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Death by poison.

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File 131397850248.png - (21.13KB , 200x200 , Harry Potter studying for his OWLs.png )
89 No. 89 edit

Hide - http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=322097 (Lia)
Lili - https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B0Pf2xAWVLoAZmUyZWVjNWYtNDMxOS00ZTFkLThmZWItOThiZDU5MWNkZDgz&hl=en_GB (Rock)
Makk - http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=323354 (Walala)
Mion - http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=322895 (Kadol Stormbrew)
Cake - http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=323099 (Fays)
Bernkastel - http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=323280 (Yagi Yuu)

Also, OOC general. Important link : http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/ Use this to make your rolls. Campaign name should be listed as Rotho (as soon as it starts working again).
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>> No. 97 edit
By the way, I very strongly urge you all to add any powers your items may have to the list so you don't forget you have them. Also find a place to put any situational bonuses, like doing more damage to a target when it's bloodied, getting a bonus to a skill when you're concealed, etc.

And finally, make sure -all- your powers and descriptions are listed with their effects, as it makes my job easier, and helps your teammates understand what you're able to do. If any of you need help adding these to your character sheet, I can copy and paste the descriptions for you over instant messaging.
>> No. 100 edit
File 131406494663.jpg - (18.85KB , 315x368 , On Your Mark.jpg )
I'm the only one with a last name? Clearly, I am main character material.
>> No. 101 edit
I tried looking for a last name of some sort in Forgotten Realm I could use from the elf part, but no list of last names and stuff unfortunately.
>> No. 102 edit
found it
>> No. 103 edit
File 131406625013.png - (71.75KB , 221x226 , What the Hell is He doing Here.png )
Geez, they have occupations for thief, thug, criminal, and about 5 different kinds of "slayers" but not a single one for a priest or clergy member.
>> No. 105 edit
Because their job is priest or clergy member?
>> No. 106 edit
File 131406643265.jpg - (56.82KB , 300x300 , 1248323953524.jpg )
My theme is "Ordained Priest," you know! All sorts of people become adventurers!
>> No. 107 edit
Are there any "Baker" occupations?
>> No. 108 edit
I think Fays will do.
>> No. 109 edit
File 131406669250.png - (132.68KB , 480x640 , 1248316367389.png )
I think what this character name generator is telling me is that I need to make my name longer.

How about "Prelate Kadol Stormbrew the Thunder-Bringer?"
>> No. 111 edit
Whoa, new first name?
>> No. 112 edit
File 13140669198.gif - (29.69KB , 450x450 , 1248316220081.gif )
"Prelate" is a title, not a name.

prel·ate /ˈprɛlɪt/ [prel-it]
an ecclesiastic of a high order, as an archbishop, bishop, etc.; a church dignitary.
>> No. 113 edit
Oh, I see.
>> No. 114 edit
Hoookay, I'm mostly able to visualize how things got to where they are now. However, it'll involve me taking liberties with a few characters to work it out. So if that's not okay with you guys, just say the word.
>> No. 115 edit
File 131406741348.jpg - (55.34KB , 233x349 , Small Mion.jpg )
Go nuts, I haven't even written a background for my character.
>> No. 119 edit
File 131408000089.png - (5.56KB , 217x157 , heh.png )
Clearly protag material, etc.
>> No. 120 edit
By sheer luck, the area had the geography I needed to set the stage for the story. You being from there just made everything fall into place.
>> No. 121 edit
File 131408633173.png - (31.98KB , 128x128 , Rock-Token.png )
Hidden last name master race.
>> No. 123 edit
Can you guys not make any rolls until I set up the campaign page on invisible castle k thx
Edit : Okay, you're good to go now. Just use Rotho as the campaign name (capitalized, otherwise it won't show up in the search)
>> No. 125 edit
fffffff already use Attarou but I'll use Rotho from henceforth.
jerk etc
>> No. 127 edit
It's fine, it's fine.
>> No. 158 edit
File 131419552888.png - (26.25KB , 124x163 , Kilroy Was Here.png )
I just remembered this, so I'm going to put forward a houserule:
A divine character can use either their intelligence or wisdom modifier for religion checks.

