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Death by poison.

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File 132095595765.jpg - (100.36KB , 600x423 , 6552771.jpg )
1300 No. 1300 edit
So with Attyroo's adventure nearing the climax and ending, I figure it's a good time to let people know what I plan on doing and how I plan on doing it, and what I expect of my players! All these things are amenable to change, as my DM philosophy is that a proper adventure is on the whole pleasing to all parties, without providing false promises.

As for on "what is legal" goes:

- Potions of Invulnerability are not legal, even with the nerf.
- With the exception of homebrews presented and OK'd by myself, homebrew rules, classes, items and whatnot are illegal.
- You may use material from any books and/or articles officially published by Wizards of the Coast, provided that I am able to view the content as well. Anything I do not have access to is illegal by default.
- Sentient Items, Artefacts, Boons and Tattoos are all illegal.
- Feats pertaining to Marks are illegal.
- The only backgrounds permitted are those listed under "General" or "Scales of War Adventure Path": no setting-specific. Exception: background benefits that substitute another ability score for Con for the purposes of HP calculation are also illegal.
- Wondrous items and/or rituals that provide infinite food and/or drinks are illegal. If these items were so readily available that you could buy them, no one'd ever go hungry! Exception: that Bardic ritual that sustains you with the power of song. If you want to live off of songs, then that is your prerogative.
- Evil alignments are banned.

As far as "what to keep in mind" goes:

- Starting wealth is gold equal to 2 level 9 items, 1 level 10 item and 1 level 11 item (22,400 gold). Starting level is 10. You may pick a theme, and you may pick a background benefit provided it is legal. No theme is illegal.
- Mundane items must be bought as normal, deducting their cost from your wealth level.
- You receive no free items of any kind when creating a character, including those granted by themes. Exception: classes giving out free items is fine, such as the Wizard granting a free spellbook.
- You will always take a short rest when the others take a short rest: there is no abuse here with carrying over benefits by not ending the encounter or whatever.
- Pixies can never fly higher than an altitude of 1, unless specifically granted by a power, item or feat.
- There will be roleplay, and there may be skill challenges. Choices you make can and will affect the outcome of the adventure, and may make things harder or easier on you.
- There will be no more than 4 battles in this adventure. A battle constitutes a direct clash of goals that is to be resolved through violence.
- There are no extended rests in this adventure.

As far as "what I expect of you" goes:

- An active attitude in gaming. This does NOT mean you can't slouch around and ignore anything that isn't combat. If that's not for you it is not for you. But it DOES mean that I do not want to feel a need impressed on me to get you to participate in battles, discussions pertinent to the continuation of the adventure or other venues where an active attitude may be expected.
- Do not be a twat: this is solely at my discretion.

Any questions should be asked and posted now, etcetera.
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>> No. 1301 edit

Homebrew Rules include the following:
- All characters receive a free feat at level 5, to be spent on an "Expertise" feat or equivalent. It is permitted to use any of the "Expertise" feats brewed by Maggie.
- Melee classes that use a primary ability score other than Strength automatically use their highest ability modifier for Attack and Damage rolls of melee basic attacks. Exception: melee classes that use Strength primarily but for which you have chosen not to use Strength still use their Strength modifier for melee basic attacks.
- All characters receive a Proficiency feat at level 1 for free, to be spent on proficiency in one weapon or implement.
- Mages receive the Ritual Caster feat for free. This does not include free rituals.

Above is amenable to change and discussion, and certainly not set in stone.
>> No. 1302 edit
Do we get a Bag of Holding for carrying things in?
>> No. 1303 edit
>> No. 1304 edit
File 13209582735.jpg - (58.40KB , 212x169 , that\'s not good!.jpg )
Oh dear.
>> No. 1305 edit
File 132095842459.png - (174.72KB , 600x600 , sXoqu.png )
Keikaku doori.
>> No. 1306 edit
File 132095851496.jpg - (16.06KB , 305x191 , JUSTASPLANNED.jpg )
Nevermind, I found a (legal) workaround without having to invest anything in strength.
>> No. 1307 edit
File 131498976282.png - (100.28KB , 319x318 , doh.png )
>evil alignments banned
Guess I have to go back to neutral then.
>> No. 1308 edit
File 132095881551.jpg - (683.73KB , 1764x1383 , 15094958.jpg )
You can buy a Bag of Holding, or a Deep-Pocket Cloak or just go over your weight limit. I'm just not giving out free items, deal with your kleptomania on your own.

