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Death by poison.

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File 132606390492.png - (582.26KB , 1106x1600 , 1307989264951.png )
1886 No. 1886 edit
Sureiya: Reiyasu
Astaroth: Paik
Hanyuu: Aeir
Rin: Alexi
Bernkastel: Kavakri
Cake: Eflor
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>> No. 1887 edit
Oh nevermind lol, Bern has Scholar for languages.
I do find it a bit annoying that I said to get all sheets done by the 5th, it's now the 8th and Bern still doesn't even have a name to refer to the character by. Anyway go post or something, or else I'll just drag you along without any. The degree of roleplay shown determines how much opportunity I will lend for it; if you guys collectively abstain I will just switch between encounters.
>> No. 1898 edit
>Lots of RP
Why don't we have this in limbo.
>> No. 1899 edit
geez it's the start okay, we can rp less if you wish
>> No. 1901 edit
Don't you dare!
>> No. 1902 edit
well Im waiting for Alexi reply and for bern first post so I will stay silent
>> No. 1903 edit
and bern was about to make a post btw
>> No. 1914 edit
>Army general
>huffing at her
You guys sure do love to make this difficult on me.
>> No. 1915 edit
File 131610252548.png - (111.90KB , 300x317 , greatness at work.png )
Maybe 'huff' was too strong a word.
>> No. 1916 edit
In during excitement.
>> No. 1918 edit
File 132612801566.png - (22.41KB , 434x514 , ka_heh2.png )
>take action against your squad
>bathed in flowers
>> No. 1920 edit
File 132613999946.png - (66.56KB , 272x397 , BUP_0084.png )
I think I handled that well~
>> No. 1923 edit
what no roses
>> No. 1924 edit
File 131602099083.png - (75.21KB , 288x765 , It Can\'t Be Helped.png )
If used them all the time they'd lose their impact.
>> No. 1929 edit
File 132615304673.jpg - (35.26KB , 261x325 , tailstand.jpg )
Amazing how much everybody's getting into this before the combat even starts.
>> No. 1931 edit
shhhh or they will notice we are rping
>> No. 1935 edit
Geez Bern you should roleplay more, easily the funnest to read.
>> No. 1937 edit
File 132618148377.png - (88.04KB , 238x352 , 131641955898.png )
>> No. 1941 edit
File 131406643265.jpg - (56.82KB , 300x300 , 1248323953524.jpg )
Since I'm the captain now, would it be all right for me to say that the Battle Standard of the Hungry Blade I have on my character sheet is, say, the battle standard of our squad? That way I can totally justify carrying it around in-character and I haven't mentioned it up until this point.
>> No. 1942 edit
Huh, actually I have a Battle standard of healing, but I plan to use it only at the end of the encounters.
>> No. 1945 edit
File 132622940157.png - (67.26KB , 272x397 , BUP_0080.png )
Well, mine's a Battle Standard of the Hungry Blade, so I do intend to use that in combat.
>> No. 1947 edit
File 13262297393.png - (67.26KB , 272x397 , BUP_0082.png )
Well, mine's a Battle Standard of the Hungry Blade, so I do intend to use that in combat.
>> No. 1950 edit
I'm being lazy today because it's Wednesday.
>> No. 1954 edit
Btw what was on the canvas?
>> No. 1956 edit
File 132637645815.jpg - (96.06KB , 280x387 , dread.jpg )
>If you and one or more allies are adjacent to an enemy, that enemy grants you and those allies combat advantage.
Uh oh, cake. Pack Outcast's free combat advantage feature just got nerfed.
>> No. 1957 edit
Sorry for not being around yesterday I was ill okay.
>> No. 1959 edit
bern I take insight this turn k, nor sure if we can repeat skill per round but your history is decent enough
>> No. 1960 edit
Secondary skills only give a bonus to the next roll, though.
>> No. 1962 edit
well 26 should pass a moderate check
>> No. 1964 edit
File 131530473810.png - (65.31KB , 240x397 , BUP_0097.png )
>Failures: 0/2
What skill challenge rules are you using? The updated ones always require 3 failures.
>> No. 1965 edit
File 132639690477.png - (60.18KB , 208x397 , BUP_0069.png )
>Failures: 0/2
What skill challenge rules are you using? The updated ones always require 3 failures.
>> No. 1966 edit
outdated ones obv
>> No. 1967 edit
File 132640212299.png - (10.22KB , 400x148 , Skill Challenge Chart.png )
The updated chart is in the DMG Deluxe Edition, though the DC table has been updated in the Rules Compendium.
>> No. 1968 edit
k fine you guys get 3 failures etc.
>> No. 1969 edit
Oh dear, I didn't put camouflaged clothing on my item list. It's in the cbuilder version, and the math checks out there, so I guess I did buy it.

Oh well, I'll just say he left it back at camp.
>> No. 1970 edit
Also, should probably decide on campaign name to use while rolling dice so the rolls are easy to look up.
>> No. 1971 edit
File 131406494663.jpg - (18.85KB , 315x368 , On Your Mark.jpg )
Should've bought a traveler's kit, like Alexi. It contains a few changes of clothes (including desert clothing, cold-weather clothing, and camo clothing), a map case, signal flares, and snares.
>> No. 1974 edit
File 131525262793.png - (38.88KB , 208x207 , bobblehead.png )
I was being frugal. Turns out most kits cost a lot more than the sum of their parts.
>> No. 1975 edit
Just use "Riris", that oughta make it easy.
>> No. 1976 edit
File 131888801847.jpg - (357.04KB , 900x1000 , Wink.jpg )
Well, camo clothing is 30 GP, snares are 5 gp, desert clothing is 5 gp, and cold weather clothing is 10 gp, so that equals the 50 gp traveler's kit right there.

I guess you didn't check your math there, because the traveler's kit includes all that plus 5 signal flares and a map case (I don't see signal ammunition listed at a rough glance, but a map case is 15 gp which is effectively "saved").
>> No. 1977 edit
File 13203646525.png - (14.44KB , 206x168 , dazed.png )
I guess I was basing that on other stuff. Apparently the Charlatan's Kit tries to rip you off, which is... Probably not ironic, but certainly amusing.
>> No. 1978 edit
Also that wasn't the problem. The problem was I just forgot to add it onto the sheet.
>> No. 1980 edit
Oh, to avoid confusion: while I'm not rolling initiative for the Skill Challenge, everyone can act only once per round still. Actually let's make it easier: next is Hanyuu, then Bern, then Rin, then keiki, then Sureiya again. Same order as the character profiles are posted up.

