be worth the effort to wear him down, though the elven rangers, wizards, rogues, and eldritch knights he can commit to the cause would be very useful against the cult.

Taern "Thunderspells" Hornblade, the ruler of Silverymoon, represents the Luruar alliance, also referred to as the Confederation of the Silvery Marches. I am given to understand that he has stepped down at least temporarily from his position as ruler of the city in order to serve as a delegate to represent Luruar, and the city is now ruled by Methrammar, the son of Alustriel Silverhand. You may know Alustriel as one of the Seven Sisters. Taern Hornblade can commit the Knights of Silver to our cause, as well as Silverymoon's many conscripts. He will also be a difficult one to sway, as the wards of Silverymoon have held fast against dragons before, so he may feel he has little to fear should the Cult of the Dragon grow in power. Nevertheless, he will be very hesitant to send his troops to die in battle, so he will want assurances that most of them will be returning home safely. Convincing him to lend aid to our cause will require us to provide a solid battle plan based on reliable intelligence.

Sir Isteval is a man of many loyalties. He was sent to the council nominally as a representative of the small settlement of Daggerford. While Daggerford is a popular waypoint along the trade road and a favorite stopping point for many adventurers, it can commit very little to the cause due to its relatively small size. However, he has confided in the council that he has been drafted by Cormyr to gain insight into what looks like a war brewing on their western border. He is a former adventurer and a Purple Dragon Knight of Cormyr. He is a good and honorable man, and refuses to hide this information from the council. While he assures us that his loyalties to Daggerford, Cormyr, the Lords' Alliance, and all good folk are not at odds with each other, this has already caused an uproar among the other delegates, many of whom would like to see that he is not invited to the next meeting. Personally I feel that this is short-sighted, as if through him we could get the War Wizards of Cormyr and the Purple Dragon Knights rallied against the Cult of the Dragon and their Thayan allies, it would be a great help to our cause.

These six represent the Lords' Alliance. In addition to them, we also have delegates representing three major non-national organizations who are willing to join our stand against the Cult of the Dragon. First among them we have Remallia Haventree, the widow of lord Arthagast Ulbrinter. She represents the Harpers, who have long made efforts to maintain the balance of power across Faerûn from the shadows, favoring knowledge over brute force. This is no simple task, and the Harpers have been destroyed, reformed, divided, and reorganized many times over the centuries. In addition to providing us with information, the Harpers also have many mages who can assist us in magical matters. However, it should be noted that Remallia is considered something of a hard-liner among the more traditional and cautious members of the Harpers, who will want her to prove that they have sufficient information to confront this threat before they are brought on board. Remallia herself is rather firmly on our side, however, so I doubt anything short of snubbing her outright will deter her. It would be best, however, to attempt to capture important cultists rather than kill them and turn them over to the Harpers for interrogation in order to win their trust.

The Order of the Gauntlet is being represented by Ontharr Frume. Again, Ontharr Frume is convinced of your worthiness already due to your part in aiding the Sword Coast against the Fell King, and personally he will support us as long as you are also on board. His organization, however, is a different matter. The Order of the Gauntlet is extremely crucial to our cause as they have many priests and paladins in their ranks to provide us with crucially-needed healing and support, but they do not tolerate anything they perceive as morally dubious. Should they learn that we have accepted aid from unscrupulous organizations or notoriously evil figures, the Order of the Gauntlet will surely pressure Ontharr Frume to withhold support. In contrast, winning over the hearts and minds of more noble benefactors, such as metallic dragons and good-aligned deities, may serve to prove your righteousness to them. One last note on Sir Frume is that he has a great deal of respect for Sir Isteval, and perhaps could be persuaded to assist us in keeping the Purple Dragon Knight on board as a delegate.

The lone representative of the Emerald Enclave is Delann Winterhound, a half-elf ranger who has spent most of his life traversing the northern wilderness. The Emerald Enclave is comprised of many druids, rangers, treants, and lycanthropes who seek to preserve the balance of nature rather than the balance of power. While they agree that the Cult of the Dragon's plans must be put to a stop, above all else they seek to preserve the various balances inherent to the world--good and evil, nature and civilization. Garnering the Emerald Enclave's support will require proving to Delann that you're not on a crusade to stamp out evil indiscriminately, as he would argue that both good and evil are necessary to preserve the balance of the world. As such, he believes that preserving life is a higher priority than destroying evil. You would also need to assure him that you're willing to fight in order preserve nature as well as civilization."

Dala Silmerhelve takes a deep breath, then looks to the party, awaiting any questions.

"G-great googly moogly! You've certainly done your homework on the council!" Sid exclaims.

Smiling nervously, Dala replies, "I owe much to... a certain benefactor." Her eyes shift to Valanor, and she nods slightly. "If this is what I can do to repay my debt, then I will see it done."
>> No. 77494 edit
File 131363047554.png - (37.96KB , 153x260 , confuzzled_.png )
The shaman nearly panics at the amount of information, and frantically scribbles onto a writing pad with a black quill, strangely without any ink. Even after the woman finishes her speech, she continues adding details, later to be added to her journal.
>> No. 77495 edit
Myn blinks at the first name, but restrains his urge to pass out as the list lengthens.
>> No. 77496 edit
File 144100385147.png - (212.29KB , 352x480 , lee_1949.png )
Reiyasu quietly listens to the long explanation of lady Dala, and meanwhile attempts to prepare a strategy in the same way an experienced shogi player would try to predict the movements of his opponent.

"Winning the favor of the Order of the Gauntlet seems to be very important for our cause. As long the party doesn't deal into shady business and we get the support of the Dragon Council I suppose we can assume they will assist us. On the other side, lady Remalia has proved herself to be an useful ally and she might work more efficiently once she has the rest of the harpers convinced our intel is good. Heh, as if we were so naive to launch an assault without a proper strategy..."

Once the human finishes his inner monologue, he softly adds "Color me impressed, I'm honored to be able to meet so many important nobles and wise generals. However, it certainly also leaves me with a lingering feeling of uneasiness. Is the enemy we are about to confront that powerful?"

Last edited at 15/08/30(Sun)23:54:44
>> No. 77497 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Dala begins to answer, but then hesitates, and looks to Valanor. Valanor nods briefly to her then turns to Reiyasu and explains, "There is more to this than any of us could have imagined, I believe. All will be explained when we meet the delegates... this information did not come to us easily. Indeed, everything was set in motion when you brought me news that the Fell King was somehow transported to the Well of Dragons. I will give the full story at the meeting, but the short version is that we believe that the ultimate goal of the Cult of the Dragon is to summon Tiamat into this world."
>> No. 77498 edit
File 130619839991.png - (3.51KB , 56x106 , bern127b.png )
The shaman stops copying for a moment to recall what she has read about Tiamat. Religion for Tiamat. (24) http://orokos.com/roll/321709

"Tiamat? Were they not something to do with dracoliches?" the shaman asks.

Last edited at 15/08/31(Mon)01:15:02
>> No. 77499 edit
File 144103302079.png - (21.22KB , 208x272 , Caster_unhappy.png )
"... It is unfortunate that the threat we face is strong enough to warrant a meeting as this, yet the attending members have cotton for brains and need further persuasion." Ramuh shakes his head. "Would that the realm could simply unite in the face of a global threat. Alas, not so easy."

He considers for a moment, then adds, "Master Hornblade is but a pup to this. Chosen only recently to lead. I imagine he'll stubbornly cling to the road of caution, so it may be prudent not to seek Luruar's help first and foremost. Young leaders are ever frightful what history will say of them."
>> No. 77500 edit
File 144103304351.jpg - (137.87KB , 1554x1005 , Tyranny-of-Dragons-Campaign-Art-Tiamat.jpg )
"Yes, for a very long time has the Cult of the Dragon been associated with dracoliches," Valanor confirms, nodding slightly. "They have undergone a change in leadership recently. Remi has more information on that."

Bernkastel (Religion): Tiamat is the five-headed dragon goddess of greed. All evil dragons, chromatic or otherwise, pay homage to Tiamat, as she is the divine principle of "might makes right". Her core belief is that anything you are strong enough to take is yours by right. She also represents vengeance and is known to encourage her followers to lash out at the smallest slight.

Tiamat is most often depicted as a colossal five-headed dragon, one head of each of the five main colors of chromatic dragons. Her power has waxed and waned over the eons, but as a god, her power and strength are well beyond the ken of mortals.

>> No. 77501 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
"We should not judge them so harshly. Most of them have the best interests of those they are charged to lead first in their hearts," Dala replies in an easy-going tone. "The realm has faced many potentially world-shattering threats in the past and so far continues to exist, so many would be content to wait out this one as well. It falls to us to convince them that the scale of this threat calls for a response of equal or greater scale. At the very least, we should convince them that they can minimize their losses by working together. I fear it will be no simple task, however."

Valanor shakes his head slightly. "Alas, politics were never my strong suit. I can present my findings and speculations, but in the end, I'm a dragon-hunter." He turns to face Dala and adds, "You should try and convince Nymmurh to plead out case."

Dala scowls, as if Valanor is bringing up a sore spot for her. "He is far too busy with the work YOU have given him, Valanor." Turning to face the adventurers with an uneasy smile, she then asks, "Well, are we ready then?"
>> No. 77502 edit
File 131760978037.png - (38.58KB , 151x204 , flip.png )
The shaman's note-taking has slowed down quite a bit, the quill only adding a few notes here and there. She conjures the smaller spirit companion, which looks a bit more solid than the last time her allies have seen it. The shaman hands it the quill, and it continues the writing while she looks up to speak again.

"...Even if we don't have much time, I think we should discuss at least the most basic strategy. Most importantly, if Sir Isteval can be as helpful as Ms. Silmerhame suggests, then I think convincing the council to keep him involved has immediate priority. We should first persuade Sir Frume to do this."
>> No. 77503 edit

"While we should keep that in mind, it would likely be difficult to plan effectively without seeing the council in action. I should hope that a conclusion will take more than one meeting to reach."

Myn twirls his imp in cheerful anticipation.