None of this "hurr I'm plotting to backstab the party secretely" nonsense.
>> No. 1309 edit
I think I found something better (and cheaper) than a bag of holding.
Perish the thought. I was just going the "selfish evil" route.
>> No. 1310 edit
File 132095929248.gif - (66.09KB , 576x648 , 20110820.gif )
Greed isn't evil. Loyal is definitely not evil.
>> No. 1311 edit
>> No. 1312 edit
also, finished filling out character sheet, what you think
>> No. 1313 edit
>- Melee classes that use a primary ability score other than Strength automatically use their highest ability modifier for Attack and Damage rolls of melee basic attacks. Exception: melee classes that use Strength primarily but for which you have chosen not to use Strength still use their Strength modifier for melee basic attacks.
>> No. 1314 edit
>> No. 1315 edit
>Horreb Ritual Cube
>Level 18 item

>5 Syllables of Grace
>No more than 4 battles

Rest looks good etc. 28 AC still makes me go @_@
>> No. 1316 edit
It cost nothingggggg~

I thought I fixed the syllables of grace thing.
>> No. 1317 edit
You don't get level 18 items.

You don't get any items that "cost nothing" period.
>> No. 1318 edit
attack his fortitude
>> No. 1319 edit
Fine, fine. I thought it was silly anyway.

Also, swapped out burglar's gloves and backpack of concealment for hedgewizard's gloves because magic.
>> No. 1320 edit
Also, that. My fortitude is pretty pathetic.
>> No. 1322 edit
After Maggie's complaints:

- Spiked Gauntlets count as a double-weapon. Both 'ends' of the weapon do 1d6 damage and acquire a +2 prociency bonus. The 'secondary end' gains the off-hand property, the primary does not. Both sides count as 'unarmed', and the weapon is treated as a Spiked Gauntlet for all other game-related purposes.
>> No. 1323 edit
File 132099431238.png - (104.01KB , 342x275 , Mayakov.png )
I wasn't trying to complain, honest! I would've been fine if you said no! It just, well, made sense to me.

Anyways, here's what I got for now.

>> No. 1325 edit
File 132103350246.jpg - (93.42KB , 342x242 , bloody path.jpg )
Man, now I wish we were starting at level 15. This would be such a fun power to use.
>> No. 1326 edit
Hoo boy. You should see the kind of stuff my brawler could pick up by 15.

To the tune of an attack that dazes AND grabs and can be used as an opportunity attack, and a daily stance that has the Rain of Steel effect that also buffs AC, saving throws, and grants regeneration. Nevermind a heaping ton of more accuracy, since starting at level 11 the brawler feature improves to a +4 enhancement bonus, and kensei gives another +1 on top of that. Also by that level I could afford the monk MC feat, a +3 ki focus and still have a +2 feyslaughter talid for when it would be needed.

An extra 3 feats for a feat-hungry build is also nice. Probably grab Improved Defenses, the Monk MC feat and Reserve Maneuver.

But enough of that, level 10 is still a good level, though the brawler actually prefers levels that immediately follow a tier shift rather than right before it (at level 10, I still have the level 1 version of the feature that gives +2 enchantment to attacks, and it upgrades to +4 at level 11).
>> No. 1327 edit
File 13203646525.png - (14.44KB , 206x168 , dazed.png )
Eh, I'm just interested in that one power tbh.
>> No. 1328 edit
>> No. 1329 edit
File 131414903489.png - (488.44KB , 888x886 , sak_a11 bothered 1.png )
No need to be so testy. I'm fine with level 10.
>> No. 1336 edit
Eh, forget increased shifting distance. I'll steal that nifty Faulty Memory power instead.
>> No. 1339 edit
File 131514131071.png - (26.45KB , 147x185 , diplomaticimmunity.png )
Voyager. Wherever you are, I have an interesting proposal I wish to discuss with you. I think you might like it.
>> No. 1343 edit
File 131502241835.jpg - (78.32KB , 605x836 , Mion Relaxing.jpg )
I've been considering it, and it's really tempting to take Lili's free proficiency feat for the Triple-Headed Flail and get a Feyslaughter version of that, then just use a talid in the off-hand. It'd probably be more optimal, really, all I lose is +2 damage on the off-hand (I only have two attacks which use my off-hand weapon) and the ability to hold my battle standard and keep a hand free for Brawler Guard, and on the flip side I get +1 attack and 1d6->1d10 damage dice.

