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92 No. 92 edit
Since the edit button is still in WIP state, I felt it might be wiser to separate the thread with all the download links from a thread where people can respond/critique the game. Since I haven't given this group a place to do so properly.

If you find a bug, post it here and I'll generally make a bugfix in the other thread.
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>> No. 93 edit
How the heck do you save.
>> No. 94 edit
Just press enter at the crystal and select the save option.
>> No. 95 edit
Well, I can get to the save screen, just it never saves. Which button do you press while at that screen?
>> No. 96 edit
File 136119877550.png - (26.54KB , 833x334 , Files.png )
Does it create a savefile? I've never heard of that issue before?

To check if a savefile has been created look in the game folder for files like the one shown in the image below.
>> No. 97 edit
Nope, don't see save files.
>> No. 99 edit
You need to change admin privileges for the game.

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