Thx now go.
>> No. 1981 edit
File 131831233961.jpg - (233.53KB , 640x480 , Vertical Blinds.jpg )
I was going to go ahead and post, but if you'd rather I waited my turn that's fine too.
>> No. 1982 edit
Yes, I'd rather you await your turn. Also, you must use the primary skills listed to attain a success, and using a primary skill twice to attain a success has the second use against a Hard DC instead of Moderate. (Or still Hard in the case of Bluff).

Also, secondary skills contribute a +2 bonus to the next roll made. They do not contribute successes, but they also do not become more difficult over time.

I was going to give leeway and let you come up with creative ways to use other skills but this is a low-tier, easy skill challenge and it's ridiculous people're already complaining to me and trying to weasle into ways to get it even easier. If I start giving leeway now you'll want to get easier everything, so I'm putting my foot down immediately.
>> No. 1983 edit
File 131601806410.png - (69.40KB , 158x350 , On This Back.png )
It's all right as far as I'm concerned, Athletics is pretty much the skill I have that I can use for this challenge. The fighter skill set is kind of small, especially a mono-ability score fighter. But I'm not discouraged at all because Athletics is a primary skill for this challenge.
>> No. 1986 edit
Okay, you go for athletics and I'll go for the bluff check.
>> No. 1988 edit
File 132641367936.jpg - (76.93KB , 1440x810 , 1273928103140.jpg )
>> No. 1989 edit
File 132641493796.jpg - (258.18KB , 575x600 , 1273928005006.jpg )
Being difficult? It just amused me, that's all...~
>> No. 1990 edit
Should I still be waiting? I don't know if those counted as Bern/Hanyu's turns but I'm guessing they didn't.
>> No. 1991 edit
Yes, you should still be waiting. A knowledge check doesn't count as participating in the skill challenge.
>> No. 1992 edit
A suggestion, to avoid delaying this part can't we ignore the order and just make our round roll?
>> No. 1993 edit
I thought you used your Insight to aid the next person. I didn't expect people'd think I'd throw traps in or require their knowledge checks just to pass the Skill Challenge.
>> No. 1994 edit
File 132649624930.png - (199.33KB , 398x554 , you are so puny.png )
Entire team is babies.
>> No. 1995 edit
ok so im lost, do I need to roll again? and whos next?
>> No. 1996 edit
Hanyuu needs to roll, then Bern, then Rin, then Cake, then Reiyasu, then Astaroth, then Hanyuu, as indicated >>1980
>> No. 1999 edit
I THINK secondary skills don't count as failures, unless Rin contradicts it! If it does count as a failure, you can succeed on Primary Skill and have it remove a failure instead of count as a success.
>> No. 2000 edit
File 132656807142.png - (46.59KB , 499x368 , bean.png )
Might want to make an "initiative" list on each post so everyone knows who's next.
>> No. 2001 edit
Sorry, Hanyuu. I decided against the plan with minor creation. Passing the hard DC is too difficult with a +12, etc.

If anyone's curious, we were going to use Aeir's knowledge that they're watching out for bandits to conjure a bag of jingly coins, have an Unseen Servant carry it away, and drop it so the guards hear. I would have dismissed both conjurations immediately and We would have snuck past them while they were distracted, but it hinged on a bluff check.

Also, despite Reiyasu's attempt, I'm a bit unclear on what insight does in this skill challenge. Is the intention really to have us come up with our own interpretations?
>> No. 2003 edit
Insight: interpret the hand signs used, the meaning of commands, who are the veterans and who are the rookies, which group pays the least amount of attention, who's the captain, what is the overall mood (are they attentive, distracted, angry), etc.
>> No. 2007 edit
Cake's turn etc. Sry I keep forgetting to note it.
>> No. 2013 edit
>> No. 2014 edit
File 132667422861.png - (93.72KB , 275x414 , wsm_akuwaraia1.png )
It's okay, passing without any failures would've been boring!
>> No. 2020 edit
File 131518593013.png - (65.18KB , 240x397 , BUP_0096.png )
Fey panthers look just like normal panthers pretty much, and I'm betting none of them have Arcana checks worth a darn. So I think this is a good idea.
>> No. 2024 edit
Making the enemies think it was a panther doing it obviously requires a Bluff check, but I'd consider the plan good enough for a circumstantial bonus to the check.

In any case, Paik has a +2 due to Reiyasu's success.
>> No. 2025 edit
Also, if you actually want to make them think it was a panther making the noise and they've found nothing, obviously it doesn't count as a success, just erasing a failure.
>> No. 2027 edit
File 131869270753.png - (483.60KB , 488x795 , 12483222334982.png )
Who makes the Bluff check? If we have Paik stay behind to help the panther get away quickly can he make it?
>> No. 2028 edit
Sure, though as I say, using the Panther to trick them into false alarm would count as removing a failure rather than acquiring a success, and you'd still need to pass this patrol.
>> No. 2029 edit
File 131512204957.jpg - (125.40KB , 393x582 , Love Pose.jpg )
Whatever works. In a pure mechanical sense it'd probably be better to just fish for more successes, but erasing a failure is fine too. Whatever Paik decides to do, I guess.
>> No. 2030 edit
Well, depending on the amount of failures you finish with, the later encounters will change somewhat. Whether the keep is at all alert will make things harder/easier ne.
>> No. 2032 edit
sry for weak post
i'm tireds
>> No. 2033 edit
File 131637712825.png - (64.30KB , 240x397 , BUP_0098.png )
FYI, saying "suspicious" with a lisp is hard.
>> No. 2034 edit
Pronouncing suspicious in lips looks like hell for a mexican.
>> No. 2036 edit
Aeir etc.
>> No. 2037 edit
I think Hanyuu is next ne
>> No. 2038 edit
File 131605248996.jpg - (77.69KB , 242x365 , drapey.jpg )
Would perception be usable as part of the skill challenge? It seems like something that would fit in regards to finding a path and such.
>> No. 2039 edit
It's not etc.
>> No. 2040 edit
Maybe once we are near to the building?
>> No. 2041 edit
So how would a new history check help?
>> No. 2044 edit
So where'd Hanyuu disappear off to?
>> No. 2046 edit
File 132692084566.jpg - (54.80KB , 640x480 , 1257443107563.jpg )
Sorry, slept all day and was having trouble coming up with something. Was feeling kind of ill yesterday.
>> No. 2049 edit
oh god hhhnnggg
>> No. 2050 edit
>that image
Circumstantial -14 to the check right.
>> No. 2051 edit
File 131706957391.jpg - (115.11KB , 505x362 , gendotaro.jpg )
Now that's just mean.
>> No. 2052 edit
Such greatness should be counted as a natural 20, no less.
>> No. 2054 edit
Geez that was clearly a success, maybe even two. Anyways it's Rin turn, I think.
>> No. 2055 edit
Yup it's Rin's turn.
>> No. 2057 edit
encounter here we go etc
>> No. 2058 edit
encounter here we go etc
>> No. 2059 edit
I was kinda thinking the Hard DC business really is too hard, but then Rin just rolled a 4. Okay lemme prepare encounter etc.
>> No. 2060 edit
Don't we still have one more failure? Or does "erasing a failure" not count in that regard?
>> No. 2061 edit
I made it clear that failing twice would mean you do not evade the patrols' notice and an encounter triggers. It's not a tough one and more for story-purposes than anything, don't babby now.
>> No. 2062 edit
I don't remember that, anyways what was the third failore for then?
>> No. 2063 edit
File 132711512470.jpg - (62.41KB , 336x433 , fgfs.jpg )
I don't mind, my character is more competent in combat than a skill challenge anyway. I just thought you ended up adjusting it to 3 failures.
>> No. 2064 edit
File 131525262793.png - (38.88KB , 208x207 , bobblehead.png )
If it can't be helped, it can't be helped.
>> No. 2065 edit
File 132711580356.png - (64.39KB , 244x264 , face06_01.png )
Skill Challenge continues after the encounter, which I am lazy to put together through extensive delaying of more productive activities for unproductive ones!
>> No. 2066 edit
Well I don't mind at all, I wanted to use Reiyasu already. But continuing with the skill challenge even after the encounter, geez at least give us a success or something
>> No. 2067 edit
File 132711623453.png - (49.11KB , 244x264 , face06_05.png )
But I read up on a lot of published material that indicated an encounter as punishment for a failure in an encounter isn't all too weird, especially if the encounter is not difficult or taxing.