But I think I'll stick with spiked gauntlet because it's cooler. I kinda wish there was a superior unarmed weapon I could use that free feat on but there isn't. Closest thing I could use is use it on the Spiked Shield and wear that on my main hand.

Hmmm... that may actually work... and it could free up a feat slot. Let me think about that one.
>> No. 1344 edit
File 135805573363.png - (135.67KB , 500x500 , awwww___.png )
I hope other people start posting their sheets soon so I have a better idea of what I'm working with.
>> No. 1364 edit

Behold! It's Rinne!
>> No. 1374 edit
File 132162505827.png - (174.72KB , 600x600 , sXoqu.png )
How are you worshipping a god of pure evil while retaining an unaligned alignment? Following Lolth's tenets seems decidedly evil to me.
>> No. 1389 edit
I want Lolth but you restricted evil alignments. ;_;!

You could always let me be evil and no one else, fufufu~
>> No. 1390 edit
By the way, I decided the spiked shield thing was too cheesy and not very flavorful to use, even if it did essentially get me a free feat.
>> No. 1399 edit
File 131605248996.jpg - (77.69KB , 242x365 , drapey.jpg )
I'm still juggling feats and items around until I'm sure of what everyone else is taking. It's also gonna impact my power selection if nobody'd benefit from a slide over a daze, or if there's somebody granting me enough mobility that I don't need something like Handspring Assault to get around, or if Sneak in the Attack will see much use (with a brawler, I think this will be the case).
>> No. 1425 edit
File 132173166235.png - (90.71KB , 291x478 , kanon_derp.png )
>Rinne Domi'hime
>Too old
>It's rude to ask
>Whip training
>> No. 1426 edit
File 131477055081.jpg - (68.22KB , 317x480 , 57761523e60a11a7318037a5c7a2ad809da87a31.jpg )
Yes, Cake is very rude.
>> No. 1427 edit
File 131525262793.png - (38.88KB , 208x207 , bobblehead.png )
It doesn't exactly inspire confidence in me.
>> No. 1428 edit
Characters which offend others on the boards are, of course, not permitted, so if Rin's against Rinne I'll have to refuse her.
>> No. 1429 edit
File 132175368498.png - (174.53KB , 500x600 , 1246415069958.png )
I think it's in bad taste, but I'm not particularly opposed to it. Far be it from me to ruin someone else's fun. 'Course, it's entirely possible people will be saying the same thing about my character when I actually start roleplaying him.
>> No. 1434 edit
Elves old okay? The full thing says "It's rude to ask a woman her weight." If you're going to try and tell me it's perfectly fine to do so, refer the last word of your image file posted.

The name WAS meant to be a joke and I WAS going to change it before the campaign. I never meant it in bad taste nor did I think anyone would take it seriously.

Oh well, so much for that. I'll roll something else.
>> No. 1435 edit
Question: Can I be a Thri-Kreen?
>> No. 1436 edit
File 132187637697.jpg - (39.99KB , 640x368 , Rinsip.jpg )
When I said "in bad taste," I meant the joke was in bad taste. I am fully aware that it was a joke, and I wasn't taking it that seriously. Like I said, you don't have to change on my account.
>> No. 1437 edit
It's fine. I already have another character in mind. Just waiting for Lili's approval for the race desired.
>> No. 1438 edit
>Can't be evil.
>Only evil deities have the realm of strife.
>> No. 1439 edit
Someone else can take my spot.
>> No. 1440 edit
wat race

geez wat wrong
>> No. 1461 edit
Don't worry, I was just being mad for no reason last night and posted without thinking.

Race was meant to be Thri-Kreen but I don't know anymore.
>> No. 1462 edit
well idk if udk
>> No. 1513 edit

Constant CA, can knock anything prone Blackguard. Might be fun.
>> No. 1515 edit
The augmenting whetstones don't seem to really help you; they provide a +2 enhancement bonus to attack and damage, which you already have just from having a +2 sword (and the bonuses don't stack).
>> No. 1518 edit
Oh, I thought they stacked. More gold to spend on other stuff then!
>> No. 1520 edit
Bonuses with the same name, in this case an enhancement bonus, do not stack (unless they specifically say they do). So yeah.
>> No. 1536 edit
Hey, I can afford an elven chain shirt!
>> No. 1540 edit
Actually, if I had hide armor, it'd be even higher.
>> No. 1667 edit
I have Blackguard (Striker), Rogue (Striker) and Fighter (Defender) down for play, if anyone else wants play they should post etc. It'd be nice if we could get the crunch out of the way without a long period spent getting things together.

