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“Education is the best provision for old age.”
– Aristotle
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is george seriously pumping an international system argument?
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File 134395261868.jpg - (124.91KB , 1366x768 , homu032.jpg )
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File 129705504536.jpg - (65.64KB , 320x240 , 3george.jpg )

If there was nothing to argue, then there would only be one system!
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File 133718868285.png - (146.32KB , 379x506 , misha chibi.png )
I did lose virtually no units, I dunno what you mean~ My plan all along was to let you handle the ground battle while I executed an attack on the under-defended back-line by sea~

See, a march of my ground troops was pretty much out of the question due to the large amount of hills and mountains between us, forcing us towards choke points. You had super-long range longbows but I had no such units~ However, once my naval assault took a city, I did land a ground-based invasion force on the shores to assist in taking Paris~

S-sorry, I can't quite read that~ Can't paste the text into google translate~

File 134363719445.jpg - (483.74KB , 2400x1200 , Drinking Tea Is Nice For Me.jpg )
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You must not allow yourself to dwell for a single moment on any kind of negative thought.
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File 134373580975.jpg - (341.57KB , 529x746 , 04ad5eea7fae7cc2f11fab742fc19b9cd893c8a0.jpg )
Good night, Mystery Man ``   ''
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File 134373696012.jpg - (125.93KB , 650x587 , 25962788.jpg )
Bye Piece, make sure the door hits you on your way out.
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File 134373743241.jpg - (49.63KB , 398x500 , 20058776_p4.jpg )
That's a shame.

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File 134373743960.jpg - (380.27KB , 996x887 , 1256705260897.jpg )
Hello to you too, Lilian.

Just so there's no misunderstandings, I should tell you that I fully intend to come back. It's not hard to get access to internet in this day and age.

File 134189364943.jpg - (8.20KB , 480x360 , Civilization-5.jpg )
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Since we have a fair amount of people interested in and playing Civilization 5 now, and we intend to play multi-player, it was suggested that I make an information thread like I did for Civilization 4~ I should note that I don't consider myself as well-read on Civ5 as I was on Civ4, but I hope the information here proves useful regardless~
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File 134207681192.png - (2.29MB , 1280x1024 , strategic view.png )
In this post, I'll give a basic overview of the combat system in Civilization 5, since it is vastly different than its predecessors in many ways. There are four major differences:

1) One unit per tile.
2) Hex-based grid rather than a square grid.
3) Combat is often not lethal for either side in an individual combat occurrence. Meaning if you attack an archer with a warrior, you're unlikely to completely destroy the archer in a single turn, unless the archer is already damaged.
4) Certain units do "ranged" combat, which means they do not move to attack and take no damage from the attacker, most of the time from multiple hexes away.

Unit Categories

Melee Units: Melee units are the most straight-forward unit, beginning with your starting warrior and scout. Melee units attack directly and generally possess a high combat strength, with those that go on the swordsman -> longswordman line typically being more powerful than the spearman -> pikeman line. However, it should be noted that the pike line does not require iron to build (unlike swordsman and longswordsman), and get combat bonuses against mounted units. It is important to note that there is a bit of a split as pikemen upgrade to lancers, which upgrade to lancers (a mounted unit), and eventually upgrade to anti-tank guns and helicopter units, while swordsman follow the path straight into mechanized infantry. One last important thing is that ranged units and helicopter gunships cannot take cities. Even if you wear a city down to 0 health, you need a melee unit (or a naval melee unit) to capture the city.

Archery Units: Archery units are ranged units, meaning that they can deal damage to units without suffering damage in the process. Archers, composite bowmen, and crossbowmen also possess a 2-tile range, meaning they can attack distant foes (though keep in mind that they cannot fire over hills or forests unless they are on a hill themselves). Eventually, crossbowmen upgrade to gatling guns and machine guns, which still attack using a "ranged attack," but only have a 1-
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File 134231101283.png - (2.21MB , 1280x1024 , the trick.png )
This is a short post, but I'm going to show you a neat little micro trick here~ Only those who are interested in micromanaging their cities for maximum possible benefit need apply~

A Short Note on City Growth
When a city reaches a new size, the following happens:

1. Food produced by the city for the current turn is totaled. If it fills the "food box," a new citizen is added to the city.
2. If the city receives a new citizen, it is automatically assigned to a new tile by the "city governor." The city selects a tile appropriate to the city's current "focus," which you can select in the upper right on the individual city's management screen (you need to select this for each city individually, as different cities may have different focuses). The default focus prioritizes city growth unless the empire is unhappy, at which point it prioritizes production but does not allow the city to starve. Puppet cities prioritize gold and their focus cannot be changed.
3. After the new citizen is assigned, all other yields for the turn are added up and benefit accordingly.

Why is this important? What does this mean? One simple fact, my friends~ Any food a newly assigned citizen produces is essentially "wasted," or not added to the city's total for the current turn, but any other yield the citizen would produce is not wasted.

Because you cannot assign the new citizen manually before the yield is added to your total, you are at the mercy of the city governor to pick a new tile for the citizen to work. Naturally, it would be much better if the citizen works a high production/gold tile rather than a high food tile, but chances are if you leave the city on "default focus" then the citizen will be added to a food tile if one is available. Of course, you can't simply switch all of your cities to a production focus, because then they won't grow!