Well, I suppose context-wise it'd count as a success for "getting past the patrol"... so I suppose I'm all right with that.
>> No. 2068 edit
Well, we are getting over the patrol ne.
>> No. 2069 edit
File 131500223798.jpg - (182.54KB , 702x833 , 26d89a1af679368a40d675aacf95d870.jpg )
Well, it's all right, I just misunderstood and thought we'd have an encounter after 3 failures. I'll look forward to the combat then~!
>> No. 2071 edit
Never saw anyone note that they have a light source of any kind active, so correct me if wrong.
>> No. 2072 edit
File 131530473810.png - (65.31KB , 240x397 , BUP_0097.png )
Well, if it was dark enough that we'd need one, I think someone would need to be carrying one when we were wandering around. You're right that we never specified it though.

Going last sucks. Anon, wanna swap me initiative? A defender needs to move early to get into a good position.
>> No. 2073 edit
Sure thing but are you sure? The power is a daily and this is supposed to dont be really difficult. Anyways I already know your stance on daily powers, so go ahead if you wish.
>> No. 2074 edit
Well, if you're sneaking around there's a certain merit to not using a torch of any sort, but I did mention the soldiers were carrying some and that's the only way you saw them. Maa, ii ka.
>> No. 2075 edit
File 131502241835.jpg - (78.32KB , 605x836 , Mion Relaxing.jpg )
I don't mind. Artificers can recharge item dailies once per day anyway, right? So I'll just have Aeir recharge it after this fight and hope I don't roll a poor init twice in a day.

Stratergery (Yes that is misspelled on purpose): If Paik can blind the nearest one with Sand in the Eyes I can move past it and severely inconvenience the goat knights with my battle standard of the hungry blade.

By the way, when you say "difficult terrain" and "requires a check to pass through," do you mean we can't even enter it without a check?
>> No. 2076 edit
I meant to get deep into the woods. You can enter one square into it, but require a check to get deep into the foliage again.

This encounter is hardly meant to be difficult, after all.
>> No. 2079 edit
The check does nothing, there are no masked people anywhere.
>> No. 2080 edit
I was of course just fooling around, I did read what you said on the chat. However I can make another roll for "Goat Knight" if you wish.
>> No. 2083 edit
Rin's turn, btw.
>> No. 2085 edit
File 132722352132.png - (104.01KB , 342x275 , Mayakov.png )
For some reason I forgot to link my rolls. Here they are. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3339756/
>> No. 2089 edit
File 132733415981.png - (64.29KB , 244x264 , face06_04.png )
In the case of Bern absence, I need someone to take her turn(s) for her.
>> No. 2090 edit
File 131424019238.jpg - (109.48KB , 510x937 , Determination.jpg )
If there are no other volunteers, I'll do it. When I get back from class.
>> No. 2091 edit
Fiii~ine by me!
>> No. 2092 edit
File 132730928236.png - (10.83KB , 200x200 , 154845675121.png )
I wonder if bern is fine
>> No. 2095 edit
File 131406625013.png - (71.75KB , 221x226 , What the Hell is He doing Here.png )
I posted like I said. Where's update?!
>> No. 2096 edit
File 132747580286.png - (22.41KB , 434x514 , ka_heh2.png )
In limbo, literally.
>> No. 2099 edit
Please post your rolls etc.
>> No. 2100 edit
File 131637712825.png - (64.30KB , 240x397 , BUP_0098.png )
Someday I'll remember to post the rolls too!

>> No. 2101 edit
I'm leaving and I don't know when I will be back.
>> No. 2102 edit
File 134977040685.png - (59.43KB , 330x443 , kan_fumana17.png )
>> No. 2104 edit
Is there a reason color tags don't work?
>> No. 2105 edit
Some color tags got messed, and somehow it refuses to accept them again, sorry.
>> No. 2108 edit
So Cake is gone for a few weeks, and Bernkastel's disappeared to who knows where for who knows how long... leaving us a party of 4. I've half a mind to temporarily remove the two who're gone and adjust the encounters to account for the decrease in party size. Any objections?
>> No. 2109 edit
Also, I will remove them right after this encounter ends, so please post before I update. I have some plans and all, and if I hear no one after sufficient time has been given to respond, I'll move forward and remove Eflor and Kavakri from the party until their players return.
>> No. 2110 edit
Only if it's possible to add them back into an encounter without too much hassle. Not much fun to come back only to find your character's been removed from the encounter.
>> No. 2111 edit
Lili could keep the info of the 6 characters encounters in case they return.
>> No. 2112 edit
File 131434409123.jpg - (276.20KB , 800x895 , I am the Leader.jpg )
She did say "until their players' return."

