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Death by poison.

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This thread is for rules and announcements about the current campaign, including houserules. Please don't post in this thread. You can discuss potential additions or the current stuff in the OOC thread.
Contents may be subject to change, so I will try to inform people when that happens.
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Campaign Overview
-The campaign setting will be Eberron. That means that you can use dragonshards and acquire dragonmarks to augment your abilities. You can only have one dragonmark, and must pay for dragonshards normally.
-This is planned to be a low to medium optimization game. We will use monsters that have post-Monster Manual 3 stats (that means they hit harder but die quicker) but few encounters, if any of them, will be more than one level higher than your group. As long as you aren't reckless and play smart, you won't likely die.
-That said, please don't deliberately make a weak character if at all possible. You have to contribute too. Or too strong, making everybody else feel weaker by comparison. Try to stay around everybody else in terms of optimization.
-All characters will be level 10, and have 22,400 gold to spend on equipment. This does not count adventuring equipment, weapons, armor, implements, and the like that cost less than 150 gp, which cost nothing and are free (the various kits count as one item). Please don't grab everything you can get your hands on without talking it over with me first.
-It is recommended that, across the party, you guys have all the skills trained. Some skills, like perception, are important enough that having more than one person trained in them is a good idea. More on this at a later date.
-Try to check in here at least every other day when the game is on. Your input is important, even if you don't otherwise think so.
-If you have to quit or leave for some reason, please notify me in advance so that accommodations can be made. This killed the last /parlor/ game, and I don't want to see it happen again.
-This is a role-playing game, so I'm hoping you can play your roles as you designated them. Good role-playing may be rewarded in certain circumstances.
-The party must have at least one of the following : A striker, a leader, a controller, and a defender.
-No evil characters permitted.
-If you want an item that's marked as Rare. or labeled under bo
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All Homebrewed things : All homebrewed feats, items, powers, and the like can be found here
-Free Feat: Expertise feat
You get a free weapon/implement/weapliment expertise feat of your choice.
Reason: This is a math fix, plain and simple. Even with the nice things tacked on the new ones, most of them still feel like a feat tax.
-Free Feat: Proficiency Freat (armor/weapon/implement/superior implement)
You gain a free feat for any armor, weapon, implement, or superior implement proficiency that you qualify for.
Reason: This was in the last /parlor/ game, and some classes really get the raw deal in proficiencies. Though most classes end up spending this feat regardless of what they're proficient with. Either way, it's in.
-Free Feat: Intelligent Blademaster
Swordmages automatically gain this feat for free.
Reason: Another feat tax. A reliable melee basic attack is important for defenders.
-Free Feat: Melee Training
Characters that do not have strength as their primary stat that make melee attacks gain this feat for free. If the character's role is as a striker, use the primary stat for damage rolls instead of half the primary stat. This does not apply to weapons the character is not proficient with.
Reason: Feat tax for certain classes. The fact that it got nerfed is just insulting.
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Campaign Setting
-As noted before, the world this campaign takes place in is Eberron
-The vast majority of this campaign will take place aboard the Lightning Rail, which is much like a train. Cars are 15 feet wide and 85 feet long, and 15 feet high on the inside, or 3 squares by 17 squares by 3 squares. Plan accordingly! The inside of the cars are now usually 25 feet wide, 70 feet long, and 15 feet high, or 5 squares by 14 squares by 3 squares.
-The Lightning Rail floats 5 feet above the path of conductor stones it follows.
-The name of the train you are all using is the Five Nations Express.
-The trip will take a total of 4 days.
-The starting location is in Sharn, and the last stop is in Thaliost. From there you go across the water to Thronehold.
-Other than a total party kill, there is no "failure" condition.
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Put this in your character builder/custom directory and you can (possibly after loading cbloader a second time) add in all the stuff in the homebrew item thread.

File 136699177894.png - (211.08KB , 1162x749 , meeting1.png )
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Tainya arrives at the door and finds it locked. She may have to knock first. Miri stays several feet away, where she wrings out the hem of her dress and waits to be dismissed.
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File 136716679596.png - (378.17KB , 536x886 , sak_a13 bothered 2.png )
While Tainya's not a medical expert, it doesn't look like there's any foul play involved. Parthia's face is twisted in a look of great distress, however.
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File 136717680088.gif - (1.26MB , 483x281 , super sayain akari.gif )
Tainya may not be a medical expert, but she knows what it looks like when a body has been attacked--even if it was attacked in a strange manner.