What's the best way to use this to get maximum benefit from your citizens?
1. Have a city se
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File 134259766761.png - (0.97MB , 1280x1024 , forced peace.png )
I'm going to repost this strategy because it's a really good one that helped me win an Emperor-level game fairly easily, remaining the dominant world power throughout~ Please note that I did not create this strategy, I'm just reformatting it and retyping it from the above thread~

The basic idea is to quickly rush out to four cities while taking tradition policies. Once you have four cities, you can expand further, or build up a military and conquer a neighbor for puppet states. This strategy is actually quite flexible, as I slipped in the Great Library instead of a Library at the capital, using it to grab Iron Working, because I had marble at my capital~

Anyways, for the start of the game, here are your build/tech/policy orders:

Capital City: Scout > Worker > Shrine > Warrior > Settler (try to reach 3 or 4 population before building your settler) > Archer > Archer/Library
2nd City: Archer/Shrine > Archer
3rd City: Archer > Shrine
4th City: Archer > Shrine
Notes on Build Orders: You may settle your second city before Archery, you should either build a Warrior or a Shrine in this case. Try to settle your second city on top of a luxury if possible. When your Worker pops, improve nearby luxuries as fast as you can and immediately sell them to the AI (an AI at good relations with you should buy your luxury for 240 gold at normal speed, 360 on epic). Send your scout and prioritize meeting other Civs and City-states over fighting barbs. You want as many trading partners as possible, and city-states give you gold and faith when you meet them. Plus, national wonders are effectively free happiness if you can find them. When scouting, use your starting warrior to scout out nearby potential city sites, but don't wander off too far because it's a very good idea to use your warrior to cover your worker from opportunistic barbarians. If you can steal a worker from a city-state it's usually a good idea to do so at higher levels, even better if the barb takes it first and you can take it from the barbs (don't give it back, you won't suffer a penalty).

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File 134358195774.png - (686.96KB , 1280x1024 , lets not start controversy.png )

Religion in Civilization 5: Religion in CiV works a lot differently than religion in CIV. The benefits you get are much more customizable. However, there are a limited number of religions that can be founded, and each belief can only belong to a singular religion. Therefore, the "first come first serve" rule of Civ4's religion founding applies on a much wider scale in Civ5. The first civs to found their pantheons, start a religion, or enhance their religion are most likely to get the benefits that help their civilization the most. Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your religion, you should invest early and make a good investment. I'm not going to lie, some of it also comes down to luck. Getting free faith from ruins or meeting a couple of religious city-states first can expedite the founding of your pantheon tremendously.

Faith: Faith is the new yield in Gods and Kings that powers religion. Faith is found in ancient ruins, given to you by religious city-states, and produced by buildings. Tiles can also give you some faith if you have certain religious beliefs. For the purposes of this post, "religious beliefs" can refer to any belief that involves religion, including those from a pantheon. Anyways, you need a certain amount of faith to found a pantheon, which is the first step towards founding your own religion. Note that the cost of creating your pantheon goes up with every currently existing pantheon in the world. So if someone else starts worshiping a pantheon before you establish yours, the cost of yours goes up. When you start worshiping a pantheon, you lose all of the faith you have built up and need to start over from scratch.

After you have established your pantheon, further faith is counted towards a great prophet, the new great person introduced in Gods and Kings. When you generate a great prophet via any means, including the Hagia Sopia or the Mayan Long Count, the faith cost of future great prophets increases. You can mouseover the faith counter to see how much faith is needed before you gain a chance to get a great prophet. Note that before
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File 134344923057.jpg - (634.17KB , 1268x867 , 1306938693836.jpg )
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"Life is made up of small pleasures. Happiness is made up of those tiny successes. The big ones come too infrequently. And if you don't collect all these tiny successes, the big ones don't really mean anything."
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yay hom is gud!!!!
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File 134190001051.gif - (1.00KB , 65x23 , 6cee73ce42cec5be1c07ef7c2f21b5e2.gif )
omg dun do that it frekas me out man!!!!!!!!!!!
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omh sorry man dood gor freaking u out guy man
>> No. 54112 edit
omg no its sunday now!!!! ((((;゚Д゚)))))))

File 13432981243.jpg - (53.25KB , 337x500 , 1199810534853.jpg )
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Writing is a difficult trade which must be learned slowly by reading great authors; by trying at the outset to imitate them; by daring then to be original; by destroying one's first productions.
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File 129600574751.png - (81.73KB , 320x468 , ros_waraia1.png )
Hey Genji, long time no see.
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File 134344924586.jpg - (59.60KB , 482x793 , f5d91aca70a2bd5b690fcf96c44ff02b.jpg )
It's amazing how a human can digest 2 pounds of food while not gaining the weight of the food.

I still don't like turnip.
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File 131755679162.png - (119.91KB , 352x480 , but_nayamua4.png )
That's why you can't understand this turnip's majesty.

I don't mean a turnip that weighs 400,000 pounds. I mean a turnip that costs 400,000 pounds.
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File 134344939482.png - (141.35KB , 415x435 , rg7_defa1.png )
It's too warm to be sleeping.


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