I am a bit concerned about lacking a controller, but it's up to Lili to do as she deems fit~
>> No. 2113 edit
Well ideally I'd like them to be around to play because it's a bother scaling all encounters down, but it's also a bother to have people play two characters because others just up and leave without notice.
>> No. 2114 edit
File 131770386279.png - (54.58KB , 159x307 , mionriyfu.png )
Yeah, I understand. I'm not against the idea of removing them from the party until their players' return.
>> No. 2115 edit
Well, I'll probably end up delaying the Seven Sister encounter or entirely scrapping it, because it's difficult to decide how to properly scale that down for a four-man party. I'll push the Siestas ahead, since they're easily toned down for a four-man party.
>> No. 2116 edit
Here's what I'm doing:

After talking to Rin she pointed out Kavakri's the only Controller. If there's someone who wants to play him/her, I'd be all right with permitting it─however, I'd prefer one of the non-players do it. For personal reasons, I do not like one player controlling two characters.

Secondly, I am scrapping the entire Seven Sister encounter. They will be replaced by an Eiserne Jungfrau encounter. I was really looking forward to using the sisters, but there's no way I can really scale them down to a 4-man party without compromising their party dynamic.

Thirdly, when/if cake and/or Bern return, I'd like either to notify me why they didn't notify me of their departure. A quick note would've been fine, even without reasons; this is just decency I'd expect. Thus.

Effective immediately, Eflor is no longer part of the party. Kavakri has just a bit before they, too, will be removed from the party, unless someone steps up to play 'em.
>> No. 2118 edit

Also, it is Reiyasu's turn to perform a check in the skill challenge.
>> No. 2119 edit
File 132762446097.png - (22.88KB , 261x168 , despair.png )
>scrapping the seven sisters
>> No. 2120 edit
It can't be helped, Bern and Cake leaving either means I need to let people play two characters or handicap the encounter too much. I'd prefer to just build a new encounter, and post up the seven sisters when the game is done.
>> No. 2121 edit
File 132163915122.png - (17.58KB , 185x162 , believe.png )
Well maybe they'll be back by the time the siesta encounter is done?
>> No. 2122 edit
What happened to cake? I'll try to contact him if i see him etc.
>> No. 2124 edit
>For a moment I thought you guys'd failed the Skill Challenge
>Oh wait, Anon passed anyway
I forgot, Moderate is really difficult to fail.
>> No. 2126 edit
File 131406741348.jpg - (55.34KB , 233x349 , Small Mion.jpg )
By the way, the reason you're having problems with the tags is because it's just ['red']['/red'], not ['color=red'].
>> No. 2128 edit
File 131972358726.png - (18.98KB , 200x200 , saku_laugh.png )
I wanted to come up with a dirty metaphor just to show how Paik's mind works, but I'll leave that up to somebody else.
>> No. 2129 edit
>> No. 2131 edit
Well, you can use Athletics to scale the walls, Acrobatics to just climb the walls in a cool way (and easier, too!), or Arcana to brute force the arcane lock on the door.

Because Aeir can force the barrier without rolling for Moderate, it's Hard.
>> No. 2133 edit
Just noticed. Hanyuu, you forgot your free proficiency (superior implement accurate wand) and expertise (white lotus dueling expertise) feats on your sheet. Might want to add those in at some point.
>> No. 2134 edit
>MFW I didn't realise that
Oh well. Hangyoo go fix it.

Also thanks to Fat-tan I have now designed a competent and fun Eiserne Jungfrau encounter to replace the Seven Sister encounter. The Seven Sister encounter may take another encounter's slot if the party gains a Controller at some point during the adventure. This does mean they acquire one or two characters completely "fresh" as it were, but I might just DM fiat they lose x healing surges and x daily powers proportionate to the amount the party has lost for balancing sake or fairness sake or something.
>> No. 2135 edit
Hanyuu rolled and got a 30 something earlier and was going to write out his post when he had time later on
>> No. 2136 edit
OK I won't be back until late tonight so I won't update until then. Etc.
>> No. 2137 edit
hanyuu post plzthxkbye
>> No. 2138 edit
I already know the roll is 36 and all, I'm just waiting for Hanyuu to formally post it.
>> No. 2139 edit
Yeah, I told him yesterday that they're waiting on him, then he rolled and said he'd make the post later, but idk what he's doing today cause no response
>> No. 2141 edit
>> No. 2146 edit
A post from bern would be nice, ne.
>> No. 2149 edit
File 132789168944.png - (50.46KB , 243x371 , Inquisitive\'s Eyes.png )
My psion has a ritual called Inquisitive's Eyes, and it lets me observe my current location as it was a number of hours ago. I can observe the scene as if I were there.

I have a rules question here. Is the scene completely still, and I would have to designate the exact time of the snapshot? Or can I observe the location for a period of time, and watch a scene unfold?
>> No. 2150 edit
File 132789197044.jpg - (178.47KB , 458x487 , I don\'t believe this.jpg )
Bloody brilliant!
>> No. 2151 edit
I think just briefly. Do you want to stand guard for hours just to see what happens.
>> No. 2152 edit
Would I be standing around to observe over time? I'd assumed an instantaneous duration meant instantaneous-in-real-time knowledge.

Briefly it is, then.
>> No. 2155 edit
hanyuu is away atm but i let him know for you etc bern
>> No. 2158 edit
About to sleep right now but. As far as 'helping'. Are we allowed to split cost on ritual if we both pay for it?
>> No. 2159 edit
Nop you roll Arcana and give a +2 bonus to Bern's roll.
>> No. 2160 edit
Also with Bern back I guess it's possible to just run Sebun Sistahs, albeit a bit harder as an encounter due to the loss of Eflor. Geez Eiserne Jungfrau I guess I'll keep you on for back-up.
>> No. 2161 edit
If need be I can always roll up some sort of character for you Riri to fill out that last slot if cake doesn't come back soon, etc
>> No. 2165 edit
Forgot roll and I had it on my clipboard too, geez.
>> No. 2167 edit
File 132798135719.png - (39.18KB , 217x218 , kanonderp.png )
Clarification time:
With the bell thing you mean 3 minutes, 3 hours or 1 and half hours?
>> No. 2168 edit
Twenty four bells a day.
>> No. 2169 edit
i knew it, etc
>> No. 2184 edit
When pacing too slow feel free to tell me etc.
>> No. 2186 edit
Wait, there is a door in the room, right?
>> No. 2188 edit
Walls only. Final destination. Also, check required to kick them in. Easy DC, Strength check.
>> No. 2193 edit
Numerous reposts later...
>> No. 2206 edit
>Eiserne Wacht leaving