Also post with a username so I know who's who etc.
>> No. 1676 edit
File 132341801029.png - (59.42KB , 776x450 , peekb.png )
I'll be filling in whatever role we're missing. If we're missing a controller but not a leader, I'll probably be a psion. If we're missing a leader, I'll be some leader class, but I haven't decided which yet.
>> No. 1679 edit

I finished the map mostly, just need to add some decorations. It's a boring map but that's okay right.
>> No. 1683 edit
Full character sheet for old man moe:
>> No. 1754 edit
If you still need a man I will play as well. I want to use a leader, any recomendation? I still very noobs for d&d.
>> No. 1757 edit
Temporal build, still dont decide some stuff. Feel free to trash it.
>> No. 1758 edit
oh you
>> No. 1759 edit
Well I have no idea how many years Deva live! They semi immortal and then reborn into another Deva!
>> No. 1772 edit
Riri, can I use the proficiency feat to get proficiency with light shields?
>> No. 1775 edit
Game related question.
When I started playing d&d I understood that you can only use one item power per day, being able to recover that use after reaching a milestone.

With the new rule from essentials and from what Rin told I believe now you can use each item power once per day without the milestones afecting this in any way.

Is this correct? And if that's the case, how will item powers work in this campaing?
>> No. 1777 edit
As far as I know, item powers are now unrestricted in that you can use as many as you want in a day. Some DMs like myself may choose to further restrict them if there's potential for abuse, but it hasn't come up yet.

As for your build, I'm not sold on feats like Healer's Implement and Pacifist's Reward. I feel like you have enough healing boosts so Healer's Implement is not really necessary, and the THPs granted by Pacifist's Reward just don't seem all that necessary. Instead, I'd be very tempted to take the deva-only feat Battle Intuition, which is basically Battlewise with +2 Init. Even if you don't need the high initiative, you could take a casque of tactics and trade places with the defender or controller if you win initiative (and they roll poorly). As for items, if you can make room, there are items that will boost your Reflex/Fortitude: Boots of Quickness and Belt of Vim, respectively. I think the defensive property makes Singing Stick pretty much a shoe-in unless you really want a parrying dagger, though the AC works out the same even if you use a regular dagger with the singing stick.
>> No. 1778 edit
Yeah, I was thinking in changing pacifist reward. of those for the reflex defense feat.
Healer's implement? Well I should first calculate how much each spell will heal, but with mace of healing and brooch I should have already +4 to surgeless healing.
And about the dagger ... yes I don't like it very much, I have it right now because of the reflex bonus, but that's all.
>> No. 1779 edit
I can't check from my current location, but I believe Healer's Implement only works for healing that involves spending a surge. In which case you are already getting a massive boost from Pacifist Healer plus your other surgeless healing mods. If that's the case then I really don't see a need for Healer's Implement, though it becomes a bit better if it works for the surgeless healing too (by the way, Knight Hospitaler theme works great with surgeless healing boosts, and at level 10 can use its shield 2/encounter).
>> No. 1780 edit
It only works on healing surges spent, yes.
>> No. 1796 edit
update: http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=353358
>> No. 1799 edit
>> No. 1803 edit
Oh yes, also background is detective.
>> No. 1821 edit
im post hasty background

probably riddled with inconsistency everywhere or just unappealing characters.

You can spruce up any parts that'd require sprucing up to justify your character's position, and I'll amend it to that. Fitting the campaign to the characters rather than the characters completely to the campaign is silly.

Briefing on what you're actually doing will come later etc.
>> No. 1822 edit
luks gud
>> No. 1823 edit
So, we are part of the Tile army against Gothos, final boss is beato and we need to sneak into a full armed castle, sounds pretty good.
About my character, he got carried into the army without any direct intention to save the country. He's a cleric in training who lived in Rasto and he got ordered to join this fight, so it probably fit the story the way it is.
>> No. 1824 edit
Sounds easy right.
>> No. 1825 edit
File 134697704418.jpg - (101.33KB , 600x600 , am i in trouble.jpg )
Mine got caught and was given the choice of prison or join the army. He joined the army. Also, primary motivations/goals are riches, booze and women.
>> No. 1826 edit
wouldn't it be more put to death or army, as I'd assume they wouldn't have enough people to man prisons with a war going on
>> No. 1827 edit
Oh, I guess that does make more sense.
>> No. 1828 edit

This k Riri?
>> No. 1829 edit

- All rare items are henceforth banned.
- Rin's character possesses a Unique Infinite Flower Bag, capable of producing an infinite amount of flowers for whatever purposes she'd enjoy. Purely RP, with no mechanical application. I will make similar exceptions to the No Free Item rule for those who deem it an RP-related acquisition to flavour a character. Do NOT attempt to abuse this.