Last edited at 15/08/31(Mon)14:40:16
>> No. 77504 edit
File 14410574524.png - (211.75KB , 352x480 , lee_1943.png )
Looking at miss I-cannot-be-bothered-to-introduce-myself, he happily replies.

"That sounds like smart thing to do, lady Bernkastel I believe? I was hoping myself sir Valanor could help us to begin on good terms with the Order of the Gauntlet, as their support might result being invaluable for our cause."

Last edited at 15/08/31(Mon)14:54:27
>> No. 77505 edit
File 12989609891.png - (10.42KB , 200x200 )
The shaman nods. "We still want to be on good terms with everyone, the two especially."

"Yes, Mr. Yatagarasu, I'm sorry for not introducing myself earlier. Please call me Bernkastel," says the shaman, bowing to the elder.
>> No. 77506 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"I can certainly vouch for you," Valanor replies, turning to face Reiyasu. "Though I believe that sir Ontharr Frume already likes you well enough personally. Putting the matter of his organization's involvement aside, you and yours may wish to address him directly to gain his support in keeping sir Isteval on board."
>> No. 77507 edit
File 129714137584.jpg - (24.83KB , 272x244 , sak_glare.jpg )
Torinn bristles, remaining quiet for a time as he processes what he just heard. What utter nonsense was just articulated to him. What unbelievable, hubris-laden idiocy was just explained. "They want to summon the Dragon Queen?!" he whispers loudly, his voice harsh as though he just held himself back from screaming out loud at the sheer foolishness of what he'd heard. As though those cultists fail to grasp the sheer scope of disaster that such a summoning would entail.

He calms himself down enough to just scowl instead of yell.
"The Platinum Dragon appeared before me during my return to Tymanther," he says after a moment of silence. "He told me 'the fate of many hangs in the balance.' I didn't understand at the time, but now I think I do. We musn't let it come to pass!"
>> No. 77508 edit
File 144107911315.png - (215.92KB , 394x480 , lee_1993.png )
Now with her name confirmed, the human replies to her with a polite bow "Do not worry, we're on a complicated situation right now. In any case, what would be your suggestion for the meeting now?"

Then his attention is grabbed by Torinn's surprising story."That is... impressive" Reiyasu admits, loss at words. "After a sight like that, now we can rest assured that our goal is fair" he continues rather pleased.

Last edited at 15/08/31(Mon)20:50:29
>> No. 77509 edit
File 13115685735.png - (71.55KB , 281x270 , bern82.png )
The shaman nods to Reiyasu and looks just about to reply, but then is surprised by Torinn's outburst. "Mr. Tormine, you met Mr. Bahamut?"

Last edited at 15/08/31(Mon)20:57:26
>> No. 77510 edit
File 130101422990.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
Valanor seems a bit taken aback by Torinn's words, and Dala also seems to have taken a keen interest in his reply to the shaman. Sid seems to stumble over a proper reply.

"That is amazing, Torinn. The Platinum Dragon revealed himself to you?" Valanor repeats incredulously. "...though I tend to agree, which is why we need the nations to unite against this threat. If there's even the smallest chance they can bring Tiamat to Toril, then we must spare no quarter in stopping them."
>> No. 77511 edit
Torinn describes his meeting with the old man with the canaries, the form that Bahamut sometimes takes, and the cryptic warnings he was given. "It was through his blessing that I was able to aid in the slaying of an elder green dragon working with the Cult of the Dragon. Were he not there, it may have been able to escape."
>> No. 77512 edit
File 144112725762.png - (21.33KB , 208x272 , Caster_confident.png )
"Gods revealing themselves unto you, then?" Ramuh grins confidently. "Good tidings, then. If we can but convince the council of this, one ally at least is all but secured. Though I should hope to learn what they consider unscrupulous allies..."
>> No. 77513 edit
File 131120665080.png - (6.08KB , 35x45 , cut2.png )
While the smaller spirit continues filling in notes for her, the shaman looks a bit more worried at Torinn's words. "...This cult situation sounds pretty important."

Remembering Reiyasu, the shaman turns back to him to reply. "I think... we must also avoid turning the other representatives against us for supporting Sir Isteval. But I apologize, I have no experience with politics, and cannot suggest how to achieve these things," the shaman concludes with a bow.

Last edited at 15/09/01(Tue)10:30:47
>> No. 77514 edit
File 144113947337.png - (21.14KB , 208x272 , Caster_nonplussed.png )
"I would very much like to see the atmosphere before formulating a plan for that," Ramuh says to Bernkastel. "Lady Dala might have procured this information for us, but there's some blanks with regards to who stand against Sir Isteval and who do not."

He strokes his beard and is quiet for a moment, before he continues slowly, "There is an old saying I recall... that he who attempts to pluck every flower will see his bouquet wilted 'ere he is done. It may be prudent for us to consider securing the support of key members and worrying about the rest later." With a smile, he finishes, "Of course, I do mean to secure every single ally we can, but perhaps priorities can be made."

Last edited at 15/09/01(Tue)13:31:59
>> No. 77515 edit
File 144107911315.png - (215.92KB , 394x480 , lee_1993.png )
"Well, perhaps we move on, as Mr. Myn suggests" Reiyasu adds in a relaxed manner. He however curiously watches the way the half-elf interacts with his imp.
>> No. 77516 edit
File 14411429635.png - (44.95KB , 205x332 , d5c6853efd0f62dea6e8b73883db217f 2.png )
"Yes, I agree with prioritization," the shaman replies to Ramuh. She pauses as though listening to some inaudible advice, and then continues, "If I may add one last thing, maybe we should keep in mind that some organizations would be more helpful earlier than later, and others vice versa."
>> No. 77517 edit

Noticing the orc's glance, Myn displays some of his advanced imp-juggling maneuvers.


"Of course, that saying should not apply to the many-limbed creatures of the deep. Perhaps it may be prudent to divide our attentions for the sake of time."
>> No. 77518 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Valanor absorbs Torinn's story with thoughtful reverence, and seems lost in his own mind by the end of it. As the group continues their discussion, Dala Silmerhelve interjects, "Ambassador Brawnanvil, lord Neverember, and King Melandrach seem most adamantly against the inclusion of sir Isteval, while lord Hornblade and lord Ravengard are withholding judgment. I do not know the position of miss Haventree, and Ontharr Frume seems conflicted on the matter. I do know he holds some admiration for sir Isteval, but for some reason he seems hesitant to openly support him. That is why I suggested it may take some doing to get him to speak about it."

The imp makes some very loud noises complaining about his predicament, which does sour the atmosphere slightly, though Dala looks ready to proceed inside if the rest of the party is. Valanor seems to be having an internal debate, and Sid appears ready to move.
>> No. 77519 edit
Noticing Valanor's expression, the human tries to grab some more information out of him "Forgive me for intruding, Mr. Valanor, is perhaps something bothering you?"
>> No. 77520 edit
File 130141783628.jpg - (12.74KB , 322x362 , valanor.jpg )
Valanor shakes his head slightly, and says, "No, no, not exactly. Just a little overwhelmed, I suppose, with such direct involvement by Bahamut." He pauses, then adds, "And I'm trying to figure out how we factor into this. Ah, but I must present my findings regarding the Well of Dragons before the council, then I'll explain further."
>> No. 77521 edit
With the adventurers' planning complete, Dala pushes one of the enormous double doors open and traverses a short distance to a stairway that leads a short distance downward. At the end of these stairs is a smaller, yet more ornate set of double doors, and opening this reveals the grand hall.

The area is split in two--a large, oval-shaped table sits in the middle, and it appears to be carved from a dark, sweet-smelling wood with green accents. Spread across the table is a map of the Sword Coast, another map of the Western Heartlands, and a third map of the Luruar region. Around the table are many chairs that appear to be carved from a similar wood that seems to balance the sweet smell with a different fragrance. Surrounding the table at a distance of about fifteen feet is a mezzanine where dozens of Waterdavian nobles sit, as well as what appear to be some courtiers from other lands. Many humanoid races are represented in these nobles, and they seem to be loudly discussing matters amongst themselves, though the sound appears somewhat muffled by some magical effect before it reaches the floor below. This is where you spot the dignitaries you remember mentioned.

Reiyasu quickly spots Remallia at one end of the table, standing next to a paladin dressed in shining white armor--a young adult human male, but the looks of him, though he appears to have gone prematurely bald, though sports a bushy dark gray mustache and matching beard. Going clockwise from this man, who stands on the left side of the oval and is very likely Ontharr Frume, is a taller, middle-aged human male in blue and gray robes, which matches the description Myn knows as Dagult Neverember. To his right is the dwarf diplomat, dressed in earthly browns and oranges, with a bright braided orange beard and long braided locks atop his head, who must be Connerad Brawnanvil. Standing to his right is Taern Hornblade, who Ramuh immediately recognizes with his somewhat simple-looking blue tunic and thick white hair and beard. Despite his hair going white, he has a youthful gait that perhaps stems from his magically lengthened age, but the expression on his face is grave and thoughtful. The elf to his right most be King Melandrach, as evidenced by his flowing green robes with a gold trim, and his stern, unwavering demeanor. He lacks any facial hair, but his neatly-trimmed, golden blonde hair is topped with a crown made of woven branches painted with silver accents. To his right of the elf king is a human man wearing simple shining steel armor, with short black hair and hard gaze. The tabard covering the front of his armor bears the insignia of the Flaming Fists, making him sir Uldur Ravengard. Sir Isteval, though somewhat advanced in years as a human, still sports a full head of black hair and a black, neatly-trimmed beard to compliment his shining silver armor and purple cape. The last member of the council on the far right side of the oval table is the half-elf ranger, dressed in light gray and white leathers and standing a bit of a distance from the table, a thoughtful look in his eyes. He too lacks facial hair, and possesses a short, thin head of dirty-blond hair.

