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Death by poison.

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Audio Final_Fantasy_VI_OST_-_24_The_Decisive_Battle_~_Bo.mp3 - (4.66MB , Final Fantasy VI OST - 24 The Decisive Battle ~ Bo.mp3 )
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Ves withdraws from the door before the kobolds can pinpoint her location and relays pertinent information about the chamber ahead to her allies. While Dredge has shadows manifest into his rattling weapon of bone and leather, Kadol flings wide the doors and exposes the room to the light of Dasein's torch. A chorus of hisses rise up in response, one Kobold caught in its rays squinting angrily at the party. Just as Ves pointed out, there's tiny openings in the floor, some of which are surrounded by old blood and gore; the pool to the south is much fresher, though.

From somewhere south, the party hears something gurgle in a deep, loud voice,
"Run..." as weapons are drawn and armor clinks loudly.
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File 139200168186.png - (16.68KB , 95x95 , bern102.png )
That thing is really grating our nerves.

Move action: J-10.
Minor action: Healing Spirit. Fulgore's surge and the 1d6 for Kadol.
Standard action: Stalker's Strike.
http://orokos.com/roll/165884 (Rin rolled for me because I couldn't log in)

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File 139206484866.png - (588.90KB , 568x733 , gauntlet13.png )
Dredge taps into his own revenant abilities to attach a fragment of the land of the dead to his attack. While he can't move, he can hit the id fiend with another blast of force. The attack flies toward the creature, a streak of black lightning trailing after it, and buffets the id fiend with a nasty wound on the face. Not to be outdone, Kadol tries to make the creature pay for knocking her down, but the fiend's quills repel her attack.

Dasein calls upon the powers of nature to deliver him aid. The call is answered as a desert hawk manifests in a burst of feathers. It swiftly attacks the id fiend with a powerful dive, clawing at its eyes with its talons as it drives the creature back. The id fiend lets out a long, terrible his in response, before it drops to the ground, unmoving.

Ves uses her primal powers to patch up her allies and bring Fulgore back from the brink of death, then has her spirit maul the id fiend's carcass for giving them so much trouble.

With the battle over, the verdant bounty fades away, and the hawk disappears back to whence it came. Kadol takes her normal form, and everyone snaps back to reality.

Dredge hits the Id Fiend with Eldritch Bolt, infused with Dark Reaping, for 12 force damage plus 9 necrotic damage

Kadol misses with Thorn Strike

Dasein uses Summon Natural Ally and summons a Desert Hawk to G-7 elevation 2; Desert Hawk's instinctive action allows it to immediately attack the Id Fiend for 14 damage while sliding it to F/G-6/7, killing it

Ves moves to J-10
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Audio Final_Fantasy_VI_OST_-_06_Fanfare.mp3 - (1.64MB , Final Fantasy VI OST - 06 Fanfare.mp3 )
Action Points Spent

Healing Surges Remaining
Fulgore : 8/11
Kadol : 10/13
Ves : 2/2
Dasein : 10/10
Dredge : 6/6

Experience Gained
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File 139129310115.gif - (554.28KB , 500x720 , 1365186548370.gif )
Kadol takes a deep breath and climbs to her feet, shaking off the lingering afflictions of the id fiend. Dasein also takes a moment to regain his strength.

Both Kadol and Dasein stand next to the healing growth and take a short rest, spending 1 healing surge each.

File 138999406519.png - (760.87KB , 1040x913 , perimeter.png )
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Kavalar Aren, a dwarf archeologist, led a couple of dozen volunteers into what they believed to be old dwarven ruins to obtain artifacts. Several months ago, they began underground exploration operations, as well as a surface excavation for a small keep. Hearing of this development, the mayor of the nearby town of Altaruk sent two militia members to investigate. They should have returned two days ago, and the mayor is growing restless.

The representative of the merchant house in Altaruk has asked you to find out what happened to the two militia members, and those they were sent to protect.

The journey takes you through the southern sand dunes, the weather doing its best to discourage your journey. What should have been half a day's journey requires you to rest in a shallow cave to wait out a sandstorm that threatened to scour your flesh from your bones.
You have used up one survival day.

But by late next morning, you are able to see your destination, set into the side of a mountain. A long, flat plain of desert separates you from your goal for a good hour and a half, but nothing else serves to impede you. And once you reach the area, you find the excavation site, partially protected by a high wooden fence. Rubble lies strewn about the area, the pile in the northern corner looks particularly craggy and difficult to climb over.

In any case, you're here.

-The fence is eight feet high and can be climbed with a DC 15 athletics check.
-Squares marked with white triangles are difficult terrain, requiring an extra square of movement to enter. Each square of rocks in the northeast corner requires a DC 10 athletics check to traverse.
-As you are not in initiative, you can take 10 on any skill or ability check you make.

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"That bastard will be pleased."
"Who goes first?"
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File 139141347139.gif - (2.41MB , 477x397 , deploy the wides.gif )
Kadol readies her hammer and shield, saying, "Ah'll take tha lead." If there are no immediate objections, she will then open the door, before the kobolds have time to prepare themselves.
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summon scourge again
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New thread

File 138362659087.png - (555.66KB , 1213x749 , showdown.png )
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Everybody watches as the train thunders on, crashing into a hillside. The cars tear through their cables and are sent flying through the air and slamming into the hill with a thunderous noise. The wreckage billows with thick, black smoke as the engine erupts in flames. The crew looks devastated, and Thorn is nowhere to be found.