Also, everything should be properly set up now (HP totals, positions, etc.)
>> No. 159 edit
is it okay to take turns now, or is there some sort of update still
>> No. 160 edit
You can take turns now, yes.
>> No. 166 edit
People fukken where?
>> No. 168 edit
File 131423571982.jpg - (1.63MB , 2400x1800 , Shot in the Dark.jpg )
A -4 defense penalty should make it pretty easy to hit this turn, so focus that one if you can.
>> No. 171 edit
I was going to try and slow the Pyro with Clever shot if that is fine instead in the meantime.
>> No. 172 edit
File 131424019238.jpg - (109.48KB , 510x937 , Determination.jpg )
That's fine too.
>> No. 181 edit
If the initiative order looks different, it's because I got some enemies in the wrong places. It was supposed to be the warlord that went at 25, not the soldier.
>> No. 191 edit
thanks makk. (If the hellwhatever wasn't next to anything, I'd gain +1 attack and damage against it or any target without an ally directly next to it.)
>> No. 193 edit
File 131406494663.jpg - (18.85KB , 315x368 , On Your Mark.jpg )
Don't forget that since Lia delayed, her init drops to below mine.
>> No. 195 edit
Got it fixed.
>> No. 199 edit
And this is what happens when you focus fire something.
>> No. 200 edit
our limbo group doesn't really have that much utility to focus fire with most of us being at/near melee range for the most part. There are a lot of other factors like Rin's start to encounters, or not having the luxury of focus firing from so far away
>> No. 201 edit
All melee characters have farbond spellblades.
>> No. 202 edit
which give a penalty past range 5 compared to a penalty for crossbows past range 20
>> No. 207 edit
File 131434409123.jpg - (276.20KB , 800x895 , I am the Leader.jpg )
About being blinded:
Everything has total concealment against them. -5 to attacks for ranged and melee.
It takes a -10 penalty to Perception checks.
It grants combat advantage, and it can't gain combat advantage against anything.
It can't make opportunity attacks or flank.
It can't target any creature with a power that requires it to be able to see the target.
>> No. 209 edit
File 131434682832.jpg - (589.53KB , 900x675 , Huh What.jpg )
Wait! I forgot my Covenant Manifestation! Each of those targets should take 3 more damage, since I targeted 3 enemies. It should have applied to the earlier attack too, but I won't ask you to retcon that far. I'll just have to be better about remembering it.
>> No. 210 edit
If I may, keeping the Pyro dazed may be a good idea from this point on.

We don't know if this will necessarily stop it from using its signal flare, but at the very least it should prevent it from using its flare gun and blast in the same turn.

Lia's disruptive shot, and my thunder of judgment are two ways we can accomplish this (fairly) straight-forwardly.
>> No. 211 edit
File 131438980590.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , puni_psyduck.png )
I can use my Brutal Slam to knock it Prone on my turn.
>> No. 212 edit
File 131406625013.png - (71.75KB , 221x226 , What the Hell is He doing Here.png )
I did a triple-take when I saw you used an MBA at the end of a charge.
>> No. 213 edit
Eh, I forgot, etc. At best 4 more damage though so it's not a huge deal.
>> No. 214 edit
File 131439678447.png - (200.38KB , 992x1021 , Mion64532.png )
Oh, I know. But it did get me thinking. I was wondering if maybe you'd considered something like Boots of Adept Charging instead of the Bracers of Mighty Striking? It seems like the bracers' damage boost won't come up much, but if you charge a lot you might appreciate some additional mobility.
>> No. 215 edit
File 131439705196.jpg - (38.54KB , 129x161 , kinda down.jpg )
If it had taken that 4 more damage, it would have died before Yagi's turn came up.
>> No. 216 edit
File 131439719576.png - (151.51KB , 664x846 , Mion211.png )
What about 2 more? Would 2 more have done it? Because if it had then me forgetting my Covenant Manifestation on Lightning's Revelation meant it lived 1 turn longer.
>> No. 217 edit
Nope, it was exactly 4.
>> No. 218 edit
File 131439737225.png - (51.08KB , 266x499 , mion973.png )
Oh, okay, I don't feel as silly then.
>> No. 219 edit
Problem about the daze is the save granting from the tiefling, but i think that won't matter this turn cause of blind.
>> No. 220 edit
It's a recharge power. And the healing requires line of sight.
>> No. 221 edit
File 131439807147.png - (128.86KB , 694x1018 , Untitled4.png )
You know, as much as some may want me to keep this to myself, the rules for "Line of Sight" say that typically you do not have to be able to see a power's targets to use a power. The exception to this rule is when the power specifies in the target line "one creature you can see" or "each creature in the burst you can see," etc. Check the Rules Compendium page 106 on "Line of Sight" for confirmation.