I mean I'd need everyone's consent you're waiting.
>> No. 2207 edit
What? I thought we'd be waiting for them to leave the other room or something.
>> No. 2208 edit
Sure, just get everyone on board with waiting.
>> No. 2209 edit
File 131972357354.png - (15.99KB , 200x200 , blank look.png )
>> No. 2210 edit
It never crossed my mind that you'd expect them to leave in the middle of agitated/heated discussion. 'Course, I can adjust and work with the party waiting it out.
>> No. 2211 edit
Well I can't really think of anything to do that doesn't involve opening the door.
>> No. 2212 edit
Someone has a poker set, right.
>> No. 2216 edit
>gambling while the enemy discuss
Oh boy
>> No. 2217 edit
>gambling with a mind reader
>> No. 2221 edit
You're now entering Initiative, so please wait while I roll your initiative etc.
>> No. 2223 edit
Audio 02_Kill_Or_Be_Killed.mp3 - (5.11MB , 02 Kill Or Be Killed.mp3 )
I don't think Aeir ever recharged the item use during the short rest; at the very least I see no indication of it anywhere or mention in the thread. If anyone can clarify what's up with that~

You have until tomorrow to decide whether or not to use an item to coincide with the start of initiative, and I'll adjust happening actions accordingly.

If Attyroo'd like to hold his turn until I've confirmation no one wants to use actions related to rolling initiative~?

Also, I had no feedback from Rin on this encounter, so it may be "what". In particular I wonder about Cornelis aura, and if Rin thinks the "Slowed on leaving (willingly)" part is too much I'll remove it.
>> No. 2226 edit
Is the door completely closed? Anyways I forgot that and rolled nature lol. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3360878/
>> No. 2227 edit
You can keep those rolls, but I'll not reveal anything until you see them. '3'
>> No. 2228 edit
File 131500223798.jpg - (182.54KB , 702x833 , 26d89a1af679368a40d675aacf95d870.jpg )
I'd swap initiative with Paik if he's willing. As anon pointed out, he used his Casque last time, I still have mine to use.

...Or, rather, I would, but I have to be able to see the ally, and I don't think I can see through the door. Instead I'll swap with Aeir (if he's willing), and use a Syllable of Grace for +1 to Initiative (item bonus, so I only get +1 over the Casque of Tactic's +2).
>> No. 2230 edit
File 132843280214.png - (20.33KB , 124x124 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_F00.png )
I suggest Paik unload on the nearest one with whatever he wants, and use Low Slash or Positioning Strike to slide it away from the doorway so the rest of us can enter relatively unmolested. Oh, and open the door.
>> No. 2231 edit
open the door good
>> No. 2237 edit
Still waiting to give opportunity for item use and initiative swaps.
>> No. 2238 edit
Hanyuu says he's not really able to do anything til tomorrow
>> No. 2240 edit
>no superior cover
>> No. 2241 edit
You guys are way too unclear over what's up, enjoy your Schröedinger turn.
>> No. 2242 edit
File 131761628149.png - (64.89KB , 240x397 , BUP_0101.png )
It's not my fault Hanyuu isn't around to say one way or the other!
>> No. 2243 edit
Hanyuu said he'll switch
>> No. 2244 edit
File 13285677635.png - (167.38KB , 435x600 , バゼット01c(近).png )
So per Hangtarou's directions, it is now Alexi's turn, and he's delaying too long!
>> No. 2247 edit
what the hell happened here?
>> No. 2248 edit
It's alexi's turn is what happened
>> No. 2251 edit
I'm not feeling too well so update is a bit delayed, sry.
>> No. 2253 edit
I have no good advice, sry
>> No. 2254 edit
Go take turn, anon-moe~ I suggest dropping whatever you're holding, then Run into the room, right into Cornelis's arms.
>> No. 2255 edit
Yeah sorry for that I will post once I return home.
Also no homolust omg
>> No. 2258 edit
You realise you can't use Mettle because no line of effect, right?
>> No. 2260 edit
derp, they told me in stremchat but I had already posted it
>> No. 2263 edit
Oh right checks:

You know everything Paik does about Cornelis and Hamlet.

Keep Guards are nimble warriors. Their armour is lighter than it looks, granting them improved mobility over Tile's own soldiers. They strike swiftly, but serve more as harriers than real battering rams.

Roland is, unmistakably, not human. The golden fist that's replaced his arm is a magical weapon. While it lacks Cornelis's range, its power is higher, and its concussive force can leave you speechless (Roland's Obliterating Fist dazes). The sword at his side is clearly a fire weapon: its explosive power can blanket an area in flames, and may even set you alight, although that would require it to be used with killing intent (Roland's Blaze Blade does fire damage, and can inflict ongoing fire damage). Finally, Roland's fist can be smashed against the ground to create rippling shockwaves, the likes of which will definitely knock you off your feet (Roland's Obliterating Shockwave knocks Prone with certainty).

In addition to the above attacks, Roland's able to move allies at will, repositioning them like a chessmaster (Roland has Let's Move!, which lets him slide allies 1 square). Further, while he looks calm now, he looks like the sort who'd explode in a berserker fury if pushed too hard.
>> No. 2264 edit
Updated sheet with the extra feats: White Lotus Dueling Expertise and Superior Implement Training (Accurate Wand).
>> No. 2265 edit
File 132872904655.png - (20.33KB , 124x124 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_F00.png )
I think our priorities should be to try and keep Roland and/or Cornelius dazed, their effectiveness should be minimized if so. It's obvious I won't be able to keep Cornelius grabbed if he keeps getting slid out of my reach, while taking advantage of his reach 2. Though at the very least that would put him out of guarding the doorway.
>> No. 2266 edit
File 131972357354.png - (15.99KB , 200x200 , blank look.png )
I can daze and blind him with the same attack if I have combat advantage.
>> No. 2267 edit
File 132872985292.png - (19.84KB , 124x124 , Fate_Extra_Servant_Saber_F01.png )
Well, my attempt to knock prone didn't go so well.
>> No. 2268 edit
That's what I figured.
>> No. 2270 edit
File 131758807122.png - (38.47KB , 400x96 , BUP_0136.png )
Technically I think it's a +1 bonus to attack rolls and a +5 bonus to damage rolls. Which is still quite good, mind you~

