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File 137212496047.jpg - (55.16KB , 500x300 , civ5.jpg )
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Alright /seacats/, skypecats has been filled with silly talks about Civ5, so we decided it was about time we set a game up.
So the requirements are basically :
-The base game of course
-The Gods&Kings DLC (Obligatory)
-And a working connection
The additional civilization dlc like ancient wonders or babylon and whatnot are recommended but not needed.

So basically since a civ game is long and hard to setup, we're using this thread. So everyone who wants and can participate, simply state when you are free during the following weeks for such a game.
Of course due to business the game will most likely be held during the weekend.

Personally, I'm soon in vacation, so I propose saturday coming next week. Which is like 6 July or something, starting around the afternoon. Since that was usually when we held the games back when we played months ago.

Anyway, go on guys. Also, if you have any particular rules you'd recommend, do so, and if you want absolutely a certain civilization, don't hesitate to take it here so they'll be no debate when the match is supposed to start.
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Even I got it. '3'
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No money sry
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File 138594563126.jpg - (2.45MB , 1920x1080 , 1339277966006.jpg )
All right, but seriously~ We should try to work out a time to play Civ5! With Brave New World, of course.

I'm pretty free at this point, I do work during most weekdays but I can make time in the evening or at night if I know in advance~! Right now my weekends are pretty full... though early afternoon Sunday is open. And these time of days are going by Central timezone, USA, btw~ Hit me with some timeframes and we'll see what we can work out here~
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File 133306487591.jpg - (27.28KB , 600x600 , 24gounk.jpg )
I'll get massacred, but I'd still like to play if possible.

I'm free any night or Sunday normally.

File 13836328728.png - (194.90KB , 878x607 , 1370107159531.png )
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File 138378185099.png - (69.60KB , 480x280 , 5(141).png )
I can't hear you over the sound of how dead you are.
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File 138378812634.png - (77.68KB , 480x280 , 5(165).png )
at least my girlfriend isn't dead
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File 138378987392.png - (55.17KB , 480x280 , 5(138).png )
Yeah, survival of the fittest is a bitch. Manogre couldn't stand the heat and got the fuck out of the kitchen.

In spite of all that, I shat out three kids and ensured humanity's future. You just killed little boys, you sick fuck.
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File 138385840293.png - (71.11KB , 480x280 , 5(164).png )

File 138138589021.png - (176.84KB , 865x509 , end of an era.png )
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The timing couldn't be better.
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File 138354122235.png - (52.48KB , 200x201 , 1362447441727.png )
While, to be honest, reading necrophilia fanfiction isn't much better than what I did before!

I've went from horrible pictures to horrific writings! I'm progressing, slowly.
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File 138356072834.gif - (2.89MB , 366x275 , 1378155400467.gif )
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File 137502814811.gif - (7.15KB , 250x177 , 1241596610638.gif )
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Post your full vn backlog or gtfo
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File 138137016698.png - (311.64KB , 800x600 , CGMS23b.png )
>as good as Rewrite was
Little Busters is much better for the most part, except for the routes in Rewrite written by Romeo of course.
>Koihime Musou and Shuffle.
why would you do that. just drop Shuffle and watch the anime instead, seriously.

actually, put everything on hold and read Cross Channel instead. after that go read a bunch of Liar-Soft VNs. also play Rance.
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File 13218729308.jpg - (310.81KB , 497x600 , chiruno.jpg )
Uhm, welcome! New faces are nice considering the place is pretty dead.
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File 138137689749.png - (207.87KB , 428x460 , kirsten~greetings.png )
Aah, i missed the meeting of new person.
Hi, nice to be met meet you.
As it was said before, this place's activity is actually not much big. But of course that doesn't mean that there is actually no one here.
Well, it actaully does look that way for now. As well as in my case, though.

File 138080505994.jpg - (387.75KB , 667x1000 , url.jpg )
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Hi, thanks for the replies to my previous thread regarding the transporter story, the debate on Skype was pretty entertaining as well.

As my philosophy exam is in a few weeks, I am reviewing all of the stuff from my lectures. I figured I would pose some questions as well, since various perspectives are always welcome.

Darwinian theory aka Evolution theory has brought forth a phrase commonly since in various forms of media today.

Nature: Survival of the fittest
- A system of utilizing one's advantages

The strong takes advantage of the weak
The smart takes advantage of the stupid

I believe this is rather self-explanatory so there's no need for me to interpret this.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 135765678036.jpg - (136.46KB , 781x574 , 1355778529255.jpg )
Reduction of natural advantages through adherence to moral obligations is compensated by acceptance into societies. The advantages of an aid network comprised of an extremely large number of people outweigh the costs of not taking advantage of superior amoral opportunities. Overall, people who are part of a society have an advantage over people who aren't. Moreover, people who take amoral actions in the presence of a society face costly feedback from that society that often outweigh the advantages in the first place.

In short, a murderer who killed someone for their wallet is less likely to survive than somebody who spends their own money to bake cookies for everyone in the neighborhood.

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