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Hmm.. I had an idea for what we can do regarding BGs. Though you guys might not like it.

I ran across something I thought was interesting. (You guys might have seen it already though.)

This person took photos and through some settings in photoshop made them look less-photo like.


Allow me to give you an example.

This is the original photo.

This is the edited version using that person's method.
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mayb i make bg for you. but from photos. don't have time to draw two sets of bgs
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There is the pre-made bgs from that person.
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File 133158760637.png - (558.25KB , 648x364 , cha_x.png )
I talked to Rosa-san last weekend about photograph-BG. I showed to her some of my old BG and she showed some of hers.

I was so happy when she said she liked my BG that this motivated me to took some photographs.
Yesterday I walked around my city taking some pictures.
Since I don't have a real camera, I used my mobile's one.

This one is from my city Mother Cathedral. Unfortunatly, it's was close and I couldn't take pictures form the inside.
In photoshop, I used Poster Edges and Crosshatch (Stroke Length-4, Sharpness-2, Strength-1).

What do you think, guys?
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File 133158801332.png - (453.37KB , 648x364 , cha_x_original.png )
Oh! If someone is wandering, here is the original picture. (I reduced the size in 25%. The original one is 2592x1456)

File 132717197441.jpg - (10.27KB , 140x359 , images.jpg )
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I must say i loved it even when i could solve some of the mystery it was really fun i hope you guys make more in the future looking forward to it
good luck
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File 132726907194.png - (5.39KB , 40x60 , tinykinjo.png )
Thanks. Although I'm not sure if I will write any more Umineko fangames, I will continue to write VNs.

File 132602113873.png - (188.88KB , 496x480 , bea_aserua2.png )
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Am I the only one who doesn't know about these?

http://www.seacats.net/uu/ <-- Funny picture
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They were used in the past for different things, some of them were supposed to be secret, ne.
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You shouldn't be looking in /genji/ if you want to solve kinjo's 3rd game fairly. although I imagine you already figured that
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File 132630663792.png - (522.50KB , 851x1134 , sha_a13 bothered 1.png )
LOL! I didn't know about it! I'll try to find them all!
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File 132630816033.png - (411.63KB , 714x1133 , sha_b21 surprized 1.png )
Oh gosh... I finally remmembered that board that was here when I arrived and suddenly desapeared sometime later.
Now I know that this board is hidden.
How can I be so stupid?

File 132579823783.png - (91.70KB , 343x440 , ber_waraia3a.png )
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First and foremost, I am sorry if this is the wrong place to post in, it seemed to make sense but I am new, so forgive me if I am bothering anyone here. I know how to extract Umineko sprites from the original game.. However, I don't know how to mass-clean them, since they all are in bmp format and have a shadow-half thingy. If possible, would someone tell me/guide me in a direction in which I may convert all of them, or some place to download the umineko sprites (To clear up, not the ps3 ones, Ryu-tan rocks) I will be very thankful this, I plan on joining this board. Kinjo brought me over here after all~ (Not like he knows though teehee)


The culprit is a paradox!
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File 132580373795.png - (91.12KB , 343x440 , ber_waraia1.png )
Thank you guys so much.
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File 132580403011.png - (538.53KB , 933x886 , sak_a12 laughing 2.png )
Part 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?705i5zehyheskw7
Part 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?1ve8a29gksl32wu
Part 3: http://www.mediafire.com/?rh51t40a5avpj23

Download all three, then run the first one and it should extract normally.
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File 132580373795.png - (91.12KB , 343x440 , ber_waraia1.png )
I've decided then, if the community here is even close to the kindness you have shown me, then I'm in. I also wanted to share some of my gameboards that are in my head, maybe even put them in sound novel format. :)

Thanks Astaroth-Sakutarou. :)
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File 132580451569.jpg - (88.16KB , 491x550 , glance back.jpg )
No problem, happy to help~

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Main Character:
A bit of a delinquent, but not as bad a guy as people tend to assume. Prefers not to get into conflicts too often, but due to his short temper often ends up going further with his "punishments" on other people than he means to. Would rather focus on his studies and/or sports, but somehow violence always seems to find its way back into his life in one way or another. Most of the time prefers to just hang out with his bro than do any real work, and the two often end up killing a lot of time together. He values their friendship, even though his friend often ends up dragging him into trouble he never asked for.

Main character's bro:
Another delinquent who gets in trouble far more often than he means to. Can't stand conforming to rules, and hates taking tests, he's often getting into trouble with the teachers and the rest of the school staff for either fighting or not completing the work he's given. Rarely does homework and skips classes fairly often, but more due to laziness than out of contempt for the school and its teachers.
He and the MC met when they were both called to the head teacher's (principal's?) office for fighting on the school premises, and it turned out they were both just beating up guys who were bullying some of the younger students. The two got along really well and have been best friends ever since.

Main girl 1:
The younger sister of the MC's best friends, she is blind and home-schooled. A year younger than her brother, though since she's the more responsible of the two it almost seems like she's the older of the two. On the other hand she can't go outside many places on her own, so she always needs to be accompanied by someone be it her older brother or one of her close friends.
Fairly smart and a hard worker, she always makes sure to study properly and is always chastising her brother for never doing his homework or other school assignments. Occasionally she takes trips up to the shops with her older brother to pick up things that they need, since their parents often end up working late and forgetting to buy things like milk or bread themselves.
MC meets her
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Ended up writing far more than I meant to, but yeah.

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