So, unless the power reads that way, it should still be able to use any ranged power, it just takes the total concealment penalty for ranged attacks.
>> No. 222 edit
...Makes sense, but the saving throw grant requires being able to see.
>> No. 223 edit
File 131439832483.png - (102.67KB , 384x762 , Mion654.png )
Remember, I can make it reroll one save with Demand Justice. With that said, an elite gets a +2 bonus to saves, so the odds of it sticking aren't great.

I'm gambling that it will stick long enough for us to deal with it, though. At the very least, if that fails, my Thunder of Judgment can daze up to 3 targets at once, and it doesn't require them to be bunched up in an AoE. I was only saving it in case I needed to push away whatever big thing is approaching.
>> No. 224 edit
It did fail the last one.
>> No. 226 edit
File 131439863128.png - (221.49KB , 812x1019 , mion777.png )
Good to know, but incidentally, Inspiring Word is (a) a close burst power and (b) does not require you to be able to see the target. You did say you based it on the Warlord, so I wasn't sure.

Curiously, however, the warlord's Commanding Presence has sight restrictions, though they vary (Inspiring Presence requires the target to be able to see you, and Tactical Presence requires you to be able to see the target).
>> No. 227 edit
I guess I got that mixed up with direct the strike.
>> No. 228 edit
File 131439886136.png - (149.68KB , 660x888 , Untitled11.png )
On another humorous note, you don't have to see the ally you target with Direct the Strike, but you do have to see the enemy you make them attack.
>> No. 229 edit
Lucky you~
>> No. 230 edit
Is L-3 considered that concealment/cover tree area you mentioned to me once, astaroth
>> No. 231 edit
File 131439986242.png - (175.99KB , 702x1020 , Untitled5.png )
By the way, if the big honking thing comes out of the bushes and attacks me? Totally using armor of wrath on it. We're pushing that thing away.
>> No. 232 edit
>Big honking thing
it's clown devourer, watch for hooks
>> No. 233 edit
Nope. Has to be all tree, no grass.
>> No. 234 edit
>tiny little pixels of grass
y u do dis
>> No. 235 edit
File 131440209418.jpg - (150.00KB , 400x443 , shiny.jpg )
You're complaining already? Come now, it's not nearly as bad right now as it will be shortly after right now~
>> No. 236 edit
i'm not really complaining, besides the whole str check thing to enter the fog of war area and the whole pixel of grass thing... I am wearing camouflage over my armor if that helps
>> No. 237 edit
File 131440245724.jpg - (162.59KB , 1200x1600 , ummm.jpg )
Why exactly are trying to hide from blind enemies in the direction the big thing is coming from, anyway?
>> No. 238 edit
So I can Stealth and become hidden! Though if the enemy/enemies were ruled as distracted I could stealth, but I guess i could while they are blind. Should hide me from the big thing hopefully unless it is right in my path.. I think that at least the trees or whatever even before entering that space is at least heavily or slightly obscured though.
>> No. 239 edit
I'm just trying to get used to stealth rules and stuff anyway though
>> No. 240 edit
File 131439737225.png - (51.08KB , 266x499 , mion973.png )
The best way to "hide" from them would probably be to shoot them and then move out of their direct line of sight. Since they're blind they can't see where you're going anyway, and they're going to have trouble hearing you too with all the din of battle going on. -10 to Perception and all, you should have no problems with a Stealth check. Hiding from the big thing would require some sort of cover or concealment though, yeah.
>> No. 241 edit
There are other places to hide though, aren't there?
>> No. 242 edit
Though I'm fairly sure you need superior cover or total concealment to make a stealth check, yes?
>> No. 243 edit
File 131440379279.png - (193.92KB , 897x1012 , mionthinking2.png )
Technically, he already has total concealment from everything if they can't see him. That includes the big thing that isn't here yet, unless it can already see us.

And you only need normal cover or concealment to STAY hidden. So if he makes a Stealth check now, while the big thing isn't here and can't see him, and in the process moves into Cover/Concealment, then it can't see him when it arrives unless its Passive Perception beats his stealth.
>> No. 244 edit
Ah, I see.
>> No. 245 edit
also out of line of sight of the enemy
>> No. 246 edit
I understand now. But what I want to know is where do you plan on hiding?
>> No. 247 edit
File 131440464772.png - (167.87KB , 624x632 , Untitled3.png )
Right, out of line of sight works, and you don't have to STAY out, you just have to stick to cover/concealment.

Of course, when you attack, it's undone, and if you move after it moves to where it can see us you'll need a new check based on the distance moved etc.
>> No. 248 edit
You only take a penalty if you move during a single move action more than 2 squares before the check (-5) or if you run (-10). So if you shift/move two squares, then get another move action from, say, my aspect later on (via free action), you don't get penalized as the second movement (which is the only one that matters if you're making the stealth check right after).

