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Death by poison.

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It's a calm, almost peaceful night. Almost, as the fires off in the distance betray the presence of the Crown, and its legion of soldiers. Soldiers who, come the morrow, will either lay dead, or have killed you all.

Despite the somber outlook of battle tomorrow, your camp is rife with laughter, many soldiers engaging in dice games, brawling, or otherwise making a fool of themselves.

Well, it can't be helped. You're not exactly regulars of the army, save for a few who are assigned to the Blazing Regiment.

The Ninth Squad, yours, is located under the shade of a large willow tree. Excellent, considering how hot it has been during the days of this week long siege. The envy of many other squads.

Not that you care. You've got a good spot.

Huddled around a midnight camp fire are your allies, companions, and possibly the obnoxious bastards whose presence you can hardly stand.

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Suddenly, the entire keep collapses! The party is swept down in a maelstrom of rocks and pebbles, crushing their bones as they meet unfortunate deaths.

The party has died in a freak keep collapse! All hail Azathoth!

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In the moments before his untimely demise, Paik whispers three accursed words.

"Hastur, Hastur, Hastur."
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Paik is duly ignored by the cosmic force because Azathoth.
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Reiyasu ignore everyone's dead and return home to be lazy, or something.

File 132606390492.png - (582.26KB , 1106x1600 , 1307989264951.png )
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Sureiya: Reiyasu
Astaroth: Paik
Hanyuu: Aeir
Rin: Alexi
Bernkastel: Kavakri
Cake: Eflor
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File 131434409123.jpg - (276.20KB , 800x895 , I am the Leader.jpg )
Oh, and I forgot, I should have done 5 more damage with my Funneling Flurry since Aeir gave me adaptive stratagem.
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File 132941397063.jpg - (187.37KB , 453x720 , Ace of Clubs.jpg )
Oh, she did. Nevermind then!
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I just checked, she hit him without needing the Favour but she rolled for it.

In any case, I noted to Anon that he couldn't use Mettle and I have heard nothing regarding "OK, don't use it after all", which would've been reasonable. I don't think it's entirely fair to say two turns after "OK, let's pretend it wasn't used", simply because it hadn't been necessary.

Simply put: had Bern missed, then the power would've been used. Had she hit, then it wouldn't have been used. This assumes precognition on the player's behalf, and I don't think you have, so I'm not going to permit taking the move back at this point.
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File 131770386279.png - (54.58KB , 159x307 , mionriyfu.png )
Fine, fine. But Favor of the Gods is still a power that he should have never used to begin with. I didn't say anything at the time because you never noted its use in your spoiler text (note that I try to always include such power uses in my text, even if it's just casting Light or using Warlock's Curse) and I didn't think Bern had used the reroll.

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no ur the nerds
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and nothing of value was lost

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So with Attyroo's adventure nearing the climax and ending, I figure it's a good time to let people know what I plan on doing and how I plan on doing it, and what I expect of my players! All these things are amenable to change, as my DM philosophy is that a proper adventure is on the whole pleasing to all parties, without providing false promises.

As for on "what is legal" goes:

- Potions of Invulnerability are not legal, even with the nerf.
- With the exception of homebrews presented and OK'd by myself, homebrew rules, classes, items and whatnot are illegal.
- You may use material from any books and/or articles officially published by Wizards of the Coast, provided that I am able to view the content as well. Anything I do not have access to is illegal by default.
- Sentient Items, Artefacts, Boons and Tattoos are all illegal.
- Feats pertaining to Marks are illegal.
- The only backgrounds permitted are those listed under "General" or "Scales of War Adventure Path": no setting-specific. Exception: background benefits that substitute another ability score for Con for the purposes of HP calculation are also illegal.
- Wondrous items and/or rituals that provide infinite food and/or drinks are illegal. If these items were so readily available that you could buy them, no one'd ever go hungry! Exception: that Bardic ritual that sustains you with the power of song. If you want to live off of songs, then that is your prerogative.
- Evil alignments are banned.

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File 131972358726.png - (18.98KB , 200x200 , saku_laugh.png )
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Made the first post etc, I'll get a real disc thread up in a few.

How do I sticky stuff omg.
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File 131518593013.png - (65.18KB , 240x397 , BUP_0096.png )
In the admin panel, there should be an option to "manage stickies." It's pretty self-explanatory.