I'd LIKE to believe I do not have to go through everyone's sheets to nitpick your stat totals, total value of your items and whether the items comply to the rules laid out and what may be expected of you.
>> No. 1830 edit
updated rogue before going to mythweavers
critique, etc
>> No. 1831 edit
Are dragonshards, etc from eberron material allowed?
>> No. 1832 edit

I'd prefer Google Doc sheets personally, actually.
>> No. 1833 edit
The problem with those is that they don't contain all the info about certain things.
>> No. 1834 edit
File 131530473810.png - (65.31KB , 240x397 , BUP_0097.png )
Like what? You realize the character sheets generated by the character builder can be customized to a degree, right?
>> No. 1835 edit
Maybe some of the background info or rp stuff doesn't show up on the character sheets most of the time, from my experience
>> No. 1836 edit
File 131500223798.jpg - (182.54KB , 702x833 , 26d89a1af679368a40d675aacf95d870.jpg )
Fair enough, because the background fields are rather short.

Any idea when this is gonna start?
>> No. 1837 edit
Well I still don't have all sheets yet because people are being super slow.
>> No. 1838 edit
File 131502241835.jpg - (78.32KB , 605x836 , Mion Relaxing.jpg )
I gave you mod rights here a long time ago. You'll need to actually log in to use it though.
>> No. 1839 edit
Oh right that logging in business.
>> No. 1840 edit
I know Hanyuu is done, cake is away til the 8th, Astaroth is done, Rin is done, Bern said she's done but idk if she's posted her sheet yet? and anon is done too.
>> No. 1841 edit
>6 players
I thought I had 5! I guess I need to adjust encounters for this.
>> No. 1842 edit
Well, if there was 5 players I probably would have tried to join if it was k
>> No. 1843 edit
File 132730928236.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
well you know, I can leave if you want 5
>> No. 1844 edit
>> No. 1845 edit
I want all sheets by the 5th etc, or I'm starting without those who haven't completed their sheets.
>> No. 1846 edit
File 131406494663.jpg - (18.85KB , 315x368 , On Your Mark.jpg )
Since it seems like people were all saying "omg where's your sheet I didn't see you post it" I'll repost it.

>> No. 1847 edit
File 132562792319.png - (8.75KB , 107x107 , hi nerd.png )
Work in progress.
>> No. 1848 edit
Hanyuu had questions about spellscars for Riri so I had him send her a request over steam if i'm not able to message her before then.
>> No. 1849 edit
Well, I emailed Riri and I'll be home in 4 days so if you could wait until then it would much appreciated.
>> No. 1850 edit
File 132571754688.png - (203.67KB , 500x316 , f02da1eae549e2d91e98f7406c58ca3e.png )
>> No. 1851 edit
>> No. 1852 edit
Anon is this sheet final:

Cake, is your sheet final?
>> No. 1853 edit
yes, it is ne
>> No. 1854 edit
Last I talked with cake the sheet was indeed final.
>> No. 1855 edit
finally found a character portrait, shame it wasn't glasses version
>> No. 1856 edit
I will consider all sheets final as of now, and will commence checking them. If you change anything now, mention what you change and to what.

I only have pictures for Hanyuu and Rin. Those who do not submit a picture for use will be given a token representing their character with a letter. I'd like it if Hanyuu/Rin could post their pictures here now so I have somewhat better quality.
>> No. 1857 edit
File 132579343035.jpg - (902.86KB , 1212x1372 , paik.jpg )
I thought my profile had one.