None of the delegates appear to be sitting, and most have turned their head towards the sound of the doors opening and the entering adventurers, stopping any conversation that might have gone on before you entered. The side of the table facing the doors has been left empty so that the adventurers can take their place there, and you notice that several of the delegates seem to have aides present, standing a bit behind their given representative. A familiar-looking dwarf dressed in white that several of you know as Gourmert Goldsmith stands slightly behind sir Ravengard, and a reddish-pink skinned tiefling woman in red-and-black robes stands near Dagult Neverember. The elf king has three elves dressed like loyal retainers, two male and one female, and the dwarf king also has a dwarven aide at his side.

"Gentlemen, Remallia," Dala Silmerhelve announces, striding forward slightly ahead of the group and bowing, "Allow my to introduce the heroes who assisted us in the battle against the Fell King--paladin of Bahamut, Torinn Tormine, renowned arcane spellcaster Myn Nthelsyr, the shaman called "Bernkastel", sorcerer Ramuh of Luruar, and Arcanimus's chief engineer Sid Silversprocket. Also accompanying them are the gold dragon Valanor, and father of Sureiya, Reiyasu, as the ranger himself could not attend today's meeting."

She pauses here, and waits to see if the adventurers themselves have anything to add to her introduction.
>> No. 77522 edit
While Dala is talking, Torinn leans in and quietly whispers to Bernkastel, " Bernkastel, could please return my armor to how it was?"
>> No. 77523 edit
The shaman waves her hand and returns the armor to whatever it looked like before, knowing that the attendees would probably think Torinn is asking her to disguise his armor.

Last edited at 15/09/02(Wed)10:43:55
>> No. 77524 edit
Myn smiles cordially, seducing everyone present with his irresistible charms.

"Thank you, members of the council, for inviting our participation. It is my hope that this meeting will be a fruitful one."

"A wretched hive of scum and nobility."

>> No. 77525 edit
File 144112725762.png - (21.33KB , 208x272 , Caster_confident.png )
"Though I may hail from Luruar, know that I stand here as Ramuh, and I represent my own interests as well as those of my companions," Ramuh adds. "It is my hope that we will find a common ground where each will leave these meetings satisfied."
>> No. 77526 edit
Reiyasu performs a polite bow, but remains silent for the time being.
Insight: (27, actually.) http://orokos.com/roll/322445

Last edited at 15/09/02(Wed)13:31:55
>> No. 77527 edit
Torinn stands silently, with dignity and poise.
>> No. 77528 edit
File 130613479024.jpg - (46.00KB , 153x122 , b4.jpg )
With the smaller spirit having been dismissed earlier, the shaman looks around the room for traps and reads the general mood.

Perception (29) http://orokos.com/roll/322433
- I know stuff in the room was described already, so there's no need to repeat that if there's nothing noteworthy to be found.
Insight to read the mood (27) http://orokos.com/roll/322434

Last edited at 15/09/02(Wed)13:11:42
>> No. 77529 edit
File 144124875824.jpg - (21.09KB , 250x386 , Rise_of_Tiamat_-_Severin_Silrajin_-_Bryan_Syme_p9.jpg )
Insight: Reiyasu and Bernkastel can feel that the delegates present at the ground level are a little on edge--not because tempers are flared, necessarily, but more than everyone is cautious and guarded around each other. There's a lot of forced politeness that's been going around, and everyone knows it, and it's just served to make things even more tense. The arrival of the adventurers seems to have eased the mood slightly for some among the number, namely Remallia, Neverember, Istavel, Taern Hornblade, and Ontharr Frume. On the other hand, ambassador Brawnanvil and king Melandrach seem to get even more tense and guarded at your arrival. The only other thing of note that you can read from the mood of the room is that while most of the aides seem focused on their tasks, the tiefling woman behind Neverember seems to be paying very close attention to the group in particular, and Gourmert is happy to see the rest of you again.

Perception: Bernkastel doesn't notice anything else out of the ordinary in the room.

"Welcome, welcome, adventurers!" Neverember says loudly in a voice that both projects and demands respect. "It is good that you have come. Firstly, I want to personally thank you on the behalf of the Sword Coast for your efforts against the Fell King. Though he was not directly targeting our nations for his maniacal scheme, he was not above wreaking havoc on our trade routes and in our cities to accomplish his goals, and thus we owe you a debt for putting a stop to his efforts."

"...aye. Ye've the thanks o' tha dwarves o' tha north 'swell," ambassador Brawnanvil begrudgingly adds. "Our citadels'd've suffer'd tha full wrath o' tha Fell King's attacks'f 'is schemes nae been discov'red 'n stopp'd by ye, an' fer tha, ye 'ave our grat'tude."

"And the thanks of Baldur's Gate," sir Ravengard states in a neutral, even tone, nodding towards the adventurers in a brief gesture of thanks. "You were instrumental in aiding our city in its mission--however irrelevant it may have seemed to the city at the time, the fact of the matter is that you exposed a red dragon controlling the city and your efforts saw it removed from power."

As the adventurers move up to the oval table to join the other delegates, Valanor skirts to the side of the table closest to Remallia Haventree. Remallia looks more than a bit frazzled, but she tries to put on a smile as she looks over to Valanor, and then to Reiyasu. Dala has seemingly departed to join the nobles in the mezzanine. "Now that we've all assembled, I'll present my report." The delegates nod, one at a time, and Valanor turns towards the map of the Western Heartlands. The adventurers notice that several areas on the map have red circles, and a large one sits over the Sunset Mountains, east of Baldur's Gate. "Due to the information provided by the adventurers present at this meeting, I investigated the Well of Dragons, which as you all know, lies within the Sunset Mountains, which form a nigh-impenetrable barrier between the Eastern and Western Heartlands."

Valanor takes a deep breath, then continues, "What I found there was most discouraging. The Cult of the Dragon has seized total control of the area, and has allied with chromatic dragons in order to do so. The entirety of the Well of Dragons is now essentially a cultist stronghold."

"This relates to information I have obtained regarding the cult's recent activities," Remallia adds, then takes the floor. "As some of you may be aware, the Cult of the Dragon has recently gained a new leader, a Calishite human named Severin Silrajin. We don't know a lot about him. What we do know is that he believes that true power comes from devotion to living dragons rather than dracoliches, and this stance has changed how the Cult of the Dragon operates in full. We are unsure on the details, but somehow, Severin has gained the divine authority of Tiamat, and this has allowed him to rally numerous chromatic dragons to his cause."

Remallia begins to pace at this point. "As some of you have heard, my husband, Arthagast Ulbrinter, was recently killed. A few of your probably know that the killing was almost certainly the work of the Cult of the Dragon. What perhaps only one of you knows is that my husband and several wizards and priests were studying the properties of a divine artifact, a magical black dragon mask. It was stolen. But here is what we learned before the cult plundered the mask: it is divine, perhaps created by Tiamat herself. The masks have several immediately obvious magical properties, giving the wearer the ability to mimic certain draconic traits and powers. But they have a more sinister and subtle application as well: if the wearer is erudite in draconic lore, it allows he or she to think like a dragon, gain favor among dragons, and subtly influence their behavior. We were trying to discover the specifics when the mask was stolen."

The elf comes to a stop, and Valanor picks up the delivery of information once more, "I think one thing that council can agree on at this juncture is that we need more information. Now, after the defeat of the Fell King, the adventurers did make a request of me to bring them to the Well of Dragons. There were complications, but as of now, I am prepared to fly you adventurers directly to that location."

Dagult Neverember seems to pick up immediately on where Valanor is going with this, and interjects, "We won't ask you to do anything that interferes or adds onto whatever reasons you have for going to the Well of Dragons. All the council really wants right now is for you to deliver any intelligence you obtain on the cult's activities in the Well of Dragons back to us, so that we can gather more information on their activities and organizational structure."

"And what is your purpose therein, if I may ask?" comes the boisterous voice of Ontharr Frume. Here the council pauses, and all eyes turn towards the adventurers present at the table.
>> No. 77530 edit
File 14412588331.png - (217.89KB , 376x480 , lee_1968.png )
"Oh my..." the ranger mutters in disbelief. As if the question of Ontharr was completely unrelated to him, he instead directs his attention to Remalia.

"Lady Remalia, let me tell you have my deepest condolences" he says in a soft and respectful tone, while looking quite saddened.
>> No. 77531 edit
File 130678104694.jpg - (34.71KB , 163x195 , k04a.jpg )
The shaman could be less nervous, but feels obligated to reply, as Torinn and Ramuh weren't present for this discovery. She calms her wits and answers the questioner. "We were following the lead that the Fell King was at the Well of Dragons."

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>> No. 77532 edit
The owlbear spreads itself across two of the unoccupied chairs behind Myn, scratching its belly as it lounges.
>> No. 77533 edit
File 130298673897.png - (258.29KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p6.png )
Silence seems to clamp down on everyone present, even the nobles conversing above, and the air in the council chambers gets very thick. Valanor looks quite nervous, and it's finally sir Ravengard who clears his throat, then asks, "Do you mean to say that you believe the Fell King is still alive?"
>> No. 77534 edit

"Worry not, there is no cause for alarm on that front. During the course of our assault, we discovered that the Fell King's actions were driven by a number of dragon spirits that had been possessing him, which were expelled when we defeated him. Once freed, he even assisted us in staving off the red dragon Daragoth as we escaped, and attempted to sacrifice himself to slay him. However, upon our return, both were absent, and a ritual revealed that the Fell King was incapacitated and at the Well of Dragons."

Myn's demeanor suggests his surprise that the delegates were not aware of the full situation.

"My assumption is that he was captured by Daragoth, and left alive for some nefarious purpose, perhaps related to his ability to affect leylines."


Last edited at 15/09/03(Thu)19:09:22
>> No. 77535 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Myn's words cause some murmurs from the mezzanine, and the dwarven delegate is the first to voice a reply, while hopping up and leaning over the table, "If 'e's still alive... 'ell have ta be brought ta justice! Spirits or no, 'e's too dangerous ta leave runnin' aroond!"

"Let us not be so hasty," lord Hornblade interjects, waving a calming hand towards the dwarven ambassador. "Spiritual influence can be quite powerful. It might not come to a matter for a tribunal. We need handle this news with the utmost care, and take it as an opportunity. If he can be rescued..."