Heal check, 26 http://orokos.com/roll/109331
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File 136718167014.jpg - (80.13KB , 600x600 , parsee_crysleep.jpg )
There's no wounds, nor any sites where an injection can be found. She doesn't look to have been poisoned, strangled, or hit with a blunt object. Parthia has all her bones where they're supposed to be, she's breathing normally, and her skin isn't clammy. She also has a pulse and a heartbeat, which is good. No traces of being slipped something like a goodnight tincture can be found either.

So she really just fainted, or she's been treated with a poison Tainya has never seen before.

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File 136718469285.gif - (970.23KB , 500x281 , 1355469926415.gif )
With that much in mind, Tainya will heft Parthia onto the bed and lie her down. She will then walk out and stand in the partition heading towards Parthia's room, keeping a close look-out back towards the room and down the hallway. It sounded like the maid was already raising the alarm, so the assassin chooses to calmly await the arrival of the others.

File 135708475318.jpg - (37.84KB , 480x360 , I-like-trains-banner-asdf-movies-26962314-480-360[.jpg )
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Current Players:

anon-kun: Warlord (leader) (Kuro) Accompanying Garret D'Jorasco
Gogo: Paladin (defender) (Melech) Accompanying Sophie
Cirno: Wizard (controller) (Sophie) Accompanied by Melech
Squitcher: Swordmage (defender) (Narerka) Accompanying Raki D'Medani
Misha: Executioner (striker) (Tainya) Accompanying Parthia D'Phiarlan
Riri: Druid (controller) (Sora)
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Stop her for... what?
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To use your special skill on the food?
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Oh, right.
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New thread:

File 136366703184.jpg - (416.86KB , 572x800 , parsee_glasses.jpg )
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The woman finds the page she is looking for and summarizes what's written down, her voice quiet but grave. "We don't know who it is. We don't know what they look like. But our intelligence reports that somebody is on this train that doesn't belong. A spy, in other words, sent to disrupt the conference for their own ends."
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File 136366933224.jpg - (92.58KB , 245x274 , parsee_neutral.jpg )
Parthia smiles slightly at Tainya's show of confidence, adding, "Indeed." She consults the book again for a couple of seconds, then adds, "Your orders are, first, to find the mole. After that, to detain them and interrogate them if possible, though if they resist, you can deal with them however you feel is fit." Parthia makes an offhand gesture, "The good news is that, so long as they don't realize we are on to them, they're not likely to try anything while the train's in motion. Otherwise they'd lose their cover before reaching Thronehold. Unless they've planted explosives, but there's zero evidence to support that conclusion, so I'd say you're perfectly safe." Parthia gives a short giggle, coughs, and concludes with, "Any further questions, Miss Tainya?"
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File 136367648193.png - (390.64KB , 772x742 , OTP.png )
"I do not believe so, madam. Do not fret, I am quite used to this sort of work, and doing it on my own. Zat is why your Chateau d'Phiarlan hired me, non?"
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File 136370539355.jpg - (95.50KB , 248x274 , parsee_smile.jpg )
"A fine attitude for the task at hand." Parthia shuts her book, the object locking itself back up. "I will be here putting my belongings away if you need me. Don't let me detain you any longer, and good luck."
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File 136383020639.gif - (448.08KB , 500x281 , 1347319355368.gif )
Tainya gives a brief nod and heads out of the room.

File 134758635573.png - (28.28KB , 200x200 , NPC.png )
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This is a repository for all the NPCs in the campaign and any information you have about them, from those crucial to the plot to characters you only got a glimpse of.
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File 13591546522.png - (33.48KB , 128x128 , Flint Locke.png )
Flint manages the bar and prepares drinks for guests and crew. He looks quite gruff, but people tend to open up to him because of his job as bartender. He finds it stressful that he isn't allowed to smoke on the train.
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File 135915468982.png - (97.55KB , 256x256 , Mari Killet.png )
Mari Killet is a child of about five years old and the daughter of Miri. She doesn't like strangers but really likes it when her mother reads her stories. She carries a thick book with her at all times that is full of pages for her to color on.
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File 135915470479.png - (125.73KB , 256x256 , Miri Killet.png )
Miri Killet works as an attendant for the Lightning Rail and is the mother of Mari. She's very brash and outspoken to guests if she thinks they've slighted her. Her broom is actually a wizard's staff with bristles on the end.
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File 135921663173.png - (68.09KB , 256x256 , mark.png )
Mark serves as a guardian for Gardain d'Kundarak and accompanies him at all times. He is very polite and proper, if sometimes snarky and snide. As an artificer, he is able to infuse objects with magical power and create various magic items, as long as he has enough materials to do so.

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