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General things are general.

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File 132602113873.png - (188.88KB , 496x480 , bea_aserua2.png )
46 No. 46 edit
Am I the only one who doesn't know about these?

http://www.seacats.net/uu/ <-- Funny picture
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>> No. 47 edit
there are more secret boards than just those
>> No. 48 edit
They were used in the past for different things, some of them were supposed to be secret, ne.
>> No. 50 edit
You shouldn't be looking in /genji/ if you want to solve kinjo's 3rd game fairly. although I imagine you already figured that
>> No. 51 edit
File 132630663792.png - (522.50KB , 851x1134 , sha_a13 bothered 1.png )
LOL! I didn't know about it! I'll try to find them all!
>> No. 52 edit
File 132630816033.png - (411.63KB , 714x1133 , sha_b21 surprized 1.png )
Oh gosh... I finally remmembered that board that was here when I arrived and suddenly desapeared sometime later.
Now I know that this board is hidden.
How can I be so stupid?

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