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Been wondering whether it's possible to change the character sprites to their PS3 counterparts or any other variants within this fan-made visual novel, titled When the Seacats Cry. https://vndb.org/v9220
I'd likely play it if I could freely switch between the characters appearance but since it isn't the official game I'm not so sure how feasible such a feat would be.
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Sadly it probably won't be possible.

The creator would either have to build in the functionality, or rebuild it for the steam version for instance.

You could just resize all the sprites and replace them in theory, but that is far too much work for playing a fangame.
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File 132726907194.png - (5.39KB , 40x60 , tinykinjo.png )
Although it is technically possible, it's not really worth the amount of time and effort it would take.

1. The PS3 sprite patch does not actually help us, since the filenames are hard-coded and cannot be easily switched without changing every part of the code that refers to a sprite name... which is a lot.

2. Making a fangame compatible with the Steam release's sprites wouldn't work, since this fangame takes place during the Chiru arcs, and many of those characters do not have Steam sprites yet.

3. Even if we could do 1 or 2, there are still many custom sprites created solely for this fangame that would look out of place if we converted the rest.

So unfortunately, we won't be implementing that feature any time soon, since I have moved on to creating other games.
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File 149172987857.jpg - (123.63KB , 530x530 , cdc1282843c9ad0443466c8e7af8c6a7.jpg )
Thank your for your replies Kinjo and Ozaki. Hearing the amount of work it would take as a personal project, I think I will give it a shot during the summer. Just knowing that it isn't entirely impossible is reassuring for me.

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