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Having recently received a new phone with the Android OS platform on it, we are curious too see if anyone would be interested in supplying us with some of the Visual Novel Graphics and SE's so that we may create dynamic Umineko mobile phone theme.

The Current goals for the theme are as follows:

Some options for Umineko live wallpapers:
- One of the island during the hurricane (Original background with original rain effect)
- One of the Meta tea room.
(Some time of glowing effect fog)
- One of the void/Sea of Kakera.
UI Sounds:
System SEs and a few others needed.
Clock Widget:
The clock, nuff said.
Boot screen:
The famous tear drop sound effect with the accompanying graphic.

More to come but I would like to hear your oppinion on the matter.
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Which graphics would those be?
>> No. 59 edit
Well I'd need to get access to some of the animation files (Such as how it generates rain) as well as some of the backgrounds.
I'm designing the graphics as we speak, luckily the UI for Umineko is rather basic and won't take much time.

Would someone be able to supply me with some of the of basic UI elements as well as the floral patterns that appear in the corner of the of the screen?
>> No. 60 edit
File 133531723650.png - (135.67KB , 500x500 , awwww___.png )
Animation? It's just a static image that's constantly moving in one direction. As for the rest, just give me a list of what you need and I can get right on that.
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File 133531869048.png - (119.89KB , 351x438 , 130421593873.png )
How problematic...
The files I'll need are:

Images from the games UI screen:
Such as a screenshot from the title.
One from the loading screen
and one from the games splash screen, with or without the witch hunt logo.
A png version of the title with opacity layers.
The graphic used on the clock, with the hand separated on a different layer.

Some sound effects that would also help me would be the sound effects from the games UI options The folder's SysSe would prove useful.
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File 133531886391.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
How quickly I can get you that depends on whether or not you want it transparent or as a .bmp. Bitmap means a few minutes. Transparent means I'll have to do it tomorrow.
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File 133531906593.png - (137.46KB , 351x438 , 130421487859.png )
Just the bitmaps would be splendid, I can give them opacity myself.
>> No. 64 edit
Okay, hopefully this is everything you need. I got a bit lazy since omg tired.
>> No. 65 edit
This looks good. I can probably check some tutorials if you need help with coding or something, but until next week.
>> No. 79 edit
This is super cool and I can't wait to see this happening :D I'd definitely use it

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