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General things are general.

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Hmm.. I had an idea for what we can do regarding BGs. Though you guys might not like it.

I ran across something I thought was interesting. (You guys might have seen it already though.)

This person took photos and through some settings in photoshop made them look less-photo like.


Allow me to give you an example.

This is the original photo.

This is the edited version using that person's method.

The latter in my opinion looks a lot less like a photo and more like something you would see as a bg in a vn, to me at least.
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>> No. 11 edit
Or I found this site with lots of free usage bgs.

>> No. 13 edit
i go draw bg ok
>> No. 20 edit
no i need to draw bg for my own vn kthx
>> No. 22 edit
because iwas at school
>> No. 24 edit
mayb i make bg for you. but from photos. don't have time to draw two sets of bgs
>> No. 26 edit

There is the pre-made bgs from that person.
>> No. 55 edit
File 133158760637.png - (558.25KB , 648x364 , cha_x.png )
I talked to Rosa-san last weekend about photograph-BG. I showed to her some of my old BG and she showed some of hers.

I was so happy when she said she liked my BG that this motivated me to took some photographs.
Yesterday I walked around my city taking some pictures.
Since I don't have a real camera, I used my mobile's one.

This one is from my city Mother Cathedral. Unfortunatly, it's was close and I couldn't take pictures form the inside.
In photoshop, I used Poster Edges and Crosshatch (Stroke Length-4, Sharpness-2, Strength-1).

What do you think, guys?
>> No. 56 edit
File 133158801332.png - (453.37KB , 648x364 , cha_x_original.png )
Oh! If someone is wandering, here is the original picture. (I reduced the size in 25%. The original one is 2592x1456)

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