Resistive Formula is probably the way to go here~
>> No. 2272 edit
File 135158712825.png - (85.34KB , 291x478 , kan_majimea37.png )
Just noticed that guy has threatening reach, sorry guys, I screwed my turn.
>> No. 2273 edit
Yeah, a defense bonus and a second thp buffer for Paik makes rogue happy.
>> No. 2274 edit
>roll 23
>With Flanking roll is 26
Am I... missing something?
>> No. 2275 edit
My theme ability gives a +1 power bonus to anybody flanking with me. Flanking grants +2.
>> No. 2276 edit
>> No. 2278 edit
Kavakri turn by the way.
>> No. 2279 edit
By the way, you haven't posted a thing about Hamlet, my roll and Hanyuus roll wasn't that bad.
>> No. 2280 edit
I made a mistake: you only get detailed info for beating the Hard DC of the monster's level, and you don't.
>> No. 2281 edit
Well I think we don't even have the non-detailed info of Hamlet.
Anyway, from what we got: Are those guys elites?
>> No. 2282 edit
Nowhere in the rules does it say she has to tell us that sort of thing. Not its role, keywords, level, or type.
>> No. 2283 edit
That aside, she did say they were all level 12 elites.
>> No. 2284 edit
File 131768947464.jpg - (309.66KB , 800x800 , Ive Got a Loving Look For You.jpg )
Technically I think type and role are generally given out with the medium DC. Though of course DMs can do what they want with that, like me, I changed the medium DC to give out vulnerabilities/weaknesses while hard DC gives power details, the RAW is the other way around.
>> No. 2285 edit
This just reinforces the importance of me getting my combat advantage age whatever you guys want me to murder. Who should I go after next? And do thry need any dazing or blinding or slowing thrown at them?
>> No. 2286 edit
File 131406741348.jpg - (55.34KB , 233x349 , Small Mion.jpg )
If you have any way to limit the actions of Roland or Cornelius that'd be great.
>> No. 2287 edit
I will probably use denunciation next turn in one of them. It leaves the enemy dazed and with a -5 penalty to attack and all defenses.
>> No. 2288 edit
I have a daze that I can attach to any hit with combat advantage, and a blind that attacks reflex. So nasty, accurate status effects won't be hard for me to administer.

Also, if Kavakri could use Living Missile on Roland and shove him into the lower right corner, then, in conjunction with Sureiya's Denunciation on Hamlet and my Daze/Blind on Cornelis, we can disable the elites for a round and gang up on one of them while repositioning ourselves.

Or just dishearten Hamlet, that works too.
>> No. 2289 edit
File 131770386279.png - (54.58KB , 159x307 , mionriyfu.png )
Living Missile is actually a great solution to our positioning problems, but I think Kavakri would need to get in the room to use it effectively and that's hard with Cornelius camping the doorway.
>> No. 2290 edit
File 132882985797.jpg - (345.59KB , 850x1044 , Astaroth-sensei.jpg )
Two words : Shaped. Consciousness.
>> No. 2291 edit
File 132883039652.jpg - (187.37KB , 453x720 , Ace of Clubs.jpg )
Well, that's a good way for Kavakri to get around it at least. Walk up to the door, use Shaped Consciousness, then just attack from that. No need for living missile, though, a Dimensional Scramble should be quite effective. If she's willing to blow power points she can use her staff too.
>> No. 2292 edit
File 132883054233.jpg - (25.87KB , 400x400 , feelsgoodman.jpg )
Her positioning doesn't even require her to do that much to put it up. She just needs to put it somewhere where she has line of sight to that's within 10 squares.
>> No. 2293 edit
File 132883088359.jpg - (208.62KB , 857x511 , a84e06180ccdad270d2c891da174f2ef1c4a6237_.jpg )
From her current position it's very debatable whether or not she actually has line of sight to any square that would be in the other room. The only one that I can really come close to giving her LoS to is Aeir and it requires an unoccupied space. The doorway is probably too low to have LoS to a square of a different elevation too.
>> No. 2294 edit
File 13159636978.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
You might be right. I just don't want to gamble on Dimensional Scramble hitting something's fortitude when Living Missile guarantees a melee enemy not immune to forced movement or slowing is out of the fight for a round or two.
>> No. 2295 edit
File 13288319308.jpg - (55.58KB , 500x500 , Rena Hug.jpg )
This may just be me, but I'm not worried about the keep guards nearly as much as the others. As for Cornelius, I don't think forced movement on him does as much good, as I already have him grabbed and if he's thrown around that just breaks the grab. Now, there's a good chance of Roland sliding Cornelius out of my grasp with Let's Move, but if we have Roland dazed or blinded he probably can't do it. If I can keep Cornelius grabbed until my turn, and I don't get knocked prone or otherwise moved around, I have plans. If Roland and Hamlet can be brought closer to me, all the better. I have various methods of bringing enemies that are kind of close to me directly into melee range, and then greatly inconveniencing them. What I really want is to get into their backline and draw Cornelius, Roland, and Hamlet adjacent. That'd be easier if Roland and Hamlet were moved just a little bit closer to me.
>> No. 2296 edit
Ohhh, I see. You want them brought closer.
>> No. 2297 edit
File 131601806410.png - (69.40KB , 158x350 , On This Back.png )
What were you suggesting? I don't think it would inconvenience Hamlet much to be thrown around. Now, if we could toss Cornelius to the other side of the room and keep him there, that might be worth it, but at the moment I don't see that as possible, unless Kavaki wants to blow an AP and a daily.
>> No. 2298 edit
Cornelis is immune to forced movement. I was thinking of keeping Roland out of battle for a while.
>> No. 2299 edit
Cornelis is immune to pushing, not all forced movement.
>> No. 2301 edit
As bern mentions, Hanyuu thingie should give 10 temp hp to rin because of the daily item power she used.
>> No. 2303 edit
>> No. 2304 edit
File 132884825488.png - (67.78KB , 272x397 , BUP_0078.png )
Heh, this is probably going to go down so that my turn comes up on the one day where I'll be too far away for most of the day to post~

