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File 133087545596.png - (180.17KB , 456x480 , f3fe6957d54ca5dc5d366dc.png )
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What about ROSA-Beatrice? I, for one, really wonder what this would be like. Eva's personality is exaggerated when she becomes EVA-Beatrice. She becomes the kind of person who flaunts how great she is. Her constant struggles to out-do her brother Krauss made her the kind of person who always wants to win. And when she gains powers of the witch, she, of course, uses those powers to show further, how great she is, how deserving she is of the Family Head position. What changes would this instill in Rosa? Rosa's frustration might manifest itself in outbursts of unprovoked violence and I think that, like Eva, she would become quite obsessed with showing how powerful and great she is to everyone, since she was always looked down upon by the others.
ROSA-Beatrice is a cool idea.
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I agree
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I like this, yeah. She wouldn't really fit in the story, though.

File 133074029536.jpg - (141.55KB , 248x350 , umineko-ep-4-promo.jpg )
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When your 3D waifus force you to come with them~
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Unrelated; yes the system is currently flawed, and those who take someones life should get a bigger sentence.

Anyway a big point is while some of their actions may (And that is a pretty big MAY, without any evidence to back it up) have had slight good intentions, the way they went about it deserves punishment, whether they had good intentions or not.

And if, 1. They were trying to show the company a flaw they had in security: They could have went about it a better way. 2. If they were trying to reveal some big corporate secret (like that one hacker movie) They need to have evidence to back up such a claim.
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File 131759158441.jpg - (96.77KB , 567x730 , 1266648663879.jpg )
Can't be helped. I'll have to meet Cake in at that station and confirm this for myself.
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File 133014118145.jpg - (347.00KB , 1440x922 , a64252276329f1c9a1192862c389f7b743c35111.jpg )
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Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.
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File 133074021384.jpg - (138.46KB , 1200x858 , 19084891.jpg )
I'd only pay for the lewd.
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File 129600574751.png - (81.73KB , 320x468 , ros_waraia1.png )
Never mind, I found out how to do it, from this tutorial.

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## These settings let you customize the window containing the
## dialogue and narration, by replacing it with an image.

## The background of the window. In a Frame, the two numbers
## are the size of the left/right and top/bottom borders,
## respectively.

# style.window.background = Frame("frame.png", 12, 12)

Change "frame.png" to your image thing. I'm not sure what the image should look like so if you do get it working, tell me.

And I'm only thinking of selling, but I'd want to sell it on strength of my writing, not whoever's my friend.
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File 129622297751.png - (80.45KB , 320x467 , ros_komarua1.png )
That is understandable, I would want to sell my writing by its own merit as well. And that would be why I would buy your VN. To explain more what I meant was, that because you are my friend I MAY be willing to put up money for a non professional. But that would not mean I would buy it, I would only buy it if I thought it would be good and I'd enjoy it. If I didn't think it would be good I wouldn't buy, whether it was written by my best friend or the person I loved. I'm pretty stingy when it comes to spending money.

File 133014320979.jpg - (105.12KB , 240x386 , 1254074651965.jpg )
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I am the Witch of Certainty, Lady Lambdadelta

I realize that many of you have questions pertaining to the mystery of Rokkenjima, so I will do my best to answer any and all questions relating to the incident

However, I am also able to refuse questions. Whether it be for personal reasons or lack of the truth.

Also, I will state here and now that I will not answer any question relating to the current game between Meta-Battler and the Witch in Gold. Beatrice. I can answer questions like how this challenge started and such, but only the bare minimum.

Moreover, I will also say I may not be able to answer Ep.5 related questions due to obvious reasons.

Other than that, please, feel free to ask me anything
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Seriously now, it is because...

>A politician is discovered in a scheme of fraud and money laundering
>He is re-elected

>A couple kills a daughter
>They're sentenced to 30 years in reclusion
>They're free

>A rapist kills more than 80 persons
>He is sentenced to 90 years in reclusion
>He is free in six years
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 132787840827.png - (459.15KB , 559x515 , allofmyRABU.png )
Never mind , back to playing LoL.
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File 132772573514.png - (143.69KB , 326x412 , cur_a11_houshin2star.png )
I opened a new gameboard for thoe that are interested...
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File 12960001206.png - (79.92KB , 320x468 , ros_waraia2.png )
I am so happy and so excited. I got accepted into the group I was trying to get into.

File 132994866934.png - (475.32KB , 800x600 , 73070 - artist-leimy bernkastel cosplay lambdadelt.png )
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Umineko. But with Ponies instead of humans. Discuss.
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File 129866883429.png - (111.90KB , 300x317 , greatness at work.png )
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File 133013186466.png - (167.28KB , 650x600 , tcg_son13ia.png )
Agito sucks.
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File 133013889665.jpg - (15.99KB , 572x385 , 1251192486107.jpg )
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File 132711553715.png - (199.25KB , 463x600 , misha_cross_smile_cas_close.png )
So, Civ tonight~?

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