"Bah!" Brawnanvil spits. "'e's too powerful fer a cautious approach! An' if 'e escapes 'gain?"

"All the more reason to let the adventurers who dealt with him before deal with him again," comes the calm, soothing voice of sir Isteval, as he too leans over the edge of the table. He regards the faces of each of other delegates, including the adventurers, then says, "For the time being, the Fell King's power base has been shattered, and he has no more agents willing to aid him. The dragon spirits that once aided him, benefactors or manipulators, have also been banished. And the true threat is his possible captor, Daragoth the Desolator. Whatever the case, action must be taken, and Valanor's offer is as good as any as a first move. The adventurers can gather information while the rest of us rally whatever forces we can commit to the cause."

"Your voice on this council, sir Isteval, is not guaranteed," says sir Ravengard with a slight growl. "The only body you are officially endorsed to represent, Daggerford, has little to contribute should we intend to rally our forces together, and as far as we know, Cormyr is not represented at this council."

A certain half-elf ranger clears his throat at this point, then adds his own contribution, "Excuse me, but this sort of bickering is pointless. We all know the real reason we're having this meeting--the Cult of the Dragon's rumored aim, which is to summon forth the dragon goddess, Tiamat." Delann Winterhound looks to Valanor, who nods uneasily.

"...Yes. The sounding of the Draakhorn portends a great happening for dragonkind. With the information gathered by the Harpers courtesy of miss Haventree, we do believe that Severin possesses divine gifts and could, in theory, with the aid of the Red Wizards of Thay, devise a ritual to summon forth Tiamat's physical form from realms beyond to Toril," Valanor explains with some small hesitation. "The dragon mask artifacts are certainly important to the ritual, and their seizing of the Well of Dragons makes this plot even more likely."

Remallia manages to nod some thanks to Reiyasu, smiling briefly before addressing the council once again, "Answers to all of our questions lie within the Well of Dragons. An accomplished adventuring party who also seeks some or all of these answers is an ideal choice, is it not?"

Lord Neverember takes a small pause in miss Haventree's monologue as an opportunity to take the reins of the discussion once more, "Our national assets will take time to mobilize, and there's no way to hide such activity from the cult. Thus, we must learn more before we move to commit our forces to the cause, because once we do decide to commit, there is no going back, and the Cult of the Dragon and their Thayan allies will know full well we are coming. Move too soon and they may evacuate, scatter, and we'll never track them all down. Move too late, and we will have to fight a dragon goddess at full power. I agree with the conclusions of Valanor and miss Haventree that our first move must be small, subtle, and aimed at getting a better read of the situation."

Onthar Frume makes a gesture towards the adventurers, then announces, "I can think of nobody better to trust on this matter. Their judgment thus far has proven sound, as I doubt that any would have been able to track down and defeat the Fell King in his own keep as they did, saving so many lives in the process. If they're ready to go to the Well and finish the job, or do whatever else needs to be done, I say we endorse them and give them all the support they need!"
>> No. 77536 edit
File 14412931448.png - (21.18KB , 208x272 , Caster_neutral.png )
"And what of your thoughts on the matter, King Melandrach?" Ramuh speaks the word 'king' in Elven, and rests his gaze on the Elven king who, so far, has deigned not to say anything.
>> No. 77537 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
The elf king seems a bit unamused at being suddenly called out by the upstart adventurer, but he folds his hands and leans forward, replying in an even tone, "-I- think... that we need to know more about what's going on. If this 'Fell King' character is still at large, then bring him here and let him be interrogated. We need to know more--about the cult, about Daragoth, and everything that has happened to him since his defeat at the Fell Keep."
>> No. 77538 edit
File 144130101170.png - (21.20KB , 208x272 , Caster_happy.png )
Ramuh ignores any lack of amusement on the elven king's part.

"In that sense then, we look to be all aligned," the lord of levin concludes. To the party, he says, "I will be ready to leave when you are."
>> No. 77539 edit
A little worried of the mood brought by the exchange between Ramuh and the elf, Reiyasu slowly approaches Torinn and softly whispers to him.

"Mr. Torinn. My son has told me you have your way with words, but you have stayed silent so far. Is something wrong?"
>> No. 77540 edit
Reiyasu's prompting gives Torinn reason enough to speak. He's still absorbing everything he's heard, but he feels he needs to say what happened to him. "After we fought the Fell King, the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut, appeared before me back in Tymanther," he tells the assembly.

diplomacy to grab attention: http://orokos.com/roll/322760 (25)
>> No. 77541 edit
File 144131312019.png - (210.47KB , 394x480 , lee_2005.png )
"Good! That is how heroes are supposed to act" Reiyasu silently retreats to the back of the party, looking quite pleased.
>> No. 77542 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
This much does seem to catch the attention of the council. "A divine message? What were you told?" Ontharr Frume asks.
>> No. 77543 edit
"I was told I would play an important role in the future," Torinn replies. "That 'the fate of many hangs in the balance'. Furthermore, with his direct blessing, I helped subdue an elder green dragon that, working in league with the Cult of the Dragon, was plotting against my homeland. I have enough reason to dislike the Cult of the Dragon, as until they have given back what they have taken, the stigma surrounding my clan will not disappear. I also have enough reason to dislike Daragoth for using us, and giving him a scar is not the justice he deserves. I would see both of them fall. However, I also think that the Fell King must answer for all he's done. If he is repentant, then he will not object to standing trial."

Diplomacy: http://orokos.com/roll/322842 (24)
>> No. 77544 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
The council seems to accept Torinn's words, and many nod in agreement. Lord Neverember again begins to speak, "Of course, while our forces do not stand ready to mobilize at this time, you will have full access to the services of Waterdeep, and non-magical services will be free of charge. We will aid you in trading out your outdated magical equipment for whatever better items you need, and of course, you'll continue to be financially compensated for your service."

Sir Ravenguard crosses his arms and adopts a stern look towards the adventurers, then says, "I'm certain the adventurers are eager to proceed with their mission. Was there anything else?"

Sid looks slightly uneasy, but he doesn't say anything. The shaman and Reiyasu get the sense that it's something he doesn't want to discuss in front of the council.
>> No. 77545 edit
File 14412931448.png - (21.18KB , 208x272 , Caster_neutral.png )
Ramuh marvels at Torinn's way with words.
>> No. 77546 edit
"You all have my gratitude," Torinn says with a slight bow. "I look forward to working with you in the future."

diplomacy: http://orokos.com/roll/322977 (35)
>> No. 77547 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"And the same for you," Lord Neverember replies, smiling and nodding. "I hereby declare this preliminary session of the Council of Waterdeep closed."

The nobles in the mezzanine resume their vibrant conversations at Neverember's decree, and the rest of the delegates begin to converse with their aides, wandering away from the table in the center of the room. Those who have no aides pull out what appear to be sending stones and look like they are about to use them. Remallia Haventree steps away from the table and approaches the adventuring party, bowing and saying, "Sorry I was not able to catch up with any of you sooner. I should have managed to tell you what happened with my husband and the black dragon mask before this," she gives a knowing look to Reiyasu at this point.
>> No. 77548 edit

"It is of no concern, Miss Remalia. For the matter of the loss of your husband, you have my condolences."

The warlock offers a brief bow before turning away slightly from the group.

"If you all would excuse me, I have a small personal request to make of one of the delegates."

Myn heads off to engage Neverember, adopting an affable demeanor but speaking with a lowered voice.

"Excuse me, Mister Dagult. I was wondering whether you might be available for a private meeting at your earliest convenience. There is a certain matter I wish to discuss with you."
>> No. 77549 edit
File 130101422990.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
As Myn moves to leave, Remallia smiles and says, "Please, I am known as 'Remi' to my friends." With that much, she turns to the group who remains, and says, "As it happens, divinations point to my husband's body being dumped in the harbor, and so I have agents currently looking for it. I would see to it myself, but the matters touched upon here are bigger than all of us, and my fellow Harpers are unmotivated to be as involved as I feel we need to be. Either way, once we recover the body, he'll be resurrected, and though I doubt he can give us much additional information, I will be happy to have my husband back. It seems the cult doesn't really care whether or not we recover my husband, and the moving of the body was either to spite or distract us."

When Myn approaches Dagult Neverember, he finds the man conversing with his tiefling associate. She smiles at Myn as the half-elf approaches the pair, and lord Neverember regards him, "A private matter? Of course. I am certain we could find a private chamber here in the castle..."

"M'lord, I feel it is best if I accompanied you," the tiefling woman interjects politely, nodding to the lord Neverember. Turning to Myn, she bows and introduces herself, "Rian Nightshade, special adviser to the lord Neverember. You understand, between his duties as both the lord of Waterdeep and the lord of Neverwinter, the lord Neverember has need of associates such as myself to aid him in his duties."

Lord Neverember seems to have no objections to the tiefling's words.
>> No. 77550 edit

"At what time did privacy become so rare a treasure?"

"If Mister Dagult will not object, then neither shall I. Let us proceed then."

Myn returns the tiefling's smile, masking his irritation.
>> No. 77551 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
The tiefling bows again, and lord Neveremeber leads Myn out of the grand hall and into one of the outer galleries, which appears deserted for the moment--all the nobles are busy debating in the mezzanine of the main hall.

Meanwhile, Dala Silmerhelve rejoins the remaining adventurers and Valanor on the ground level. "Are you certain that approaching the Well of Dragons at this juncture is wise?" she asks, clearly addressing Valanor.

"My friends here wish to know the Fell King's fate--as do I. Ragrim Dragonsworn could be a crucial asset, or a dangerous foe," the gold dragon replies smoothly.
>> No. 77552 edit
"Waiting will not make it any less dangerous," Torinn adds.
>> No. 77553 edit
File 144150604754.png - (215.61KB , 352x480 , lee_1873.png )
"Certainly, waiting will not, but perhaps extra information will" Reiyasu confidently adds while joining into the conversation.