Well, if my turn is up by tomorrow evening I'll have a post sometime later in the night.
>> No. 2305 edit
Riri says she's out of town due to a sudden family trip and can't update /parlor/ until tomorrow at the earliest.
>> No. 2307 edit
Derp, took the wrong Keep Guard's turn, sec.
>> No. 2311 edit
Saving throw etc.
>> No. 2312 edit
>> No. 2313 edit
So wait. "The creature cannot teleport" means it can't be teleported, either?
>> No. 2314 edit
If that worked, then other enemies could teleport them away, and that'd be bad, yes?
>> No. 2315 edit
Rules are rules, and this would set a precedent for similar events in the future, so it's important to confirm how it works.
>> No. 2316 edit
I have ruled it to be so, yes.
>> No. 2317 edit
>> No. 2319 edit
File 132908127614.png - (435.08KB , 700x817 , autumn stars.png )
I just realized that Paik isn't granting combat advantage from being dazed thanks to Aeir's aura, which makes him less appealing as a target.
>> No. 2322 edit
Then they go for the bloodied and prone cleric, imrite
>> No. 2323 edit
If Rin does what I think she'll do, that option will be completely off the table.
>> No. 2324 edit
Yeah, you guys can pretty easily dominate the encounter from here without the use of dailies, so I should probably tune up the seven sisters.
>> No. 2326 edit
File 131637712825.png - (64.30KB , 240x397 , BUP_0098.png )
FYI, what I SHOULD have done was used funneling flurry to slide keep guards 1 and 2 south, then just moved in the same way (but avoiding Cornelius's aura) further to the southeast and planted the battle standard. But I forgot about Cornelius's aura's slowing effect until after I'd already rolled for grappling strike. Such is life~!
>> No. 2328 edit
>23 exact points of damage
Being anon is suffering
>> No. 2329 edit
You still have interrupts! Maybe. Hopefully.
>> No. 2330 edit
File 131530473810.png - (65.31KB , 240x397 , BUP_0097.png )
Only way I can see to keep Reiyasu up is the dwarven armor he's wearing. He can use the free action heal before his turn comes up. On the plus side the temporary hit points from Aeir would completely cancel out the ongoing damage.
>> No. 2331 edit
Wait a second riri.
69 - 21 = 48. Not 47
I mean from the Cornelis OA
>> No. 2332 edit
anon wouldn't die even if he was killed etc
>> No. 2333 edit
Oh, yup you're right. You have 1 HP left, ganbatte.
>> No. 2335 edit
Being my Will quite high that baka Hamlet sure rolled high, he even had that -5 thingie!
>> No. 2337 edit
Suggested follow-up: Aeir could do some mass proning and sliding with Gale Force Infusion centered on Alexi, while giving Alexi stupidly high AC at the same time. Sliding them into the wall seems like a safe move, or just leave them where they are and let the other benefits do their work.

Also, if Kavakri can somehow tear Hamlet away from his safe hiding spot and throw him at Alexi's feet, that'd be really super too.
>> No. 2338 edit
File 132909901460.jpg - (102.73KB , 533x334 , 3051279.jpg )
>41 HP healed
You what
>> No. 2339 edit
Pacifist clerics, man. Pacifist clerics.
>> No. 2340 edit
>> No. 2341 edit
File 132909968399.png - (831.94KB , 1058x1000 , ycdi.png )
... in other words, I'm writing this fight off. I'll just try to plink some healing surges off, then focus on making the next fight somewhat better.
>> No. 2342 edit
File 135656497669.png - (15.61KB , 217x157 , kanonheh_ib4f.png )
anon tha best
>> No. 2343 edit
File 13159636978.jpg - (278.84KB , 600x799 , armslooklikedanglinglegs.jpg )
He only has one other use of healing word left, you know.
>> No. 2344 edit
File 132910023155.jpg - (102.73KB , 533x334 , 3051279.jpg )
Two healers, no one has used a daily and yet you're in control of the fight. I don't foresee anyone needing the use of a daily much unless to preserve healing surges!

I shouldn't need to tell you Kavakri can just apply -5 to attack roll penalty again if she doesn't bring Hamlet in, which kind of makes hitting hard for the monsters.

So the Eiserne Wacht were too weak, and I will definitely use this info to review the other encounters! I want to get you guys to feel forced to use dailies to get in control, and I clearly under-estimated the value of encounters.
>> No. 2345 edit
Well, they have barely used they omg daze everywhere powers. But it look like this party can be even more scary than parlor1.
>> No. 2346 edit
I was suggesting anon use Moment of Glory, but only if he was sure he wouldn't end up dazed since the effect is a sustain minor.

Just because we haven't used any yet doesn't mean we won't use any at all.
>> No. 2347 edit
Also, this. Party is synergistic on top of being fairly optimized. If /limbo/ party was like this, nobody'd ever call the encounters too hard unless the challenge level was stupidly high.
>> No. 2348 edit
It all just really depends on the levels, the players (are they powergamers, or are they casual/new), and a couple other things really. It's why I want to develop some monsters for my parlor thing but I sit down not really knowing how to start off, then you see how powerful players can be like in this and you worry a bit. (Like, the monsters, I originally wanted them to be at either mid to late paragon or mid to late heroic, but either way, PCs are going to be somewhat powerful, especially if they know how to build.) But for that, I might just give the minimal info to the players. (Like, this is the level of the campaign, here's a small general idea, etc)
>> No. 2349 edit
question, it was a crit against roland, should I roll the 2d6 of crit damage?
>> No. 2350 edit
Doesn't do damage so no.
>> No. 2351 edit
Good thing because pacifist cleric.
>> No. 2352 edit
good thing because pacifist cleric
>> No. 2353 edit
File 132914145270.png - (174.14KB , 503x399 , incredibly tall.png )
You think Roland has a nasty MBA? I hope he does, 'cause then I can put Confounding Attack to good use and not feel guilty for not taking something more optimal.
>> No. 2354 edit
File 131406494663.jpg - (18.85KB , 315x368 , On Your Mark.jpg )
I TOLD you about that! Pacifist clerics heal tons and tons! That's one of the reasons you don't need to go easy on us~
>> No. 2355 edit
That. They're pretty much -the- best healers in 4E, even for clerics, since they get so many surgeless healing methods, healing boosts, healing powers, and healing everything. And that's without Healer's Lore giving its additional WIS mod healing (since Battle Cleric's Lore is just that good).
>> No. 2356 edit
Continuously nerfing the enemy during the encounter seems so silly now.
>> No. 2357 edit
It's just one cog in the machine that makes the party effective.
>> No. 2359 edit
bit busy so quick update etc. feel free to massacre etc, I need that banner gone.
>> No. 2360 edit
File 131831233961.jpg - (233.53KB , 640x480 , Vertical Blinds.jpg )
If you want to wear down our surges, the recent /limbo/ encounter shows that monsters that just do absolutely brutal amounts of damage are quite effective. That's how the taskmaster was designed, anyway--a few tricks, but mostly just loads and loads of damage. It was fitting, since he's an elite brute.

