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Death by poison.

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17 No. 17 edit
Also /parlor/ general.

Riri: Longtooth Shifter Barbarian (striker)
Shion: Dwarf Invoker (controller)
Hide: Elf Hunter (controller)
Cake: Warforged Bard (leader)
Makk: Shardmind Artificer (leader)
etc: Human Fighter (defender)
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>> No. 65 edit
Are we going to transfer stuff over to myth weavers or something like that? I already have and Lili should be fine since she posted the saved images of her character sheet via character builder, but it would be helpful/beneficial for looking at allies powers and whatnots.
>> No. 76 edit
File 131386851113.png - (46.39KB , 150x150 , gauruu.png )
So, are all our characters ready then?
>> No. 77 edit
Bern's still undecided.
>> No. 78 edit
File 131387928434.png - (96.63KB , 400x400 , =3.png )
Alright guys, I'm going to need some Mythweavers sheets soon.
>> No. 82 edit
yeah people, hurry up~
>> No. 85 edit
Mine's posted!
>> No. 86 edit
By the way if we're jumping right into an encounter, I should be starting in Lynx stance
>> No. 87 edit
FYI, no, you're not jumping right into an encounter. I'm going to start things off so everybody has time to orient themselves and such before throwing you guys to the wolves.
>> No. 88 edit
>> No. 90 edit
File 131380650958.png - (47.07KB , 158x170 , mion1.png )
I started everyone off in an encounter because I thought the best way to learn the system was to dive in head-first. With that said, either way seems fine.
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