"Sir Valanor, would you please further elaborate on the condition of the well? The idea of confronting both the cult and chromatic dragons does not sound very appealing. Have you thought of a plan of action, Sir Valanor?"
>> No. 77554 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"Ah, do not mistake my good friend's intentions," Valanor replies first to Torinn. "Dala Silmerhelve has provided us with valuable intelligence on the Draakhorn--including its last known location. I think it was her hope that we would investigate that sooner than later."

Turning to Reiyasu, he nods sagely and says, "A network of lava tubes exists below the extinct volcano that comprises the Well of Dragons. Our objective is for you to infiltrate the caldera through these lava tubes--which are likely primarily patrolled by the members of the cult, as no dragon would lair within, and many are too narrow for a dragon to fight effectively. Once you are within the caldera you are completely safe from dragons, as no dragon alive would risk entering the caldera. It is said that for a dragon to enter the caldera is to be prepared for death, and I doubt that any chromatics would take that risk. We don't know if it's a curse or circumstance or what, but dragons that enter the Well of Dragons die. So... as you may surmise based on that, I will not be accompanying you either. Instead, I will provide a distraction on the outside, to lure away any chromatics that happen to be in the area."
>> No. 77555 edit

After confirming the vacancy of the area with a glance, Myn turns to Neverember with a slight bow.

"Thank you for acceding to my request. Before I discuss the main matter, I feel that I must offer my condolences for the recent tragedy befelling your son, Mister Dagult. I myself had become acquainted with him shortly after my arrival to the city, so the news was unpleasant indeed."

"The news that Masked Lords held a tiresome position, in any case."

Bluff to convince of sympathy:http://orokos.com/roll/323368
>> No. 77556 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"Indeed, I thank you for your concern," lord Neverember replies gruffly, as if taken slightly off-guard by this subject matter. "I cannot imagine who would benefit from my son's death, so the news was unexpected, and all the harder to take as a result." He pauses, awaiting the half-elf's main point.

The tiefling woman moves closer to the Open Lord of the City at this point, giving him what appears to be an sympathetic look.
>> No. 77557 edit
File 144157289563.jpg - (17.04KB , 505x367 , EA-IronshodQuarterstaff.jpg )
"Interesting. A place where dragons are afraid of going" the human says, looking satisfied. "It seems risky for both parties, but it might pay off, Sir Valanor."

After saying that, Reiyasu's mind runs wild for a little bit, focusing on his old memories as an adventurer. Certainly, he was excited to be able to join efforts with other adventurers, but he was also concerned he might not run on the same level as the rest.

"Adventurers, I might not be able to fill the gap my son left in your group. But I swear to aid your cause to the best of my abilities" he continues, throwing at the party a determined glare. "That said, you might find some similarities in our combat style, with the biggest different being our weapon of choice" he explains as he shows the party members the quarterstaff he has been carrying with him.

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>> No. 77558 edit
"A staff?" asks Torinn. He hasn't seen a staff fighter in a long time.
>> No. 77559 edit
File 144157521052.png - (213.88KB , 394x480 , lee_1935.png )
"Indeed. Long time ago I was trained in a monastery, short after having losing everything I had. I was young, full of energy. I wanted to learn to defend myself. My master back found potential in me, and trained me under a noble weapon" Reiyasu cheerfuly reminisces.

"I was taught every life is important, and power is to be used to defend the people you love" he continues.

"And certainly, since then, I have never needed a blade to kick the asses of those who oppose me" Reiyasu jokes, or so it seems.

Last edited at 15/09/06(Sun)14:55:47
>> No. 77560 edit

"As for the purpose behind this meeting, I would first like to inquire of you the extent of your knowledge on the recent deliberations of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep. Of course, I mean this only in a broad sense, as I would have no right to hear of the hidden councils of the city's rulers. The exception I am willing to endure involves a small piece of information that a friend of mine amongst them thought I may benefit to know, of which I will discuss following your reply."

Bereft of the empathy required for insight, Myn instead notes an instinctive distrust of the tiefling's open gestures.
>> No. 77561 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"The Masked Lords? I am not privy to their machinations, nor have they deemed fit to confront me since returning to the city," lord Neverember replies, somewhat gruffly.
>> No. 77562 edit

"As I feared."

Myn dons a pensive visage.

"To clarify, this piece of information involves your recent removal from the position of Open Lord, as decided by a vote held during a recent meeting."
>> No. 77563 edit
File 144130101170.png - (21.20KB , 208x272 , Caster_happy.png )
Ramuh decides to wander off a bit until the adventurers are ready to depart. He decides to post a letter to his apprentice.
>> No. 77564 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
At first the lord Neverember seems taken aback by Myn's announcement, and the tiefling woman's expression seems carefully neutral. Dagult collects himself a moment later, then asks, "I had my suspicions, but... how did you come by this information, again? A friend on the council?"
>> No. 77565 edit

"Did the tiefling already know?"

"While I say friend, that is merely in light of the fact that they saw fit to give me this information, as I have not seen their face myself. I can only assume that they and I are of the mutual conclusion that a change in leadership at this crucial time would likely complicate the situation."

>> No. 77566 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"If the Masked Lords have already met and made their decision, then it is unlikely I can act to change it," lord Neveremeber replies with a heavy sigh. "But I do thank you for bringing it to my attention. At least this way I can question my contacts therein on the gravity of the situation..."

The tiefling woman puts a hand on the lord Neverember's shoulder and says, "The Black Network stands ready to assist, lord Neverember."

Dagult pauses for a moment, then nods uneasily. "I suspect we have a lot of work ahead of us... but there are more important things to consider."
>> No. 77567 edit
The shaman watches Myn disappear into a room with Neverember and his crony, curious. When the door closes, the smaller spirit appears and flies off to find a window into the room.

Meanwhile, the shaman adds to her notes.

>> No. 77568 edit

"Something called the Black Network can only be a legitimate organization."

"I suppose that if there is nothing to be done about the decision it cannot be helped. In any case, I would be greatly relieved should you continue to offer your support to the cause of the realm after your formal relinquishment of office, Mister Dagult."

History and streetwise for black network info: http://orokos.com/roll/323783
>> No. 77569 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Myn has heard of the Black Network only in barroom chatter--it's said to be some kind of widespread network of merchants and mercenaries. Myn has heard rumors that it is especially well-connected and they often take hardline tactics in securing deals, but little else. They are otherwise known as the Zhentarim.

Meanwhile, the shaman's spirit companion can't seem to locate any windows to the particular outer gallery Myn seemed to be heading for.

"Even should they remove me from power in Waterdeep, I still have the resources of Neverwinter to commit to the cause," the lord Neverember replies gruffly. "And I will commit them, regardless of personal feelings on the matter. That is my duty to the good of the realm." Looking towards Rian Nightshade, he adds, "Still, I would know who is responsible for this--it may be related to my son's death."

The tiefling woman nods, giving a sweet smile in the process.
>> No. 77570 edit

"I am pleased to hear so. I would entreat you to ask my assistance in seeking the truth behind your son's death, should there be something for me to contribute. Of course, so long as there is no conflict with my current duty, that is."

"It would be useful to uncover the person who nominated me, at least."

"Shall we return to the main hall, Mister Dagult? You are surely too busy for me to occupy you any longer."
>> No. 77571 edit
File 144169899911.jpg - (20.93KB , 327x306 , gunblade.jpg )
Dagult Neverember nods in agreement, and the trio returns to the main hall, where Myn rejoins the adventurers sans Ramuh.

With it seeming as though everyone's business is concluded, Valanor offers, "Well, should we go? If we're going to the Well of Dragons, there are probably preparations you all need to make first. I can fly you there in about three days' time, so bring along anything you think you might need for the trip."

It's at this point that Sid speaks up. "I, er... I can't go this time," the tinker gnome says, quite apologetically. "There's... an adventurer who traveled to Waterdeep from Loudwater brought a peculiar item to the Arcanimus," reaching into his pack, and pulls out a peculiar object--it appears to be a bladed weapon of some sort, but attached to the hilt is some sort of mechanical device that appears to revolve, and along the back of the blade is a metal cylinder--a "barrel" if you will. "I've got a very bad feeling about this... and I hope my suspicions are not correct..."
>> No. 77572 edit
File 139356389270.png - (23.99KB , 159x258 , 16076155_p1e2b.png )
The spirit returns, disappointed, and reports its lack of findings.

It was never his job, after all. "That's okay, but can we hear what it is and what you want to do, Mr. Sid?"
>> No. 77573 edit
File 130466399513.jpg - (17.31KB , 167x225 , sid.jpg )
Sid straightens to face "Bernkastel", then replies, "This... weapon closely resembles a kind I've seen before." He pauses, as if trying to figure out how he wants to word the next part, then slowly explains, "The... artificer community I was once a part of manufactured weapons like this. They were... highly militant, I'd say! But... not of Faerûn. If they are here, that means they are capable of projecting power much further than I could have imagined! And I am concerned for what their objectives could be, especially in a smaller, remote community such as Loudwater!"

He frowns a bit, then adds, "If you're up for it, I'd appreciate any help you can give! Maybe after you finish up in the Well of Dragons? I'll certainly have some findings to report by then!"

"There's also the information Dala Silmerhelve has gathered to act upon--but I can fly you directly to Loudwater after we finish our business at the Well of Dragons, if you so choose," Valanor offers.
>> No. 77574 edit
File 144112725762.png - (21.33KB , 208x272 , Caster_confident.png )
Having successfully written his apprentice to take good care of the village, Ramuh rejoins the rest of the group.
>> No. 77575 edit
File 131415489278.jpg - (34.10KB , 140x140 , mb11.jpg )
"...Are we being invaded?" the shaman asks.
>> No. 77576 edit
"Perhaps they're here to fight the dragon cult. Or, more likely, they're a legion of dragons in disguise."