(So in other words, move or shift two squares or more, it penalizes the check if you make a stealth check after that specific move action or if that's the only one on your turn, but if you have a move action of more than 2, then another action which is less than 2, you don't get penalized. Or at least that's what they say in the guide.)
>> No. 249 edit
If that's the case, then P-0 is fine.
>> No. 255 edit
File 131441618464.jpg - (65.84KB , 398x398 , what the fuck is this shit.jpg )
Can you guys stop panicking already? You've effectively neutralized the other parts of the encounter already, this one should be easy all by itself.
>> No. 257 edit
Jeez, all I said is that you'd probably react the same way if you were on the receiving end. And just cause you aren't doesn't make it right. O well
>> No. 258 edit
Need more information on this thing before I take my turn etc.

It's easy enough to deal with ne.
>> No. 261 edit
File 131442712872.png - (286.68KB , 1026x1014 , Mion655.png )
Well, it's not like they're not still potentially a threat. Those status effects won't last forever, and you apparently gave them healing powers. I just hope that big thing isn't a solo with massive amounts of condition resistance, or I'm calling shenanigans.
>> No. 263 edit
File 131442894873.png - (188.35KB , 817x1021 , Mionthinking.png )
Anyway, cake is saying on his turn he'll probably heal Walala and use a daily to banish the giant thing to the Feywild for a bit.

If that's how it goes down, I'll probably use Thunder of Judgment to attempt to isolate the pyro so it can be burned down without any interference from the soldier. But we'll see how things play out up until my turn.
>> No. 266 edit
File 131444613769.png - (184.31KB , 521x979 , mion4543.png )
Does my check tell me exactly how resistant to these effects the thing is? Like, will it remove them on the initiative count of 10 + its initiative, or does it lose that action if it's disabled?
>> No. 267 edit
File 131446223695.png - (117.64KB , 278x381 , Lily5b.png )
>mfw we all panicked over the dragon
>> No. 268 edit
File 131446264781.png - (38.38KB , 334x210 , puni_psyduck.png )
So I'm wondering if any movement within 2 of the Soldier will provoke an opportunity attack, or just leaving his reach 2 zone will provoke one.

G11->F10->E10 is the movement I'm thinking of, then Brutal Slam to push it two and knocking it Prone, in addition to 1d8+5 damage to the Razer.

Minor is for Longtooth Shifting for +2 damage (+5 when Charging) and Regeneration 2.
>> No. 269 edit
astaroth told me last night it was a solo, but slightly nerfed from the 600ish prototype kongor he posted somewhere here a while back
>> No. 270 edit
600ish hp rather
>> No. 271 edit
File 13144699207.png - (74.48KB , 300x631 , attaroutan.png )
It doesn't shrug off anything unless it's bloodied, and even then only on its own turn. No saving throws on the extra turns.
It's blind. It doesn't even know you're leaving the square. You're not adjacent to it so it can't even tell you're still there. You are still marked, though.
And by slightly nerfed I mean it has less HP than a regular solo brute of its level, so it should go down quickly enough.
>> No. 273 edit
Probably a miss, but if it works, it goes backwards 2 and does 1d8+5 damage to both Tiefling and Warforged--he ends in that spot beside the two, of course.
>> No. 274 edit
It missed, sorry.
>> No. 275 edit
Guys, let's lure the Berserker and the cultists toward each other. If we do that they'll break out into fighting and kill each other. Or one of the parties will die and the other will be severely weakened, and we can pick them off without using any more dailies and stuff.

I know it sounds crazy to put ourselves in the middle of the two forces, but the Berserker just attacks the nearest creature, so provided we can evacuate our forces by carefully planning our moves based on initiative, it should work. And we should evacuate ASAP in case the guy decides to flare because he's being attacked by some ape.
>> No. 276 edit
>going to be banished to the feywild
>we then take cover while the cultists are blind
Thank you for informing me of that, Tarou.
You are forgiven for making a huge ape step on me.
>> No. 279 edit
File 131447608650.png - (210.82KB , 600x800 , piecetarou.png )
There's more ways to win an encounter than just beating up the bad guys.
>> No. 280 edit
Like convincing the bad guys than they are just some trees in the forest?
>> No. 281 edit
>the bad guys are utterly convinced you think they are trees
>> No. 282 edit
>so they decide to act like trees and let you leave
>> No. 283 edit
>DC 10 strength check to push past them
>> No. 284 edit
>> No. 285 edit
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