If you want to make our adventure more interesting along the way, I'd probably try to fit in more encounters than you were originally planning--I'm starting to lean towards that route in /limbo/ too, I want more encounters per adventure (paritucarly so I can fit in more noncombat stuff, but also for more combat encounters).
>> No. 2362 edit
We can't really interrupt it beyond what Mion already did. It's not attacking anybody, and Paik is dazed.
>> No. 2363 edit
File 131406741348.jpg - (55.34KB , 233x349 , Small Mion.jpg )
Lili's stepped out, she says to assume the guard does nothing beyond that (only thing it can do is attempt to escape, my attack hits and grabs him while prone, so he can't stand until escape). Even if it escapes it can't shift because prone.
>> No. 2364 edit
Then somebody please let Hanyuu know his turn is up.
>> No. 2366 edit
File 132917093849.jpg - (181.35KB , 803x871 , 7e24da87b8e8baa4ec4f074fe721782d.jpg )
Forgot to include roll (It's always something.)
>> No. 2367 edit
File 132917155569.jpg - (243.85KB , 364x1000 , c04d6d091027805a2204d3fcf9a573d6.jpg )
>> No. 2368 edit
File 132917189365.jpg - (74.13KB , 800x448 , 1272505426163.jpg )
I will end myself, seriously.
Guard 1,Corenlius, Guard 2, Roland for attack order.
>> No. 2369 edit
Who is Adaptive Stratagem targeting? Also, please include your targets in the roll: "the most likely attack goes to Roland" is unacceptable targeting, as is rolling first and then deciding which attack hits who. I will accept it only this once. Future failure to specify the attack targets means I will decide which roll is for which monster, at my leisure.
>> No. 2370 edit
Also, not trying to be mean about this or anything, but it's unfair to mix and match rolls based on what you think is likely to hit the enemy. I think the rules also agree you first declare which target you are rolling for and THEN rolling, precisely to avoid a mentality where you give the best rolls to the targets you think are hardest to hit. So I'll be strict on that matter, and will allow for making mistakes: the entire line about "most likely attack goes to Roland" calls the matter into doubt, which is why I felt the need to state the above.
>> No. 2371 edit
It's for Alexi.
>> No. 2373 edit
Derp I forgot you're entirely new to this. So yeah, I'm sorry, I overreacted a bit! But you still have to declare attack targets prior to the roll and not afterwards, else I'll decide which roll targets which enemy.

o ok
>> No. 2374 edit
File 131406625013.png - (71.75KB , 221x226 , What the Hell is He doing Here.png )
Why's everyone trying to break my grabs? First Bern tries to teleport someone I'm grabbing way out of my reach and now this~
>> No. 2375 edit
File 132918401327.jpg - (144.59KB , 368x436 , hymn of resurgence.jpg )
All enemies hit by Reiyasu's attack are knocked prone if they're hit before the end of Reiyasu's next turn.
>> No. 2376 edit
And magic weapon doesn't apply anymore, you can take that off.
>> No. 2377 edit
File 132918667211.png - (67.29KB , 272x397 , BUP_0086.png )
But don't get me wrong, I'm not actually upset or anything~ The grab already made it waste its turn, and at this point it would end before it got another turn anyway.

This is actually for future reference to the whole party: please don't slide targets that I am grabbing out of my reach. That breaks the grab, and usually that would be bad.
>> No. 2378 edit
please slide targets alexi is grabbing out of his grab it's fun
>> No. 2379 edit
Oh sorry. ;_; About the entire thing, I got confused over the whole thing.
Also, as for the Gale thing. It's all enemy targets in the burst and it didn't mention the slide thing was optional so.
>> No. 2380 edit
No, it's okay! It was my bad for going RAGHWF when you ARE a newcomer. Even if I took it as Guard 1/2, Cornelis, Roland, it wouldn't have changed much due to combat advantage and the like.

Generally when a power says "push", "slide" or "pull", it's all "up to" unless to a specific location (like "pull to a square adjacent", it means either pull adjacent or not at all).
>> No. 2386 edit
Paik gets +2 power bonus to all defenses against the attack, Target can make a melee basic attack against the enemy as a free action.
>> No. 2389 edit
It hits despite that, I'm afraid!
>> No. 2392 edit
File 131489908637.jpg - (53.67KB , 115x172 , sakutarou_fret.jpg )
>immobilized in a line of effect blocking zone
Bastion of Mental Clarity is go?
>> No. 2393 edit
Targets Reflex, sorry!
Also this is why you are supposed to take control of the encounter immediately!
>> No. 2394 edit
File 13161997155.png - (139.54KB , 600x800 , discardedtarou.png )
I wanted to, but I keep being thrown into situations where I can't use daily powers or items to any noticeable effect.
>> No. 2395 edit
File 13161997155.png - (139.54KB , 600x800 , discardedtarou.png )
I wanted to, but I keep being thrown into situations where I can't use daily powers or items to any noticeable effect.
>> No. 2396 edit
Turns out it missed Paik.
>> No. 2397 edit
Hamlet rolled 28 against Kavakri's Reflex, 25 against Aeir, 33 against Aeir's Panther, 25 against Paik (including prone bonus), 20 against Reiyasu, 23 against Keep Guard (excluding Prone).

GL enjoy.
>> No. 2398 edit
File 13294136311.png - (190.93KB , 498x503 , When You Smile the World Smiles With You.png )
Stop panic.

Well, we COULD have had control over the encounter immediately, but someone was too reluctant to use their daily power at a point where it would be advantageous to do so~

Let's just assume Reiyasu didn't use divine favor before. You never noted it, Bern didn't use it, and I'm sure he wouldn't have used it if he'd known he wouldn't have reverent mettle expended before.

In fact, don't use divine favor at all. It's not a very good power. Healer's mercy is much better, and you need to save your channel divinity use.
>> No. 2399 edit
Bern did use it, and Reiyasu did not take it back. I at least recall telling anon he could decide not to use it and he said it was okay, but I'm not 100% sure on that. In any case, Bern used Favour to reroll against Keep Guard once.
>> No. 2400 edit
File 131434409123.jpg - (276.20KB , 800x895 , I am the Leader.jpg )
Oh, and I forgot, I should have done 5 more damage with my Funneling Flurry since Aeir gave me adaptive stratagem.
>> No. 2401 edit
File 132941397063.jpg - (187.37KB , 453x720 , Ace of Clubs.jpg )
Oh, she did. Nevermind then!
>> No. 2402 edit
I just checked, she hit him without needing the Favour but she rolled for it.

In any case, I noted to Anon that he couldn't use Mettle and I have heard nothing regarding "OK, don't use it after all", which would've been reasonable. I don't think it's entirely fair to say two turns after "OK, let's pretend it wasn't used", simply because it hadn't been necessary.

Simply put: had Bern missed, then the power would've been used. Had she hit, then it wouldn't have been used. This assumes precognition on the player's behalf, and I don't think you have, so I'm not going to permit taking the move back at this point.
>> No. 2404 edit
File 131770386279.png - (54.58KB , 159x307 , mionriyfu.png )
Fine, fine. But Favor of the Gods is still a power that he should have never used to begin with. I didn't say anything at the time because you never noted its use in your spoiler text (note that I try to always include such power uses in my text, even if it's just casting Light or using Warlock's Curse) and I didn't think Bern had used the reroll.
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