The owlbear, finishing its nap on the chairs, walks between the shaman's legs to occupy the center of the group.
>> No. 77577 edit
The shaman nearly falls over before she moves out of the way.
>> No. 77578 edit
File 144170941730.jpg - (61.10KB , 435x768 , Imperial_Centurion.jpg )
As Ramuh rejoins the group, Sid takes a few steps back to put some distance between himself and the owlbear, then addresses the shaman's question, "I... can't imagine they would have the resources for an actual invasion! More likely, they perhaps are looking for something, or have some other specific objective?" Gesturing to Myn, he offers, "Opposing the rise of Tiamat is certainly a possibility, as combating dragons was the aim of some elements within the community, and weapons were designed for that purpose."
>> No. 77579 edit
Reiyasu is about to nod to Valanor's question, but he is suddenly reminded their business with sir Isteval.

"Before we depart, it might be wise to pay a visit to sir Ontharr Frume. We still haven't inquired his support on the stay of sir Isteval in the court" he thoughtfully suggests.
>> No. 77580 edit
File 12958459827.png - (59.42KB , 776x450 , peekb.png )
The shaman pokes at Torinn, gesturing for him to go talk to the fellow paladin. His armor remains unchanged, for now.

Last edited at 15/09/08(Tue)17:08:23
>> No. 77581 edit
File 144182850420.png - (223.27KB , 394x480 , lee_1992.png )
"How funny, I don't recall my son saying his friends were this shy" Reiyasu ponders.
"Since it was my suggestion I believe it is fair that I try approaching sir Ontharr myself. Anyone else is welcomed to accompany me, of course" he continues with a smile.

After that, he will locate him and approaches him in a suitable manner.

"Sir Ontharr Frume, it is truly an honor to meet you. My name is Reiyasu Yatagarasu, father of the adventurer Sureiya" he introduces himself with a respectful bow. "I must apologize for his absence. The training he is currently undergoing did not allow him to come personally, and therefore asked me to momentarily join his friends in his place."

Diplomacy while introducing myself (lol 9) http://orokos.com/roll/324255

Last edited at 15/09/09(Wed)14:52:33
>> No. 77582 edit
"We should go as well," the shaman suggests to the party, and follows Reiyasu.
>> No. 77583 edit
Myn similarly follows weeab Reiyasu. The owlbear pursues Sid.
>> No. 77584 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
Ontharr Frume isn't far away in the same room--he's chosen a secluded portion of the grand hall to discuss things with a young half-elf male that is possibly his retainer. At Reiyasu's approach, he turns and faces the human with some reservation. "Ah, right. Too bad I couldn't meet Sureiya in person, I'd heard good things!" the paladin replies in an easy-going tone. "The realm has need of more heroes like him."
>> No. 77585 edit
File 14412931448.png - (21.18KB , 208x272 , Caster_neutral.png )
Ramuh sticks with the party and follows to meet Frume.

"I trust we are not intruding on you?" Ramuh asks Onthar. "There is something we would like to discuss with you."
>> No. 77586 edit
"As you may have noticed, the council does not wish for Isteval to stay on. We heard that you know him, so we were hoping that you could do something to keep him."
>> No. 77587 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"Ah, yes, Isteval," Ontharr Frume confirms, nodding. He regards Ramuh and Torinn with a hesitant, yet friendly gaze. "Sir Isteval is known to me as a heroic figure who fought on evil head-on. He's battled orc raiders, Zhentarim agents, and green dragons... yet here is a hobbled man, sitting around a table, negotiating as a representative of a ragamuffin tradeway town," the paladin shakes his head sadly. "I have a difficult time imagining this is the same Isteval who I've heard tales of... he would be on the front line, leading the charge against the Cult of the Dragon himself!"
>> No. 77588 edit
history roll for details on Sir Isteval's injury http://orokos.com/roll/324472 (23)
>> No. 77589 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
History (Torinn): Torinn has heard the story behind sir Isteval's injury; Isteval battled and slew a green dragon, and bears a wound on his leg as a result of the battle. The wound resists magical healing for some reason, and sir Isteval uses one of the green dragon's bones as a walking cane.
>> No. 77590 edit
The shaman recalls what she's read about the two paladins.

History for Ontharr (28), and Isteval (23). http://orokos.com/roll/324473
>> No. 77591 edit
File 130101422990.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
History (Bernkastel): Bernkastel hasn't heard much of sir Ontharr Frume. He must not yet be very accomplished, as the first she's heard of him is when Dala Silmerhelve introduced him to the party.
Sir Istavel is a different matter. As Ontharr Frume mentioned before, he is a hero of some renown, and has a fairly storied history of heroic deeds ranging from battling orc bandits to slaying a green dragon. His heroic career largely came to an end in that last battle though, as he has ever since walked with a limp as a result of a wound to one leg from his battle against the green dragon. You haven't heard much about his activities thereafter.

>> No. 77592 edit
Also Ontharr's Order.

History for Order of the Gauntlet. (30) http://orokos.com/roll/324474
>> No. 77593 edit
Torinn shakes his head. "His injury won't allow him. It came from a green dragon, and refuses to heal. As someone who has recently fought with such a monster, I can vouch that they are incredibly deadly. Even so, I don't think he has given up entirely. He's just doing what he can."

"With that said, even if he can't fight directly, we shouldn't give up on him or discount his help. He has his god behind him, after all."

charm person diplomacy: http://orokos.com/roll/324476 (35)
>> No. 77594 edit
File 144190907694.png - (68.95KB , 146x230 , order of the gauntlet.png )
Bernkastel: (History) The Order of the Gauntlet is an order of priests, paladins, and clerics of Tyr, Helm, Torm, and Hoar. They are a large but tight-knit group, and it's extremely rare for an operative of the Order of the Gauntlet to act alone.

They are well-known for two things: their martial prowess and their utter dedication to destroying evil. Their martial prowess is reflected both in their exceptional skill in battle--most members of the Order of the Gauntlet are well-trained in martial combat, divine magic, or both. Many also have renown as great leaders, and have a knack for inspiring fellow soldiers to perform great acts of heroism. A small group from the Order of the Gauntlet can shift the course of battle quite easily. And while the group is somewhat single-minded in their opposition to everything evil, they do not punish one who has not committed an evil act--they do not believe that evil thoughts are a punishable offense.

The Order of the Gauntlet closely protects its own and does not typically take a proactive role in any battle, instead acting as the first line of defense. Once they felt that innocents were threatened, however, they would not wait for the approval of local leaders before striking a decisive and terrible blow against the evil responsible. Faith is what keeps the Order together--whether it's faith in one's god, one's comrades, or oneself.

>> No. 77595 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"You also combated a green dragon, sir Torinn?" Ontharr replies in amazement. Shaking his head slightly, the paladin nods in reply, "Aye, you're right. It's not for me to judge where sir Isteval'd be best positioned in our fight, I'm certain he knows what he's doing... or at least, he has his reasons. And he shouldn't be sidelined because Cormyr's backing him, yer right!" The human paladin delivers this last line with a decisive blow of his gauntlet against his shield--which rings loudly throughout the grand hall and redirects the attention of all the diplomats present to him.

"Sir Isteval's a hero, and we need people like him with us if we're to battle the Cult of the Dragon!" the boisterous Frume announces in a booming voice. "And the Order of the Gauntlet will vouch for 'm." This proclamation provokes a few scowls from various members of the council--especially lord Ravengard and ambassador Brawnanvil, but it also elicits a few nods, from lord Neverember, Remi Haventree, and sir Hornblade. He turns back to the adventurers and says, "I'll do all in my power to make sure sir Istavel says on the Lord's Alliance."
>> No. 77596 edit
"Your support is greatly appreciated" Reiyasu applauds. "It is now our turn to prove our worthiness in our expedition to the Well of Dragons" the ranger bows goodbye with an honest smile.
>> No. 77597 edit
"Maybe we should ask for more monetary support before we head out, especially if we'll be going without Mr. Sid. Things like reagents for rituals," the shaman carefully suggests to the party.
>> No. 77598 edit
Nodding to the shaman, Reiyasu approaches Dala.

"My apologies, lady Dala. Our group was wondering if the council planned to support us with war funds for this first mission" he asks to the middle-aged human.

Last edited at 15/09/11(Fri)12:53:25
>> No. 77599 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Dala hesitates, then beckons to Remallia. Miss Haventree begins to walk over as she explains, "I believe you will be compensated after the job is done. You see, ah, the majority of the Sword Coast is having... monetary troubles at the moment."

"Because of the actions of the Cult of the Dragon," Remi elaborates, sliding into the conversation beside Dala. "There has been a string of large-scale thefts of various riches and treasures from the vaults of nobles and merchants all along the Sword Coast. Several have evidence that suggests the Cult of the Dragon is responsible, and I suspect that most if not all of them will eventually be connected to cult activity." Sighing, she adds, "They pilfered a great deal from my husband and I--the black dragon mask was the most important thing they stole, but they also looted our manor home rather thoroughly. We suspect that the Cult of the Dragon is using these treasures to buy the allegiance of various chromatic dragons, and I expect we'll find much of the wealth of the Sword Coast concentrated in dragon hoards ere long. Tracking the flow of wealth is where I have decided to focus the efforts of the Harpers for now--it may lead us to cult strongholds or safe-houses."

"Of course, should you find any of this wealth on your adventures, the council has agreed that you will be compensated generously for its return," Dala adds quickly. "In the meantime, we will offer what aid we can."
>> No. 77600 edit
File 144200160087.png - (24.17KB , 122x147 , hi.png )
"Does this apply to ritual reagents as well?"
>> No. 77601 edit
File 129909998322.png - (255.05KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p3.png )
Dala nods in response.
>> No. 77602 edit
File 130059468249.png - (11.21KB , 117x94 , bern118.png )
"Okay, I don't like the dragon cult now," the shaman announces to the party.

"I will go pack and prepare. Should I come back here?"

Buying 100 gp of nature reagents before we leave. No markup subtracted yet, if any.

Last edited at 15/09/11(Fri)15:35:25
>> No. 77603 edit
"I believe we can wait here" the ranger replies.
>> No. 77604 edit
File 144103302079.png - (21.22KB , 208x272 , Caster_unhappy.png )
Ramuh shakes his head. "No support until after we've braved the dangers of the Well of Dragons, then," he concludes. Looks like Luruar wasn't the only place where people preferred to commit only after the most dangerous obstacles were passed.