The time for mourning is cut short as Gilgamesh points to a figure running up the hill. From this distance, it matches the description he gave of his 'butcher' : long braids and billowy dress, check.

"Let me take care of things here and get everyone across the lake," Narerka volunteers out of the blue. "You go chase that witch down and give her what's coming. I want to properly protect somebody during this trip." You could have argued, but your suspect isn't slowing down. The best option seems to be to chase her down.

She has a good head start, and you lose sight of the King in Red for about a minute or so until Sophie stumbles upon a fresh hole in the overgrowth concealing a cave entrance. A dark tunnel stretches below, though Sophie's light cantrip provides quite a bit of illumination. You walk for what feels like miles until you reach a small cavern with a lit brazier on an inner wall. There's a small stream running through the area, and the air is damp and wet.

Something up ahead makes your skin crawl before you even see it. When you get closer, you see a set of stones arranged in a circle, enclosing a pentagram drawn in blood. Hovering over this is a ghastly apparition that contorts and pulls at unseen chains. And right next to it, waiting for you...

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File 138794085335.gif - (2.49MB , 422x238 , 1387930568510.gif )
Nodding, Tainya goes around to look for a spare set of clothes, leaving the room discreetly if need be.
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File 131759152155.png - (490.79KB , 888x886 , sak_a21 bothered 1.png )
"Rest is for the ignorant," raves Cidri, forcing himself to stand. "I still need to finish my work!" Mark shrugs in apology at the zealous gnome's outburst while the tinkerer tinkers with the same device you'd seen in his room before. The proclaimed Mister Goldsmith, meanwhile, reads things from a set of schematics, as engrossed in his work as his friend.

"They mean to say 'thank you,'" Mark explains. "But right now they're in the zone and do not wish to be disturbed."

Meanwhile, a few rooms over, Raki forces herself to sit up, adjusting her glasses on her face before opening her eyes. "So the King in Red's reign of terror has ended. I can guess that much from the fact that I am alive now. Would I be wrong to assume that you are part of the group I was to travel with?"
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File 135302978011.gif - (481.71KB , 480x270 , 1343744093076.gif )
Finding a set of clothes, Tainya returns to the room and offers them to the newly resurrected Raki.
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Audio Final_Fantasy_V_OST_-_54_The_New_Origin_~_Ending_T.mp3 - (9.50MB , Final Fantasy V OST - 54 The New Origin ~ Ending T.mp3 )
The half-elf graciously accepts the clothes given - attire fit for one of her status, possibly left for guests to use in emergencies - and quickly dons them. She fidgets with them for a moment as she tries to make them fit better, then takes a deep breath.

"I'm going to need a report on what happened," Raki announces, throwing open the door and singling out Narerka. "You. Escort boy. Tell me what you know," she orders, motioning toward her room - a different one - with her head. And then drags him off, slamming the door shut behind her.

After that interruption, the rest of the day is mostly spent in preparation and debate for the upcoming meeting of the bigwigs, though Cidri spends most of it frantically trying to make up for lost time with his device. Food and drink are brought to the room at regular intervals - three big meals, brunch, afternoon tea, and dessert. The meals are particularly extravagant, though not so excessive as to be presented by a giant food monster. The rooms are much more cozy than the cold ceramic tile of the dining car.

And then the big day arrives. All the nobility are forced into their fanciest suits and dresses with forced smiles. You, the escorts, with the exception of Sophie, tag behind them into the main hall. Beneath a glittering silver chandelier, the you stand a respectful distance away as all the high-ranked persons take their seats around a rosewood conference table.

The conference proceeds mostly without incident - a few treaties honored, some rumors are confirmed, borders are moved, and troops are sent to locations deemed important. Sophie successfully conveys her piece before a man introduced as the Duke of Thaliost launches into a rather pompous speech that all but lulls the court to sleep.

There are a few people that glance at Tainya and speak in hushed whispers, but neither her name nor anything indicating her involvement comes up, save for the presentation of Voidsteel's broken pieces. There wasn't any gossip like that afterwards.

Cidri looks very
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File 138889194270.png - (134.65KB , 850x885 , deskflip.png )
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Post here if you want to sign up for the next game. If you have your character ready, post them here, too.
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File 138921451545.gif - (2.00MB , 270x187 , 9VM9qDd.gif )
I could play if we get enough people. I was looking at a Revenant Gloom Hexblade.
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Sign me up.
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Good luck everyone. Dark Sun is horrible, everything wants you dead.
>> No. 4631 edit
Makes for great reading as people despair, though.

File 136554102894.gif - (221.88KB , 267x200 , railroading.gif )
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Current Players:

anon-kun: Warlord (leader) (Kuro) Accompanying Garret D'Jorasco
Gogo: Paladin (defender) (Melech) Accompanying Sophie
Cirno: Wizard (controller) (Sophie) Accompanied by Melech
Squitcher: Swordmage (defender) (Narerka) Accompanying Raki D'Medani
Misha: Executioner (striker) (Tainya) Accompanying Parthia D'Phiarlan
Riri: Druid (controller) (Sora) Claims to have neither the time nor interest to keep playing.
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File 138862093887.jpg - (98.01KB , 558x410 , it's over.jpg )
And we're done!

Sorry about dragging things out. Did everyone have fun?
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I'm rather pleased with adventures.
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Boop. I was too nervous about the whole thing most of the time, and being late to post 912034 time didn't help, though I was starting to feel more comfortable towards the end!!

I really like your writing, rotho. The NPCs were fun, especially Gil.

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