Should we hold off on posting for now until you get your "real disc thread" up?
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File 131518593013.png - (65.18KB , 240x397 , BUP_0096.png )
In the admin panel, there should be an option to "manage stickies." It's pretty self-explanatory.

Should we hold off on posting for now until you get your "real disc thread" up?

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The Kingdom of Rasto. A relatively small, relatively new land, surrounded by fierce mountains. The only path to the kingdom leads through a treacherous mountain pass which, despite Rasto's best attempts, have never quite been hospitable enough to draw many travellers.

A Kingdom which boasts a fair harbour, large enough to fulfill its needs of trade and travel.

It was merely two hundred years ago that the country had been founded, not through any effort of remarkability, but by a simple man's desire to eke out a home for his family in a land few would call hospitable.

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File 132426108016.jpg - (168.74KB , 355x580 , eb1-flap2.jpg )
What had happened, then, to change the wastelands of legend into the lush, fertile grounds that now made up the Kingdom of Rasto?

It is said that in the third year of his rule, Asmod had managed to cultivate a small bit of land. Certainly not enough to feed all that had followed him, and in his despair he had taken horse and travelled deeper into the land, hoping for sources of food.

What he found instead was a dilapidated castle, a ruin not even worthy of being called a fortress.

Within those walls, he came across a woman, hair as gold, dressed in garments the colour of blood.

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File 132426133925.jpg - (141.96KB , 682x800 , 5566361.jpg )
The woman has become known as the Royal Elector, a privileged position handed down among her family. What do they look like, beside the vague description in the legends and lore? What power did they command?

The legends are myriad and multiple, but agree on one solemn point: Asmod managed to move the woman and acquire her grace, and with it he gained a power that enabled him to shape the lands of Rasto into a country that could thrive and live.

The Royal Elector had given him power, or had perhaps reshaped the land herself. A mystery that none have ever solved, for only the royal family had ever been permitted to see her afterwards.

The old dilapidated castle she had been in, it is said, is now the "Crown" of Rasto, a palace conveniently situated in its centre, surrounded by water.

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File 132426155711.jpg - (88.29KB , 519x729 , 630357.jpg )
And yet you find yourself now at this castle. Surrounded by what has to be around ten thousand men, if not double that, you have found yourself looking at the gaunt walls of the Crown.

Two years ago, the king of Rasto had died a sudden death. His son, Gothos, had been designated heir, and would've inherited the throne... but Tile, his sister, had intervened.

A civil war had broken out, and people rallied under the banner of the Lion Crest, or that of the Crown Crest.

You're one of those who found themselves drawn to the Lion Crest, the crest of Tile. The army of Tile has found itself on the offensive these past few months, quickly gaining most of the land under its control.

The only thing that has really eluded the army has been Gothos and the Royal Elector.

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File 132426211682.jpg - (78.46KB , 400x480 , 2347619.jpg )
So here you stand. Gawking at the walls of the Crown, the army with you. You're in the Ninth Squad of the First Company, one of many who were among the first to join Tile's side.

Why join her? Oh, that one's easy. The story that Gothos poisoned the previous king, a well-liked man, are numerous, and certainly explain the man's sudden death.

That Gothos was known even before hand as a rash youth, a hot-blooded young man who sought quarrel where he could, and of who the King had, so it was said, voiced disapproval... well, it's easy to understand that Gothos must have poisoned the king to assert his right to the throne before Tile could have been designated heir in place of her foolish, warmongering brother.

So. That wall. That castle. Gotta get in somehow, huh? No doubt the fight'll start soon, though you are unsure of the strategy yet. A full assault has been forbidden. Why?

"Here we stand, at the gates of the Crown," Tile had spoken, her elegant voice commanding respect with ease. "Inside sits the Royal Elector, who has sided with the Crown Crest for reasons unknown to us.

"A siege is well possible. However..." At this, she had slung her spear off her back, and thrown it, square in the face of a scarecrow she had placed on a podium.

The princess had raised her empty hands.

"See now. One dead enemy. One unarmed subject of Rasto." She had continued to speak, "A full frontal assault will see many dead enemies, many dead of us as well and many of us unarmed, ill-prepared to face threats from the outside which, no doubt, need reassuring that we can defend ourselves."
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