Last edited at 15/09/14(Mon)15:18:17
>> No. 77605 edit
It's more widespread than I had thought, Torinn says to himself.
>> No. 77606 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
After a time, the shaman meets the party outside Castle Waterdeep, having purchased her nature reagents. The rest of the party has also acquired whatever they might have left behind at the inns or other locations where they might be staying. Dala Silmerhelve and Remallia say their goodbyes as the party exits the main hall.

Valanor leads the group away from the main road into the castle and into a slightly more secluded area before transforming into his gold dragon form, as to avoid causing any undue panic. Once he does so, he looks to the adventurers and says, "It will be just over two days of flight from here. We can depart any time you are ready."

Sid bows and says, "It was good to meet up again! Come and find me in Loudwater when you get a chance--we need to get to the bottom of this mystery!" Waving, Sid turns and heads back towards the city.
>> No. 77607 edit
"Take care, Sid," Torinn says. "And uh, if you see any horned giants dressed in red, keep the weapon under tighter security." He isn't entirely stupid.
>> No. 77608 edit
Reiyasu says goodbye to the gnome and waits until everyone else is ready to go.
>> No. 77609 edit
Myn waves.
>> No. 77610 edit
The shaman climbs on Valanor, and tries not to look too nervous.
>> No. 77611 edit
The group climbs onto Valanor's back, and the enormous metallic dragon takes wing. Even as the dragon lifts into the air, each of you feels a sense of comfort and warmth envelop you, as if you were in a bubble of absolute safety--it seems that riding an elder golden dragon has a powerful influence over your mind. All of the normal discomforts that you would expect from a prolonged aerial journey on the back of a monstrous winged creature prove to be of little concern; or at least, you are not noticing them. It seems barely any time has passed before the sun has set and Valanor has set down in a wooded foothill along the path towards the Well of Dragons.

Camping out for the night is largely uneventful. Reiyasu and the shaman each spot what appear to be goblin packs peering at you through the foliage, but no sooner are they spotted than do they retreat. Perhaps the presence of a metallic dragon sleeping by the campsite has deterred any potential trouble. The next day is largely the same, and camping higher in the mountains discourages any kind of interference at all. However, you briefly notice that Valanor seems momentarily distracted, and appears to be discussing something with the air. When asked about it, he informs you that he'll discuss it in the morning, after he's had some time to think.

Early into the third day, Valanor begins to discuss strategy as you soar through the air, "That was a Sending from Remallia last night. The Harpers have a very small handful of agents that have infiltrated the ranks of the Cult of the Dragon, though none are very highly placed. They relayed to me information on the defense structure of the Well of Dragons. I know the layout, but I do not know where the cult has concentrated their forces--but Remallia has done her best to provide us with that information."

"There are three entrances to the north, and this is where the largest concentration of cult forces is. You will probably want to avoid this area, though it would be a good location for me to provide my distraction. Apparently, the cult is regularly moving goods of some sort--perhaps treasure--through the hidden entrance to the northwest. It is heavily fortified. Other traffic passes through two connected entrances to the northeast. From those entrances it's basically a straight shot south to the caldera, and you won't have to travel far, but it is likely well-guarded, and given the two entrances are within sight of each other, guards from one entrance will be able to spot any commotion at the other entrance."

"Along the eastern side of the mountain, there are three more entrances. While these are not as heavily used, they are still guarded, though you will likely not encounter as much resistance here as in the northern tunnels. The one exception is the entrance furthest to the south and east, which is well-guarded and sees a lot of foot traffic. Mostly, prisoners are brought in from this area, and the eastern tunnel system is separate and disconnected from the system to the north. It is a much longer and more winding path into the caldera, and there are many chambers used by the cultists for various purposes here, but according to our information, the only guard patrols here are in the prisons. That's not to say we won't encounter stragglers that are in the tunnels for other reasons."

"There is one more tunnel to the southwest side of the mountain that appears abandoned. Our agents say it was collapsed and rendered useless almost sixty years ago, and the cultists have not used it in a long time. It may be worth investigating yourselves. At any rate, if you have any questions, suggestions, or plans, I am ready to discuss them," the gold dragon finishes.
>> No. 77612 edit
File 129499676176.png - (10.37KB , 321x321 , bern124c.png )
"Abandoned tunnel... Do you think there will be monsters? Maybe we should pick a route that best conserves our strength."
>> No. 77613 edit
File 142613875384.jpg - (68.27KB , 400x291 , gold-dragon.jpg )
"I do not have extensive information on the abandoned tunnel. You may wish to scout it yourselves upon entering before deciding on a definite plan of attack," Valanor offers. "It may provide a direct, alternative route to the caldera. Or it may be a dead end. It is possibly worth investigating. The cult believes the entrance is useless, so they do not go there. If you are looking to minimize engagements, then the northern tunnel system is probably not a good bet. It is very well-guarded and sees a lot of traffic. Our sources speculate this is where they are hoarding their treasure. Within the eastern tunnel system, only the south-most entrance is heavily used, so you will likely encounter fewer patrols, though the tunnel system itself is larger and windier."
>> No. 77614 edit
"I would prefer if we were to ignore the eastern, longer caverns. Get in fast, get out safely" Reiyasu reasons.
"On the other side, if we get inside through the abandoned tunnels, Sir Valanor might not need to create the distraction until we are getting closer to the caldera" the human continues.

Last edited at 15/09/14(Mon)15:40:23
>> No. 77615 edit
File 12958459827.png - (59.42KB , 776x450 , peekb.png )
"But the long routes to the east seem to be the most reliable routes. The shorter paths to the north are heavily guarded, so I think quick and safe would be difficult there. The southwestern tunnel may be worth visiting, but... even if it isn't blocked, lacking information, we could easily become lost."

Last edited at 15/09/14(Mon)15:42:49
>> No. 77616 edit
"Fortified? How so?"
>> No. 77617 edit
File 141417029679.jpg - (175.90KB , 640x464 , Gold_dragon_-_Chris_Seaman.jpg )
"A guard tower has been erected outside the northwest entrance," Valanor explains, the beating of his wings accenting his words. "Several cultists are on station at the entrance to the lava tube at all times, and I am given to understand they are assisted by guard drakes. Very perceptive beasts. Getting past them without a fight is very unlikely without an extremely well-crafted deception of some sort."
>> No. 77618 edit
"Oh, my bad. I was merely saying that if we stay for a long time we might become trapped by their men" Reiyasu tries to explain.

"My second concern is the diversion Sir Valanor will have to provide us. Even though I have heard nothing but praise from my son, it might not be feasible to keep the chromatics occupied for long."
>> No. 77619 edit
"The thefts mentioned before," Torinn asks slowly, "do you suppose that the things stolen might be found along the supply route or the treasure hoard?" And if it's not where the Golden Narwhal is, it may yet have a clue to its location.
>> No. 77620 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
"It is very likely, at least, what items have not already been given over to various dragons," Valanor confirms to Torinn. Addressing Reiyasu, he adds, "Once you are in the tunnels themselves, you're unlikely to encounter any chromatic dragons. The main danger from them will be on our approach. That is why we will need to decide which tunnel system to use in advance, because we're going to have one clear shot at getting you in, changing tunnels once we decide will be risky."

He hesitates a moment, then adds, "And one more thing. If the southwest tunnel is sealed off, and you use it to enter, the cult will no doubt discover that it has been cleared and is usable. I believe that we will eventually return to the Well of Dragons, and that tunnel could be an alternate point of entry for when the time comes. If we use it to sneak in now, we probably won't be able to do so later. I do not mean to discourage it as a viable point of entrance, as our mission now is one of stealth rather than an assault, so it may prove to be the best possible route. But it could also be valuable later if not used now."
>> No. 77621 edit
File 138147525082.png - (3.10KB , 41x41 , bern130.png )
"Mr. Tormine, treasure is good, but we should remember that we're here for Mr. Ragrim and to scout for intel. As Mr. Valanor said, we can expect to raid the Cult again, and we probably don't want to alarm them by stealing from them."
>> No. 77622 edit
"If we take back what they stole from the nobles and their cities, they will be far more willing to grant us supplies next time and cooperate with us. This also hurts the Cult of the Dragon, by making it harder to barter with the dragons, and weakening them more now rather than later. I must confess that my main motivation for doing so is personal, however."

Last edited at 15/09/14(Mon)17:01:01
>> No. 77623 edit
"Are you looking for something?" asks the shaman.
>> No. 77624 edit
"I am. A bracelet that was stolen from my homeland. It has no magic properties or magnificent legends attached to it. However, it was used to implicate my family and my clan in its theft, and they wrongly suffered in jail for it. Even if I won their pardon, the stigma surrounding the event will still kill any and all business and trade with them. At least, until the bracelet has been found and returned. That is what I set out to find from the very beginning, and that is part of why I'm here right now."
>> No. 77625 edit
"A stolen bracelet?" Reiyasu questions, a little interested.
"And you have good reasons to believe this artifact might be in their treasure vault?"
>> No. 77626 edit
"I know they're the ones who took it. If it's not here, it's part of a dragon's hoard. Either way, I intend to return it to its rightful owners."
>> No. 77627 edit
File 130619839991.png - (3.51KB , 56x106 , bern127b.png )
The shaman ponders. "I guess we can look while we're here? Should we try sneaking in as treasure delivery? Maybe we can find an inbound caravan and hijack it."
>> No. 77628 edit
File 144227919814.png - (216.19KB , 394x480 , lee_2007.png )
"That is..." the ranger mutters and then pauses for a moment "an interesting idea, lady Bernkastel. If we are to raid one of their caravans perhaps we should first analyze their commerce routes" he suggests, looking cheerful.