Anyway, here's the picture.
>> No. 1858 edit
File 132579694296.png - (157.40KB , 246x247 , 11111.png )
>> No. 1859 edit
Reiyasu needs rituals etc.
>> No. 1860 edit
Also, can we start with residuum?
>> No. 1861 edit
>> No. 1862 edit

Do they also function as currency, like in /limbo/? If so, everyone should convert their remainder gp for residuum so we can ritual etc.
>> No. 1863 edit
File 132580063449.jpg - (220.34KB , 487x665 , Some Things In Life Are Bad They Can Really Make Y.jpg )
Screw that, Paik likes gold. You'd have to give him a darn good reason to turn it into something he can't even use.
>> No. 1864 edit
It would be because residuum would be a form of currency, just like gold pieces, and you do belong in a group with 3 ritual casters.
>> No. 1865 edit
File 131525262793.png - (38.88KB , 208x207 , bobblehead.png )
And we wouldn't know about that ahead of time, would we? We're just grunts in an army.
>> No. 1866 edit
>You're in the Ninth Squad of the First Company
I think we're all in the same group from the start.
>> No. 1867 edit
File 135760105061.png - (502.15KB , 850x900 , hmm.png )
So you're saying we're already well acquainted with each other, to the point that we'd buy stuff for other people to use that we can't use ourselves? Particularly when said stuff doesn't glitter like gold?
>> No. 1868 edit
File 131406625013.png - (71.75KB , 221x226 , What the Hell is He doing Here.png )
That's dumb and I'm not doing it. Residuum is not supposed to be available on the open market and there's no reason to assume my character should have any.
>> No. 1869 edit
Sure, that's right. In the end, though, it's up to you.

Does residuum not glitter?
>> No. 1870 edit
If you insist. It's okay, though, since I'll have enough residuum to cast my rituals multiple times anyway. I'm just not so sure about the other ritualists.
>> No. 1871 edit
>Google can Residdium be used as currency
>Limbo is in the top 2-3 searches
>> No. 1872 edit
People without Ritual Caster do not carry any reagents for rituals. Do not further attempt to misuse generosity.
>> No. 1873 edit
They'll be fine, I'm sure.
>> No. 1874 edit
>> No. 1875 edit
That is to say, if anyone else tries to take advantage of me being lenient once again I will start becoming a whole lot less lenient.
>> No. 1876 edit
File 131380770197.jpg - (417.45KB , 892x1000 , Fire One Off.jpg )
I didn't imagine it; it's in the PHB in a sidebar.
>In some exotic locales, residuum is traded as currency, measured by weight and carried in small metal vials.
But naturally, I agree with Lili's decision and I wouldn't allow a character to start with residuum at all, nor purchase it. You either find it or create it.
>> No. 1877 edit
File 132580531236.png - (3.51KB , 56x106 , bern127b.png )
Changes since >>1856 (sorry!)

- Replaced the Tenser's Floating Disk ritual with the Sending ritual (free ritual for psions)
- Purchased the rituals Inquisitive's Eyes, Speak with Dead, Object Reading, Last Sight Vision, and Hand of Fate
- Purchased Bracers of Brachiation (heroic tier)
- Purchased 880 gp of residuum
>> No. 1878 edit
File 132580543067.png - (3.51KB , 56x106 , bern127b.png )
Changes since >>1856 (sorry!)

- Replaced the Tenser's Floating Disk ritual with the Sending ritual (free ritual for psions)
- Purchased the rituals Inquisitive's Eyes, Speak with Dead, Object Reading, Last Sight Vision, and Hand of Fate
- Purchased Bracers of Brachiation (heroic tier), an Adventurer's Kit, an Inquisitive's Kit, an extra Waterskin, and Footpads,
- Purchased 880 gp of residuum
>> No. 1879 edit
pictur is there omg
>> No. 1880 edit
File 132586801493.jpg - (18.71KB , 158x320 , Dragon37362-deva.jpg )
And with this, I conclude than only Natsuhi could be the culprit. What do you think, everyone?
>> No. 1881 edit
File 131972358726.png - (18.98KB , 200x200 , saku_laugh.png )
>> No. 1883 edit

Made the first post etc, I'll get a real disc thread up in a few.

How do I sticky stuff omg.
>> No. 1884 edit
File 131518593013.png - (65.18KB , 240x397 , BUP_0096.png )
In the admin panel, there should be an option to "manage stickies." It's pretty self-explanatory.

Should we hold off on posting for now until you get your "real disc thread" up?
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In the admin panel, there should be an option to "manage stickies." It's pretty self-explanatory.

Should we hold off on posting for now until you get your "real disc thread" up?
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