Last edited at 15/09/14(Mon)18:12:22
>> No. 77629 edit
Torinn nods. If that's what it takes, so be it.
>> No. 77630 edit
File 144097817295.png - (21.16KB , 208x272 , Caster_nervous.png )
Ramuh looks thoughtful. "For simple scouting, there may also be value in visiting the prisons. After all, the prisoners may know more they can tell us about."
>> No. 77631 edit
File 14410574524.png - (211.75KB , 352x480 , lee_1943.png )
"Well, well. Sir Ramuh brings a valid point as well. If we have to decide between looking for treasure, or rescuing prisoners, I believe I will vote for the later" he says.
>> No. 77632 edit
File 138621486335.png - (10.39KB , 321x321 , bern124b.png )
"...Then is it better to pretend to be prisoners instead? I feel this could also involve some hijacking."
>> No. 77633 edit

"While visiting the prisoners may be worthwhile, if we intend to maintain a stealthy approach we may be forced to hold off on a rescue for the time being. We would surely need to clear the southeast entrance to provide an avenue for their escape. Might it be possible to infiltrate through one of the less-guarded entrances, and then backtrack to the prison or the vault from within?"
>> No. 77634 edit
File 144230240493.png - (10.19KB , 321x321 , bern124c2.png )
"Less guarded or otherwise, Mr. N is right that we don't have to travel the same path again after we reach the caldera. If we want to please both Mr. Tormine and Mr. Ramuh, we can do something like... enter as a treasure caravan, reach the caldera to complete our mission, travel up to the prisoners, and escape from there. I can use the Linked Portal ritual, or we can fight or sneak our way out through a less well-guarded route."

Last edited at 15/09/15(Tue)00:33:57
>> No. 77635 edit
"This sounds doable."
>> No. 77636 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"So in that case, I should head for the road leading to the northwest entrance? That is where the treasure generally enters from," Valanor replies after the group's deliberation. "We'll need to land quite far out to avoid any encounters with chromatic dragons."
>> No. 77637 edit
Before the plan is finalized, the shaman wonders if the drakes would be a big problem in the plan, asking her spirits for help. "Would the drakes attack us if we were disguised?" the shaman asks Valanor.

Nature for Drake lore with Speak with Spirits. (26) http://orokos.com/roll/325619
- Short resting as soon as possible to recover Speak with Spirits.

Last edited at 15/09/15(Tue)11:58:40
>> No. 77638 edit
"Drakes? I believe I have read about them somewhere..."
Nature check on Drakes (26) http://orokos.com/roll/325623
>> No. 77639 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
Nature: Drakes come in many shapes ans sizes, but all of these reptilian beasts are known for their alien temperament and ferocity. In many ways they are similar to domesticated mammals, especially canines, but are known to be unpredictable and difficult to train. However, they are intelligent enough to be trained, and while wild drakes exist, they are most often seen as guard beasts. Goblins, orcs, lizardfolk, elves, and shifters are among those races often seen utilizing drakes as guard beasts.

Guard drakes are known to have keen senses, though they are not supernatural in any way. They can find and track creatures by sight, scent, and sound. Many different varieties of drakes are used as guard animals, but the most prolific are smaller drakes (roughly dog-sized) creatures.

Other common drakes include pseudodragons, tiny creatures kept as exotic pets by nobles or as familiars by mages. Bloodseeker drakes are trained as blood hounds, tracking and running down prey alongside hunters.

Drakes are very social creatures, and in the wild they hunt in packs. This is what makes them suitable as work animals. However, they are not nearly as loyal as most mammals, and a particularly hungry drake will most likely turn on its packmates or its master for food.

"Not unless they were to somehow suspect something was amiss," Valanor replies. "They're not that intelligent. Unless they're trained to find a specific item, race, or otherwise that might be on your person for whatever reason. I can't guarantee there will be no issues, but they have no special means to see through a disguise."
>> No. 77640 edit
File 144097817295.png - (21.16KB , 208x272 , Caster_nervous.png )
Ramuh considers. "A thoughtful plan. I merely thought of rescuing one prisoner to see if we can glean something from them, but if we are able to spring all of them, that may be the greater victory. More heads hold more knowledge."
>> No. 77641 edit
"Then I think we can proceed. We'll need to find a treasure caravan, attack and interrogate the cultists for all the information needed to pass as their allies, and put someone in charge of using this information to lie to the guards." The shaman looks at Myn for the last part.
>> No. 77642 edit
Reiyasu nods and agrees with the plan, and addresses Ramuh "It might be doable with a teleporting ritual."

Last edited at 15/09/15(Tue)15:24:34
>> No. 77643 edit

"I suppose I should have to assume the latter role, albeit my ability to deceive is hardly one to inspire confidence."
>> No. 77644 edit
File 130101422990.png - (318.54KB , 486x800 , 11125426_p1.png )
Valanor nods in assent with the plan, and changes his course to slightly northward. A few hours later, he begins a steep climb downward--you can see the hazy form of a mountain range in the distance, with the closest mountain clearly being volcanic in shape.

The sky is mostly clear, and Reiyasu and the shaman can make out just the tiniest hint of shapes flying around your destination in the far distance--still many miles away. As Valanor descends, you can see that this area is largely flat, rolling grassland with sparse trees. The Chionthar River flows slightly to your south, and a smaller dirt road seems to run along its northern bank, towards the mountain. "There isn't much in the way of forest or other cover for miles along this path. Setting up an ambush won't be easy, unless we have some magic that can be used for that purpose. Any ideas?"
>> No. 77645 edit
File 132978231090.png - (18.86KB , 158x118 , b2.png )
The shaman would take out her Enshrouding Candle, but she's too busy holding on to Valanor. "I have a candle that can turn us invisible while the candle isn't moved, but it only lasts up to eight hours, so we would need a scout to alert us to the enemy's approach. Do you think the extent of Mr. N's imp's aerial range, while invisible, would be sufficient? Or should we resort to a more mundane method, like digging a trench?"

The shaman also looks around for an off chance that there's a visible caravan.

Perception to try and spot any caravans. Speak with Spirits added, since it's been a few hours, but you can subtract 5 from the check if you say I can't use it here. (37) http://orokos.com/roll/325805

Last edited at 15/09/15(Tue)23:39:10
>> No. 77646 edit

"Digging a trench and using the imp to scout should be the most reliable method, I feel. The visual range of our enemies remains unknown."
>> No. 77647 edit
File 129910793379.png - (253.80KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p2.png )
The shaman's scanning of the area spots no caravans on approach in the immediate vicinity. There appears to be no animal life present either aside from some birds. "Using a scout such as the imp familiar is a viable plan, as is digging a trench, though the trench may take quite a long time. We could also attempt to fly on until a caravan is spotted and swoop in from above, if that is preferable. Though we need to be certain the caravan is associated with the Cult of the Dragon before we make an attack."
>> No. 77648 edit
"Perhaps it would be better not to leave much evidence of our assault. A trench would be hard to hide" Reiyasu debates. "Then, once we see a caravan we might stop it before attacking it."
Nature check on Valanor (16) http://orokos.com/roll/325937

Last edited at 15/09/16(Wed)12:54:45
>> No. 77649 edit
Copying anon. Nature for Valanor knowledge. (31) http://orokos.com/roll/325942
>> No. 77650 edit
File 142612909432.jpg - (43.57KB , 723x374 , GoldDragon-02_jpg~original.jpg )
Nature: (Bernkastel) In addition to the general information that the shaman uncovered on gold dragons back in the Fell Keep, she is also aware that Valanor is a level 24 solo controller as an elder gold dragon. He likely has a different ability set than the standard gold dragon though, as a specialist in combating other dragons.
>> No. 77651 edit
File 131120665080.png - (6.08KB , 35x45 , cut2.png )
"The trench could double as their graves, if we want to hide the bodies."

"We don't know how long we would have to wait for a caravan to pass by, Mr. Valanor, and I feel we're intruding on you too much as is. Would flying the whole time really be okay?"
>> No. 77652 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
"I am willing to aid you in this matter. If the cultists are truly capable of bringing Tiamat into this world, I will do my part to stop it, and either way, this could be the first step to finding Daragoth the Desolator," Valanor replies, shaking his head slightly. "There are other matters which require my attention--Thelkra, for example. But this is as much for her as it is for me, if the Fell King is truly linked to this place in some way. I am confident you will find the answers to why he ended up here inside, and I need to know that, as does she."
>> No. 77653 edit
File 144244534667.png - (226.06KB , 394x480 , lee_1996.png )
Reiyasu tries to hide his concern after he listens to the word 'graves', but he is only averagely successful. Then, once he regains his composure, he replies "Digging in advance could be useful, but an aerial assault will probably be more effective."
>> No. 77654 edit
"I agree with attacking from the air."
>> No. 77655 edit
File 14412931448.png - (21.18KB , 208x272 , Caster_neutral.png )
"I don't suppose we have any ritual magic that could aid in Master Valanor's work?"
>> No. 77656 edit
The shaman shakes her head. "I'm sorry, I can't think of anything."
>> No. 77657 edit
File 144253699320.png - (1.36MB , 1010x797 , ontheroadA.png )
"Ah," Valanor interjects. "I believe we have a target."

The gold dragon swoops forward suddenly, and the adventurers see it too--two wagons being pulled by red-scaled drakes. Two black-robed cultists with distinctive masks are riding each--all medium-sized humanoids, from the look of it. As you pull closer, you notice more details: the carts are loaded with bags and various valuable-looking objects, and the carts are coming to a stop--they've clearly spotted the incoming gold dragon, and know they can't possibly get away. However, there is a fifth humanoid wearing an elaborate purple mask in between the two carts.

As Valanor lands heavily on the ground, the adventurers disgorge themselves, weapons and implements at the ready--you get the impression it's not good to be mounted on him when he starts fighting. "Cult of the Dragon! Thieves and murderers! Surrender now, for either way, your vile actions end today!"

The four cultists riding the two wagons look at each other, then quickly hop off the carts. The one in the middle laughs and replies, "Heh heh heh... a chance to kill a gold dragon is rare indeed... fear the wrath of Eskanious, metallic!"
>> No. 77660 edit
File 129490478099.png - (257.40KB , 494x478 , 11125426_p5.png )
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